YouTube comment by miroslaw m
Not sure why only 47k subscribers to DMT.
It’s fast, clear, without talking too much.
Once some time ago I have used PB UK magazine chart they did with group of bikes. I followed that chart for zx6r, risen rear height, soften rear spring (a lot) added preload to the front forks, played some clicks with compression. This was only based on tester weight, so not really custom setup. It was really different from factory setup anyway. I mean the bike was completely different, it was amazing, softer and more friendly on the road, but way sharper to turn and nimble because of added rear height.
Guys! Don’t do crazy upgrades, don’t buy shit you don’t need. Make sure you have good tyres and do professional suspension setup! You will be amazed.
Most of bikers should watch his videos to get the idea.
Thank you Dave!
Thomas Hogvist, Sweden (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Thank you so very much for your help.  I’ve tested your suggested settings a lot now, and the first settings are the ones that feels the best for my riding.

I’ve since I got your email changed tires to M7RR’s, they seem to perform very well at 36 psi (street riding and it’s cold here in Sweden now, about 5-8 C).

I think I will book a remote tuning when summer is here to fine tune it a little bit better, I think there’s more to get from the suspension.

Have a great weekend,


Chris Maxwell, Geelong, Australia (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your knowledge!

I’ve set the bike up as discussed and it’s fantastic. The rear shock rebound dampening is set at 2 turns out as I found 1/4 turn was really restrictive.

Other than that it’s a very different machine. I though it was in need of a steering dampner, but after the adjustments... all settled.

My original settings were all over the place... like if someone on the showroom floor was fiddling. I’ve own the bike from new.

Thank you again Dave .

Kindest Regards ,

Chris Maxwell
Scott Storkel, Facebook event, California

Hi, Dave!

Just wanted to follow-up on the suspension tuning of my Ducati Supersport S that you did at last week's Facebook event. The bike already felt quite a bit better on the ride home from FB!

We talked about a couple of modifications I should have done to the bike:

1. Stiffer front fork springs. I think you recommend 0.95s; I believe the stock springs are 0.80kg/mm

2. Switch to Ohlins 10wt fork oil in the rebound (right) fork leg; stick with 5wt fork oil in the compression (left) leg


As always, thanks for your help!

Joel Dunn, California, USA
First off, a massive thank you.
Last Saturday I attended the event up at Turtle Rock and you set up the suspension on my Tuono, and quite frankly it finally feels like it functions and handles like it should.

In any case, thank you again for setting up the Tuono, I was beating my head against the wall for months and I never would have thought to lengthen the rear shock.

Joel Dunn

Ron Hu (remote tune)
Great info on your website. I have no prob. shooting you 40 bucks. It is really saddening just HOW MANY have no clue about setup AND how many dealers don't do it. 😞

If it wasn't for your videos. I might be dead by now for how I ride and if I never was made to think about weight ranges for springs and valving to control them + the bike/rider weight..

So as a Dave fan boy lol, thanks for keeping me alive.
Scott Storkel, California USA

Dave -

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I brought my 2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R to one of your recent suspension setup events. I'd tried KTM's recommended settings, tried setting it up myself, tried settings I found on the Internet, and I even paid a local suspension shop to setup the bike, but it still felt terrible! I was convinced that the stock WP suspension just wasn't as great as all the reviewers said and that my only option was to spend $3000+ on new fork cartridges and an Ohlins shock if I wanted the bike to handle properly.
The adjustments you made completely transformed the way the bike rides and handles!
It's now one of the best-handling bikes I've ever owned and an absolute joy to ride!
Many thanks for all your help (and for saving me 3000 bucks)!
Patrick Boyle, California USA

Hey Dave,

Had the chance to take some measurements.

At current settings I was measuring in at 25.4 mm of rider suspension sag.

After adjusting the rebound to 1 turn, it read 38.1 mm

Didn’t have the chance to get it out on the mountain but spent some time on 280 and high speed single bumps felt solid. The suspension reacted quickly and only got sent off the seat once for a very abrupt bump. On the uneven surface going 80mph it was soaking up well but still transferring a solid amount of of shaking into my body.

I think an important note is this is my first street bike and I’ve had it for about 3 months now. So I might not know exactly what “good” or “bad” suspension feel is like for a street bike. I just am able to note how it makes me feel while riding and what I’d like to achieve. I can send further notes after mountain testing.

Thank you,


Will Tooros, California USA

Hi Dave,

The good news is I followed your settings and got the bike to handle better in corners and under braking!



Jose Hernandez, California USA
Hey Dave!
I met up with you over the weekend and had you set up my suspension on my 959 Panigale.
It took a few days of riding to relearn the bike and really be able to be confident in the bike. It feels much better. Now I’m starting to be able to use the brakes harder and wanted to see about increasing the preload a bit more. My zip tie is close to the bottom again now that I’m able to push the bike with confidence.
Thank you for your time. The bike is much better than it was!
Dan Coats, California, USA

I purchased my buddy's Husqvarna 250 and headed for the hills.

After struggling (and struggling) with the bike on trail, I asked Dave to come take a look at my maybe stock maybe something else setup.

Dave spent about an hour running through the shock, fork and overall ergonomics while getting the background on my riding ability and planned next rides.

Afterwards, the bike’s response and handling was unrecognizable — felt like a whole new machine. I went from fighting the bike to just riding and having a blast! Thanks again to Dave for his expertise and advice.

Dan Coats

Ibrahim Chintangal, California USA

Hello Dave,

The bike now feels a lot better!! I took the long route home and the compression adjustment you made on the front fork works quite well. Its quite noticeable during tight sections and stop and go traffic.

Over the next few weeks, I intend to get the fork oil and rear spring changed.



Joseph Brownwhill, England, UK
Hi Dave,
Really enjoying the content.
As a novice rider of 3 years you’ve totally reprogrammed my approach from ‘getting in a car’ mentality to ‘what do I need to function properly’ (bike wise that is).
Paul Hovarth, UK (remote tune)

Thank you Kindly David for your time and advice which in itself today is a very much overlooked and neglected trait.. RE: My rear suspension is very similarly sprung to the front so they tend to bear an equal load.

For now I will settle for the stiffer ride due to lack of finances as I'm a pensioner who has given up ALL and Lord knows I've had a few Vices thus pay for my bike.

Most kind regards to you Sir and I shall continue to follow,and learn from you as well as promote you Extensive knowledge , understanding and experience relative to set up etc.

Jooho Lee, Hobart, AustraliaJooho Lee, Hobart, Australia

Hi Dave!

I have subscribe to your website and been watching your videos to get better understanding of suspension setup!

Robert Houseman, New South Wales, Australia (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
Okay, had a quick ride and bike feels better I feel it is smoother over the s*** roads we have over here.
I will ride some better roads tomorrow thanks for your help.
Lawrence Valencia
Hi Dave,
I am one of your subscribers in YouTube. I watched a lot of your videos and I learned a lot. Thank you!
Dario Satori, California USADario Satori, California USA

Hi Dave,

Tires ordered!!! Clickers set, took a 10 mile ride in town and I could already feel the difference. Clickers were way off, even the forks were set different from each other. Again Thank you

Ok new tires are on, suspension set as per you. Took it on a shakedown run on hwy 36 today. It did awesome! Took it a bit easy due to brand new tires but it performed great! Thank you for your help

Kyle Lee Lum, Trinidad and Tobago.

First and foremost thank you so much for providing the content, insight and expertise that you do!

As a new rider I truly appreciate it.

I just wanted to reach out cause I am at witts end in trying to understand how to properly set up my bike for my ability level. I would like to schedule if possible a 1 on 1 consulting skype session with you if you can let me know your availability next week.

Let me know how to go about setting up an appointment with you I would love to next week when I get the bike back with the other rear shock installed so I can adjust the preload if necessary, if there is anything you need in the interim I would gladly assist in any way I can thank you, you have no idea how much you are helping me to become a better self taught rider.

Yours in kind - Kyle Lee Lum

Ian McCormick, San Diego, California
Hi Dave.
I weigh about 70kg and have taken about 5kg of weight out of my Scrambler Icon via titanium exhausts and removal of some extra bits. I made the fork adjustments you mention in this video and had adjusted the rear preload accordingly as well.
OH MY WORD! Huge difference! Thank you!
The bike turns much, much faster now and feels a lot flatter than I could have ever suspected on the OEM suspension. The rebound is still a bit off from the factory front to rear however this has made the bike another beast. I am so glad someone with your experience is giving such great content to the world!
If you are ever in San Diego or Socal track events I'd love to thank you in person!
Calvin Davis, Melbourne AustraliaCalvin Davis, Melbourne Australia

Hi Dave
I've been watching your videos for a while now and decided to try adjust my suspension on GSX1400.(daily computer ).

I've been riding bikes on and off for the last 40 years and never adjusted anything before ( hard to get right and easy to get wrong). So with a tape measure and a zip tie I got to work and the bike is now a lot better and more comfortable to ride. Using your videos as a guide.

The front preload was to stiff and rebound to soft, back to soft , so stiffen the back lighten the preload on the front and screw in the rebound still trying to find the right compression but the bike is a hell of a lot better, it even seems to stop better on the front brake, although that might be because the front forks now have some travel in them.

Next I might tackle a fork oil change, So thanks for the video s and for giving blokes like me enough knowledge and confidence to give it ago themselves

Thank you Calvin Davis


Joshua Whitford, Florida, USA
Hi there to both Daves!
Love the content, and I’ve completely consumed it over the last several days. I stumbled upon Dave’s slow/turn+gas video, and haven’t stopped. I’m a mechanical, then materials engineer... hearing Dave talk about this “art” in a data driven way is enthralling and totally demystifies suspension tuning.

Thanks for all the content.

Hope to see you in person one day, here in FL or out in CA.
Roderick Brock

Hello Dave!
I listen to a podcast you were on. Wow!....very impressed with what you had to said. So I subscribed for a year.

I never been without a bike since I was 5 years old....yet I have so much to learn from you.

I own a 2018 BMW R1200 GSA. I only ride on  paved roads, never gravel or dirt.
I would like to prepare this winter as much as possible so when spring comes I can follow suit.

Thank you for all you do!
Best Of Day!

Scott Gall, USA (remote tune)

Thanks Dave,

I went to try both the R1 and the ZX10R for size and didn’t feel comfortable on either of them.
I’m the same height as yourself and find the fit of the CBR1000RR pretty much perfect, and it’s lovely on road and the track. I will stick with the Honda, I’ve got it set up really nicely for the road and have a good baseline setting for the track.
Cheers for the advice,


Rick, Australia (remote tune)

Hi Dave,
You helped me awhile back on my R3  with suspension issues all sorted now handles mega. 
Want to thank you for your feedback and your videos I have be learnt so much in 2 yrs amazing!

Duane Taylor

Are there  articles or videos on geometry adjustments. ie: when do you raise the rear as  opposed to lowering the front? I would like to understand more on this subject.

After subscribing to the premium membership my bike is safer and easier to ride,but best of all I now have information that will stay with me for the rest of my riding life.

Somehow thank you does not seem enough.
Duane Taylor

Shane Flynn, Dungarvan, Ireland


Just bought a ZZR 1400, so enjoyed your video on the 18 one. The rider who had this one before me was a much bigger man so I am going to have to get it re sprung. I have static sag in the rear but not enough rider sag.

I have helped out some friends due to following you and your content and I am learning all the time. Geometry is something I would like to know more about.

Thanks Dave for your amazing contribution to the world of motorcycles!

Leland Shepherd


Recently signed up to a premium account... worth every penny of it.

Thank you so much for your patience and for finding a way to make what you do accessible to many people.

Your 2018 Panigale V4S Suspension Eval video has brought a lot more comfort and confidence with me dealing with my own V4S.

Moreover, many of your other videos have provided great ergo details which have helped out crafting a better riding position. In short, thank you.


Terry Saltzman, California USA
Hello Dave!
Hope you are recovering well from your off a few weeks ago! how are you? what did end up with and are you healing?

I'm Terry, the tall guy with the silver hair, silver beard, silver Aprilia Futura rst100 and silver leather suit at the recent Proitalia session, of which I purchased two of on that rainy Saturday!

