Evan Bates, 2020 ZX6R (Remote Tune)
Thank you!
You’ve confirmed my suspicions. I appreciate your response and highly value your wealth of knowledge. I’m going to go for 1.0 rate fork springs paired with 10w motul oil and an 11.6 rate shock spring. I’ll be looking to do that soon because I’m tired of riding a “wet noodle” as you accurately described it.
Thank you for always going the extra mile to make sure us others have a better understanding of suspension and a better riding experience.
Steve Clark, UK (Remote Tune)Steve Clark, UK (Remote Tune)
You are simply genius!
Per your direction, I reduced the shock preload by three threads and ran the same road course. Shock travel is now at 80% and fork zip tie is 35mm from bottom out (no worse than before and maybe slightly better). Note: I had previously removed all fork preload and set  fork compression at 20 clicks out (4 more than factory setting of 16).  Also, I had previously raised the fork tubes (lowered front end) by 2mm.
Turn-in continues to improve and the figure 8 movement during interstate roundabouts is no longer as noticed.
Ride quality is much better and I have the desired shock static sag as well.
I may raise the fork tubes another 2mm (total of 5 mm from factory height)  to test.
Can’t thank you enough.
YouTube comments August 2021


Thanks for posting this Dave. I've had my new R7 for two weeks... Lots of rain... but got through my break-in miles a couple of days ago. You give me the sense that I've learned a thing or two from you over the years. I've done pretty much what you covered in this video already, and encountered the same observations on adjustment limitations as you show on the bike. I'm pushing the limits on what the R7 stock suspension can carry at 250lbs. I cranked a bunch of preload front and back and am sitting at 36mm front rider sag and 34mm at the rear... slightly forward bias intended for track. With all the preload, I'm running into limits of free sag being almost gone, and damping forces that aren't exactly up to the task of controlling the extra spring strength from all the preload. The rebound adjuster on the shock I have only a half turn out from closed. The rebound adjuster on the fork I have only 1 click out from fully closed as well. I adjusted the compression damping on the fork to 6 clicks out from closed to match the movement of the rear as much as possible. The front and rear of the bike move together pretty well. Free sag on the front is ok, but rear free sag is almost gone. Its taken a little time riding my R7 to at least figure out what I am starting with to a certain degree, and I plan to visit friends at Traxxion Dynamics soon to beef up the suspension, so my heavy weight is a bit more nominal to what some new hardware can handle. Thanks for all you do, Dave. You're helping folks not only ride better, but folks are safer too.


Nicholas Aguirre

I was waiting for this video! Picked up my R7 in Los Angeles and rode up to San Jose for MotoAmerica the other weekend. Everything in this video explained my experience. My wrists were(are) killing me. My left knee is bad but I’ve never had any problems riding and now it definitely starts to kill me especially on the longer rides. I have to constantly stretch. The suspension at stock seemed to buck me a lot and was very soft. I’m 5’6 and 215 pounds. Ended up tuning my suspension the other day the best I could. Did 30mm sag front and rear. Feels MUCH better but I know it can perfected more. You tuned my R6 a few years ago and I was hoping to acquire your services again.


Death Wish83

I got to talk with you on Sunday at the track. You were really putting those hypersport tires through their paces. I wish the brakes on the trash or treasure gsxr 750 were working better for you, but I respect the commitment to try your hardest to make a completely even playing field for the tires.


Vladimír Studnička

I am so grateful for you Dave, you learn all of us so much... I am a little disappointed, because if you want to have your bike in really good shape, there is no motorcycle service which care so much as they should in majority cases. Only person who can take care about our bikes are us, nobody else and you give us a chance to do it properly. Jokes aside, you probably saved some lives.


M1000 RR

It blew my mind how much difference setting my rear sets up to line up with my feet actually made. It also eliminated a bunch of fatigue in my legs/shins fighting to get on top of my controls! Dropping my pegs back an eighth inch and down a quarter inch along with the dialing in my controls completely transformed my bike and I haven't missed the rear brake once since, I still screw up a shift here and there and tickle the rev limiter lol😂


allan gosling

Thank you very much for this video. I have just bought a big touring bike and I was very concerned about about the ergonomics. I have bad arthritis in my right shoulder. I also have a hydraulic clutch with a very different clutch friction point. I will take my motorcycle in and have my all my adjustments looked at.



