Jose Manuel Torrelo Ponce and Remote Tuning for his sonJose Manuel Torrelo Ponce and Remote Tuning for his son

Dear Dave,

Here is some feedback, I hope you appreciate it.
We went last Sunday as expected to train on the track where my son will have next race on May 25-26th. 🙂
Didn’t had too much time because this track is far from home and they close soon in the afternoon, but I think now we have a much better setting than before.
After a couple of initial short rounds (8-10 laps) to learn the track with the same old settings and used-abused tires, and checking that there was still some uncontrolled rebound on the front side in this track too, he started to push harder. On the 3rd round I opened the compression from -16c to -20c. He felt that the bike was easier to enter the bike in the turns. On the 4th round I opened rebound to -8c, he felt less rebound on the front and after a quick stop opened to -10c and he felt that the rebound was less noticeable but the front grip was starting to be very poor.
I decided to change the tires because the front one was completely wasted, and put a "used but in good state" set of tires front&rear. On the immediate following round he went 0.8s faster per lap (it's 52-53s lap time track) and he felt the bike much more stable with no rebound at all and also easy to move on closed turns, he was very happy with the settings!! As I said this “new" front tire was used and had some tear on the right side from the previous track day… but this right side started to clean up the tear and the left side (with is the most used in this track) came out pretty well -in my opinion- after 2 more rounds of 12 laps each one pushing very hard, now he’s just at 0.5s of the track Pole record for his category.

We didn’t had too much time to work on the rear side, anyway I was not observing bad tyre wear neither with the older tyre or with the newer tyre.

I don’t have photos of the rear shock but the zip tie to check the used travel ended around 1cm above the rubber pad, that’s fine isn’t it?
So resuming, it seems that we have a good setting for this track. We’ll be there for the race on 24th, maybe I consult you something else if possible to fine adjust in case we see some problem. 🙂
Thanks a lot!! My son told me you’re a genius 😉 He was so happy that wanted to send you a crazy video at the end of the day so here it is!
Jim Kerr, Land Speed motorcycle set upJim Kerr, Land Speed motorcycle set up
Hi Dave,
I hope all is well. Man, I was sick for several months, in and out of the hospital three different times. They never did figure out what was wrong, and said it would have to get worse before they could figure it out, but the pain is gone and I'm back to normal, whatever normal is, lol. I didn't think I was going to finish the engine rebuild on my S1 in time for El Mirage, which was this past weekend. I'd get out of bed, work on it for an hour, then go back to bed. But I got it finished in time.
My best speed on Saturday was 138 mph, one mph shy of the open 139 mph record in the 1350cc Modified Pushrod Gas Class. On Sunday I set the record running 140.860 mph. All the engine modifications I did since last November paid off. The old Buell with its Harley 1203cc engine ran great. It was pulling like a Freight Train in 1st through 4th gears up to 7500 RPMs. I still have to review the WEGO wide band data to see what the RPMs were when I crossed the timing lights, but it was still pulling.

Thanks to your advice in our suspension tuning sessions, the Buell was steady as a rock, even with its hard-tail rear suspension.

Thank you, Dave. Here pretty quick I'll get the subscription renewed.


David Dallmann, Europe

Hi - I owe you a response. So, here it comes in three different forms: short, data-based, and verbose. 🙂

We did it! Your validation of my hunch regarding excessive preload and recommendation for target number completely solved the problem. 🙂
Frankly, I haven't enjoyed this bike so much ever since I bought it. I'm over the moon (but just figuratively, not anymore due to being catapulted there 😀 )
My desperate and rather dirty attempt at measuring spring length on the shock installed in the bike gave me a number of 18 mm installed preload. When the shock was taken out, that was validated as 17 mm, so it made sense to try decreasing that. The guy in the shop managed to machine away 4 mm from that plastic spacer, which gave me exactly the 13 mm you recommended. What did this achieve in terms of raw numbers?
Static sag: was 6 mm - became 10 mm
Rider sage: was 26 mm - became 35-36 mm
VERBOSE (Warning! I mean REALLY verbose! 🙂 )
The shock was reinstalled, no adjuster was touched, still zero set preload. I got on the bike and headed home. The first impression was definitely one caused by altered geometry. The bike felt about 30 kg heavier. Much more physical to navigate in the city. I knew it was partly due to how much I'd adapted to the previous setup.
At home, I measured sag. Felt that 10 mm lower rear ride height was probably too much of a change, so I gave it two turns of preload and went out for a short ride. ...then that turned into a longer ride. Good sign! 🙂 It was none of the roads I'd ridden recently, so couldn't tell if the second kid on the trampoline phenomenon was gone or how much the problem had been solved, but felt the change had definitely been for the positive. Due to altered geometry, the bike now needed some body English to turn (NOT wrestling, just some concrete input instead of the previous telepathic turn-in), but once it was leaned over.... OMG! I don't even know how to explain this, because I felt something that enabled me to put my finger on something that I felt before this change but couldn't explain. Only after experiencing sg different did I understand the previous phenomenon. So, now the bike stayed leaned over, no need to force it or (more typically) manage how it continued the turn. I felt like if I'd left everything alone, the bike could've gone around in circles on the exact same radius until the fuel ran out. 😀 ...and something else. Only now did I feel another thing that was missing. I know this sounds stupid, but now I felt that the bike was turning on two wheels not just one. That both tyres were giving me traction. All of a sudden, I was able to feel what the rear tyre was doing, that it was now taking part in navigating the turn. What's weird is that I didn't feel the exact opposite previously. I remember when this suspension was installed last year I was impressed by how agile the bike felt, and that blindsighted me. Only after a while, did I start feeling sg like maybe the front is working too hard. But, obviously, no hard data to support that on the street. Or a feeling like "It's good, but I feel that if it slid, I wouldn't be able to catch it" - again rather esoteric, non-quantifiable, vague, etc. feelings. Now, it all made sense. I can probably trust my gut. I must have got some micro whatever feedback from the front even before it tucked on that wet patch last July. Now, it was soooo different, sooo stable. Still, a bit lazy for my taste. So, I added another 5 turns of rear preload. Sag was now 30 mm, which I thought to be a nice round number worth a try. 😀 It was a bit too much. Still way better than before the fix, but lost some of that "the turn sucks the bike to the road" feeling. I settled on 5 turns of preload, 32 mm of sag. Perfection! But wait, there's more revelation to share...
One would think that if you drastically reduce preload (albeit an excessive one) if you needed to touch compression damping at all, it'd be to increase it. Wrong! At least in this case (and I suspect DDC to have a part in this) Remember when I tried the 30 mm sag and felt that a bit too stiff? I didn't have my 13 mm socket tool with me on the ride, so I decreased slow and fast manual compression one click respectively as a bandaid. I liked the feeling, so when I reset sag to 32 mm and didn't touch damping, and it was very nice, I thought maybe I could further improve comfort. The worst that would happen (and I kinda expected this) is that I feel the shock collapsing from under me when I throw the bike into a sharp turn. Then I'd add these clicks back, big deal. Lo and behold, when I took one more click of slow compression out, it even got better. This is where I started to really feel what was happening on/near the edge of the tyre. Also, this resulted in a phenomenon where when the bike was already leaning it didn't object to being leaned over further. Also, this was the last piece that was needed for a setup where when the bike low-key slipped in a 90 degree turn in town when reasonably leaned, it was just a "meh, no biggie" feeling. No panic, no wiggling, nothing.
All this made me realize how some of our/my stereotypes need to go in the bin. "An on-its-nose bike is good around corners" or "Hard suspension makes you fast" I learned that once your front geometry is set up for nice-to-you steering feel, the rear needs to cooperate and follow suit. We must allow the swingarm to move to the right extent so both tyres can be glued to the asphalt. Excessive preload won't allow that. Too much compression damping will prevent those small but important swingarm movements that alleviate stress from the edge of the tyre. It reminded me of something a friend once heard from an Ohlins guy: the first (layer of) shim(s) (?) is what determines edge grip as much as those need to open up easily enough for that.
So now the bike's doing what I want it to do. I can feel the shock actually compressing and extending, doing its job. Comfort is reasonable as can be expected with 120 mm travel and the roads we have. No catapult, no loss of traction, no overshooting. I could just ride the thing and ride and keep riding more all day. All this on a worn rear tyre. The new M7RR is to be installed soon. Hopefully, that won't reveal that I set up the bike for a worn tyre 😀
I'm so much looking forward to the Balkan trip (https://maps.app.goo.gl/a9uwqzLEeXBcsz839) on this "new" bike.
Thank you so much for your help!
Scott Schillak, XT600 Tenere.
Thanks Dave.
I have just gotten into track riding and really appreciate all the information you have provided.  You have demystified the art of bike setup for me more in one weekend of watching your videos than the past 30 years of riding.
Much appreciated,
Andrew Hong, Kuala Belait, Brunei

Hi Dave,

Just lowered 8mm on my 1st bike XSR700 2022 over the weekend and the whole feeling is different.. 😜

Also just upgrade the YSS front with emulator and rear with YSS monoshock two weeks ago.. Still trying to figure out the right suspension setting.

Just done 33k km over 1 year 3 months to built up my riding hours... And just installed my second set of Michelin road 6 GT Tyre too..

You are the reason I dare to upgrade my suspension and tweak on the geometry.

You are the great 😘👍

Richard Wagner – Premium member website content review
Hi Dave,
Justin wanted to drop you a note to thank you for.
I found your content really helpful, it made a big difference in my bike and my riding. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad wreck last year and messed up my leg, so it looks like I’m retiring from track riding.
That said, I really appreciate the subscription renewal reminder, and REALLY appreciate how easy it was to cancel. If I was still riding I would have renewed for sure, but making it easy to cancel is pretty rare these days and I wanted to let you know it does not go unnoticed!
All the best,
Richard Wagner
Brian Green, GSXR set up and coaching at Thunderhill

Hey Dave,

I wanted to reach out and say what an honor it was to finally ride with you!


Learning the end of braking points was a real help riding with you especially when I’m watching that brake light and seeing just how long you hold it for. I really appreciate your time and patience and attention you gave me and I’m sure other students as well. I always come away from a Carter’s school feeling spoiled from the attention and care you all take with us students.


Your help tuning the bike for my current skill was also super helpful! Was so excited to see you there and doing what you love. 🤗 Thank you again not only from me but from all your previous and future students. You made that class an absolute joy!!


Looking forward to doing that again with you and seeing your health improve day by day. Again thank you , was a real honor 😊

David Goodman, Remote Tune Ducati ST4S

Hi Dave,

I had a great shakedown ride today. Conditions were not ideal. Butt ass cold and windy as heck. But I made it out to to the edge of West Virginia and back. About 300 miles round trip with 6 mountain passes in between.
Before heading out I made sure to set my tire pressure to 34psi front & back. Smart move. Not going back to stock pressure.
Our adjustments the other day clearly improved the handling. No more wobbliness when getting on the gas after trail braking into a turn. I used to need to be super gentle with the throttle so any snatching wouldn't destabilize my line. Win.
I didn't hit much crappy pavement in turns today that typically would have unsettled the suspension. Or maybe I did and it just didn't register anymore. In which case we can count that as a win too. And with all that tightening up I was expecting the ride to feel a more raw or harsh. But nope. Not harsh at all.
And I'm happy to report that turn-in is still in the Goldilocks zone. Shortening the forks definitely helped improve turn in so I didn't feel like I had to fight the bike to start a lean. I was a little concerned our adjustments might have overdone a good thing and made it twitchy and want to drop too much. But no. It's great right where it is. And still really stable in a straight line. (Maybe thanks to my steering damper? Whatever, I'll take it!)
The only real downside of all this is that I'm back on my tippy toes again at stop lights. I know we don't really know what's going on with the rear preload adjuster, but do you think I could afford to back off the preload a bit more? With approx. 5" of full range, I can tell the front forks have about 1-1/4" more exposure after the ride vs. just 7/8" previously. It's not necessarily a deal breaker if you don't think it's a good idea. I've been a tippy toe rider my whole life. Certainly, better handling is a good trade.
The only thing that didn't work out was I wasn't able to test your alternate settings because the screwdriver I brought with me was too wide for the fork hole. Doh! Oh well, next time.
MT09 SP suspension tuning review by
I am a former owner of mt09sp 2018 and I actually have done exactly that (your process) without knowing that it is what you supposed to do and that this is ok...
Learned everything from you Dave and I absolutely have no words to describe how the bike felt after 2 weeks of 6 days a week riding to work and back and adjusting little by little those fine tunings was like...
First I made sure to have a clean sheet so I got the bike suspension "balanced" if not mistaking 30mm to 30mm front rear (sag) and just went to town from there to adjust to my weight and rodong style...
Again all the thanks in the world dave absolout genius 🙏🙏
Craig Pullen

Craig here,

I'm the owner of the 68 thousand k old fork oil & very dirty mt09 sp

I threw a zip tie at the fork & have done two weekends of various roads & hooning etc & all seems good, I have been air borne a few times on certain bumps at speed & no complaints, the bike is behaving nice & stable,

I did some hard abs activating brake testing & have a good gap for the zip tie and the bike is definitely handling better. I have not hit my favorite high speed corner road yet but I suspect it will be just fine.

I've been guilty for years for riding around problems so thank you for your time that evening,



I have been out on the very fast sweeping corners today & I've got to say the bike never put a foot wrong, It felt stable at ridiculous speeds even when down on the tank with the left hand around the fork leg,

Crazy day out with the litre bikes etc,


Thanks again Dave for your advice & adjustments it's filled me with confidence on the once twitchy mt09sp

Erik Harley, California (Remote Tune)
Good afternoon, Dave.  I hope this past week treated you well.
I'm just dropping you a quick "thank you" for your guidance.  I've found option 2 to be the most comfortable, and the bike absolutely feels MUCH better vs. stock.
Most notable is the way the machine reacts to bumps/dips in the road surface and the way it feels more planted in long sweepers.  I've noticed that accelerating through those feels much more stable.
I saw one of your videos where you said that when folks are happy, they usually don't return.  I figured you deserve the positive feedback, and felt obligated to circle back.
Hopeful that our paths cross one day.  Until then, I wish you continued success both personally and professionally.
Jason Williams, New Zealand on Suspension Tuning Ride experience
Hi Dave,
I recently participated in a full day riding, tuition and tuning course on motorcycle suspension, tyres and ergonomics run by Dave Moss.  https://davemosstuning.com/
Dave's experience and passion for the subject matter was profound. His cut-through and ability to get precisely to the nub of learning opportunities was also remarkable.
Surprisingly amongst the many advanced riders attending the course the depth of knowledge on motorcycle suspension, tyres and ergonomics was clearly lacking.  We are just not taught this, nor do motorcycle dealers spend any time on this with customers.
I would consider myself to be well studied on the subject, mechanically minded and highly mechanically capable yet I could immediately feel how much Dave's small adjustments to my own best efforts settled the vehicle down over New Zealand's now damaged and poorly repaired roads. I was left with the impression that the vast majority of motorcyclists are riding dangerously configured vehicles. I was also left reflecting on how education throughout the CBTA motorcycle training ecosystem  misses this essential knowledge / skill base. The CBTA system in New Zealand is well formulated and reminded me of the training processes used in obtaining my pilots licence but the omission of this core curricula is remis.
Interestingly single vehicle motorcycle accidents are not caused just by motorcyclists being reckless or irresponsible.  Here is a study itemising the many other external factors.  https://motorcycleaccident.org/what-are-the-common-causes-of-single-vehicle-motorcycle-accidents/  No doubt all of these externalities would be better handled by the riders equiped with properly configured and serviced suspension and tyres and motorcyles corrreclty adjusted to fit them.
This would undoubtedly have a positive impact on New Zealand ACC single vehicle accidents statistics.  I would also offer that New Zealand would see a positive impact on multi vehicle accident statistics as the improvements to the motorcyclist's core competencies of braking, cornering and evasive maneuvers through proper vehicle configuration were clearly evidenced by all of the members of this suspension tuning course.
We should incorporate training on these subjects into the CBTA syllabus without delay.
Jason Williams"
Lawrence Parket, suspension tuning ride, Auckland NZ
Hi Dave
Just a quick note to say ‘WOW’ what an incredibly informative and empowering
course. It has opened my eyes to the importance and benefits of suspension tuning.
Looking  forward to the next one.
Kind regards
Lawrence Parker
Francesco De Marchi, suspension tuning ride Pukekohe, NZFrancesco De Marchi, suspension tuning ride Pukekohe, NZ

Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge ( and hands on ) on suspension set up during yesterday ride trough Passmaster.
The bike feels much easier and safer to ride. Now it's finally doing what is supposed to do during cornering and absorbing the bumps and humps smoothly without risking some unbalanced riding moment.

This is my 3rd time getting my bikes set up with you and to be completely honest till 2 years ago I had no idea or knowledge on how to adjust my suspension or what part did what. I used to just go for a ride and adapt to what the bike was doing, now after meeting you few times while you are here in NZ and watching your video on YouTube I'm more confident on how to recognise and know what to look on what my suspension are doing and how to rectify it if something not right.

Thanks also for answering all our questions, all answered in very detailed, professional and easy to understand manner.
I hope to see you in NZ again soon.

I also hope you are able to do more and more of this course here in NZ, they are life changing for the rider and the bike.


Francesco De Marchi
Ducati multistrada 1200

Ed, working on Nitron cartridges


On bottoming forks.

I am tuning some nitron cartridges that were supplied over damped (a
much heavier oil than spec'd by nitron- 5 to 7.5 does not sound like
much, but 20 to 35 CsT brings the change into perspective) and
undersprung.  Essentially replicating the poor stock marzzochi's.  I
did a homemade test by letting 15cc's of each oil run out of a syringe
and timing it- it was a dramatic difference.

It seems that sometimes, using any adjectives to a suspension supplier
means they go off the deep end, AKA "plush" does not mean soft- so the
sag was way too much, even with the preload cranked down all the way.
The worst of both worlds- too much damping so the small bumps were
harsh, and too soft a spring so it bottomed on the big ones.

And what I wanted to mention, and thought might be a good topic-
although it is likely you have covered it somewhere.

Fork oil level. On my setup sheet, a level of 140mm was called for.  The
bike was hitting the hard stops very hard on downhill braking over a
bump. (my test bump!)

A change of spring rate from a 8.25 to a 9 helped some, but realizing
the geometric progression of an air spring, I started reducing the oil
level by 5mm each time and managed to eliminate the bottoming at 125 mm
air space.  Since it is a extreme rising rate spring, it has not
affected the normal ride much, if at all.

I am certainly not a pro, but your teaching has helped immensely.
Been watching your videos, bought racetech book, and couple others,
slowly things are percolating into my brain. Thanks!.

I wish you well, and pray for your anti cancer efforts.

Harry Calibre S1000RR M series

I own a 2022 BMW S1000RR M Sport from watching Dave's video's I have purchased a set of ASV fully adjustable levers and the BMW M rear sets


I spent some time setting the bike up for me and wow made a massive improvement.


I have been riding for years Dave's video's are legendary made my riding a million times safer and much more comfortable.


Thank you for your devotion helping us Dave respect at you fella 😎👌

Sladjan Vujicic, Australia Ninja 1000 SX
Hello David,

I wanted to extend my gratitude for the time you gave me recently, it was greatly appreciated. The ride after our meeting was exceptional – it was stable and flowed smoothly, lasting around 1.5 hours. The gear shifting has improved, though it hasn't quite reached my expectations yet. However, once I switched to sport mode, the quick-shifter performed excellently, offering a smooth experience. I noticed that downshifting in normal mode is somewhat challenging, whereas in sport mode it's much easier. The bike's handling impressed me, and I felt a strong connection to the road. To be honest, the ride was a bit rougher than I anticipated. I was hoping for a softer feel in the normal setting – am I expecting too much, or is there a possibility to adjust for a softer and more comfortable ride in normal mode, with the option to switch to a sportier setting in SPORT mode? I will give it another proper ride this week and will tell you more about it once done so we can see is it me or the bike making it a bit rougher ride.

On a related note, I've ordered a tire pump and pressure monitor to further enhance the bike's performance. Additionally, I'm attaching a photo of the front forks with a zip tie on them for your reference.

Best regards,
Ben LK, Arkansas S1000RR (Remote Tune)Ben LK, Arkansas S1000RR (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

First times get my BMW with ddc system so confused on it almost sell the bike because can’t feel comfortable on the road but Dave you solve that issue.

I rode today so much better. I love the bike more than I use to 😎

Now im feel like new bike way different when I first got it. Enjoy to ride it so much better. Thank you so much Dave. You the best 👍🏻

Jesse Kayl, 2023 ZX14 (Remote Tune)Jesse Kayl, 2023 ZX14 (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Your suspension settings have made my last 2 motorcycles feel so much better than stock. They give confidence and comfort for commuting and the occasional twisty back road.

My wife can even feel the difference on the back and she loves it.

You provide an invaluable service to those of us who do not have local suspension tuners/pros. I am so appreciative of your help, professionalism, and communication during the tuning process.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks for everything.

Travis Zilch, Remote Tune
I did another 3 days at Barber last weekend.  Weather was pretty ideal.  Sunny and 75*F for highs all 3 days.  Track temps peaked and held around 90-95 from lunch until 3 o-clock before the temps would drop.  Morning track temps were between 65-70.
Day one was spent dialing in shock travel.. I have learned that the shaft seal is inboard a fair amount from the shock body which renders the grease method a bit unreliable, so I resorted to using a small ziptie on the shock shaft to measure travel.  Started the day at 3 turns of preload which resulted in 10mm static + 30mm of rider. Result was shock bottoming - hard enough to feel in the saddle.  Added 3 turns of preload.  Still bottomed.  Added 2 more and found my travel at 4mm from the bump stop.  As my pace quickened, I found myself using up the travel again and added 2 more turns of preload (total 10/max available 10.5)  Resultant sag measuring static 4mm, rider 20mm  .Travel was to 4mm from the bump stop.  Added compression as needed to maintain travel as my pace improved.  Once I had the shock dialed I found it much easier to dial in tire pressure although I struggled to find the "perfect" wear.  It seemed slight temperature variations in the surface temp and <1 psi changes would result in hot or cold tear.  As a general statement I'd start the mornings at 28psi with a 65-70 track temp and drop 1 psi at 80, and another at 85.  26psi seemed to offer a fair balance during peak temps with slight cold tearing present.  25.5 or lower would result in hot tear.  It seems as though these Michelins have a very narrow prime operating temp and saw many others on the grid struggling with the same sort of wear over the course of the weekend.
Regardless of the challenges, I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful and thorough methodology you provided me ahead of the weekend.  It certainly helped organize my thoughts and reduce my stress.  Sadly the season is over for us this year, but I'm planning on swapping to a heavier shock spring ahead next year and repeating the process over again.  As an aside, I was able to dial out the pumping on acceleration with rebound adjustments you suggested.  We never talked about the front end, but I've always found it easier to adjust.  My main issue was navigating braking bumps in the hard braking zones - my lesson learned was to not be afraid to make fairly sizeable adjustments with the damping if things are exceptionally uncomfortable.  In this case, it was taking out a lot of compression.  I rode too many sessions making no or small adjustments and didn't get it reasonably comfortable until the very end of the weekend.
Thanks again for your help.  I'm sure I'll be reaching out again the next time I'm scratching my head.
YouTube testimonials October 2023

Excellent presentation. Thank you Dave for this valuable information. Me? A 74 year old male back in the saddle after 40 years without a saddle to sit in. Bike? A 2016 Sym scooter, HD 200 (171cc) Bike weight 297lbs My weight a whopping 138 lbs +/- Solo rider only I ride here in the Seattle/ Western WA area incl three round trips every summer to Eastern WA via I-90. On a scooter? Yep. Crazy, eh? I ride rain or shine I ride slow and slower than most cars and I can still hear a horn or two and can still see a middle finger once in awhile. (most recently it was that young chick who gave me the finger while I'm riding down a long hill a bit too slow apparently.) OE tires replace in 2019 with Michelin City Grips at 13k miles. Now at 20k miles Tire pressure sticker says 25 front 28 back. Been staying with these pressures all the time. What you said about the manufacturer recommended pressure on 'the sticker' is interesting! Making me think a bit and do some testing or experimenting. BIG Question: What do I look for or what should I be feeling for when I do some testing re tire pressures? Thank You Dean Seattle.


Hyderides1584 commented: “Ok Dave, you're still getting views. The service manual for my 2018 Suzuki GSX-R750 calls for SS-47 10W fork oil and my local dealerships only have BelRay 10W fork oil (Viscosity Index 118), so I ordered 2L of the Maxima 10W (Viscosity Index 182) because theoretically the 182 V.I. will have better stability throughout the cool to hot temp range of the day. And...I'm a lighter weight rider at 150lbs with gear that mostly rides in warmer Southern US temps, so I did not opt for a 7.0-7.5W fork oil (yet) future testing TBD. Also, thanks to your BPF vid which I view via my subscription to the Dave Moss Tuning website, I have found BPF fork servicing to be a relatively simple DIY function and will be performing my own fork services myself. All this to say that you have been VERY helpful and I am very glad I paid the $49.95 annual subscription fee for your site. I highly recommend others do so also!”


Scottbelcourt5280 commented: “I remember a previous video of yours I saw a few years ago where you asked some track riders this exact same thing. You said "what's the first thing you modified?" And they all said "exhaust". You then had them sit on their bikes and explained the importance of "Ergos" where you adjusted the bar distance, bar angle and clutch & brake handles for maximum comfort with what they had. I had just recently bought a second-hand z900, and the previous owner had only modified the exhaust as well I'm a tall guy, and I hadn't realized how hunched over I was and how much I had to twist my hands for the bar & handles, or that I could fix it. I immediately went and got a riser and adjusted the sweep & put the handles in line with my arms, and the relief was immense. Never would have thought about it without your video. Thanks so much for 3 years of pain-free commuting ️”


Leviefrauim1425 commented: “Good to see you up and posting again, Dave. I'm 5'10" and blessed /a gorilla-esque physique. On my former Ninja 1000, I added Murph's risers- they didn't address the angle issue but added some height and backwards movement-, grip puppies, HVMP bar ends and a throttle lock to add some comfort on my ailing, aching. elderly shoulders. I tried a number of different seats but ended up w/a seat designed by a local auto upholsterer. I also added foot peg lowering brackets to give my knees and hips a bit more room- voila! Still wasn't perfect but it was a much better fit for my riding purposes and needs. You gotta make the bike fit you!”


Wirenut3020 commented: “What you don’t know can kill you! I wish I had known about how woefully inadequate my first bikes suspension was. Thank you Dave Moss for educating me. Had I known about my Ninja650’s inadequate weight fork oil and excessive fork air gap at the time I could have addressed those issues (higher weight fork oil and a bit more of it)and not almost crashed during emergency braking. I probably needed heavier springs as well, I’ll never know because I never measured my sag when I owned it. It’s all clear to me now though. What you don’t know can kill you.”


Wilbalkovec2631 commented: “Great explanation of Fit. I'm 6ft.2 - long inseams and arms. First bike was a 2006 Honda 599 Hornet and the hand position at the end of the bars rang so very true. I would ride with my palms at the edge of the grips with half my hand off, straightened at a different angle. Change in bars helped immensely. Upgraded to a 2009 Triumph Speed Triple - my goodness what a difference the riding triangle makes for comfort. As always, Thank You for the great videos and explanations. They've all been excellent, a huge catalogue of knowledge and value.”


Kai-ze2rb commented: “That is solid advice! I always wonder how motorcycle journalists are criticizing handlebars and things like this. That´s the first thing I change when it doesn´t fit. Most of the time the reach doesn´t work with the width, and additionally the back sweep of the bar is not ideal. Probably rotating the bar helps, but only if the bike doesn´t get too twitchy or sluggish; depending if too far forward or backward rolled. I come from mountainbiking and there reach and stack are the two factors you look into.”


HS99876 commented: “Good information, you are lean forward on the handlebar on straight hands, that will put pressure on palm of your hands and also lower back pain. I had the problems with my naked bike, lean forward on the handlebars, change the handlebar to high adventure handlebar plus risers, now I have adventure sport bike! Much more comfortable, upright setting position!”


Noelgillett346commented: “I had a chance to consult with you back at a repair shop in Emeryville CA. So glad to see you still in the game, your contribution to the industry as always filling a big need. A most memorable experience, your advice to purchase an old FZ! over a decade ago continues to pay off in spades. I ended up moving to Albuquerque by way of using that machine hooked up with cases and it did the job like a dream. Thanks. Noel G.”


Snotrocket1142 commented: “you are a pillar of the motorcycle community! i finally found a comfortable motorcycle that fits me and looks good and am using all of your videos to make it perfect. tuned the forks by watching your video, and am getting the ergonomics right by watching your tutorials on that as well. thank you for all you do. i also wanted to mention that you made me laugh calling everyone out about sucking their guts in.”


EzPeasZ commented:” I appreciate the extra bits of info you provide, rather than simply just giving use the basic steps and calling it a day. I always feel more prepared to do a job (and do it well) when I understand the mechanics and any additional info behind the machinery, and you've provided exactly that! Just (successfully) re-aligned my front end after watching this and a few of your other videos.. appreciate you very much my man, least I can do is comment and let you know, so thanks again!!


Brainperry commented: “Years ago l owned a Guzzi Lemans 850 and a Ducati 900 bevel drive. these bikes were of course 'cafe racer/road racer' style bikes...before the term Sports bike was commonly used. l would move the Clip-ons, plus the angle of the control levers. But one just had to suffer for the sake of 'The look' ...Now, more than forty years later ....I'm listening Dave..!”


Dracait-1984 commented: “I just finished my very first chain adjustment on my Ducati Monster. I wish I had seen this before I did it It all went very well but I am a lil worried I set it too tight, seemed tough to find the true tight spot on the chain. I’ll double check it now after watching several of your videos on the matter. Thanks for all you do! ️”


Belindaxtz660 commented: “Good info. Thanks for pointing out this mystery of growing miserable from riding a once initially awesome choice of motorcycle. Aftermarket parts.... not to just make the bike look good but feel good. I always upgrade my seat and handlebars on every new motorcycle to me.


Vromogata3807 commented: “Is wrong placement of my handlebars the cause of my upper back pain when riding between my shoulder blades?. Like a burning sensation? I found ya yesterday on YT and started watching your videos. Thank you for what you do from balmy Arizona!”


graham haftka commented: "Thanks Dave your videos are top notch you are fussy like me in doing the job right .and keeping parts squeaky clean .you have taught me a lot from your videos. Thanks again appreciate 💯"


LAIRDO commented: "I'm starting to believe that I'm REALLY over-thinking my front lever set-up. I've adjusted both of them at least three times so far. I'm new so of course I want everything as "perfect" as possible...."


djalkyd commented: “Thanks for the tips and the tuning Dave. You set up my suspension a few months ago at Streets of Willow on my 2023 V4. It made a big difference at the track and so much better on the street. Hope to see you at the track again in November.”


Alan Beamer commented: "My friend added a Renthal bar to his Yamaha R1. And he loves it !! Comfort increased a lot for him, and he is still just as fast !! Great to see you back again on the Channel 😊"


Evanfinley2198 commented:”My friend of mine bought a ZX4-RR.. I'm trying to convince him to get the suspension dialed!!! Ive seen many videos and I'm always so impressed by your work and respect what you have to say! Thanks Dave.”


renelicommented: “Wonderfully explained. We are not all "technical." Bravo. And the commentary at the beginning of the video.... SUPER because we are all learning and learning will continue to die. BR from Poland.”


Noel Gillett replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I had a chance to consult with you back at a repair shop in Emeryville CA. So glad to see you still in the game, your contribution to the industry as always filling a big need.


Marc1609 commented:” Been shopping for a new/ used bike without ever giving thought to ergonomics like this. Lol being 54 and riding since a child I am still csb learn new things. Thank you for giving me more to think of.”


Richard Boivin commented: "I agree with your intro Dave. With time, I realized that when it comes to choose a bike, there's a huge difference between what you want and what you really need..."


David S commented: "Dave: Thank you for all your video. I recently replaced my 2023 XSR900 rear shock to a OHLINS YA 569 based on all your advise and videos. The bike has transformed.


Ricardo Abreu commented: "Wow, loved this review. And the bike is my dream bike, my dream company. It is a masterpiece. Congrats on your channel and your video."


Gareth Carter commented: "You're amazing Dave. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm 196cm and 110kgs.


Adams RCs and Adventure commented: "I did the pro taper and 30mm raised clamp on my bandit 1250N mutch better bike to ride now 👌cool vid Dave hi from 🇦🇺"


Stephen Patton commented: "I have been riding and maintaining for 40 years. I feel like an 8 year old kid. I am a damn fool. I can't believe that I never thought about ANY of these details!"


Scott Murray commented: "Dave, your the best. I always enjoy your insights into what makes a bike work better for the individual rider. Thanks again for the great content."


Sabamacx commented: “It's interesting to hear the overlap between motorcycle triangles and bicycle triangles --- except in bicycling there is huge emphasis on fit, whereas virtually none in motorcycling.”


chapusa100 commented: "this is very helpful, because with bicycles you can choose the size of frame, handle bar width etc to suit your body type. Thanks for sharing"


Michał Grzęda commented: "It’s a pleasure to absorb all this knowledge! The ice cream truck’s tune is so creepy 😂"


John commented: "Love the content probably because I understand it but never the least love it"


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SteelCitySpeedShop J.R6 commented: "Where the Hell have you been @Dave Moss!!!! Great to see ya man!"


Micicah King commented: "Thank you, My Indian feels 10x times better after you set it up yesterday"


Matt Clarke commented: "Good to see you're back up again. Looking forward to your next workshop at RS Motorcycles. Cheers"


Daniel Juno commented: "Yeah after 1.5 hours on a 650r 2017 I start getting pain in my wrists and numb hands. Nice explanation!"


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David Cann commented: "Love the dedication to detail. Lots of food for thought."


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Dan Barnett commented: "Awesome 1 hour video Dave. I do enjoy here you keep things simple"


Nic Thompson commented: "You are watching a master at his craft."


ishad Abdulkhader commented: "Dave do more videos which help common man ."


Tahir Baig commented: "A complete lesson on preload adjustment in 15 minutes!



Jim Kerr, Bonneville LSRJim Kerr, Bonneville LSR

Hi Dave,


Deborah and I ran at El Mirage yesterday. The course was not good after that big storm we had in August. It had dried out but the top layer of the lake bed deteriorated fast. The first 20 cars tore it up quickly. We only got one run before they shut down the course. For safety, we weren't going to make a second run anyway because of the course condition and crosswinds. Yesterday, John Noonan, who holds numerous records at Bonneville and El Mirage, crashed at 215 mph on his Hayabusa right before the officials called the race. He was hurt really badly, and we are all waiting for an update. The crosswind became erratic traveling both north and south on the east/west course.

Deborah's run was her all-time best on her GSXR600 at 128 mph. Her goal was to license up to the 125 mph license, and she did. She is doing great and being cautious, learning as she goes. After I set up her suspension the bike was really stable at speed. I also set her rear tire pressure at 34 psi and the front at 40 psi. Before she was getting a little side-to-side motion on the rear tire around 100 mph. The lower rear tire pressure of 34 was recommended by several of the Suzuki riders in the club. Lowering the rear tire pressure took care of the rear side-to-side movement. You had said the same thing about the tire pressure.

I weighed my Buell without and with me on the bike. I got the most accurate measurement I could with two 500-pound digital scales. With no rider, the front weighed 216 lbs. and the rear 230 lbs. With me on it in full gear, the front weighed 309 lbs. and the rear 345 lbs. I didn't push it yesterday because of the course condition but ran 121 mph. The bike handled great. After going through the timing lights, I slowly rolled off the throttle and the front end was solid as a rock with no head shake. Rebuilding the front suspension really helped too. I could feel the difference when I rolled off the throttle. The front end didn't dive like before, it was very stable.

You get all the credit for our suspension setups and much more. We wouldn't be safe without your help, your knowledge, along with subscribing to your website. Oh, and your recommendation of narrowing my handlebars made a world of difference.
We will be looking into taking track riding lessons at Willow Springs with my Hayabusa and Deborah's GSXR600. Soon, we can do a remote tuning for both bikes.
You are an inspiration. I mean that.
Thank you, Dave, for all your help.
Jesse Kayl, Montgomery Alabama ZX6R Remote Tune


Best wishes and as always, it's been a pleasure working with you.

You are one of very few who do remote suspension tuning. I try to get up to barber race track when I know Moto America comes through, can usually fund a suspension guy at track days but I never get the time to take a solo ride up there for the day.

You provide an invaluable service. Your hard work is appreciated.

Ethan Mellburg, California

Hi Dave,

I want to express my condolences in regards to your friend Lance.  Iris shared the latest news with me.  I hope this isn't out of place, but I thought that sharing could bring a bit of positivity in a difficult time.
You made such a tremendous impact on our first experience at the track.  I have never seen Iris so excited about anything in the entire time I've known her.  She has been recovering from an accident (hit and run), and all of your guidance and encouragement really helped her to get back out of her comfort zone.  We were both in awe of your command of the mechanical and rider sides of motorcycling.  You were so kind and helpful, and you made us feel welcome despite being so new.
I learned so much from you in such a short time.  Your instruction gave me the 'a-ha!' moment so many times.  You created quite the lasting impression, and I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us.
Please let us know if we can help in any way.
Hope to see you again soon,
Robert Scuorzo (Remote Tune) RS765Robert Scuorzo (Remote Tune) RS765

Hello Dave,

Hope you're doing well.  I just wanted to send you some pics of a recent track day at VIR, my first with this bike.

First, the settings you suggested felt amazing on the track IMO.

When I set rider sag I added 2 full turns of preload on the rear shock, left the front preload at OEM setting(3.5 turns in), and used your rebound & comp settings front and rear.  The pic of fork travel was after the last session of the day.  Ambient temp in the morning was about 73, and 79 in the afternoon.

I left the ride mode in sport for the morning and switched to track for the afternoon and the bike felt balanced and stable all day, no issues.  Thank you!

Robert Scuorzo

Lester Leong, Northern California. Aprilia Tuono 660


Thank You for readjusting my suspension settings from last year and handlebar height on my Aprilia Tuono 660.

I noticed on my ride back home to Oakland an immediate lessening in the pain I was having in my left hand and less tension in my shoulders and neck, the latter which I didn't even know was there. My next step is to get heavier bar ends to see if the handlebar vibrations can be diminished.

I wish and pray for you to beat this cancer. I hope the contribution I made to your GoFundMe will help in your recovery. You are an invaluable asset to the sport. I hope to see you at future events for many years.


Lester Leong

Charlie, Pleasanton, USACharlie, Pleasanton, USA

Hi Dave,


Thanks again for checking out the 996 today (my dad's old bike). So stoked after you told me I was just 2 clicks out for fork rebound from getting all the adjustments right.

Super thankful to learn from your videos and every tikme you adjust my motorcycles. Your work is appreciated!

Earric Lee (remote Tune (track event)Earric Lee (remote Tune (track event)

Hi Dave,

You have a special gift my friend. My friends say that what you are capable of doing is akin to motorcycle shamanism. And I am inclined to agree. Please do take that as a full compliment. Needless to say, I am sure you have received many similar accolades already with the work that you do, so thank you for being you!
Here is the information that I have from today:
First and second session performed as instructed.
Fork travel after second session: 47mm.
Pictures of tires attached.
3rd session:
Front fork rebound set from 6 to 4
No change in fork travel
Front hot tire pressure: 35.5 PSI, added 1.5 to 37 PSI
Rear hot tire pressure: 37 PSI, added 1.5 to 38.5 PSI
4th session:
Fork travel: 46mm
Front hot tire pressure: 36.5 PSI
Rear hot tire pressure: 38.5 PSI
No other changes were made, felt very comfortable on the bike, and could brake much deeper into the corner. Fighting much less with the front of the bike, feedback from the chassis was phenomenal (felt all the bumps and unevenness on the track). Made a full 7.5-second improvement in lap time (previous best to today's best).
You are the man!!

Earric Lee
Segio Rosa (Remote Tune)  2022 Ducati HypermotardSegio Rosa (Remote Tune) 2022 Ducati Hypermotard


Reporting back. Started with setting #2, mainly because “Strafing with intent” is perhaps the best title ever written, and im going to use that in my daily vocabulary…..
MUCH better front end feel, originally the front was kicking out on me with the slightest bit of bumpy/uneven pavement. The bike was already incredible, you turned it into a dang weapon, thank you!
There is one particular corner on my “backroads” route where I track my corner speed. Im taking the corner at 65 mph (up from 60)
Below is a picture of front fork travel from a “Spirited” backroad run.
I wish you a great holiday weekend!
YouTube comments August 2023


Coarail53 commented: “It is pretty easy to understand what he is doing - go watch a bunch of his other videos and you will get the just of it pretty quick. Have you ever been to one of these types of presentations? - The audience is almost always silent or soft-spoken, He is getting the base line for sag in the front and back and then adjusting preload, rebound and compression in order to set the baseline for the suspension front and back. At 3:34 is saying the suspension is soft (like most streetbikes the owner has probably never adjusted them or replaced the oil for his weight and riding style.) He also shows the cockpit is not set up for the rider (his wrists are bent) which means he will get pain and won't get the performance he is looking for.


Balairkinight7793 commented: “Triumph engineers need to watch this video, Speed Triple 1200 RS, my god its hard, physically hurts your arms from the factory, forks sag 10mm with an 83kg rider. Backed out to the limit, id say its springs and lighter oil on these suckers, how did these fools get it so wrong on a $29,000 bike ?”


Petethompson1282 commented: “This is one of the best tyre pressure videos on the internet. Thanks for allowing me the information to make better decisions as I was saying to myself "these pressures cant be right!" so my instinct was there. Next question - how do you get accurate pressure when most tyre pumps lose psi when you try to remove them!”


DIY Everyday commented: “Thank you for your knowledge sharing Dave and hope you are feeling better. Recently softened rebound in rear shock from factory default for 1 up rider and it made a huge change to stability of my BMW F900XR in corners and comfort on the street.”


Grant K. commented: "I like seeing how Dave makes compromises on bikes that don't have ideal adjustments available. This was the story on my FZ09 (as has been documented by Dave). Thanks Dave!"


Dave Johnson commented: "That’s a really sharp looking bike! I’m looking for a something similar as a change from my big stuff. This guy looks like he’s totally absorbed in the process he’s perfected. 👍🏻"


Pierogrande9858 commented: “Hi Dave, I follow yours suggestions and I have resolve the problem, It was generated by the suspension front and rear I make harder just a little and...TOP!!! Many tanks Mr Dave, will be a pleasure drink a beer with you. Regards and thanks again Piero.”


Olivier Descours commented: "Thanks Dave. Again, a great video, very helpful. You keep things simple and that's what we need."


Wholly Mindless commented: "More new riders need to hear this ergonomics knowledge. So many of my "new rider" issues were (and still are) related to minor issues like these."


mstram commented: "This should have 100x the number of views and comments. Then again that wouldn't be YouTube (inverse relation to quality vs views-comments) :)"


IcedOmega13 commented: "As a new rider that plans on doing his own maintenance I felt this video was a crucial step I was missing."


IcedOmega13 commented: "As a new rider that plans on doing his own maintenance I felt this video was a crucial step I was missing."


mayaibuki commented: "So useful! This reminds me that I need to change the oil of the forks again, thanks Dave!"


Night Fury commented: "You guys are amazing!!! I love this channel. Great knowledge and great delivery 🔥😎"


A M-Ishan commented: "Dear Mr Moss, that you for this excellent teachings. I am riding a motorcycle again after 23years."


MrMYME commented: "🫡 thank you for the ninja nuggets !!!"


Gw KGB commented: "Thank you for the great information"


Hendrik Pelser commented: "Very useful like always. Thanks Dave!"


Sasha Gilgur commented: "What a great presentation ! it's not thought by any instructor ..."


Simon Crooks commented: "thanks for the interesting presentation"


Uksurfer 🇬🇧 commented: "Best video on this great bike ! 😁❤️👍"


Love to fly Love to fly commented: "Dave, you are such an amazing guy. Thank you."


peter infante commented: "Dave Moss, always getting shit done! Wish you lived in Florida."


Anđelko Balić commented: "This Man is so smart and simple its rediculous.🎉"


Sam replied: "I wish I knew this when I was a new rider. This channel is a goldmine!"


Kingfisher commented: "Thank you, that was very informative"


"Dave Moss Tuning 🔥🔥🔥 on point ^^"

Drew Kirgan (Remote Tune)Drew Kirgan (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I made the changes you suggested. However was using a different tire this time. Went from power GP to supercorsa SP V4. Also was using warmers for the first time. Pirelli recommends 30psi R 33psi F on warmers. By the 3rd session, going 29R and 31.5F coming off the warmers put me at 30.4R and 32.9F hot coming in from a session. Ambient temperature was 93° F
After making the suspension changes everything felt really great. Driving hard on exit I didn't have any loss of traction or engagement of TCS.
Being a different tire and looking like there was maybe excessive shedding, I wanted to see what you thought.
Thank you,
Andrea Arduino, Italy – Vitpilen 701 (Remote Tune)

Ok David here I am.

So first of all thanks again for your availability and the speed with which you replied to my messages.

Having said that, I performed the setting according to your instructions and I must say that now it goes much, much better....In everyday city driving, I would even say that it is perfect....unfortunately when you drive with "a knife between your teeth " due to its lightness it remains a bit of a dancer but very very little compared to before which almost bounced.

Now I'll use it for a few days by in different situations in order to test it properly but I really think we're here. So Dave thanks again and have a nice day..

Tudor Marian (Remote Tune) 2021 Kawasaki Z900Tudor Marian (Remote Tune) 2021 Kawasaki Z900


I’ve finally had time to go on a longer ride on some twisted roads to see how the new suspension setup feels. I’m really impressed and it feels like I’m riding a new motorcycle. The difference it’s night and day. I just wanted to thank you again for working with me and helping me become a better rider.

Thank you again and hopefully one day we get to work together again.

Trevor Cazes, NZ (Remote Tune) MT09 – SPTrevor Cazes, NZ (Remote Tune) MT09 – SP
Hey Dave!
Just to follow up.
I swapped springs again to the 9nm from the 9.5s and it’s perfect now. No preload needed on the external adjusters, I took out all high speed and low speed compression, rebound is perfect and it’s AMAZING for daily driving then in spirited rides around back roads in using all but about 2mm of travel (27mm from bottom) so everything is perfect.
 Running 38 rider sag front and rear. When on really good roads I can run 2 clicks in from full out on low speed compression and one turn of high speed compression in and it’s gets very sporty and perfectly balanced with the rear end with an extra click of compression in the rear.
When riding with others they commented all weekend how balanced my bike looked when hitting expansion joints etc with the front and rear being dialed in level. The videos absolutely worked and made an already ok bike amazing.
Beyond happy!!
Hi Dave!

First and foremost, I hope you are feeling better and recovering!
A quick update, raced this past weekend. Took P5 and P3! But more importantly I hit my lap time goal of 1.26, need to work on consistency but this lap time will allow me to bump from novice to amateur!
The bike on setting 1 is still perfect for this track!
John Mensik (Remote Tune) DRZ400John Mensik (Remote Tune) DRZ400

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your response!

I have done all the changes you suggested, with a caveat.  I checked the distance between the top of the forks and the bottom of the handlebar and it came out to 17mm which would mean that you wanted me to raise the forks 13mm.  I did not do this because it seemed a bit extreme.  But, from what you mentioned about having to remove the handlebar in order to change the compression settings, it made sense.  The 2005/2006 DRZ400SM’s do not have a fat handlebar and instead have the normal 7/8 inch bar, so I do not have to remove my handlebar to change these settings.  With that in mind, your ask of raising the forks that high made more sense because it would have been a raise of about 6mm instead.

I decided to play it safe and go with a reasonable 4mm.  I feel happy with this change.

Bike feels MUCH more responsive, to the point where I have to change how I ride.  It also feels super planted, don’t know how else to describe it.  I can now tell that my previous setup had a ridiculous amount of understeer, and I had to really push the bike to go where I wanted it to go.  Now, I barely have to think about turning and it’s already turning itself.  MUCH less steering input required.

When you ride like that for years it’s a bit tough to go away from it.  I’m basically going to have to re-learn how to ride my bike!

Attached are pictures of the forks and the rear shock, all of which were taken with the bike on a center stand with the wheels off the ground.  I put grease on them to see where things are at after my ride.  Nothing too crazy of a ride, mostly around town.  If you were hoping for me to right in the center of the forks and shock travel, then you’re going to be happy.



Thanks very much for all the assistance.  Rode the bike about 150 miles over the weekend and it feels so much better to ride.  As a side benefit, it seems like I’m getting insane gas mileage from the increased tire pressures.  My last two fill ups have been 65 mpg, up from my normal ~56 or so.  Anecdotal for now but that’s pretty cool!

The only thing that’s “getting” me right now is tight right turns but it’s absolutely from just not being used to the incredible turn-in speed of the bike now.  That will get better with experience.

Appreciate the help!!

Alex Baker, California
Hi Dave,
We met at Laguna Seca last year in September. Not that I expect you to remember, but just setting the context. At the time, I was just vaguely familiar with the legendary name "Dave Moss". You helped me sort out the pulsing I was feeling in my brake lever as well as my "8-second ride". The best part was that you explained everything along the way with great patience, even having me do the tests.
I'd always wanted to have this sort of familiarity with bikes, and despite performing my mods and maintenance, I thought suspension was reserved for mechanical wizards. I rolled away with renewed hope that I could one day wrench on bikes confidently (and also with a bike not looking to send me into the scenery every corner, which was nice). I thought I'd share that since I don't know how much the gratefulness is visible behind the dazed look one gets desperately trying to absorb all the info.
Fast forward to the last track day of the season where I blew up my beloved '07 GSX-R600 that you had tuned. She sure went out with a bang, the engine seizing at 15000 revs, 130mph down the straight. That was the catalyst to finally upgrading to a modern bike, and I shelled out enough for a brand new Panigale V2 and decided now was the time to dive in to the suspension stuff.
Midway through consuming every suspension video on your website, I learned from a friend about your health concerns, and it truly saddened me. Sure, the main thing is that we need you around forever to tune our bikes of course, but really it pissed me off that you of all people had to go through that after all the good you have been doing for the community.
So anyway, obviously you've been in my thoughts quite a bit as I fumble my way around trying to channel my inner Dave Moss. I just thought I'd write to explain why your ears might have been burning; it's just me sending good vibes. Just came back from a test ride on the Panigale and it looks like I managed not to completely ruin it thanks to you.
I've still got a bit of setup work ahead beyond suspension (levers, rear sets, chain etc.), but thankfully you've got videos for that too. I'll be sure to hit you up for a coaching session if I get lost or have enough questions accumulated, if you're still running those.
In the meantime, you've got this. Keep it up with the nutrition discipline, we need you around and healthy for a few more decades at least.
YouTube testimonials July 2023



Rick Tapnio commented: “Fun day. Found a gem up in Roseville. Picked up this 1st-year Pierre Terblanche Ducati Supersport (900SSie) with 1079 original miles. Seller was second owner. He had the full Desmo service completed and shod fresh Pirelli Angel GTIIs. It’s an exceptionally clean example of a thoroughly misunderstood Ducati. But I’ve always embraced the much maligned stepchildren from Terblanche (Multistrada 1100S, 999S). I find them oddly beautiful. Much thanks to Brian Sison for being my wingman and getting me rapidly up to Roseville via his wicked-fast M3. And to The Man himself… Mr. Dave Moss who just happened to be at A&S Ducati for Placer Bike Night so I stopped by before heading home. He dialed in the Supersport’s Showa suspension perfectly and it’s now good to go! A set of carbon Termignoni pipes and a smattering of carbon fiber are due... I love the hunt!