Just got back from a relaxing 3 week tour of Italy and Sicily and finally got on the Aprilia for a nice long twisty session on Sunday.....I love the way the bike handles!! Rough on rough roads but so nice on smooth twisties!
I just signed up for premium membership....love the vids!!
Thanks! Terry
Ashley Coetzee (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
Just some feedback on the 2018 SV 650.
Did the 15w oil, .9kg/mm spring.. Oil level 130mm. Works brilliantly for a budget bike and suspension.
Well matched with front. I got 40mm rider sag. 35mm before bottom out.
Thank you for your input. You were right I had to experiment with preload spacers & oil height.
Well worth it.  Thank you again.
Kind regards


Rick Tapnio, Fairfield, California, USARick Tapnio, Fairfield, California, USA


My Ducati Streetfighter hasn’t felt right in a long time. The last 5-6 rides had me doubting my skills - “am I losing it??”.

After having Dave Moss set up my Streetfighter 848 at Thunderhill yesterday, I ran it out to the bridge today for a shakedown with the boys around Lake Berryessa.

Prior to today, she simply was not turning in and I was fighting her at every corner.

Well, as expected... Dave FIXED it. Telepathic is a word I’ve used before to describe how my bikes feel after the Dave Moss effect. Today was no different. I feel like the the old me again.

Charles Velasquez, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (remote tune)


After a few days and some miles I have noticed two maybe three differences. Before I get into that I'll tell you how much adjusting I had to do to meet your recommendations.

Forks preload was already adjusted well but I believe 5 out is a little more preload than I had before. Rebound was maxed out now backed off 4 clicks.

Rear preload was maxed out and rebound exactly what you had recommended.

1. High speed handlebar wobble gone. I almost thought I needed a damper. Don't know if your changes could have helped but wobble seems to have gone away.

2. Seem to be able do steer it where I want to easier. Before I was wide without a lot of effort now it seems easier.

3. Takes bumps easier but again I had that fork preload maxed.

Oh one more thing, right before adjustments I felt like the front tire was sliding on moderate intersection turns but that's gone. Road debris?

I wish I could get on a track and really get a good feel but so far so good. Going to do a 2 up ride up a fun road here (yarnell hill) soon that I've done before. I'm sure it will be better this go around.

Thanks again. Dave, I'll tell all I can about your service. Its rare I meet a biker who actually touches the suspension adjustments and I don't understand.

Best wishes!

Duncan Matthews, UK (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Just a belated update. I have adjusted the suspension to your settings and what a difference!

The dealer would not adjust the rear spring so I am having a "C" spanner made to do the job myself. For your reference they did adjust the rear shock for track and the bike lost that planted feel on the back so I have reset back to your setting!

In the meantime I was going to experiment with your tyre pressure settings or would you suggest I wait until I have adjusted the spring?

I have to say the bike is so much better to ride and has not lost any of that feel and sweet handling and I also keep my fillings! Thank you for your advise so far and I will update you after the rear spring has been adjusted.


Many Thanks,


Gerardo Ramon, California USA (remote tune)Gerardo Ramon, California USA (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

I’ve made the adjustments to my front and rear suspension settings.

I was specially surprised for how much I had to change the front, I think it was about 3 turns out counter clockwise, now wonder why I was bottoming the front on hard braking.

The rear shock was showing about 5 threads, so it was a little less to adjust there to show only 3 threads, this and a couple of psi’s might also help my rear tire wear as it was showing some hot tear.

I’ve also adjusted the clicks for comp/rebound as per instructions, my next track day is in a couple of weeks, then I’ll try the feeling and provide feedback.

I finally got to ride the new setup, it definitely felt more planted on turns and more stable while braking, here are some pictures of the zip tie and tire wear!

Thank you!

Mike Friedman, San Francisco Bay AreaMike Friedman, San Francisco Bay Area

Hey Dave,

Just want to say thank you again for getting us all dialed last night!!

My bike (Red Supersport with Green LED's inside) is a completely new machine now and I am so grateful for the adjustments you made.

There are certain areas that I always brace for during my morning commute (harsh bumps or changes in the road) and this morning, the bike surfed over it all with ease!!!

I am SO happy!!!

Thank you Dave!!

G-d bless you.

Eric Dias, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Dear Mr. Moss,

Thank you!!!!!
Today after you help set up my 2018 ninja 650 KRT it was the best ride home I had. The full ride home I had a big smile on my face. It was all because of you. I hope to see you again on October 16 if my rear shock is installed.
Thank you again for making time for me before the motor cafe event.
Eric 😁😁😁😁😁
Ali Adiby, Bahrain (remote tuning)Ali Adiby, Bahrain (remote tuning)

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your informative email which contained valuable information that allowed me to achieve a faster lap time by one second!

Jesal Sagar, India (remote tune)Jesal Sagar, India (remote tune)

Hello Dave Sir
I am very much thankful to you sir .

Went on a ride this Sunday and I found the suspension to be bit stiff but I love the handling of the bike can now take corners easily and feel confident while riding at high speeds .

Thank you very much sir .

Jesal Sagar .

Gary Sinclair, New ZealandGary Sinclair, New Zealand

Hi Dave,

From New Zealand we both thank you for improving our riding experience. Sorry I missed you in Auckland. Thanks for all the help with your videos and messages.

The bike is awesome handles like it's on rails. I ride with a lot of younger riders and have helped with setup on there bikes, static sag, rider sag etc.

Thanks a heap I've passed on what you've taught and thank you.

Karl Schmidt, Darwin Australia (remote tune)
Hi Dave
Tested Swingarm angle change and ended up with 10D swingarm angle – lowering the bike 30ml at rear.
Pushed the forks through another 5ml to make it steer
Raced with 20 ml sag on rear
Settings:  Rear Comp:- 3 ¼ turns
               Rear Reb:      1 ¾ turns         
   Front Comp:  2 ¼ turns
               Rear Reb:        2 ¼ turns
Won’t turn in unless it’s on the brakes. (Can’t turn in at turn 2 or turn 7/Ducati)
Took the rear end squirm (bounce) away in turn 2
Much better drive off corners and the whole bike seemed bit more manoeuverable  other than corners where we don’t brake into.   5kmh faster down the straight and lap times were consistently  half a second quicker.
KC Tien, Japan (remote tune)KC Tien, Japan (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
I have a 2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX.  I've followed the video instruction to setup the bike and it has never felt so smooth before!  On the cold setting I have
  Rear Front
Static sag 18 24
Rider sag 25 8
Total 33 32

I took it to the local short track for a quick ride today and got the tire wear result in attached photo.  Tire pressure was 33psi both front and rear.  Forgot to check the front fork zip tie though...

This track is intended for smaller bikes and looks like this:
Lap record is about 40s although I can only pull off at slightly short of 60s in average as I've only started going to tracks since earlier this year and still need time to build up the confidence especially on braking.
At any rate I just want to thank you as I am really amazed by the useful information you have provided!
John VanGrunsven (remote tune)John VanGrunsven (remote tune)

Hi Dave!!

I was completely not getting it. I understand now.
I have made the adjustment.. 3.5 turns from full out to flush with the fork cap.  Also equates to 3.5 mm of needle travel in/out of the valve.
It will be great to have the full range with fresh/ more viscous oil.
Thank you so much for your time and guidance.

In one year, I have done damper rod, BPF, and now a classic cartridge fork.

Take Care and thank you so much!
Brian Fichette, YouTube comment
I'm going to say this again: You have to subscribe to Dave's premium access.
I have a 2019 MT-09 and I've watched pretty much all of Dave's videos, but he's never done a specific one for my bike until today.
Here's what I find absolutely astonishing:
- Just by learning from Dave, I have set my bike up almost identical to the settings in this video.
- Rear sag is the same (because without it, there's no static sag).
- Rear rebound is the same.
- Front rebound is the same.
- Front preload numbers aren't mentioned, but I set mine so I'm at 32mm
- My compression setting is significantly harder because (as Dave would say) I have ADHD and need that feedback.
- Also, anything softer and I bottom the forks under heavy braking.
My point is, I learned how to set my bike up like this by watching the master do it. It takes a lot of practice and I'm still rough around the edges, but Dave gives you the tools.
For example, before I dialed in this lovely setup, the bike felt pretty good with the settings I chose. But Dave also teaches you how to read the tread wear patterns and I realized my rebound was too fast still by looking at the tread wear. That's how I got to the settings that matched this video.
So even though I may not have the trained eye to see the difference between "pretty close rebound" and "spot on rebound", Dave gave me this great backup tool of reading the tires and now it's perfect.
So if you care about the enjoyment, safety, and stability of your riding experience, seriously, go subscribe. It's so worth it.
Than you once again, Dave.
Aundrea Rister, Portsmouth, Ohio, USAAundrea Rister, Portsmouth, Ohio, USA
As a newer lady rider, I had minimal knowledge about suspension.  I didn’t understand the importance of a bike’s suspension being set to a person’s weight, height or skill set of a rider.
To describe my Yamaha R6 before the suspension was fully set to suit my size would be stiff, unforgiving, and terrible traction. I struggled with fighting my bars, I didn’t have a light hand grip by any means. These problems took my focus off other important factors.  I was struggling. I didn’t understand why I felt so defeated. I struggled with things like following the correct lines, body positioning and speed.
Fast forward to the Women’s Sport Bike Rally.  This was my first time attending this rally and with my suspension in the forefront of my mind I was nervous to say the least.
I soon learned that the incredible Dave Moss was at that same rally and was offering suspension setups. I took full advantage.

Once my bike returned from Wheelers Motorcycle Shop with correct springs for my weight, I took it straight to Dave Moss. That feeling after I attended my first track day (had previously done about 5 on my old suspension) after my fresh new setup was phenomenal. My confidence was sky rocketing. I felt relieved. All the struggling and fighting my bike I had gone. It wasn’t an issue anymore. I was maintaining a better tire grip. I was able to focus more on my body positioning and it had improved tremendously. I was able to go faster. I trusted my bike to work with me and not against me. It worked so well with me that I received the intermediate bump that following track day.

I cannot thank Dave Moss enough for making it possible to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. And I also want to thank the ladies at the women’s rally who organized such a wonderful event!
Greg Ruben, Maryland USA

Hi Dave,

I wanted to let you know that I was able to react and avoid hitting a deer this morning in a much faster way than I could in the past.

It is my belief that it was in part due to you helping me with the proper angle of the levers in relation to my arms, hands, and fingers.  I was braking and reacting quicker than I could process "oh crap a deer is in front of me".

So, I wanted to give you some credit for that and to thank you again.  An unexpected but welcomed added benefit of your time, advice, and guidance.

Sean Hamaan, Queensland, Australia (remote tune)Sean Hamaan, Queensland, Australia (remote tune)

G'day again Dave,

Wow! Thank you so much for the (speedy!) reply. You must be a very busy man and I do very much appreciate your reply.

Thank you for clearing up the setting up of suspension for me, I was on the right track however I wasn't aware of the "set up the rear first" point. (It makes total sense of course.) Thanks also for your advice re: my forks, this too was along the lines I was thinking but your detailed info is superb and reassured me that this process would be a good preliminary step.

I am very grateful for the video link to Jason "1 Armed Bandit" Lopez, I see he has a similar setup to me with the twin levers, and it was inspiring to see the approach he took with regards to bike choice! I have not considered using a dirt-bike but this has opened my eyes and brought a new level of excitement to my way of thinking about riding!

I'm thinking my next project may well be to convert a 600cc traily into a "super moto". Well Dave, thank you for your fantastic response, you have clarified and given me much to consider, answered my questions (above and beyond) and increased my levels of passion for riding even more!

Your reply has truly made my day. I can't express how grateful I am for your help. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Best wishes, Keep the rubber on the Tarmac. Sean.

Marcel Rahe, Germany (remote tune)

Hi Dave,
My name is Marcel and I'm from Germany.
I'm a member for one month now and so glad to have all this great information!

There is so much information on the internet which is often very misleading.

At first I want to thank you for doing this!  So I could not be happier to have a whole lot of tips from you which are very well explained!

Adam Smith (remote tune), New Jersey Motorsports Park, USAAdam Smith (remote tune), New Jersey Motorsports Park, USA

Dave thanks again for your expertise.  Got a class bump yesterday at New Jersey Motorsport Park , and the tires look better after adjusting the pressures to your spec!


Peter Bresloff, New York, USA (Remote tune)

Yoooo man I just got home from riding with your setup. The bike is soooo much better now. Thank you Dave. I’m full of gratitude for your help I really appreciate.

Francois Barbe, Barbee Racing Suspension, Quebec CanadaFrancois Barbe, Barbee Racing Suspension, Quebec Canada

Hi Dave,

Please translate all the good comments from my customers with their suspension tuning.