Stefan Puffer

Love watching a real professional do their work. Amazing that he could tell what gear the guy was in just by looking at the zip tie. Props to the riders for listening and implementing what they were taught.


Kiss Gergő commented: "I love how this guy explains stuff! He's not showing off his knowledge, he's giving you knowledge. He's not arrogant and cocky, he's patient and wants you to understand!"


Paulo Isidro

how fitting it is to see the calipers being clean with a toothbrush :))) i'll explain: i speak portuguese and in my native language calipers are called "maxilas" which means jaws. love your videos mr. moss they are very helpful.


Stefan Putter commented: “I learn something new from every video. I also learn what I've been doing wrong all these years. Nice to be able to see how a professional does it. Much appreciated.”


Thomas commented: "Will be setting up a remote session for my Speed Triple S, hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks. Can't wait to learn some quality knowledge that will definitely help me ride better, safer."


uncle alzbbq commented: "This guy is great-- I did two clicks out on everything and have not touched the spring yet under 1k miles but it changed the ride of the bike way better-- hits the sub—anytime usual"


joey2421 commented: "excellent Dave, thank you for this! I can't wait to get some good weather here in New Zealand and try some suspension tweaks :)"


DadBod Damien

The best things one can do for their bike are getting the suspension tuned, and having proper tires and pressure. Both will differ greatly depending on the variables you listed


Himalayan Bikers Alley

Hello Dave,we motoryclists are proud to have you,very professional,no nonsense person,I've learnt a lot from you,knowledge that is correct factually,Thankyou once again.God Bless.


Mike Burton commented: "Thanks Dave I have found your channel useful so many times and I love to learn more and more. Too bad my thirst for knowledge began at a later time in life."



Xel N'Jare

definitely going to sign up for one of your remote tuning sessions - I've spent countless hours watching your videos, and they've been immensely helpful since getting back in the saddle.


Steve Phillips commented: "So much gold here. I'm excited to get into my forks this coming winter, be springs heavier oil....maybe even emulators! Thanks Dave!


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Andrei Diaconescu commented: "Damn this is pure genius ! Let me know if you ever do Triumph Trident ! All my respect !"


Jarko Aho

I followed your rules for making my adjustments on my bike (2007 cbr 1000rr) and it changed my life. I found your settings that you gave some guy via email. He vas about my weight etc. Its just much more fun now. Thank you.


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Quinn Martin, Washington State, USA
From: Quinn Martin
Subject: Thank you Dave Moss


I just attending my first track day at The Ridge with track time and met a rider named Robin who was wearing your sweater with the DMT logo on it. It prompted me to ask if she knew you and she said absolutely and that you were a very good person and completely approachable in person.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. It has completely changed my life with motorcycling and has put me on a path that will carry on till old age.

I work a job where I have a lot of down time and for the past 8 months I've been watching davemosstuning.com videos and developing a new passion for working on motorcycles and understanding what my machine is doing rather then just hopping on and riding away without a clue in the world.
You have given me a new found confidence and mindset that would have never developed if I didn't find your videos. If I could shake your hand I would, because you saved me from becoming another statistic of a young kid who gets out of control on a motorcycle and winds up with injury or death. It also helped my relationship with my father who has all the tools in the world and working on a bike feels easy to me with how thorough you are on maintenance and explaining what you are doing.
As for suspension I already took your advise from your videos and ordered an extra OEM rear shock from eBay for my 2014 triumph street triple 675r that I'll have serviced from KFG suspension so I can swap out at will. Im 140 pounds and feel that the spring rate is perfect for me right now. Also I am changing the fork oil to 5w because they are too stiff for me right now with 75% of the preload out.
Again without you I wouldn't have touched anything on my bike and without you I wouldn't have consider the track.
But now I've found my thing.
I found my place.
And I found my people.
Thank you.
Jordan Decarie, Ontario Canada (Remote Tune)Jordan Decarie, Ontario Canada (Remote Tune)


.055 seconds off of a 12 year old lap record! Day two tomorrow 🙂

Matt Guss, Washington State USA

Dave worked his magic on my Ducati 959 over the past few days at the Ridge with excellent results.  I was a little skeptical about changing the settings because I was pretty comfortable with the bike.