Special thanks go to my awesome wife, Rose Tapnio for putting up with my crazy antics, year after year after year…


Douglas Reid commented: in 2021, i bought a new motorbike, a kawasaki 650 versys, and when picked it up a rode it home, the free play in the throttle was about 10mm it felt, every roundabout going to the right i had a dead spot where the throttle was not engaging and it made me look silly and like a learner being unstabel on sharp right bends at low speed. at its first service, i told the guys behind the desk, they were all "oh you need some free play blah blah blah" and i said, come sit on that bike, start it in the car park and do a right hand turn. their face was like "ooooohhh thats not correct". i am like, yup, get it tightened up for me please but i do understand free play is needed, but not that much. so yeah, not too much and not too little, you need it just right lol”



giannhs alexopoulos

Thank you for your understanding and your valuable time.

I'm 37 and I never got into the process of adjusting my bike's suspensions because I didn't think it was something important. Through your page and your guidance I understood the importance of a properly tuned suspension.


Not Fred commented: I've had a GSXR 600 and now a KTM 1290 Super Duke and I've tried adjusting my levers and never found something that felt right. This video had me shout "Woah!" several times while you demonstrated just what I've been needing. Excellent, excellent advice. Thank you, Dave!”


Come fly with me commented: “Subscribed. Bought a 2022 KTM 390 Duke. 5'10" and could not touch the ground. I check the rear shock and it was set to 4 or 5 preload. Backed it off to Min (out of 10 possible) and I could touch the ground almost flat footed. Handles like butter but no bottoming out and really fun to ride at 6/10ths running it in still. Love ya channel mate! From Australia.”



Papa Smurf replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Of course! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, I'm setting up my gsxr 750 now as per your advice. Most helpful motorcycle videos on YouTube. The level of detail you go into about every minute detail is something I appreciate. You sir are THE expert on motorcycles."


I’m not giving my name to a machine commented: “Yes i set the free play while the engine was hot i was paying attention during your video i promise lol. you were right though the shifter was too high and adjusting it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks Dave!”.


Mr Kamechan commented: “This video saved me. After a shop bodged a pump and dump oil change on my forks, (hydrolocked them!), I took it upon myself do fix them. Yamaha specified 12mm of thread gap for the fork cap bolt to screw into, but when I did that, 1 fork had 16 clicks of rebound and the other only 6 clicks. I followed Dave's video to set both forks up with matching clicks. My question is....what caused this rebound mismatch between the fork legs in the 1st place? In my case, the forks are fairly low mileage, but a couple of years ago I had straight rate race tech springs (and spacers) installed.....”


Max1937commented: “What a great Video! I finally splashed out for some ASV leavers for my GSXR and can say after fine-tuning them they have actually made a big difference from stock but this got me thinking how the positions of the original levers were not great at all (angled too high up). Luckily I came across your video and watching you talk about the custom setups for each person really helped with what I should be aiming for regarding distance and angle of my new levers for me. It has really increased the feel and connection i now have with my bike. Crazy how this can be so easily overlooked and what a simple change can do, along with the tons of tiny adjustments the ASV levers can give to fine tune to get to that sweet spot Wish you posted this video 9 years ago!”

photographerjonathan commented: "Watching these videos is an education, I have been riding motorcycles for many many years and never ridden on a track. and never adjusted any of my suspensions.


Rene Garcis commented: “@Dave Moss Tuning  Hi Dave, well I have done exactly what you explained on the video about adjusting the brake lever on your motorcycle and it was a life changing experience for me. No more raising my hand have way and accelerating as you well said, way more comfortable and aliened to my wrist. thanks once again keep it up I'd say you do know about riding motorcycles”


Brilliant! Never knew the single adjuster is overall damping, both rebound and compression.

I checked the balance bouncing on the pegs while riding on a flat smooth surface.

Once that was adjusted, I observed tire wear after 20 miles of typical riding and adjusted the damping to get ride of the uneven wear around the sipes. 2 clicks out rebound front, 2 clicks in damping rear and now the bike is PERFECT. THANKS!!!!!!!

Experimenting with tire pressure. 620lb energica, they recommend 42/42 but I run 37/37 and find that feels best for me.


Stu Jordan commented: Or just use ATF...Dexron VI or Mercon LV/ULV are affordable options at wally world. Mercon ULV = 5wt fork oil...Dexron VI/Mercon LV = 7.5wt fork oil. The older ATF formulations have offering in the 10w to 20w range so do your homework. The ATF formulations are far, far, FAR better than the cheap fork oils selling for between $15 to $50 a quart. "Fork oils" are basically just > ISO 15 (~5w) < or > ISO 22 (~7.5w) < or > ISO 32 (~10w) < mineral oil combined with a cheap anti-foam/defoaming agents (read up on cheap hydraulic fluid). Fully synthetic Mercon ULV (~5w) is as cheap as $11.71 per quart. Mercon LV (~7.5w) is only $6.88 at wally world as of the writing of this post. Chose Valvoline Full Synthetic Mercon LV to rebuild my WP 4CS forks 2 weeks ago...loving the results thus far.


Kenwhited1136 commented: “I took your advice a year ago with the tires i put on my Yamaha FJR. I got 9,760 miles out of those tires and am running them at 42/42. I could have probably squeezed out another 240 miles to hit that magical 10k mark, but the front tire showed the most wear and there's no sense in pushing it unsafely. I live in Texas and the summer temperatures can exceed your example, but you've given me a much better understanding of the dynamics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight! I reviewed this video for a refresher. Next, a better understanding on improving the suspension will help me though I'm very comfortable on my bike. There's always room for improvement, in my mind.”




I cleaned and checked my front brakes today on my ZX-14 and immediately thought of your channel when lining up the calipers. I followed your advice in this video exactly, the front wheel spins lovely and the brakes are better than before. Your the first place I look for advice on YouTube. Your videos have been a great help to me.


Luke James commented: “Dave has completely changed my riding simply from the first vlog I watched about dump and run fork oil change. And now all the other small things likes bar adjustments and levers ️🇦🇺 hats off to Dave the legend.”


The Uber Trooper replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you very much for the valuable information, Dave. I’ll try shortening the spacers and changing to a heavier fork oil first. Much appreciated!"


Papa Smurf commented: "Most helpful motorcycle videos on YouTube. The level of detail you go into about every minute detail is something I appreciate. You sir are THE expert on motorcycles."


The Uber Trooper replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you very much for the valuable information, Dave. I’ll try shortening the spacers and changing to a heavier fork oil first. Much appreciated!"


Anthony Manley commented: “I could watch Dave work all day. Great channel, even greater to watch a man enjoy what he does and pass the passion on. All of these riders felt heard and understood, then they felt the results. Just great to see.”


Kenneth Elderhorst commented: “ Your a top bloke!. I have a 2001 R1 & MT-09 2022 which was easy to ride, I followed your steps and did all adjustments, The bike glides around, I'm amazed at how smooth wheelies are now. They should show your videos when people get there learners. You save lives”.


Cloud 9 commented: "Dave, Sir, I'm about to buy a bike and haven't ridden since I was a kid. All I can think about is how badly I wish you were around my town/area for me to come to for a 'fitting'."

Franksaxton3583 commented: “@Dave Moss Tuning I recently found your channel and I'm so glad I did. I really appreciate how you explain things clearly, slowly and in great detail. I've been wrenching motorcycles for 60 years but in my old age I am getting much more into component level repairs which means knowing how to completely disassemble sub-systems. A couple of questions if you please: I have a Harley and the rear brake has been creating a LOT of brake dust since day one. This is my third set of pads in 13 years/22k miles. I have never worn out a single set of pads in only 22k miles. So time to take the caliper off. Question: When cold and parked the pads have zero clearance from the rotor. My smallest feeler gauge is .0015. There is no brake drag that can hear or feel. I'm told this is due to "residual resistance". My front pad has a very visible gap between the rotor. I'm guessing even a tiny rotor run-out would cause the symptoms I'm seeing. Your thought? Second, I am NOT a gifted mechanic. So why is brake cleaner not appropriate for cleaning calipers? There's rubber all over the place in any brake system. I noticed you didn't blow out any crud or finish off with compressed air. How come? Your videos are great! I hope you see this and have a sec to respond. Many thanks!”


Lanh2009 commented: I completely ignored psi ratings and might have been HORRIBLE on checking or adjusting my pressure. Just got a new tire and my back tire that i hadnt checked in a while. I went from riding daily and checking every ride to every other week or so and got lazy. My front tire had gotten to the vertical steel cords on both sides and all the way through and the rear was at 15psi.......warm scary stuff. huge wake up call.


Mark Kulyas

I've just watched dozens of videos on how to adjust the chain, and none of them gave this specific important information. Thank you. I noticed the harder I push up and down on the chain it keeps changing my measurement. This video just told me what I was doing wrong and explain the correct way to do it.



Damyan ExSSeSS Georgiev commented:

Yeah, me being rookie and watching this, made me realise i made the same mistake.. Not adjusted a single thing, yet thinking about why my hands get numb while trying to give gas and keep a finger on the brake ... Good that i started searching what to do, before adapt to driving with pain 😀


Anthony Holloway

Thanks for this video. Your rental car analogy really makes a lot of sense. As a new rider I've been experiencing uncomfort in my right shoulder and neck area. Was about to spend $350 on Helibars, but I will try this first. Thanks again.



Mark Craver commented: "Haha! Looking for a unicorn for a manual adjustable suspension. The motorcycle world is changing very quickly. I do enjoy your reviews! Please, keep them coming. :D"


Rambo Wales commented: "This is something that every dealership should do for every purchaser. Have them sit on the bike, take 15 minutes and get the bike right for them. It's a no-brainer."


Aiken commented: "The great thing with Dave’s education is that once you set your bike up using his guidance - you discover a whole new bike, particularly where you end and the bike begins."


Patrickspapens5497 commented: “I’ve tuned my suspension all by myself using all the tips i have learned in your videos. About to break in my first set of brand new tires, hoping i can get a long life out of them using all the knowledge i have gained. You're the man.”


Rodney Pate commented: "Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in order to keep us safe. Your explanation is detailed and precise. I'm learning a lot.😁"


born2truck commented: "Great content! So technically accurate and thorough. Hard to find this level of expertise on YouTube."


Rodney Pate commented: "100% makes sense. Very educational. You kept my interests engaged. Thank you"


wacio commented: "I ride motorcycles for last 40 years. I typically keep pressure at recommended by bike manufacturer. I like scientific approach of the vireo creator - great job.


Kevin Soto replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you so much for the reply Dave! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge with all of us, it is truly appreciated!"


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X-Man commented: "Great presentation. You are a good teacher and it is very logical. I just needed somebody to tell me to experiment."


Abrasiv Music commented: "Very informative. Now I understand why my Thruxton RS is how it is after riding 7000 miles in 6 months."


CBR 1KRR commented: "Even after 6 years, I just ordered one. Did a remote video with you a while ago, definitely was worth it."


Cloud 9 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Love and respect! I hope to be sending you an Email soon!"


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Kyle D

He is a great helper and mentor to the sport





Karel Brozik, Ontario, Canada (Remote Tune)Karel Brozik, Ontario, Canada (Remote Tune)

Five years ago I decided to convert my Daytona 675 into a track bike and focus on track riding. With 20 years of riding high performance sport bikes on the road, I thought to myself how hard can it be?

Well let’s just say that my new endeavour was almost on the verge of not becoming one only after a handful of track days. My tires were wearing out fast and I became desperate to understand why. At first, I thought it must be normal. But my pace was nowhere near where it should be and I knew that if my pace pics up, I’ll be swapping out tires midway through a track day.

I knew I had a problem. I knew I can’t afford to continue if I didn’t figure out how to solve it. My dream of riding on the track was becoming a very expensive nightmare.  I was desperate for answers and was looking for solutions.  I wasn’t getting them from my shop, as they were more than happy to take my money every time I showed up with my rims to put on another set of sticky buns.

So, I turned to the net and accidentally stumbled onto Dave Moss Tuning.  Several years later, while working with David and his remote tire review and tuning service, I can stretch a set of tires (one front and two rear, Dunlop medium compound) for 6-8 track days depending on the tracks I ride.


From tire pressure, ambient temperatures, to geometry and suspension guidance, I understand what my track bike does, and how it behaves.

I understand what suspension setting adjustments need to be made during any given track day on any given track in any given weather conditions.


David took the time to explain his reviews and answered any questions for me to understand his review and feedback.  Working with David has made me a better rider on the track and I have gained the knowledge and understanding of the bike's set up on any given track day by understanding the tire wear after each session. I would have never been able to understand that if I would not have had David help me out and perform his remote tuning reviews. It became very obvious to me that David is a master of his trade, and I tried to extract as much information from him as I could. Well, at least to the point where I could still understand the basics considering one can get lost in the black art of motorcycle suspension set up. 


I continue to use David’s remote tuning service to this day. As the pace increases, new tire wear gremlins rear their ugly heads, and I continue to seek David’s input and expertise to understand why. Because as he says, there comes a time when you will be faster than your suspension. And I can’t wait when that time happens.


Thanks so much David. Your time, knowledge and guidance are truly appreciated and valued. 


Toronto, Canada

Earric (Remote Tuning) BelgiumEarric (Remote Tuning) Belgium

Hi Dave,


Thanks so much for your input.

This might not be quite as important, but there's currently about 47.5mm before the fork completely bottoms out.

Side note, the fastest lap came from the final lap of the second session.

From what I've gathered thus far, it appears that I'm quicker when the temps are colder.

But overall your input has given me a *MASSIVE* improvement. I am 5 seconds quicker after our first consultation and 9.5 seconds quicker on the latest one.

Granted they are 2 different tracks but still. You are a genius! 🤓😎

Louis Wang ChunyaoLouis Wang Chunyao

Im Louis I came from Taiwan
I start watching Dave Moss videos for two years and it’s really good helps me to tune my suspension and tire pressure maximize the Performance😎👍👍👍

My friends ask me how do I know how to adjust the tire pressure and suspension and I told them I’m learn from your YouTube channel and website 😆😆😆😆😆

And I hope you get well soon!!

Kaare Jensen (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave just an update, on last weeks racing.

The Final 2 races of the national championship in Denmark. Going into the weekend i was in second (10 points behind first) in the B class. I tried your setup, the only thing I didn't do was mess with the oil height. It was my home track, with a lot incline&decline braking, wheeling, and even flying over some of the crest. I got to about 5 mm from bottom (Most likely false read from wheeling).

The rear felt planted and smooth like never before. I took 0,8 seconds off my Personal best time. I only got 15min qualifying and 12 laps of racing on a brand new slick, so couldn't get a decent read on the tire. But the rear was definitely confident inspiring and didn't do a single thing I didn't ask it to. The front felt better overall absorbing bumps, no lift from the rear during straight hard braking, but a little side to side swerving (Nothing I couldn't handle) My only issue is trail braking when I'm at the bottom of the stroke, it starts pushing and i want to keep trail braking but the front is telling me it cant handle it. Im gonna upgrade the front for next year, in hope to get a bit more progressive bottom out.

First race I took 5 points out of my competitors lead.
Second race was wet, but the rain had stopped, so I opted for Rain front Intermediate rear, in hopes a dry line would emerge (Bad Call!)
I took the lead from the start and lead until the second to last lap, when the inter rear just gave up on me. Small low side, quickly back on the bike, however my shift lever was bent and I was stuck in 4. gear. and lost 3 places which cost me the championship.
Really gutted as I rode like I never have before, on the 1000cc.
But really wanted to thank you, your videos helped me a lot becoming a fast competitive rider over the years, and your podcast on winning mentality definitely helped my approach to race weekends and practice.
Keep doing what your doing Dave its awesome
Regards Kaare Jensen
Tudor Marian (Remote Tune)Tudor Marian (Remote Tune)

Good morning Dave,

Saturday I went on a couple of hours ride and I’m blown away how much better the bike rides. I’ve also changed the tire pressure to 34 psi front and rear tire.
Attached are the new pictures with the fork and new zip ties.
Thank you again for work with me, it’s been a really great experience
Patrick Skutley, GSXRPatrick Skutley, GSXR


Thought this would help cheer you up, while your recovering.

Switched to the Q5 from the Q4 and went from a 180/55 to 180/60 with no real issues. Had to be diligent about the data gathering on the first day, but had it dialed in (I believe) on the second day.

Sent a donation covering the two days I would have paid anyways, which you obviously deserve. Get well soon and see you at the track next time.

Eric Jensen


You have kept me safe and changed my life by listening and exercising your strengths in motorcycle set up.   You now have an army of enthusiasts returning the favor with prayers and donations.  I am among them.
Don’t give up.  You will conquer this.
Edgar Rice, Virginia (Remote Tuning)


I will be out of town this week. The following week, only if you can will work. You are my tuner Sir. My track and street bikes have been outstanding since you have been helping me.
We just finished two days at Summit Point Main and Shenandoah. Had an absolute blast.
Speaking of which two young men I ride with have used your brilliant services and wanted to wish you well via my email.
So take it easy, rest, rest recover and reach out when you are able.
TJ Karklins, Colorado USA


Continued to be impressed with your incredible sharing and content on your site / subscription service.
I know this is hard to maintain and wanted you to know that it is valuable and appreciated. Hope you can find your way out of California to take your show on the road one season!
TJ Karklins
Mark Shaw

Mr. Moss,

This was a really helpful newsletter.
I experimented with following the remedial actions to cure the tire wear symptoms you described (which I had) and it cleared it up!
Dyon van Leeuwen
Hi Dave,
Just a simple 'thank you' for your work!
Last year I had 3 months access to your videos and I learned some good basics. Riding is even more fun now! I've never kept the tires alive longer than 2 track days and now I'm at my 4th track day, 1 5 hour endurance race with a 2nd place podium and the tires are still alive for more. Rosso 3's FYI. Yes, I may have to ride faster now with that much left on a tire 😜
I'll be purchasing more periods of access to your videos every now and then.
Thank you man!
Met vriendelijke groet,

Dyon van Leeuwen

James Carson, California

I have drooled on this bike (SV 1000) for a decade. Couldn't believe it when April and Nick gave it to me as a wedding present. The bike scared me, it was the most "sport" bike I had ever owned, so I took my time learning it, working on it, and getting myself mentally able to ride it. That took almost a year.

When I got fresh tires for it, the tire vendor's last words were, "These are great tires, just don't ride it on the track or you'll crash...", which set me back again mentally for another 8 months.

It wasn't until I had a conversation with Dave Moss that he said some things that gave me the confidence in the tires to at least wear them out before swapping them with a different brand.

Took it to Thunderhill yesterday and got a full day of riding... What a BLAST!!! I was a C-Group hero for once instead of a rolling chicane. It performed flawlessly, and even was forgiving when I went off in Turn 8 at speed.

Huge thanks to August and the whole Fun Track Dayz crew. I only got passed by Kimie Sako one time, which I think is a new record low for her, even if it was while dragging knee and looking at me on the outside as she did so, before pulling away from me on her Cheater R3...

And of course, Thanks to Max and Oxymoron Photography for getting me to the track, letting me ride, and taking awesome photos as always.

Damian Kennedy, Australia
Hi Dave,
I hope you are doing well. From your facebook posts it looks like you've been getting some great weather in the US, and it looks like you haven't stopped!
I don't quite have 500kms on the new settings, but I've had 2 full track days at The Bend (I was hoping to have more and a mix of Mallala and The Bend, but weather and work commitments scuttled that idea). When I re-installed the shock I noticed there was already a 3mm spacer, so I left it there and pulled the front forks through the triple tree an extra 3mm. I did think about putting an extra 3mm spacer in (for 6mm in total), but thought i should try a finer adjustment with the forks.
The settings feel pretty good.During the first day at The Bend the front felt like it was chattering (bouncing up and down) when braking hard while leaning. I took off a turn of rebound and it solved the problem (and the bike still feels good around the rest of the track). The booklet Levi Day provides for On Track Rider, and the notes I took when talking to you back in Jan, helped. Without them I probably would have just lived with the issue.
The biggest change I've felt since you set the suspension, and it's also been serviced, is the front end feels stable everytime I go into the hard braking turn 1 at The Bend. While I'm still only mid-level and I'm not braking as hard as the fast guys, I used to find that towards the end of the day the front would feel "weird" (i can't quite put my finger on it, it almost felt like brake fade). That's all gone away now, and the bike feels consistently great throughout the day. I recently stepped up to the next group (Medium Fast), which has given me plenty of opportunity to try and test my braking into Turn 1 (the riders in this group are a lot more predictable so it feels safer to push more).
I'm going to start exploring different rear shock springs as I was fortunate enough to pick up some from an ex racer. My bike came with a 110N Ktech spring (and there isn't much preload adjustment left), so I'm going to try the standard spring (which I think is 100N). I've also got a softer spring that was used on the racer's wet bike, just in case. When I took the 110N spring off it looked like the shock wasn't moving much (based on where the grease mark was) so I think going back to the standard spring will be a good move.
Best Regards,
Chuck Chiasson (Remote Tune) Ducati Diavel
Test rode yesterday and a massive difference. Your videos and information were a huge help.  I will do a few more rides to test out.
Alex Carlson, Triumph Tiger 800 XCA (Remote Tune)Alex Carlson, Triumph Tiger 800 XCA (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Hope all is well! We finally got some good weather and I was able to get the Tiger out.
It feels like a brand new bike in the best possible way! The front doesn’t wallow all over the place, and I felt way more confident taking corners. However, the ride felt a bit harsh in the rear and I don’t seem to have much if any static sag— do you think it would be possible to soften things in the rear a little bit without throwing the bike off?
With regard to the front, we ended up doing some unexpected off roading and unfortunately I bottomed the front fork on a jump without remembering to reset the zip tie. However, I cleaned the forks prior to installing the zip tie and there are some oil marks visible where the shock/tie were sitting during the road ride. Guessing I’ll need some new fork seals soon and will change the fork oil to 10w at that time, but hopefully the attached photo will give you some indication of the suspension settings in the front and if you think any tweaks are needed.
I’ll get the S1000 RR out soon and report back.
Sam Kobler, Switzerland
Hello Dave. I hope you are well.
New Zealand was an eye opener for me. I got new ideas and motivation for the next steps. Back in Switzerland with full focus on the suspension topic for this year. I have enough students to work with and get a feedback. Happy to let you know that I started the work already.
Example: Motorbike dealer called me that they need help with a potential customer and complaint that he can not drive properly. I met him in person and after a moment of listening to him I learned that he had a pain while sitting on a bike because of his hip operation. I tested different sitting options with him ( from scrambler to rebel) Result: Much better. Pain depends on the sit position. Next step: feet up until pain comes.
Solution: Indian Scout has the perfect position for him.
He was very happy that he can drive without pain 🙏 Thank you Dave for the inspiration.
From what I see many drivers like the idea of fitting the bike, but dealers are not there yet and they are not big fans of the idea.
In Mai I will speak with Hostettler, the biggest Yamaha dealer in Mai. They would be interested to make an event with you. What is your schedule for the 2023/2024? Which months would work?
We would plan details of your stay once dates are fixed but we also would be happy to host you! BTW  I did also adjust the handlebar of Joanna’s rebel and she is very happy with the difference.
I also would be happy to read any materials/videos you can share/recommend.
Thanks! Take care
YouTube March 2023


giannhs alexopoulos

Thank you for your understanding and your valuable time.

I'm 37 and I never got into the process of adjusting my bike's suspensions because I didn't think it was something important. Through your page and your guidance I understood the importance of a properly tuned suspension.


Greanaroth commented: “I love how you put this video out a day after my first ever track day on a full fat GP circuit. I think your videos saved my life, even though many things about the setup were totally off  but the basics were more or less there. This video helps a LOT. Thanks!”


Come fly with me commented: “Subscribed. Bought a 2022 KTM 390 Duke. 5'10" and could not touch the ground. I check the rear shock and it was set to 4 or 5 preload. Backed it off to Min (out of 10 possible) and I could touch the ground almost flat footed. Handles like butter but no bottoming out and really fun to ride at 6/10ths running it in still. Love ya channel mate! From Australia.”


Mark Kulyas

I've just watched dozens of videos on how to adjust the chain, and none of them gave this specific important information. Thank you. I noticed the harder I push up and down on the chain it keeps changing my measurement. This video just told me what I was doing wrong and explain the correct way to do it.


fertisus commented: "Thanks for such a piece of motorcycling education. This helped me greatly to tune my suspension."


steve foote commented: "Impressive Mr. Moss. Taking one look at a part and being able to tell manufacturer and year. Mastery of your craft. Kudos."


William O commented: “I think I reference this video every time I remove my front wheel. The knowledge you bring to motorcycling is amazing!!!”


The Twisted Truth commented: "I bet there's never enough of him to go around, this is why we need clones! :D"


Come fly with me! replied: "Dave Moss Tuning You literally will be saving lives with this advice. I'm not kidding. Awesome."


Jeremy Hopkins commented: "im a new rider i needed this thank you great vid vary helpful"


aldo commented: "Thanks for the follow along and explaining 🎉these vids do help me a lot"


DukieMoto commented: "These videos are so informative. Thank you"


Biglaz commented: "thanks Dave, there is always something to learn from your videos 🙂


Chef Life commented: "dam, this guy is a wealth of knowledge."


aldo commented: "What a masterpiece of a video ❤"


rc frenzy commented: "Thank you Dave.❤"


Andrew Hayes commented: "What a great guy. 👍"


uses0ap replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you Dave!!"


D H commented: "Genius."


Kyle D

He is a great helper and mentor to the sport


Lex Coutts, New Zealand

Hi Dave

I am writing this to thank you for setting up my Kawasaki Z900rs while we were at the shiny side up presentation, during the 2023 Burt Munroe.
You were kind enough to do your magic on the bike in minutes and completely change the ride..
I've just been around the South Island ..couldn't get over the straight .. and had a blast
we rode in wet and dry..good and bad roads..hill country and flat ..
I can only describe the riding as sensational ..it was like riding a 250 .. light, great feedback from the road through the bike with the power of the 900..great
I could feel exactly how much to push the bike without feeling out of control at any time
I can honestly say right now I'm getting the most out of my bike because of your adjustments
I hope the rest of your shiny side up tour went well
Many thanks
Lex Coutts
Dan Bruzzone, Streets of Willow.

Genius, thanks Dave. I am heading back to SoW on 4/22...

I had a fantastic first outing and I truly appreciate the setup you had for the day as it helped keep me focused. The day was relatively cold and windy, but I was able to ride about six sessions.

I ended up having to add some preload to the forks to assist with the braking (per your instruction). I didn't see your email regarding the shock travel measurement, so I will do this in April. I was able to go faster (CCW) than ever on my first time out on the bike (about a second quicker than on my V4s last year).

The bike held its line amazingly, but I did end up turning the shock comp 0.25 to the right and I believe that was helping me on exits. I spent all but the final session with the settings as they were stock (Normal, TC 5, ABS 2). The final session I change to Sport, TC 5, and ABS 1. Everything seemed fine, however coming out of a chicane towards the bowl it feels like it would cut power when it got a bit light...not sure if that is the TC, but will test next month (the Panigale never did that).

I will spend more time on the shock in April.

Robert Snellman, Ohio USA
Hi, Dave.
Hope you're doing well.
I've been a subscriber for over a year now, but have been following you on YouTube for years.
I must say that you're truly the best in the business.  I was completely bummed to have missed you out this way a few years back.  I believe you were in Kentucky or Indiana.  I truly hope to meet you F2F some day.  That would be the perfect day.
Thanks for all you do and have done.
Kapiti Coast District Council DMT events in Kapiti, New Zealand

Dave Moss workshop feedback comments


It was a great session that I got a lot out of.  Good messages and easy to apply tips.  Thanks for giving us access to such expertise!  And for the subs, they were yum 😊


The only thing I can think of for future is could the comms say to bring your bike if you can? I thought it was going to be just a talk and I didn’t realise Dave would help peoples with basic checks on their set ups, so I didn’t ride my bike there. Unless it did say that and I just missed it.  All the best.


I would just like to thank KCDC (and Dave Moss) for the exceptional opportunity to attend the workshop yesterday.  I attended the Shiny Side Up event on Sunday at Southwards Car Museum and didn't quite know what to expect from the workshop.  Dave Moss gave excellent advice in a hands-on and pragmatic way which will definitely empower me to set up and maintain my motorcycle more effectively.


I'm a local rate payer and not sure what the workshop cost KCDC but to offer this at no cost is really appreciated and I would like you to pass my feedback on to the decision makers in your team please.  This sort of initiative will certainly go some way to making motorcycling a safer activity in the future so many thanks once again.


My general feedback is that the workshop was great and I would strongly endorse it becoming a regular thing. No doubt I will be talking to mates about it and directing them to Dave's videos.  I see it as something that I would benefit from attending again in the future, rather than a once-and-done kind of thing. I'd love to soak up even more information as it is an essential element of motorcycling.


It was great to have food and drink provided. My only comment there is that it would be good to add on the registration page that this was going to be provided (forgive me if I missed it). In the back of my mind I was wondering what to do for dinner so I wouldn't be surprised if some people had pre-arranged something else.  Thanks again for putting on this great event free of charge.


First off, a massive thank you for providing such an amazing free opportunity for us motorcycle enthusiasts. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of Dave Moss with such a wealth of knowledge being passed on.


I have no complaints as to how it was run and can only highly recommend the workshop to anyone and everyone involved in motorbikes. The subway platter was a nice surprise too. I’ve walked away with a lot more than I thought I would which I much appreciate so thank you.


It was a great session with Dave and I am extremely happy to see the council support motorcycle safety, I took away so much from the session.  I would certainly attend another one in the future and take it further to attend the ride events that Dave offers should they be more available in the future.


A solid thanks from me for the DMT session on Tuesday night.  As you have seen, Dave is a legend both in the workshop and on the track. His willingness to share himself freely is a wonderful thing and KCDC did the riding community a major service by making that session available. Thanks again, and please do try to line up another session when he returns next year!


What a terrific thing your City Council did bringing Dave Moss and his tuning/suspension workshops to the area!  I have known Dave for many years, as a motorcycle road racer in California in the early 2000’s and onward, and it was so great to see him here.  Please do more of these types of events!


Thanks to you and the KDCD for the evening with Dave Moss. Even after 55         years of riding and fixing motorcycles, Daves talk and demonstrations show there is always more to learn, to make the ride safer and more enjoyable.


Thank you for putting this information session together, it was great to get    some knowledge first hand from Dave and it will make a difference in keeping us riders safe on the road.








YouTube comments February 2023



Noticed electronic brake light switch ,as I recently received 1 with rearsets my for k8 rizzla 1000 ,standard switch is old school spring function ,unless video red circle was refering 2 braided line , some 1 added preload 2 my k8 rear spring ,thanks 2 dave moss after a dodgy track day I started measuring rider sag and my 1st track day SMSP I had 15mm rider sag measuring with my partner who was 5 kg heavier than me my k8 had 96000 klm on it and shock was never rebuilt as id owned bike since 8000 klm at the time ,still ran around 1 min 46 SMSP ,bike now has 120000 klm ,had few things replaced rebuilt rear shock linkages and other general maintenance + nearly complete new fuel system bar bottom rail injectors ,shame old K8 handles better now at 120000klm than it ever did will be going SMSP for 3rd track day soon hope old k8 holds up ,still looks pristine, raising height in front end improves k8 handling ,they do have heavy springs I believe, will be giving her fresh oil + filter Motul 7100 majority of its life ,rizzla chomping at bit Keen as , Dave moss Is a champion ,



Thank you for posting this and sharing your knowledge. Applied most of it to a 2003 and changed out damaged unit in a short amount of time even as a complete novice at working on bikes. I was able to use a basic trolley jack on the exhaust under the belly with the slightest bit of pressure lifted the back wheel a few mm off the ground. Jack placed opposite side to the stand and to the rear of the bike a little. Bike was very stable using this lift method and during this part change.


Vic Soboleski

Man…when I was a kid I was lucky if I could adjust brake / clutch lever engagement points and the collar on rear shock which I was to afraid to mess with so I adjusted to every bike I got through the 80’s…. Was searching for suspension adjusting tips and went down a “Dave moss tuning” rabbit hole of you tube videos … which is kinda cool I found the adjustment sequence before I’ve even rode my new ( new to me ) fz1…I won’t have wrong adjustments to overcome when I adjust them to me .



SobeR RideR replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks for the answer! you helped me gain confidence in tuning my bike to my own needs. tire pressure & suspension. what a different riding experience!


Steven Steel commented: "Thanks for another informative video Dave. I have to admit that twice I came off of bikes through loss of traction the tyre pressure was a little high, so I know what you mean.


meknoy commented: "Love your video's!! Please make a pocket moss app 🙂 After I put in new oil in my forks thanks 2 you and I will use your video, I would love a setup check remote. Greatings from Belgium"


old man strength commented: "this is so important.. (sag). I worked for Buell and funny how only woman who wanted the lower seat Buell CG would get preload sag adjusted and asked me to adjust it for them."


Stephen DeBeauchamp

I had to see it the second time on the Yamaha before I understood what you meant by, "accelerate into a braking situation" on the lever position but now that I've seen it...I wonder how I've been riding for the last 30 years and not realized this previously. Thank you. First I've run across your videos and I see by the date that I'm a bit late, but subscription earned on my first go.


Leo Ortega

this man is a legend.... you can see how good he is and how patience he is ..which a mechanic should always have.... the instructions and process he did given me full confidence to change my shock on my own... salute!!!! thanks!!!

JT commented: “I've been riding street & occasional track for 25 years and never re-packed the grease on the rear wheel bearings. Dave gives so many tips here, so casually, where I'm learning something every minute.”


Simon Mears commented: "Suspension guru your never too old to learn something new as much as U know stuff someone's know d more like Dave Moss 🏍️"


ALLAH JOSEPH commented: "My guy is a motorcycle scientist. Amazing content, always."


wadney commented: "this guy reminds me of my service manager when I was an apprentice, I wish I'd listened more."


Darrell Proechel commented: "Good stuff, thanks Dave !! Just ordered one for my first gen SV that you worked on many moons ago at WSMC. Looks like I made a good choice."


A S commented: "I have the same bike so this series is INVALUABLE for me, thank you so much Dave. Also, just drilled out the front fender brake line clip today, fantastic tip!!"


Perrys Sip commented: "Thank you for simplifying that cause so many other video make it look hard"


David Jones commented: "Dave is a saint! He’s sacrificed his lunch once many years ago to help me get my bike running again and save the afternoon. I still owe him for that one!"


David Finn replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks a million , bought a R6 and the seals need doing , going to do them my self 👍"


kawi lifezx10r commented: "Been awhile. I'm in Arizona now looking forward to seeing you at an event or trackday."


BRIOALC cordon commented: "i loved so much this video since i was looking for a deep analysis of ths bike which im looking to purchase!!!


karl alton commented: "Thanks Dave just what i needed to know for my Showa forks on my CRF250M Motard 😁😁👍👍"


SteGy replied: "@Dave Moss Tuning  appreciate the reply Dave! Will adjust pressures and test when the weather allows and work from there! Great content and lovely support as always, heavily appreciated!"


old man strength commented: "everyone that has ridden a road 12speed bike competitively knowns you have to get the bike fitted..what a difference it makes. ergonomics are key."


mckricks1 commented: "Wow that was really informative. One day I'll measure before my ride and then a little later to see psi differences."


mckricks1 commented: "Wow that was really informative. One day I'll measure before my ride and then a little later to see psi differences."


Kplatt3 commented: "This guy got so much knowledge hope you meet u one day"


Arijit Hazra commented: "Dave that was awesome 👍🏼"


Man of peace commented: "Dave is the type of guy that I would be happy to hand my money to."


Alan Rodriguez commented: "Dave Moss is good to the motorcycle community. He rocks!!!!"


send it commented: "Dave is the man and when dude said its a gixxer man you just ride it lmao"


Kirk Perry Hora commented: "Thanks! This added my knowledge with oils."


Stone Reign commented: "You're the best, much much love from 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭"


CrzyMFT commented: "Dave does track repairs too??? Solid, man!"


José commented: "My friend, you really know what you do."


mckricks1 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thanks a lot"


mike bridgewater commented: "You are the best Dave!!"


Arijit Hazra commented: "Dave that was awesome 👍🏼"


Kyle D commented: "He is a pure genius!👏"


MK3-1 commented: "Very useful video. Thank you."


ArkiteKTM commented: "Thanks for everything Dave."


JJ commented: "Doctor Dave, prescribing clicks..."


Paul Graham commented: "solid instruction"


C G commented: "Great video! 👍🏼👍🏼"




Mark Miller, New Zealand (Suspension School Tuning Ride)

Hi Dave

I want to thank you again for todays set up. I went on a ride back up the first section of it to our first stop and found my lost phone. It was so much easier, fluid, faster, not just because I remembered the road but because the bike behaved brilliantly.

The only thing that gave me any trouble was the tarmac was starting to melt.

Hope the rest of your trip remains enjoyable and sunny. Maybe catch you next year.

Stephen Bobotas, New Hampshire USA

Hi Dave,

There is a "control perch spacer" set made by G2ergo.com that I have used on my dirt bikes for a long time. I have large hands, xl gloves. The set is two 6mm nylon spacers with longer bolts.

Recently I followed your set up ideas on my TL1000R.I used these spacers to move the control perch out so they could be adjusted down. I use the stock levers and it is a very good setup.

I believe these will work with most Japanese machines. There maybe another style for some European bikes with Magura controls.
G2ergo.com part#30-320

I am just getting back into track riding on an old but modern bike. Live in Laconia NH and rode the old Loudon track in the 70"s and 80"s.
There is a beautiful new private track in Tamworth NH that is just amazing.
Thanks for all the tips .

Dan Bruzzone, California (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave,

So I was able to do some runs on Mulholland last week...nothing crazy speed wise, but enough to get a feel for the settings and make small changes to see what the small changes feel like. The setup you provided for the canyons seemed really good, however I ended up taking a 0.5 turn out of comp as the road was quite bumpy in areas and it felt a bit stiff (I think it was a small improvement). I didn't have anything other than a small flat head with me so taking a turn out of preload wasn't an option, but overall it seemed great (braking was wonderful).

I loosened everything back up minus preload per your street settings for the highway work and I can confirm that makes a huge difference in comfort!

Damian Kennedy, Australia
Hi Dave,
I hope your time in New Zealand is going well (and drier than at the start!). Who would've expected that wild weather.
My name is Damian Kennedy and you helped me out with my black ZX6R on 20th Jan when you were at the On Track Rider Training days run by Levi Day. At the time you'd mentioned that the forks and shock probably needed a service and when it's done I could email you for the new settings. It's taking me a little while, but I have finally got the forks and shock in getting serviced at Hoeys, and while they're getting looked at I figured I should drop you a line.
The base setting that you had for my bike was:
  • Front Compression: 5 turns out
  • Front Rebound: 3 turns out
  • Front Preload: 3 turns in
  • Rear Preload: 1 thread showing
  • Rear High Speed Compression: I think we left this as is (or I failed to write it down, and I didn't confirm what it was before dropping the shock off for a service)
  • Rear LS Compression: 4 turns out
  • Rear Rebound: 8 turns out
After a bit of time on track the front was then changed to the following (the back was left as is):
  • Rebound 2.5 turns out
  • Compression: 5.5 turns out
Thank You again for your help, it has made a big difference in how the bike handles!
Once I've got my forks and shock back, and got a sense for how the bike feels after they've been serviced, I'm going to take some more of your advice and experiment with the height of the rear shock shim to raise the rear a bit more (since the shim was smaller than you expected for the wheel base).
Best Regards,
Stan Van Uden, New Zealand

Hi Dave,

Can you please get a message to Dave to tell him I was sorry to bugger off after the second talk at the Invercargil Shiny Side Up. We were buggered and needed to go.

Dave was awesome in that he dove in and helped set my bike up on the side of the road just before SSU started that day down in Invercargill. Thanks heaps Dave.

I hear you jumped in and sorted Chai's bike up here in Nelson last night too. And you finally got to meet Billy, who at least showed up in at Nelson SSU. He was very keen to let you know that your tuning most likely saved him from coming off hitting the hole in the road in the Whangamoas, and I here you got him up to tell all about that. Excellent!

So thank heaps Dave and sorry for leaving early and not getting a chance to say see ya. I would have come last night but had only just got back into town late yesterday and had priorities to spend time connecting with my girl who I had not seen for nearly two weeks.

We had an almost event free great time getting down and back to the Burt Monro. Sad thing was though that we had to leave Harley David's Harley in Fox Glacier with suspected timing chain issues. Ended up doubling him up to Fox River on the coast where his wife came and met us and took him the rest of the way home. Bike to be transported to CHCH and then Nelson some time next week.


Hope NZ travels keep going well for you and that turn outs at the SSU's are all good.


Cheers Dave! And thanks heaps again my friend, I still owe you a beer!

Mark Sanderson, Richmond New Zealand

Hey Dave,

Thanks for your time last Thursday, out on the bike over the weekend clocked up hundreds of k’s

She is a different animal now, much appreciated.

Take care

Otto Hevesi, New York, USAOtto Hevesi, New York, USA

Thank you for your YouTube content Dave.

I set the sag and hydraulics on my 2012 GSXR1000 based on your content.

I brake gas turn and I love it 👌

Michael Francis, Adelaide Australia

Hi Dave, hope you are well.

Firstly id like to thank you again for the help and knowledge you shared with Cooper and myself at Mac Park on the 19th Jan (Levi race coaching days). Since then we attended a 2 day ASBK official practice at Sydney motorsport park on the R3.

This is our first time at this track and concluding the 2 days we found ourselves overall 7th place and 1.49 seconds off the leader. Typically in the past it would take us a race weekend to get into sights of times and positions like that.

What we learnt from you played a big part in our improvements. Thanks again.

YouTube January 2023


Dewey Sturgill

For knows it all nay sayers and doubters, I ran 1500 miles of twisty road riding and one track day on my 2021 MT-09, and the oem s22 were worn completely out. After all the bragging from the online reviews I was having serious buyers remorse it handled so poorly and was so hard to ride in twisties. Like riding a two wheel pogo stick. Going by Dave's advice, I shit canned the stock fork cartridges and went up almost 60% on my springs. I Replaced the rear shock with a ktech, and set it up by Dave's recommendations. Night and day difference, I now have 3 hard track days, and almost 800 miles on the street and have safe tread left on this set of s22. The bike is an absolute hoot to ride on the tracks we frequent and I can do every session without fighting the bike. Felt much safer, didn't come off the track saying Prayers. So yeah it is necessary. The only thing holding it back now is my physical conditioning and age Thanks Dave for your knowledge and passion.




Man Cannot Ride

Everything I know now about motorcycle suspension is because I found Dave Moss here and because he is such a nice person as he accommodated all my questions. 2+ years of educational conversation with Dave is never enough to even achieve the level of knowledge Dave has but those 2 years of exchanging information and feedback were the best 2 years of learning I have ever had in terms of motorcycle riding. I know I have more questions to come and I know Dave is just a "click" away.


meknoy commented: "Love your video's!! Please make a pocket moss app 🙂 After I put in new oil in my forks thanks 2 you and I will use your video, I would love a setup check remote. Greetings from Belgium"


Andrew Cran

Amazing that dealers don't bother fitting each bike they sell to the rider. Obviously, this would be safer for the rider and makes the whole riding experience better, but it would also benefit the dealer in terms of trust built with the buyer.



Paul R D replied: "Dave Moss Tuning My thoughts are not as informative as yours Dave, many many thanks for your in depth analysis, sharing of experience and warmth of tone. Cheers Paul R D."


Tyler Elliott

Love watching these videos. It's such a big difference when you have a good set of shocks that can be adjusted for your weight and riding style. I did get mad after having the bike for 10 years before putting on a good suspension. I will never ride on stock suspension again.


PeaceXthroughXmusic commented: "THIS video is killer! Empowering and educating will return way more back to you than one set of hands ever can!"


Amerigo commented: "I can not express my gratitude in good words, Dave. You have changed my life on motorcycles and on the track. Thank you!"


Gene Harrogate commented: "This is only going to be relevant to folks familiar with the BJJ scene, but I reckon Dave is basically the John Danaher of motorcycle suspension.."


Keopele Allgood commented: "Nice Start Dave, love your intro..set the stage, let's be nice and helpful.. cool man cool"


Timothy Martin commented: "Dave thank you so much for taking the time an effort that it takes to make these videos absolutely amazing thank you and God bless."


Living on 2 Wheels replied: "Dave Moss Tuning You're amazing my friend! Thanks for everything you do!"


Randy Allen commented: "Wow! What an education in setting up a new bike, from setting up the ergonomics to reading the tires. I only wish I had a new MV ! Thanks Dave."


Jason Adams

I have used what I have learned from your channel to help others with their bikes. Money well spent for premium subscription. They come back with the same response of how much better the ride is.


ALLAH JOSEPH commented: "My guy is a motorcycle scientist. Amazing content, always."


David Jones commented: "Never, never, never go out on the track without seeing Dave first!"


hyeGUY25 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning awesome thank you sir."


s Andresen commented: "Great video, thanks!"


Gd Scott replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for info its very appreciated."


Carlos Ceron commented: "Thank you so much for all this great tips🙏😀🏍🤘🏻"


Randy Allen commented: "True nuggets! TVMI Dave!"


TrippyRides commented: "Nice change of pace to see some DIY successes at the end."


Jason Kennedy commented: "fundamentals are key 👍"


Jayne Marie replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for your advice"


Blaine Houser commented: "Great Video!"


Sparky C commented: "Thank you, Mr. Moss!"



Nasreddine Gharbi commented: "thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge. it's much appreciated"


Yaroslav Chevel MT09 SP (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I went for a longer ride today which has been my main day quick ride for a number of years. It’s about 380km loop and takes me through some country near Sydney. Called the Putty road.
Due to unprecedented amount of rain we had last two years. They called it 1 in a 500 year event which happened two years in a row. Go figure….
Anyways the roads were quite damaged as a lot of the areas are on flood plains and the subsoil has been washed away creating very bumpy roads even though there are no potholes to be seen.
Tarmac has just sunk in and heavy vehicles have created a ripple effect on a lot of the roads, apologies for the longer email but I just wanted to give some context.
Anyways I have been searching for a setting which won’t leave me in pain after riding these roads, there are still very fun and are quite remote.
Today I tried your comfort settings and also played around with the rebound as you suggested.
I have come to the conclusion that I am most confident entering corners when my bike is not jarring or firm, I found faster rebound in the rear allowed me to feel less harshness in the spine and faster rebound in the front allows me to carry higher corner speed through these bumpy roads as I can control the throttle better.
I do find once the day goes on the shock heats up and I am noticing faster rebound, small price to pay for all day comfort.
Also reducing my preload to 6 rings has allowed me to feel less smaller bumps when I am just riding normally so thanks for that.
I will continue working on the rebound but the compression is much more forgiving.
 I do find the compression allows more see saw of the bike weight transfer front to rear and vice versa but the comfort is increased. So I am ok with that compromise.
These are my settings. Only thing I might do is turn rebound down to 14 on hot days to avoid the excessive bounce when the shock heats up.
Hoping you can give me some feedback but so far very positive.
I will take this bike to the track once summer is over and I get some better tyres. Maybe if you have another setting i can try but I was thinking using your first setting at the track.
Appreciate your patience so far and hope the feedback I am providing is relatively clear.

Front preload 6 lines showing

Compression is 14 clicks out

Fast compression 3.5turns out

Rebound 14 clicks out


0 Turns in 27mm sag

Rebound 16 clicks out

Compression 16 clicks out

Gary Scrivens, Kawasaki ZX14R

Hey Dave,


I have logged in and all is good.  I just watched the ZX-6 video, which was, of course, excellent.  If only I had seen this when I had my ZX-6!

I now have a ZX-14R and the setup video from a couple of years ago was perfect for setting up my front end as I am the same weight as the gentleman in the video.  I have the Ohlins rear shock, however, so I just set it to have that level chassis balance when you push down on both the front and the rear, like Dave does when he's checking the changes he's made.  It still jars me a little in the back end but I'm working on it...

Thank you all so much for the information you provide.  It has been invaluable in helping me balance my bike.



Kind regards,

andreas achermann-imgrüth, Switzerland

dear dave and team

i greet you from my garage in central-switzerland.
wintertime is maintenancetime; fork, headbearings, swingarmbearings, shock, all comes to service. and a lot of dirt out of every possible angle…
thank you and your team for your work and your tips and education!

a life without dirt grease under your fingernails is not one!


Bryan Herrick, USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Have a 2-part issue to fix before I can move to geometry. It appears the previous owner didn’t install the Ohlins fork rebound valves correctly. With new oil I had them almost fully open and still had slightly slow rebound. The front springs are also too stiff for my riding at the moment. Between that and probably the rear a little low I was riding a chopper around the track. Fun times

I will send the forks to Traxxion Dynamics to have their valves installed with proper shims and .90 springs. I was incorrect about the rear spring. It’s right on and the Penske guys had it setup darn close out of the box.

Thanks for putting together such an informative website. I’ve been binge watching many videos and learned a bunch. With those and reading the tires I had from the last track day 6 years ago, I uncovered the 2 big issues I had. They also saved me a few hours of prep time. Wish I watched them earlier. Cheers

Ernie Dubicki, Arizona USA (Remote Tune)

Hey David,

Just wanted to give you an update on my bike after our call last week.
I'm happy to let you know on our 400 mile this weekend the bike preformed amazing and was much easier going into turns at high speeds with out any wobble, in fact it handled so good it took me part of the morning to get use of the easier handling.
Thanks again for you help.
Levi Day School, Craig and Liane, Victoria Australia

Hello Dave,

I hope you have been enjoying that lovely NZ weather - should have got jetski!

Any way after looking at and adjusting the suspension on mine and my wife's ninja 300 we have since returned to our usual track of Broadford in Central Victoria and the lap times have dropped considerably after the first session on track. Liane's time dropped by 2secs as mine have as well she is also now dragging her knee through every corner, something she never thought she was going to do.

The rider training had a little to do with it but we both firmly agree that the correct suspension set up made huge improvements to rider ability as you have the confidence in the handling of the bike.

I hear at trackdays all the time. I need more hp, larger capacity bike, tyres are not good enough etc etc but in reality it comes down to simply set up and every thing else becomes more simple.

We were at the Mt gambier track with a few other people who also had work done with suspension by yourself and every one was wrapped in the progress they made on track over the 2 to 3 days.

Once again i have to say with changes to the bikes we can concentrate on rider technique and not fighting the bike any body that disagrees should wake up and get there suspension set up and it will be a whole world off difference best money ever spent.

Once again thanks, hope to see you next year with a super twin 650 may be the only way i can stay in front of liane
By the way we also work part time for a trackday company so we hear the myths why people can't get any faster all the time, not understanding suspension can make such a difference.

Carole, AdelaideCarole, Adelaide

Hi Dave

Just a note to say thank you for your workshop, and doing your demo on my supersport.

I had the chance to try out the new setting today on a Ducati Owners SA club run. While it felt a little less floaty comfort wise, it definitely had more stability through the bumpy corners in the Adelaide Hills, which for me was more important.