I tuned about 200 bikes so far this summer with a 100% satisfaction. I am now the reference for suspension tuning in Quebec Canada in the Greater Montreal and beyond.

Thanks to you for that.

My best regards
François Barbe
Barbee Racing Suspension

Rick Tapnio, California, USARick Tapnio, California, USA

No matter how many times Dave Moss has adjusted my bikes over the course of a dozen years, his gracious talent never ceases to amaze me...

He took a “functioning” suspension and transformed it into another telepathic magic machine - an extension of me, if you will. I put almost 1600 miles on the stock factory setting and felt I was smooth and quick enough with little drama on the Scrambler... then DMT happens and I feel like a total neophyte.

And just like that, the Sled is transformed completely. No longer rough in the small bumps nor squatting dramatically accelerating mid-corner. The $40 I spent added $1M in confidence as a rider. No different from the countless times before today. Thanks, Dave!

Dawson Mackle, Nelson, British ColumbiaDawson Mackle, Nelson, British Columbia

Your are very gifted with the work you do! I cant express to how much of a change you did to two of my buddy's bikes that I have rode!

Janelle Palencsar, North Carolina, USAJanelle Palencsar, North Carolina, USA

Although I will try to find them, words just cannot express what an incredible weekend we had attending the 2019 Women’s Sportbike Rally at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge.

Seeing as I am the only female Sportbike rider in Henderson County (that I know of) it was such a unique experience to meet so many strong lady riders.

Brittany Morrow and her team did a fantastic job putting it all together. So much hard work goes into planning an event of this size, I just want you all to know how grateful we are for all of your hard work and dedication to WSR.

The highlight of the weekend for me was having Starfire 🌟 🔥 custom tuned to me specifically by the suspension god himself Dave Moss. I am already looking forward to next year!

Keith Whiting, USA (remote tuning)
First, let me say thanks again!!  I put the settings you gave in the forks and it is much better.  Ran my normal loop today, and I could feel the difference.
P- 2 in
C- 1 in
R- 1 in
Bounced the front of the bike with cold oil and rebound was about right, and did not overshoot and settle.  Just up and stop.  With hot fork oil on an 80 degree day, I added ¼ turn in on rebound and that seems to be pretty close to ideal.  I was running 35/38 cold for street tire pressure. 
I don’t know what bottom out is on the forks, but travel on the stock fork is 109mm (4.3 in).  I had the right fork marked with a zip tie and max used is 65mm.
The Q3+ tires do transmit a lot of feedback, and on smooth sections the sensation I’d had before was not there now.  Overall balance seemed good also.  I can take my hands and open them on the bars and not have any figure 8 type motion.  The bike steers well, better than I remember my old (2004 VFR) handling.  No issues running wide when driving through corners on throttle.
I very much appreciate you taking the time to help me out!!  If you ever get to any East Coast track days, I’d like to know.  I’d make it a point to attend and would love to work with you in person.
Thank you!!


Karl Roe, Hong KongKarl Roe, Hong Kong

Hi Dave,

I’m an Australian living and working in Hong Kong racing an 2019 R1 in the China Pan Delta Superbike series at Zhuhai.
Really enjoy your articles and videos!


Mr. Moose, Texas, USA

Hi Mr. Moss,
I just stumbled onto your videos and web site yesterday and I consider that a very lucky thing. I watched a ton of your videos yesterday and signed up for your premium service without hesitation.

I am 50 and I have a 2011 GSX-R750, first sport bike, second bike ever (2001 XLH1200 Harley Sportster) and the previous owner had screwed the suspension up royally. Maybe that is how I bought a cherry 2011 sub 10000 miles for five grand that only needed tires.

I have done a good bit of performance and aesthetic mods and have been pretty happy chalking unfamiliar issues up to a lack of experience, but after checking just rear free sag, I have found my problems and you have provided the solution. There isn't any free sag and I can only just get any sag at all pressing down with both hands very hard. Yes, "second kid on the trampoline" for certain, very simple, clear, accurate and clever of you!

When I have the chance I plan on conquering my sad issues then on to figuring out my compression and rebound needs. For now everything is back to factory except the rear pre-load. I will probably never get on a track, though I would like to someday, and I live in middle of nowhere Texas so the likely hood of ever getting to meet you, have you look at and improve my bike and give you a proper thanks in person, please consider this a digital handshake of respect and a sincere thank you!

Keep Calm and Ride On!

Very sincerely,

Markus, Munchen, Germany (remote tuning)Markus, Munchen, Germany (remote tuning)
Hi Dave,
thanks again for your cooperation and your help. The bike feels amazing and smooth when riding around town and countryside. It feels like a totally different bike.
As I am planning a purchase of a 2019 V4R I just wanted to know if you have a street setup for this bike as well you could send me. I will get mine next Friday and would like to change the suspension immediateley. As the German roads are getting bumpier I would like to have a setup where the bike is not to stiff as I do not want to jump around.
Please find enclosed also a picture of myself and my V4S.
Thank you for your support.
Kind regards,


Scott Campbell, New Brunswick, CanadaScott Campbell, New Brunswick, Canada
Hi Dave,
Thanks again for all the help. The VTR250 feels incredible with the Penske! I’m confident with some work I can get the öhlins working great as well. 
Safe travels ✌🏻
FYI: photo by Dave Morash
Vincent Giovannini, Calfornia USAVincent Giovannini, Calfornia USA


I want to say thank you so vey much for your help this last race season. All of your advice as well as the changes you made to my suspension were a huge help. All of it allowed me to feel more comfortable on my bike, and there by allowing me to do the best I possibly could without the restrictions of uncertainty.

It was a great pleasure getting to know with you and even ride with you. I hope your next season turns out to be as fruitful as the last. Congratulations on your achievement.

Moreover, thank you so very much for your kindness.

Paul Gargiulo, New York, USA (remote tuning)

Hey Dave -

The Monster is significantly more stable with your settings. Thank you your help.

It still has some "resistance" to turning in but I'm thinking it may be a function more of where my body weight is on this bike rather than any suspension setting per se. 

Maybe I'll consider slightly flatter bars to put a bit more weight on the front end.  But the suspension is working better, no doubt.

Hi Dave

After watching a number of your videos I finally got up the confidence to stiffen up my pre load. My bike (ktm 790) is transformed! I’m a heavy guy and didn’t even expect the benefits I’ve got.

The bike feels safer, especially in the wet, tracks better, especially at speed and corners so much better it’s not funny.
I used to have big problems with running wide in corners so would need to slow it right down. Now the bike feels to track way better on its line and feels a lot more stable!

Thank you so much 🙂

Question: how do I know if I’ve done enough? Should I go shorter? Where is the point where it doesn’t improve things any further?
Thanks again, I’m so pleased

Aaron Greer, Texas USA (remote tuning)Aaron Greer, Texas USA (remote tuning)
Hi Dave!
I just wanted to let you know I just finished testing the first test you sent me and I have to say it’s definitely different but in a great way,
I had zero static sag stock and I now have it set to 13mm and I actually don’t feel like I’m getting bucked off my bike. The front end feels good maybe a tad stiff as I’m not used to it yet but I love the way it feels now and don’t think I really need to try other settings but will save them for future references.
I appreciate you helping me out. Now I feel my suspension is corrected for my body size.
Thanks, Aaron Geer
Riders of Area 27, Oliver, British Columbia
Trayr Gabert Dave it was a pleasure having you up again. You really helped dial in my brand new bike. Will do it again next year.
Scott Ferriss Dave Moss... its always a pleasure hanging out with you. Come up early next year and spin some laps with us.
Joe Gohn Thanks for your help Dave our whole little crew from the West Kootenays had you tune us up. The most common response under our tent was wow what a difference that's amazing how much better it rides see you again some time..
PeeOter Clickee Dave, thanks again for getting my Aprilia setup. World of a difference. I also really appreciated you taking the time to explain the issues at hand and the mechanics causing them. A scholar and gentleman.
Steffano “Ducati”, CanadaSteffano “Ducati”, Canada


I want to thank you for the time you spent with me at Area 27 Sunday Aug 20.

I have been building bikes for 40 years + and learned more about suspension in one day with you than all my time previous.

Also my Diavel got faster after every tuning session . Looking forward to spending time with you again when I have my 1198 Track bike back together this fall !

All the best YOU are the man !! Ciao Stephano

Jagjit Manku, New Delhi, IndiaJagjit Manku, New Delhi, India

You're correct stock settings don't work for me. Thanx Dave, (Remote Tuning) - it works out really well!

Mantas Urmonas, LithuaniaMantas Urmonas, Lithuania



Thanks for all the help via remote tuning! I am the fastest 600 in Lithuania!

Alfonso Carrino, USA (remote tuning)Alfonso Carrino, USA (remote tuning)


Just want to say “thank you”.

Good ride, today - lots of experimenting. The Dynamic / Dynamic setting with one helmet, seems to be the best. I rode with a back case, today, which I usually only put on for my wife. I included a few fotos. Rear tire seemed to have nice, clean and smooth rubber on the other edges (foto taken after I was on a short piece of country road - little “dirty”). I used to race Karts 45 years ago - slicks looked like my tire, today. Felt good. The foto of the front shock was at a softer setting and it felt "blah". Roads were twisty. I’ll keep playing with it. Changed my clutch and brake handles to be more ergonomic and comfortable. Tire pressures are next on my list - maybe tomorrow if the wife is OK with it.

As a side note, you do a great job on your instructional videos. I would imagine there are a lot of BWN guys out there that don’t have a clue about electronic suspensions. Might be a video for one day in the future.

If you are every in the NY / NJ area doing a class, pls advise. Like to learn from the master.

Thank you, again.

Marcus Henderson, California USAMarcus Henderson, California USA

Yo Dave.

Thanks for helping me with my suspension. I just beat my fastest race time @ T-Hill doing a track day. You the man.

Karim Khalifa, AustraliaKarim Khalifa, Australia

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your videos on the importance of rear sag. My R1 08 has Ohlins TTX and the rear had hardly any rear static sag. I am running a heavy spring as well, so the bike was very jittery at the back. I backed off the preload until I achieved 10mm of rear static sag and my rider sag was around 32mm.

I also discovered that having the right rear static sag, allowed for proper adjustment of the front rebound too. When I had hardly any rear static sag, the rebound of the front forks was "fighting" the rear.

Now, with rear static sag of 10mm, I am able to bounce the front forks and correctly determine where the clickers should be at. I am currently 13 clicks out on the front forks, which does over steer slightly, but it gives me more confidence. When I close it up by one click (12), it is perfect, but I have less confidence in street cornering.

I have been keeping a journal as you recommend and for the last 3 weeks have been learning a lot. Many thanks for your videos and wonderful knowledge!

Matthew Testa, USA
I appreciate your feedback Dave!
I watch all your premium content 🤓.
You’re hands down the most knowledgeable outlet for me; as I’ve learned so much about setup watching your content. Hoping to make it up to NorCal to pay you a visit.
Ryan Hoblick, USARyan Hoblick, USA


I only got to try out the first set of settings before I had a low side, but much much improved! Thanks a lot!

Won’t have the bike back together for a few weeks, so in interim I’ll be piloting my 2016 RSV4 RF. I’d like to get some settings and plan for this, as I have another track day this weekend.

I’ll send over the info and some pictures when I get a chance.

Your info and settings worked wonders, and I have been suggesting you to some of my buddies in the paddock.

Will Browning, Great Britain
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say I've been following you for a good few years now and watching your old grainy suspension lectures I found found from years ago in the depths of YouTube are what got me interested in actually learning how suspension works so I can learn to tune my own and friends bikes to make them safer and easier to ride.

I commend you for how much free content you've shared over the many years and how free and open you are about your techniques and explanations (many of not all "pro" tuners rarely share any of their secrets). I took the plunge and subscribed recently and it's moved on my learning to the next level. So thanks for that.


My only minor thing would be the search function can be a little clunky sometimes of you don't get the search criteria just right, as opposed to other search engines that seem to filter a bit better and know what you mean.

It's still brilliant though so no biggie.


Your "pay it forward" mantra of learning and then passing it on is something I'm trying to do within my circle of riding mates and family.


Keep up the awesome work and please, please make a trip back to the UK some time to do a seminar or something! Please! 😉


I'm gonna wait till I've got more data to share with you on my 2017 SV650 (photos of tyre wear, sag and hydraulic setting's,etc) but I plan on booking one of your online one to one discussions in the near future to properly pick your brains on some specific areas.


Cheers again dude.