I enjoyed your workshop, and for a 66 year old, who’s ridden for the past 50 years knowing shit all about suspension, it was incredibly useful.

Thanks again.

Ernie Dubicki, Ducati Hyper 950 REV (Remote Tune )

Hi Dave,


Well I made the changes to my front forks and dropped the rear tire pressure from 34lbs to 32lbs.

Let me just say, what a huge difference.

By changing the geometry of the suspension it made going into turns much easier. I still had a rear wheel breaking loose, but it was only due to the tire not being warm enough.

I also put zip tie on front and rear suspension, and noticed the front is using more travel than before due to the geometry change. The rear is still 3mm from bottoming out.

Josh Hardbarger, Ohio, Remote Tune

Hi Dave,

My back tire life almost doubled from your suspension tweaks. I really appreciate it!

Will Fisher. Mac Park, South Australia

Hi dave,

At Broadford today straight out of the box with same setup as Mac Park 63.8 6 tenths faster than my BEARs lap record here!!!

Simeon FitzPatrick, Mac Park, South AustraliaSimeon FitzPatrick, Mac Park, South Australia


first ride on the R1 since you tuned it at Mac Park on the 7th

....... goddam fantastic!!!!


Thanks again 👍

You Tube November 2022

Alberto L commented:

“Top man, Dave, I finally bought my RT. I mentioned I was tossing up between an RT and a GS Adv. I treated myself to some new Daytonas. My bike was in getting the top box sorted. BMW have got big production issues at the mo. When I was taking the loan RT bike back (the boots came between dropping my bike off and picking it up) I couldn’t get my foot under the lever. The new boots were the Evo Voltex. My old ones are the Evo Sports GTX. I had to go all the way to Peterborough in 3rd gear, which is about 20 miles away from me! I didn’t have time to fiddle with the loan bike. Today, I adjusted mine (badly). The shift wouldn’t go down. I obviously turned up the shaft too much. Your video helped me set it correctly. Thank you, from one Brit to another!”


Mark Lewis

Very interesting. I'm in the UK and this year 2022 I'm back to riding all year round again having being pampered for the last couple of years having recently had the use of a car. I ride a ZZR600E (as known as ZX6 in the States, I think) I've owned this bike since 2014 (8 years!) and I've never changed the fork oil! It is becoming quite unpleasant to ride on UK roads, where I can feel every bump in the road! I was thinking of rebuilding my forks but may just change the oil, I'm currently scouring the internet for the best price but the more I search I'm pretty sure I'll end up using Halford's own brand in the UK. Thank you for the video BTW, it has made me think!



Michael Dobson commented: “This is why I love riding my Multistrada with DSS. JUST PRESS A BUTTON and it figures it out for me and it has taught me how it should feel when properly setup. Watching Dave has taught me the mechanics of what I already knew but needed to see it being implemented. Thanks Dave, your simply amazing.”



This is the kind of information a seller should give you when you buy a new bike. I got sold an fz6 and no one asked my weight or how tall i am to adjust it. Years later i learned about these things on a forum. Small adjustments that dont take long, will make so much difference! I wish we would learn about this in driving schools. Thats part of a safer riding!


Phil N commented: "this is the most well explained video i've seen. it doesn't assume every viewer already has prior knowledge and explains each part in detail. Thank you so much, very helpful :)"


Stinker doodle commented: "More useful information...can't believe that the rear on its lightest setting has almost no damping...proof that knowledge is everything. Thanks for sharing Dave.👍👍"


Dukie commented: "He always does those setups with such ease and confidence, and that Grom with it’s full suspension tuning was actually quite interesting."


Kyle D commented: "Been watching him for a long time. He is a MASTER tuner. When I get my 23 yamaha MT-07, I will be having him tune my suspension for sure💪"




Big fun for some time now learned so much from the videos big thanks!! I dont know how much do you charge for a suspension tune like this but passing all this knowledge to the customer is priceless!

Josh Deadmore, California USAJosh Deadmore, California USA


Well about 10 years ago you were at the track and took me from a B- rider to a B+/A- with a few clicks and your lifetime of experience.
I’ve been out of sportbikes for about 7 years.
Yesterday I picked up the Ducati. Today I found your premium content and subscribed. I’m very thankful for the work you’ve put into this content and I have so much to learn… I guess the difference between 29 and 39 is I now know how valuable professional knowledge is!
I’m going to get through the basics and then set up some 1 on 1 or preferably catch you in the flesh somewhere in Northern California.
Steve Griscti, United Kingdom

Hi Dave,

All sorted, thank you. I had doubts whether something was messed up something on my end.

Pleased to say I have made improvements in my track riding (’04 gsxr 6)thinking of many lessons I’ve learnt, partly through your videos. I decided to get a street bike ( ’98 duc 748) to get more seat time as I’m convinced part of my slow progress is lack of experience.

Hard to not think of taking that to the track as well though haha!

Thanks again, have a good day.


Steve Griscti

John Morley, United Kingdom

Hello Dave

Thanks very much for getting back to me and sorting the problem quickly, like you say everything is working properly again.
I'd just like to say a big thankyou for making this content available, the videos i have watched so far have greatly increased my knowledge of motorbike suspension, ergonomics, how to ride a bike safely and have been highly enjoyable too.
 I have just gained my full motorbike licence in the uk and am looking forward to getting a larger bike and tinkering with it to suit me, hopefully at some point i will be able to arrange a one on one with you and help support your cause.
John morley
Derek Kennedy, CaliforniaDerek Kennedy, California
Hi Dave,
My name is Derek and you helped me this past weekend at Thunderhill! I was riding the Ducati 996s and had a blast!! I attached a picture of me and the bike to jog your memory a bit.
I kept bottoming out the front forks and was at the limit of the adjustments. Also, the rear shock was leaking oil and needs to be rebuilt. I will take it to Evolution Motorcycles in San Jose to upgrade the front and rear suspension like you recommended. Would you be able to give me some details for the spring/oil/shim stack etc. for front and rear so I can staple it to the service order, and they know exactly what to do?
I really appreciate your help, thank you for all the information at the track. Your online courses are great too!

Derek Kennedy

Nick Mortari, California
Hi Dave,
Thank you so very much for all your help this weekend!
You are an extremely valuable asset to the community and your changes greatly improved my first track day. I also really appreciated you being willing to answer my additional question regarding the coasting tire wear pattern. You are too kind.
I was so excited to win this pass, as I have been a big fan of yours for a few years now and always enjoy the content.
I have many friends who are jealous that I was able to meet you this weekend (you are a bit of a celebrity in our group) 🙂
Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in future track days!
Kindest regards,
Nick Mortari
YouTube testimonials October 2022


Bama03GSXR1K commented: “ Hi, sorry for getting back to you so late. . I ended up with setting 3, it's more comfortable for my style of riding and seems to support my weight the best out of the other 3. I can also do some 2-up riding without much change in feel of the bike. The bike feels totally different in the best way possible. I seem to have been running my air pressures a bit low which caused my rear tire to square off in the middle, still quite rideable. It's almost to the wear marks anyway so the next tire should last longer with correct pressure and suspension settings.


I really appreciate it. Best wishes.



Carl Field

Really wish I'd seen this earlier. Only been riding bigger bikes for a year and all was good until this exact scenario on a single lane country road here in the UK. In and out of the shadows on a stretch and sun right on the horizon I rode in to a bend, blinded by the sun and ended up straight over the roof of an oncoming car with the bike following me. Came to a stop upside down after taking out a hedge and a fence and my bike demolished! All rider error I know, paid for it with weeks off work, a broken shoulder and no bike.... Watching your videos really made me realise how poorly the bike was set up and how little I actually knew about riding and set up for my abilities! I'm back to riding again next weekend and my first job is getting help having the bike set up correctly for me! Thank you for so much guidance and information to help us safer riders!


Erik Nash

I'm not an expert, but I'm seriously anal about controls setup and always have been. But I really enjoy tweaking with things. I rented a motorcycle last year, having been away from them for several years, and I brought tools with me to setup controls before I rode away for a few days. The owner of the bike thought I was a nut, lol. Same way with cockpit on my Mountain Bikes.


Hank Wallace commented: “Just want to thank you for all the knowledge you share on your site and on youtube. I'm a subscriber and used some to get started on my little Ninja 400 in prep for my first track day. It went great and the bike is so much better than stock - thanks to you!”



Does you hip and ankle line up when on the bike? Can you slide a flat hand to the back of you knee? If not you may think about adjusting your rearsets. Ergonomics in racing is a key component. Being comfortable is essential to maintain focus. Thank you @davemosstuning for the lessons on ergos.


Boris commented: "I went from a 2011 Ducati Monster 796 with the single sided swing arm to a Yamaha MT07 and I can tell that the single sided swing arm is awesome in every way and sooo much easier to work.


Alejandro Tobienne commented: "This is awesome but lever on clutch will likely hit turn signal cluster. The brake isn’t to bad. Readjusting the banjo bolt on MC."


crs teixeira commented: "I would like to congratulate you on your channel I have had fun thank you so much.


Alexander Ort commented: "Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge i appreciate it very much"


Bharat Singh replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you very much Dave, thats kind of you to help out"



MscleMike commented: "Walking motorcycle encyclopedia… just wow… Awesome work and btw priceless…literally, you can’t learn that anywhere."


Brian Doone commented: "I wish I saw this video when I had my R6. Would make it much more comfortable on the crap roads I have. My mt09 is a dream to ride now."


B M replied: "Dave Moss Tuning As a teacher with a few decades' experience I totally agree with you. I'd be only too happy for you to work on my bike and ask me if I understand."


Rene Garcia commented: "Sir that's been very very helpful thank you very much for your time and dedication very good"


Chris Christofis commented: "This geezer knows his stuff and these videos are very helpful, much appreciated by many, thanks mate"


OoshMaHoon replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you. Going to watch your tutorial. Appreciate the response."


Sebastian Caparella commented: "Dave you are so patient. I appreciate this! thanks man for what you do. I believe you're saving lives all the time. bless brother"


I was looking for handlebars because the current “cafe racer” style isn’t really comfortable, and thanks to this video I now know why and more importantly, how to choose. Thank you sir. I appreciate your guidance and content.


Eko Performance commented: "You are a Wizard been us using your vid’s to dial in my 950SP appreciate you 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼"


beepbop commented: "I appreciate the skill and knowledge that Mr. Moss shows in these videos."


Louis Bloem commented: "thanks Dave ..learned a lot thanks .. I have a CBR929RR enjoy your video"


Nacraguy2000 commented: "Learned a shir ton just from this few minute video. Thanks for the content!"


Rc somar commented: "As newbie planning to up grade to big bike. Thank you sir for sharing the video."



Mohamad Chanty commented: "That what i was looking for thank you"


Marco Nicolò Balestra commented: "This is SUPEEEER useful, thanks!"


SnakePlizkin replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you for the reply, keep up the good work."


john schlesinger commented: "Thanks for a great video. The basics explained clearly."


Confused Lumine commented: "Very useful guide quick and on point thanks"


GAMING RADIUS replied: "Dave Moss Tuning That makes more sense 🤣"

Thanks, Dave! Going into the garage to tighten my 1199 Pani chain right now!


KNO commented: "so thats how its done on an r6, THANK YOU SIR."


Chad Kline commented: "Tons of great content on this channel!"


Brian commented: "Awesome advice thank you."





Andy Heels, New Zealand

I met Dave at an Auckland bike show a few years ago , he adjusted my suspension on my MV Agusta Brutale .

Omg the ride home was amazing , a totally different bike!


Thanks Dave , true professional

Raymond Romaine, California

Dave- Afternoon sir. This past Monday you helped set up my Ducati V4S. I just wanted to say thank you. The bike was truly a different bike, and I had a ton of fun.

Again, thank you for the help this past Monday, I have been riding it for about a year (track only) at Fontana and it has been chore till now.



Luca Rattazzi, California USALuca Rattazzi, California USA

Hi Dave,


This is the Multistrada after a weekend of riding under all conditions, using the single rider no luggage setting factory manual preload.
I took 3 full turns off yesterday after I got back, but have not had a chance to test it. Overall, an amazing amount of improvement!!
I haven’t done the rear shock yet
Thank you so much for your help. Soon I’ll only have myself to blame for my poor riding!
Alex Tamayo, California

Good morning

Dave first an apology….when you setup my handlebars I hated the position. I told my buddy I was changing them back the minute I arrived home, Dave screwed them up!!!  Well let’s just say I cooled off a bit and decided to give them a try.  After 150 miles ridden yesterday I can report NO hand numbness, NO BACK PAIN, and most definitely an easier reach for brake and clutch levers.  My apologies you were 100% correct and I was wrong.

The suspension also improved significantly.

Thank you once again for the help.

Roberti Iniguez, California

Hi Dave,

You adjusted my suspension at SoSo Cycles about a week ago on my V2 and I couldn't be happier.

The bike by comparison is so much smoother and definitely raised my confidence leaning it over. It's amazing and completely changed the bike for me.

I know I've said this a few times now when you adjusted it but I have to say it again, thank you so much!

Jordan Sinclair, Canada (Remote Tune)

Hello friend

Put a quarter turn of preload into the shock spring, used the lower numbers ( instead of high) to increase the damping and found 8 more Kmh exit speed through my very favorite right turn. EIGHT MORE!

12-15 kmh higher exit speed on another left/right S with a slight bank and uphill. That's about a 10% improvement.

I really need to hit a track someday.

20 degrees temp and more lean today than ever, with no slip at all. Honestly Dave, I was over so far I was expecting my peg feelers to drag.

We did lap after lap of our fave corner route - ALL of the intermittent vagueness in the front - poof gone.

The money I've spent on your settings and the 3 calls for a bit of education on bikes, tires, & geometry is without a doubt the best value I've gotten as far as spending on my bikes.

Having said that, why do people spend stupid money on exhausts, tunes and carbon fibre when they aren't ensuring their tires are properly on the ground all the time? (Rhetorical question)

I'm 63 and was stomping 20 something yr old guys on S1000s and CBRs guts out in the corners today, really it's the way my bike hits apexes. One of my friends even made a comment about my lines and smoothness thru the bends when we stopped for a rest.

And that's all on you!

Gracias Amigo

Leon Damaskinos (Remote Tune)

Hi David

Fantastic news, 10ml extra oil in both forks has transformed my Tracer 9 !!!
The bike also feels like it is fueling better since the IMU is not getting so much front end issues that confuses the slide control etc..
Feels like a different bike forsure!!
I wonder why the manufacturer made the suspension compression too little. It has quite a negative effect on the whole bike..
I have had many new bikes in my past & they all start to suffer this issue very quickly after round 4k especially in summer..
The front wheel also bounced at high speed & if you add rebound it dives too much but was much more stable. Now with the extra oil it feels composed with more feedback without being harsh with great compression absorption over the bumps & high speed to 200km/h feels Fantastic & smooth!
I have never ever experienced such a good ride on any bike than what i have now accomplished with this bike!!
It only took 10ml  !!!!!!
I am still struck with disbelief as to how much change that little bit of extra oil made the difference for the better!
Once again, many thanks for your vids & advice, i am enjoying both my bikes now 100% without feeling there is something not right..
YouTube September 2022

Stephen Scharf

Dave is the man! This is superb information. I just put new tires on my VFR and wasn't aware of this protocol, but now that I've seen it, it makes perfect sense. Thank you, Dave. I had Dave set up the suspension on my CBR600F4i at a track day at Miller years ago, and it transformed the handling of the bike; the bike's handling was on rails after Dave set me up.


CaFeMotoX commented: "Hi Dave, thanks for this video, the best one on improving the FZ-07/MT-07 there is. Especially after I've experienced the pogo stick effect on my 2016 FZ-07 a few times."


Rene Garcia commented: "Thank you very much man very, very useful I'll be cleaning mine tomorrow wow thanks again I was doing something totally wrong by not aligning the pads properly"

Sean Garswood

I've just (May 2022) come back to riding after 16yrs away. Decided to go light middle weight with a 2003 GPZ500S, very easy and fun bike to ride. Done a couple of trackdays with it as well, with some suspension mods and Dave Moss advice is a suspringly good track bike and still ahead of my capabilities.

chris cs

Hi Dave .. Honda says fork needs a 167mm air gap , its small 125 cc bike ( cbf 125) . I set the air gap to stock but when braking the front end dives a lot . Front end feels smooth over bumps etc but I dont like that it dives so much under braking. II also mixed fork oil from the same brand ...10w (70%) with 15w(30%) to get better results but its not where i want it yet.


kevin spalding commented: "Brilliant video , thanks ....fitting your bike to suit yourself is so important...I've got an older bike but it took me ages to get it really comfortable ,your tips are excellent. Thank you ."


kevin spalding commented: "Brilliant video , thanks ....fitting your bike to suit yourself is so important...I've got an older bike but it took me ages to get it really comfortable ,your tips are excellent. Thank you ."


Richard Cole commented: “Dave, thank you for going over everything with me and creating a suspension settings plan for my trip to Mexico. Also, thank you for always being so damn helpful and such a stellar human being. I appreciate you sir.”


Nick Pickstock

Hi Dave set up my Ducati Streetfighter V4s to you recommended Race settings in Dynamic, Ducati track day at Silverstone on Wednesday, settings were spot on



Shah commented: "Thank you for this great video and others, i've used what i've learned to improve my environment on my bike via reducing pressure points and improving comfort.


Paulo Ibanez commented: “Spent a few epic days at one of my favorite racetracks. Laguna never disappoints, and this year was no different. Great event by Jesse N Leah Carter, photo evidence by Dito Milian and priceless guidance by Dave Moss! “

Phil Reid

Dave, I've had a shop about 22 years and this has been the center of arguments many times. Why are you putting a 190 on a bike that came with a Sport max 180/55/17, and decreasing the contact patch?



Heckler and Cocked

Dave, you’re a fkim absolute master and prodigy. I am infatuated by your knowledge and the tools you have to dial in everyone’s bike that much better.


Lonchpad1 commented: "All those years thinking my rotors were slightly warped, it was just me not installing the calipers correctly! 😆"


Davy123 commented: "Most informative video I have ever watched on chain slack and it was 3minutes long. Excellent work"


Sébastien Vaultier replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Mine is from 2021 and i did the same on a model from 2018, the owner is totally satisfied."

Lee Andrews commented: "Just started biking, this is excellent content and stands to reason. Cheers for this Dave - just subscribed also


Derrick Glass commented: "This was incredibly useful for the F3 I just purchased. Thanks Dave!"


bc capone83 commented: "It's madness how the fork oil industry is like the chain lube industry where they can sell what they want with no comeback or result , tut tut . Great info Dave"


leadsolo commented: "Thanks, Dave !! This is how the set up is on my GSXR1000R & CBR600RR and it works perfectly :)"



R00567 commented: "This man is GOLD - and i appreciate all of your free wisdom very very much."


Corvus Hyperion commented: "I like that Dave warned the guy to be careful to increase his buffer while he was getting used to the changes"


Anton commented: "great content in this release, i found it useful , live and learn something new everyday, Thanks Dave"


Hairy Scary commented: "i agree middle finger has a lot of sensitivity among other fingers in every way."


Moto Shark commented: "Even if the suspension components aren’t on my bikes, Im learning a ton about proper operation, setup, and maintenance of suspension. Thanks!"


Donovan Henri commented: "Sir, much respect! Thoroughly enjoyed your expertise! I hope you’re teaching somebody your art!"


radical konrad commented: "Just changed my chain and sprocket, amazing, I'm amazed I'm not dead because my chain was significantly worse than this for weeks of heavy riding"


Carolyn Stacy commented: "Dave, Your videos are very informative for someone wanting to learn to ride and how to adjust the bike to fit yourself. TFS"


Katheryns Cleaning replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I second that statement. Excellent work Dave."


Gerard Bianchi commented: "Thank you for sharing knowledge."


PaulaAnn Curran commented: "Good job"


  1. Maia commented: "Verdade, mais um vídeo top.obrigado👌"


Adnan ghazaly pratama commented: "Thank you dave..."


PaulaAnn Curran commented: "Thank you so much"


Gerard Bianchi commented: "Thank you for sharing knowledge."


Paweł Lipiec commented: "I watched whole video. And I don't even own a bike!"



Ghost Pepper Rides commented: "You sir are correct. Very well explained."


ahmed tarek commented: "Good information ❤"


onzirtus ydde commented: "Thanks for this video,.. Marvelous 👍🏻"


KRIS commented: "I freaking love this channel. Thanks man."


hariston marreiros commented: "Very nice!!!"


Robert Davey commented: "Excellent info"


DEIZEI commented: "Best motorcycle channel on youtube"


Dr. Patrick Casas commented: "Thanks for this video!"


Reed Lytle commented: "Thank you. Nicely done"





Leon Damaskinos, Remote Tune

Hi David

I am soooooo delighted to report that i was in fact correct, the people that did my shock service, put too little oil in for sure!!
I went with my gut feel & added towards what i think should have been there on the dump & run fork oil change. WOW the front is absolutely fantastic to say the least! The rebound adjustment is now much closer to the stock setting as well. I have now discovered exactly what fork oil height does to the characteristic of the suspension.. The front feels actually properly there now for the first time in years. I must say that i have learnt quite a lot because you have made it easy with your videos to attempt playing with your own shocks to tailor it to your taste.. The vfr1200 is now spot on & feels like it's gliding on air with propper composure with bad roads & high speed riding on long stretches. Not soft & not hard either, just right to soak up the bumps but give that telepathic turn in that i so desired from this bike!!
I feel that my Tracer can do with round 5ml extra in each tube on the front, they also sink a bit too much for general riding with the cable tie almost at the bottom when doing a bit more bumpier roads. I am not keen to increase the preload that has a different feel than adding a bit extra oil. The  rebound also works better with oil increase with what i have experienced with my VFR 1200 now.
Many thanks David for all your advice so far!!
Saulo Silver, Sweden, Remote Tuning
Good evening, Dave.
Just to update you on this topic and without further thriller, your advice on the oil viscosity is what fixed the issue.
My forks had the Wilbers 10W, which is considerably thicker than the Showa SS-8 10W that is recommended by the manual. We replaced with Wilbers 7.5W, which is almost the same as the SS-8 and, guess what, the hopping stopped. I still have to keep the rebound mostly open (half-turn closed from fully opened) but as you said, the temperature now is simply too low.
At least I have a bit of range to use, so when it warms up again, close a bit. However, without a complete overhaul and stripping of the parts, and instead just letting the old oil come out, we got 350ml out from a 473ml possible according to the manual, so there is still a bit of 10W there. But we finally found the right track to follow.
Evidently I wouldn't have thought about it, and our remote session as well as this guidance here provided me with a huge amount of information that I can carry to any other bike. And just in case you don't have, I am attaching some spec sheets of the most common oils from Wilbers. You never know when you might need it.
Riding season is almost over around here but at least we start the next year fresh. Thanks a lot for your guidance and it is clear why people reach out to you.
TJ Karklins

I am back to ridding after years of leaving everything sitting in the garage. I sold them all and went new and joined your site a few weeks ago.

Just a quick note to say what an incredible, valuable and professional body of work you have built.


I hope the best for your continued success. Very best, TJ

Christian Andersen, CaliforniaChristian Andersen, California

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your time and expertise timing my Ducati this afternoon. I’m writing to report that the bike felt great on my 40 mile ride home.
The nose doesn’t dive during that initial brake bike anymore. Also more “plush” going over pavement transitions on the freeway.
It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you.
I’ll see you again when my wife brings her Triumph street triple to you next time.
Anthony DeConti, France (Remote Tune)Anthony DeConti, France (Remote Tune)

Our league Protwins is for big twins and V4s. So it's all Ducatis, Aprilias and some KTM. The average age of the racers was probably 50 years old. I may have been the youngest at 33. Most of the guys have decades of racing and quite a few were former pro guys that just have fun now. This little league runs tandem with the main WERC championship. Our fastest guys ran faster than the 600 and 1000 cup championship riders this weekend.

Races were both dry, two 17 lap races. Race 1: I crashed lap 3 or 4 . Racing incident, I took the outside line around a rider putting me inside of the next turn, he tried to go around me and when he cut to the apex we collided and I got tossed over the bike.

Made some repairs and it back together for race 2. Race 2 was great. I started P.20 and finished P.17. I passed and was passed back. Quite a cool experience with pre grids and umbrella girls, if you had one, safety car following, and live announcers. It was a difficult track to pass on. It's a tight technical track. Everyone rides defensive rather than the fast line which I finally figured out.
Ran my fastest lap the final lap of the race lap 17! Tires were good, set up was good, everything felt good! My only struggles were managing my wheelies because I had my electronic aids turned off, it wore my body down a little more. But the tires felt planted the whole time, I could really attack that stiff front tire with some serious trail braking. The rear would slide only at rider's error and it was very manageable. I honestly feel my Pirellis slide more in a Sprint race then this Dunlop did in 17 laps. Very consistent feel through the race. Had no tire concerns through the race. I would get bumped out my my seat on the crest of the blind uphill right hander with the stiff suspension, but I'm not sure there's much else to do with the stock Ohlins suspension that wouldn't take away stability on the rest of the track. Thank you for your help to get me where I could trust my bike pushing with these high level racers!
Muhammed Asif, United Kingdom (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Just want to thank you for the patience and guidance...i have tried the first 2 settings.The setting 2 seems to feel much better than setting one for me.Big big difference from the stock setup.Thank you so much for the help.my ride feels so comfortable and enjoyable now.
Karel Brozik, Canada (Remote Tuning)Karel Brozik, Canada (Remote Tuning)


I can’t thank you enough for your input this season David. Extremely invaluable, and as a result I managed to do this track season with one set of tires; 1 front and 2 rears. My shop sells 2 rears and 1 front for a great deal, and the Dunlop medium compound is really good for the pace I run.
If you ever want to visit Canada, and spend some time at a pretty technical track with a very professional organization let me know…hehehe.
Thanks again David, and have a great rest of the track season. 

YouTube August 2022

YT August 2022



Billy Williams

Great Videos Dave I absolutely Love and Appreciate the Video's yourself and Mr Williams are giving to us, amazing information. I find myself saying what needs doing now even before you say it in the video. Thank you



DaDonFather commented: “Thanks for this video. The key moment in the comparison is at 14:00 because I have a tight space and that little effort used allows me to position myself to the side when lifting the bike. I'm sold on the pit bull.


AaronC commented: “Had Dave tune my suspension on my 2020 Z900 and boy was it a world of difference. More confident in my ability to control the bike through every turn. Thanks Dave. I'll see you again when I get the fork oil changed!”


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Daily Allowance

Being a big head the only thing I did to my 1000 triumph daytona was buy adjustable levers....but after watching expert dave I will be looking for shocks set up as well ,gr8 vids dave thank you


Sébastien Vaultier

I followed your instructions by watching your video which helped me improve my original fork. I followed all the steps to the letter, my participle cycle has changed radically. Road holding it is more precise in turns comfortable less rebound for my MT07. Thank you for your professional expertise.


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cgilfond2@yahoo.com has an account that is active and being used. A screenshot has been attached to show this. He is receiving full access at this time. This claim is not appropriate.


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Joshua Allison, Tenesse USA (Remote Tune)Joshua Allison, Tenesse USA (Remote Tune)
  • Tuning with Dave Moss - Five star experience

I am writing this review because I feel that it can help riders out in how they build their confidence on the streets and possibly even track if you feel inclined to do so!   First a little on my background. I am a helicopter mechanic in Tennessee and have been working on Cars and aircraft since I was a kid.  I have built quite a few cars for various track events and enjoy working on things and building things.  I got into motorcycles after a buddy took me to Road America in 2015 and I really enjoyed the motorcycle and went out and got a 2011 GSXR 1000!  I typically rode it to work and did trips to the Tail of the Dragon etc.  and considered myself a fast and good street rider.

Fast forward to 2022 and I decided to get a new Aprilia RS660 from Sloan’s in Murfreesboro TN and sold the GSXR to a friend.  Upon getting the RS I noticed it was extremely twitchy and I decided to try and find some information on suspension settings because I kept bottoming out and the front end felt very weird - it was sloppy and slow.   I went to the great YouTube to find some guidance on it and found Cali-Moto’s channel and the work he was doing to his RS660 and found a video showing him doing a suspension setup at Turtle Rock and started watching.  At the end of the video Dave tells everyone about his remote services.

At this point I realized I had messed up; I had never once considered making a suspension adjustment to the 1000 or even the new 660 honestly.  I immediately reached out to Dave and setup an email conversation with him to start working on the 660.  We exchanged a few emails back and forth and got the 660-setup started!  We adjust the front forks for travel to eliminate the double bounce and fix my travel, also at this time I was introduced to the Sag measurements I have never really even heard of at this point due to never really taking the time to look.  I created a small spreadsheet to help me track the factory settings and the changes that I made using the videos that Dave had sent me.   I am a very analytical guys, so I wanted more knowledge on the subject and signed up for Dave's content on his website and started making adjustments on my on playing with things and checking in with Dave via email to let him know my progress and to check on the settings as I am still shooting a little blind!!

After multiple emails and setting changes the RS660 was setup very nice and I was able to lean further with less effort and it honestly building my confidence in how a motorcycle can actually handle with a tuned suspension to the rider weight.   The hugest thing I noticed was how easy the front was to control and lean and my ability to remain stable further through the corners, braking was extremely smooth and overall, this was a huge improvement over anything I have ever experienced on a motorcycle.

At this point I called my buddy who had purchased my old GSXR 1000 and I started the same process of tuning trying to get my tuning right on the 1000 by myself to see what I could accomplish and used the same principles from Dave's emails and suggestions I was able to get the 1000 to move as a single unit and the rear and front dialed in to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Upon riding bike again after all the adjustments, it was literally night and day the handlebar pressure in turns was effortless the bike felt lighter to me it cornered better and faster than I have even been confident enough to complete let alone try.  The rear was stable throughout the entire corner throttle responses did not affect the setup of the bike hardly at all and it was the absolute best I ever done on a motorcycle as far as speeds, angles, and confidence.

In closing the best thing that you could ever do for your riding is figure out your suspension settings!  The confidence with being able to Lean further maintain more speed and do it more safely is amazing.  Dave is an absolute great teacher, and his teaching method gives you the ability to make your own choices with a good understanding of what to do on your bike!   I really wanted to keep the 1000 after the suspension tuning due to how amazing it was approved!!

If you choose Dave to help you on your bike you will not regret, it at all.

Steve Salter, Australia (Remote Tune)Steve Salter, Australia (Remote Tune)


Hi Dave,

I did my first track day for over 30 years. After a couple of false starts, the stars finally aligned.

I want to thank you, from the original baseline setting through suspension modifications (higher fork spring rates) and information on your website; I had a suspension that gave me what I needed.

After the first couple of sessions, I was confident to diagnose a damping problem and make compensating adjustments.

Again, thank you.



Ps My wife Chris loves your remote setup on her ZX14R. We ended up putting Angel GT2s on it. She has very small chicken strips and she won’t allow anyone to make an adjustment without a very strong argument…

Marc Plyarinos, Greece

Apologies if I'm merely contributing to the volume of correspondence in your inbox, however, I wanted to sincerely thank you for this treasure trove of knowledge and how openly it's being shared.

I have been dreaming of being entirely immersed in motorcycles since I was a kid. My core childhood memories are comprised of mid-late 90s and early 2000s WSBK and 500cc GP bikes. I've always aspired not to merely ride, but to know and understand what I ride, and be involved in it. After 15 years of hardship (excuse the sap), I finally managed to get one of the motorbikes that tickles specific parts of my brain, an '04 Ducati Monster 620. It has been a great learning platform.

Soon after I got the bike, because I'm insessantly trying to turn ignorance into knowledge, I bumped into your youtube channel and the material you've been pumping out for years. I had already picked up a ton of stuff from the freebies, but due to my love for anything 2-wheeled, and the living, breathing sum of parts that is a motorcycle I decided to take the plunge into your premium membership.

I am thankful beyond words for the material available to me. Simply watching, taking notes, and sometimes just casually consuming the content in its more informal format is slowly making everything coalesce into real understanding about what's going on underneath me. Tire triangles from flexing, blend lines, hot tears, cold tears, geometry tears, braking lines, you name it. It's been akin to learning to read (one of the best gifts I've ever received). Previously random characters start forming words and sentences.

I recently managed to set up a friend's Suzuki '09 GSR-600. I measured rider sag, he was set at 46 front, 40 rear. He was blowing through most of the front stroke and the rear was skittish. Front tire was also showing fairly rough upside-down cloud patterns from doing a lot of the work of the suspension.

I brought him to 40-even which also addressed some of the front rebound damping which was miserable (I told him to switch to thicker oil, since the forks have non-adjustable rebound and were fairly fresh out of a fork service, yet still as flacid as a- well, you get it). I then recognized the telltale signs of open rebound dampening in his rear tire. Leading edge of the tread was softer and lower across his entire throttle range, it wasn't just the coasting on the side of the tire. Pressing the rear end down confirmed it, it nearly smacked me in the face. I tightened the rebound, leveled out the response of the bike as much as I could given the age of the oil in the rear shock (which hadn't been serviced for a long long while).

My friend came back from the ride with a smile, his posture was calmer, and his arms were more relaxed throughout the ride. The bike was more progressive, rode over bumps better and inspired more confidence. His comments were "Man, it's like a different bike, it's awesome!", however imperfect it is for now.

I realize this might just sound like a pointless story, but it's my way of saying thank you. I still have so much to learn, which is the exciting part, but I've finally learned to read my first words and sentences, in a fairly short amount of time, thanks to the incredible body of knowledge and instruction you've created all these years.

My little Monster 620 has limited options, but I now know what I want it to be, after I've exhausted the options available right now. I attend courses, study material, and I've done some basic track days and carve canyons as much as possible in an effort to improve myself as a rider rather than just relying on the equipment. In September, since I've started to exhaust the bike - especially under braking - I'm installing fully adjustable Showa forks from a Monster S4 and starting the next part of my journey to become a more complete rider.

From the depths of my sappy heart, thank you so much for this. I hope you get as much of a sense of satisfaction and achievement out of your work as I get out of learning.

I know Greece is a long way out, but I'm sure it would be absolutely awesome to bump into you one day!

Thanks again, and I wish you a great day.

Lucky McGovern, Stockton USALucky McGovern, Stockton USA


Oh my god it’s a night and day difference!!!

Right when I left I hit the light and did a stoppie and it went up super smooth , came down smooth, loved it,

Got on the highway and the front wheel just shot off the ground and doing a stand up wheelie the bike felt like I had way more control changing lanes while on a wheelie, Got home and did about a 45mph rolling burnout with EASE ,lol


I’m super pumped!

Karel Brozik (Remote Tune)Karel Brozik (Remote Tune)

And I have you to thank for it David, so a huge THANK YOU.  Other than setting goals for myself, your reviews have allowed me to focus on and improve on the biggest weakness which has been the result of almost 15 years of street riding…throttle control.  My understanding of suspension settings and the required adjustments that have to be made during the course of the track day is a result of you taking the time to do these reviews for me.

Sure would love to be at one of your events.  And I wasn’t hounding you.  More of a check whether you received my email hoping the pics weren’t too large.

Thanks for your time as always David.  And don’t forget to send me your invoice.


Jordan Sinclair, RSV4R (Remote Tune)Jordan Sinclair, RSV4R (Remote Tune)

Hello Dave

I unpacked quite a bit from our call Wednesday. I learned a bit about my bikes electronics, tires etc.
I took the screwdriver grip you taught me and after only a few tries find I'm getting my 63 yr old ass through any right turn faster.
My exit speed in this one jumped 12 Kmh after only a handful of passes trying the new hand position.
Okrun, Denver Colorado USAOkrun, Denver Colorado USA


Can't thank you guys enough for all the videos.

Paying someone to perform magic on your bike is great.

But learning the magic yourself is much better!

Barenstark Racing

Wasn't my best day at Buttonwillow yesterday, but 28/28 worked otherwise very well for me.

Gotta give it to you - again!


All the turns I felt insecure about... bike was on rails, never giving me an inch of doubt. I beautifully felt the bike working under me and with me, every input.👍

YouTube, July 2022


Daren Cummings, US

Wow, this has been a crazy year for me but I've finally been able to get my suspension rebuilt.


I put in a set of RaceTech 1.0kg front springs, the new springs were nearly 2" longer than stock so I had to trim the preload spacers.  I didn't feel comfortable with how little spacer would be left removing the entire 2" so I compromised and took 1.75".  I used Motul Expert 10W-medium with an air gap of 109.5mm with springs and both spacers in. Also replaced my bushings, seals, and dust caps.  Thanks to your videos I felt confident doing it myself and the mechanic in me had a blast.


I took your advice and purchased a used shock on ebay and sent it to DMr suspension.   They resprung to a 12.55kg spring, revalved, rebuilt, and dyno'd the shock.


Using what I've learned from your videos and referencing them on occasion I've gone from worn out suspension built for a lighter rider to a comfortable ride that handles world's above.   My confidence is up, my skill level is no longer feeling stagnant, and I'm back to enjoying riding!



Thanks to your advice and knowledge I've fallen in love with my bike again, and I'm much safer riding.


Thank you, Mr Moss, for offering all this knowledge.



Alex Cowie, UK

Hi Dave,

Much appreciate you taking time to answer one too lazy to go through your many videos for the info. To add to the volume of praise you no doubt receive, in 50 yrs of motorcycling (survived 6yrs of distance courier work on a Gpz900R in 1980s UK), I have never found so much relevant, expert and succinctly articulated info on the most important facet of motorcycling (interface between road & bike) as I have in the last 18 months since finding your videos on YouTube. I cannot commend you enough for making your valuable expertise available to the general motorcycling public and transforming what used to be (for most of us) a hit and miss affair into a common-sense approach to gaining complete confidence in our machines.



Alberto L


What a fantastic video! I’ve often had the situation at BMW dealers when my bike was in for service, and they gave me a loan bike, they always had to adjust the gear shift pedal because my Daytona Evo boots wouldn’t fit between the rest and the pedal. I figured it out about the clutch and brake levers because when I picked up the bike, the service guy fiddled with the levers until I was happy. I never ever thought about the ergonomics so much until I watched this video. You sound like you’re from the UK, though I think I detected a possible antipodean accent (or maybe even South African). No matter, you’re a great guy who all of us can tap into thanks to this video and no doubt others. Thanks for this.


Jesse Vena

Hello dear Sir. I was just marveling at all this incredible and invaluable info you so kindly give to us scoot enthusiasts. Once again, Endless Thanks. 🙂 I am trying currently to secure a 06' Speed Triple. 16k on it and clip on bars that feel perfect. Another.. erm, 'less scientific' ..channel.. is saying exactly 180 degrees off of what you make perfect sense of here. Ahhh... the internet. That aside, I must say, I was initially startled about throwing 42psi in the front after being brainwashed into somehow thinking they would mushroom cloud if pushed past 40. Lol..




 @Dave Moss Tuning  hi Dave , yeah I’m from the north east and could pick up a bit of your accent still! Great videos mate! I’ve just bought a 2017 r6. I’ve finally decided to get on the road at 41, I’ve ridden motox on and off for about 20 years . Your videos are bang on and I’m going to get my bike set up to myself thanks 👌



John August:

Thank you for the Great results!!! The bike has a much more linear feel throughout its lean angle range. The bike is much more composed at lean and not diving into the turn on its own. I am able to apply throttle earlier with much more consistent results and therefore more confidence.



It does kinda make ya feel boss when you go out for a Sunday morning group and a couple newer riders are complaining about how the bike is handling. You do a quick adjustment for them and it changes everything. It does get to me a little that most riders never mess with how much static sag the bike has. The geometry and physics of handling all begin there.



i been going straight to motorcycle servicing shops and letting them do it, but now and then i have caught them doing dodges... and now im trying to learn myself how to do things..... i never know it was that simple to check if a chain needs replacing - so glad i have come across this video it was so EASY to understand thank you so much



Ákos Frast

Hi Dave! I would let you know i found your video extremely detailed and still understandable and enjoyable. I ended up with Premium subscription on your page, i think this is a well done intro job from you.


Jesse Vena replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you Very much for your thoughtful reply and suggestions. (Will do 🙂 It is extremely appreciated. Cheers!"


MARK HAUSKNECHT commented: "Dave the Sage! I'm going out to Diavel with tape measure in moments. I have adj, levers, never knew how adj. them until now."


Hazim Reitz

This guy is probably the reason I'm going to rebuild my calipers. What a chap!!! Knowledge that potentially could save lives. I know it might sound cheesy.. but when you only have the go and not the stop, the track ends eventually.



loner6n commented: "Great tutorial! Thanks Dave! You make the job look easy... Cheers from Neuquén, Argentina!"


Twowheelsonly replied: "Dave Moss Tuning 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you so much for all the tips I will be doing all that to my bike."


Rico Spreiter replied: "Oh wow many thanks for the quick response dave! Thats awesome! Thank you so much. Greetings"


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Doug Grimes commented: "I raced a Metrakit on kart tracks for four years back in the mid 2000's. I just learned more in 15 minutes, than I did in those four years!"


Peter Taylor commented: “Great advice mate, tahnks. I’ll be doing that (checking fork travel) next spin out.”


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Boyd Jeffery replied: "Dave Moss Tuning hmm more food for thought... Thanks for your input."


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Amerigo commented: "One of the best videos of all times, honestly."


Robert Stimmel commented: "Well...I know what I'll be doing tomorrow"


Valer Bunev commented: "The best!!! Thank you for this video :)"



Wez Granter, UK (Remote Tune)

Race day went good mate, couldn’t believe the difference it actually made on the high speed sections, no head shake which is always a very good bonus, thanks again Dave for your help. Much appreciated!

Felix Perez, Sweden (Remote Tune) Tuono 1100 electronic OhlinsFelix Perez, Sweden (Remote Tune) Tuono 1100 electronic Ohlins
Hi Dave,
Did 6 sessions today at my home track at ”Gälleråsen” here in Karlskoga.
Did the 2 first sessions with the settings in A1 that I send you, so I got a feeling and some comparison with you suggestion.
Did your 2:end suggestion and the bike felt comer and got a personal best on my 4 session😍👍!
The last 2 sessions were ok, but it was hot today (35 Celsius) and got tired at the end.
Thank you so much and we have to book some remote tuning for next season!
Daren Cummings

Wow, this has been a crazy year for me but I've finally been able to get my suspension rebuilt.

I put in a set of RaceTech 1.0kg front springs, the new springs were nearly 2" longer than stock so I had to trim the preload spacers.  I didn't feel comfortable with how little spacer would be left removing the entire 2" so I compromised and took 1.75".  I used Motul Expert 10W-medium with an air gap of 109.5mm with springs and both spacers in. Also replaced my bushings, seals, and dust caps.  Thanks to your videos I felt confident doing it myself and the mechanic in me had a blast.
I took your advice and purchased a used shock on ebay and sent it to DMr suspension.   They resprung to a 12.55kg spring, revalved, rebuilt, and dyno'd the shock.
Using what I've learned from your videos and referencing them on occasion I've gone from worn out suspension built for a lighter rider to a comfortable ride that handles world's above.   My confidence is up, my skill level is no longer feeling stagnant, and I'm back to enjoying riding!

Thanks to your advice and knowledge I've fallen in love with my bike again, and I'm much safer riding.
Thank you, Mr Moss, for offering all this knowledge.
Alex Cowie, New Mexico
Hi Dave,
Much appreciate you taking time to answer one too lazy to go through your many videos for the info.
To add to the volume of praise you no doubt receive, in 50 yrs of motorcycling (survived 6yrs of distance courier work on a Gpz900R in 1980s UK), I have never found so much relevant, expert and succinctly articulated info on the most important facet of motorcycling (interface between road & bike) as I have in the last 18 months since finding your videos on YouTube.
I cannot commend you enough for making your valuable expertise available to the general motorcycling public and transforming what used to be (for most of us) a hit and miss affair into a common-sense approach to gaining complete confidence in our machines.
YouTube comments, June 2022

Matt Thomson

Nice vid. Also a really nice jack frame. Counting threads exposed is great for safety pre-ride inspections; wondering if not Re-fitting one of those removed rings would be a sensible way to lock that new ring into place? Also, counting turns of a nut or other device does indeed provide a distance measurement, as a screw is simply a “straight” ramp ‘formed’ into a “spiral”. Each turn or portion of a turn yields a precise, measurable, repeatable distance either up or down the ramp. I guess my own shocking solution will be to simply repair or bleed my hydraulic preload adjuster. And if that doesn’t work, perhaps purchase a fancy “automatic preload shock” from the UK. Thanks for the wonderful vid!

jeffrey Asmus

oh holy shit hey Dave! I wrote that expecting nobody would ever read it least of all you. before you go, need to say. the knowledge I've gained from watching your videos has been truly invaluable to me. But even more than that you made all these videos edited and uploaded them so the whole world can benefit from your years of experience all for free. You didn't have to do any of it but you did anyway for the sake of helping other Riders and their motorcycles. i just think that’s a pretty awesome and altruistic thing to do man. So yeah thank you Dave Moss very much.


Paul e Rice

I can not thank you enough for such a great "how-to". you either get a video that's too short and skips alot of important items or you get a REALLT Long video that spends the first 35 minutes explaining what a washer is then another 35 minutes explaining where the word "washer" came from... so my point is, your video was perfect. no extra BS, explained every step and displayed every step of the process. you made my fork job seem as easy as you were doing it thank you again.


Lean It

Dave, thank you for that summary at the end regarding whether or not the stock suspension would have the range of adjustability needed for a rider of my weight (165 pounds). That info is exactly what I want to know before I decide to buy a bike or not. Unfortunately the "magazine" testers almost never include this info... even if they "don't like the suspension". I have really enjoyed and benefitted from your content, and my subscriptions, over the years.



Grimes Hayter

You're a great communicator! It's our unfamiliarity with the theory and adjustment process. Watching something like this 4 times means that it was worth watching 4 times, and mostly to be confident that we are comprehensive in our understanding. This is the best walk through on this issue hands down.




“I put these settings as my starting point and i gotta say it changed my mt10 ! now feels more planted and not so harsh . thanks for this video dave !!"

Tiago Duart replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Haven't gotten the oil yet but changed spacers to 140mm and it's already a new bike. It's awesome. Thank you for the tip"



David Ouellette

I’ve been fitting bicycles for almost 20 years. Recently back in to bikes again. This man is brilliant. Asking good questions! What do you do? Have you any injuries? Bicycles are different but not. Look into it. This guy is good. Unsolicited I just know what I’m talking about.


Andy Guyett

Will definitely be adjusting my levers when I've got the bike back together for sure!! Nice new adjustable levers should hopefully see me able to get just the right fit.... Great video - thank you!!!


donwolfjr1 commented: "I think you just answered my question of is it possible to just add oil to the top of my forks on my Gsxr 750 without removing them. Great video and info!!! Thanks Dave!!!"


Glenn Massengill commented: "Great video… I’ve learned ergonomic is key no matter what kind of bike you ride. But never really took lever position into account. Gonna have to give it a try"


Rob commented: “Your videos on YouTube have taught me a LOT and I'm a more confident and better rider because I understand my suspension better.
Thanks mate”


Darrell Subera commented: "Wow that is scary that people don’t have no clue on motorcycle operations ❗️❗️ thank you for educating these people and giving me a schooling as well ‼️‼️‼️"


ofty intentions commented: "Hi Dave. I'm a bit late to the party but you're vids are helping me find a set up that feels right to me for the UK streets.


Alberto Torres commented: "Guy works his ass off at sanoma. Non stop bikes and he nails it at every level. Great man"


B commented: "came here wondering if this thing I do with my road bike will work here, too. got more tips in the process! nice one Dave :)"


Satria Hardjakaprabon commented: "thank you so much for the very thorough explanation, now i'm not confused anymore"


adilpenha commented: "Hi, fantastic class, master. We are in Brazil always trying to learn from your teachings.


david campbell replied: "Dave Moss Tuning wow thanks for replying so fast Dave. Greatly appreciated"


Jeremy Eden commented: "Dear Dave this is the breast suspension setup video ever. I learned a lot."


jason marburger commented: "Thank you Dave moss for everything you do for.people and their bikes. You are the man!"


Alan Shearing commented: "Brilliant, just to listen and learn. Suddenly everything makes sense. Thanks for sharing."


Jan Vargas commented: "NICE job... thanks...👏👏👏🚀🚀🚀💥💥💥"


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Jeremy Dahm replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thanks for the valuable info Dave!"


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Pork Chop commented: "Best money I ever spent on track day was with Dave Moss"


MrDestro841 commented: "This guy is my idol! (it is not sarcazm)"


william judd commented: "This is absolute suspension masterclass."


ALL@SEA RPW commented: "An , amazing guy , who knows his stuff ."


Tim Kochar commented: "Very helpful video. Thanks, Dave. 🤙🏼"


noobgamer commented: "why. nice vid btw. now i know what to do with my tire pressure"


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spks 2002 commented: "Absolute genius! Why don't the dealerships do this?"


Dylan Crow replied: "Thanks man. That’s the most confidence inspiring answer I’ve got."


Brian K Trad

I learned a lot from you last weekend at Laguna. Tires cleaned up nicely and bike handled better than ever.


Snoupity commented: "Legendary content."


tlsmiffy commented: "Great advice. Thankyou."


ak06668 commented: "Very informative video… thank you!"


QQQs replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for your amazing channel!"


Fred Fleming commented: "Hi Dave, absolute Gold... info is appreciated..."


Claude commented: "Master Teacher and serious technical expertise !!! and a humble Gentleman."


Mr. Hyde commented: "I fully trust this man's expertise after he's been talking for some minutes."


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Tim Kochar commented: "Very helpful video. Thanks, Dave. 🤙🏼"


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Wez commented: "Such a freakin’ pro"


Bruce Esterline commented: "Poetry in motion 👌"


milenko J. commented: "Thanks mate 💥👍"


Alan Brown commented: "Respect 🙏"




Sven Jirgal, BMW GSA 1250 (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I wanted to report back after our second tuning session and the tire pressure discussion. For reference BMW has 2.4 and 2.9 set as reference.
I tried a few things and settled on 2.6 and 3.1. Anything higher felt “jumpy” on bad surface. I continue to use the BMS R1250GS suspension settings on “ road” and “auto”. I don’t ride agressive enough to feel difference with anything else.
I just returned from a 2000 km trip through central France, road anything from superbe surface and fast long corners, to small roads through the forests on bad surface with potholes and small gravel.
The setup of the bike and tire pressure feels right to me. No pain or strain and bike feels agile despite being a huge beast (I have the GS Adventure).
I can’t thank you enough for the tips and advice during our 2 sessions. I feel confident in the bike setup yet remain defensive in riding -  my riding is a hobby, not a race. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone on the road.
Thank you again,
PS: happy to leave you a testimonial somewhere on the web… just let me know where !
Ziad Mortada UAE (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Reporting after few rides on the street (sorry for the delayed response). Its night and day compared to stock settings. Thank you.
The bike is very compliant and stable in corners (as much as the street allows).
I am yet to try in on track (its blazing hot here in UAE). But once I do I will be in touch.

Thanks again.

Have a good one.

Drew Kirgan, Colorado, USA (Remote Tune)Drew Kirgan, Colorado, USA (Remote Tune)

Dave Moss, you've done it again!