Best regards,


Will Browning
Eric Journe, FranceEric Journe, France

Hi Dave,

I'm truly impressed by your know how, something that remains quite mysterious to me even after 10 years at the track...

So I went premium and I must say I don’t regret it!

I focused first on the front wheel as I was suffering from huge chattering in heavy braking since I went for Michelin EVO tyres.

Thanks to your « braking lines » video I finally managed to understand it was a tyre’s pressure issue (joining lines); 0.15 bars more and it disappeared 😄 (in fact it’s still there when I grab the lever but vanishes when I squash it).

Thank you again, keep posting,


Robert Househam, AustraliaRobert Househam, Australia

Hey mate the bike was better thank you!!!!!!

Doug Clark, Darwin AustraliaDoug Clark, Darwin Australia

A huge thanks to Dave Moss for making the big trip, coming over to the Northern Territory for the TERRA NT TTC event at Hidden Valley Raceway.

I know many of us learnt a great deal from him over the course of the week myself especially turning the voodoo of bike setup into a logical process to work through is an amazing thing.

Stan Snow, Darwin AustraliaStan Snow, Darwin Australia

Dave Moss. Well worth the money. He’s a magical tinkerer. Qualifying and two races later. You have one more day to utilize his services. Get onto him. He might be from Lancashire, but he knows stuff.

Kym Grosser, AustraliaKym Grosser, Australia
Thanks for the help at Darwin this week. The man went from this after 8 laps
To 44 laps. Never have I been able get more than 10 laps out of a rear Pirelli. Thanks!!!!!
Paul Hartley, ZZR1400Paul Hartley, ZZR1400

Hi Dave,

After setting my suspension using your guide lines, I found it no less than awesome.

The amount of feedback I was getting was superb I could feel the front forks extending on off camber corners it was brilliant.


Robby Stash, AustraliaRobby Stash, Australia

Hi mate, Tom from Australia,


You helped tune my KTM 1290 super duke via email last week and now she is running sweet thanks!

Just wanted to leave some feedback on your recent gsx1000 video you done. Got near the end thinking I wasn't going to learn anything new and then bam free play in your cable clutch.

Love those little nuggets.

I would really enjoy if you done more videos just on certain parts of the bike like the one you done on chains.

Great job Dave cheers, hope all the Aussies in Darwin are looking after you.

Carlos Hackmann, BrazilCarlos Hackmann, Brazil
Hi Dave.

It's Carlos, from Brazil.
Just passing by to thank you. I was watching your new episodes and decided to show you my improvement after met you and study your content.
I know I am far away from a MotoGP guy (that is not my goal since I need to work on Monday morning hahaha), but I really love to enjoy a good ride and a good corner.

A tire cant lie, as you say always. Still working to improve more and more and more.

You are part of my development.

Thank you Dave!

David Capão, PortugalDavid Capão, Portugal
Hey Dave,
Sorry I took so long to reply, but it has been a busy week for me.
So, after some tests applying your instructions, I decided on Test 2 from your test plan.
It's a good compromise between comfortable on the road and predictable in the twisties.
The front suspension travel, using your suggested method, is about 3/4 of total travel. The measure I took was 85mm.
Tyre pressure was 35PSI on both wheels.
I'll make the payment as soon as I can.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
David Capão
Mike Davenport, California USA


After your conversation in our pits about new riders not getting their suspension set right away, I wanted to share my experience.

I started riding in the novice group 2 months ago and didn't think I needed to have my suspension adjusted by you because I was just learning my motorcycle and the track.

I ride an Aprilia RSV4 RR and believed that the stock setup should be fine for my level of skill. After riding 2 sessions I decided to have you make some adjustments so I could see if there was a difference.


I had no idea that suspension tuning would change so much and make my track day so much more fun. The bike turned in better, hugged the track, and powered out of corners in a completely more predictable and comfortable manner. It felt so much better that I moved up from C to B group that day and am now running A group after about 6 track days total.

The only way to describe how suspension tuning has affected my riding is to talk about a leather racing suit that I got for free that was a little too tight. I didn't know any better, but it was restricting my movement on the bike, not letting me shift my weight easily, inhibiting my ability to turn into corners, and was unsafe to wear because the suit was not adjusted properly to fit me.

Getting my suspension tuned by you felt like when I bought a racing suit that was designed to fit me perfectly. It moved how I needed to move, didn't fight me in the corners, and let the bike move how it was supposed to on the racetrack.

DO NOT assume that your bike is set up "good enough".

I've followed bikes with weak setups and have video showing one rider run off the track and another slide out in front of me when you can see it was the bike bouncing in a corner instead of smoothly hugging the track like my bike does. Like a racing suit, your bike needs to fit YOU properly. Use the tools available to maximize your fun!


1-1 Coaching on track Thunderhill, July 2019

I wanted to thank you for the time you took for our 1:1 coaching at Thunderhill West this past weekend.

Having the debrief and commentary on the videos has given me a much better look at riding more efficient tighter lines to set up for the fastest part of the track. I was definitely missing the key component of using the slowest part of the corner to use more speed exiting and setting up for the areas I was losing time on the laps.

I see that I'm hanging on to the turn past the apex because of trying to rush the corner and being off line for the exits and next part.

I will be reviewing the videos several more time and was thinking that I am wearing out my rear tire significantly faster due to this desire to carry too much speed where I actually should be more conscious of getting the bike turned and pointed. I'll be in a much better position for my next visit to Thunderhill next month and appreciate you and the teaching you provided.




Chummy  Fernando, California USAChummy Fernando, California USA

Hi Dave,

Sending you a follow-up email from the work we did on my RSV4 earlier this month at Thill along with a picture.
First off I wanted to thank you again for the work we did on my RSV4.  I felt so much more confident and comfortable from the very first session after your adjustments.  I dropped 6 seconds from my previous times around Thill West 4 weeks earlier.
I put this down to significantly improved stability which allowed me to actually push harder.  Previously the bike was getting really unstable going into turn 1 and going over the concrete triangle.  It also turned so much better mid-corner,  I was really able to put the bike where I wanted and get better drive exiting.
It looks like my next time out will be a few days at The Ridge then Thill East.  It would be great if you could set me up with a test plan to evaluate the settings for those longer more aggressive tracks as discussed.
We were also talking about my Rylo 360 camera, which allows for some cool videos.  Here is an example of a 360 video reframed to a flat video.  With a different mounting point you can really capture what is going on with the rider or easily keep another rider in-frame.
Will Howell

Hi Dave just a quick thank you message.

I have recently just seen your vids on you tube and wanted to say thank you for making them.

You have an exemplary amount of knowledge on motorbike set up and when I eventually get my bike back on the road I will remind myself to watch your videos.


Kris Giebens, BelgiumKris Giebens, Belgium

Hi Dave,

Wauw, I’ve been riding about 2 weeks now with your recommended suspension settings and the difference is profound. The bike feels much more balanced, much easier to steer into a corner and holds it’s line without any further input from my side beyond getting it on its initial lean angle 🙂 A huge improvement over the setting I was using before!

Very happy with the way everything is working now and looking forward to spring already for the next track season!

Many thanks again and have a great day,

David Smith, California USADavid Smith, California USA

Good morning Dave,

My name is David and I met you last week at the Fun Track Dayz Laguna Seca ride. I had brought my old 99 CBR F4 with me and you were able to make it ride like a whole new bike with some adjustments. Just wanted to follow up and say thanks again for your help!

I am shopping for a replacement rear shock like you mentioned for the bike so hopefully by the next time we meet I won't have 20 year old suspension parts. Once I have the part I will contact Red Devil to have the suspension refreshed.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

Trevor Hill, Sacramento USATrevor Hill, Sacramento USA

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to thank you for the knowledge and the adjustments you made to my Diavel. It felt like a night and day difference with the 2 up riding and then when I rode solo! Amazing work you do!!

Gavin Soderholm, Enumclaw, Washington, USAGavin Soderholm, Enumclaw, Washington, USA

Hey Dave ,

Just wanted to give you a huge shout out my 2006 r6 that you tuned at Team BOC event at The Ridge in Shelton WA.

It's a night  and day difference. I felt so planted  after you tweaked it.

Thank you!

Ladja, MexicoLadja, Mexico

Hi Dave!
The round 3 was sort of depressing for me because no matter what I did, my best time was 2:18 which is not good. I had the turns I struggled in figured out, so they were not the cause. Depressive thoughts came since I estimated years of track days to even get on competitive novice level. Basically I needed a psych couch by Dave Moss trailer.

On Sunday at Motel 6 parking lot I met gentleman from Oregon who came for Cali Track $100 track day. We talked 2 hours bikes and I decided to stay. Best decision ever, since this track day turned into the best one ever.

In A group, track was less busy, and I started with goal of producing consistent lap times as Mike instructed me. By session two, I was doing 2:18-19 4 four laps in a row.

I was thinking of the next step, objective, and recalled you mentioned next one on one would be about acceleration out of corners. I set a goal of starting to accelerate immediately at Apex, either wot since bike is less hp, or bit less depending on variables. What a change that brought. Turn 3, I started taking much faster, you are right, it sticks! Lol But more importantly, for the rest of day, I was making 2:13-15 times consistently, felt like I was on top of the game, passing big bikes etc. What a huge result done by relatively small change in my riding!

Andi Cray, Hockenhiem GermanyAndi Cray, Hockenhiem Germany


I bottomed the front at the first turn in Hockenheim. More preload and compression?

Everybody here is telling me only more compression. 🤷‍♂️ Rather stick with your advise, worked perfect before. 😉

This one is for you. My first trophy.

Brian Busch, Denmark

Hi Dave,

First got to say, I love your theoretical and nicely explained videos!

Fairly new on the track, and been there only 5 times. 4 times on a Yamaha R1 RN12, but yesterday on my new bike, a Honda CBR1000RR SC59.

What a change and joy, but I think mostly because of your great guidance! I took some time to adjust the suspension before going to the track, and the rear tire had no flat spots 😉

Absolutely love the easy understanding explanation on the videos. Perfectly understandable fore a nerd like me 🤓

Josef Meinzer, Sacramento California

Mr. Moss!!!

I was the guy with the 2005 GSXR1000 that you tuned at cycle gear Sacramento a few weeks ago, with the trampoline rear shock settings? It feels incredible now, it settles into your line and just carves...feels much more natural to corner than before.

Mark Howell, California USAMark Howell, California USA

I first met Dave around 2007 when I first started Wera Racing on a 2006 CBR 600RR.  He tuned my bike the first year and in subsequent years if he was at a track day or race I would have him tune my bike.  The bike always felt more comfortable or tire wear improved after changes he made.  Dave’s knowledge of riding techniques, suspension tuning, and tire set-up helped me in too many ways to explain.  After going back to graduate school, I rode very sporadically.

I recently bought a 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10.  I haven’t owned a 1000 that I’ve taken to the track since 2005 so was a bit leery about taking it to Buttonwillow.  The track day ended up being wet in the morning and dry in the afternoon, it was tricky.  Dave tuned the suspension and tire pressures throughout the day.  Every time Dave made changes the bike felt more confidence inspiring, on the brakes, mid-corner and on the gas.  He even spotted early signs of cold tearing preventing increased tire wear.

I can’t say enough about Dave’s knowledge and expertise with suspension as well as riding technique.  If you’re looking to improve your understanding of either of those, it’s time well spent.

Mark H. 2019

Tony Bennigton, Olympia, USATony Bennigton, Olympia, USA

Dave I don't even know where to start.

Thank you for spending so much time with me on the BMW at WMRRA round 3. I was educated, encouraged and my bike worked fantastic.

We took home the win!

Hope to see you again in the future, and thank you again.

Craig Morton, Tennessee, USA

I subscribed to your website last year for the 1st time and all year the videos, information, and ease of use of site, never let me down.

I renewed my membership a couple weeks ago, to give back, for the info, and mainly because what you are doing helps out so many riders, myself included, frequently!!!

Yeah, anyone could just read about this stuff or pay someone to take care of it for them, and never grow as track/race rider. But the way you do it, explaining things how you do and present the importance, draws riders in, teaches, and keeps us safer for it.

People talk about being one with there motorcycle and I believe understanding the suspension is a huge part of becoming one with the bike, and I just wanna say thank you from the east coast, for everything you and Mr Williams do!!! I assure you I will be a life long follower of you's guy's platform!!!!👍

Colin Nash, New ZealandColin Nash, New Zealand

Dave Moss'  Tuning guidance revolutionized the ride & handling of my ZXR C, on which I do about 8,000km each Southern Summer in New Zealand. The online learning resources are comprehensive & Dave is brought to NZ each year by ACC to coach at Shiny Side Up events & the Burt Munro Challenge. Highly recommended 🏍👍😎"

Arran Heptonstall, Great BritainArran Heptonstall, Great Britain

Hi Dave, it's Arran from the UK with the R1 which had issues cornering.