I applied your latest damping figures for the front. I decided to take 2mm of preload out front and rear. Also ran with 16 clicks rebound and compression in the rear. Result was 97mm fork travel and 3 or 4mm from the bumper on the shock.
The bike felt incredible.
Nimble but not twitchy or jarring on imperfections.
Firm in corners but a little wiggle giving me confidence in traction.
I believe you've gotten me to the Colorado canyon carving goldilocks settings, for my skill level and suspension setup.
I appreciate your help, Dave!
James, UK

Hi Dave,


Thank you so much for your amazing content and advice through your teachings. It has single handedly helped me understand my bike more and get more from it. I own a triumph TT600 and recently swapped the OEM shock (way too soft a spring for my fat ass) to a Maxton RT10 shock.

This has remoted High and low speed compression damping adjustment. Im not sure if youve covered it in one of your videos, but is there a way to see low speed damping out of spec on the tyre, or is it just feel from the back end? My general understanding is that it is the compression under load into corners/out of corners where it comes more into play, but Im not 100% sure about it or manipulating it, as its the first time Ive had this option on a bike before!

Generally my bike have all been pre 2002! I recently did my 2nd track day at Silverstone National and just by using your videos I realized why I was struggling hard on the brakes into Maggotts and Brooklands corners.


Amazing work and so helpful and worth every penny of your subscription. All the best for the summer riding.

Thanks again
James ( Leamington Spa, UK)

YouTube comments May 2022

Vasiliu Mihai

……. back with the feedback on the mod. Did the following: shorted the spacers 10mm, replaced the oil with Bel Ray 15W and put the forks 8mm through. The fork is not pogo-ing anymore (although in has one bounce after rebound when oil it's hot - after 1 hour of continuous training or so) but what's really good about this setup not related to the oil but to the lowering of the front via this 8mm and the sag (and I tested it myself before and after) is that the steering is very soft and gentle and at low speeds when waving through cones if you are in a situation where you need to steer lock to lock, before it was very hard to turn from a full lock situation you really needed to pull and push the handlebars from lock, now it's easy to do this maneuver so it's very helpful for the trainee's. Thanks for the advices Dave!



I'm not tall and had ergonomic problems on most bikes. (due to spine problems) I ride a GL1800, this should be a super comfortable bike but there is not much adjustable. Thanks to this video I started adjusting things like sitposiion (using the backrest) and brake/clutch levers angle. That helped a lot, I could not drive more then an hour to get uncomfortable, Sunday I rode 2 hours and nothing did hurt and the next day no backpain and headache. So thank you very much, I wished I knew this 40 years ago.


Tong Yang

I own a 03' 954 and thanks Dave moss for the videos. I actually get so much knowledge from his videos that a bunch of people in my motorcycle group make me tune their suspension for them. Some of the suspension tunes I see come with their bike are horrendous and thanks to Dave I have saved a couple bikes from disaster crashes. They always tell me they are turned off by how hard they have to ride their bike but it's always just the suspension being too hard.


KDS Owen

I'm in NZ, 40mins to town on really windy roads {a bit like Brit B-roads) I'm 'Older', so often ride it like I stole-it , (Yam TR1xv1000) running metzelers @ 40psi, open exhausts, 40mm-flatslides . Other older-riders are 'horrified' at my high-pressures , they are stuck in the past, 23f, 28-30r...I dont think they have computers...I'll be 70 soon, and love educational-vids that improve my riding and safety.. Cheers Dave , from another-Dave



Great Video. As a female rider with very small hands, the first thing I had to buy for my Yamaha R3 was shorty levers. Bf put them on for me. My issue now is rolling on the throttle when breaking, so I will be going through this video with my bf and seeing if my hand placement is correct and seeing how else I can do it or adjust it(for now it just a lot of Wrrr Wrrrrrr noises, but I am aware of why) but I would like to perfect myself on my bike so I am not making all the throttle noises lol.


William L

First I'm going to say Merry Christmas and I'm not going to say this is your best video all your videos are mandatory and everyone should watch them be played in schools for people motorcycle schools should be mandatory to watch your videos and use that to pass or not anyways Merry Christmas



Steve McMosh

Lovely stuff, thank you. Picked up an SV650 recently and only downfall is that I keep shutting the throttle off because the play is ridiculous. Hopefully I'll be able to get it just from top adjustment.


Ian Carnell

Great to see his analysis of riding behavior and settings by tyre wear characteristics and something as simple as a cable tie to measure front end dive. Clearly his experience and his ability to set the bike and the rider up is first class. Respect.


Doug Atkins

Superb presentation on the fundamentals of bike levers and handlebar assessment with simple measures for correction. A wealth of knowledge and experience so plainly presented and easy to understand and apply. Thank you very much for this video.


Adam Sikora

If you have a DRZ400SM it’s well worth going to Dave’s website and paying the small fee to watch the full video. It took me about an hour to set the sag and clickers correctly and now the bike handles so much better.



I stopped paying attention to that fool as soon as he walked off. Dave is literally a legend and has so much knowledge to absorb and this dudes walking off checking a text message while David is speaking to him??? You can tell this guy is a Weekend Warrior and isn't even a real rider!


Eric Simmard commented: “Watched your video; I'll be sure to mark bottom out position and check how close I get to it so that I can adjust pre-load if needed. Thanks for helping making our bikes safer!”



Thank you for the quick response! I'll definitely look into those options. Love the channel. I am upgrading from a CBR 125 to a Yamaha R7 (Arrives in July.


Paul Hennessey replied: "Dave Moss Tuning that's a lot of experience we get to tap into! Looking forward to getting stuck into the subscribed content ✌🏻"


Jordan Babcock commented: "Amazing information. You create a better experience for us at absolutely no cost to us. Thank you sir, and thanks to your team."


Max Mason commented: "as a brand new rider if a simple adjustment to the levers can increase my reaction time by nearly half I find it nuts how this is not even mentioned in the MSF class."


Dean Simpson replied: "Dave Moss Tuning That's really interesting and inspirational. Thank-you for the reply. Great channel Dave! 👍"


Brandon Cooke commented: "Getting off work and riding in the am, I’ll adjust them when I get home. Holy cow."


M C commented: "Hi Dave, thanks for your help. Now I solved my issues and cleaned up the break calipers as you explained. It breaks now much better than before."


Kyore commented: "Everything explained perfectly and for my exact bike. Let me know I definitely need to take mine to a shop cuz this is out of my league."


Buddy Mckay commented: "I gotta fix my clutch and (hopefully not) gearbox. Might as well adjust the handlebars and levers at the same time. Thanks for the advice!"


Razorbak commented: "It's amazing that the man can look at tire wear and then tell you what's going on with the setup and several things the rider is doing."


D E commented: "Dave, really enjoyed your information, the two guys that stole their A grade stickers not so much, still I managed to learn stuff"


Brent Bauer commented: "Love the logical aspect to your videos. Information we should know if we stop and think. Thanks for making us stop and think."


adrydoic gasss sempre a bomba commented: "Full video and Mosscast changed my friends life on his MT10 😬💪👍 thank you so much Dave ✌️"


P G replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you so much. I keep my bike 100 miles away, was gonna buy the oil and gonna try. So many thanks for your reply."


Zayd Behl replied: "Dave Moss Tuning yup i changed to 20w oil...i reduced the oil..and changed the tyres ..it's ok now...tq sir.."


Mark Stanfield commented: "Legend. Watched many of your vids Dave. The people who have you onsite at trackdays are very lucky indeed.


Rajindar Singh commented: "You are a GOD , I was surprised that I was comfortable on my Diavel instead of the GS . This makes sense. I had aches on my Lata when I rode on my GS"


Sunde commented: "A lot to take into consideration, fun to tinker with however. Thank you so much for this work!


Michel Brown commented: "When you do it for yourself, it is mostly worth it . . .because YOU will ride it , and feel of accomplishment. . ."


Glyn commented: "Just got a new bike, and how did I never know this before? Thankyou Dave! I'm going to make some adjustments tonight."


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on commented: "Always good to sit back and listen to a genuine expert."


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Slightapex commented: "Excellent video. Just got a new bike and Im realizing that I have been contorting my hands to manipulate the controls."


Mo Mentum commented: "Dave - Thank you for being a major pillar in the motorcycle community."


Savage22 Bolt commented: "Really good presentation of the track. It sure looks like a boatload of fun!"


Michael Dobson commented: "love watching Dave work the bike suspensions. I cant get enough of this."


john johnson commented: "Great video thank you."


iwannamynickagain commented: "Very useful. I just did a brake pads change and works as described."


Diesel replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank u for your help appreciate it"


Cosmic Origin commented: ""oh, speed is my friend" What a legend this man is"


Cosmic Origin commented: ""oh, speed is my friend" What a legend this man is"


Chris H commented: "That was great. Thanks 🇦🇺"


Rickie Tyson commented: "Always good to sit back and listen to a genuine expert."


Craig Nightingale replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you Dave. Your knowledge is power"


Mark Wilson commented: "thank you sir for all the information you provide."


Raymond Chokelal commented: "Great video!!"


Scott Allen commented: "Thanks good information"


Jonas Vaccaro commented: "This guy is a genius"


Richard M. commented: "the man knows his stuff!"


dufushead commented: "very informative, you're like a master tailor."


Lloyd Lambrinto commented: "From Philippines 🇵🇭 😊 Thank you for Sharing 🙂"


Joe Smoke commented: "Perfectionist comes to mind!"


Mrmarginofsafety commented: "Thanks Dave this was very informative"



Good Morning Dave,
Thank you so much for yesterday you went above and beyond as usual to set my Tuono correcting my body position,

We road up to "The Crest" for a test ride right after. Going up was all planted, and transformed. Coming down I was still noticing the very little front chatter.

As a feedback front feels very smooth when road is very smooth, but as soon as road changes then it shows it's sensitivity.
I know mention you will busy today in Thousand Oaks.

I am going to ride the bike to Rock Store with little more tire pressure as you suggested 34, but any feedback is appreciated and I will be in touch

Thanks again Dave and please be safe during this crazy time

2016 Tuono Factory

Anthony Lazarus

Hey just wanted to update ya! Today was my first track day on the new springs and oil. Man the bike feels so much better and I have way more adjustment room to work with.

The bike felt so much more planted and stable.

Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

Adam J Snyder, Dublin California

Thank you again for your services today. It was a pleasure watching you work and learning from you. Your passion and knowledge really show through your enjoyment of teaching.
And a big thank you for being so gracious with my father and his friend asking you the question he did. I did not know beforehand that he was going to show up.
Thanks for putting me on the right path with my Ducati. I look forward to taking my time getting to know it better and better as I ride.

Adam Snyder

Sergio Rosa,  Triumph 675 (Remote Tune)Sergio Rosa, Triumph 675 (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave!
Reporting back on the settings you provided me. I threw on a zip tie on the fork to monitor my usage. 30 Min Sessions. Temp: 70F
Setting #1 This was very very close to how the bike was set up. I did a few laps on the first session and came back in for setting 2.
Setting #2: A marketable improvement! I was dragging knee by lap 3. The rear felt spot on, very confidence inspiring particularly on my corner exits. However, I was bottoming out the forks.
Final Settings (for now)  Front: Setting #3 Rear: Setting #2  I kept this from session #3-end This was the sweet spot and my pace reflected it. I was on cloud 9.  I even impressed a coach when I grabbed him for a one-on-one.
Thanks for making yesterday my best track day yet!
Nathan Pierce, CaliforniaNathan Pierce, California

Magnificent!! Glad to hear it.

And thanks for being an awesome chap and helping me out so much on my go-fast journey.

Your immense knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated, sir!

Dave Krongel, WR250X (Remote Tune )Dave Krongel, WR250X (Remote Tune )
Hi Dave - update for you based on the Remote Tune video:
Front forks finally pulling their weight
Rear is relieved and felt more planted/able to deliver power to the ground.
Tip-in is significantly lower effort, along with line correction (novice…i need it)
Not jumpy or unmanageable, tho. Listens to what I ask of it and nothing more.
Acceleration and braking feel nominal, overall much more comfortable and confident riding experience.
Looking forward to losing a couple pounds, gaining some more experience, and going through another round of adjustments next season.
Thanks Dave, talk soon.
John VanGrunsven
Thank you Dave.
Keep the videos rolling,I was motivated to clean and grease and my swing arm and suspension linkages after watching your TTR125 video.  Looking forward to more ‘track tire reading’ videos too.
I’ve been busy doing all kinds of suspension service. It's been great to make changes and then ride those changes, your site and your guidance definitely gave me the confidence to do that.
Really appreciate it…so educational and rewarding.
Malcolm Hutcheon MT07 (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave,

I wanted to be able to get back to your before now, but circumstances...
I modded the front forks as suggested with 30wt Belray oil but maintaining manual spec airgap, fitted the 140mm spacers and dropped the forks 10mm - end result is a transformed front end. 1000 times better than standard. A replacement Nitron shock has been delivered today, will fit this tomorrow - I know this will be good as I have fitted several in the past to other bikes such as TZR250.
Thanks very much for your recommendations - they have made the <T07 a real pleasure to ride.
Best regards,
Jonathan Ross BMW RnineT (Remote Tune)Jonathan Ross BMW RnineT (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
After finally getting my sag set up I have been able to test the other settings out you recommended, huge improvement. Been running setting #1 while I'm waiting for my new tyre set to come in then I'll compare with the other settings.

The front total travel was actually a lot more than I expected, 156mm so I added 12 turns of preload up front to bring my front down to 114mm/ 27% of total travel.
If I need any more help I'll let you know, but for now I just wanted to say thanks!
Phillip Artweger (Remote Tune)Phillip Artweger (Remote Tune)

Hello Dave !

I’ve been today again in the track, after setting the bike softer and actually getting the pressure right (found my gauge was bad, and the pressure was way high at 2 bar previously) wear changed completely,
It’s much much better now. having tire warmers helped too 🙂
Faser Dewar, United Kingdom (Remote Tune)Faser Dewar, United Kingdom (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I hope you’re well, and enjoyed your racing at the weekend?

I have applied your suggested changes to the Bayliss’ suspension, and taken it for a decent ride out.

The bike now feels much more composed in corners and much nicer to ride.

I’ve now set about the ride-height rod, and stripped it from the bike as the lock-nuts were seized.

Once I’ve remedied the lock-nuts, I’ll set it to 3 threads showing and refit/test.

Thanks for all your help so far



YouTube March and April 2022

Patrick Torbey

Great video Dave, smaller capacity bikes are so underrated when it comes to fun factor , best bang for your bucks. I have a Ninja 250R as a spare bike that I am using to improve on my cornering speed through the twisties. The fork oil change to 15w and sticky tyres made a huge difference, but as you know not all 15w or 20w fork oils are the same between brands, which I compared specs first. The other mod I would do is a double bubble screen. Going off the 250 the 400 Ninja would be such a great bike and improvement on where the 250 falls short, better on the highway and up hills with the extra capacity.


Jim T
First, a quick thanks for all the great content you've provided on your site. I've been riding and amateur wrenching on my bikes for over 45 years, and I've learned a tremendous amount over the past few months that I've been a subscriber here. And I've put some of that info to good use--your dump-and-run video applicable to my second-hand (more like-fifth-hand, actually) 2015 FZ-09 made a world of difference in the fork's performance for me (quick street riding) and saved me from falling into the trap of buying unnecessary suspension upgrades.



Just an update. I realized my preload on my front was only 3 rotations in from full soft. I just reset it to 3 rotations out, out of 15 total. Sag and rebound are both set 1.5 turns out form hard. I really appreciate the information you give in these videos. I’m looking forward to taking a ride once this snow clears. Living in West Virginia I can’t ride year round unfortunately. Thanks! Layered up and went for a ride today. I just don’t like riding on the roads when there is still salt present. They weren’t too bad today. New suspension settings felt a ton better! Might tweak them a bit more but overall I’m satisfied. Thanks for the knowledge! Ride safe

Andrew Becker

This is exactly why you shouldn't listen to people with the "this tire is the best" mindset. How can anyone claim a certain brand or model of tire is absolutely the best? What's great for some, may be outright dangerous for others. Only real world testing is gonna be able determine what works best for your bike under your riding conditions. Just because Joe Blow from Eskimo says his $500 dollar racing tires are the best he's ever used, doesn’t mean jack squat to someone looking to ride leisurely on a touring bike. Quite a few new bikes are coming with borderline racing tires from the factory now. They look cool and sell bikes, but are just an added expense for most riders because they won't last through the first year.


Logic’s Finest

I’m new to motorcycles, and like this guy I have been racing cars for years. At the track it’s all about data logging between sessions and laps to fine tune things. This video really helped me understand motorcycle suspension tuning since I understand car terms, and what we look for in tuning cars is obviously somewhat different. You can’t dial in negative camber or add or remove Toe-In , and the way You explained how motorcycle suspension tuning has to accomplish the same things through different means was to me just brilliant. Thank you for this.


terry dean

54 minutes ago

haHA!!! thats me and my #ItalianMistressNo2 !!! since then I followed Dave's advice and suggestions .... installed the Wilbur's rear adj shock, upgraded the OEM forks to racetech gold valves, Dave coached me and my mechanics all the way thru the process as needed.... Dave Moss is amazing, and the best at what he does, top shelf fella that @DaveMoss ️️




Daniel Klodzinski

Awesome!!! Thank you!!! I appreciate your time!!! Hopefully I'll be able to catch one of your suspension classes this year. I really enjoy soaking up the knowledge you give to riders!! And I appreciate all the time you spend at the track with riders. I was glad I was able to get some first hand knowledge from you at Thunder Hill a few years back!! Have a great day!! And thank you again for your time!!


Raymond Castro

thank you for responding. Yes, apparently this is a known issue for these bikes. I'm going to try replacing the start button. Well the whole assembly is being swapped. I actually called 3 shops near me and all 3 declined the job. So I'm going to have to figure this out on my own. your videos have been a massive help! This is my first bike build and its coming out well except the headlight issue. Thank you for everything!



I love how Dave asks 1 question and knows exactly what screw(s) to turn which direction and solves (presumably hours of frustration) in 5 seconds. That must be both satisfying and infuriating to most of those riders/Dave's customers. At the end of the day, being happy with your bike is worth much more than you paid for it. Thanks for another awesome video, Dave and team!



rabukan 58

Great stuff here Dave! And you are right in not disparaging the young lady for having such low tire pressure. Has anyone else explained it to her? Now she knows, and good for you. I know many riders who also don’t think about tire pressure, correct suspension, trail braking, proper lean angles in cornering, etc. The point is to inform, and beating up on riders informs pretty much no one.




Anthony DiGiacomo

Thank you I will do that. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge, content and time. If I’d known of you and the importance of suspension tuning I would’ve saved myself a very expensive helicopter ride to the hospital from a nice high-side at track day… not to mention ruin everyone else’s session with whole red flag and helicopter landing… jeez. Thanks again!


Mariusz Jacyno 

Super interesting content. Can't wait for the 3rd part as keen to understand if this device is a hype or useful (safety as some say) mechanism. Regarding suspension setup I watched all your videos and used them as a guidance to tune my suspension. They were super helpful!


Eddie Sheeran

Thanks Dave! I didn't know any of this. I'm about to use your tips to align the front end of a 2003 CRF150F dirt bike. They have a similar fork design as the sports bikes you were working on (a threaded left fork for the axle and pinch bolts on the right fork).


Skai Riper

Oh I see, wow that was enlightening and liberating at the same time. Yeah, now that I think about it, the best way is to really compare the actual tires side by side. Okay I got it Dave, thanks.


ingo Bango

I'll be getting an mt07 soon and as a larger rider just over 200lbs this will likely be one of the first "mods" that I do. This video was extremely informative and helpful and you even kept my attention enough to watch the video all the way through.


Vasiliu Mihai

Dave, you're gold mate... Today I replaced the fork seals on my 954RR, used your heating technique, greased the seal and the seat.... It didn't even required a seal driver... Thanks for being here for us!


Hristina Trumpić

I'm about to buy my first bike and just staring to ride. While I'm waiting for all of that, I was just thinking about this stuff, how to properly adjust my bike to fit me best. Thank you for this insight, now I know exactly what to do


C Attwood

I nearly died from a tank slapper under hard breaking at high speed several years ago AND I had never even HEARD of this and I took all the safety courses. Please pay attention, this video could save your life. Thank you for this EXCELLENT video, you speak the truth



Lewis commented: "Watched a few of your videos. Your information and the way you put it across is superb. It flows very well not a single pause. It really shows it’s ultra clear in your mind. Like it 👍🏻"



3 hours ago

Been riding motorcycles most of my life. Never realized that the upper chain was not supposed to move when you were checking adjustment. I've been adjusting my chain too tight for years apparently. Thank you for this


LaosGPSmap Midnitemapper

Excellent information, why is this not common knowledge about bike tires? As you point out, so many factors contribute to the most important element of motorcycle handling - The Tire!



Moss just knows his job way too well lol and idea what a 130 pound rider on a 2005 zx10r good shock starting point.


DEEJAY KRITIK commented: "That should be explained when taking motorcycle driving class !!!! Great Job!!!!"



What a video! Thanks. ALOT! For us perfectionists, remember to empty & fill each side when the barometric pressure is about the same - not a day before/after a storm front passes.


J DuB commented: "Dave, this was fascinating and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a manner anyone can follow and understand."


Justin Spencer 

Can't stress the importance of sharing valuable knowledge. Learning to ride and never heard anything on the proper suspension setup. only wish I found DMT earlier. Riding my motorcycle has felt like wearing the wrong size shoes for too long!


pale rider

Came to post the exact question. Thanks for the explanation and the tips to center everything. Your video with the narrative explanation goes worlds beyond what the service manual says.


Mari Mari replied: "Dave Moss TuningA big thank you for your answer and thank you for all the videos you have brought us thank you very much cordially mr mari fabien 👍🙏"


Marco Yustinus replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for the answer, i tried and need to adjust little bit and feel awesome 👍"



Enigma commented: "Thank you for this easy tutorial and also explaining WHY we need to turn the bars before completing the adjustment. Cheers mate."


AlphaKillo replied: "I’ve been following you since 2008! Thank you for what you’ve done to the world of motorcycling"


Jackson14 commented: "As a mechanic this is probably the best content you can get. This man needs to be protected at all costs. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻"


Dark Shadow commented: "I'm the new Subs.and I really liked this tutorial on adjusting the equipment before riding a motorcycle ... greetings from Croatia"


pale rider

Came to post the exact question. Thanks for the explanation and the tips to center everything. Your video with the narrative explanation goes worlds beyond what the service manual says.


Zuse commented: "good on ya dave, wish i could watch. ty for the knowledge over the years m8"


AlphaKillo replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I swear can I nominate you for the noble peace price! You sir have saved a lot of lives"


Please Bring the Fire commented: "This man is a damn wizard with assessing bike geometry and handling. Jeez"


Justin Marhold

Watching this guy is like breathing some fresh air, totally invigorating and inspiring. Teachers like these are few and far between, we must cherish him.



Pete Bennett commented: "Absolutely love this! Nothing like resurrecting a bike. You can almost see it smiling 😊"


Thank you for replying. I have managed to get "air spring" without losing any travel. I maintain motorcycle by myself. Your videos helped me countless times. Best of luck.


Kris commented: "You should be a voice actor. I listened to this while working and I felt I was listening to a well written audio book..."



Brian Meuse commented: "Even Dave's mistakes are on porpoise. LOL. Dave should be your go to source."


Inactive Mogul commented: ".... This guy is a scientist with motorcycles."


Alan Rodriguez 

Dave Moss is cool 😎. Dave Moss can help you. He allows me to ask the question about air pressure and suspension and importantly to read the tires too. Al


Billy commented: "really informative thanks again"


Gideon Sikk commented: "Moss is just a classy guy"


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Chaska Carlos Walton

I can't recommend this guy enough. Instant change on the bike for close to nothing. Faster and safer ride. No brainer.

E.m.C. 2 

every video i saw from Moss now... is Great! that infos! full of them!


Shannon Pickens commented: "Very interesting!! A lot of very good information!! Thank you."


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Charlie commented: "Heya Dave great videos keep doing them


GunCollector007 commented: "Great video and channel! Thanks"


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hibbitty bibbitty 

This is 100% an adjustment that needs to be made to a stock, base model ZH2. Everyone with one should start here


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Hot Chihuahua commented: "Thank you for this lesson sir ."






Davor Kolic, Croatia

I'm just sending a big greeting from Croatia to the legendary Dave Moss.

Davor ColicI follow your work and admire the knowledge. If we were a little closer, a lot of bikers here would need you. Good luck in your future work and continue to share information with us. 🤘🤘🤘💯

David Stephens, Panigale V2 (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Had a good ride out in the canyons on a variety of surfaces and she was lovely all around. Actually felt like she wanted me to get to know her finally haha.
Took some tire picks and front fork zip tie (attached).
The rear felt way better too. Sits down a bit more under acceleration which is nice. Bumps were way more tolerable. Freeway still a bit of a head nodder but that’s okay. That’s just reverb on shitty surface I think.
For how I ride and where, I’d say she’s damn close to perfect and a MASSIVE improvement.
Why Ducati deliver the bikes that way I have no idea 🤷‍♂️
Thanks again mate. Much appreciated!
Yurien Perez, California USA
Hi Dave,
You did my suspension at the Cycle Gear in Pleasanton and the I took my nephew to Fairfield Cycle Gear and you did his.
And thank you so sooooo much for doing my and my nephews bike we both felt a huge difference.
I no longer come down on my take so hard,lol. A million thats for all that you. I love all your videos, your a great instructor.
And I have learned so much from you!
Maya Fox, Triumph Tiger 900, CaliforniaMaya Fox, Triumph Tiger 900, California

Hi Dave,


I must say after the adjustments you made, and the knowledge of how suspension actually works… I had the best day riding off road on my motorbike last weekend.

I kept it a little stiffer than I used to and the success made it worth it! I powered up hills, throttle through mud and didn’t crash when I hit a couple deep holes. This is new for me and it was incredible and I have to thank you for the education!

The confidence I gained from being successful off-road now that my bike works because I’m letting it do what it should be doing.…

Thank you, thank you, 1000 times thank you

Rhys Frearson (Remote Tune) GSXR450Rhys Frearson (Remote Tune) GSXR450

Hi Dave.

Thanks for the advice.

The rebound adjustment made a huge improvement in feel.

Worked on my brake to throttle transition and dropped my lap times to get new PBs all day.

Just knowing where I need to focus helps a ton.

Thanks mate.

Scott Gall CBR600RR (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Just some feedback on changing shock length on my Cbr600rr. I tried increasing the shock length as you suggested and the bike does turn quicker.
However, I prefer placing the bike in the corner rather than the bike turning in more on its own. I didn’t realise that till trying this experiment… So with that in mind I put the shock length back to the original length and tested back to back and much prefer the original shock length. I guess it’s down to my preference and what I am used to. I will continue with the standard shock length as it suits my needs better, and these little Cbr600rr’s steer pretty sweetly anyhow.
Thanks again for you help and information. I enjoyed this little experiment.
Keith Knepper, Suzuki VStrom (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I'm now able to ride and test all the adjustments you helped me with on my Vstrom.
I'm feeling better connected overall, a big improvement. I am noticing some neck strain and soreness. It could be that it's because I have not ridden in months. But if you have any suggestions on what typically causes neck strain on the bike (bar position, posture?) , I'd appreciate your help. I thought I'd ask before doing a lot of experimentation.
Thanks again for all your help. With your adjustments and putting more miles on, I am really loving this bike.
- Keith
Michael Baffico, Ducati Multistrada (Remote Tune)Michael Baffico, Ducati Multistrada (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave,

Did my official test ride today.

As mentioned the tire pressure 40-42 is fantastic. The wear on the tires is normal and the front looks amazing.

The rear is starting to level out and the cupping is smoothing out.

As for the rear shock there are three pictures. On the sport/soft setting the there is no grease as the sock was bottoming out. I tried sport/harder and the grease was slightly higher than the ring but doesn’t feel good to me, too harsh. Sport/medium pushed the grease to the ring but feels really good. Not harsh but solid feeling. Where do we go now? Lower the front to get some weight off the back? The front on Sport/softest feels perfect and the zip tie seems to be in a good spot.

JB, GSXR 1000 (Remote Tune)JB, GSXR 1000 (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


My GSXR is tons fucking better! Now I was able to focus on other things that I need.

Never realized the other weak points of the bike when I was too worried about my suspension.

I ended up close to 28psi hot. I will go down to 26 hot right off track.

Νικόλας Συμεωνίδης, Cyprus, (Remote Tune)Νικόλας Συμεωνίδης, Cyprus, (Remote Tune)


I do the changes you said me last time. At the first change with 38 psi and preload 2,5 turns left the bike was perfect, I feel safe and comfortable also I take back my lost confidence!! Then I turn compression 3 clicks left and I didn’t feel as comfortable as before. All the bike now it’s amazing and I enjoy the rides. Thanks a lot!!

You are a professor!!

Terry Dean, California

Good Sunday morning to you sir Dave!!!

hope you're doing well my friend!
lots of changes in the stable down here!!!
I recently saw the video on YouTube of you and I setting the Futura up at ProItalia (pre suspension mods) thank you so much that was really nice! I get to revisit my education!
I've always battled correct settings on that bike and I just chewed through a lot of tires especially the tires that I was using Michelin pilot 5.... I could never seem to get it right so I totally change things up and put on Continental Attack 2, (almost a race tire? hyper performance?) and I also went "one over" in the rear.... instead of a 180 I put on a 190..... I think I finally nailed it the right combo on that bike it handles so incredibly well and is so smooth and sticky it's unbelievable totally different machine!
Chael Edrol S. Fernandez, Ozamiz Phillipines (Remote Tune)

Done testing, backed off rebound by 2 clicks then boom. Fixed... the grease on the shock shaft is at 3mm above bottom out... I think becuase of some hard bumps here on the road I ride. Thanks Dave! You are the best

Scott Gall, Triumph Thruxton R (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,

Finally got time to get the forks done on my Triumph Thruxton R as you suggested, re my previous email. Took them to a good suspension tech and he agreed with your suggestions.
As well as changing to Motul 5w he noticed that there was severe stiction in both forks. (Grease had hardened and dried in the dust seals) He fixed that and rebuilt the forks with 25cc less oil as suggested (140mm air gap).
Set the damping to 4 turns out for both comp and rebound.
I tested the bike over the last few days and this makes a night and day improvement in the way the bike rides.
Thanks again,
Adam Smittkamp, Cedarburg, Wisconsin USA Kawasaki Concours 1400 (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave,

You and I had emailed a bit last month regarding the rear shock for my Concours 14.  You had recommended sending the unit to Kendall, and just wanted to message you here to thank you for doing so.

Received it back a week or two ago,  and while I haven't ridden the bike yet, just bouncing it in the garage I can tell I’ve got some rebound control/adjustment back, which is what I was mainly shooting for.  And as you know, he was able to make the unit somewhat serviceable for the future.

I’m doing the fork oil/seals this week and then will be anxious to try it all out.  Thanks again for the help and recommendation.

And I should mention, if you’ve ever got any automotive related questions, give me a shout!


Karel Brozik, Canada,  Triumph 675 (Remote Tune)Karel Brozik, Canada, Triumph 675 (Remote Tune)
Thanks so much Dave.
I try to keep as much info about each sessions as much as possible.
But I can say with certainty, that last season my pace was picking up without me having to force it.  Not sure if that makes sense.  It felt natural, and it was really encouraging to see that progression.
There were times I was asking myself in my helmet why is everyone going so slow, is there something going on the track I don’t know about that would make other riders slower…but then I realized after every session and every track day that my pace was gradually improving on it’s own without me forcing it.
And that is the most amazing feeling to be able to see that improvement.  And it all comes down to receiving valuable and knowledgeable information from someone like yourself Dave.  So thank you.
Your encouragement and advice is truly amazing.
Brent Frank California USA Triumph Street Triple (Remote Tune)Brent Frank California USA Triumph Street Triple (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Update: Five weeks to get springs but we got them, they are installed and it’s such a big difference.
Rémy is much happier with how the new bike handles.
I’m positive we need some tuning now and I will start a log book to keep a record of where we started and what works and what doesn’t.
Would love to meet you at a track in the future and speed that tuning up. Please let us know if you are visiting Button Willow, Willow Springs or Laguna Seca this summer.
Thank you again for your input.
Ann Tsyganova, UK RS660 (Remote Tune)Ann Tsyganova, UK RS660 (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Thank you— I had a great day yesterday. Upped the cable tie (I had it on already from the previous suspension set up), it went down to the place as it’s on the picture (attached).
Careful observations from the ergonomics— it seems I am no longer catching throttle when using front brake.
And shoulders were not tired for longer— not till after 4th session, while previously I had them in pain straight away.
I have been also more comfortable with hairpins (I was struggling a lot even last week for them(—not sure what’d the most impact for it, but just seems bike is flowing in better, I put it down to the suspension.
I don’t think I will need new yoke/clip on — don’t see a need in it after the adjustment we made. I don’t see any obvious discomfort so far— do you think there is any areas to watch out for the future improvement?
Huge thank you for your work on my bike— really makes a difference to the posture and comfort!
With best regards,
Rief Hodzic, New York USA (Remote Tune)
The bike turns in much better and already made a MASSIVE improvement I can’t wait to dial it in even more it’s basically a new bike.
Talk soon.
Benjamin Espinosa, New York USA (Remote Start)

Hey Dave, hope all is well and business has been lucrative.

So where do I start. Man oh man the difference (in a great way) does the bike feel now. I was able to use the spanner and give it 2 full turns clockwise and I feel way more planted to the ground and the bike absorbs the bumps a lot better. I was unable to hit the mountain roads, but did a few hours on the highway and down in Manhattan to really feel it out.

I am very happy with the results.

Will shoot you another email after I am able to try out the more aggressive set up given for the mountains.

Again, thanks so much for your time and knowledge. Wish you a great weekend 👍
Chris Rivas V-Twins, California USAChris Rivas V-Twins, California USA

Out at Fontana cooking some tires!

You gave us the information to have WAY more confidence at the track. Thank you again for your help Dave, it has helped leaps and bounds!

YouTube testimonials February 2022

Featured comment:

Paul commented: "Just ordered one. First thing I did was sign up to your website to watch the full set up video. The info was well worth the subscription alone. 👍😊"



who can make your hole weak?

i used to do this years(20)ago regulary with my dirtbikes when changing tyres. i havent had dirtbikes for 2 decades and lost this important knowledge. thanks very much for reminding me of this. youre instructions are clear and precise. thanks again.



This guy is the dieseltechron of sportbikes. Having both a power stroke and sport bikes these guys are as good as gold. Good stuff man appreciate the content and most importantly you explain why you're doing what you're doing and what not to do also.

peter infante

Great content, Dave! Keep these classes coming. Haha. Love the classroom feel.. It may be basic to some but to others it can install valuable information to process in their brain by being a better and safer rider. Win win as you say..


Raul Alvarado

This was a great video I actually never thought about it like that. I bought a motorcycle and in some areas it was uncomfortable to ride. But now after watching this it is okay to make it for yourself haha


Swashbuckler commented: "This guy seems like a workaholic, tuneaholic? Anyways love the content this channel has it all!"


2wheelsmorereels Hi Dave, great work out there. Thanks for the educational videos it really helps out to learn something.


Marcus George Awesome video Dave, very insightful. So, basically for people above the Goldilocks zone for rider weight then you really need to be looking into your type of springs and suspension oil.


Dukie Your work has been extremely helpful, straight forward and right to the point with no bull. Thank you


Marcos Garcia Awesome video sir dave moss....in regards to low tire pressure, I literally check tire pressure every time I go out.


Timothy Martin Love watching this channel so much knowledge creates wisdom and understanding stay strong warriors

Yurien Perez



Mark Hingst commented: "Brilliant explanation to consolidate what I sort of knew. Multistrada 1200, regularly 30+ Celsius climate, 110kg rider, ridden pretty hard and running out of fork valving adjustment


Chasing Tenths

Excellent video Dave, really puts things into perspective. I made the original two videos on this over suspension in 2019 and I am over the moon , you are doing it absolute justice from a practical point of you. Well explained , Thank you.


Shane CD commented: "This technology, you have to take the time to study what we have from basic to advanced before understanding chassis chatter, 5 hours later after watching the matrix lol."



When I came across you 'which wasn't tough because you're a known person in the bike scene' you talk so much rubbish you make in it up as to speak....I now know your a actually good Rider racer..and now take you serious your stuff is solidly good and expert.... good videos Dave moss...


ron engle commented: "Dave Moss Tuning everything is done except engine install. Oh and I have a rusty fuel tank to deal with. Your how to videos have helped a lot sir. Thank you very much"


Silver SooZookee

Out of everything going on in the world And the significant changes in my personal life What a nice escape to watch this video. Definitely put me in a hopeful mood.


hibbitty bibbitty commented: "This is 100% an adjustment that needs to be made to a stock, base model ZH2. Everyone with one should start here"


42Seb commented: " makes sense, so when the fork goes thru it's travel stroke, the oil "trapped" between the inner/outer rises sufficiently to reach that passage point. Thanks Dave!"


ron engle commented: "I started a build on a 05 when COVID hit. Been following all these videos. Thanks guys for all the help"


John Hebert commented: "First ever video I’ve watched and immediately subscribed! You sir know your stuff!!"


Rene commented: "I really enjoy watching all of DaveMossTuning content. I always learn something new. Near Fresno? I'm in Fresno.


Amazing information you are sharing with the community, there are so much thing to learn! Thank you for this.


Milan JajaCZ commented: "Thank you for this video. I am learning every day something new about my bike and your videos are pretty much the best."


David Houry commented: "Hello, very interesting, thank you for this video. Many greetings from the south of France ✌"


TurboAcki commented: "Dave Moss Tuning I'm sure that it's better to have some guy which asks for advice than people which are too afraid to ask somebody which has the knowledge."


Kenshi LeNinjah commented: "I feel like the keymaker when Neo showed up lol. I like how you explain and demonstrate it definitely makes it easier. You’re the man"


Paul Espino commented: "Take a class on learning maintenance of my bike with Dave Moss?!?? Where do I sign up!?!?"


Chris H commented: “fascinating to watch you work Dave. Good solid processes methodically applied one step at a time, as the Mandalorian says, “this is the way”.


RIDER ZONE commented: "Good day Dave, I've watched your oversuspension video, and it's brilliant.


Josh Medley replied: "@Dave Moss Tuning  thanks Dave for the helpful info and will give it a try!! Thanks again Dave


Alan Rodriguez commented: "Dave Moss is cool 😎. Dave Moss can help you. He allows me to ask the question about air pressure and suspension and importantly to read the tires too. Al"


Jay commented: "Great content Dave! Your videos are always so helpful and knowledgeable! Keep it up! 👍"


E.m.C. 2 commented: "every video i saw from Moss now... is Great! that infos! full of them!"


Claude Best YTB channel ever. Period.


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Japfourme commented: "Great video Dave, will adjust my clutch like this in future."


Gonzalo Jesam commented: "Fantastic review!! Thanks Dave. Greetings from Chile."




Edward Walls, Los Angeles areaEdward Walls, Los Angeles area
Hey brother. I can’t thank you enough for the suspension tune on my 2022 Energica Ribelle at Pro Italia. It is literally night and day from the stock settings. I have a lot more confidence in the twisties and know the setup will save my tires.
Your clinic helped me understand ergonomics and gives me a better since of control while braking.
Josef Meinzer, CaliforniaJosef Meinzer, California


You do God's work my man...that SV feels incredible might as well be laser guided 👌👍👍

Rode it a gear higher along the same routes/corners and just glided through rather than hurry up and slow down, confidence level is through the roof 👍🏍👍🏍

David Lapsey, Los Angeles, Ducati Streetfighter V4David Lapsey, Los Angeles, Ducati Streetfighter V4

Hi Dave:

You tuned my black street fighter v4s today. I wanted to thank you. The change is incredible!

The change in handle bar position has taken a lot of weight off my hands. I don’t need to use my legs as much now which is awesome!

The change in lever angle completely changes how I interact with the controls. I’m using my finger tips now which enables me to be a lot more delicate.

The suspension changes are amazing. All of the hard bumps I was hitting that were jarring my spine are absorbed now. I can’t believe how comfortable the bike is and how planted it feels in the twisties.

I have a herniated disc so I’m usually in a bit of pain after a day’s ride. The changes you made to my bike today have also really helped with that too.

Best regards,


David Teller Yamaha R6 (Remote Tune)David Teller Yamaha R6 (Remote Tune)
Good afternoon Mr. Moss,
Wanted to let you know that I got the first setting done and it is a huge difference. I was taking corners more confidently.
Bike has to go in the shop Saturday. Issue with my rear brake.
When it gets out I'm going to start on the next 2.
Thank you so much. Was a huge help.
David Teller
Robusta espresso bar (Ducati V4R)Robusta espresso bar (Ducati V4R)

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much it was a pleasure meeting you,🙏🙏🙏,(Barak Avi’s friend)

Let me rephrase, it was an honor!!!!!!

Harold Stearns, Fresno CA (Ducati 1098 Remote Tune)
I wanted to tell you it took me a moment to figure your notes out but once I understood what to do and where, it turned out awesome.
The bike was unrideable before your adjustments but since he and I only differ by less than 20lbs I was able to do the before and after test.......
omg, u are a genius.
The bike is on rails I could get her to do what ever I wanted her to do in a corner.....entry mid turn Exit it just responded!!
He still needs you to fine tune in March but now you will be able to look at tires and fine tune. And the wobble he thought he had was just chatter I think cause the front was so off.
It bounced in the sport chock when we first put it in - it was like a pogo Stick it just kept bouncing. And we took over 25mm of sag out he was happy to say the least thank you sooooo much! See you soon
@shockerzevworld  after DMT changed settings@shockerzevworld after DMT changed settings
When @davemosstuning tunes your bike you gotta take it up ACH to dial it in. Thanks Dave, it’s riding on rails. ❤️❤️❤️
Egor Demelova, San DiegoEgor Demelova, San Diego

Hello "Sir David Moss"

You are a stellar person!

And I am so thankful to have met you and privileged that you touched my bike and transformed it into a true race-bred machine that it was designed to be between my legs!!!

The bike felt brand new and solid!!! So happy!

And the fact that just yesterday I mounted new front rotors! Makes the bike feel new!!!

Thank You very very much!

J Danvil Remote TuneJ Danvil Remote Tune

Hi Dave,

I just want to thank you for the feed back it means a lot to me.

I can't get enough of the videos you post. Please keep up the excellent work, I am able to work on and set up my own bike because of you.

I have a much better understanding on how my machine works and I am able to change the bike to suit me and not me suit the bike.

I like what you said about us being adaptable, it's an advantage and disadvantage to us as humans.


Kind regards

Ashley Priestley, Brisbane Australia (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I can't believe the difference in my Yamaha 2015 R1M! 
My Ohlins rear shock had about 20mm of thread showing, no wonder I was getting a sore back.  I did what you said and wound the preload up so there is no thread showing.  Even on the Ohlins ERS/auto suspension setting it feels more comfortable.  I haven't tried the manual setting yet as I think the problem was just the rear shock being wound down with too much preload on the spring.  The Front fork test with the zip tie was perfect.
I will definitely get the oil serviced. 
Thanks for your help Dave

Dylan Byrne # 54, Club racer, New Zealand (Remote Tune)Dylan Byrne # 54, Club racer, New Zealand (Remote Tune)Roadracer testimonial from New Zealand
Thanks from NZ
Dylan Byrne

Dave's setup advice fixed a rear tyre wear issue and improved the handling of my R3 race bike throughout the corner from entry to exit. It led to me finding a good base set up to work with.

After taking a photo of the tyre and giving Dave some details of the bike and conditions, we made changes to the bike based on what Dave suggested is causing the problem, which was that the bike's weight balance was too far towards the front, and stiff at the rear.

With only a few tyre pics and limited details of the bike setup, conditions and feedback, we followed the setup direction suggested by Dave which intended to move the bike balance more towards the rear. The result was much improved confidence and speed throughout the corner, with faster and more consistent lap times and helped me race at the front of the field. Tyre wear is much cleaner and no longer tearing, reflecting that it was the bike's balance that was the issue.

Thanks to Dave's help I now have a good base setting that I am pretty comfortable with. For what is a new bike with new suspension, this can be a difficult thing to find and is super important. I have now saved time in getting up to speed with the new bike, improved performance on the day and saved money in tyres and riding fees trying to find this base set up.
Nate Swyers, Remote Tune with a Kawasaki Concours
Hi Dave,
During today's ride, it was about 40 degrees F and I set the bike up with the correct Ride 1 setting you provided. One thing I noticed was that when the bike was cold, it required much more input from me to keep it compliant. Bumps during low speed and corners seemed to disrupt the bikemore and I felt like I w as using my knees alot to grip the bike early on. But as the bike warmed up and tire pressures rose, it became easier to ride. After about 30 minutes or so, the bike felt pretty good. Real lite in the bars and responsive to input. Stability was good,, but I did notice a little bit of a tendency to dive in and over stear at times if I let off throttle in a corner. Nothing major, just a little more than I expected in that scenario.
After about an hour, I changed to the Ride 2 settings. The bars felt a little more firm here, but I did enjoy one of my favorite stretches of twisties with this setup and the bike felt pretty good as I pushed it harder than I had the last couple days. One thing I noticed on a stretch of repetitive bumps in the road was that while the back felt pretty flat, the front had a bit of an annoying pop and kind of harsh feedback with each bump. If I accelerated a little over these bumps though, the front settled down.
I have to admit, any complaints are just me nitpicking it feels like. I haven't had alot of opportunity to try for repeatability...
All settings ran the last few days have felt better in pretty much all situations. Even though it is cold as all get out, I am really enjoying the bike. Again, thank you for your help.
Jim Lewis, Oregon USA (1-1 coaching)

Hello Dave,

Happy new year!

The coaching I received from you last April made a huge difference in my riding and my confidence. Reviewing the video you left for me on that bitchen little sport bike thumb drive (left it on my seat, super classy move!) I saw that my last laps recorded were 11 seconds faster than my first! I think I finished with a 1:40, I went back in June with Pacific TT and ran a 1:39!
I remember asking you about my body position and you said, “Ah, that’s another lesson.”
So I’m hoping you are willing to, and have time for, another afternoon session during the Carter’s dates.
Viana Mollinedo Remote Tune Ducati V4S streetfighterViana Mollinedo Remote Tune Ducati V4S streetfighter

I was feeling frustrated with the suspension on my brand new Streetfighter V4S, the bike was stiff on my daily rides, bouncing me out of the seat over bumps and almost no give from the forks at stops. Reached out to the dealer and they were no help, then went through the manual and was left feeling more confused.

I found Dave's YouTube channel and reached out regarding all these issues. Dave navigated the suspension settings on the SF with the ease and expertise of a well educated professional.

He took the time to explain what we were doing and answer all my questions.

He set up all 3 riding modes to my specs and then asked me to go ride it and we made additional adjustments from there.


This experience far surpassed all my expectations regarding a remote tune.

The SF is now a much more comfortable bike for me to ride, I highly recommend anyone to get your bike tuned by Dave.
YouTube Testimonials December 2021



Hello Dave' 1 & Dave 2. I want to say personally "Thank you " to both of you. Without you, I would not have thunk about adjusting my bike nor thinking about getting the R7. I have a doggy back, neck & shoulders. However, with your knowledge and expertise, I feel that with proper settings and stretching that I can ride the R7 and have some good fun. I understand that this is a business and thus is modeled thus. It's simple, without income you dont eat, Bill's don't get paid & likewise for Dave 2 ( your editor). Whenever the Lord blesses me with the new bike, I will setup my bike and then make appointment for fine tuning. Thank you both for all you. Rob Bay Area CA




Very interesting, if you have to do an Oil change on the Fork, I guess you also have to perform an oil change on the rear shock? If not, why? (Dave taught me to play 4 year old kid and ask that) And is there a video or some source of information out there where Dave explains that? Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate your videos and all the valuable informations that you share.


David Clay

Dave set my Z1000 up for me a couple of years ago. Made a world of difference. Completely transformed the bike. Also, took his advice and got new bars and that made it better than just the suspension stuff that he did. I would really like to get him to setup my new Speed Triple 1200, but I don't see him coming to the states on his calendar, so I will have to watch his videos and do it myself.



I love Dave Moss's straight forward approach and dedication. Hes able to communicate very well and explain what's happening and how to fix the bike so it rides the way it was engineered. I will forward this to Alex from MC Commute as he was very sketched out on the front end pogoing in his ride video at same event.

Jon Neulreich

Dave, I appreciate the detail in your videos and the wide range of topics covered. I don't have to own the bike you're working on to perform the same work!


Neil Mallon commented: "I get I get so much information out of these videos It's the details that you always include that make the biggest difference Thank you for sharing with me China"


Ⳑ𝓐ƊエƐS CԊOエCƐ commented: "wow dave is like a father always there to give the proper advice. i like seeing those riders like it seems they are Dave's children. 👌🏼🙌🏼"


Slightly commented: "I love how Dave can explain exactly what is going on and make it perfectly understandable, and yet still be way over your head at the same time."


Nghia Ha Trong replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you good sir, i'm sure i will be able to enjoy this bike safe and sound with your instruction."


Mr, Boo Boo 1972 commented: "It's so Great seeing these in depth videos. I learn so much watching them. Especially multiple times."


whitemarmite commented: "daves the guy everyone needs to have at their track day, top bloke"


The Espartans commented: "Nice review sir. Just bought my Cbr500r 2022 here in the Philippines. Ride safe."


Joe S. commented: "Best video on preload adjustments, thank you for the great detail!"


Blainey Biker commented: "Best suspension video on YouTube"


Stinker doodle commented: "Such a cool dude..."


Gideon Sikk commented: "The daddie"


Moto TV Woods Farm commented: "nice movie friendly considered advice"


Mikail Khan commented: "Learned so much about configuring the bike to your self… thanks"


BlueDog 236 commented: " This is the first video I’ve watched of yours. Great job 👍"


João Machado commented: "Sir, you're a genius. Many thanks!"


Abdul Latiff Adam commented: "TQ boss👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍"


Will Stein commented: "Nice one Dave"




David Wilhite, California USA (Remote Tune) Ducati 900 Supersport SDavid Wilhite, California USA (Remote Tune) Ducati 900 Supersport S

Hi Dave

I managed to sneak a ride in today before the rain arrived. Dryish roads but cool; temps 50-53f.