Bike is now handling great. I found o/s fork 2 mm higher in the yoke clamp and carried out your settings and the bike now glides round corners rather than feeling like its pushing out.

The rear has been a transformation as well with acceleration it now responding quicker and wanting to raise the front.

Currently at the isle of man tt but weather here is awful. Been over the mountain a few times and just full of smiles.... Thanks again

Jan Zapach, Czech RepublicJan Zapach, Czech Republic
Hi Dave.
First of all I want to thank you for all your input and advice.

I could not find stiff enough springs so I had a pair made by local factory.  It works so great right now. I am roughly 3-4 cm less of fork travel right now, not bottoming at all. Direction changes, rotations, turns etc. it is much more fun. Even harder braking is great at the front.
Yet, my damping setup is almost the same, almost all the way closed. Revalving, then. Much painful problem is the rear end. I switched to better carburetor, it offers me great acceleration. Even sportbikes won't lose me. On the other hand I get to slightly higher speeds, I can do more of a Stop-and-go style of riding.

Front is great with harder braking but I can feel the rear is loose. Under acceleration, there is a feeling the rear collapses. I have a feeling (more than a feeling, tbh) my rear tire is wearing down faster than it should.
Even stiffer spring than I already have.
Similar damping setup, almost closed down.

The issue here is the most important race of this year, European Championship in France. I secured second place for myself!!!!!!!

It would not be possible without your help and all the information you provided!

James Kling, Idaho, USAJames Kling, Idaho, USA

During this past winter I took a stock 2010 ducati 1198 and prepped it for racing. Having almost no idea what I was doing, someone led me to Dave moss.

I contacted him and took his advice on how to set my suspension up. He told me what to buy and what to not waste my money on.

After everything was installed I contacted him again and he gave me exact rebound and compression for the bike based on my weight and skill level.

The bike rode amazing!

I continue to use Dave for any suspension questions and needs. I would highly recommend him if you’re in need of a knowledge person to get you set up and riding your bike to it’s full potential.

Matthew Kim, California USAMatthew Kim, California USA
Hey Dave,
Thank you again for helping me with my suspension adjustments today. After riding home, especially through the worst roads on my usual trip home, I think the ride is definitely tolerable, and once I get up to higher speeds or more aggressive cornering, this bike is night and day different!
The bike feels like it’s on rails, and the front wheel feels so much more stable. I feel like you’ve really unlocked a lot more of the potential from the great suspension I have on my bike, and I feel like I have a perfect foundation for experimenting with adjustments in the future, once I’ve got a few hundred miles on this setup.
Thank you again for your time and assistance twice now this week 😅
Brian Frichette

This is the stuff I sub for!

I appreciate so much that you are teaching the how and why and when of suspension geometry, components and setup. It's abundantly clear that in order to get the most from our bikes, we need to know how to listen to the feedback it gives us, depending on conditions (temperature, load, road surface), our ability, and how we're riding.

Of course, I can't say that I know much, but I've gained enough to dramatically improve the stability of my bikes which has done a *ton* to improve my confidence and reduce the fatigue from getting beat up by the road. I also feel much safer, knowing that any given high speed bump isn't going to deflect the front, or catapult me off the rear.

Thank you so much, Dave."

Bob Dutcher, White City, OregonBob Dutcher, White City, Oregon

So I thought I would do a back to back ride and give a first person review of a Dave Moss suspension adjustment. I grabbed one of my bikes that I figured would be a challenge to adjust. A 2012 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere Worldcrosser with 21500 miles on stock suspension. I started by reading the manual and adjusting the bike to my weight. I then ran the bike up Tiller Hwy pushing the bike as hard as I dare before taking to Dave Moss for a $60 adjustment. It took Dave about 10 minutes to do and off I went back to Tiller Hwy

Pre Dave Moss

After 1 hour sore ass. Bike feels unstable both front and rear. Entry thru mid corner feels vague. Not conference inspiring at speed. Helmet is all over the place. Hard to get eyes to focus on road.Bike feels unstable under hard braking. Difficult to hold a line.

Post Dave MossNo more sore ass. Bike feels very stable. Able to carry more speed into corner. Able to change lines mid corner and pick the throttle up sooner on exit. Bike feels much better on rough pavement. Helmet is stable with much faster vision acquisition on lines as well as obstacles. The bike could be improved with aftermarket suspension upgrades but is acceptable for most riding conditions.

Was it worth $60. Hell yes. The bike is a blast to ride now. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their skills

Sam Patil, Dehli, IndiaSam Patil, Dehli, India

Remote Tuning Experience


When I heard that Dave Moss was coming to India with Atomic Motorsports, I decided that I’m going to get my suspension set up, As I was struggling with my new Yamaha R1. I had seen a lot of his videos and was convinced he would come up with a solution.

When I first saw him set up a bike, it blew my mind, checked geometry, suspension etc in just about 2 minutes.
Asked a few questions based on it and set the bike up.

When he was done, he showed how the front and the rear compress together and that the balance was achieved. I was comfortable right away and had decent pace.

Throughout the trackday, he checked the tyres and made a few adjustments. Finally we got the perfect setup and noted it down.
He suggested a few geometry changes to my clipons and master cylinder which I did after the trackday. That helped too.
Also, he is always ready to help online. I’m attaching a photo of my tyres. Note that these tyres were used for 8 whole sessions - About 3 hours of track time in the super hot temperatures of around 44-45 degrees celsius!
Eric Lyublinsky, Orlando, Florida, USA
Re: Requesting a Remote Tuning session on my 2018 RSV4 RR

Hi Dave,

I had a great 70 mile ride on Saturday and I’m very happy with the compliance of the bike.  
So here is where I ended up with.  I nailed 36mm of rear sag perfectly even when I go the bike hot after riding it I was still a 36mm,  I ended up keeping rebound and compression on the stock settings felt good, I tried slowing up the rebound (Turn 2clicks clockwise) but it did not feel right.  Also Shock compression was two turns out from closed felt fine.  
The front was the surprise,  I know it felt stiff, before doing sag I just speed up the Rebound by one click out it helped making the bike smoother while doing highway speeds (kind of to not skip the wheel on the road).  Stock fork setting was 5 turns in on preload, to get to near 40mm of rider sag (never got exactly 40 more like 38ish), I ended up with only 1 turn in for preload and that had me worried but after reading a few source ideally you don’t want more then 1 or 2 turns in on preload because that indicates that the springs is matched for your rider weight.  
I attached a picture of the zip tie for reference after a my 70 mile ride.  On the hydraulics I ended at 9 click out from full hard on Rebound (stock base setting),  I’m still kind of wrapping my head around the movement of the front end now, especially under braking.  I felt I wanted a little more brake support so I ended at 5 clicks in vs 6 clicks in stock compression.  I tried 4 clicks in but at lower speed felt a bit bumpy on the front end.  
So after doing all this, well I feel like I learned a lot and after my ride I felt fresh with no soreness, cramps, or pain in my palms.  I felt I was riding the bike more loosely and working with it instead trying to hold on and take the abuse.   The best thing I can say about the adjustments it is now the front end communicates much better so much so I know if I need to get my rear off the seat sooner through the bars what the front wheel is doing.  
It is much more confidence inspiring. 
Also the bike seems to want to keep its front wheel down better under hard acceleration and when it comes up is very gradual and controlled it really allows me to pin the throttle and does not require the precise throttle inputs anymore and again allows me to flow with the bike.   Also the quick shifter is smoother on upshifts.
Guilherme Elcadi, Gavle, SwedenGuilherme Elcadi, Gavle, Sweden

Hey Dave,

Thank you very much indeed! I really appreciate your help and expertise via remote tuning. Thank you for all the information it is fantastic, now I'll have the bike working as it should, now it is up to me to make it behave properly.

All the best, Guilherme Elcadi

David Cook, Cincinnati USADavid Cook, Cincinnati USA

I just received a suspension tuning from Dave on my Ducati 959 Panigale via skype! What a great experience!! I learned so much and was more than happy to pay the bill.

Next step, get out and ride!!

Anton Belichev, remote tuning experience.Anton Belichev, remote tuning experience.

I ride a 2012 CBR1000RR. My bike has previously been set up by Dave and for my level of riding (B group) does outstanding.

This weekend however, I rode in an environment that I wasn't used to:- cold track and cold temperatures. I run tire warmers and I was seeing my tire pressures drop by the end of the session. Dave wasn't at this track event, so I reached out to him for remote tuning assistance.

This is something Ive never done before, but Dave made it really easy by giving me clear instructions on what information he needed.

First thing he did was ensure that my tire warmers were working correctly. After a session, I sent Dave pictures of the tires, tire pressures at the start and finish, tire temperatures, and track temperature. I was instructed on the exact changes I needed to make to the bike. After the changes I went out on the track again and right away felt the improvement in the way my bike responded. I then followed up with Dave on the results of the changes.

This experience made my weekend! I was able to enjoy my time at the track and not worry about my setup. I cant thank Dave enough for this and I would definitely resort to remote tuning again if needed.

Lindsay Potter, Great BritainLindsay Potter, Great Britain

Hi Dave,

Quick update...I have been out on the bike 4 times now & it feels great...the ride is a lot plusher and holds a line really well.

I know at the beginning of conversation I mentioned going for a 200/60 tyre but I have had a rethink & ordered a set of Bridgestone S22's although I didn't like the hard carcass of the RS10 I feel a road basis tyre might be worth a try given the roads I ride.

Once I have got miles on the S22's I will pay again and send some pics for your advice, make any changes you advise then go for a remote tuning. Thanks again for you help.




John VanGrunsven, Pennsylvania, USAJohn VanGrunsven, Pennsylvania, USA

Hey Dave

Still winter here in Canada...about 1-2 weeks away from riding season. I spent the winter watching ‘every’ video on the site. With my stack of notes I have so much more knowledge and am ready to use it this track season.

I will be doing a fork oil change on my ‘12 GSXR 600 track bike as soon as the special tools arrive.

I am having a lot of fun working on my own , ‘trash or treasure ‘ SV650. I have rebuilt the front suspension with your help and transformed the front brakes with an Accossato Master, SS lines, 929 Nissin Calipers with new seals and new Galfer Sintered pads. Really looking forward to riding it!

BUT I’m really excited to focus on the tire wear and tire pressure with suspension tweaks at the racetrack.

All three of my track ‘crew’ have subscribed to your website and the knowledge I have compared to last year is shocking. I am determined to get a nice , ‘sandy beach’ this year.

Thank you so much for creating your platform it has really broadened my overall understanding on the motorcycle.


Take care!


Hi Dave,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. In Czech slowly starting the season, so finally have bike home from the dealer and made first ride. What a machine. I love that bike sooo much.

The setup from you works perfectly on braking (no diving), it sticks on bumps amazingly, but as the roads here has lots of wholes and are not so narrow I am facing to too many shocks. I did not try the original setup and my dealer told me, that this is very non-standard (the service guy is ex-racer) and have never seen this.

I would like to ask, if there is any tip for soften setup.

Thank you for your help. My thoughts are, that setup is very racing like, but I am beginner on standard streets.

Kind regards

Dale Bolton, Charlotte, North Caroline USADale Bolton, Charlotte, North Caroline USA

Mr Dave,

I had a chance to ride today,. And I must say, it's night and day difference, the bike feels great!

All this time I've been riding my bike all wrong. It hits the curves much better than before, the only problem I'm having now, the rear shock seems stiff, the bumps are even rougher now. I think I need to try to set the sag on it, but other than that I'm very satisfied with these settings.. thank you so much!

Andy Cray, Germany.Andy Cray, Germany.

Hi Dave,

Greetings from Germany and thanks again for your great work! I hope you put out a book or DVD some day.

I'm racing an bone stock 2010 R6 this year. I weigh 75 kilo without gear. After watching your R6 setting sag clip I put the rear ramp adjuster on 5 and 3 turns of preload on the fork. Zip tie is now on the tube too.

Before watching your videos


And after. 👍 street only yet. Michelin Power RS, R6 RJ15
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Oscar Varghese, BahrainOscar Varghese, Bahrain

Good day Dave!
Hope all is well.. the suspension work you suggested sorted the sliding a lot.