Mill Valley-Mt Tam-Stinson-Hwy1-Muir Beach/Green Gulch-Mill Valley
I’m still learning the bike and it again showed me it can handle more, which is fine; good to have something in pocket. I know the road well enough but there are parts I don’t know by rote… yet there are lots of places I could push with some confidence.
The bike flowed well to the point that speed was too easy to carry (at least for me) so I told myself to relax, shoulders down, eyes open soft grip, keep the rpm’s low, and stay within a pace I could comprehend, focused to not over-drive the road.
The bike is more compliant (and comfortable!) since the changes and felt balanced as long as I could get it slowed before I’d tip in. I caught myself hanging on the front brake too long a couple of times, doing some sort of stupid unicycle thing, but as soon as I corrected to get it back on it’s rear the Ducati yielded a bunch of pace right away.
Back to basics, slow when upright, let bike settle, look through the corner, tip it in, get on the gas, smile. When I let it, the bike just came to me.
When accelerating out of corners I could feel the bike rotating well, with a slight oversteer to help us through. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that sensation before quite like that. Sure I’ve experienced drive out of a corner but this was something a little more, like it would squish a bit before biting in; a little sideways movement even as it was biting in.  I felt in control and I could have pushed harder if I’d wanted but the speed produced was noticeable and with the next ditch lined corner coming up too I worked to keep a lid on things.  Everything about this bike is wonderful. Such easy speed with the confidence that I could make my own pace faster than I’ve usually dared. I wasn’t that much faster overall but I was more consistent because the bike gave me confidence telling me that the limits, my limits, were more predictable.
The bike changed direction well and felt precise. If I didn’t upset the bike while tipping in I found I’d hit corner apex too easily so I worked on tipping in later which also improved drive. Even when I was missing the apex I didn’t once run wide, (a good achievement for me, 😳) by pushing as much counter steer as needed so that the bike accurately drove out of corners. Then as I would hit more and more corners well it allowed me to calmly stay quicker without fear. Really fun! Suspension wise I don’t think I hit bottom anywhere but it looks like I’m using more travel.
I was surprised at how quickly time passed on route.
Kevin Sturgeon Pennsylvania USA (Remote Tune)

Bike is insane now! It's so responsive! It's like a new bike.

I never dialed in suspension ever before but this is great! Paired with my open flash performance uts a whole new bike thank you dave! When your back from Dubai  I got a Supersport 950s we'll work on via video chat

YouTube testimonials November 2021

James Christison

Hi Dave!
I just want to thank-you sincerely for how much I have learnt from your online content over the last couple of years. You have single handily empowered me with the most useful knowledge I know about my life-long obsession. Not only has it greatly improved my riding confidence, but it has also given me a new passion for helping my friends transform their bikes in to something they have always dreamt of. Our riding group now prefer the hills instead of fast straights, we ride slower and safer, rarely upset the highway police, and all with way more smiles per miles!
Yesterday my buddy picked up a brand new 2021 MT-09 SP and we spent the afternoon sorting out his ergo’s, SAG and base hydraulics. Everything was going well, then I got stuck with rear static sag measuring only 4mm with preload wound fully out. I was stumped.
Thankfully, I saw you had recently released a review video on the SP using a ChampSchool bike. So, I renewed my monthly membership and got watching.
I was so happy when you ran into the same problem, but even happier when you fixed it by adding more rebound - a little gold nugget of knowledge right there. Well, thank you Sir, it worked a trick! I ended up with the minimum 8mm rear static sag.
We set 35mm of sag, balanced the bike and headed out to the hills. After only 4 adjustment stops, the bike was transformed from its showroom setup. Holly smokes is it easy to ride quick. My buddy now wants to marry me thanks to you!

Love the videos. Don’t change a thing.

Jess Vera

THANK YOU DAVE! Been scooting about for over a decade on 3rd or 5th Gen Honda VFR Interceptors. Last year bought the one HD i've ever wanted .. 95 Dyna Lowrider., and have been experimenting with being able to be anywhere as close to as 'nimble' on this beast as riding Anything in New England requires you to essentially have both "Get Out Of the Way 'Power', as well as 'Grip". Bike has low profile drag bars ( similar to the sweep/position of the Honda actually (which = better for me handling wise), and the standard Dunlop tires.. Bike is actually absurdly solid, easy to flick, and surprisingly, quite nimble. Only issue I seem to have is the back end slipping out even at moderate to low take off speeds when sitting on all the white paint on the road. -_- (BTW, for all the other riders here: "Massachusetts: The land of actively trying to cull the population by way of unlit, mandatory-stop pedestrian crosswalks". ) All that said, the manual for the bike has tire pressures at 38 fr, 44 rear. Been running at about 36.5 Fr, 43 rear (cold) as the bike is lower than it should be from prev owner. ((Have new shocks, Don't have a low enough jack just yet 😉 Anyway, THANK YOU for these amazing bits of assistance for spirited riders. If I move back to CA, I will have to visit. 🙂 All the best Dave!

Peter McCann

I found the Dave Moss channel in '16 or '17, when I was setting up my new '16 R1 for track duty at COTA. Now I'm back, setting up a MT07. His MO is exceptional in he you explains what he is doing, in a way that new riders can understand, so they can learn how to work on bike set up themselves-a skill they will use as long as they ride. In this sense, he is a stand out resource for the world moto community, making the sport more enjoyable, and safer, for riders everywhere. Good tuning starting points, by platform, are not easy to find, and Daves' have always been very close to where I wind up. Very important for riders learning to set up their bikes to understand that bike set up is unique to the individual, like a tailored suit...involving preferences, body dimensions, skill level, ect. Having a good starting point, to return to if needed, saves much time and frustration, as well as making the process more safe.


Raul Maldonado

Hello and good day Mr. Moss. So far all has been life changing while riding as much as we all can here in Pennsylvania. On the second setting, i feel more planted/connected to the asphalt especially on highway/high speed riding. I will not change it to the 3rd setting until spring time next year but wanted to take some time out of my day to thank you again and again for your expert advice, and to also let you know i will be adding another bike to the fleet with an fz-07 for my son whom turned 21 today and i will be gifting him with the fz-07 next year, so i will most definitely contact you again to get it dialed in to his weight and so forth.



Marcus George

OMG. Dear Dave(s), I guess you meet all types of riders…. The “tolerance”, shown, when setting up bikes for wannabe street Rossi’s was impeccable. I still smile today when I hear how good riders, one experience quick, modern bikes think they are. Especially, if they have done several laps around my old home racetrack (Phillip island) and they say how quick they are. Up until the point of lap times. As an old saying goes “ if you can get around the track in under 2 minutes, you can ride”. When I hear times above, and simply point to times 10 seconds quicker (on a 250 production bike), they simply don’t understand. 👍😎🇦🇺


Aaron Oster commented

Hope you're having a great autumn.  I'm about to take my final long ride on the FZ-07 in November from Masaschusetts to California before selling to my friend who lives in LA.  I've set up the shop to trim my front fork spacers by 12mm, but the rear shock is still stock.

All the best and may I find you on a track sometime in the near future!  Thanks again for all your guidance and help.  You've truly made my time on the bike more fun.


Mr D collections Edlund

Thank u dr moss 👍 have spent the last few days watching your videos, super. Imagine have god I would be if you can do more test videos and do this changes and be able to show have the bikes CAN be when you do the correct settings. 🙏 now I am going to subscribe for full, so I can look at the entire videos. Your the best 👍👍 From 🇸🇪🇸🇪



James Brown

Honest and true advice - 'like loosers do, not sales persons' - Dave Takes a personal risk here, and he knows - does the guy crash now during race - high chance he blames it on Dave and the 'old' tyres. Winning society’s know how to protect their Daves - they are most important.


Luis Sousa

Thank you very much @Dave Moss this was life changing for my MT07! really made a difference for me. I weight 70 kg and the change that I did was shorten it to 140mm of length and change the oil to 15w. It feels so much better at cornering and it is not too stiff, so I can still use it as a daily 🙂


tushar pardeshi

Well that is something i was wondering for some time.. the Why wasn't as loud as when you mentioned "be the annoying 7 year old". But I do remember asking at tire shop few times, is it the correct pressure...


Andrew Coventon

This is easily the most intuitive video I have seen in terms of motorcycle ergonomics. I've owned 3 bikes so far and never knew any of these things. Being 6'5 and size 14 shoe I thought I just had to get used to being uncomfortable but this video has taught me otherwise. Great work.



I figured this out on my own just now before even watching this video. I was sitting on my bike just earlier adjusting my headlight beam and thought what about my lever positions as well. So I adjusted them just like I’m the video. I will go back out to recheck them since I’ve watched this video. Very good info


Noe Paolo Domanais

This is so damn helpful! The details and how you explained it helped me understand whcih oil grade to use. I have studied this in college, over 2 decades ago and totally forgot it hahaha Was trying to figure out what WT to use on my MTB fork and now I know. Thank you so much!=


Nigel & Vicki Lambourne

Just bought an MT07 (my first road bike, after only riding 250 GP bikes previously), and couldn't believe how bad the forks were. Was relieved to see it was a common problem. Also great to see there is a simple initial fix. Thanks Dave


peter infante

Great content, Dave! Keep these classes coming. Haha. Love the classroom feel.. It may be basic to some but to others it can install valuable information to process in their brain by being a better and safer rider. Win win as you say..


Denis Railey

Sir Dave Moss. You may have saved my life by the importance of correct suspension settings. I no longer bounce around corners but smoothly progress around corners. I am now in my 70 so I thank you so much for your advice from NZ where we have a lot of bumpy roads.

Con Kawa replied: "Dave Moss Tuning with your help I manage to lap at 3s off race times with my street bike. Now I am trying to build an SV in stages, and see how it goes"


Sm00th Top77

Sir, I pride myself for always looking at things from a different angle, relative to the presentation and motivations behind it. You Sir, have just blown my mind. After decades of driving, understanding the advantages and/or hype of nitrogen, how my truck tires loose are from summer to winter…but never once applied those principles to my bike, not to mention elevation. This is simply an invaluable lesson.


No Body

I learn a lot from you thank goodness I found this video, I just find out that my chain has been worn out for such a long time, luckily this maintenance staff told me about it and I have to replace it on tomorrow. Thanks a lot sir this knowledge is totally worth to know.



The spoke singing thing is GENIUS!!! Almost a, duh moment for me. Makes so much sense. I learn something every time I find a new video of yours, Dave. Thanks for the hard work and dedication.


Marcus George

Awesome video Dave, very insightful. So, basically for people above the Goldilocks zone for rider weight then you really need to be looking into your type of springs and suspension oil. 👍😎🇦🇺


Brendan Schillaci

Just bought a 2020 KTM 890 Duke R and after watching this video I’ll be going over the suspension with a fine tooth comb. Thanks Dave for all your effort making such great videos you are a true gentleman


jason adams

I serviced the fronts myself and changed to a 10 weight to get some more rooms to play with for my riding style and body weight. I have learned so many tips and tricks watching your videos and have also applied what I have learned to others to.... "help them perform better." Thank you for everything you do. Hope to see you at Barber Motorsports someday.



Jeff Jensen

Really it all comes down to bike setup, suspension settings, tyre type and pressures, and riding to skill and surface conditions. Good to see an informative video and a person passing on knowledge 👍



I can say a bad setup definitely increases fatigue because you're constantly correcting. In my case springs were too stiff in the front, and too much rear preload.


Supermoto Reggie replied: "Dave Moss Tuning My drz400sm is doing this exact thing on bridge s22's. I really appreciate your support for us regular guys. Thank you sir. You're a world treasure, and a man's man."


andrewhtf commented: "Revisiting this video after a year. as fate would have it, i will be picking up a used MT07 in some weeks time. Definitely would want to get my regular mech to do this for me!"


Hiển Phạm replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you Dave. Biggest takeaway from your guide for me is to not let the upper part of the chain moves as slack is taken. It eliminates wrong measurement."

BizAutomation Automating Small Business commented: "The consumate professional. Always fair, humble, sweats the details. Thanks for this, and for all the help you provide the community."


Jason Adams commented: "Awesome video and awesome content can’t wait for the next video Thanks Dave"


Saiyan420 commented: "Also this is considered common Knowledge for the people i ride with very important to understand what happening with the bike at all time"


Geers Tyresoil commented: "im a big guy and switched to 20 weight on my 87 concours and it felt way better."


NesbittRacing commented: "Was recommended this channel by someone I met at a track day. I'm glad I tuned in! Thanks for the great videos"


Nicholas Lennon commented: "You guys are awesome. I've learned so much more than I deserve to know. Your channel has helped me service my own iron pony."


NHlocal commented: "Great information Dave, so much to learn but very much worth it. Thanks and keep yourself safe! 😃👍❤️🏍 Randy"


1k9trainer commented: "I just adjusted my Monkey, I had to do it at the throttle body because I didn’t see any other adjuster, but what a difference, like riding a different bike."


adi varso commented: "The only DMT you need as a rider is the molecules of wisdom from this man right here."


hellraiserrec19 commented: "The Mr Miyagi of motorcycle tuning! Thank you for the great content. Hope to see you around New Orleans one day"


Gio Verde replied: "Dave Moss Tuning You are so right Dave! You are so helpful and very professional at this - the Guru!👍🏻"


hypermotardking commented: "Nice one Dave.. I’ll also look at the ergonomics on my new Hyper 👍🏻"


Aleš Ježek commented: "Super,labombastic,fantastic, školastic!!!!!!👍🤘👏👐🤝👌😍🏍️💓🧠😇🙏"


Scott Parkhurst commented: "Very nicely done. Explained simply and where you can understand. Thank you Dave."


Brian 885 commented: "Yep I was about to throw back my new bike due to it unforgiving lack of comfort until I watched DM on tyre pressures. Now it's a work in progress."


D B commented: "To tight of a chain can be a cause of a highside. I love learning new things. Great info and explanations of cause and affect Sir!"


Steve Phillips commented: "Great video, I can see a few things that I can improve on. Thank you!"


Alex Rios commented: "Congratulations 👏 you are a professional who speaks so clear, step by step, no hesitations, or fill in unnecessary words. Cheers 🍻"


Dennis' Garage commented: "Awesome! I really like your welcoming attitude towards the first guy, as getting into track riding can be intimidating. I'm sure it boosted his confidence a lot!"


Joseph Shim commented: "The eloquence with which this guy speaks about motorcycles is as captivating as morgan freeman speaking about anything else. You just want to listen."


Killswitch 58 commented: "Set screws are real threads wreckers...Excellent video by the way, thanks!"


Shatter Blaster commented: "I like how you give these people advice instead of just doing it that’s my type of guy"


Amir commented: "Champion Dave, thanks for all your great videos. I think by now, I have accumulated a fairly good understanding of preload and the reasons for it.


Sergeant Sodom commented: "Everything you do is invaluable mate- hope to find you at Oulton one day!"


Péter Kocziha commented: "Screwdriver! That's what I was missing. Thanks Dave, best explanation!"


Alex G commented: "Sad my Daytona didn’t make it on here but always a treat to have Dave help dial it in"


Astrozito commented: “First i would like to thank you for all your videos and advices , they are very clear and usefull !”

SteelCitySpeedShop J.R6 Nothing but the Best of the Best in this Upload Dave 🤣

Jesse Moreno commented: "There is a reason why your the only person I trust with my suspension!"


Christopher Kearney commented: "I wish he was my dad 😍😍😍"


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LcSebastian commented: "Such great content on this channel.


De Vallov commented: "Nice video"


Arther Casillas commented: "Shut up and take my money"






Will Crothers, Alabama USAWill Crothers, Alabama USA

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to put a feather in your cap.

For the thousands of hours of video, the knowledge you share, the questions you always answer for me and of course the t-shirt you sent, it all came together last week in Alabama.

Finally got my knee down on the track. Thank you!!

James Christison, Australia

Hi Dave!

I just want to thank-you sincerely for how much I have learnt from your online content over the last couple of years. You have single handily empowered me with the most useful knowledge I know about my life-long obsession.

Not only has it greatly improved my riding confidence, but it has also given me a new passion for helping my friends transform their bikes in to something they have always dreamt of.

Our riding group now prefer the hills instead of fast straights, we ride slower and safer, rarely upset the highway police, and all with way more smiles per miles!

Yesterday my buddy picked up a brand new 2021 MT-09 SP and we spent the afternoon sorting out his ergo’s, SAG and base hydraulics. Everything was going well, then I got stuck with rear static sag measuring only 4mm with preload wound fully out. I was stumped.

Thankfully, I saw you had recently released a review video on the SP using a ChampSchool bike. So, I renewed my monthly membership and got watching.

I was so happy when you ran into the same problem, but even happier when you fixed it by adding more rebound - a little gold nugget of knowledge right there. Well, thank you Sir, it worked a trick! I ended up with the minimum 8mm rear static sag.

We set 35mm of sag, balanced the bike and headed out to the hills. After only 4 adjustment stops, the bike was transformed from its showroom setup. Holly smokes is it easy to ride quick. My buddy now wants to marry me thanks to you!

Love the videos. Don’t change a thing.

YouTube Comments September 2021.


stefan hulme

Okay so after about an hour fiddling with all the different screws and actually finding the original manual I think I've got it dialed in just right ! Just underneath the front forks is the dumping or rebound settings I screwed them all the way clockwise and then turn them 3 clicks back the same with the rear shock. Went out for 5 minute ride over some pretty awful Terrain and the suspension didn't bottom out like before ! Definitely a new experience for me rebuilding engines and electrical systems no problem but suspension that was a another learning curve. I'm actually located in Peru and finding a really good mechanic here is very difficult. Not like in England where I can just pop down the road. If you ever find yourself in the Peruvian mountains buddy come for a ride


A YouTuber can get a million views test riding the latest superbike from viewers who couldn’t afford one or keep one upright. Which just goes to show dreams are free. I have just put $3500 worth of suspension on my 300cc track bike. The annual subscription to DMT is about the same as 1 hour charge from a suspension tech. To me that’s epic value. Am sure if Dave’s goal was to make millions off social media instead of saving lives and making people faster he would do it all quite differently…


Mick Hoving

just measured the static sag on the forks and found it had 5mm and hard as a rock. So I started off with zero preload and zero rebound and got the forks sorted!! Just got to work on the Ohlins TTX shock now. Will replace the fork oil and get the rear shock oil replaced, I'd do it myself but I don't have the specialist tooling. Bike has 21,000km on it and unsure of its past maintenance record. I'd just like to thank you for your experience. You are definitely the god of suspension!!!


Rick Troiani

Damn you and thank you! Lol. I spent an hour with my Triumph Bonneville trying to slide the forks up including a long pipe clamp and a ratchet strap, no luck. Watched the first few minutes seeing you explain the friction and wiggle the shock, went to the garage and was finished in five minutes, thank you!!!


Sandro Correa

I have a low speed wobble and could never figure it out until you just explained it to me thru your video. never really scared me but didn't understand why it was happening but after you explained that your suspension has a lot to do with the wobbles it makes total sense thanks for clearing up my mystery!!!



Dave doing his thing. was there at the beginning. Dave has forgotten more about basic suspension tuning that most of know. It aint rocket science but he's brutally honest and focused. And I dig his style.


Chris Stanoyevic

 @Dave Moss Tuning  I’ve watched a ton of your videos. You’re the man! Thought the owner could have been better prepared with all info on the bike. I recently set my Ohvale suspension. Made a HUGE difference.



Daren Cummings

It's worth the money to get access to all the full videos. That said I watched the free clips for months on end and learned a lot before I paid, you just have to pay attention. @Dave Moss Tuning I appreciate the info you put out in your videos, whether clips or full vids.

Pierre Bujold

All very logical and a must for comfort and safety. Analogy with my bicycle took over an hour to adjust many point to enable cycling for 4-5 hours of comfort and safety. Great video and explanations.



Watching Dave adjust this bike for Victor was like watching a high-end suit Taylor custom make a suit for someone to fit them perfectly. All bike shops should have one or 2 employees who have studied under Dave to set their customers up correctly when they buy a bike.

Pierre Bujold

All very logical and a must for comfort and safety. Analogy with my bicycle took over an hour to adjust many point to enable cycling for 4-5 hours of comfort and safety. Great video and explanations.


Brenton Balicki commented: "Think of the effort that goes into these videos. He can tune your suspension remotely from anywhere in the world so get it done. DAVE MOSS YOU LEGEND."


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Anupam Roy commented: "Dave and dave, pls take a bow. This is THE most comprehensive tyre test one can find on the Internet 🙏 absolutely slamming stuff"


chris cs commented: "You are the B E S T. Did this and now bike feels so smooth 💯💯💯💯💯" Before bike felt so harsh and difficult to steer ..amazing tip ..thank you!


sabamacx: I can count on one hand things that worth spending money for to subscribe: Dave is one of them.


White Lives Matter!: Was subbed for a year once. One of best investments of my life. Did full front fork RN22 service thanks to it.


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José Antonio Richarte Aznar commented: "Gonna try this to try eliminate the brake shuddering off my front brakes."


D replied: "Yeaaah.... ummm get back in would be much smarter. The yearly membership is worth it."


Bill Dandre commented” Hi Dave, Thanks for all the past information , today i signed up for a year premium to learn more , and avoid crashes.”


tushar pardeshi Your expertise is just awesome and the way you add up small details are really neat thing for understanding.


Jason Atkinson commented: "I’ll never forget my first track day and you set up my suspension and watching my tire wear, I was hooked! 👊🏼"


tushar pardeshi commented: "I feel like i am learning from a totally new perspective... the one i always liked , practical"


ΕΛΛΗΝ commented: "You are the best!!!!"


Ariel Ariola commented: "Your a legend sir dave ❤️ from philippines"


Boywonderr71 commented: "Thanks Dave! Awesome as always!"


Boywonderr71 commented: "Thanks Dave! Awesome as always!"


Steven Jackson commented: "Time to re subscribe."


DaMer commented: "This ergonomy stuff should be learn in the driving schools"


Alec G commented: "This dude is the suspension wizard"


jkay_ commented: "Dave Moss the godfather of suspension tuning 🙏"


Νίκος Κουτσουμπάρης replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks i get it!"


Vijay Kumar commented: "Nice job bro"


Huey Daboss commented: "You made her so happy lol."


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Nat Schooler commented: "Brilliant video! Thanks for sharing Dave!"


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Mike W commented: "Who's thumbs downing this brilliance? lol"


Peter Nicholas commented: "I really find these track sessions interesting and relaxing, :)"


DPL900 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you very much!! Nice review 💪"


yuteman commented: "What a legend"


J C commented: "You're awesome. Thanks Dave!"


Phillip Artweger (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave !

As temps came down a lot and the bike felt too stiff. I went and completely reset the suspension as I had a lot of sag before. I wound in 2 turns of preload in the rear and after finding out I had no preload up front I also added 1 turn in front.
Then opened up front comp and rebound and finally ended up with a rebound setting 5 more open than before set the rear to match the rising rate and also opened rebound.
Going for a test ride today I found the suspension much better, ended up adding more preload up front for braking support. After about 250km I checked the tires and lo and behold the rear had almost completely healed itself from the “fast” rebound wear.
I think with my suspension choked as it was the tire was doing a lot of the rebounding.
I had a blast.. sometimes it really takes a step back and reset/rethink to not get stuck
in some blind ally.
Evan Bates, 2020 ZX6R (Remote Tune)
Thank you!
You’ve confirmed my suspicions. I appreciate your response and highly value your wealth of knowledge. I’m going to go for 1.0 rate fork springs paired with 10w motul oil and an 11.6 rate shock spring. I’ll be looking to do that soon because I’m tired of riding a “wet noodle” as you accurately described it.
Thank you for always going the extra mile to make sure us others have a better understanding of suspension and a better riding experience.
Steve Clark, UK (Remote Tune)Steve Clark, UK (Remote Tune)
You are simply genius!
Per your direction, I reduced the shock preload by three threads and ran the same road course. Shock travel is now at 80% and fork zip tie is 35mm from bottom out (no worse than before and maybe slightly better). Note: I had previously removed all fork preload and set  fork compression at 20 clicks out (4 more than factory setting of 16).  Also, I had previously raised the fork tubes (lowered front end) by 2mm.
Turn-in continues to improve and the figure 8 movement during interstate roundabouts is no longer as noticed.
Ride quality is much better and I have the desired shock static sag as well.
I may raise the fork tubes another 2mm (total of 5 mm from factory height)  to test.
Can’t thank you enough.
YouTube comments August 2021


Thanks for posting this Dave. I've had my new R7 for two weeks... Lots of rain... but got through my break-in miles a couple of days ago. You give me the sense that I've learned a thing or two from you over the years. I've done pretty much what you covered in this video already, and encountered the same observations on adjustment limitations as you show on the bike. I'm pushing the limits on what the R7 stock suspension can carry at 250lbs. I cranked a bunch of preload front and back and am sitting at 36mm front rider sag and 34mm at the rear... slightly forward bias intended for track. With all the preload, I'm running into limits of free sag being almost gone, and damping forces that aren't exactly up to the task of controlling the extra spring strength from all the preload. The rebound adjuster on the shock I have only a half turn out from closed. The rebound adjuster on the fork I have only 1 click out from fully closed as well. I adjusted the compression damping on the fork to 6 clicks out from closed to match the movement of the rear as much as possible. The front and rear of the bike move together pretty well. Free sag on the front is ok, but rear free sag is almost gone. Its taken a little time riding my R7 to at least figure out what I am starting with to a certain degree, and I plan to visit friends at Traxxion Dynamics soon to beef up the suspension, so my heavy weight is a bit more nominal to what some new hardware can handle. Thanks for all you do, Dave. You're helping folks not only ride better, but folks are safer too.


Nicholas Aguirre

I was waiting for this video! Picked up my R7 in Los Angeles and rode up to San Jose for MotoAmerica the other weekend. Everything in this video explained my experience. My wrists were(are) killing me. My left knee is bad but I’ve never had any problems riding and now it definitely starts to kill me especially on the longer rides. I have to constantly stretch. The suspension at stock seemed to buck me a lot and was very soft. I’m 5’6 and 215 pounds. Ended up tuning my suspension the other day the best I could. Did 30mm sag front and rear. Feels MUCH better but I know it can perfected more. You tuned my R6 a few years ago and I was hoping to acquire your services again.


Death Wish83

I got to talk with you on Sunday at the track. You were really putting those hypersport tires through their paces. I wish the brakes on the trash or treasure gsxr 750 were working better for you, but I respect the commitment to try your hardest to make a completely even playing field for the tires.


Vladimír Studnička

I am so grateful for you Dave, you learn all of us so much... I am a little disappointed, because if you want to have your bike in really good shape, there is no motorcycle service which care so much as they should in majority cases. Only person who can take care about our bikes are us, nobody else and you give us a chance to do it properly. Jokes aside, you probably saved some lives.


M1000 RR

It blew my mind how much difference setting my rear sets up to line up with my feet actually made. It also eliminated a bunch of fatigue in my legs/shins fighting to get on top of my controls! Dropping my pegs back an eighth inch and down a quarter inch along with the dialing in my controls completely transformed my bike and I haven't missed the rear brake once since, I still screw up a shift here and there and tickle the rev limiter lol😂


allan gosling

Thank you very much for this video. I have just bought a big touring bike and I was very concerned about about the ergonomics. I have bad arthritis in my right shoulder. I also have a hydraulic clutch with a very different clutch friction point. I will take my motorcycle in and have my all my adjustments looked at.



Stefan Puffer

Love watching a real professional do their work. Amazing that he could tell what gear the guy was in just by looking at the zip tie. Props to the riders for listening and implementing what they were taught.


Kiss Gergő commented: "I love how this guy explains stuff! He's not showing off his knowledge, he's giving you knowledge. He's not arrogant and cocky, he's patient and wants you to understand!"


Paulo Isidro

how fitting it is to see the calipers being clean with a toothbrush :))) i'll explain: i speak portuguese and in my native language calipers are called "maxilas" which means jaws. love your videos mr. moss they are very helpful.


Stefan Putter commented: “I learn something new from every video. I also learn what I've been doing wrong all these years. Nice to be able to see how a professional does it. Much appreciated.”


Thomas commented: "Will be setting up a remote session for my Speed Triple S, hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks. Can't wait to learn some quality knowledge that will definitely help me ride better, safer."


uncle alzbbq commented: "This guy is great-- I did two clicks out on everything and have not touched the spring yet under 1k miles but it changed the ride of the bike way better-- hits the sub—anytime usual"


joey2421 commented: "excellent Dave, thank you for this! I can't wait to get some good weather here in New Zealand and try some suspension tweaks :)"


DadBod Damien

The best things one can do for their bike are getting the suspension tuned, and having proper tires and pressure. Both will differ greatly depending on the variables you listed


Himalayan Bikers Alley

Hello Dave,we motoryclists are proud to have you,very professional,no nonsense person,I've learnt a lot from you,knowledge that is correct factually,Thankyou once again.God Bless.


Mike Burton commented: "Thanks Dave I have found your channel useful so many times and I love to learn more and more. Too bad my thirst for knowledge began at a later time in life."



Xel N'Jare

definitely going to sign up for one of your remote tuning sessions - I've spent countless hours watching your videos, and they've been immensely helpful since getting back in the saddle.


Steve Phillips commented: "So much gold here. I'm excited to get into my forks this coming winter, be springs heavier oil....maybe even emulators! Thanks Dave!


Tony Bono commented: "Great to see a review where there is no bashing of brands. Letting the viewer decide is always the best way to present the product."


Andrei Diaconescu commented: "Damn this is pure genius ! Let me know if you ever do Triumph Trident ! All my respect !"


Jarko Aho

I followed your rules for making my adjustments on my bike (2007 cbr 1000rr) and it changed my life. I found your settings that you gave some guy via email. He vas about my weight etc. Its just much more fun now. Thank you.


Protoss PC replied: "Dave Moss Tuning oh I didn't even know that is a possibility, learning so much from these videos , thanks!"


John Lyman commented: "So glad I found this channel. Finally, some very intelligent and knowledgable advice on the things we wonder about every day. Thank you, Dave."


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andrew limareff Dave's taking no prisoners. Sometimes you don't see the light until it's stars from the sledgehammer contacting your forehead.


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Geoff Whiles Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

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Ah this was great. Especially the explanation on the feel of rebound being too slow in the rear. Top stuff 👌


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Quinn Martin, Washington State, USA
From: Quinn Martin
Subject: Thank you Dave Moss


I just attending my first track day at The Ridge with track time and met a rider named Robin who was wearing your sweater with the DMT logo on it. It prompted me to ask if she knew you and she said absolutely and that you were a very good person and completely approachable in person.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. It has completely changed my life with motorcycling and has put me on a path that will carry on till old age.

I work a job where I have a lot of down time and for the past 8 months I've been watching davemosstuning.com videos and developing a new passion for working on motorcycles and understanding what my machine is doing rather then just hopping on and riding away without a clue in the world.
You have given me a new found confidence and mindset that would have never developed if I didn't find your videos. If I could shake your hand I would, because you saved me from becoming another statistic of a young kid who gets out of control on a motorcycle and winds up with injury or death. It also helped my relationship with my father who has all the tools in the world and working on a bike feels easy to me with how thorough you are on maintenance and explaining what you are doing.
As for suspension I already took your advise from your videos and ordered an extra OEM rear shock from eBay for my 2014 triumph street triple 675r that I'll have serviced from KFG suspension so I can swap out at will. Im 140 pounds and feel that the spring rate is perfect for me right now. Also I am changing the fork oil to 5w because they are too stiff for me right now with 75% of the preload out.
Again without you I wouldn't have touched anything on my bike and without you I wouldn't have consider the track.
But now I've found my thing.
I found my place.
And I found my people.
Thank you.
Jordan Decarie, Ontario Canada (Remote Tune)Jordan Decarie, Ontario Canada (Remote Tune)


.055 seconds off of a 12 year old lap record! Day two tomorrow 🙂

Matt Guss, Washington State USA

Dave worked his magic on my Ducati 959 over the past few days at the Ridge with excellent results.  I was a little skeptical about changing the settings because I was pretty comfortable with the bike.

I have ridden a long time but have little understanding about my suspension unless it’s really bad or really good.

Dave looked at the tires and immediately gave me some suggestions for the rear shock to start.

Over the next 2 days he reviewed and changed the set up making progress & improvements as we went.  He’d adjust then say go ride and test.  Back in his pit for more adjustments.  Back on the track, and so on.  Over several adjustments and many laps the bike felt much better under braking and holding a line, faster, quicker turn in but not too quick and the tires cleaned up surprisingly well.

I came away very impressed.  No detail escapes his attention.  Plus he teaches the rider as he’s goes along.

Some people call Dave Moss the Tire Whisperer and although it sounds funny, he did an amazing job for my bike and really knows his stuff.

Thanks Dave!

Pospisil Lubek, Czech RepublicPospisil Lubek, Czech Republic

Hiii Dave,

fyi we started project MT07 according to your recommendations with front forks and the first result, just in the workshop were awesome, how calm the forks after the change are 🙏

Thank you for the job you do, I

am forwarding it to people around me and helping them have more fun, better control of their bikes.👌👍💪

Alan Beamer, Italy (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Your Remote Tuning Service is excellent, and I will recommend you strongly to all my friends !!
It was a real pleasure to work with you.
I managed 5 laps this afternoon but stopped  because I could feel errors creeping in on the corners. Just too hot. So packed up and on my way home.
Below are the last pictures of my tyres today. They do look so much more evenly worn than before.
Thanks again for your help and support.
By the way, I am 63 and knocked 12 seconds off my lap times !!
So is that my new suspension setup or is it me ??  Now that's a good question !!
Best regards
Larry Gilman


Thank you for your quick and kind reply.  I do appreciate your time and information.
I am proud to mention that I am subscribed to your information service.
Motorcycles are complicated and amazing, and because of your contributions I have a better understanding of that.
Again, thank you
Hunter Johnson, CaliforniaHunter Johnson, California

Hi Dave how’s it going?

Had the pleasure of meeting you a while back this year and talked about Daytona’s with you. I checked your schedule and it says you’re gonna be at Thunderhill Sunday. If so are you gonna be doing suspension? I would love to have my bike set up from you. It’s my birthday too 😁. Thanks in advance!

Had you do both my bikes . Had the pleasure of meeting you through Lauren 🙂

Fell in love with my FZ1 after you tuned it.

Eric Crowley
Thanks Dave,
My spread sheet is really helping to see it visually.
My riding has greatly improved after 54 yrs with motorcycles. Suspension settings really improved handling, tires pressure too.
Trip to Lake Tahoe next month will be awesome.
Update: rear tire; set 42 psi,   rode out / Amb. Temp: 102, tire 46 psi / this fell well in specs. Chart shows below 96 degrees set to 37 psi.
Altitude was 5000 feet. Again thanks for helping me, best setup I ever had with my motorcycle.
Andrew Johnson,  Wales, Great Britain (Remote Tune)Andrew Johnson, Wales, Great Britain (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

The bike is riding superbly after dialing in your suspension setting.

It turns rapidly, tracks its line with total accuracy with no over or understeer.

I am well happy- many thanks indeed.


All the best, Andrew.

Danny Ludovena, California USADanny Ludovena, California USA
Hey Dave,
I had the opportunity to stop by your van at Elk Grove Power Sports yesterday after I picked up my 2015 Aprilia Caponord from the shop due to a leaky suspension (& EFI light). The lead mechanic, Joe Fernandez, recommended that I stop by and I am so glad that I did!
I had heard that you have an eye for suspension, and you did not disappoint. First thing that you've noticed on my bike is that my front suspension only went as far as half way down the fork. You made a few tweaks with your ratchet on the fork suspension - The difference became night & day!
When I bought my bike from the prior owner, I assumed that it was tuned just to where it needed to be. Little did I know that my front suspension was so rigid that it forced my rear suspension to overcompensate & throw off my center of gravity - especially at highway speeds... I used to think that it was just how my bike was made that I would have to live with less weight on the front. (sometimes it felt as though my front tire could lift off the ground.)
I had no idea how awkward the suspension was set up until you had softened my front-right fork (the one without the electronic "Aprilia Dynamic Damper"). After your adjustments, I felt like I was riding flat/balanced between both front & back tires for the first time. It was like gliding on butter!
Only after the fact that you've just made a few tweaks with your ratchet did I realize that I was in the shop in the first place because of how tight that suspension was! My front right fork was leaking because it was so damn rigid.
Now I have a chance to take my Capo onto the track for the first time at Thunderhill Raceway! Here's hoping that Augie has a spot for me next Sunday in the intro/novice circuit.
You genuinely have saved a life by paying it forward. Just a few tweaks and fifteen minutes of your time & wisdom has made a world of a difference in my riding.
Thank you, Dave! You're the man. I hope to catch you around again soon.
Scott Cunningham


Thank you for providing such a valuable service. I’m a long time rider mostly Harley baggers.

I recently bought a 2010 Concours and the previous owner had the suspension preload set to max and same with dampeners. Long story short I have set it up for a more plush ride and adjust rear preload when my ole lady rides with me.

Thank you for making the information available and understandable.

Vincent Fiallo

Hello Mr. Moss,

I've been following your videos on youtube for a few months now and have learned a tremendous amount about suspension, setting up the bike to work for you, etc.

I now am having my friends follow along, and I want to thank you for all that you provide for free online.


Thank you!

Arin Smith-Christman, California
Dave Moss: The Suspension Master
I began track riding in 2009, picking up the sport wholeheartedly! I got my feet wet at my first track day 6 months in, then began racing after a year or so... from the beginning, I was told that setting your Sag and checking the suspension was a part of riding, but until I met Dave Moss I really couldn’t tell how big of a difference it can make being in the right hands.
I’m 5’3”, maybe 130# so bikes are way over sprung for my size. I thought that was just how it was!! Riding while being cautious of how the bike moved a lot, really slowed me down... I was waiting for the bike to be smoother before adding throttle or heavy breaks. As adjustments became closer to what I needed, my riding steadily improved as well. Dave Moss helped by altering the geometry of the bike, altering the handlebars, adjusting the triple bolt... more just to finely tune the bike to me. The differences made were beautiful and extremely helpful in feeling more comfortable on the bike. Then he worked with me after every session to tune it just slightly more, to talk about the ride and how he can help make it handle better. It’s a service I wish everyone to go through as they continue improving on the tracks or on the streets as the tuning goes hand in hand with your capabilities as well.
You really don’t know how fine tuned the adjustments could actually be set to fit an individuals riding style, size, weight and capabilities until you’ve met a master at the craft. I still feel like Dave Miss has the Jedi trick of putting his hands on a bike and immediately knowing what is off about it!
I’ll be honest, Dave isn’t always at the tracks I roam to and I’ve tried other suspension workers from time to time but none have the feel and mastery of their craft as Dave Moss.
When I went for my first races I had visited a day early to practice on the ninja 250, 2009. I had the Ohlins package finally in and Dave tuned first one then the other.... I dropped time immediately.... 6 seconds on two different occasions =12 seconds improvement from adding a finely tuned suspension set up. I’m a small rider so having the bike float around on the front end is unfortunately a common feeling. However, after the suspension tune with Dave, I could dive into those corners without riding a bouncing machine... 🤩 it was beautiful!!!
I fell in love with the craft and seek out the best in the business at every opportunity. There is so much to learn when you find someone with the feel for mechanics on motorcycles, and Dave is more than willing to help others improve.
Since my racing days, it’s been over 10 years and I still seek Dave Moss out for his expertise. I don’t trust anyone’s work so well as I do with Dave. So, if anyone is interested in riding better in time with their bikes, please give him a call or see him trackside. His work speaks for itself!!
Lady Draggon
Arin Smith - Christman
Let’s Ride Track Days NRS coach
Ninja 250, CBR 600, Ninja 400, Ninja 650, R6, Katana 600, Fz6r
Ben Winter-Giles, Australia

Morning / afternoon / evening Dave.

Big fan! Thank you for your videos and sharing.
It's helped me a LOT.
The membership you offer (that I have) is routinely thrown at my friends and people I meet with absolute recommendation.
Patrick Wille, Netherlands, (Remote Tune)Patrick Wille, Netherlands, (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Im a subscriber for almost a year now. Ive seen many video’s how to setup the bike, your controls etc.
I was trying to make any sense of the suspension setup but it didn’t get better because I had no clue what I was doing.
That’s when I decided to order a remote setup with you for the trackday I had planned. We had about 10 hrs time difference but that didn’t matter with Facetime.
During the call you explained me what info you got from the tyre wear, I was very impressed 😊
After the setup the bike felt like it was glued to the ground, wow, what a difference! Even the bumpy corner section on the track was perfectly controllable after it first was causing the bike to wobble.
If you want to have your bike setup, even remotely, just contact Dave, its more than worth the money!
Thanks a lot!
Regards Patrick
B Mike Saylor, Arizona USA

Good evening Sir.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and again thank you for your many years of dedication to education in our sport. Each time I watch or rewatch one of your videos I learn or relearn something.

Thank you again Dave. Thank you for your dedication to your craft and desire to help others learn. It has made a world of difference allowing me the confidence I need to start learning how to monitor and adjust my suspension and keep me safer and happier as a result.


B Mike Saylor
Phoenix - Ducati 1299

Chris Bullock, KTM 1290RChris Bullock, KTM 1290R

Hi Dave,

Having the suspension in stock setup for a while ,it was slow to turn in and I wasn't connected to to the bike .
After finding Dave's website and then viewing his videos for the 1290 super duke set up for various riding styles , I adjust the suspension to my style of riding .
OMG , what a difference,  it actually handles ! Totally different bike and soooo much fun to ride .
Don't settle with the stock setup its so far out .
You won't look back that's for sure !



Jon Yada, California USA, Africa Twin (Remote Tune)
Hey Dave,
I ran the below settings the last two days commuting to work and today for some spirited canyon riding. The only exception being that I couldn’t remove 3 turns of front preload as it is already at 0.
Happy to report the pogo effect has incredibly diminished. It is still present but to a much lesser extent. Bike feels good over some of the “whoops” due to freeway construction.
Bike feels incredibly strong under moderate to hard acceleration. Both out of turns and in straight lines. Feels like it’s on rails and just wants to go more.
I managed to drop the zip tie another 10 or more mm under some heavier breaking. Attaching a picture for reference. I don’t think I’d want it to drop more than that just for braking. Thats at least 6” of the travel when under aggressive braking. The chassis attitude adjustment I get is plenty right now.
That said I feel and visibly see the front end come up when going over bumps. Almost jumping up from them.
The rear under braking is also something new. It feels like it wants to jump up at my butt a little when braking quickly.
I can’t get a picture of the rear travel however I can see a distinct dirt line on the shaft approximately 10mm above the ~30mm thick bump stop. The rest is clean.
I tried one different setting for rebound on both the front and back separately. The front I went 1/4 so it was 1 whole turn out from hard. A little less jumpy over bumps with very little negative affects to it.
And then I tried 1 click slower rebound in the rear so 7 out instead of 8. It further eliminated the pogo but the rear felt a bit harsher. Not by a lot but noticeable.
Corey Stillwell, USA (Remote Tune)
Hey, Dave
Hope you are doing well.
Was hoping to give some feedback on our session 2 weeks ago and see if you had any suggestions.  I rode the bike for 1 week as we left it from our session and then added 2 rounds to the rear preload which made the ride very bumpy and had little free sag in the rear.   I went back down 3/4 round and the bike settled in nicely. Im also now running 36f/36r air pressures instead of factory 34/42.  Current sag numbers are as follows
Rear.         Front
596.          132
586.          104
560.          97
Bike is a lot more nimble turning and is better balanced front to rear, less swat under harder acceleration.  Still a fairly bumpy ride, feels like from front end maybe and new geometry has made front end a bit nervous.  Front zip tie is 40mm from bottom out. I really appreciate you taking the time for our FaceTime and really enjoyed our session.
Thanks again.
Michael Hack, USA

Hi Dave,

I bought a 2021 MT-10 - mostly street rider but plan on taking it to the track for Yamaha Champs school and possibly additional track days.

Per your video helping the street rider on the MT-10, I attempted to move the forks up in the triple clamp - using the rings as a guide. I measured with a vernier caliper and had 24.53 and 24.71 mm left and right respectively.

I have also set the rebound, preload and compression to the same settings you provided in the video.

Thanks for the awesome content.

Daren J Cummings

Hi Dave!

I've been watching your videos and have learned a lot, even if part of what I've learned is that I need to learn some more, lol. I upgraded to full membership so I've got access to more of your knowledge, so I may increase my knowledge.

Thanks for all the great info and content! You really make it easy to understand the aspects of suspension tuning and your entertaining to watch as well.


Darren Harvey, UK (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Set the bike up to setting 1 today and took the bike for a good blast.
WOW!! what a difference the bike feels so much better I can actually feel the suspension working underneath me rather than the whole bike moving around. Bike felt balanced and dips into bends and tracks in them with no effort at all I really can't get over the difference. 
Really happy so far but the bike is set up way to soft for me now , pic of zip tie attached it went all the way down and I made a point not to wheelie.
Thanks dave big smiles on today's ride 
Scott Rathbone

That’s great info Dave. Thanks so much for this and all the videos.

Even with the stock suspension, you sharing your knowledge has made things so much better for me. Cheers.

Stay safe.
Gabriel Lima, Boston USA (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave,

Gabriel with the 2013 Ducati 848 Evo. We adjusted my suspension last week. I just rode the bike. And it feels amazing!! Feels like I'm riding the bike and not riding me! Night and day difference.
My track day is august 20th.
Thank you
Rowan Whittaker, UK

Hi Dave,

Really enjoying this content on mega tyre / tire test very interesting, I have just taken a position at a Kawasaki dealer as Technician, moving away from cars to pursue my career in motorcycles and repair.

I will be of course passing on the knowledge and information to new and old riders and able to reach a wider audience, great work thank you

Rowan Whittaker (from Sheffield UK)

Chris Guthrie (Remote Tune)Chris Guthrie (Remote Tune)


I just wanted to thank you, this bike is (please pardon my French but for lack of better words) fucking amazing!!!! Thank you so much! I feel so much safer and able to push comfortably and still enjoy just cruising around. May get with you again a little later for a 2up setting but for now, I can't thank you enough.
I also wanted to send you a picture of just how sexy your old workhorse can be so, hopefully you enjoy that.
Thank you much you god damn legend,
Chris Guthrie
YouTube July 2021

Marcus George

You provide the expert tuition that is lacking these days. I grew up the hard way on my progression to racing Superbikes in the Australian championship in the 90’s. When riders had to communicate what they felt the bike was doing, without the computers of today. Hence why I love the two clicks out stuff. As, basically know one really understands what the incremental changes to a bike, for the riders needs actually matters. To this day, I adjust others bikes in the same way (for free) as they are usually mates of mates... Next time you both are in Australia, I’m sure I can organise a track day at my old home race track being Phillip Island. 1.5 hours from Melbourne. Keep the great content you provide coming. 👍😎🇦🇺


Jenkins Bradbury

It's amazing how much slight adjustments of the handlebar effect the way the bike feels. Rolling my handlebars back like 1 or 2 mm at the triple clamp (maybe around 3mm from centre line on the handlebars) made the bike feel so much more stable and comfortable turning and leaning through tight corners, and even made the suspension feel less bouncy and not wallow as much. But the drawback was it also made it feel a little awkward riding in a straight line and more tiring even though the bars are closer to me. Before the bike felt very twitchy and I had no confidence at all in the tight bumpy hills roads. KTM 790 Duke.


Bob delaplage

Very good advice Dave! Bob Belgium, xt 500 xs750, bmwr100rs, bmw80gs kawasaki EN 500.‘‘‘all bikes are soooo different, learned everything autodidactical. Afterwardq did course to teach motorcycling and did a few car slip courses...reason: I learned better late than never, that although I had lots of kms,....in an era where pcs didn’t exist , let alone youtube... I bought my first bike after the military, drove it to Portugal and made it back, that was my autodidactical course how I started...no school whatsoever...I learned everything later....but I was always very alert , and recognize a lot what u explain so well, it always fascinated me, and still does, you do great Job sir Dave!! Thx so much, love the channel, Bob The Belgian


Gary Royal commented: “Dave it’s ok & we connect & your setup for the trinity alps, even in rain mode is spot on! Thanks from taking the time. It’s made a this trip specular. It’s been a true pleasure & thanks you. Not only did I get 96 octane, I got your setup to ride 36 to wildwood. Last mile on 36 was ok but treacherous on wildwood rd. But ran those roads in dry today and epic. But triumph rain mode is confidence inspiring to say the least.”


michael scott

After watching your teaching suggestions on this excellent video-- I recently went for a test ride on a few different Honda bikes at a main dealership -- each bike would have needed almost all or some of your suggested adjustments to be comfy and safe. The saleman was totally unaware of the need to adjust anything as Honda would have set bikes up totally correct for any bike and I thought I was not right even suggesting any adjustments would be necessary. So it proves that bad set up starts at test ride and goes on until teachers like yourself explain to us the need to do this - Dave thanks for making my bike riding a lot safer.

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What you get is an education from all the videos, I’ve learnt a lot and my Smcr is better than ever. It’s not a one setup thing, mine will be different to yours because of a lot of factors. You learn to set your bike up for you. I now I look at other bikes and can see how they are setup and I want to get them setup better! You spend £1000’s on a motorcycle it deserves to be setup correctly and this information is cheap in comparison! Thanks Dave for this👍


dani b

Hi Dave ! Just finished today the work on my XSR700 I did : 1. Shorten the spacers to 140mm instead of the stock 150mm 2.changed fork oil to bel ray 15w (I’m 85 kg plus gear) I filled 403ml in each fork .. 3. Set the forks 8mm up as you show here. I did everything by myself, took me around 4 hours. The result is awesome- the bike feels much better, I don’t feel the forks collapse when I brake, the ride I smother, I don’t have this noodle feel when taking corners. Thanks for this video !!!


Oslo Rider

Thank you for another really great video! Trying to learn how to ride bike on track and fix various things on a budget. Really fun learning and improving, and your videos are the best and most thorough, explaining things others may take for granted like fluid levels, and showing different types of calipers. Cheers!


David Collins

Hi Dave, I'm one of your newest fans. Love your videos, have learned so much in the little time since finding your videos. You have covered just about every bike out there but mine. I hope you can help with any info or knowledge about the buell xb12r firebolt, please? Either way I still love your videos and will always be a fan, and hope one day to actually meet you. Thanks you for all you do and teach. I definitely ride better because of your videos.


Andrew Laub

Hi Dave wow what a series of fantastic informative well produced videos. I’m a senior rider at 62. My ride is a GSXR1100 1991 M It’s the last of the oil cooled. Actually I think there was one model after it. I can’t wait to put into practice what I’m learning. Most of the general maintenance I knew about however your explanation as to why and how is brilliant. Keep it up man it’s a huge service to motorcycling performance and most of all safety. I’m most impressed.



MnM Mercury

Top notch content, even if i've watched ergonomics setup guides in other videos its good to have a reminder to re-evaluate my positioning. In my case i will have to raise the clutch and brake lever angles back towards horizontal a tad . Also weirdly I thought I would like a straighter position for the clip-ons but seems like i prefer the more tapered in position the stock setup came with.



I really like your content 😌. What I don't like is the people that you help that are ignorant, or Unappreciative. It is saddening to see you are potentially saving their lives and they have no clue. They are truly blesses and some have sh@:$$y attitudes when I get the money I am going to have you help me with my suspension. I Thank you for all the info you have provided for me and others.


Sjoerd Nijboer

I dailed in my hand position and knee position on my R6 from your videos. Took me a long time to get it just right but thanks to you I have much more contact with the bike and much more stability. I don't dare to mess with the suspention itsself and hope you can get to Europe sometime after Covid, because you sir are a magician!



Death Wish83

If you have the opportunity, have Dave tune your suspension. My bike has never, ever, felt as good as after having him adjust my suspension. It will shave seconds off your track time. Before he tuned my suspension, I was riding and compensating for what I thought was just how my bike felt. Afterwards it makes the bike feel so much more telepathic. It goes where I want it to and does exactly what I tell it to.



Glad you made it clear that this adjustment should be done when the engine and clutch are hot. If the clutch cable has been replaced or the handlebars/yokes have been replaced, you want to check that the free play


Cathy Craig commented: "Dave. I just discovered your videos. I ride a HD Low Rider and mostly ride the streets. But your videos and your profession fascinate me. I love your science and the ergonomics.


Motosapien THANK YOU! Seen folks ONLY turn the lever adjustment and end up with the adjustment threads not even engaging the mount! The cable goes all limp noodle at the bars when the lever is released, just waiting to fail


Tomasz Jaskot  Thanks for sharing this with me. I suffered from shoulder pain after riding my z900 and didn’t know were from it came. I changed everything after seeing this video and now it’s a whole different and better feeling with more fun without pain. Thank you, Sir. 🙏🏻


Jeremy Lee Just getting into bikes at almost 40 and this was such a simple but impactful revelation to me. The information hit home. You have actually EARNED my subscription. Looking forward to diving into what else you have to offer. 💪🏾🙏🏾


Karrel Greaves

Man I must say thank you for the lessons before I even buy and get onto my bike now I feel like I have enough guidance for doing it the right way....I'm soaking up all these vids and free information thank you I really appreciate it👍


the26thhour replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Wow, thank you so much David! & I hadn't even considered the seat height, thought it might tip me off balance. Though, it sure would help the legs, lol."

Fran O'Hagan

Our two-up settings and tire pressures on the H-D worked well; it was predictable and easy to ride. If we put sticky tires on it and pushed faster then it might uncover more issues to fix, but for what I was doing it felt like I could lap indefinitely. Thanks again for your help



My conclusion from this video... there is my bike... and then there is my bike's hidden potential for giving me a better ride after applying these tuning tips.. can't wait to try this and unleash the bike within.


Adam F.

That is very cool! It amazes me how many of the riders just out there riding and not knowing or caring about geometry or safety. I mean tiptoeing for a rider on a high bike is plain unsafe. Just like he said.


Abraham Khafajy commented: "that was entertaining to watch, better than Netflix. I wish if I had a friend like Dava, or if any of my friends have half the bike knowledge that Dave has."


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Krzysztof Skibicki commented: "Very good vid. Whenever I buy new bicycle or motorcycle I start from that. Adjusting angles of both levers... So simple. Really good vid!"


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Comfortably Unknown commented: "It is creepy how you guys post projects that I am working on. Set my wife's clutch today. After seeing the video, I have to go back to her bike."


Steve Phillips commented: "This paradigm changed the way I rode, even on the road, it made every corner more fun and like riding on rails! Thanks Dave for the explanation!"


e A commented: "thank you... as a new rider (less than 50 miles on my new bike) I see what mistakes I'm making with my set up. I hope I can do it right now, much appreciated."


SteelCitySpeedShop J.R6 commented: "Dave Is one of the most indirectly funny people, mean that in the best of ways. Wealth of knowledge folks. He knows more than most"


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Jared Huber I have been riding an ill-fitted bike for 30 yrs.... how humbling. I finally bought the Ducati of my dreams and this info has inspired me to get it dialed in. The wrist fix.... wow! what a difference!~


DannyTrans Thank you Dave for the video! It is really helpfull cos i just change my Oem clutch and brake levels and now i need Clutch cable adjustment! Two 👍 up


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Myran Kelly, Tampa Florida USAMyran Kelly, Tampa Florida USA
I'm an Oldy 63 , owner of 2005 B~USA saying " YOUR ONE OF THE BEST !!! " SAVING BIKERS LIVES, AND LIMBS like me. Thank you sir for getting those young fellows into correct bike science.
Lifetime BIKER & TAMPA racer group 1987.
                                            Sincerely #Death Wish KELLY# Sport Group Leader
Jeremy Vonk (Remote Tune) Zolder track, BelgiumJeremy Vonk (Remote Tune) Zolder track, Belgium
Hi Dave,
I finally had some changes to test the setup today at circuit of Zolder in Belgium.
All feels so much better.
Riding now Michelin power cup R 2
That will be my main tire.
John VanGrunsven, Canada (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!!

An update...I used the Gold Valve shock finally. It was way better!  Shannonville is a really bumpy technical track.  With sunny temps around 31C the bike felt smooth, predictable on the SC2
Really want to thank you for giving me the push to tackle the re-valve...Im learning so much!
You Rock Dave!!
606 Shark, California606 Shark, California
Just wanted to say thank you for the suspension tune, it made a world of a difference and it made my first track day a blast. 
Jason Moss, Los Angeles
Dave !
Great to meet you and thank you for the help with my Tiger 900 Rally Pro, worth every penny🍻. Went for a ride in the mountains, bike felt more stable, less bouncy and the tweak on the handle bars also helped ! Till next time 👊🏽⚡️
Olivier Kramer, New York USA (Remote Tune)Olivier Kramer, New York USA (Remote Tune)

Good morning Dave,

Set the bike up per your specs. Just wanted to say thx for your help.

Put over 200 miles on this weekend everything from highway to back country roads feels like a different bike, you do know when you hit a pot hole though lol.  Motorcycle handling is excellent.

Thank you again.

Olivier Kramer
Daniel Musso, Switzerland (Remote Tune)Daniel Musso, Switzerland (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave
 i have changed the spring with a higher rate (from 95 to 100), and changed tire (from rosso 3 to pilotpower 2ct.  by rebound @ 8 the front edge from the reartire was again worn down.
After that i have set rebound @ 2  and my rear tire looks (for my opinion) much better.
For the first time in my motorcycledrivertime this weekend i have experienced how it feels riding fast but relaxed. No ‚falling in‘ or ‚always with pressure on the handlebars‘ and it was so much fun!
Thx a lot to you!
Is there on the pictures something you can read more?
Kind regards
Eric Due, Ninja 400Eric Due, Ninja 400

From: Eric
Subject: Thank you

Message Body:
Sending a note of thanks. Thanks for having such a great focus on all things suspension. Thanks for making so many great videos. Thanks for your attitude and making your videos both super informative and entertaining in whit and sarcasm. Thanks for being able to educate my sponge through this medium so I could start to attain a self tuned euphoria. The photo in this link should be an open book.

My ninja 400 with Ohlins STX shock, new .875 springs, 15w fork oil, Dunlop q3+, 34psi front and rear. Well warmed on a beaauuutiful Route 1 evening all over Stinson Beach area.


Thank you,


Vasily, Russia (Remote Tune)Vasily, Russia (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave!
This Monday and Tuesday there was a race again on Moscow Raceway, and I improved a lot! Again!
My pb was 1:48.3, now I made 1:46.1!
And finished second in a very hard race, there was a guy pushing me and he tried to pass, but I kept him behind.
Today we are on a race weekend again
This is a new track, “KazanRing Canyon”, it is pretty bumpy, and surface is much more aggressive to tires. And on hard breaking there are bump on which fork touched bottom of travel.
We increased fork preload by 1 turn, and things became better. I also try not to go on these bumps.
But I need your help again )
Rayhaan Farrelly, Ireland (Remote Tuning)Rayhaan Farrelly, Ireland (Remote Tuning)
Hi Dave,
I’m just back from my short ride on the bike, I managed to get that 10mm spanner out. I have included a couple of photos of the cable tie. The first photo is of just a ride with no jerky or sudden breaking movements. The second photo is when I arrived back home and pulled the front brake hard enough to cause some dive.
Firstly, thank you that was a really enjoyable, highly informative call, your knowledge of suspension and motorcycles is extremely impressive. In addition to this the way you deliver that knowledge is just as impressive.
In relation to how the bike rode. 
I immediately felt it was very neutral as I was riding down the road. There used to be a slight sense of nervousness about the bike especially in corners. 
When accelerating the bike felt more planted. 
But where I really noticed the difference was rolling through corners, I felt i could enter the corners a bit faster than previously and the bike followed a nice smooth arc through the corners. 
I didn’t feel the need to adjust anything in terms of compression or rebound. That pogo stick feeling is gone. 
I think I have captured all my thoughts from the spin. After my spin on Friday I’ll drop you a note to let you know how the bike felt. 
Thank you again Dave. 
Take care,
YouTube May 2021


FlameHazeist I've watched a lot of your free videos and they've been very helpful! What I did wrong was set up the bike's suspension with its old oil while cold instead of while hot after a >1 hour ride. My confidence on bumpy roads has doubled and I can now actually brake and accelerate instead of having to coast through the bumps, and it's now a whole lot more stable in corners (which I only realized after NOT hanging off the bike on the old settings!)!


I ended up with 36 front and 42 rear on a tire with a stiff carcass (Dunlop Roadsmart 3) at 55 F ambient. 42 in the front was fine grip-wise, but 36 seemed to be the magic number for that tire for my riding style. The front tire being cold to the touch and the rear tire being warm to the touch after 1 hour of riding further confirmed my findings. This definitely opened my eyes and will definitely be something I experiment with more in the future! In fact when the ambient temperature went down to 48 F it felt like the front could benefit from a further drop of 2 psi.


Jakub Lipień wow! this must be like a 4th vid by Dave and I totally agree with others, all that knowledge is gold ... been riding over a year on a '10 Kawi Z1000 with too stiff suspension and uncomfy position of levers ... :facepalm: adjustment of bike components sounds much better now that I know how to deal with it, instead of dealing with pain after riding for too long LOL ... and yeah, nobody teaches you about it, among dozens of riders I met nobody ever even mentioned any of that, maybe except one coworker, but nobody treated him seriously back then


broderp  Very relevant to me. I watched this a few days ago, before taking delivery of my new Z900 ABS. Since this bike is new to me (stepping up from a Z400 ABS) it's the perfect time to fix these issues. On my first ride, I saw quite clearly that when I went to brake, I was physically revving the engine a bit. A little unsettling to say the least. Having watched thus video I instantly knew the cause and adjusted both my levers. Thank you for thus video. I will search for more of your content on foot ergonomics..I'm sure I can improve them on thus bike as well.


Chris USMCVET Another great Vid Dave. Really gave me something to think about concerning my 2016 Multi Enduro 1200. I wish I was more mechanically proficient in my ability to do some of those services myself. Or to learn how to change the engine and shock oils, and brake cleaning and service. Just had Duc of Newport Beach , CA. Brandon, ( Adrian) complete the 27,000 mile service. I use it to commute 60 miles a day, 5 days a week , garaged at night. I need to be more knowledgeable and consistent with my maintenance intervals. I can and do most of the maintenance on my 1984 Fj60 since owning it in 2004.

Alan Brown Interesting video, having just cleaned/serviced the forks on my Aprilia Pegaso Strada (commuter) and changed to 15W. On the West Coast of Scotland, which was dry (Woo Hoo) the difference was very noticeable in both compression and rebound damping and I could ride a lot harder/faster with improved feedback. Heading back to Edinburgh, due to rain and average speed camera's the change wasn't so noticeable. I'll keep notes and try 20W the next time.


Darren Hammond I bought a brand new bike 2 weeks ago and just rode it as it was. Watched this and what a difference it made. A couple of adjustments here and there and it has made my riding much more comfortable. 195cm and 125 Kg, went for a cruiser style and just lever positioning alone made it so much more comfortable.


Dylan Wells  I really like how he points out these small little details that helps make a motorcyclist more comfortable and efficient while riding. As I paid more attention to riding style, I noticed that I was slightly accelerating everytime I was going to break and had my brake lever adjusted. I noticed that I was able to stop about five to six feet earlier which could save my life.



Marcus George I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If anyone is near Dave(s) the best performance upgrade for you (each individual) and your bike that is also the cheapest way to improve your experience and abilities is hand over a few bucks to DMT and you will be amazed at what you will get in return... Simply awesome! Keep up the great work gents. 👍😎🇦🇺


Anupam Roy  Fantastic stuff, as always. Please do one for the street triple 765rs in this kind of detail 🙏. The track and street video is really really good but that front and rear lack of engineering balance makes it tough to setup. And the moss riding insight is, of course, worth it's weight in gold


James Hisself As an old racer and then race prep tuner, I can vouch for Dave's knowledge and advice just from watching his videos. I recommend all younger and less experienced sport riders follow his recommendations. His patience with the video medium and detail level far exceed what I would be able or willing to do.


Zack Hubbard Thanks, Dave! As I prep to replace my bushes and seals, its time for an oil change. Your videos always keep me pointed in the right direction. As California summer track days near, I plan to change from a 10w(spec) to a 15w on my stock 03 z1000. Hope to see you out at Thunderhill soon to pick your brain about this.


Marcus George  I love watching this channel. Thank you for providing it Dave and Dave. It always makes me smile when people have a good baseline in suspension, just don’t really know or understand what to do with it and usually just rely on a salesperson. 👍😎🇦🇺


Dan VonBehren  Dave is just like a Industrial arts teacher I had in High School. Never talks down . Common sense . Teaches to educate . Solutions to every problem . To bad he's not in politics. lol Great videos as always.


C K Krons commented: "Mesmerized watching the master work. Love how Dave never comes with an answer out of the box, always looks to rider, conditions and bike....internet opinion jockeys could learn a thing."


trenton lafave commented: "Yo man thank you so much I’m picking up my first bike Friday today’s Tuesday and I literally took notes wrote down your points I’m going to do this before I go on my first ride"


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J Mander  I found that fascinating. Am I sad? As much as Mr Moss is trying to help and educate it starts to fry your brain . Suspension , geometry , tread pattern , softness ,pressure ,diameter, temperature...... my head hurts Dave . Great vid though


Chris Guthrie Just watched this on premium... exactly what I was thinking I was feeling with the difference between the q3 and Michelin. Dunlop has everything I've ever wanted with the q3s especially since I commute 100m highway a day minimum.


Vigor Mortsen commented: "Well it's exactly what I thought from Aprilia. I'll make some notes & going for full setup week, when my Tuono660 is deliverd. Where's the rest of the video? Thx 4 your input Mr.Moss 👌"


Robert CostelloI have recently bought a yamaha fz1s which is extremely fast compared to my previous bike. The handling was terrible when I got it but now is amazing thanks to your videos. Many thanks 👌👍

Bridgestone has the RS11 as their track-oriented tire to compare with the TD, Q4, etc. Awesome vid as always.. made me jump over to the website and re-subscribe to premium to watch the rest unfold 🙂


Gixxer Vibes My gsxr 1000 is the same front wheel configuration as the Aprilia and this procedure helped me a lot. Dave is doing exactly what is in the my bike manual except for the caliper alignment. Great job


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Zaka Pentax replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you so much, I got the bike back and the rebound when pumping is completely gone with your set up, I’m so happy now ^^ Thank again sir for the knowledge.


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Bo MirhosseniBo Mirhosseni
Thanks again for helping my bike come alive yesterday. I tried to find you for a last session but you were on the track. I got the mousey shreds on the tire again.
Going to upgrade my brake lines as you recommended too!
Jeremy AlterJeremy Alter

Good morning, Dave!

I'm a few sessions in, and the bike feels great! Stays planted in the corners, and gives a great amount of confidence under braking. You were right, I absolutely brake into the corners, ha!
Super happy with it, and I'm absolutely going faster.
Thanks, and have a great weekend!
Vasily Fedorov (racer) RussiaVasily Fedorov (racer) Russia

Hello Dave!

Sorry, I did not have time to send you an e-mail during the rest of the weekend, BUT!
On Friday I finished with personal best 1:49.9
Saturday I started with 1:49.6 and then improved to 1:47.6.
Then a 3H endurance race started. And I improved to 1:46.4!
And our team finished 2nd! Our team consisted of 3 Yamaha R6 and we! Finished! 2nd! We reduced number of pitstops and that gave us huge advantage.
BTW, winner team consisted of 3 top Russian racers: Makar Yurchenko (ex-Moto3 participant), Alexander Vasilyev (ex-Red Bull Rookies Cup participant) and Vladimir Leonov (ex- WSBK, currently Top-3 IDM and World Endurance participant). And they were all on 1000cc! We are all on R6!
It was my first endurance race ever, so I’m very happy to stand on podium with such fast racers!
Graham Harding

Subject: 2010 Yamaha Super Tenere

Message Body:

Hi Dave, I hope you are well, this is a thank you note for yourself.

I watched the suspension tune you did on a couple of Super Teneres with stock suspension, mine bike has been fitted with Wilbers suspension since 2011. I found your website sometime ago and eventually I came across the Tenere video. I believed that I had set it up fairly well, the bike for many years now is bitumen bound only, told old for belting one of these through the scrub now, and I really do enjoy my bike.

I picked my bike up a couple of weeks ago from having the suspension re-sealed, front and back and the major change was going to a light rear spring. As soon as I got the ol'girl home I reset the suspension off your video, and it has made a huge difference to the ride and handling, still tweaking and playing with tyre pressure, bit I am over the moon.

So what I have done since is Payed it Forward to Canteen, an organization that helps teenagers come to grips with their illness with the aim of giving them a better life. I have been sponsoring this foundation and the Smith Family, an organization that helps disadvantaged young children with schooling for 6 years.

I just thought I'd let you know.


Graham Harding

Paul Morton, UKPaul Morton, UK

Hi Dave

I’ve watched so many of your informative videos, also I have just completed my first ever fork seal change on my 2013 R6, after using your 28 minute video, you made that look so easy!
I must of been in my shed at least 4 hours, pausing and rewinding lol. But got the job done in the end, must of saved me £££, so I’d just like to thank you so much for putting this video up.
I live in England and I ride 2013 R6,
Curtis Capeling, Barber Motorsports Park USACurtis Capeling, Barber Motorsports Park USA

Hi Dave,

I hope your race weekend was a success.
Thanks again for helping me with my setup.  It made a huge difference - no more cold tearing, and I knocked 6 seconds off my best lap time!
And thanks very much for the warning to ease into it - I entered corners a lot faster than I was used to.
If you're willing, maybe I could reserve another 1/2 hour for you to look at photos of the wear on my tires from last weekend and tell me what tweaks you suggest?
Best, Curtis
Adam Korn (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave -

The changes we made 2-3 weeks ago made a big difference.  Bike was far more solid rolling in/out of turns.  Ive been adjusting the rearsets and finally found a place that works.
 I’d like to setup another time next week to re-review the changes, current tire wear, and whether I need to consider a spring change!!
Thanks Dave -
Travis Zilch, Barber Motorsports Park, USA

Good afternoon,

I really just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community and I wanted to share my experience over the weekend at Barber Motorsports Park with a rear tire issue I was having.  Your videos and wealth of knowledge helped me troubleshoot and solve a tearing issue...not before needing to buy a new tire (that was a me problem), but hey, at least it was fixed for the new tire.

It was a lesson in 2 things, you can't always trust the manufacturers recommendations
and dual compounds sometimes make it difficult to determine the type of tearing that's occurring.

Bike:  KTM 890 Duke R
Tires:  Michelin Power Cup 2 180/55
Group:  Advanced
Track:  Barber Motorsports Park
Weather:  Mostly sunny, mid-70's

Running warmers Michelin recommends 24-25psi (24.65 to be precise). By the second session I was running into what I was identifying as a cold tear.



I dropped pressure 3psi for the following session and took it easy, and as implied it didn't fix anything.
What I think I've determined is that hot tear on a dual compound tire can look a lot like cold tear (relatively narrow patch with deep tears that overlap with virgin rubber underneath) Note the red section below highlighting proper wear on the harder section (sandy beach) of compound which indicates it’s operating within the correct temp range. If it had been a true cold tear due to over inflation, the harder section would’ve likely shown no wear at all (I think), and the softer section still showing something similar (perhaps narrower and deeper).
So I swung the other way with pressure, 26 (waste of time), then 28 (Some improvement), and ultimately landed on 30 to finally clean up the tear. Unfortunately by this point I had very little rubber left on the right side of the tire. It was done.
After finishing off that tire, I switched to a 190/55 (they were out of 180s). Inflated to, what I now knew to be safe, 30psi off the warmer. Now with no tearing, and I probably could have dropped a pound or 2 without issues, but I wasn’t having grip issues so I left it alone.
(No, I didn't compare tire diameter compared to the 180 and/or adjust the front end accordingly - please forgive me for my sins)
Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks again.  I was just really excited to be able to apply the knowledge I've gained from your site, and thought you might find it helpful to see a real world example of tearing with the Cup 2s.
Shikma Hacham, Israel (Remote Tune)Shikma Hacham, Israel (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

.... how are you? Hope all is good...🤞

I would like to share with you that we were at the track on the last Friday and the feeling was amazing!!!!
I glad to share with you my tires

Chris Dick, Tennessee USA (Remote Tune)Chris Dick, Tennessee USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave.


I’ve plugged in the new settings you recommend. I have to say the my pace has improved dramatically. I went from having chicken strips to draggin knee on left hand turns.

This is all being rode on the dragon/deals gap. I’m including some pics. I just want to say thanks a lot for the help you’ve sent me.

Raphael Castillo, Hawaii (Remote Tune)

Aloha Dave!

I just wanted to reach out to you and inform you that I am really enjoying the bike now (2018 s1000rr) with the settings that you’ve provided for me. Although we have no tracks out here in O’ahu, Hawaii we make due with spirited street/off ramp on-ramp / mini canyon routes and let me tell you, i am definitely growing with the bike and most certainly operating in unison with it. I would give you updates on the other on(2014 899 Panigale) but I have only rode that bike maybe 5 times until I had to send it out for some servicing(fork seals, rear sprocket etc) but so far, it has helped me understand how to properly engage and execute throttle, brake and even key points during the ride. I would like to say that the Panigale was more of a technical bike that gave me a better grasp on the S1000rr. But anyways, I would like to say thank you for your guidance and I would definitely keep in touch with you when I do need to make more adjustments (track day here hopefully). Also if you ever do go on vacation to Hawaii please let me know and if you have an extra day to spare. I do have more that a handful of colleagues that are willing to seek for your guidance with suspension etc. stay safe, stay healthy and ride safe
Raphael Castillo
Drew Kirgan (Remote Tune, MT07)


I have installed the 10mm shortened forks, motul 15w fork oil, lowered triple to 8mm exposed fork tube, and set the tires at 36psi front and rear.
I took it to the mountains yesterday and holllllly shit, what a massive difference. Was taking corners much faster and able to lean much further. Didn't feel like I was going to lose the bike out from under me in turns if I hit a bump. Felt much more responsive popping out of a lean in one direction to turn the other direction. I felt I could accelerate out of the apex of corners and maintain direction of travel,  before it felt like the bike would want to go wide and was having to slow down and fearful of leaving my lane. It feels like a completely different bike. Seeing the difference now... before it was soft like my old 250 TTR trail bike. Now it's something I've never experienced. Look forward to what I'll be able to do with more practice and relearning the bike in it's improved state. I don't know the vernacular and am inexperienced but that is the best way I can summarize the changes.
I played with going between 3-5 on preload settings. I ended up going back to 3. Felt the best for me. Can't describe why or what was different. Just instinctual. It felt best to me.
If you're still with me, thank you for reading my short novel. Just wanted to be detailed and in depth about my findings and gratitude for the improvements. Already got close to $2,000 invested post purchase into this bike but the $80 consultation was far and away the biggest improvement to performance in my opinion.
Daniel Schaefer (Remote Tune)Daniel Schaefer (Remote Tune)

The tyres are working really well. I can recommend them. You pressure suggestion was spot on. Thanks 😊

Gonzi Botond (Remote Tune)Gonzi Botond (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!

Finally good weather, so today I went for a ride, like 250km. Mostly normal road, but also twisties 🙂 The Monster is just simply wonderful 🙂

Frederick Estrada, CaliforniaFrederick Estrada, California



My S4 handles like a different bike out the gate, calm and planted, big smiles on the way back can’t wait to take her out proper after work Tuesday. Thanks again for taking the time to fix and show me the fork rebound.

Keith Rice, San Diego USA (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I finally took the motorcycle out after getting my forks done with your advice on the adjustment.
It seems like it jars less over bumps and pot holes.
I just wanted to say thank you very much on your help.
~Keith Rice
Chris Schesser

Subject: Thank you

First day watching videos. About 1,500 miles into driving a new 2021 R1 and the suspension was messing with me. Tinkered and sort of got it feeling better on the highway but the front felt high and weird. Previously did about 86,000 miles on an 08 R6 and this didn't feel right.


I watched two of your R1 videos and did the basic settings you did for "Christopher" with maybe one or two click differences in places (I also have the triple clamp lowered one notch from the top of forks similar but not as far as on my R6). Drove it about 20 miles to work and that was a huge change and a lot of help. So thank you again for just what I was able to learn from the videos alone.

Wojciech, Poland

Hello Dave,

Firstly, my words of application for the quality of information you present on your site. I really enjoy the subscription. 🙂

Any chance for you to provide some recommended setting for Ohlins semi active suspension to play with? My weight is 85kg without gear. I commute on daily basis with track days 3/4 times per month. Your help will be much appreciated.

So far money well spent...

Greetings from Poland!

Cody Manning (Remote Tune)Cody Manning (Remote Tune)


After today's ride, the bike felt amazing. I felt much more connected to the road... I think a lot of that was the tire pressure. The bike felt less "mushy." I felt much more in control of the placement and lean angle in the corners. The suspension was definitely not as bouncy and there's a clear distinction between the shiny portion of the shock shaft and the less shiny greased up part just above the bump stop.
Pics are included (The shock shaft is not photogenic at all).
Drew Kirganm, Colorado US (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I will get the fork oil changed out to 15w this week, along with cutting the spacers down.
I didn't mess with the preload settings any further.  Figured it would be best to hold off investing much time in those adjustments until I get the front fork sorted out.  After that, I will go out to the mountains and try a couple mile stretch and find the preferred setting.  I'll let you know what I find and at that point I believe i'll be ready for our next session you'd mentioned.
Yes, i'm seeing much more how valuable the time i'm spending on adjustments is.  I knew I would feel much better getting expert advice/adult supervision for making any changes.  I'm just getting back on two wheels after a ten year hiatus.  Was hit by a car and got messed up pretty good.  Few back surgeries, lots of PT, lots of pain, lots of nasty drugs, and I was shell shocked afterwards and very uncomfortable on the street and sold my bike.  The desire is back and while I thought I was going to be much more sheepish than I have been behaving on the MT-07, I'm still extremely concerned with safety.  I was not really comfortable just making a lot of changes on my own based off of youtube videos and forums.  The remote tuning and guidance is a priceless service to me and I'm very glad you offer it.  The piece of mind that comes from informed expert direction breeds much more confidence and comfort on the bike.

Got the triple clamp lowered. Took it out for a spin and definitely noticed a difference. Didn't feel like I needed to go as slow in the corners or like the bike was forcing me to go wide.

Did not like it when I hit some bumps in turns though. Changed the preload to 4 and it helped. I'll go back to 3 and try it once I've made the changes to the spacers and fork oil.
I wanted to mention. We talked about ambient summer temperatures being 85-90 mid summer. Right now I'm getting many miles in at between 40-70° and being Colorado, I'd say almost half my riding in a year will be in those cold temperatures. Does that alter your recommendation on oil weight?
Lastly. The change to the lever angles. Wow. A simple change with spectacular results. Immediate massive improvement in gear changes. Didn't realize what a pain in the ass they were until you had them set properly.
Look forward to getting the front fork fixed and working with you some more.
Hello Dave!
My name is Vasily, I’m from Russia.

I participate in Russian Superbike championship on my Yamaha R6.

I’d like to book your remote tuning procedures on next trackday, that will be 24th of April, starting from 7:00 AM till 3:00 PM (GMT Timezone).
It’ll be great to have instant messaging with you about tires, suspension, etc after each session to see the progress.

I’m not a newbie, this will be my 4th season. Last season I finished at 2nd place overall in STK class.

Remote Tune settings provided and..........
I’m happy with these settings!
Got used to it and in race I improved by 1.5 seconds!!! It was 1:25.33 before, and in the race it was 1:23.77! Unbelievable!
I broke veeery hard without stoppie! Before that it was stoppie already on 1.1G deceleration, now it was no stoppie at 1.2G!
I never broke that hard!
And with that time I finished 3rd and very happy with that.
As for numbers:
2.25 bar front and 1.65 bar off the track.
And here are pictures after 15 laps race
As you can see, I pushed the fork all the way down. I’ll check in telemetry when it happened.
And me with the prize )
How can I pay for your time and your advices? ) and how much?
Ps never thought that 1 click out of preload will lead to such huge difference!
Thanks a lot, Dave! I’d like to have another remote tuning session in a week. It totally worth it!
Andreas Stefanou, Greece

Hey Dave,

My name is Andreas and I have been a member on your website for some months now. Best 50€ I ever spent on motorcycle knowledge, it has to be said. I think I’ve watched every video available.

I wanted to thank you for all the amazing content you put out there for us, week in and week out. You have empowered me to setup my own bike (2018 Yamaha MT-09 SP) and more importantly to understand that the “golden settings” (as mr. Williams calls them) are not really a “thing”. And that different suspension settings are needed for a nice trip with friends and a whole other set for going for it in the mountains or track (including tire pressures).
Also that suspension needs to be properly serviced regardless of the book says... or doesn’t, in this case.

I have resprung and revalved both the front and rear to suit my weight (you can say I am genetically gifted, with a 11,5 spring in the rear 🤣🤣) and riding and the difference is immense. I honestly have no idea how I even rode bikes before with +40.000km oil and wrong weight springs.

I try to educate others and show them your videos so that they can enjoy and appreciate their bikes even more. Needless to say that it’s no easy task, but the people who actually take the time, understand what it’s all about. Can’t tell you how many people have never wondered why I change tire pressures for different seasons (like it’s normal to assume that 42psi works for every size rider and for 10C weather the same it does in 40C weather), I was one of those guys 😂

Chad Harrison, California USAChad Harrison, California USA


Thank you, my ride was Night/Day the bike actually dove into corners. Felt great.
Seemed like I could go a bit deeper but it was overcast out and cold so I didn’t really push conditions.
Shane Krager, USAShane Krager, USA
Cuz of your channel I’ve been excelling! Keep up the content!
@ Barber Motorsports Birmingham Alabama. Amazing track
Jithin Viswanath (Remote Tuning).Jithin Viswanath (Remote Tuning).

Dave Moss Suspension Tuning Testimonial



I am riding bikes since I was 12 years old starting from 99cc Honda. I have had my fare share of riding till I were 22 (most of them 200cc or below). Then I stopped and switched to cars. At the age of 32, I started riding again straight from 1000cc Honda CBF. It was learning curve. Soon the biker community introduced me to faster superbike riders. Blown away by the speed they had I had to make the switch to superbike. Got myself a 2016 ZX6R.

I was never a fan of sports bike riding style. So it was horrible at first. As the time passed, I get used to the geometry. Even after spending a decent amount of time with the bike I couldn’t ride anywhere near as comfortable (as in the way the bike handled) as my other normal bikes. I even thought I was too old for this. One day I was browsing the YouTube for solution for the riding issues I had, I came across this man in shorts saying things that made a lot of sense to my problems. At the end of the video I had to get his remote tuning services, I was convinced he could solve my problems.

I contacted him through FB messenger. He asked me the photos of tires, forks and shocks parts. I got a set of settings for my weight and riding requirements.

Come next weekend, voila. The bike was a joy to ride. So comfortable, so easy to ride, so stable around the corners. I started going faster and faster. In the next few months I could see the guys in 1000s through every corner. They started asking me questions and I told them its just Dave Moss magic in the suspension setup. I could go even faster. The bike was glued to the ground whatever I threw at it.

I cannot thank enough Dave Moss for the services he has rendered for me and my bike. This is the best thing happened to my riding knowledge ever. This man is absolute treasure.

I can vouch, for the results you will get out of his setup, this guy’s pricing is peanuts. He knows what he is doing.

Feed your bike with Dave Moss Tuning, Love riding more 😀


Eric Curcio, USA (Remote Tune)Eric Curcio, USA (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
The numbers are in!
Ride 1: relaxed, mainly highway speeds
  Ziptie: 36mm
  Miles: 24
Ride 2: long trip to parents, was taking long bends on the highway @90mph+, everything felt smooth
  Ziptie: 25mm
  Miles: 60
Ride 3: ride back, was at night, took it a bit slower
  Ziptie: 30mm
  Miles: 60
Ride 4: to work, mainly highway speeds, straight lines
  Ziptie: 34mm
  Miles: 16
Ride 5: back from work, roughly same conditions
  Ziptie: 31mm
  Miles: 16
All in all, the bike feels much better.  Reducing the rebound in the rear definitely helps getting into turns.  
Alberto Gazzola, Nevada USAAlberto Gazzola, Nevada USA

Thank you very much Dave.

The Streetfighter felt planted, yet responsive to my every input. Your expertise, words of advice and changes to my moto's suspension setting, always result in my riding confidence, rise to the next level. Over the years it really changed my skill level, now a solid "A".

Stephen Conlon, Canada

Good morning Dave,

I'm a premium content subscriber from Canada. I recently saw your video on the Concours 14. I purchased a new Conny in 2017 and have never regretted my decision. As my wife said, "You don't even look at other bikes anymore". Firstly, thanks for your great content. I set up my Conny based on your teachings and it has definitely improved the all aspects of the ride. I get so much more enjoyment and confidence due to the bike handling effortlessly and predictably.

Just thought I would pass along my experience with phone/gps mounts. I tried several but ended up with a Quadlock case, Quadlock vibration dampener and triple clamp 12mm hexagon 1" ball mount. It's not the cheapest way to go but I have using it for 2 years and I'm still extremely happy with it.


Only problem with Quadlock is they only support a few different types of phones.

Thought I would send that to you for what's it worth as I spent many hours (and $$) researching a trying different setups.

YouTube March 2021

Michael Meyer

"Spot On" That is exactly the way I have adjusted my tire pressure since late 1970's before we had radial tires and I ran Michelin PZ2 front Dunlop K81 or Parelli Phantom rear (Bias-ply 28-32 PSI) on my RD400 riding in AFM and ARRA club Races and Angles Crest Highway in Southern California. Now I look for mileage and cornering grip from my rides (285,000 miles on 2 FJR's ). I ride to work 5 days a week plus 300+mile long weekend rides through the mountains in Southern California. for my own Tires we have today I have my happy feel at 40psi front and rear. 120/60/17 & 180/55/17.


Pedro Cervantes

Might have to pay for some remote tuning, as a 230 lb guy on a new 675r getting everything to my liking has been hit and miss. Thanks for the great content though Dave, always can gleam some excellent information even just from the previews/intro videos. edit: The change I did to lever positions, and where they actually sit "angle wise" on the clip ons, as well as how my hands sit on the grips was one of the greatest and most impactful changes I learned from your videos. Correct ergos really make a world of difference.


fariq addin

SUBSRIBED. you deserve it. Never seen anyone literally ANYONE bfore i bought my bike to tell me that we need to adjust our bike accordingly. i only buy adjustable footrest so i could hold and grip my bike tank properly. Now, i had find all the reason of pain when i go out and ride. Thank you so much. much love from Malaysian rider.


joe joe

Thank you again- !! my bike is new and only has 700 miles - i adjusted the clickers on forks and shock it helped quit a bit !!!! i may just need to slow down the rebound and soften the spring a half turn on the shock i may have gotten the forks right already!!!!! ----- THANK YOU -- !!!!! owes Mr moss a beer-


Noneshere  This guy amazing. Ever since he showed me how to adjust my brake & clutch levers I been subscribed. Its amazing how much more responsive you get without wasting throw to grab the levers.



I come from a bicycle racing background and making the bike fit you is second nature for me. I had no idea that people sat on motorcycles that didn't fit them. This video blew my mind. I even take a socket set and allen keys to the dealers when going to sit on a prospective new bike. If the bike don't fit then I must a-quit... and go look at something else.



Pete Curran commented: "Great procedure, Dave! Just replaced front pads on my DL1000 and on one caliper, the piston travel was 60/40. I didn't touch the axle then, but now it'll get reset! Thanks man! 👌🏻"


Christopher Everett

absolutely marvelous video. a wealth of information I feel most riders overlook. and I get it, proper setup take time and test ride and adjustment and more time and I guess could be considered boring. but proper suspension setup can transform a bike from meh to oh hell yeah



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Joppe Vermunt commented: "Next week new brake pads on my cbf1000 abs. Thanks for the work Dave!"


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MattMan I flushed both forks out three times with fresh oil. I will remember the kerosene trick for next time. Your videos are very helpful for us simpletons. Thanks for posting them.




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Fred Duvall (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave I just wanted to touch base again to let you know how the suspension adjustment went.

First I pulled the castle  nut back to about mid thread count, & the rebound screw about mid range. It is remarkable how much better the bike handles & feels. I am going to do a bit of finer tuning next week before I ride again after my work week ends. But we are definitely way closer to right than the outset.
The last email you sent was to take 2 more clicks out of the rebound on the back shock.
I did that the other day, and took it out for a nice little ride of about 60 miles, I am glad to tell you, you are spot on, the rode just smoothed out like a dream and I really enjoyed the ride.
Thanks a million for you help with it.
Ryan Secrest, Colorado USA (Remote Tune)Ryan Secrest, Colorado USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


Did about 5 miles street and then some low speed maneuvers in a parking lot for about 30 minutes.

I did do some hard front braking just for training since it's been winter here and wanted to get my technique back. Photos attached.
From the feel of everything so far though night and day difference compared to all my bikes. It's hard for me to say if everything is 100% but as of now. I can feel the road a lot better in my opinion.
I did get rear shock set +6
Alfonso Cervantes, Texas USA (Remote Tune)
Thank you for the settings!
I went out today a bit with the settings I had set myself so I would have a good point of mental reference before I made the change to your suggested ones. I came back about halfway through the day and quickly changed over to yours and felt an immediate improvement. Before the bike was not inspiring confidence in myself in corners and would feel "off". 
However now I have seen a marked improvement in corner stability while still maintaining a solid and complaint front that doesn't dive in under braking. Smoothness on roads has gone down a bit, but not to any point of complaint, and it is a worth price to pay for the increase in how I feel in corners. I ended up putting 100 miles on the bike today, as it was a beautiful day in Texas. 
I will now however get a zip tie set up to see how much of the travel I am using, and track the next 300 miles before checking in with you again(what I can say is that some "upside down clouds" as you refer to them in some videos remain, although I am not 100% knowledgeable on what these indicate).
Thank you! I am excited to see where it goes from here, as I plan on doing my first track day later into the year.
Mark Pease, Arizona USA (Remote Tune)

Subject: Z900 ABS 2020 Suspension setup via REMOTE

Message Body:
Absolutely fantastic!!!

Easy to do and my new bike's ride has improved 1000% in less than 30 min. Kudos and thanks Dave.

Much obliged and I highly recommend your services to any and all.

Rob Stoneman UK
Hey Dave,

Thanks so much for getting back to me I really appreciate it, thanks to your videos I’m able to set my suspension and my friends we are all getting great wear improving our performance on track but most importantly I’ve enjoyed the learning and feel better for it. No longer set and forget.

Thanks to you

Stephen Cook, Thailand (Remote Tune)Stephen Cook, Thailand (Remote Tune)
Being an Australian living in Thailand, finding specialist support for my motorbikes is a challenge. Most solutions tend to be at the premium price point or simply best intentions are not the best solutions due to the level of expertise here. Discovering Dave Moss Tuning videos on YouTube was the start of my learning journey. The experience in upgrading the suspension on my MT07 using the Yamaha dealer highlighted that I must learn more. So, when I upgraded my Ninja 400 to the ZX6R, I subscribed to the Premium content that Dave offers. The content is brilliant and I have learned so much from the videos. I keep going back to many videos for confirmation when applying to my bike and learn more each time!
When I reached a point of being unable to adjust to stop the front forks bottoming out, my solution came from seeing one of the videos on the ZX6R. Local specialists were suggesting an expensive solution of all new suspension, so I tried emailing Dave to seek reassurance that my thinking of heavier fork oil and upgrading springs was correct. The time zones between Dave and myself are total opposites but to my surprise Dave replied in 2 hours and offered his thoughts. I was blown away with the level of service offered by Dave. He has helped me learn about suspension and gave me confidence that my learning can solve my suspension issues.
Therefore, I cannot recommend Dave highly enough and will continue to keep learning from his videos but know that the remote tuning service is there should I need an expert review on my bike. Even in Thailand, timely support from Dave is available. Thanks, Dave, for helping me learn more about my bike and making it handle better. Even my Kawasaki mechanic knows to check with me on tire pressure rather than inflate to the manual specification!
Stephen Cook
Alex Filliez, FloridaAlex Filliez, Florida
Transformed my untamed and unruly, lovely yet terrifying ktm rc8r into an incredibly smooth, consistent, stable, agile, unruly monster😁. No longer terrifying but all the more lovely.
If you think you love a bike or even being on one, have it set up by Dave, then prepare for an entirely new way of existing on a motorcycle.
I doubt you could find any better value in the industry. I would recommend the service (and I do) to anyone, especially those that really want to improve their bike, reduce rider fatigue, stay safer by keeping your tires on the road, get more miles from your tires, etc.
Warning: once you ride something set up correctly, everything else you ride that hasn't been will feel like an unstable wandering death trap.
Tyler Tron, CaliforniaTyler Tron, California

Thanks to your big piston fork video (I subscribed to your site) I refreshed the forks. New oil, cleaned and lubed seals. Moved the preload clip up one spot for the rear shocks. Then I installed my stock mid rise clip ons. Much better ergonomics!

You did say one clip up correct?
Also, was I to count the rebound and compression turns from the fully clock wise? I'm pretty sure I did that and reset them after putting the forks back on. But just to make sure does this sound correct to you?
Rebound:6.5 turns . Compression: 4 turns.
Put 75 miles on the bike today, it's so lovely. I felt like I fell in love with riding again. I had no idea you would be repaving a few of my favorite routes for me. Thought I just paid for a suspension tweaking! 😆. The bike goes over everything so much nicer now. It is doing it's designed job now. The rear no longer creates compression fractures in my back haha.
 Here's a photo of me at the Deltas from today.  Sarah and I hope to ride during the week. Will send a photo of us.
Ben Dixon, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Just had a fantastic morning session, running the program you suggested.  the results are very interesting.
settings before I started:
front: 2.5R, 3C, preload at 28 clicks
rear: 8R, 10C, preload at 1.5 turns clockwise from factory setting.
you suggested trying 2.5, 2.5 and 4.5 (of 6) turns out on the front reboundt, then pick the happy point, then 6-9-12 clicks out rebound on the rear.
the ‘Before’ shots are after riding out through suburbia to where I was testing. ‘After' is immediately following the last fast run, before coming home.
2.5 front, 8 rear 
Me still settling.  bike feels sluggish and heavy. up and down a pretty smooth bit of road with a combo of fast turns and slower (relatively slower - signposted at 45km/hr.  i was consistently doubling that or faster, when i looked). heaviness particularly bad when not on line or coasting a bit in corners. hard to find right line.  but ok when i try getting on the gas earlier.
3.5 front, 8 rear 
huge improvement. bike feels more stable. not running wide as much. more forgiving of being a bit off line.
4.5 front, 8 rear 
still feels good, but maybe just not quite as good as before.  did runs on same road as before, then continued onto  more twisty and somewhat rougher section of road, the end of which is probably my all time favourite bit of bike road.  almost all 45 and 55 signposted corners, some very long, and closely spaced, so a lot of flicking side to side.  at the end, decided to split the difference and try 4 on front rebound.
4 front, 8 rear
feels great. 4 seems like the magic number. very forgiving, but I seem to be much more on my line anyway.  at the end of a few quick runs, the ziptie says I still have maybe 12mm of travel left at the front above the bottom.
having settled on 4 turns out rebound on the front, I started testing the rear.  started by going from 8 to 12.
4 front, 12 rear
amazing.  bike feels really balanced.  really stable through long corners, even if they are bumpy.  bike is *much* easier to pick up out of corners and feels much easier to flick from side to side.  the bike feeling like this is also giving me confidence to be more aggressive on the throttle.  getting on it earlier and more.
4 front. 9 rear

a step backwards.  12 definitely much better.  bike feels heavier again.
I went back to 4/12 and did a bunch more runs, on different sections of road.  bike feels great, and I feel confident.  i did about 250km total during this session (of which maybe 75 was getting to and from). tyre pressures at the end of my last fast run were 36/40 hot.  pics below.  ambient air temp ranged between 21C at the start, to about 24 at the end. a gorgeous day for a ride, really.  when i bounce the front of the bike, there is a little bit of overshoot on the rebound, but honestly, the bike felt better this way than more heavily rebound damped.  the rear wasnt overshooting.  when i bounced the bike, both front and rear seemed to come up together.
when I got home, while the bike was still hot, I remeasured all the sags.
Front:  29.5 static, 11.5 rider (=41 total) 
Rear: 12mm static, 31 rider (=43 total)
those total sags still seem quite high (from what I understand) - what do you think?
the one thing I forgot to do before i left home was the smear of grease on the rear shock, to check the travel (damn).  so that will have to wait until next time.
Tyler & Sarah Tron, California
It was great!
Sarah mentioned less than halfway through the ride home "My bike is so much better. I definitely notice it".  I was just fixing to tell her that as well, my bike was more well behaved.

 When we got home we went ahead and moved her forks down 10mm. Rotated her offset riser 180° to bring the bars 1.5" closer. Moved her controls and grips in 1" each side. Then moved her controls and shift lever down.

 We found a bar that will work for her. It's from a stock 2016 Kawasaki z1000. It has less sweep, and more rise towards her, along with being more narrow by another inch or so each side. It will be perfect. Until then she will be better than before.
Tomorrow I plan to move my ear shock clip and possibly have time to swap fork oil.  Then I will install the stock riser clip ons that came with my bike. They have much less sweep and will bring the bars closer to me.
No more locked elbows and bent wrists soon for each of us!
Sorry for the long message but we were so excited when we got home. She's extremely glad she decided to ride her own bike yesterday instead of 2up with me!
Ajit Mohan, Dubai UAE (Remote Tune)Ajit Mohan, Dubai UAE (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I have done the ergonomic adjustments and it has completely transformed the ride for the better.
I cannot Thank you enough for your suggestions!
Gabriel Tavares, Portugal  (Remote Tune)Gabriel Tavares, Portugal (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave,
Just finished testing the bike with the settings you sent me. Bike feels great and I’m no longer hitting bottom, it stays about 15mm from bottom.
I noticed one thing,  my H. Compression in the shock was 3, and reducing it to 2 made a lot of difference, allowing me to reduce to 7 clicks out the l. Compression and feeling very nice. The rebound seems to be way better now, all of that could have made the magic so the front doesn’t bottom out. Maybe the back was too rigid and all the force was going to the front.
Either way thank you so much for your help, I measured my front end sag and it’s at 39.
For the track do you have any suggestions? I go quite often to the track.
Thank you so much,
Henia Firas, Tunisia (Remote Tune)


Hello Dave,
Thank you for your email. I applied all the new setting , I feel like it another bike , good sensation. It not acting like a horse anymore absorbing all bumps.
Aprecciate your help. I hope payment is received.
YouTube February 2020

Marko Terlević

Great video as always! The rebound adjusters on my Suzuki gsx1400 also wasn't set equally on both forks, I will set it like you demonstrate here in the video, cause now I got different range of clicks in both forks, not good... And you can feel it when you ride the bike, totally unbalanced front... The guys who did the revision on my forks probably didn't pay too much attention on these details, next time I'll do it myself, and thanks to all of your videos on YouTube, I have a better understanding of suspension basics, troubleshooting, etc... Thank you Dave & keep up the good work!



Hello DMT team! Just checked your events calendar and verified you'll be at Laguna in April! Likely to need some setup changes having never ridden there. Dave set the suspension on my R1 at Reno Fernley Raceway (YES, IT'S BEEN THAT LONG!) and it's still the single greatest upgrade done to the bike! Nothing has made it feel more confident or improved laptimes more than the short time it took before and after a session for Dave to make the adjustments! I've been off the track for many years now but am finally in a financial situation to get back into it. Thanks for giving everyday enthusiasts a racer's level of support through your tuning expertise!


Altino Reis

I used to do this when I was young and assembled my own bike...I've did exactly the same with the brake levers...handle bars changes...chain...crown...etc it really made me feel more comfortable...all that he said makes sense...but for must people how it appears matters must...instead of how I will feel



upgraded my C14 to AK20 cartridges from Traxxion Dynamics with straight rate springs and a Penske 8983 and can tell you it is a completely different bike, all thanks to subscribing to your site and watching your setup videos. I realized that in my 25 years of riding I knew NOTHING about suspension, and since have properly set up all 4 of my bikes. I would've spent my upgrade money far differently had I learned suspension 20 years earlier... thank you!


Terry Eisler

Really enjoy your chanel. This series is too much fun. Serious where it is important, light where it is personal preference. I personally am more the stickler type, so I see the struggle when it comes to the "good enough" attitude, but that also keep it balanced. Well done Daves. Please continue producing instructive and entertaining content. I also recently purchased a set of JIS screwdrivers. I feel that they do hold the screws a little better. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.


Eric Londres1

Wow awesome video! One of most insightful observations I've heard about differet suspension setups on a track! Wish youre out here in the East Coast, I would love to get some pointers from you. And man you sound so composed and relaxed like you're narrating it from your couch!


Hi Dave, Really enjoyed meeting you at Chuckwalla. I had no IDEA you were that fast. Very fun to watch you ride and go through your process. Hope to run into you again sometime soon, hopefully when you're in tuning mode. 😉


Ole Nilsen commented: "I love to watch you take apart and reassemble bikes this way. You always throw out some nice thoughts about upgrades and priorities according to use as well. Thank you!


Paul Horvath replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank You,,Well Explained, You are One of the Most Punctual and Responsive guys I've Ever Met and there Really aren't Many ..Always Grateful for your time Sir."


Alan Brown

I just did a friends er6F, new chain/sprockets pads/tyres. She ended up needing new wheel and suspension linkage bearings too, as someone (I know who) used copaslip instead of the correct grease. This is why these video's are so important, they enable you to learn how to check yourself, it's not just about saving money, it could save your life.


Silver SooZookee commented: "Spot on. I take about a hour with my bike on the stands, just looking and checking everything as I do weekly lube and fluids level checks. Definitely helps with peace of mind"


Dez Dez

Was wondering the same thing, my 08 cbr600rr has the same problem, as long as I follow this procedure, my pre load and compression adj. Should be ok right? Dave is a must subscribe!


Federico Cao commented: "Thanks for your advice Mr. Today I adjusted my vitpilen 401 bar command and levers (clutch and brake), and feels more natural and ergonomic. Thanks.!!!"


MrVtec786 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning you are right they don’t pass their knowledge on to the average road rider which is why we watch Dave moss you should make a trip to England !"


Karl O'Grady

Nice vid dave. Im just stripping, cleaning and rebuilding my zxr forks, every internal component is now bone dry and going back together.


MrVtec786 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning you are right they don’t pass their knowledge on to the average road rider which is why we watch Dave moss you should make a trip to England !"


Patrik Masserati commented: "Like your videos we need more of these 😀 😀 its pretty frustrating to bleed a damaged brake master cylinder"


John Waller commented: "Like this bloke learnt a lot will be putting it in practice when I go for a new bike Thanks"


Gideon Sikk commented: "I like how dave pretends not to know the socket size and takes a guess haha dave u got me"


Pawsiuk commented: "One week ago do the same with my ninja 300:) but only difference is that i have to make holes by my self 🙂 Love all your videos and could watch over and over again :)"


Michael Byrne commented: "Thanks for this!!! I needed your wisdom to finish my own forks! God bless you my friend."