I’m going to attach some pics of my tyres for you to assess. Just to get a feedback. A lot of people suggesting different suspension mods. But I prefer hearing the truth from the guru! Do let me know. Thanks!

Randall Kimble, Germany
Hi Dave,
The tires are fine as I performed the test you mentioned. After making the adjustments you suggested the bike has completely transformed into a laser! This is exactly what I was looking for.
Your advice was crucial to getting my bike set up correctly and it is now up to me to stay ahead of my skill with Suspension tuning and I will be watching and learning from your videos!!
Thank You!!
Kay Vetter, Nevada, USAKay Vetter, Nevada, USA

Hi Dave,

Great to see you again even if you prolly don't remember me since the last time I did a track day was 5 or 6 years ago but you can't imagine how happy I was to see your trailer! As I get older I'm finally appreciating all the things I don't know and I'm a slow learner.

So, Hyper springs... I had a 450 lb/in in there and it turns out it was at 3.9" installed length or 1.1" preload which is 25.5mm vs the 8 you recommended! that tool over 10 full turns on the ring nut- yikes. That's what it took to get 40mm rider sag. The rear total travel is advertised at 150mm and 25% of that is 37.5mm. I'm not sure how important that is but with the current ride height it handles very good and I think I should preserve that?!

I just installed the 500 lb spring and with 8mm spring compression at full drop the rider sag becomes 60mm.
That is 20mm less rear ride height and I think I would want to preserver that to get the same geometry. I can achieve that with adjusting the ride height adjuster or adding more spring preload. I'm not sure that I can get 20mm out of the ride height along but I'll try...

My shock has a ride height adjuster which is a giant heim joint. I measured it previously and it has 14 turns of max engagement so I'm assuming I can go 7 turns out max for safety and keep 7 turns in the shock... do you agree with that?
I was at 3 turns out and now with 7 turns out the rider sag is just over 50mm, so 10 more that before. I'm happy to say that the static sag with no wider is about 15mm right now. So long story short, I have the 500lb spring in, 8mm of static sag and 50mm rider sag, only problem ins I's like 40mm rider sag. I can do one of 5 things-
a) leave it alone
b) lower the front more
c) add rear spring preload
d) reduce the heim engagement another turn or two
or e) get a heavier spring.
I actually used to have a 550 spring but it felt so stiff that I sold it, I wish I had it now to at least try it 🙂

I may be at the April 15 Fun Track Dayz if I can swing it, looking forward to learning a little more.

Peter Rae, New ZealandPeter Rae, New Zealand

Hi Dave,

It was great to meet you on the weekend at Hampton downs raceway.

Watching you working with Dillon Telford & then seeing the difference in the way the bike handled after your advice was awesome It certainly gave our team a lift we needed. Hope to see you again at Manfield!

Steve Salter, Adelaide, AustraliaSteve Salter, Adelaide, Australia

Hi Dave,

Settings applied that you suggested.

Sublime, mate.

I have not ridden anything as composed between Lobethal and Basket Range in thirty years of riding. Look forward to catching up next time you’re in Adelaide. If you need anything set up please let me know.

Martijn van Maanen, NetherlandsMartijn van Maanen, Netherlands

Hi Dave,

I have another bike, an 09 Yamaha R6.

I watched your videos about adjusting sag and adjusting rebound, compression etc a thousand times. I adjusted the bike when I press down on the seat front and rear will go up and down evenly.

I rode the bike today and it is a huge difference the bike handles much better and in corners it is just so much more relaxed.

So thank you for that you inspire a lot of people!

Grant Freeman, Christchurch, New ZealandGrant Freeman, Christchurch, New Zealand

Before I met Dave Moss in Nelson, New Zealand, my 2000 VTR1000SP1 (on standard suspension settings) was very harsh.

After I applied the new settings recommended by Dave, I was truly astounded at the difference it made.

The bike is now compliant and a pleasure ride and after raising the forks by 5mm, as recommended by Dave, it now steers like a bike half it's size.

Steve Juhasz, Adelaide, South Australia.
G'day Dave ,
Thanks again for your help on the weekend , added another dimension to the coaching days 👍 We had a brief conversation about how to deal with slowing reflexes as we get older and adapting riding style to suit. Would you consider this as a topic for DMT?
There are a lot of us senior but not yet senile folk who enjoy having a crack on the track and road but need to adapt to changes in physical ability.
Video would be an excellent aid . I’m sure there are many out there who notice the changes but don’t know how to adapt 🙁
Thank you also for your wealth of knowledge , probably saved a season of trial and error🙂
The discussion on the drive home from Mac Park with Aaron, 1098 Bayliss was the improvement in the bikes and The Bullshit Stops when Dave looks at the tyres . He knows exactly what you and the bike are doing .
Thanks again mate , Steve j


Matt Richards, Christchurch, New Zealand.Matt Richards, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Hi Dave.
Thanks so much for last night's suspension tuning ride.
Gave the bike a bit of a blast on the way home. Feels very neutral now and I don’t have to fight with it so much. Will let you know how the track goes in a couple of months.
Once again thanks very much!
Richard “Fly” Wills, Melbourne AustraliaRichard “Fly” Wills, Melbourne Australia


Thanks so much for working with me on the Nuda as is now super stable and confidence inspiring. Also I’m only about 8 days out from Tasmania ride on the SP and it’s feeling better after your touches!

Michael Vella, Adelaide, AustraliaMichael Vella, Adelaide, Australia

I just returned from the Levi Day track days in Mount Gambier. What an experience.

Had the opportunity to work with Dave on my 2016 GSXR1000 Track bike. Over the two days, Dave set up my suspension and continually monitored it's performance from my feedback. Dave takes the time to explain in detail why he is adjusting things and what to look at for in the future. Great learning experience.

Suddenly a 200HP out of control machine was now a completely different bike in a short period of time.

Reduced lap times by 15 seconds and feeling in control by the second day. Also advice was plentiful about rear sets, levers, riding position, tyre pressures etc.

The best money I have ever spent on a motorbike.

Thank you so much Dave and I look forward to seeing you next year at Mac Park. Cheers Michael

JB, Sydney, Australia
I’m a firm believer that it is great to have things adjusted properly, but it is even more important to be able to understand the different adjustments and learn how to use them. Dave Moss has helped and guided me through this process with continuous support and his amazing availability to share his world of knowledge about suspension, tyres, bike set up, etc via his remote coaching programme.
In my case, I set out to get my track bike (sorry my near 20 year old bike, still equipped with the stock OEM suspension, that I use for track riding only) to handle to the best of its capabilities hence ensuring that the bike is not stopping me as rider from learning and evolving my skill set.
The differences are real and noticeable, and it is amazing how Dave’s patience to go through my countless e-mails, have helped me turn my old lady into a bike that still pulls its weight around the local track.
I’ve essentially gone from a bulky heavy bike, that was difficult to turn, into a much nicer, smoother, easier to turn motorcycle, that gives me the confidence to keep up with more recent, powerful, electronic filled motorcycles out there.
Thank you Dave, for helping me keep the bike “ahead of me”.
All the best!!!
Lyn Darkes, UKLyn Darkes, UK
After doing 40-50 miles this morning I can confirm your settings are damn near perfect for me!
After setting the front preload last week I never got round to setting the rear properly and left it at 4 notches and 40mm sag and asked for your advice (thinking another 1 notch may improve things). Your settings suggested 3 further notches and I think that's what has made the difference.
It no longer feels nervous on the front and feels much more planted in the turn (It never felt nervous before on the original factory settings but when I set the front it did) I noticed when I got out on it after adjusting the front but being a new bike I thought it was the fact I had maybe not noticed it on my first few rides.
This morning it instantly felt more neutral and I felt like I could push it harder in the turns and was able to roll it over the tyre without trying. Testament to the fact is my chicken strips are almost gone!!
Jose Luis Mendoza, Monterrey, MexicoJose Luis Mendoza, Monterrey, Mexico
Hello Mr Dave...
First want to thank you for your help with remote tuning...
We won the championship!!!!
I d like to come to one of your classes.
Please let me know your schedule and I will make arrangements to attend...
Best regards
Lance Doole, New ZealandLance Doole, New Zealand
I'd like to say a huge thank you to Dave for his time and sound advice along with numerous videos detailing how to address my suspensions issues. Following a simple (dump and run) as he called it, my forks were running fresh oil and ready for his recommended suspension settings.
After a track day Manfeild track NZ, I noticed my bikes handling and tyre wear was better than I'd actually ever experienced it to be to date!!!

Huge respect for Dave's help with recommendations, along with a video's detailing every step in the process making it so easy!!!
JK Championships, Buddh Circuit, Delhi IndiaJK Championships, Buddh Circuit, Delhi India

The annual Indian Superbike Championship is a very, very tightly contested event with extremely talented riders. To win you must be completely fit, ready for the race and have your bike correctly prepared.

On the Atomic motorsports event a couple of weeks prior, I dialed in Gurvinder's GSX1000R and Deepak's BMW S1000RR so they were both ready.

Ducati India approached both riders a week prior to the event with V4's and I was already leaving for the US. So, it was time to get to work via the DMT remote tuning options with both riders. I gave Gurvinder a test plan for his V4S and Poncho from Atomic Motorsports worked with Deepak via settings I supplied. After reviewing tire pictures, more changes were suggested and then it was time to race. Congratulations to Gurvinder for the overall #1 plate and status as National Champion over both races and to Deepak for an overall 3rd place.

Remote tuning with DMT works....

Deepak, Delhi IndiaDeepak, Delhi India


OMG. You are a master of masters. Today's victory at the JK India Superbike Championship is because of you. My lap time I wanted to do is a 1.56 but with good fitness I will do it. Thank you!

NOTE: Deepak ended up 3rd overall.

Gurvinder, Delhi IndiaGurvinder, Delhi India


I won the JK India Superbike Championship! Without you this might have not been possible. Thank you for all your help!

James Nutt

Hi Dave,

Just a thank you message more than anything. After posting a photo of my tyre (left side picture) and the feedback from Dave I acted on it. The result from my next trackday was far better, still a little tweaking to go - but vastly improved!!!!!


Rishi Agarwal, Bengaluru, IndiaRishi Agarwal, Bengaluru, India

Dear Dave,

My name is Rishi Agarwal. I attended your seminar in Bangalore and the session in Chennai. I was riding the Aprilia RSV4 RR. I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for your time and effort!

I had a truly eye opening experience understanding how so many different components work. Motorcycling culture is in its infancy in India and not too many of us understand the how’s and why’s of the way things work. When I heard that you were coming to India my jaw dropped because we don’t get too many opportunities like this here.

My bike is fully stock and has just turned one year old. I’m super excited to have my suspension serviced after putting in 1.05 rating springs in the front along with 10W oil. I will try and find some way of servicing the rear as well. I just hope I am able to achieve the same settings again.

If there’s one thing you’ve taught me, its “why they heck wont you just try and see what works”. I think I’ve been afraid to work with suspension thus far for lack of knowledge (or more honestly for being too lazy to learn).

Thanks for helping me with that PB lap (I know there was at least another second in those laps)!!!!!

Chummy, USAChummy, USA

Hi Dave,

It definitely improved the handling on the bike.  I really like how, even when doing in-person tuning, you don't just do some magic and then send the person back out.  You provide insight into what the changes should do, and what the rider should be paying attention to.
Specifically with this test plan it was great to feel each step by step change, and how it changed the characteristics of the bike.
I was recently out at Streets of Willows, which has to be the roughest track I've ever ridden.  The bike dealt with it well and I felt stable which really improved my confidence.
I didn't end up buying my on-track pictures from that weekend out at Thunderhill when I was running your test plan, but here is a picture of me at Thill a different weekend.
Brian Deleon USABrian Deleon USA

Thank you Dave for tuning my suspension, it handles like a dream.

A lot of feed back from the front ends trail brakes like no other just have to point my head and it goes. I really enjoy my bike now!! cheers

John  VanGrunsven, Perth, Ontario, CanadaJohn VanGrunsven, Perth, Ontario, Canada
Thanks to Dave Moss and his 'Tuning' website with instructional videos I have graduated from setting preload, compression and rebound dampening to breaking down my first fork.
Dave's video's are informative, educational and are produced with professional quality and move at an excellent pace.
With the assistance of Dave's video I have disassembled the forks on my SV650S and replaced the seals, spring, and oil all with confidence!   I am now one of those guys who can do 'fork work' now...can't wait to broaden my knowledge.
Dick Burdick, USADick Burdick, USA

Hi Dave,

I wanted to thank you for the settings that you gave me. I had Sport Rider magazine's settings before,and your settings were far better! I felt the better balance right away. Also, normal tire wear.