Hendrik VL commented: "Thanks for the wise lesson and tips. It is very educational for me as a novice motorcyclist."


steve mcbride

brilliant Dave. I’ll be taking more time on brakes and the bike set up video and shocks I will be checking. Great stuff steve mac uk Sheffield


Chris Coates commented: "Came across you recently Old and newer videos Your great at explications Very informative , and Calm love it"


Daniel Szabo replied: "Dave Moss Tuning it really helped, a lot thank you. Greetings from Portugal. You would love to travel with your bandit on this lands 👌"


madgunner bomb commented: "Let me just click the like button before even watching your video coz I know for sure it is always loaded with best content. Love from India Dave!"


2WheelMotoHead commented: "Really liked the video, I’m going to head out to the garage and see about making some adjustments."


Troy Wee commented: "jigsaws are always fun to do ...... unless it's bodywork! so far so good! cheers."


Jorge Martins replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for the help you provided, I really appreciate it."


soki avd commented: "I definitely has to check my position on my bike... Great content... very helpful... (y)"


Sene M commented: "And that explains my clutch hand is positioned wrong as I get a sore wrist after every ride. This video is very important 👍"


Zack Hubbard Left side is Mr. Moss. Much more smooth looking! All your work inspires me to do more!


888jackflash replied: "Life is too brief to be dour. Thanks for the great videos... wish I was out west and you could unsnarl my SV1000 suspension weirdness."



OneLeggedWhale  @Dave Moss Tuning thank you master for all the valuable information!!


toluwole commented: "This was exceptionally good advice. Thank you."


Klin Johnson commented: "Love you. Ty for your service to society"


Richdillson commented: "Thanks Dave, these videos have been very helpful"


David V commented: "100% worth it, just fit the holes and you saved yourself $ 850"


DON ́T DAMN ME 88 commented: "Thanks for your classes and experience!"


Mohd Nazirul Afdhal commented: "I have had educate myself, it is good to know, thanks."


Michael Long commented: "Let me say that I am a huge fan. Love Dave's work.


rhayn hillyard commented: "Now bringing my tools when I pick up my bike in 5 weeks"


Ricardo Abreu commented: "After 2 years...gonna do that to my bike"


Lemuel Castello commented: "I wanna give u a hug 🤣"


\ eliud mukuria commented: "practical training. i am visiting the video for the third time"


Angie fav commented: "Thank you l have been waiting for good info like this again thanks"


metal moto commented: "I'm loving this build!! I wish there was more of this."


Paul Horvath commented: "Just learned Something New, Thanks Dave


Mitch Pereira commented: "thank you for your experience"


Antti Suonio  These full length videos are so entertaining!


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SivanM  This video series is a treasure


Grazzo commented: " Good work. Looking good"



Chris Coates commented: "9yrs later , Your Brilliant advice"


lilili lululu commented: "This is very important yet underated"


essex__rider commented: "I’ve loved this series, thanks guys... 🙌"


marc howard commented: "These are great vids good job"


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Ionatan  Thank you Dave for this


Eddie Stokes commented: "Awesome, Dave!"


888MF commented: "Fantastic video"


Karl O'Grady commented: "Loving the vids dave.


Mikael Delta commented: "MEGA MOSS!!!!!!!"


Klin Johnson commented: "Awesome."


420 construction commented: "Awesome"




Jeremy Alta, California (Remote Tune)


Thanks for getting back to me, and I apologize for the delay in my response. I'm sure your time is very valuable and I don't mean to waste it, or insinuate otherwise.
Stiction wasn't the issue, the suspension very obviously moved freely, so I was glad to see that stiction wasn't a problem I had. Before reading your email, I went for a ride with a friend, and I found that while I couldn't get a measurable difference in rider sag, the front end was definitely noticeably stiffer. It was a different feel, and definitely a more positive one.
After reviewing my ultra high tech suspension performance indicator (zip tie), I noticed that even after heavy braking, I have some additional room for a panic in the front fork travel, and the bike seems to behave decently after my adjustments. Your content is amazing, and has helped me greatly with both of my bikes.
Thanks so much!
Jeremy Alter
Victor Hara, Seattle USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I’m a previous customer as you helped me with my 2019 Tuono Factory. The remote tune was night and day. I truly appreciate your help and am privileged to receive your assistance.

I’m likely moving to level 1 after one season largely due to the bike and your tune. I was previously stuck in level 2 for three years with my prior 899 Panigale.

Heinrich Botha, South Africa (Remote Tune)
Thanks so much for the advice! 
And on a side note, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the content you make avaliable sir. I am using it to my benefit and also the group of riders I have around me. 
We had an awesome track day yesterday and I was climbing all over everyone's tyres reading them like tea leaves. 
I also at one point stroked my imaginary soul patch 🙂 
So again, thank you very much and have wonderful weekend! 
Kind regards 
Heinrich Botha
Stacey Barr, Australia (Remote Tune)Stacey Barr, Australia (Remote Tune)
I have been loving the bike and constantly amazed by how well it holds corners, even soaking up rough stuff through the turns without bumping off my line. I haven’t played with tyre pressures yet as I just haven’t felt the need or inclination. Might try sometime in the future, just for interest. But now, the bike is fantastic.
Attached is a photo of me with it. Feel welcome to choose from my existing words in previous emails, or if you’d like me to write something specific just ask.
Thanks again for the excellent advice and instruction. It’s made a world of difference to making the bike work for me.
Smiles, Stacey.
Jaco Geldenhuys, South Africa (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave
Hope you had a great weekend so far.
Well we went on the ride yesterday and I can not believe it is the same bike. And can not believe that people here with bike shops could not help me, and believe me I have to many of them, then here you are, thousands of mile away not even seeing the bike and you get it right the 1st time.
I wish you could know how much I appreciate all you help and support. In my eyes you are my best friend from now on😊
After the ride I took the measurement of the cable tie on the fork again and it is still at 29mm.
The bike feels much more stable on the road.
I am not sure what the bike must feel exactly as I am so used to the harsh ride and for me it feels fine no, so I am not sure if there is maybe another 1 or 2 clicks somewhere I need to adjust. Before if felt like I was riding on wooden wheels and now it feels like a Mercedes😊
Thank you so so much for your help and if you feel that I must maybe try some more settings here and there please let me know.
May you have a great week my friend.
Matthew Schnurr

Hi Dave,

You were correct, the wheel was not aligned!
While I had the front wheel off and was cleaning the forks a few months ago, I noticed the left fork leg was super stiff and didn’t compress at all. That leg contains  the ESA system. Without the system turned on, the fork leg remains stiff, while the other is able to compress/rebound.
This time, while I had the bike running, bounced the front end and tightened the pinch bolts. Did not have it running last time , so the bounce probably only served to mis align the front end.
The front tracks perfectly and there is no sign of uneven wear.
Thanks so much!
BTW..see if you can order a couple of carpets with your logo and put one on each side of your track stands.  They are super comfortable on the feet/ knees and any tools/bolts that drop stay in place. I started using old carpets for both bike and car repairs, very civilized. Might be a good advertisement for you as well.
Thanks again!
William Tooros, California USAWilliam Tooros, California USA

Hi Dave,

I want to THANK YOU for all your help this weekend at Chuck.  I know you were not working but you still helped us with some guidance.  I have owned my Ducati 959 for 3 years which is a track only bike.  After you guided me on how to set the bike up and make a couple of adjustments to the rear and front, the bike became an AMAZING machine…  totally different ride than before.

On the rear my bike would go wide on exit and now it sticks to the ground and holds the line no matter how much I twist the throttle.  Fricking amazing feeling…

The front is now totally different and I feel like I can throw the bike into any turn with confidence.


I beat may best time by 5 seconds after you suggested the adjustments.

So props to you and what you to my friend….  I know this is a business for you but I want you and your followers to know that you save lives!!!!  …  that is really what you do!  We ride these rockets at 150+ and the wrong set up will get you in lots of trouble.

I have been working on bikes and do all of the work on my bike but I never learned the most important part of the bike which is the suspension.  And no one has anything good to offer on-line.

I can’t wait to meet you at another track so I can hire your to work with me all day and teach me what is most important… my set up…

Please, please keep up the good work and educate as many like me to know the importance of their suspension and how to set it up and adjust as climate and track change.

Thank you !!

Keith Ward
I would also like to thank you for creating a place where one can finally get answers about suspension settings. I have been looking for years and read everything i could find and nothing was as thorough and precise as your info on reading tire wear to determine the answers.
God bless you for all you do.
Peter Thomas, AsiaPeter Thomas, Asia

Good morning Dave!

Thanks for the help in the past. Just letting you know after setting ergo, static sag, checking pre-loads, dropping triple-trees, and adjusting tire pressure – I am enjoying the ride so much more than before. Not easy making changes, notes, riding, taking more notes, adjusting, finding your sweet spot, etc. But the effort put into the bike pays out when you lean it over in a turn and roll the throttle on. My riding buddy said to me the other day, “You sure do have a lot more giddiyup than you used to!” J I can only credit you and all your help getting me to listen to, and adjust my bike, to me.

Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu. I’m not sure if there is anything else I can do to a stock Thruxton. ? The rear tire is starting to show signs of wear. Maybe now I get to play with compounds? J ¥ ¥ ¥ !

I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. All my best Dave.

YouTube January 2021


Actually you inspired me years ago, with the freemium knowledge around of yours, to be willing to adjust my bikes. And therefore to critically question settings, whether they are more or less comfortable, safe or unsafe.


To ergonomics: Adjusting brake and clutch lever on the handlebars felt good, and I did error on the side of being a little too low (without ever having to chase the break/always by instinct being able to immediately find the brake lever) rather too high. Rule was, arms and wrist in a anatomical natural elongation (line). It felt fine, however after around 2 hours of riding there was a slight stinging in the fingertip of the Middle Finger, whilst pulling the break. Obviously the ring-ligament got stressed a little from the pull in an unfavourable angle. Raising the brake lever about 2mm fixed that, from there on no matter how long the ride there was never a sting again. Wrist was fine as well, since it forms the straight line as mentioned above. Coming from you, I did also drop the clutch lever for the foot a little more than I was used to. There was never a comfort issue to begin with, however once I started to become a unity with my bike, getting used to power delivery, there was the rare occasion of a false neutral. The gearbox needs a firm "foot" that is clear, but under high acceleration-load it was more prone to false neutrals. The issue however was me, my foot with lack of force in that situation. Dropping the foot-clutch-lever 2 teeth, to get it a bit lower, got me the right leverage for those situations. It was a riders issue, but the change in position made it easier for me to proper shift gears.


On Supension: Upgraded the rear shock with an aftermarket, bcz A) OEM had only 3 clicks of adjustment, B) more importantly I had zero free sag if the rider Sag was correct. Spring too soft. Aftermarket shock fixed it. More important though, front fork has 3 clicks total, and was as per manual set to 3 clicks out. Preload was right in the middle. This combination yielded me a Pogostick-front. And actually when going downhill on engine braking at lets say 40km/h, I would take my hands of the handlebar and the front would oscillate a little. Just a few millimeter, but enough to be a visible pre-stage of a tank slapper. Highly Unstable and Unsafe! This would be amplified on tougher roads or higher speeds for sure. Fork oil change to thicker oil and adding preload got me to into the "down up standstill"-bounce area. However on a very hot summer day it still wants to go for a second bounce. I will have to try one step thicker oil, going to 20W and see how it works. Ohh yeah, I added a bunch of preload, bcz I was almost bottoming the front on twisties, and for sure reached mechanical bottom when practicing emergency breaking to a standstill. The bike mentioned here is a Kawasaki ZZR 600, built '97, bought from a dealer as used first hand bike, which was decomissioned for almost 10years in the garage of the previous owner. I wanted to add a bike, that can handle twisties and long motorcycle travels, and is in good basic shape. No electronic shenanigans and to improve riding upon. Take care!


raoul wouters  Best wishes for the first time for the new year 2021. I also sent an email to Cordona with my problem that it kept beeping. And you and Cordona are right. My dyno tuner has given the wrong censor for a 1 or 2 cylinder motorcycle. That's why he gave malfunction on the Cordona ECU. I have exchanged the e 2 pole censor for a 3 pole censor and everything works. So I want to thank you for all the help because I learn a lot from you vidios with kind regards Raoul Wouters from Belgium


Steve Clarke commented: “Wow, really appreciate the prompt response!  Your tire wear pattern videos are very helpful, especially the street tire ones as that is what I ride in the mountain roads of NC, GA and TN.  Prior to the fork spring and fluid change, My front tire trailing sipes were significantly more pronounced and sharper than the leading edge sipes which is Pictures below.

I have not ridden the bike since the change as I am recovering from knee surgery. I was just very surprised that I can tell no difference in fork action with the extreme change in fluid viscosity. When I replaced the springs (same rate) on my CBR500R and oil from 10wt to 15wt (same brand and I verified only a 10 point change in viscosity, the front damping action was night and day different (in a good way).  Thanks again for your incredible contributions to helping folks like me get more out of their riding experience.”


Igor Stepanov

Golden channel. I bought ER-6N last summer as a first bike. Made 4k km, 11k in total for the bike. Now It’s winter in Russia, so there is plenty of time to go through full inspection. David, your videos are golden! With your help I managed to service fork entirely, set up suspension and found out, that chain is done so I need to change it. The rest seems to be fine for now, according to manual. Thank you for informative and detailed videos!


Ed Peronini commented:  You tuned my suspension on my 2018 Aprilia RSV4 rr this last Saturday. Just wanted to say that you sir are amazing, I cannot thank you enough, honestly at first when you said that you’ll cut back on my trail braking my 50%. Well, I wasn’t sold at the time, I’d say you cut it by over 50%, it’s a totally different bike. I have to be honest that I did take your advice for the first 10 miles of our ride afterwards and took it easy, but after that I couldn’t help myself, I did get on the throttle, but I didn’t ride over my limits. Next time you’re up in our area, I’d like you to tune my 2021 BMW S1000rr that I’m picking up later this month. I can’t thank you enough Dave.  Ed.



Me after retiring after 25 Years of riding motorcycles for now 11 Years and buying this Year a KTM 390 Adventure (last Bike was the KTM 950Adventure), are you a great Inspiration and Source of Knowledge to adapt this bike into be my(!) bike. I would never ever buy a Motobike without the opportunity to adjust the suspension to my needs. Thanks a Lot, Sir ! Sorry for the grammar, i am from Germany, and of course me and my wife we're feeling much more comfortable and safer because of your Videos."



words of advise thank you people. i was planning on simply extending the pistons and cleaning the crud off, but 3 out of 8 pistons were seized and one pad was worn down at a 30 degree angle. but the swollen rubbers hanging out of their grooves like a destroyed cassete are what made me order new seals the very next moment. i had to put the reassembly on hold for now, but im really looking forward to the new brake feel of calipers that havent been cleaned in 25 years


saisr1  @Dave Moss Tuning I've seen very few in the wild and I'm not even sure they were 800s.Considering I see all kinds of other high end Euro bikes where in my usual riding spots it makes me think they either don't move that many units or they live mostly on the track. Anyway if I understand it correctly MV USA provided the bike to you so you could do this series on setting it up. I think thats a great idea and you are doing an excellent job. It would be nice if all the manufacturers were approaching you to do the same with their higher end bikes with adjustable suspensions/ergos etc




Dan Martinez commented:”Dave, thanks so much for the tune today, what a game changer, for real! You really are a magician in your trade! One of these days you, me, Cosper, and ‘Willie’ from Napa should do a ride out skaggs or one of those roads, would be fun to ride with you. Cheers and thank you again!”


George M

This was fantastic. I’ve had my F3 from new since 2018. Suspension settings are far too hard but I’ve not really know what I’m doing. This has inspired me to make them better for me and worse case scenario I’ll record the current setting to change back if I can’t figure it out


Kilo Bravo

I got a 2016 1290r last year and it was nearly unrideable when I drove it off the lot. After a few days I had her dialed in but I intend to do a remote set up with dave this spring to get it correct. Its fun when you trust in your bike and dave is the man at getting you to that point, for certain.


steven teh

Thank you so much dave! so much to learn about my bikes, watching the video made me realized that my bike is so good on track but so annoying on slow speed daily rides haha thanks again!


mohlomphehi commented: "Dave is a gift to riders. I rescently took delivery of a new bike and I rode it for about 30min and my left wrist was aching and cramping so bad it ruined my riding experience. Thanks for this



I am considering an MT-07 as my first bike and am very glad to have come across your videos about this problem! Forget exhaust and other bits, fixing suspension will be fixed and adjusted first.


Paul E Another great video to keep me from going nuts this winter, I noticed some cracking on the right side dust seal on the front fork I didn’t know if you had seen it. Happy New Year gentlemen 🍾🎊🎉


@Dave Moss Tuning i really have no clue, i just bought an fz6n and i was curious so i thought i change the fork oil and i found out that the left was red color and the right was green i am going to put a 5w elf synthetic and see from there thank you so much for your videos they helped me so much!


Albert Meijer commented: "Nice video ! Very useful 👌 Only the bike ergonomics.... clutch/ brake lever position 😲😆 haha I like you videos very much Go on! Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱"


@Dave Moss Tuning . . . wow, say it like ya mean it Dave! I thought the 40mins was well worth it, but I just love watching your vids and appreciate the effort and time you put into your channel, thanks Dave.


Alan Rodriguez

Seems very hard to discover a new track setting without the help of Dave Moss. It looks like the rear was pushing the front tire hard in some the faster sections. You can really accelerate quickly through the turns. Thanks Dave




This is a great series. I'm doing something similar with an '03 sv650s. Your content is very relatable because you share what your learning and is very similar to how I'm working in my garage. Keep up the great work!


Rob Edwards commented: "Dave, absolute genius you have an exceptional talent, and make a real complicated and complex subject make alot more sense, many many thanks from a UK rider. Rob."


DavSav 5 commented: "Same bike, same tires and mountain roads (in Spain) too I´ll use your advise. Thank you very much."


Josefine Bartelt commented: "Greetings from Germany. Thanks for the great video about the gorgeous mv agusta f3. I've got a 675 ✌🏿 looking forward to the following videos of the mv!"


Cameron Broussard replied: "Dave Moss Tuning true gentleman. Thank you for the advice. Open invitation to come to Austin & see our hill country."


Robert Paulson commented: "This was a great review/comparison video of the stands. Thanks for making and posting👍"


HONDA PCX 125 MALOSSI MHR commented: "Fantástic video friend Im your fan now for sure Subscribe my small channel too please Keep the super work always Best regards"



Thank you for clarifying, that makes sense. Your videos are exceptionally clear and we learn so much from them.



Mat Jj commented: "Love this video series Dave! Great work! I always loved the GSX-R 750s as well!"


Twist-Moto commented: "Those bikes hate short wheel base too. But great series guys! Great off season content!"


Robert Schiela replied: "Agreed. This bike setup guide should be part of the MSF course. Very comprehensive."


kiwi-on-a-bike 660 commented: "Thanks for this invaluable lesson in bike setting up. Have a Happy New Year!"


david page commented: "Excellent! I've got a F800 RC 2016, and have never set it up for myself. No excuse now!"


Juan Mueses commented: "You're the man Dave, oh and that dump and run I did with the help of your video went beautifully!"




Mr Bonita  Correct position is good yamaha bike is not compatible for asian people.so think you.sir your video


Pastrrob commented: Hi Dave. I want to thank you for all of your amazing videos on suspension. I have learned so much from you and enjoy the content and videos greatly.


MrStoneycool69 commented: "I do most maintenance for my bike, but I've realised I've overlooked a few things too. Thanks Dave."


Bryan Haynes commented: "Still amazes me every time how people ride poorly set up bikes for so long."


J G commented: "Nice video. Giving on the road tests and all the adjustments you made was a real breath of fresh air.


Kirk Ford replied: "Dave Moss Tuning awesome dave thank you for the quick and very helpful response!"


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Johnboy commented: "Right as you sneezed i said the C word out loud lol. Excellent review Mr. Moss."



Best video I've ever seen on suspension set-up, so congrats on that. Very interesting.Thanks!


Marcus George commented: "Awesome video and useful tips! Thank you. 👍😎🇦🇺"


Fireblade Fever commented: "This is the video I've been waiting for. Thanks. 👍"


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וגב מרכנתי מאמן כושר אישי בראשון לציון commented: "You are a real professional"


Tommy Gun commented: "Amazing information what a great teacher 👏👏👏👍"


Gideon Sikk commented: "Daveboss all day long HNY..GURUji"


freelancerider100 commented: "Doing what he does, best!"


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CBR650R Melbourne commented: "Brilliant video!"


Joe Mivec Always full of info... tq DM


Joseph Novella commented: "Great review!"


Rme Man commented: "Genius!"



Tarmo Klaar
Thank you Mr. Moss!
I wanted to say that I appreciate your work a lot. I am 1 year younger than you and purchased in the autumn of 2019 a Kawasaki Z 1000 (MY 2003). Started to ride a motorcycle after 37 years again.
Last summer I started to go to small tracks (go-kart) and found your internet site. Even though on my bike I can adjust only rebound and preload, your videos have already helped me a lot. Looking forward to new track season. I have changed front and rear springs according to RaceTech calculator and installed a front fork RaceTech valve kit. I hope to feel a huge change.
I have Micheline Pilot Power 2CT tires. As from one of your videos I understood that it is good to start with 33-34 psi tire pressures (cold) front and rear on these tires. I am riding mostly alone and on the flowing roads and track days.
Dan Martinez, California.

My 2nd ride today after your tune with my friend Mike and Willie from Napa, rode Berryessa, Angwin, Middletown and back to Turtle Rock, what a difference it made with your adjustments! Thank you again for dialing my Tuono, you’re the man Dave! 🙏🏍

Nicolas Papahristos, West Chester PA, 2019 Yamaha R6 (Remote Tune)
Dave Moss,
I just wanted to say I had an amazing time with you on our online suspension tuning appointment! Your not only knowledgeable but friendly!
You made the entire process painless with questions via emails, then when it came time for our appointment u blew my mind the things u could tell about my bike and riding style based off my tire wear!
The best part is my bike feels like it was made for me now. Just basic hand placement made it so I wasn’t doing what u saw as a “push up” on the Handel bars, amazing. After a few tweaks it’s crazy how the comfort level drastically changed!
Front and rear shock adjustments was simple due to your homework on my bike model, tires, mods, my height and weight! You definitely get prepared.
Dave Moss your a saint I can’t thank you enough! What a fun experience. I’m looking forward to the next to stages even though it may be a while🥶but Now I can say my bikes suspension been tuned by a motorcycle GOD! 🙏
Bogna, CaliforniaBogna, California

Hi Dave,

My V2 was magical, thank you so much 💕😁

Brian Baecker, CaliforniaBrian Baecker, California

Hi Dave,

Took the bike out today. Recommended springs, oil, oil levels and Reb/Comp/Pre were all dead on per your recommendations.

Thanks again Dave.

Feels like a new bike!

Ed Perinoni, San Rafael, CaliforniaEd Perinoni, San Rafael, California
My name is Ed and you tuned my suspension on my 2018 Aprilia RSV4 rr this last Saturday.
Just wanted to say that you sir are amazing, I cannot thank you enough, honestly at first when you said that you’ll cut back on my trail braking my 50%. Well, I wasn’t sold at the time, I’d say you cut it by over 50%, it’s a totally different bike. I have to be honest that I did take your advice for the first 10 miles of our ride afterwards and took it easy, but after that I couldn’t help myself, I did get on the throttle, but I didn’t ride over my limits.
Next time you’re up in our area, I’d like you to tune my 2021 BMW S1000rr that I’m picking up later this month. I can’t thank you enough Dave. 
Eddie G, ThailandEddie G, Thailand
Hey Dave,
Hello again from Thailand.
As always, I want to thank you for helping me, and the community, set up our bikes.
I have learned so much from your videos and remote tuning.  My bike performs so much better now.  Every time I think it can not get any better, it does.
Whenever people talk about bikes and handling I assure them that your premium account it the best money spent if you are interested in improving your suspension, knowledge and skills.  People have begun to ask me to help them set up their bikes.  I always tell them I am a student and do not know everything, but I am happy to share what I have learned.  I also suggest they contact you in person, or at least watch your videos.
I got a great deal on a second hand 2017 street triple 765RS.  It was a great deal because it had 65,000km (40,389 miles) on it.  The first thing I did was change the brake oil and the front fork oil (5w Motul from your recommendation). I knew the rear shock needed to be serviced as well so I contacted Ohlins Thailand.  (note: all other maintenance was up to date.  oil, filter air cleaner, valve check etc etc).
Our initial remote tune had the bike turning much better, but I knew I needed to get that rear shock serviced.  Ohlins suggested service at 40,000km, I was well above that.  I had about 70,000km on it when the shock finally gave up, no rebound adjustment left, harsh ride.  I had to wait for rebuild parts to come from Europe.
While I waited I took advantage of the time and ordered the correct spring weigh for my gravity challenged body.  At 105kg I went with 9.5n front and 110n rear springs from K-Tech.  The set up with the correct springs and all new oil and gas in the front and rear really made the bike feel great.
It felt like it did not want to turn in as well as it had before.  I was a bit perplexed so I returned to my notes and watched a few more videos to see what I could figure out. I tried every adjustment that I thought would help, and just could not get it.  Then it came to me,  check the fork height.  Turns out the shop had the forks a bit too low.  Once they were adjusted to the factory suggested height the bike turned in so much better.
I had it all set up, it was feeling perfect, then I had an unfortunate meeting with a car that had failed to stop at a stop sign.  I was able to get it slowed down enough that the bike and I were only slightly damaged.......
So while I was waiting on parts, I again went shopping for suspension upgrades....ha ha ha.  I bought a set of Matris valves and shim kit for my forks.
The overall ride became much smoother.  Now it handles even better!  Stopping and turning have a much more fluid feeling.  It seems to be much more stable and predictable.  I have only been out for two days now so I am still new to it.  I will experiment more and see if I can feel any additional benefits.
As I was setting it up the last time it was not feeling quite perfect.  I was stumped.  I reached out to you to see if you could help.  With a basic description, a few tire photos, and a photo of the zip tie on my fork you suggested 3 clicks less preload  and 1/2 a turn more rebound.  DAMN!  from 14,000 km you hit it!  (after the fork oil was warm I needed to add a 1/4 turn more rebound, but wow!).
I am grateful for the the continued help.  Off to ride more canyons tomorrow.
Martin Dekker, Remote Tune
Hi Dave,
It's been awhile since I last spoke to you about my bike suspension setup and had made some more adjustments that were so perfect, the bike runs on rails now, I just kept riding it and each time I did I kept wanting to thank you for your expertise.
After our last email I still had damping problems. Still very harsh. So I ended up taking out the emulators to see what preload setting they were on and found they had 4 turns on the preload spring which was factory set when I purchased them. So I backed them off totally so that the adjusting screw on the emulator was only touching the spring and gave it 1 turn. (Thought I'd start from scratch).
I also cut some new spacers as I didn't get the previous ones perfectly square when I cut them down, and made them slightly longer.
Put everything back in the forks, checked oil level and topped it up and left the top preload adjusters at zero.
My static sag is now 25mm and max 1mm less with me on the bike.
The rear factory shocks I changed awhile back to progressive ones with nitrogen damping reservoir no adjustment(I don't know if thats what you call them but). I've set them to 2 full turns which is about 2-3mm preload. (It looks like I'm using just using over 3/4 of my travel on the rear.)
Took the bike for a ride and the damping became a huge improvement. The forks are really absorbing the bumps and the tire is staying on the road and not bouncing. Made a slight 1/4 turn on the top adjusters and the bike feels like it runs on rails now. Cornering is instant, only need to give it a slight counter steer and it dips in to the corner perfectly.
Still having problems with placing a mark or cable tie to check bottom out as the fork shrouds I have are stainless steel whether I spray some chain lube like you mentioned on it, I can't get the shroud up enough to see the marks,  but have done some emergency braking and know I'm not bottoming out and since the bike now rides like a dream I'm very happy with it as it is and its an absolute joy to ride (hence I kept forgetting to thank you for your expertise).
So thanks Heaps!!! Dave for your expertise. Anyone that I meet on the road now that complains about their shocks I just say two words "Dave Moss" lol.
Cheers Mate Appreciate it.
Charles Velasquez (Remote Tune)
Don't get me wrong I love engineers that are perfectionists. When I am on my bike riding at high speeds I want my bike to be built by the most particular person in the world.
I always sing your praises and try to get people to watch your videos because it's made such a huge difference in my riding enjoyment.
It's much more fun to have you ride properly set up for your  build and riding style and have more confidence.
I am confident you are the best person in your field and that I can get information straight from you is priceless (not that I am saying to raise your rates) and it shows you love what you do and actually care about helping others.
Happy New Year Dave!
YouTube, December 2020



David Wilson commented:

Dave I’ve been bouncing on this bike all day and I’m really happy!
I’ve gained so much from your insight. The bike now goes down evenly front and rear and then returns evenly and in a beautiful smooth way , before the rear hardly moved and bounced on return the forks I’m beginning to think had stiction due mostly to being pinched on the axle tube. They do feel buttery smooth with newly greased seals and new oil in so also well worth the effort of stripping and rebuilding .
I’ve put a post on the Mv owners club page about all of my adventures and how amazing your advice and help has been , once again THANK YOU 😊
It be spring now before I really get out and fine tune the suspension but I kinda feel I know what I’m looking for with your insight and I really am genuinely excited to see if I can feel changes in the damping settings , I’m actually enjoying the whole bike and riding it through having a bit of understanding . Will certainly continue to subscribe to DMT
Thanks once again
Very best regards


Karel Brozik commented:

Hi Dave, explanation very clear.  So thank you for the explanation.  What should I be considering for the rear sag then?  35? 40?  It’s at 30 now.  And I will work on the suspension once the track season starts up here in the spring.


And I can tell you that your name comes up numerous times during my conversations with fellow riders in the paddock.  Few years ago I was pretty lost and I didn’t know what to do with my tire issue I was having.  I was shredding my front tires within two track days, and I started coming to the realization that all the money I invested into the track bike was for nothing because I had no idea how to solve the problem, and I was considering stopping because it was getting expensive.  Your articles, and videos thought me how to address my bike’s issues.  I found the answers, and I started woking on the bike’s suspension.  I had the front forks rebuild with new valve kits, and progressive springs. The rear shock got swapped for an Ohlins TTX.  The OEM rear link got swapped with one that has a more linear  rising rate and I started seeing huge improvements.  My lap times started improving up to 5-10 seconds, and I started feeling what the bike was telling me, understanding the feedback the tires were giving me, and it became fun.  Understanding what the bike does, and how to adjust it when things start going bit where they shouldn’t is what makes the entire process enjoyable while being on the track.  And I have you to thank for it.


Thanks for all your help, and keep the great articles and videos coming.


Alessandro Chillon

So today i finally tried how the bike handles after this mod. Before I say my impressions I must say that I only rode for about 15 minutes and it's quite cold and wet outside... (P.s I also set the correct preload in the back to have the correct static sag) Having said this.... The bike has COMPLETELY CHANGED. It's so stable in corners and soaks up bumps like never before. Also I could feel the improvement from the 8mm offset, now entering a corner has never been so effortless. With the original suspension I lacked the confidence to take a corner at speed,I always slowed down and took it carefully, now it's a whole another story.It's like the 690 suspension and even better! When I stopped I couldn't stop smiling thinking all the fun I had with just a simple and cheap mod as this. Anyone with an MT/FZ-07 should do it! Truly amazing, there aren't enough words to say how grateful I am Dave!



Nikola Arandjelovic

There's no video in this channel where you can't learn something! All well explaind and also the camera shows you everything you need to see! I totaled my k7 750 (not because wrong setup but because drunk idiot was thinking it is fun to drive his car 120 kmph through city) but hoping for next one next spring. Until then I'm trying to learn from your videos as much as possible. Yesterday I gained access to premium and couldn't believe how much more content there is! I spent whole night watcing stuff i probably wont try any time soon! So, to you mister Dave and to your editor: keep on going forward at what you doing! Wish you all the best!


SH You

Thanks, Dave! changed my fork oil out last week. what a difference!!! Just sharing my experience here, hope would help out a little. I weight about 105KG with full gear and filled 400ml Ipone fork oil 20w, viscosity 83.1@40C. measured the installed preload at 18mm. 23mm static sag. my bike is 2018 MT07 Australian LAMS model done 11k, so I think Yamaha revised their spacer for post 18 models? will need Dave to verify that. the bike rides so much more stable now. I found the front is a little bit stiff for my commute use but awesome for twisties. I might try thinner 20w fork oil next time.




Dave, tks u so much for this & all the others videos you do. tks! tks! tks! your work bring so much to those who try to be better riders and could remind to most of riders that a motorbike is neither a simple transport mode, nor a "way of life", nor a funny/risky game, nor i don't know what else.. It's Motorbike and that's imply a certain consiousness of such a lot of things, like when you're a sailor or a plane pilot. you can agree or desagree, but as soon your wheels turn here on earth, you're dealing with a lot's of complexe and interactive phenomène. tks for helping us to get a better conscience and betterknowledge of motorbike, in thisgreat pedagogical simplicity that's yours! tks!


George V Prochazka

I started missing some shifts, very annoying and I couldn't figure why. Never had problems on this bike before. After watching this vid I figured it out. I have installed clip on handlebars and that lowered my angle of the tip of my foot by leaning forward. So I wasn't shifting with "enough" travel/ power. It took me a while to figure this out. I lowered my shifter pedal and problem was fixed ! Thank you, you are a genious 😉



José a

So, the pogo effect is pretty much gone and now i have way more control over corners. Moreover it seems to have less "shimming" at high speeds, what was somehwhat of a surpise to me because, since I've dropped the suspension 8mm and it became more reactive at low speeds, I was expecting it to be more unstable at high speed... but it just isn't. For the money spent it's a great mod. Thanks again Dave.



Wow. So important video. Funny, I ride the same bike you have. I will start test. I noticed for my 135 pound weight 42 in the back can get scary in the long bends. I followed your video to set up the suspension. Thanks for being so helpful and professional



Brent Seay

Thanks for your remote video help again. My bike has never been so comfortable and given me so much confidence in the corners. I also learned a ton in the process. Thanks for offering remote suspension setup.


shng sam

good video, this highlights many aspect that we all generally never think of , for me all the while i think of the temperature only ( temperature of the day, riding distance, etc) now i learn to take other factors in mind when trying out tire pressure


Alan Rodriguez

Dave thank you for helping the motorcycling community. It takes dedication and discipline to teach others what the bike is doing with out much rider input and description. The riders are learning and learning about themselves too. Thanks, Al


Pedro Sousa

That work is treasure! I've done a couple myself too. Cleaning is painfull but assembling is glorious and it pays off. About figuring out which seal go where, and besides their thickness, don't dust seals have lips on the inside, the contact face? Just like a fork seal 😉 Great work 👏


From: Hir Malde commented

Thank you for the awesome videos and sharing your vast knowledge, it's been a huge help as well as had me dreaming about suspension set up for days on end! I have shared your videos with all my riding buddies which they have been grateful for too.


Terry Eisler

I really enjoy all your videos, and respect Dave's knowledge. Bravo. Not always the way I approach things, but that is probably why the majority of us are here, to learn new things. Also love the photo of 34 on the tool chest! Two great talents together. I call that a win!


J Raga commented: "l love this series, nothing better than learning from the best. l really appreciate you share your knowledge with us. I'm an aviation mechanic but working on my bikes is what l enjoy the most.


Mark O'Byrne #152 commented: "Hey Dave, thanks for the Video, I have exactly the same bike and did exactly what you are doing about two years ago. Trash or Treasure? you already know, absolute GOLD! Superb bike.


NHlocal commented: "Another video with dirty, pain in the neck, knuckle busting work..... and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much Dave and Dave for continuing through with this video series. 😃👍


dimos k

i am impressed that the 1290 manual also mentions to hold the brake before tightening the caliper bolts. i never thought a users manual would actually mention such a detail. your video is fantastic and detailed as always


Andrew Firth

Hi Dave, thanks so much for this vid, it was easy to follow and I used it to do an off season fork oil change on my R1 5PW race bike. The seal greasing trick was a nice touch too, managed to improve the stiction on one of the forks that was a bit juddery!



I'm gonna have to take a notepad with me to my track days and actually start recording how different pressures for the temp and pace affect how the bike handles etc. You are an abundance of wisdom Mr Moss.


MotoJockeyPH replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks sir for sharing such great contents. I learned alot from you. A very useful knowledge in my line of work as a service advisor for Yamaha big and small bikes."


Mattia Dalla Pozza

As always, thank you for saving our motorcycle experience on a daily basis. Merry Christmas to you, Dave and Dave, giving myself a premium membership has been by far the best present I've done to myself in a long long time. Ciao from Italia!!! 😃😛


J R6

Just ride the fuckin bike already mate! Just kidding. Great vids and tutorials. You truly are a god send my friend. I have never met you in person. Yet i feel like ive learned more from you than anyone or anywhere else motorcycle wise. So i want to say, Thank you


Rob DiscoStoney

We’re just a couple of clicks away from the big day here,Thanks Dave and crew for your hard work. bringing us continuously great content and improving the motorcycle communities knowledge base. It’s not set and forget! Make your motorcycle work for you is my big take away for years I rode bikes with factory settings and never bothered to adjust it to me, well never again thanks to you guys. I hope 2021 is a better and safer year for all.


Alex Filliez

After my session remote tuning the bike, I went from loving it to being inseparable from it.

My tires are lasting longer, the feedback feels more precise and less ambiguous, braking is smoother and more predictable allowing me to push the front end harder than I was before. With the front dropped on my rc8r the bike is less of a wheely machine and capable of putting much more power to the ground before it power wheelies in 1rst and 2nd, the gain in acceleration has been huge.

Not that I didn't love my bike before, I did, but now I have no desire to ride anything that isn't set up for me, it's just not the same experience.


Phillip Artweger20 minutes ago

What a fantastic Video ! There is one niggle i have, i`d love to see some of the bike during the riding parts of the video, to have an attitude reference (hey i`m a pilot) So maybe a chest mount Gopro or a chin mount and the angle set to wide.. as you keep your head up it´s hard to get a feel of what lean your bike is at 🙂 But other than that fantastic work as always !


Jonathan Long  I love Dave Moss. No drama, practiced but not slick. You can tell he loves racing, and loves helping racers tune and learn to tune their bikes. IMHO this is the the kind of help you want. Thanks for the good work Dave.


shaolin224  Great setup review! Its good that you cover the basics and technical aspects of a proper setup. That way every individual can modify their own setup slightly for their needs.. ..you know when someone is a cyclist when they talk about "sit bones" lol! Merry Christmas


C ANS commented: "Excellent, excellent. So good I had to say that twice! I enjoyed following the process and pulling together all the stuff I've seen in your other videos"


Paul Mc Adam commented: "A good friend imported this same model from the USA. Really appreciated this video. Excellent work. Watched this in Guyana, South America."


monsterajr1  My Diavel is doing exactly what the Carbon is doing. I need to watch the full length and sort mine out!! These Gen 1's are known to be somewhat weak knee'd


Kevin Craig Merry Christmas you two cant ride until probably March or April well steady riding anyway this is the next best thing never have enough knowledge when it comes to setting up my suspension


Paul Phillips Fix thank you for responding. Many people just want to believe that everything is okay and they trust dealerships with all of their heart. I am a mechanic and I do all of my own work I know differently. The place I bought my bike from sold it with five no sale recalls pending and had no idea about them.



Moto Suzuki  Outstanding Dave and Dave. By far the most comprehensive video so far. Most people will appreciate how much work goes into putting this together.


MrStoneycool69 commented: "I liked the last part, it really shows your work ethic and professionalism. l’ve learned a lot already from your expertise. Job well done."


Luc G. commented: "Awesome video ! I wish we had a suspension guru like you on the French YouTube. Your videos are essential to every motorcyclist ! Merry Christmas !"


Mike P. commented: "Nice to see the screw driver between the sprocket and chain and wheel spun wedge it tight to keep the axle straight while tightening the axle nut. Well done video."


Stitch commented: "Very fine video, Dave. Really educational and much appreciated."


Alessandro commented : Thanks a lot Dave! Your content is a true Gem on YouTube,and your paid channel is even more helpful to introduce new riders to the suspension setup world!


mike king commented: "this guy is amazing I went to his Seminar he had at Avon City Suzuki Christchurch new Zealand he set up my suspension on my mt 10 what a huge difference it made"


Tarun Menezes commented: "Thank you for a brilliant video. I have a 2019 Brutale 800 and I will now be able to make some adjustments for a better ride thanks to your content."


John Rutledge commented: "This is really important . This guy's knowledge and work undoubtedly has and will save lives. Very cool."


nismo300zr2 commented: "my BIKE! thank you for keeping it relevant! going to go hunt down all your other 750 vids after this!"


Bitplanebrother replied: "Dave Moss Tuning ..btw..im riding for 25+ years now and got my own bike shop.. Greetings from germany"


DragoMotard commented: "I can listen to him all day, so much to learn, these videos are so packed with information !! Thank you for your videos Dave !! 💪


Anupam Roy Merry Christmas to The Daves! What a fantastic setup + review. Please do more of these. Especially with nakeds pls


KRS Hi Dave. A good video as always. I learned a lot from your video. Thank you for all the knowledge shared.


Lino Oliveira  incredible process walk-trough! I absolutely love how you explain the reasoning of what you are doing and why you are doing it!


24james commented: "My IQ goes up every time I watch one of Dave’s videos. By next month I’ll solve time travel💯🏍🔥"


Shayan M commented: "This is fantastic. Why is it that we never think of the ergos on the bike!? This video was really eye opening."


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TEKKY TWO commented: "Fantastic video, I watched it all. Thank you 👊"


Ash Bradley commented: "Thanks again Dave, just the kind of no-nonsense advice i was looking for to help make this call"


Dj Mari Oliva commented: "I hope i can meet u someday dave...Godbless ur work"



Hypnotic work for DIY "learners" like me... Love you vídeos Dave! Cheers from Neuquén, Argentina!


Dj Mari Oliva commented: "Im watching dave moss videos over and over again..."


North Universe commented: "I love DMT!"


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den midds replied: "Dave Moss Tuning love it and loving your vids. Very helpful . Cheers"


Discordinated brad lee  Tourking nonsense lol.... Good stuff ..dave is godlike



Conrad Whittle commented: "Absolutely awesome to watch the changes is the tyre wear You are a wealth of knowledge Dave"


Tanguy Pellerin commented: "Thanks Dave, great content ;)"


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sabamacx  ESSENTIAL watching by anyone who gives a shit about their bikes. Thanks Dave.


Stewart Newson Merry Christmas to you and your team. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips and advice. Very much appreciated


Simon Jones Your content has changed my riding for the better. Thanks for all that you do and for being as giving as you are with your knowledge and experience.


Alex Khvorov It's facinating to see how easy it is to change fork oil and what impact it makes. It is the cheapest thing to improve bike's behavior, so yeah, this year i got into front suspension with tremendous results!


Ďavid Wilson Thank you , for your time and patience Dave , it’s been a truly illuminating process leading to loving the bike and riding even more , can’t wait for next years content , sincere best wishes from “Hadrian’s Wall”

Chris Foster Dave were glad you do what you do. You've helped me tremendously.


Frans Badenhorst

I just love your videos. Realistic, no-nonsense. Smiling all the way.... Those stuck nuts/studs/axles... Maaaan! Everything goes smooth up to a point, then what I call the "fuckening" happens hahahaha



Faithpath commented: "Thank you for the entire Thinking and evaluating process"


Robert Lawrence commented: "A fantastic video! really looking forward to what may be next :)"


Ron Hu cvommented: Thank you for your videos and what you do on suspensions. We could never know how many lives you save yearly with proper suspension setup but it is many!


Stewart H  Another top video @DaveMoss, it would have been great to see the last guys reaction after the initial set up.


Niklas Bengtsson commented: "Your so damn good on explaining what you do! Keep the great job going 🙌"


Michael D commented: "Perfect video!"


Robert Lawrence commented: "A fantastic video! really looking forward to what may be next :)"


dustin tompkins thanks Dave! You’re awesome man!


Frans Badenhorst  Just incredible. Subbed for sure 👍🏻


TheLiddleBigChannel  Brilliant!!




João Esteves, Portugal (Remote Tune)João Esteves, Portugal (Remote Tune)

I am riding motorcycles for a couple of years now and it became one of my passions. As I started to spend more and more hours riding and practicing my technique on a daily basis, I started to feel some issues on my lower back and spine. I found out that my “bad posture” was in fact due to a scoliosis not treated when I was a kid. As a result I was forced to do long breaks of riding every one or two months, which it became very frustrating. Then I found Dave Moss on YouTube, like a biblical revelation, I realized something very basic (but sometimes not so easy to see) as the fact that is the rider that should adapt the motorcycle to him and not the other way around. Dave Moss and I contacted for a while and he gave me the guidance and motivation to make the necessary adjustments without fear, testing new setups until I can get an optimal fit for me, for my unique physique as a person.

Throughout a series of tests, photographing myself on the motorcycle, I was able to verify that even though the handlebars were perfectly centered, my elbows were not aligned. This was due to my scoliosis. With a shift of 3.6mm to the left of the handlebars, I was able to align my elbows. I already made some rides to test this setup and the results are very evident, 130 plus miles and no pain anywhere.

With the precious help of Dave Moss, I was able to make adjustments on the motorcycle with positive impact on my riding, but more important than that, with Dave Moss I obtained the knowledge to do it with confidence and diligence.

Now, I am going to test different setups of handlebar shift, angle, reach, as well as Shock preload and damping levels until I reach the state of comfort that I aim.

Thank you Dave,


Yaroslav Chevel, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)Yaroslav Chevel, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,

Hope you are well mate.
Just wanted to update you on the settings I ended up using.
Setting 1 below was pretty good. I did feel the front end was running a little wide on corner exit requiring me to correct my line. However I also suspect it might be due to me getting using to riding a litre bike after owning r6, Daytona 675 and street triple R over the last 60k miles.
I did however wanted to try setting 2 as well, the front end was much more composed and steering a lot better, I was even able to tighten my line on slower corners which I could not before on setting 1. Only change I made to setting 2 is I increased my preload to 2 turns for the front, under hard braking I am about 15mm from bottom of fork.
I attached some pics of tyre wear, this is after riding on setting 2 for 400km. Bike was on setting 1 for 1300km before this. Total bike km is a 1800km since new.
Thank you again for your help on set up. I am pretty happy with it so far and can ride pretty comfortably.
If you have any comments on my tyre wear would be great to hear.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Kevin Borough


I just wanted to reach out and say Merry Christmas and a huge thank you for everything you do on this website. While I’m sure my ergonomics and suspension setup is not perfect by your standards, it is 1000% better on my bike and my wife’s bike because of you. I’m now armed with knowledge that I will take with me forever, and pass on to whoever will listen. Thank you so much again, and hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Stacey Barr (remote Tune)

Hi dave,


Just reporting that I have run a test with the 32 pressures (set cold). In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I’d notice any difference due to the tyre pressures and really can’t say if I noticed anything. What do you think I should have noticed?
What I am noticing, though, is that in getting used to the bike with the set up you’ve already advised, the bike is feeling more comfortable to lean, and I even think it feels more nimble (lighter in the sense that it’s more compliant to adjusting my line in a turn, but definitely not ‘light’ as I originally told you when it wasn’t feeling planted).
I have nothing to complain about – not being an expert means I’m still learning how it all should feel, still getting familiar with this particular bike, and still learning how to ride well in a technical sense. I extremely happy with the improvement you’ve made for me. Is there anything else you’d like me to test, or should I get on with riding it, and get back to you in the future after I’ve got more miles under my belt?
Smiles, Stacey.
Imran, Singapore (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Well, like they say, it's the people we are with are just like family to us. The people who are around us while we do the things that we love, that is priceless.
Ride safe Sir..... Watching ur your YouTube videos and also subscribing from ur website has made me so much aware of how this suspensions help us in our ride... The knowledge is rich! At the same time, I can help other riders a little bit here and there too.
Neil D, (Remote Tune)Neil D, (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


As a summary, the bike felt absolutely great, especially the rear. Its the first time since I bought it that it is set up properly I guess. My best lap went down to 1:54 which is better than I expected for a first day.


To be honest it was a bit hectic as I was moved to advanced group so I didn't completely follow properly the plan you set for me, but I will definitely do it tomorrow. The zip ties are down to around 35mm from the bottom but I can improve my braking tomorrow and will check again.


Day 2 was a blast. Shaved another second off the lap time which I really wasn't expecting. Fork travel still at around 35mm to the bottom though. Maybe I should count back one more turn on the front fork preload for next time?


Really appreciated your help on this!


I will definitely be in touch before the next track day after I install the TTX.

Ryan Worthington, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia (Remote Tune)

Hello Dave,


Approximately 6 months ago I sold my old FZ1N and upgraded to a 2017 Superduke 1290 R.


After I became somewhat accustomed to the torque monster in the frame I felt/noticed that the suspension was super stiff and very harsh in any condition. After going through all the usual online chat rooms and looking for improved settings and trying a few different suggestions, I found that it made some improvements to the overall handling and feel of the bike. I couldn't help but feel the suspension was still lacking and could be performing much better than its current settings. I live in a regional area where there are not many options for specialised suspension tuning without sending the suspension away or travelling. Due to Covid 19 it made most of these options hard or impossible. A good majority of online info had me believing that to correct the suspension deficiencies I would have to spend big dollars on Cartridge kits and a replacement rear shock assembly.


After watching many of Dave's online tuning videos I realised that suspension needs to be tailored to each individual person and their riding ability. I have no experience tuning suspension and I wanted to get a good base setting and understand why you make the changes that you do. I discovered an advertisement for Dave Moss Remote Tuning Service.


I sent Dave an email to inquire about organising a session. We set up a time and date to catch up via Messenger and in preparation of our meeting I sent Dave a comprehensive email outlining:

  • Current suspension settings
  • Bike details and odometer reading
  • Photos of the fork and rear spring travel used and the measurements
  • Tyres fitted and pressures
  • Some examples of my riding experience
  • Rider weight

Prior to the meeting time I had all the tools I needed to make the changes to the suspension at hand. I had a tablet setup for the video chat and the bike on a stand ready to be worked on. We had our initial meeting and made all the changes required for the first setup in under 10 minutes.


The next day I went for the initial test ride. WOW - I was astonished at the improvement immediately. The bike was giving me so much feedback than before and the ride had a nice plush feeling.


We reviewed the settings via video chat and made some small changes and adjusted fork height prior to a second test ride. On the second ride I was thrilled to find the bike was even further improved - plush and comfortable. Cornering was stable and provided plenty of feedback. No more headshakes under hard acceleration and overall, a more confidence inspiring ride.


I highly recommend Dave Moss Remote Tuning service and would recommend that you do the same if you are struggling to find settings that work for you before spending big dollars on suspension upgrades. Dave was friendly and talked me through the whole process and made it a pleasurable experience start to finish.


So, thank you Mr Moss I am one very happy customer!



Karel Brozik, Czech RepublicKarel Brozik, Czech Republic
Hi Dave,
Explanation very clear.  So thank you for the explanation.  What should I be considering for the rear sag then?  35? 40?  It’s at 30 now.  And I will work on the suspension once the track season starts up here in the spring.