First time in racer practice at Loudon since 1990.🙂  Held my own in expert class,faster all day.

Dominic Veasey, England, UKDominic Veasey, England, UK

I come from a long family history of racers. My dad was a very good classic racer and even has high lights of racing in the first world super bike races.  You would think I was a natural racer. Well I wasn’t. I did not come naturally to me. I had to work hard on my self and my riding.

I’ve been racing now 6 years. Hitting lines and apex’s was fine. It was that I was quite sensitive to the bike.  I could feel things weren’t right with the handling of the bike and I couldn’t push to go faster. I didn’t have the knowledge of what to do so I would just go out and try things write every change down to get a feeling of how does that feel if I go hard all the way then softer the other way.  My friends laugh at me as I have a suit case full of 6 yrs of data wrote down.

My dad found Dave this year on YouTube told me to sit and watch him.  So I did. I wasn’t too far out on my sag suspension as I always had my shock and suspension serviced every year and they helped me with a good base setting. But....

Watching Dave’s rebound videos and his tyres wear ones too - they helped so much. So much so I went out and bought new tyre gauge, tyre probe and new tyre warmers.

Watch the videos - you will be amazed to the fact "Are your tyres actually being heated up to the right temp?"

Breaking down corners in to the 3 parts was a big help.

Well, going out in practice gave  me points to think about and then when I came in I made the changes I needed to make and in practice I was normally only 2 secs of my race PB. So come qualifying I could get even closer to my PB and by first race I would smashed my PB.

Enough said really. Watch the videos and if you are lucky to live close to Dave, get some one on one.

Thanks again Dave.

Dominic Veasey.
Facebook: Veasey racing

Atıl Taspinar, Turkey, IstanbulAtıl Taspinar, Turkey, Istanbul

Meeting with and expert or a boss “Dave Moss”...

As I decided to buy my first bike (NC750X) in 2015  i had no idea about motorbikes and the mechanic about them. After I have changed my bike to 2017 Africa Twin,explored that there are lots of options needs tuning for suspension. I had no idea about any of them and there aren’t any service or mechanic that I know to get help.

Incidentally, I met guys in a shop (Rapi Online Motorcycle Garage) who are also RoSPA examiners:- Sertan Karamollaoğlu and Tugrul Sozeri. Great guys,they are not only businessmen, they are mechanic, salesman and also teachers. After few visits we have been good friends.

Last year in August, Sertan announced that there will be a seminar about suspension and a guy will come from U.S called Dave Moss. I had no idea about suspension and tuning boss Dave Moss. But I thought that I have to join this seminar, because I am 250lbs and 6’6” and I was feeling that my bike’s springs are so soft on the pavement. Also when I was riding with my pillion the geometry of bike was like front is up and rear was down. The feeling was very light on handlebar.

The seminar was very  useful.

First of all we have learned that ever bike must be tuned according to the rider.And every time you must change the preload and tyre pressure according to the weight on the bike because Factories fix the bikes according to a regular rider who is 150lbs and 6’ tall. Also the tyres are the same.

After the seminar Dave checked all the bikes and there were really interesting results. For example my bikes stock forks were tuned completely different than each other and my stock rear spring was softer than it must be.

Dave tuned my bike and advised me to change the spring sets (front&rear) with hard heavy duty ones. After he tuned my preload,comp. and rebounds

The bike changed character. I was more confident in the corners and on brakes.

Sertan ordered me new spring set from Hyperpro +20mm and Tugrul replaced them and also tuned up.

This August 2018 Dave Moss came to Istanbul for another seminar and also this year there was an option that he will make fine tuning several times according to riders wish on the road conditions during a ride. After every ride which is 25-30 km long, Dave asked us how we feel and what we wish or need. It was 3-4 hours for each rider to find the correct tuning for him.

It was an awesome day to discover yourself and your bikes limits.

The bike’s character is changed like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde before and after the tuning. I feel more confident and have more fun of my bike now.

Thanks to Dave Moss “the Boss” and also thanks to Sertan Karamollaoğlu and Tugrul Sozeri,RAPI GARAGE...


Mehmet Girgin, Istanbul, TurkeyMehmet Girgin, Istanbul, Turkey

The seminar was very useful. Personally I recommend that seminar to all motorcycle users, and especially the Africa Twin owners. I understand that setting up our bike for ourselves is one of the most important details that we neglect.

After my bike is set up most of the problems that I and other Adventure Touring (AT) riders has been solved. One of our friends is preparing summary notes for that seminar to be published in our 6.000 people AT group.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to that seminar.


Sertan Karamolloaglu, Istanbul, TurkeySertan Karamolloaglu, Istanbul, Turkey

After Dave’s seminars and suspension tuning sessions on local roads, all of us are much more confident on our bikes and also happier with its performance, grip and comfort.

There is too much to learn for a biker and the time we’ve spent with Dave was very helpful for understanding that. Within one weekend we understood how ergonomics and geometry changes our riding, and how to adjust our suspension according to changing environment and riding style. There are still lots of things to understand so we are looking forward to see Dave again in Turkey.

Until then I’ll follow the DMT channel and will make few Skype sessions to learn more and more.

Thanks again Dave for all your contributions to our rides.

Carlos Hackmann, BrazilCarlos Hackmann, Brazil

Before I met Dave Moss and started to study his content, my motorcycle had a poor set up. Rebound, compression and preload  was way off. The ride experience was poor and unsafe. My bike was always trying to run wide on corners. Tire wear was pretty bad too.

Now, after a proper setup provided remotely by Dave, the ride experience is excellent. Its like having a new bike. Now I have confidence enough to improve my riding skills.

Thank you!

Eric Owens, Sacramento, CaliforniaEric Owens, Sacramento, California


Thanks for the suspension tune!

She is handling great. Put in some work on a set of Q3s yesterday. Thanks to you bike is holding a way tighter line.

Daniel Kupfer, Mexico City, MexicoDaniel Kupfer, Mexico City, Mexico

Hello Dave!

I did the adjustments and the bike feels MUCH better!!


So, in the front. I'm at 4 in in preload instead of 10 (stock 5) that left me with 35mm of SAG:
- 4 out rebound

- 5 out compression


For more front feel I will be trying in a progressive way   4-3-2-1 with the rebound setting.

In the rear I'm at min preload and 3 out compression which gives me 40mm of SAG.

Thank you very much Dave! Please send the PayPal invoice.

Stefan Heindl, Bavaria, GermanyStefan Heindl, Bavaria, Germany

Hello Dave, how are you ?


My name is Stefan. I am 37 years old and I live in Germany (Bavaria).

I have been riding a Suzuki Gsxr 1000 K6  for almost 12 years now and in the past 3 years I started to learn more about suspension setup and settings and tyre wear.

I have experimented with different setups to see how it works and to get a better feeling for my bike. I watched some Youtube Videos from Dave Moss as well to learn more about it !

This year I have replaced both tyres with a Conti Sport Attack 3 which is a really great street tyre. After riding a couple of kilometres I could see that something was strange with my rear tyre wear.

It seemed to be too rough, too much rubber balls and later cracks on the surface and it looked for me like a hot or cold tear (I thought first).

So I tried different pressure- and shock setups but nothing really worked !! I only ride on the street and I have never had the problem before with different street tyres!

I don´t really have the experience to decide what caused this wear. That´s the reason why I got in contact with Dave. I told him about my problem and sent him a few pictures of my tyre wear!


Anyway, Dave replied very quickly and told me that this wear is caused by a wrong geometry where the surface of the tyre is overheating because I changed my tyre size from standard 190/50 to 190/55.

It was really interesting for me because I rode different tyres before with size 190/55 and I couldn`t see that problem on the rear tyre but the compound of the Sport Attack 3 showed me that!

So on my bike it’s a bit difficult to change shock preload (not enough space to work on it) so I changed back to standard tyre size 190/50!


After a few hundreds of  kilometres and lots of throttle outside corners the tyre wear looked great in my opinion and Dave also confirmed me that!!

So after all, Dave did an awesome job and gave me such amazing and useful information, I couldn`t believe that only a slightly bigger tyre could cause a wrong geometry and a poor wear!

And without Dave`s help, surely I would have experimented into the wrong direction!


Thanks a lot Dave for your support and your professional help!!

Stefan 🙂

Arnold Praesent, Brno, Czech RepublicArnold Praesent, Brno, Czech Republic

Dave Moss – Remote Suspension Tuning Summary in Austria/EU

  1. and 19.09.2018 – Brno Curcuit Czech Republic

Arnold from Austria, Bike: 2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 RR

Track: Brno  - CZ (MotoGP Track):

My expectations:

  • Getting help in finding good suspension setting for my bike and riding style
  • Improving the handling of the bike / getting more confidence in riding
  • Tire wear / duration of the tire was a big issue as well
  • Maybe some hints, tips and tricks about setting up the suspension



About the setup of the remote tuning:

I got in contact with Dave via email and asked for a remote tuning session for my Aprilia. I got within a couple of hours a feedback (mind the time shift of 9 hours to my local time). It was very uncomplicated to arrange the tuning, no up front payments needed – the topic was in focus not financials. Dave really took time to understand what I need and I expect from the tuning.

All current settings I have sent to Dave in front of the track day at Automotodrom Brno in Czech Republic with some pictures of the tire from my last track day at Slovakia Circuit in Slovakia.

He advised a set of adjustments I should try out and give feedback – that was a good way to overcome the time shift, because morning in US was already afternoon in EU, so most of the training sessions were already done.

After running all the settings I have sent to Dave for each setting my personal feedback and pictures of the tires via WhatsApp.




WhatsApp is the preferred way because phone calls are not that easy to do in such a noisy environment like sitting in the pit with a lot of track action ongoing. He proposed some adjustments to my favorite settings to improve tire wear and get me confident in the suspension.

For example:

  • being hard on gas my backhand was pumping especially at the uphill section at Brno before the start/finish line chicane.
  • after tighten/slowing up the rebound of the shock step by step it got better each time until it was perfect for me – not suffering in other sections.
  • after the tuning the tire wear pattern looked very good.

Front: after tuning





Back: after tuning


What did I learn?:

  • Don’t bet too much on the opinion of your pit colleagues because
    • They may have a different bike
    • The suspension may be different
    • They are using different tires
    • They may have a different weight as you have
    • Different riding style and skills

What is good for them does not mean its good for you as well!

  • Note everything you know, all settings, temperatures, measurements you are doing, more information leads to better understanding what’s ongoing and how to treat it. Just having a feeling and turning screws wild leads to nothing good.
  • Make also huge adjustment changes to really feel what’s the effect on it, getting better, getting worse – note directly after you hop off the bike what your thoughts are, the first impression is gone after a couple of minutes if you do not write it down.
  • Be careful with setting up the suspension, take time for it, adjust according the plan, no guessing and adjustments on feelings and believes, stay on the plan what you make before for not losing track and focus what you want to achieve.
  • Take the suspension as soft as possible which fits to your riding style – improvements in lap time needs to have some slight adjustments as well, also ambient and track temperatures are effecting suspension much more than expected.


Output what you can get from the remote tuning.

  • I gained great understanding of how to set up the suspension – knowledge transfer – Dave is very kind to share. All asked questions are answered sufficiently and as questions can be random verses well organized.
  • Also try “out of scope looking” settings – trust the great experience of Dave, maybe that’s a setting which fits you better than you expect – at least you learn a lot about your individual suspension and how it performs.
  • You will find well tuned suspension settings for your riding style and skills which you can gain trust in because you have a better understanding.
  • The tire wear was improving significantly in two directions – the wear pattern was improving much in the front and back (means grip) as well as the duration/life of the tire improved a lot (abrasion). Even when getting faster on the track the tire lasts longer. Just to illustrate what that means. Before the adjustments, a fresh – brand new tire was gone to 1/3 after 3 Stints (20min). After the tuning the tire looks pretty much new after 3 training sessions and a race at the end – I’m sure this tire lasts for at least 3-4 days now which is an increase of about 250-300% in duration with same or faster lap times!
  • At last a base setting you can start working on for each individual track you are at – with asking a lot of questions I gained a know-how of what to do next track day if something feels strange – only small adjustments are needed.


I can highly recommend having a session with Dave – best would be face to face but the remote tuning session worked better than my expectations. That’s because of the huge experience Dave has in this area.

As much information you can give to Dave, he can advise how to get you and the tires to be better. Making pictures, sending the settings you have done with the comment how it felt to you… what is getting better, what is getting worse etc…

One thing which could be improved is that Dave is asking more questions about the feeling of the bike – maybe that was not needed due to the notes I have written down.

Many thanks!


Thomas Paul Busse, GermanyThomas Paul Busse, Germany


First I want to thank you for your effort to make all the videos. I watch them since about a year. Thanks for your recommended settings. My lap times and tires were now much better and smoother.

I was again on track last weekend. That was my absolute reference track. I smashed my time about to 2,5 Seconds

Matthew Testa, California USAMatthew Testa, California USA

Hey Dave!

Just wanted to share this with you. I’ve sent a lot of time on your site and watching your premium content. And would just like to say thank you. I’ve been dropping time like crazy and finally have the bike setup near perfect.

As I’ve gained speed I’ve been able to add or remove clicks with confidence. As well moving from Track to Track being able to change my setup and still keep the bike happy.

I was able to do a personal best at Buttonwillow this weekend. 1:55 with traffic.

Again just a thank you for sharing great content your knowledge to the world. I’ve attached some pics of my nice beach looking tires 🙌🏼.

Joao Barroso Pereira, Sydney, AustraliaJoao Barroso Pereira, Sydney, Australia

Hi Dave,

So as I hoped, I had my track day this last Thursday, and I took a few notes and photos, which I’m hoping you can have a look and give me some pointers. The day was a bi shorter than I expected as there were fair few crashes and track time got reduced a bit (I ended up not having time for the last session of the day).

From the day, I can say that the bike turns in better and easier, I’d say that this is a result of dropping the front as discussed. Also the Michelin Power RS is much better that what I had before, and I never had any issues. Naturally I took my time getting up to speed to make sure that the tyres warmed up, especially considering that they were brand new and I don’t use warmers.

As for suspension I wanted to poke your brain a bit more as to if it is possible, but more importantly worthwhile (or just a waste of money) to upgrade my suspension, either by changing some, or all the internals of the forks, or changing the whole front end altogether. I suppose what I’m not sure about is “how bad” the forks are, and if the fork body (the black outer tube and the shinny inner tube) could work with different components, and (and this is a big and) if someone like me would really tell the difference?

Thank you so much for your comments and patience. You’ve really given me great help and guidance (seriously)!

Thank you Dave!!!

Tom Webster, UKTom Webster, UK

Hey Dave,

Hope your race weekend went well, and thank you for the test plan.
I followed it to the letter, reinstalling the 11nm springs in the forks. I went with my plan for the shock and increased the spring rate to a 10.5 from a 9.5. It was a gamble, but I'm pleased to say it worked. By the third session I settled with 5mm of preload, 12 clicks out rebound and 9 clicks out on the forks which were flush. I added the 2mm of ride height to the shock (299mm) 12 out on rebound, 11 out on compression with 12mm of preload.
Lap times with a full tank were 1.37's / 38's with a lot less rider fatigue. For qualifying I went out for 15mins with 8 liters of fuel and did a 1.35.028 which put our team second in class, and was my personal best!!!!! Happy days!! Tyre wear on the rear was perfect, but I think I missed on the front by a one psi as it showed signs of slight overheating.
The race the next day we ended up finishing the race in 4th place with 1 round to go and a close 3rd in the championship. Thanks again!!!
Fredrik Alkdal, California USAFredrik Alkdal, California USA

Hi Dave.

Thanks so much for your help today, the bike felt amazing by the afternoon!

I didn't get a chance to connect with you before I had to leave, so I rode home on the track settings - lots of "feedback"!

These are the settings we ended up at, would you be able to give me some street settings based on these?

Front: REB: 14 clicks from hard COMP: 7 clocks from hard

Rear; REB: 11 clicks from hard COMP: 10 clicks from hard

Troy Cook AustraliaTroy Cook Australia

I entered settings you gave me, including tyre pressure up to required psi.

As so as I started out of my main street onto the straightaway I knew it was different, as in softer and the bumps I usually felt were kinda no drama!

I headed for the place I usually ride, and to be honest I was looking for something to be not quite right etc lol considering what is was like before a stiff as a board in the front I felt everything in my wrists.

From where it was its a totally new bike to ride.

The zip tie was 30mm from the bottom casting so I just left it alone because it was so enjoyable to ride with let me tell you, like 99% full confidence in the front end which I never had (it was always twitchy and if you hit a bump mid corner you would **** your pants) but now it soaked it up no trouble so I'm really stoked Dave, truely.👌

Is it perfect, prob not but from where it was its 100% better. I'm a realist so I know it could prob be tweaked on more but for the moment with the roads iIride and my riding ability I'm calling it good for the next few rides until i get familiar with the new settings👌.

Once again Dave i thank you sincerely as your help is invaluable once again.

Thanks again mate, I'm one happy kangaroo 👌



Just wanted to say thanks for working with me at Sears. I had a great time and the bike worked well (save for some for some issues with these basket case electrical systems).
My friend Ron (Hypermotard with the tired front forks) and I actually packed up and drove all night to Miller to get him racing with AHRMA on Saturday. One of his friends was complaining about a hard steering, chattering front end on his Buell. I put a zip tie on his fork and noticed that he was only using about 1/2 the travel. I backed out on the preload considerably and sped up rebound a touch. After his next session he came in with a big smile. "It's night and day! Feels like an SV! Much more confidence inspiring on corner entry".
Armed with the great knowledge you've provided, I was able to make his day much more enjoyable. Thanks again!
Bruce MacDonaldBruce MacDonald
In two weekends with these tires I've got a set up that I'm comfortable and safe with. Best money I've spent on this bike along with the revalve and adding a tuned ECU that has sorted the awful low speed fueling these bikes have been known for.
I now have the "best streetbike in the world" that is actually the best. Comfortable, almost plush on the street and a laser on the track. With fueling control to match.
Thanks so much Dave.
Richard BurdickRichard Burdick
Hello Dave,
I wanted to thank you for your setup/suspension settings for my 07' R6.
i had Sport Rider magazine's settings before, and yours were far better! I felt the difference straight away with the bike feeling much more balanced that gave me more confidence to push hard. Also, my tire wear was much improved.
So glad I reached out to you!
First time in racer practice at Loudon since 1990.🙂 Held my own in expert class,faster all day.
Jorge Barba, Reno USAJorge Barba, Reno USA


I started at California Superbike School. First track day, bought a 2013 salvage Daytona 675 within weeks and completed 8 full trackdays on Nov 19th.

I learned more from a half day private lesson from Dave Moss at $350 than from  2 days with CSS (this included his complete suspension set up of your bike).

I liked the fact that Moss's personalized teaching is derived from his lead follow video interpretation of your style. He adapts your particular "idiom" to the necessary series of events that MUST occur during your laps to increase speed and safety, while NOT enticing you to adopt difficult to attain body positions, lean angles, or "too fast too soon" issues.

This guy knows more about going fast than most, but tailors concepts of attaining speed to you and how you ride. I continue to reexamine that day's voice over video from Moss...when I feel as if I've cleared most of my beginner hurdles, I will repeat.

Neil O’Keefe, UKNeil O’Keefe, UK

Hi Dave

No track days booked in the near future so...
  • Static sag hot - unknown will run hard on the road and report back.
  • Fork travel - unknown will run on road and replicate braking to best of abilities and report back. (Zip tie on the fork leg?)
  • Fork oil and fork height are factory.
As I'm in the UK and you're in California I guess a consultation session is tricky to arrange.
However, happy to pay for advice so far, as it is handling MUCH better than before using your fixed settings. I will try and get another day in this summer, and then maybe Almeria in the autumn.
Tom Gitto, San Francisco, USATom Gitto, San Francisco, USA

Hi Dave,

It was nice to finally meet you at Sonoma this past weekend.  I appreciate the time you took to make the tweaks to my R6's suspension, but more importantly the education on WHY you made the changes you did and HOW to eyeball for what's going on with the tires and how that connects to my riding.  It helped me get a bit deeper understanding of the bike/rider as an interconnected "system" being applied in the track environment.

Also, it's nice to have an experienced, accomplished racer give some tips and encouragement to a newbie like me.  You obviously had plenty to do so I really appreciate that you gave a few minutes of focused attention to offer patient explanations to my novice questions. Thanks again!

Mike Keenan, Detroit USAMike Keenan, Detroit USA


You have no idea the tremendous amount of help you have been to me and
the amount of knowledge I have gained from a few simple emails and watching
a couple hours of videos on your site. I can't say thank you enough!

If there is anything I can do to help promote your business/services or even
on a personal level please don't hesitate to ask. You are what every
vendor/supplier/ and instructor should be rolled into one very
knowledgeable man.

I'm sure I will be bugging you again with some simple nonsense I cant
figure out or don't yet understand but I have a base knowledge enough to
discuss, understand, and start the tuning process on my own.

Thank you again Dave,


Simon Quick, UK
I quit racing at club level some 16 years ago after a few big accidents and to be fair I had lost my bottle. I never really paid much attention to bike set and the approach had always been "brake later, accelerate harder and lean it over more..." Which is probably the reason I fell off quite a lot. I decided I wanted another crack at it at the ripe old age of 52, but this time I'm going to concentrate on set up.
I Googled it and came across Dave Moss, this was some 2 years ago now. There was SO MUCH free advice and videos offered and he's known by almost everybody I talk to about it. I must have watched every video 10 times now and read every article even more. I plagued him with questions on Messenger and ALWAYS got a helpful response. I recently had my first out on track again at Donington Park on my road bike which I've now race prepared using Dave's recommended improvements as well as a few toys of my own choosing. It'll only ever be a track bike now.
The first session there were quite a few things that needed attention and during the 6 sessions of the day using his methodical approach I cured or massively improved the bike. It now has no geometry tears, the damping only needed a few tweeks from the base setting I put on it and the tyre wear is almost spot on.
During the course of the day I dropped 15.2 seconds off my lap times, the final session saw every lap consistently within 0.4 seconds of each other and my confidence has gone through the roof... I know there are still loads of improvements to be had, but thanks to Dave I have the confidence and understanding to have a go and I can't thank him enough for sharing his years of experience.
If you're looking to improve your bike be it on the road or on the track, I can definitely recommend Dave's approach and method of setting it up. It won't turn you into Rossi, but it'll give your bike the potential to amaze you, give you tons of confidence and feeling, and the opportunity to show what you can do.

The man is a legend in my book... top bloke 🙂

Thanks Dave, for all your help and guidance.

Simon Quick
Venoma Racing, LithuaniaVenoma Racing, Lithuania

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your help so much with the remote tuning and 1-1 consultation services! We are young racing team, and we are amazed how you read tires even from photos! We are very grateful for your help this weekend. We won very important race.  And tires worked like a charm! Thanks again!
Venoma Racing Team
From Lithuania.
Pat Nik VenPat Nik Ven

Hi Dave!

I didn’t get a chance to return to ProItalia to thank you again for the tune! I enjoyed the ride so much that I kept going. My Blue R6 actually turns now.

It was a little funny how shocked you looked when I told you I ran it at Buttonwillow with the previous setup. I feel a lot more stable on the bike and my confidence approaching the corners has significantly increased.

Thanks for saving my life. Thanks for doing what you do. And thanks for being the best at it.

From here on out, I only trust Dave Moss with my suspension tuning! Cheers!

Damien BannonDamien BannonThe Set Up...

Dave set up my bike the improvement is unbelievable, I’d recommend anyone who rides get it set up by dave.

Scott PetersonScott PetersonProcessing...

Thanks for showing me the process of how to learn; having a ‘map’ of how to approach it. I understand it is a process and a dynamic one over time and changing conditions but now feel I have a better understanding of what/how and why each setting should be approached. I like starting with one thing and changing it 25% and then another +25%, making notes and arriving at too much one way or the other and then working back and forth in smaller increments to find the right setting. As my understanding grows and the fear of unknown goes away with experience I am now confident I will soon have a setup that both works and gets the bike geometry with me on it to work in balance. Today’s ride after two days worth of stop/settings change/start/stop was fantastic, best the bike has ever felt.

Amazing! He’s a great coach, straight forward and honest. Even though my time with him was short, not one second of the whole hour was wasted. He gauges where you are skill wise and adjusts as needed. Got my list to work on. The videos are great!!! He is truly dedicated to helping riders in this industry.

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