And I can tell you that your name comes up numerous times during my conversations with fellow riders in the paddock.  Few years ago I was pretty lost and I didn’t know what to do with my tire issue I was having.  I was shredding my front tires within two track days, and I started coming to the realization that all the money I invested into the track bike was for nothing because I had no idea how to solve the problem, and I was considering stopping because it was getting expensive.
Your articles, and videos thought me how to address my bike’s issues.  I found the answers, and I started woking on the bike’s suspension.  I had the front forks rebuild with new valve kits, and progressive springs. The rear shock got swapped for an Ohlins TTX.  The OEM rear link got swapped with one that has a more linear  rising rate and I started seeing huge improvements.
My lap times started improving up to 5-10 seconds, and I started feeling what the bike was telling me, understanding the feedback the tires were giving me, and it became fun.  Understanding what the bike does, and how to adjust it when things start going bit where they shouldn’t is what makes the entire process enjoyable while being on the track.  And I have you to thank for it.
Thanks for all your help, and keep the great articles and videos coming.
YouTube Comments November 2020



Frandy Perez

Especially my brake lever felt before like it was a bit too high and after watching your video I realized it was indeed. Now that I lowered it I do feel brake response is quicker because I do not have to pull back my fingers which can be a life saving simple change. Because of your video I realized WHY and how. Thanks again




I always worried about messing up the suspension on my 14 Vstrom 1000 that was pretty soft/bouncy since new. I just rode it that way and had some real problems rolling anything off road, even gravel with bumps. After watching your series over a year ago I figured I needed to try. With your tips, I adjusted the front little by little and I gotta say I was surprised by my bikes ability now. Amazing difference!! Then taking time to set the rear to my riding and on/off road terrain it is so much more capable, I used to just muscle it and figured thats the way it is but after taking the leap from your guidance it is super fun and STABLE to ride. I just wanted to say thank you for helping a guy that has ridden many years and never messed with the suspension except on my dirt bikes. My Vee is just a whole new bike for me and it is hard to even say how much the ride has changed for the better except absolutely night and day, You took the mystery out of adjusting something that each rider SHOULD do to their bike before anything else. So, thank you Sir for your expertise and help doing this!! I watch every vid you do now just to pick up more information. So, thank you Sir for your expertise and help doing this! Take care my friend,



Phillip Artweger

Hi Dave i got my Street Triple 675R about a year ago, and wanting to learn the adjustable suspension started watching your videos and ended up having a remote tune with you. This firmly put me in the category of suspension addicts 🙂
i’ve kept watching and learning and working with adjusting my street triple as well as my Thunderbird Sport and then after a while some bikes of friends of mine and what a great skill it is to be able to at least for street use make a decent basic setup.
i’ve recently upgraded my street triple to a complete Daytona 675R shock and fork, and it’s again amazing just how much better these öhlins components are even over decently maintained and set OEM suspension.
Thank you so much for not just tuning bikes but letting us watch and learn ! Also thanks to Dave for his editing and filming !

best regards
Phillip Artweger



Alex G

Had the pleasure of pitting for a full weekend next to Dave. It was an absolute blast to listen and watch everything he did. I'm a novice rider/bike owner and he engaged with me the same way he engaged with more senior riders. He also helped out riders that crashed out by giving them guidance on assessing bike damage, what needed to be disassembled and re-measured, and offered his hand whenever he didn't have customers lined up at his trailer. I watched him tune bikes way past dinner time, he is very passionate about his work. Couldn't recommend him more to all the riders!



Hi, amazing video. I have tuono factory 2018 with Ohlins. Most people say: factory settings is ideal (10 click out rebound for track use). I have set 2 click out. Rear spring preload is 144 mm for track use (factory setting) and with my dry weight 80 kg is SAG 25. For SAG 35 I change preload rear spring on 142 mm - it goes against my logic. Therefore, I consider a 0.90 or 0.85 spring. Thank you Dave for the inspirational video.


Jayne Hardy

Cut the spacers, put 20w oil in and Ohlins progressive springs with adjustable pre-loaders and dropped the forks in the yolk 10mm- what a difference! It actually steers and rides quite well now when pushed to 80%. Added Mitchellin Pilot Sport 3 tyres and sintered pads with YSS rear shock- the bike it should have been originally (at a cost).


Gus Liu

Thank you for your reply! When I got the fork and shock upgrade back from the dealer, the fork preload was set at 2 turns in with rebound and compression all out, I immediately felt that the front of the bike sits very low, make me lean over to the bar. So initially I started with the preload adjuster. With only 2 turns in the fork rider sag is beyond 50mm, so I then cranked it up to 6 turns in to get the sag to 40mm with compression adjuster all out, and set the rebound to stop the pogo. But after a week I felt the fork is too harsh and will be lifted over a bump. So I then start to try setting the preload to 5, 4.5 and 4 turns in to try how it feels like, so I actually changed the preload quite frequently. What I haven’t change is the compression because I’ve never bottom out the fork once even with the preload at 2 turns in (Andreani Misano Cartridges has 145mm of travel if I’m not mistaken?) I will try your suggestions to back out all preload and put couple turns in on the compression since I’ve never tried to optimize it. (the compression adjuster has total 3.5 turns) Note: I’m currently at: fork rider sag at 46mm with preload adjuster 4.5 turns in, compression all out, rebound just right when hot. Shock sag is at 42mm. The bike feels balanced and no harsh feelings, and the tyres generally stays on the ground.




Thank you, I found this excellent information for my lack of knowledge on motorcycle tyres. I am a seasoned mountain biker and got my first motorbike this year, a Fazer 600. Schoolboy error, went out first couple of rides (2nd for 100 miles on minor roads) without considering how much the tyre pressures could have dropped in 6 months in my garage & the front end behaved strangely on corners under duress. Was 5psi lower than recommended front and 8 low on the rear. Checked the pressures after a 10 minutes run recently and had only lost 1 psi each tyre in a month. Upped pressure to 1 psi over recommendation for quick riding and feels more agile as you say. This week went out in colder greasier conditions and having done a good 45 minutes extra urban riding returned to town but felt the front end was slipping around to such a degree I thought there may be oil or grease on the front tyre. Twice the front seemed close to slipping from under me, severely lacking grip. Went to a jet wash and cleaned both well for a few minutes then seemed okay. As I am a new rider, if there is no “optimum” pressure as such, am I correct to assume that I can simply run slightly lower pressures constantly to give more grip? Expense matters nothing when it comes to brakes and tyres.




Kobe Vanden Meerschaut

There's some complaining about previews and paying content lately... But I have learned an enormous amount on a short period of time thanks to the free clips and previews. Don't be discouraged by people asking for handouts. You guys run a very informative channel! Awesome content!



H T commented: "Probably the most useful video I watched lately. I recently bought myself a Honda NC750x 2019 dct, and next time I'll go riding I'll make sure to adjust my bike to my ratios. Thanks mate!"



Tara G

Thank you so much for posting this insightful video. I am getting back into taking motorcycle lessons to earn my Full Motorcycle licence next year so I can ride my motorcycle. 🙂 I am subscribing to this channel.


Sterling Archer commented: "DMT is so genuine. So much respect dude, so many "track day bros" I've know over the last few years who were clueless on suspension, bike selection, etc. This is clarity.





DR SUMANTA MAJUMDAR commented: "Legendary !!"


The Greatest commented: "kickass video! I need to adjust my levers now :D"


Alan Rodriguez commented: "Excellent mechanics. Right on Dave. Al M."


Dodge Ditchburn   What I've learnt. You have to change fork oil at certain intervals, not just when a fork seal is knackered hahaha Really liking these tuning videos!


Bruce's Motorcycle Shop replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Alright sweet! That was very interesting, thanks again for your answers and great videos!"



I love how his clients and students have learned to come somewhat prepared.


Martin Rühlmann commented: "This is the perfect channel for my issue! Thank you for your great work!"


Lanlawns commented: "Excellent info sir, liked subbed. Peace"


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Ed commented: "This is GOLDEN every rider should watch this."


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Mitchell Mitchell commented: "We love your enthusiasm and passion and You’re pride in your work."


adrian sprenger commented: "The motorcycle riding Abc !"


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Ricardo Juliet

Prior to a tuning session with Dave I had all but given up on the standard Z1000SX suspension but his setup has changed my mind entirely. It is absolutely a joy to ride now...who knew? Dave knew!


Estgas Santana commented: "I LOVE TO BE AROUND THIS MAN. HE THE MASTER 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"


Baked and Awake commented: "This man is a treasure and must be protected at all costs."

MrCruzzoide3 hours ago


I'm waiting for this guy to come over to Italy, personally meet him, give him a thousand of dollars and a hug, and have my suspensions properly tuned by someone who clearly shows love in what is doing.


Ron McCafferty commented “Hi Dave, Thanks for the You Tube tuning videos. I just bought a used 2003 Yamaha FJR 1300. With your videos I was able to understand how and why to change the settings.

Anurag Sharma commented: "What a guy!"


Adam Park commented: "Great humble friendly coaching by Dave."


ivan blanton commented: "Very informative. I will be tuning into more videos. Cheers from Texas"


ssjr0498 commented: "What an eye opener! Thank you!"


Joe Maffei : Thanks for sharing! Love the long video! Love from Philly!


Jaikanth S : Master at work! 😬


Arnold Agrees commented: "This is my training school ! Thank God this channel exists 🙏🏻"


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Sentient Dogma commented: "Found this channel today And I thoroughly enjoy watching Dave school these track day guys in a good way!"


Sentient Dogma commented: "What a pro! Subscribed!"


Hussein Pradhan commented: "Every manufacturer should do this. After spending hard earned money and putting our time and life on it, its still uncomfortable. Great level of simplify the concept."


Saqib Khaliq commented: "Great episode. Really learnt something here, thank you!"


Greg King commented: "Very informative. I have been riding for nigh on 40 yrs and no one has made as much sense as you - Thank you.


Anupam Roy commented: “Hi Dave! The subscription is an absolute bargain given what one gets to learn on your website. And it's given me and a few friends (who were brave enough to let me have a go at them) a much better motorcycling experience. So thank YOU! “


Jeremy Payne, Canada CBR500RJeremy Payne, Canada CBR500R

Mr. Moss,
All the way from Canada!.
You have changed the way I look,think & tune my bike. I ride a 19 cbr500r & Since watching your videos and taking in your advice and knowledge to tune my bike, I am able to keep up with 600s & 1000s in the twisties with so much less strain & effort, my bike rides completely different and soooo much better. I can't thank you enough for that!
Have a great Xmas.

I'll continue watching to improve on things for next season.

Ride safe


Hi, Dave!
Just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Did a dump and run on my Yamaha MT 03 forks today.

Thanks to your video I felt very confident to do it and everything went just fine.
Greetings from Brazil.

Ray Hilde, Washington USA
David Wilson, UK (Remote Tune)David Wilson, UK (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!

It’s like a feather bed , unbelievable that settling the back end can make this much difference.

I counted I took 3 whole turns off the spring collar , lol 3 turns that can change its bucking bronco character to settled and super smooth , I went with 1 and a half and one and three quarter as you suggested ,

I’ll play about a bit next year when the weathers better but it feels so good now ( to me I’m a pretty average road rider)

I’m just over the moon , thank you fella It’s only done 1500 miles so will do forks next winter and go 15-5 as you suggested Once again top stuff, thank you!

Cas Liddle, New ZealandCas Liddle, New Zealand
Hi Dave,
I always had my bikes setup by other riders or technicians which worked well for a while however I was always left wondering how much more was in the bike that I wasn't using. As I upgraded my bikes over time I was left in uncharted territory as I couldn't read what the bike was doing so that the correct setup changes could be made, which stunted my progression.
A year ago I discovered Dave Moss's material on Youtube which contains literally hundreds of golden nuggets of suspension setup, geometry setup, reading tyre wear, ergonomic setup and riding tips. His content was so clear and easy to use that I wanted to know more and as such I subscribed to get all the content.
I found more of this invaluable content which goes into a much more detail than the Youtube videos on all the topics mentioned. The full track sessions, where Dave sets up different bikes from scratch gave me a good understanding of where to start from and how to progress so as not to get lost and frustrated.
I can use what I learnt for my road and track bikes and I often go back to Dave site to re-watch specific content when I'm not sure about something.
After 8 months into my return to racing I'm able to read tyre wear and adjust tyre pressure and/or suspension to get the most out of my road and race bikes. I recently helped two friends out at the track and when they took their bikes to their race mechanic and Ohlins suspension technician respectively, my friends were told the suspension setup I did was very close to their mechanic/technician setup.
The investment in this knowledge has made me not only a faster rider but also a safer and more consistent rider which is proof that I was able to assimilate Dave's teachings, which is only as a result of Dave's amazing ability to articulate the dark art of tyres, suspension and bike setup to a layman like me.
Thank you Dave!
Patrick Skutley, Dunlop Q4 lasting 4 track daysPatrick Skutley, Dunlop Q4 lasting 4 track days


I know you were trying to prove Q4’s could last more than 2 days, so I wanted to share I got 4 days on a Q4 rear. The picture, attached, shows just getting past the wear bar after 2 CCW courses and 2 CW.

So it is an optimal situation, in that I wasn’t hammering one side of the tire all the time. This was done on a GSXR600 at a fast B pace with the last trackday having a couple sessions in A.

You adjusted the suspension 3 out of the 4 days, and you confirmed the one day I tuned the suspension I did a good job. So it’s safe to say tire wear was closer to the optimal end of the spectrum. I hope you find this useful.


Tim Piccini, Australia

Hey Dave,

Love the videos and just starting to tune my cbr600rr to my riding based on your videos.

Cheers for you help, your videos have really helped me.

Sam Patil, India (Remote Tune)Sam Patil, India (Remote Tune)
Hey Dave!

The Setup worked magic ! Never felt so comfortable with the bike. Everything just went well.
Was fastest in 6/8 sessions with a finished rear tyre
Thank you so much🤗
Rodney MT09


 I just wanted to say thank you. Took the FZ09 to the track this past Monday and it was so much more stable and surefooted.
Also because I've been watching all of your videos when I had the local suspension guy give it a once over on settings it was almost completely spot on for what the track demanded.
I'm very much a novice rider but not fighting the bike made the day so much more enjoyable.
Thank you,
YouTube October 2020



Marcus George

A belated congratulations on reaching 100K subscribers! I love it when the knowledge and wisdom you have is actually well received by inexperienced/less experienced riders. The incremental steps of improving are vital for any rider or racer. Everyone (including the “aliens”) all started out with limited knowledge and abilities. No safer or better place to learn the craft of riding than on a race track! 👍😎


Sanjit Nagi

After 6 months of watching his videos, I can come to the conclusion that any bike, i.e any bike is good as long as it is set up for you. I nowbhave to confidence to take any bike tot the track, and any bike on the road. Amazing work sir, I how to meet you one day. 🇮🇳


Warren Pouyer

I'm getting back on a motorcycle for the first time in eighteen years. Yes, I'm going to suck up as much new information as I can because I don't want to ride the way I used to. I want to be a better and safer rider today. I'm glad I found this channel and subscribed immediately. Thanks for such specific information.


CBR Fireblade And this is why I tell EVERYONE to watch DMT... Always great info.... and ever if he gets something "wrong", you can be sure by the time we all watch it, things will be "right".... Honesty and transparency... Thanks DMT


Ricardo Juliet

Dave had a suspension setup session in Thousand Oaks yesterday. His settings on a 2018 Ninja 1000 ABS (Z1000SX) really raised its fun factor and if anything made it more comfortable on bumpy backroads. I was ready to write a check for aftermarket suspension but for now I'll just enjoy what Mr. Moss did with the stock equipment. His expertise is worth far more than I paid, plus he's a super nice and humorous fellow. A great afternoon under the DMT tent!


@Dave Moss Tuning I learned so much from that experience that I was able to do a decent job of making my own adjustments by reading my “tissue paper” tires that after another four track days of various temperatures and increased pace (shaved off seven seconds from the day my bike was filmed) that the tires still appear to be in excellent shape and will make excellent hand me downs to my Speed Twin.



Showed up on Saturday for my first track day and just felt uncomfortable, went to see Dr Moss and asked me what was wrong. Told him it felt stiff, his answer was “Are you a professional rodeo rider?” He worked his magic and next session I felt so comfortable and started dragging knee. He is a wizard!




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@Dave Moss Tuning You were dead right about the forks Dave. I dropped the legs, drained what looked like original red Honda stuff and replaced it with Penrite full synth 15W. I then did your "stiction" trick, reinstalled them and hey presto, better damping/rebound and a bike that goes where it's pointed. I replaced the back shocks with some gas piggyback shocks a week or two back, but haven't had time to take it for a good run yet, however it does feel a lot nicer now, maybe even too soft in the rear. I've upped the reservoir pressure a little and increased the spring pre load so we may have to experiment a bit now.


Smith Mark commented: "Great info in your videos love it! thank you Dave!!"


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Joel bluup replied: "Dave Moss Tuning It went well thank you. The old oil was gross and smelly. The front doesnt dive and feels more secure. Now that I have this method I will be doing it often."


Dennis Jones

@Dave Moss Tuning thanks for all the info you share. Definitely gives me something to look forward to ☺️ communities here have really pulled together. I'll be spending more time this winter getting my bike ready to ride non-stop during coming summer.🥰


Odin Enöga replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you very much mr Moss, that put my mind to rest and fork in good settings. Thanks."


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Derek Andrew   Those are some great points Dave I appreciate you summing that up for me man. Now I definitely understand why some may gravitate towards running that setup.


larry mckenna perfectly explained ! think you excellent point bout affecting upper chain movement when testing slack !


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Alan Brown commented: "Great to watch an expert at work. Always get the bike to fit you, not you fitting the bike."


JohnyWilliam William commented: "Thank you Dave for sharing every biker should know ! 🙏🏻"


KandS Jones commented: "Dave really knows his stuff. I have learned things from his videos and when I've put them to the test it proves that Dave is right!"


Juan Pasillo  Great video as always, thanks and keep it up!


Always some new knowledge to acquire on DM channel, thanks?


Goblin Slayer commented: "... awesome"


JP Lusosec commented: "I'm always learning something new with your videos. Simple and straight to the point."


op3l commented: "Info I didn't even know was a thing..."


Ricardo Juliet commented: "Always the good stuff!"


blind   I wonder if anticipation of the rotation and presetting each dot either end by 10-20mm ? most seemed to have only moved this far. great to learn of something else to mark and monitor, i have learned to be observant of nuts or bolts loosening and i'm an advocate of torque marking ( loctite paint marking exterior ) things like rotor bolts and caliper bolts even if wired. this is a further extension of the same sort of forces to be observant of. Love your work Dave


D Inf   I cannot even imagine someone else knowing how much he knows about this balancing and customization fitting. Like he says, you can buy something that has some great reviews and then find that it doesn't fit you. He does need bedside manors ,but you can't read into that. He's doing his job and providing a service that can make or break you. I was going to get rid of a bike I thought I couldn't handle for comfort, only to realize he's correct, fit the bike. Any one can sell you a bike and even after doing all your home work realize, after him adjusting it to your frame and needs..Omg I would of lost thousand of dollars thinking maybe i was to old for this bike. personally I don't need fluff



Hi from Croatia, great informative video as always👍I'm a a new rider just shy under 12K on my first bike ever, and I wanna personally thank Dave and his friend for making and sharing so much knowledge for free, I've learned so much in past few months from this channel that my riding buddies looking at me like I'm some kind a experienced old rider🤣 Anyways, in next couple of days I need to replace mine worn out tires, please sir can you teach us is there any downside to a not properly mounted tire, dots not matching valve steam, I just wanna be cautious and know think or two when going to a tire dealer🤷‍♂️ Thank you form bottom of my heart 🙏


Fapte nu vorbe  The man got skills

wade blake commented: "Certainly didn’t know that. I wonder how many $15.00/hour tire guys also are enlightened by this knowledgeable? Much appreciated Dave."



Hello from Burry Port, 15 miles west of Swansea, in Wales. Very enlightening video Dave. I'm running a Pilot Power front and Pilot Road rear at the moment and had been considering a change of brand for my next tyres, having been on Maxxis Sport last time. I had liked the reviews of the latest Metzeler Roadtec offerings, that is until I saw some chap's video of belting that was so uneven as to have caused a constant vibration from the rear of his bike that no amount of balance weights could cure. Not very encouraging ! That said, I've seen another vid that indicated Road 5 are so soft that they're extremely prone to punctures. I guess everything is a compromise of sorts. Love your channel, best regards.


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sasha drain replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thankyou very much keep on making great videos!!!"


Gio Verde commented: "Dave Sir you are a pure genius in my book!!👍🏻 I was running 28/30 at Brands on monday and the wear was superb, with lots of grip. Thank you"


nvisiblekid69 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Legend 🙏🏻 I got everything crossed."


Gio Verde commented: "Dave you are a world of knowledge. I'm in the process of buying a set and your info is so helpful.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"


Paul Michael Ignacio  This video made me subscribe to your channel. Of all the motorcycle related videos I've watched, this has been the single most interesting and thoroughly educational topic. I honestly wanted more of it. Kudos and more power to you Sir.


dan dan

Imagine a world where all kind of professionals, specially in the fields of health care (medicine), law, politics, education, police enforcement, leaders of institutions, bankers (???) etc will be as knowledgeable and HONEST as David Moss is at tuning a motorcycle's suspension? I always enjoy your vids


Moto Press Play

Hi Dave thanks again for fixing the handle bars on my Monster 821 at Pro Italia last saturday. Your suspension tuning on my bike is like night and day!! No more trampoline riding! Thanks again! 🤙🏾


Wan Boss  Very good advice sir...👍 Greeting's from malaysia🇲🇾


Ben Hastie   Let's start a petition to clone Dave so every track can have one.


Random ClipGuy  I hope one day this man can bless my bike.


BaronCVG   Amazing Dave


Goblin Slayer

Yeah, I can't even memorize a point on a mini track, lol. So started doing that "2 step" on one corner and it does help keep me from turning early. But, back to point I feel like it would be even better if I memorized or manage to select a reference point like you mention. When you mentioned "wait for the trees to disappear from peripheral vision" I was 😱😱😱 never even thought of using peripheral vision like that.


Jonathon King commented: "Dave is the king!!! His intelligence obviously reaches far beyond bike set ups. He seems philosophical and methodical. I love the way he speaks clearly and slowly when explaining things


Alex Duey   Genius as always I’ve learned something new like every other video you have posted


Mateus Balan  …… and now I will have to go premium...


Hil Great video regarding tyre creep! Thanks for snapshots of the tyres before and after.


Marcus George

To any rider, on anything, that $60 is THE best cheap investment you can possibly make, regardless of skills and abilities! Dave, time to increase your price mate, that would be considered a bargain even on the 90’s! 👍😎

Devin Williams commented: "U should be a late night radio host the way you do these intros lol. Dave moss PhD haha love your vids man"


Peter L

That was a very good presentation and highly informative, but as a British guy you should know there’s only one spelling of “tyre” in the English language. The one you’re using is the “lazy ass” way as the people you’re trying to appease would say. It means to “experience physiological fatigue” in that spelling. Fahrenheit, again, is for those who are stuck in their colonial past. Please keep the excellent work up. Thank you for posting informative and non-excitable videos.


Justin Durocher commented: "What a great video, I really appreciate these tips. 👍"


josh. brannan commented: "This guy is the best thing on the planet I've learned so much, total respect 🇬🇧"


Some stuff I thought you might like

It’s a shame manufacturers don’t offer an interactive setup page so we can all get the most out of these incredible machines. Until then, we have talent like Dave, but he is just one man


YeetThe Skeet  Dude should have 1 mil subs, everybody not subing doing this man an injustice


.just me commented: "We need 20 Daves all over the country.. And 20 in each developed country."


invisiblekid69 commented: "Ah ha! Another on point video. Looking forward to watching the full video with my morning coffee tomorrow."



This and other videos are very helpful. Retired certified master auto tech in Thailand. 2019 Tracer 900 GT. 11 lbs Givi engine guard. I'm 183lbs. Performance upgrades. Run in A mode wot most of the time... Stock suspension was a major disappointment. Installed Ohlins ya-357 shock. Huge improvement but at 15,000km had front rebound at one click... To soft, floundering. Stock oil is 5w. Did dump and run with Repsol 10w. Oil removed measured 50ml short of what service manual said. Refilled to exactly what manual said knowing has some residential still in shock. Did setup per previous videos... Just did my favorite twisty road test ride. Wow, it finally performs the way a bike should. The bridge jumps that could only do in 2nd gear before was able to easily do 3rd gear. Big air and lands flat, smooth and stable. Trailbreaking then power on at 8,000 rpm snapping a power wheeie in 2nd gear... Most aggressive ride ever. Thanks Dave



I'm not even sure what I'm doing here. I have a fairly new KTM Duke 125, which I can barely ride and I was just wandering if I should touch the default preload setting on the shock (the only setting there is), because I'm lighter than average, I think. So I was looking around the internet, stumbled across Dave’s videos here and on the OTT channel and watched dozens already including some GSX-R750 disassembly. It’s fascinating :). I'm definitely going to recommend the MT-07 fork fix video to my colleague, who has one. Great stuff.


Ronin commented: "the guru"


supreme53 commented: "You should give online education mehchanics all over the world"



Great quote in the intro Dave............"No motorcycle's suspension off the showroom floor is setup correctly for any rider much less every rider". That is something I realise more and more with every one of your vids I watch.


Twixer replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you so much, you are awesome. I couldn't set my rear shock properly. Now the bike feels planted to the ground 👌💪."


peter thegmtb commented: "Easily one of the best channels on Youtube. Much respect. Brings back fond memories of studying MC engineering in college."


Slipstream Performance   Informative as always! Respect from India.


Mishatko1  When I got my bike new no one told me this, but thankfully I bought custom handlebar shortly after and fitted all in and adjusted by the feel to have it ergonomic, but only because I changed the handlebar, otherwise, I would also be like everyone else not adjusting most likely, This should be really explained by the dealership. Great Job!! Thanks a lot!


Joseph Hong commented: "Hi Dave, wish you all well, I don't have the bearing grease like you use, do you think Vaseline helps to solve suspension sticktion too, thanks for the great video and advice :)"


QMAN 1 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I'm a machinist so I use no-mar tooling. Brass works best for me as a drift. I also use a bronze hammer. Love and recommend your channel."


David Silva   The translation between both platforms just demonstrates superior suspension knowledge. As usual of course.


Alan Brown   Not only a great explanation, and also a customer who wants to learn and understand.


pollepost   Well done Dave. Thank you for the good videos, easy to understand


@Dave Moss Tuning  Hi Dave , thanks for the reply,😀 hope you are doing well , can't be more happy that everything is workout so well after the seal cleaned and fork seal is greased. (manage to get the Castrol Pyroplex blue instead of Vaseline😂 ) , after reduce the fork sticktion, the front end feel so smooth over uneven road surface , riding comfort improve so much , (finally the front is calm down) Btw the static sag is also checked and now , I am not like the second kid on the trampoline, hehe 😀 Keep up the good work , Love your video clear and straight to the point 😍


Harry Brown  This is a great video not only for the invaluable information within but also the insight of the learning process and understanding the rider attains. Congratulations on the 100k subs I look forward to when it is a million!


WILLY WALLAS commented: "Dave Moss is the Boss. Great vids Dave! keep us educated. thank you for your time and info"


Ricardo Juliet

My own preconceived notion of what a "great" setup felt like was a major barrier to actually finding one. Letting Dave tune my suspension removed that obstacle. I have a much better motorcycle now and more knowledge to go with it.


DH Febich commented: "This guy is a genius master mind. Uses analogy to descriminate the small but dangerous spots in a motorcycle. Adjusted my 07 with this knowledge"



Some are commenting that the ads are intrusive. Ordinarily I’d agree with, but Dave just gifted us a masterclass in bike suspension tuning - for free to us. So, he needs to get paid, but unlike a lot of egos who are essentially just farting opinions into the net, Dave’s advice is genuinely valuable. Actually, I’d argue it’s priceless. So he deserves to get paid, and paid well. The ads are fine. Now I’m going to watch again. I’m a fast empirical learner, but a slow learner when being taught. Thank you for sharing Dave. Awesome advice.


Eagle Claw commented: "Thanks for brief lesson!! Learned something here!"


AngelCrisis _ commented: "Fantastic intro!! Congratulations!!"


Bob England commented: "excellent knowledge, even experienced mechanics could learn alot from you Dave"


FlamQ Dbltap4

I’m thinking your average Suzuki dealership doesn’t have a single person that knows much about suspension tuning. Discovered the channel and I’m going to enjoy it a lot. Thank you sir👍🏻


Gideon Sikk commented: "Mr moss ..u r magical...thank u soooo much for the DMT... stikas... u a boss. Marcus."


Eric Doe commented: "Dave knows his audience, pounds and millimeters!"


YOLO Rides commented: "Thanks much for this!"


A Dunford1 hour ago

Very useful video. Every bike should have a Dave.


Avesta commented: "Hands down one of the most informative videos I've watched on the subject. Thank you!"


Anand Zorba

@Dave Moss Tuning Oh my god. You replied!! I'm actually shocked. Hats off to your commitment to your online content and channel sir. I will go through the recommended videos. Much appreciated 😌

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malibu188 commented: "Great logical approach to the bike setup. Running out of front end travel in a long fast turn at a race track can be a very un-nerving experience."


Michael Judge

Very helpful for me as a new rider who would try to fit to the bike as a starting point. I swapped handlebars early on and sort of naturally arrived at an ergonomic setup while tightening things back down. It's good to hear how adjustment is rooted in function, and to have those objective markets of proper adjustment.


Cocomil0 commented: "By far the most and best information available out there. Thank you!"


invisiblekid69 commented: "ooft, could feel the satisfaction in the last rider once bike was dialled in 👍🏻"


TheRamsberg commented: "This is excellent as always, but just to be pedantic, I can do a pushup with my hands way out, but my body does NOT like it!


darkchild4neverever commented: "And here I thought getting bucked out of the seat after a bump was just part of riding a sportbike in the city. Time to start experimenting with suspension."



@Dave Moss Tuning Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Dave. That makes sense.


malibu188 commented: "Great logical approach to the bike setup. Running out of front end travel in a long fast turn at a race track can be a very un-nerving experience."


Jeff H commented: "When the master talks, you listen"


GreaseMonkey X commented: "Genius."



Excellent video! It is very encouraging to me because I have never been to a track day and am very interested although very intimidated to be around others with track experience. I can very much relate to Kristen's not knowing how to tell Dave what her bike is doing, that would be me. Thanks for posting the video and keep yourself safe! Randy


Anarchy rider motovlog commented: "✌️😉"


donutranger commented: "I just got my bike today, saw this video, now I'm going to the workshop back to adjust"


Wally Kos commented: "Awesome advice - i wish i knew about it before passing on the mt-07 due to everyone mentioning suspension as having issues... any pointers for a kawi z650 ?"


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Kody Hogan commented: "Bought a 701 sm a few months ago, fell in love. Saw this video and I instantly stopped working and clicked 😂"


Sebastian Lange

if anyone is having the same problem: the fork legs were crooked. I followed more or less the steps in this video from david moss: https://youtu.be/qTve7M4zOlE The bike now not only stopped the wobble but feels much more planted, i am very happy with the outcome.


Brian Crafter commented: "Good job 👍👌👏💯"



Great video! I am going to be changing my fork oil soon and this video had me thinking. I looked up a chart and there was two different Viscosity Indexes (VI). There was "Reported VI" and "Recalculated VI". What mean what and which should I be looking at? Thanks so much in advance!


Jak0biN replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Please come to the south, I live in Jerez!"


essex__rider commented: "I like that an American is using millimetres! 👌"


x1tekja commented: "It is said in lore there is but one man in this world who can tame the fiercest and wildest of Italian beasts. Dave Moss is a legend amongst the motorcycle gods."


Ben ベンジャミン Robinson commented: "Great job Sir!! Thank you for this valuable information."


Nahar Maayta commented: "Im not have an experience with bikes, But all what you said was a great and right .. really old school and is the best.. Your new fan from Jordan 🇯🇴"


Gideon Sikk commented: "Dave the boss moss"


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The Cynical Afro commented: "This guy know his trade"


Othmane Drissi commented: "Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge!


Bring me Peter pan commented: "Hi Dave, I ended up buying a 2020 Street Triple R, just got did the yearly sub to your website! Look forward to being able to use all that knowledge of yours."


Niels Tengberg commented: "Moss is the Jesus of motorcycles :)"


grossibp commented: "I have the white Supersport S and Dave helped me to set it up. Brilliant 🙂 I do recommend. Thanks Dave!"


Maze M commented: "The bike whisperer"


hshd vsgsg commented: "you sure know what ypu are doing great guy"


Juniper SRX commented: "Oh Myy GawwwwD ....... Dave u are so passionate and without a doubt a Genius"


@Dave Moss Tuning thanks a lot...love form india❤


hshd vsgsg commented: "you sure know what ypu are doing great guy"


CaptCreekmore commented: "ADHD affects comfortable tire pressure. As you limeys would say, ‘Absolutely Brilliant ’! Subscribed."


GSX 1400

I did none of these things and am having all the problems you mentioned Dave. Thanks so much for putting in the effort to record this procedure. 5 years later it's still helping people like me.


Infamously Unknown

I approached Professor Moss the same way. "I have done the class work. I am here to see how well I applied it to my bike." Thank you Dave Moss and Dave Williams



Lily , Northern California USALily , Northern California USA
Review by Lily from the Northern California (November 2020)
From Punishment to Performance.
I have returned to the world of motorcycles after a long break (mommy duties), and purchased my dream bike: a Ducati SuperSport S.  It came stock out of the show room beautiful, sleek, sexy, and red.  The only problem was that it rode like a brick.  It was stiff, unforgiving, passed every slight variation in the road directly into my hands, and would not initiate a turn without a very strong counter-steering input.  After just a few minutes of riding, my hands would be numb from having to absorb the severe vibrations.  Every ride was punishment.
Following a recommendation from a friend, I signed up for a 30-minute virtual tuning session with Dave Moss.  His knowledge and capability to communicate that knowledge through video surpassed all of my expectations.  My first call lasted about 15 minutes, but in that short time, the preload, compression, and rebound for my rear shock and front fork were all adjusted to fit my weight and riding style.  Dave had let me know ahead of time what tools I would need, so it was all very efficient.  For those unfamiliar with the terminology and mechanics, do not fear.  Dave made it easier and certainly less time consuming than following instructions to build an IKEA furniture set.   
As Dave advised, I tested out the newly tuned suspension on my bike for about an hour.  It was night and day!  Now my bike would respond to a slight shift in my weight to initiate a turn.  No more one-armed push-ups needed to initiate a turn.  The harsh and stiff ride with severe vibrations were gone.  My hands weren’t going numb anymore.  There was a slight rocking-horse effect when going over slight bumps on straightaways though.
During my next video call with Dave, I told him how amazing the ride was and also mentioned the rocking-horse effect. 
He knew exactly what needed to be adjusted.  The rebound of the front and back needed to be balanced.  
Now, I am riding pretty.  I took my bike to an all-day cornering class on a small track.  My bike handled beautifully.  It is now the high-performance bike that I had dreamed of.
I highly recommend Dave’s virtual sessions. 
William Thaw, California, USAWilliam Thaw, California, USA
Hi Dave,
Wanted to thank you for your Remote Tuning support.  It helped me to understand more about what is going on with my suspension and tires.  More than that it helped me with the confidence to go faster.
In 2019 at Buttonwillow, I could run in the high 1:58's and finish top 10 in my class.  In 2020, after working with you through Remote Tuning I could run mid to high 1:56's and podium.  And the crazy thing is I felt like I was taking less risk going 2 secs faster.
It was worth every penny.  Thanks so much.
Onur Altan, Bodrum, Turkey (Remote Tune)Onur Altan, Bodrum, Turkey (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave

This weekend I had some time to try new settings riding with my wife.
It was like a dream!!!! Thank you..Everything works great suspension wise.
Nicko Koutsioras, Athens Greece


Before I ask for your advise I need to say that subscribing to this site was one of the wisest thing to do in my riding evolution.

I simply cannot get enough of your videos and knowledge. I feel I can seriously tune suspension on sportbikes now.

You sir are a revelator for every motorcycle rider.

Robert Elter (Remote Tune)
Dear Dave,
I tried the new settings on my bike.
Even in my wildest dreams, I didn’t think it would result in such drastic changes (in a positive direction, of course 😉).
Thank you very very much, thank you for your help, you are a fantastic professional !!!
Congratulations, nice work !!!
Cat McLeod, California USA

Hard to believe I'd never run PTT at Thunderhill. Oddly my weekend was defined by watching people crash in front of me while I just kept carefully passing people. Now with suspension installed by MCTech and Catalyst Reaction then dialed in perfectly by Dave Moss. I'm actively adjusting my tire pressures to get things just right. I have more confidence at lean angle. Now starting to experiment more with body position as I can do things now that last two years I couldn't do because of my hips. Next step is wider bars and another full couple of days of pro coaching to finish the season much faster than I started.

Ryan Coleman, (Remote Tune) Daytona 675R
Hey Dave,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Finished setting up my preload thank you for all of your help. Still playing with the Compression and rebound, your videos are very helpful.
I had a down from a stop sign in the beginning of the the year, very low speed just one of those “dammit” moments. Confidence was a little shot and unfortunately this area kinda sucks for that kind of bike.
Didn’t get much saddle time this summer but after making those adjustments it feels like a brand new bike and is very confidence inspiring. I always thought my suspension was too hard and wasn’t comfortable but with the preload adjustments I had to add more and even though it feels stiffer it just feels so much better.
I actually feel like I have grip now and again very confidence inspiring. I can’t wait until spring when I plan to take the class and start riding track.
Thanks for everything you do and after playing with my Daytona’s suspension I am much less timid on playing with any future bike. But now it’s getting cold and soon I’ll have to winterize the bike.
Brian Ciancio (Remote Tune) Ducati Supersport SBrian Ciancio (Remote Tune) Ducati Supersport S
Hi Dave,
I wanted to share these images, the bike gets better n better each time. Can’t thank you enough.
Also nice work on helping another SuperSport rider. There is a 30min video on the forum.
Karel Brozik (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Thank you so much for responding.  I didn’t think you would, as I imagine you must get swamped with questions like these on a daily basis.  So I’d like to thank you for taking the time. Really means a lot.
Ok, I understand your explanation perfectly.  But I have another question about preload if you don’t mind?  I have an ’08 Daytona 675 track bike, with stock forks, except for RaceTech rebound and compression gold valve kits + RaceTech springs for my weight + gear. My sag is set up + ride height.  My preload is almost fully out, 6 lines showing on the stock adjusters and yet I know I’m not using the full travel because my tube marker (zip tie) is 23mm from the foot of the fork.
I’m curious if you would have any thoughts on the matter?  And thank you again.
P.S. Great video on the Ohlins fork oil and seals rebuild. It’s what I needed to see as I have the same forks on my 1098S.  Really intuitive, so thank you again.
Jordan James, Canada (Remote Tune)


You’ve once again transformed a bike for me. It went from a pogo stick to something that sucks up every bump and stays stable on bad pavement.

I ride to work on a road that has for lack of a better word a trough across it. It used to rattle the fillings out of my teeth. This morning I went across it and it felt like a tar strip. It was 4 degrees Celsius on my ride, and the dampers weren’t even warmed up.

Best 53 dollars Canadian I’ve spent on my bike.

Good job Amigo!

Gianmarco D’ambrosi, Italy (Remote Tune)
you're number one
never meet a people so clear in explaining bike things!!
and your videos are awesome
greetings from italy
Brad O’Neill (Remote Tune) Yamaha R6
Hey Dave, wanted to follow up on our last session. I got some miles on it now and have some feedback
  1. Going from 7 to 16 clicks out on front rebound as you had me do really stabilized the bike. Everything is nice and level while riding, bumps are handled well and the bike holds lines very well. I intentionally hit a known pothole going a pretty fast speed and the bike soaked it right up, I barely noticed it.
  2. I tried 1.5 rings on front preload and was a little soft plus sag was too much so went back to 2 rings.
  3. Rechecked my sag numbers right after I got home earlier when the bike had been ridden hard on some very twisty roads for 2 hours so everything was nice and hot. These numbers are in my normal full street riding gear
    1. Front Sag: 41
                                                               i.      29 Static
                                                             ii.      12 rider
    1. Rear Sag: 32mm total
                                                               i.      10mm static
                                                             ii.      22 rider
    1. Total Fork Travel: 95mm (out of 115mm per the R6 manual)
                                                               i.      I had to reset my bottom out sharpie mark after we last spoke as I had it set to 120mm but when I double checked the R6 manual it says 115mm travel
                                                             ii.      I did some moderate braking to a full stop and I was on windy roads and had some good lean going on for the street
                                                           iii.      I think I should be good in the event I need to really lay on the brakes hard
Overall the bike feels excellent and I am much more confident with it knowing it is balanced, responsive, and that I am using most of the front travel but have some leftover in case of an emergency.
Let me know when you have some time to burn our last 10  minutes on FaceTime so we can chat again.
Thanks again, hopefully the heat subsided some for you out there!
Karim Abbany (Remote Tune) KMT690R
Hello Dave
We used your recommended settings and have done a 100 km ride on tarmac  ... The bike is marginally lowered and have been advised against lowering it much further... so I’m on the balls of my feet and I should get used to this.
I had also installed handlebar risers and all in all I enjoyed the ride. I need to spend more time on the bike and will let you know If there are any other issues.
Thanks again

No problem Dave,

I know you are busy. I always ask you before i change something for safety reasons. I don't want to do anything stupid and risk a crash. But I also have a book full of notes.

I watch your videos and I write down what you say. I read them before I go to the track and try to plan the next changes that might help me to improve in a safe way.

Thanks again because without you I would have quit riding at the track, cause trying to reach national championship level times safely is not an easy task to do it by myself.

Forcing a bike to do what you want to do with wrong set up can get you in big trouble. Knowledge is required.

Kevin TempanyKevin Tempany

I definitely ran into braking issues with my power 2s,as a novice track rider, figured I'd ride um to the limit, learning.

Now at the pressures that I need to keep them to give good wear,( sandy beach) they are now keeping me from getting better.

I would like to buy a set of power cup 2s. ( I've had tire warmers and a generator for some time waiting for this day) do you think I'm ready?

Thanks again for your paid site, I never thought I would understand suspension, but I got her dialed in thanks to you.

Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)
Good morning Dave. I hope all is well with you and yours.
I’ve dropped the front twice now (3mm each time) and got into the mountains today. I was a bit worried I’d be leaning on my wrists too much with the front down 6mm. But worries be gone – wrists are fine after a 300km day! I do it again tomorrow back home, and drop them another 3mm down to 9. I’ll keep going until I’m uncomfortable, and then back ‘em off. (right?)
Even at only 6mm I can totally feel the difference in the twisties. Highway is still stable and on the back roads I just have to think where I want to be and the bike is there. Too much fun!
After a week of rain, yesterday and today were stellar. You can imagine the amount of motorbikes on the road… J
Thanks for all the help Dave! All my best,
Peter Thomas
Scott McFarlin, Los Angeles
Hi Dave,
I wanted to write and say thank you for tuning my Ducati V2 (street settings) and my friends Ducati V2 (bit more aggressive settings) today. It’s definitely so much better now!

We rode on that twisty road towards Channel Island and back. We talked about getting used to these base settings and ride on them like they are for a bit.

I’ll try to keep an eye on when you will be back down again then we will see if more adjustments should be made at that time.

Have a great rest of the weekend and have a safe trip back home. Talk to you next time you are down here again.


Rick Janes Jr, California
Hi Dave,

Thanks for converting my 2018 Ninja 1000 sport tourer from a rather Vulcan-esque squatter to something that's very confidence-inspiring and yet comfortable.

Riding home over bumpy Foxen Canyon Road was at a quicker pace and it came quite naturally.
I never thought the stock equipment had so much setup margin for improvement. Expectations well surpassed, thanks again Mr. Moss!

Rick Janes
San Luis Obispo

Evan Bates (Remote Tune)


The bike felt stable enough during hard braking but the biggest thing I noticed was how it was turning. The bike felt great it was very easy to steer and easy to get it to go where I wanted. The bike also felt like it was absorbing bumps well it was much more comfortable and less harsh!
Kevin Tempany


Thanks for all the info about suspension tuning and especially reading tire wear. New springs fore and aft,oil change front,have made an enormous difference,can't thank you enough. I now have the knowledge to tune my own track EBR. Thank you 😊
Dezider Mesko, Prague (Remote Tune)Dezider Mesko, Prague (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,

As a father of two, my top priority is safety. My premise is that sooner or later I'll make an error. At that point, I need my bike to work flawlessly to help me. Ergonomy, suspension and tires optimal setup all help massively with this. As a bonus I'm faster.

At the same moment Dave's site is the red pill for me. It is uncovering the sad reality of the motorcycle world - cheap components, lazy setup and maintenance recommendations made by manufacturers. Luckily every time this is coming with Dave's explanation, and possible solutions.

Even after more than a year, I'm eagerly watching every video Dave is producing, and trying to forward the knowledge to people around me. It will help you doesn't matter if your priority is safety or speed.

The T-shirt I've won arrived some time ago, and I've finally had time to take a decent picture of myself.
Fun fact is, that the photo was taken during the change from T30EVO to S22. In this process I've compared stiffness of both tires, cleaned the calipers, and tightened the front fork the correct way - all purely based on stuff I've learned from you.
Thank you!
Take care and best wishes from Prague
Jesse, Baltimore USA (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave,
I completely forgot to respond to the earlier email after our FaceTime tuning appointment. I just got to say that you are a natural guru when I comes to motorcycles.
Everything you suggested doing and the tweaking we’ve done with the compression and rebound completely changed my riding experience for the better! I really feel comfortable on the bike now. I can’t believe I forgot to write back and tell you earlier but I was really amazed.
Just thought I would say thank you very much for the help it was well worth the money!!
Aaron Oster

Hey Dave!

Huge fan of your YouTube channel and all the incredible in-depth explanations that you've put online. I especially appreciate the logical and systematic approach you take when assessing each individual riders needs.

This is my first season riding and you're series on "Learning to Ride a Motorcycle" were incredible. I felt super confident on my BRC course and hope to keep learning riding.

Mark, Europe (remote tune)Mark, Europe (remote tune)

Dave ,
Hi and again you lead me to the gold. I’m wrapped mate.I had this bike's suspension rebuilt buy the Italian company that sells these aftermarket high end suspensions and it never was right in the last 18 months.

But it is now really happy.

We first string lined the bike and the wheels giving us a datum to refer back to. Then Checked the manufacturer's recommended measurement from their datums .  The bike was tracking ok front to back wheel but we improved it .
Then we looked tyres and pressures thou we knew that was alright . Then stripped the front end apart checking every nut , washer , spacer , alignments and measurements . It appeared like the front forks were out of alignment and subsequently the settings were not running true .

That would explain the previous noises on compression and lack of rebound . We had the bike in the air everything back together and aligned and then applied some weight by lowering the bike and let it all settle . Rechecked our measurement nipped all fasteners upto correct torques and then rechecked all measurements .

The front end no goes up and down as it should with minimum or no noises . It’s nice to ride and feels like a new bike .

Thanks mate your knowledge and assistance is much appreciated best thing I ever did was subscribing to your webpage .


So much of what you show and teach bia your YouTube channel and website many of us older riders know and just need to be reminded of those basics and what we don’t know is very common sense and logical ergonomics of motorcycling which applies to all motorcycles .
Your method of relaying the information is both palatable and informative , easily digested and easy to understand and retain.
Again thanks I’m sure we will be in touch again.

Take care

Good afternoon sir. Thank you so much for the suspension work you did on my bike. Rides down the road like a dream.

Andy Hoefer, VIR raceway, USAAndy Hoefer, VIR raceway, USA

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for helping me and Kendall dial-in my CBR last week.

It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. My bike is handling great now. Work in progress but having fun and confidently going faster now that my bikes' suspension is “perfect”… and I understand it a little better.

Hope you enjoyed your time at VIR and I hope to see you at the track again soon.


All the best!


Andy Hoefer


Charlie Pantano, Las Vegas, USACharlie Pantano, Las Vegas, USA


Good morning. I'm an experienced rider (Age 63) who rides a 2003 Yamaha R6 daily.

I was having a problem with my rear tire pattern experiencing severe cupping on the trailing edge of the water slots. It was not until watching your videos and joining your channel that I learned about the importance of shock rebound. My bike has 56,000 miles on the stock rear shock. I do rebuild the front forks myself and maintain new fork oil.

After watching your videos I searched and found a company in Las Vegas that could rebuild and re-valve the stock Yamaha shock. After installing the rebuild along with a fresh set of Dunlop Q3's

I could not believe the difference. I only do spirited street riding but could now actually feel the rear tire track the road surface. Quite a difference. Now with about 1,000 miles on the tire the pattern looks perfect. Cupping completely gone.

Thanks again for your informative videos.


Charlie Pantano

David LongmanDavid Longman
Dear Dave,
Good morning. I did my first motorcycle trackday with Let's Ride at Buttonwillow Raceway on labor day on a rented Kawasaki Ninja 300.
This past Sunday I did my second trackday with TrackXperience on a rented KTM RC 390.
I want to thank you for your support and all your efforts to educate people. I learned alot riding these different bikes and this unique tracks. Attached is the some pictures from Buttonwillow.
I will send another email with Willow Springs pictures.
David Longman
Adam Quigley (Remote Tune)
I was very impressed with my virtual tune session on my 2013 BMW S1000RR this past Aug 2020. Amazed at how Dave can inspect a few technical aspects of the bike and determine exactly what changes need to be made. I just completed 2 track days and noticed a HUGE improvement in the feedback from the bike leading to enhanced confidence, proof was in my fork travel zip-tie in the perfect position.
I emailed Dave the morning of the 1st track day to confirm the air pressure based on current conditions, he checked the local weather from his home base and replied within the hour with further support and comments.
Highly recommend investing in this service, your bike will thank you!
Thank you,
Adam Quigley
Temme Sikkema, (Remote Tune), 2010 R1
Hello Dave,

Thanks for your quick reply. The forks i will service myself. I saw your how to video of doing '09 forks and with my experience i can do the trick. Big thanks for uploading that service video btw. I don't have the special tools for the shock, so i'll send that to a local suspension shop for service.

With a new lap record and way better tyre wear on the old '05, because of your advise about the shock settings, i will purchase some fork springs and definitely take that advise too!

I think a one time setting will do the trick. If not i'll come back to you. But that will be next summer. For now the cold month are coming, so i am taking things apart and want to prepare the bike for next season.


We had an amazing day and a half playing all the way from Fort Bragg to Mill Valley with a bunch of favorites in between.
Thank you so much for your help my BMW is so easy to ride fast and it’s beautifully planted.
I really can’t thank you enough.

Thanassis, Greece

From: Thanassis

Dear Dave,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the expert content you share, helping all of us who try to understand suspensions / trying to improve our bike's suspension performance.

Kind regards,
a fan from Greece,

Kristjan Kaldas, Estonia, Remote Tune

Thank you for the help on the CBR.

Had an awesome season with it here in Estonia!

Used your settings and tweaked only a little keeping it tidy during the season. ~7000km of pure joy, did not matter, if I was street Rossi on the shoreline roads or just casually cruising to somewhere, bike felt dialled. Used 2.2bar in both tires, new Metzeler M7RR tyres and I never had problems getting the tyres hot.

Watching hundreds of hours of your videos help a lot in understanding the suspension world. Half a year ago I had no clue what so ever, what those screws do.
Now I have dialed in my bikes and also some friends bikes, they are also amazed, how it can transform a bike.
Anyways, thanks for now, keep up the good work! 🙂
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Marjan Katalinic

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