I have ridden a long time but have little understanding about my suspension unless it’s really bad or really good.

Dave looked at the tires and immediately gave me some suggestions for the rear shock to start.

Over the next 2 days he reviewed and changed the set up making progress & improvements as we went.  He’d adjust then say go ride and test.  Back in his pit for more adjustments.  Back on the track, and so on.  Over several adjustments and many laps the bike felt much better under braking and holding a line, faster, quicker turn in but not too quick and the tires cleaned up surprisingly well.

I came away very impressed.  No detail escapes his attention.  Plus he teaches the rider as he’s goes along.

Some people call Dave Moss the Tire Whisperer and although it sounds funny, he did an amazing job for my bike and really knows his stuff.

Thanks Dave!

Pospisil Lubek, Czech RepublicPospisil Lubek, Czech Republic

Hiii Dave,

fyi we started project MT07 according to your recommendations with front forks and the first result, just in the workshop were awesome, how calm the forks after the change are 🙏

Thank you for the job you do, I

am forwarding it to people around me and helping them have more fun, better control of their bikes.👌👍💪

Alan Beamer, Italy (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Your Remote Tuning Service is excellent, and I will recommend you strongly to all my friends !!
It was a real pleasure to work with you.
I managed 5 laps this afternoon but stopped  because I could feel errors creeping in on the corners. Just too hot. So packed up and on my way home.
Below are the last pictures of my tyres today. They do look so much more evenly worn than before.
Thanks again for your help and support.
By the way, I am 63 and knocked 12 seconds off my lap times !!
So is that my new suspension setup or is it me ??  Now that's a good question !!
Best regards
Larry Gilman


Thank you for your quick and kind reply.  I do appreciate your time and information.
I am proud to mention that I am subscribed to your information service.
Motorcycles are complicated and amazing, and because of your contributions I have a better understanding of that.
Again, thank you
Hunter Johnson, CaliforniaHunter Johnson, California

Hi Dave how’s it going?

Had the pleasure of meeting you a while back this year and talked about Daytona’s with you. I checked your schedule and it says you’re gonna be at Thunderhill Sunday. If so are you gonna be doing suspension? I would love to have my bike set up from you. It’s my birthday too 😁. Thanks in advance!

Had you do both my bikes . Had the pleasure of meeting you through Lauren 🙂

Fell in love with my FZ1 after you tuned it.

Eric Crowley
Thanks Dave,
My spread sheet is really helping to see it visually.
My riding has greatly improved after 54 yrs with motorcycles. Suspension settings really improved handling, tires pressure too.
Trip to Lake Tahoe next month will be awesome.
Update: rear tire; set 42 psi,   rode out / Amb. Temp: 102, tire 46 psi / this fell well in specs. Chart shows below 96 degrees set to 37 psi.
Altitude was 5000 feet. Again thanks for helping me, best setup I ever had with my motorcycle.
Andrew Johnson,  Wales, Great Britain (Remote Tune)Andrew Johnson, Wales, Great Britain (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

The bike is riding superbly after dialing in your suspension setting.

It turns rapidly, tracks its line with total accuracy with no over or understeer.

I am well happy- many thanks indeed.


All the best, Andrew.

Danny Ludovena, California USADanny Ludovena, California USA
Hey Dave,
I had the opportunity to stop by your van at Elk Grove Power Sports yesterday after I picked up my 2015 Aprilia Caponord from the shop due to a leaky suspension (& EFI light). The lead mechanic, Joe Fernandez, recommended that I stop by and I am so glad that I did!
I had heard that you have an eye for suspension, and you did not disappoint. First thing that you've noticed on my bike is that my front suspension only went as far as half way down the fork. You made a few tweaks with your ratchet on the fork suspension - The difference became night & day!
When I bought my bike from the prior owner, I assumed that it was tuned just to where it needed to be. Little did I know that my front suspension was so rigid that it forced my rear suspension to overcompensate & throw off my center of gravity - especially at highway speeds... I used to think that it was just how my bike was made that I would have to live with less weight on the front. (sometimes it felt as though my front tire could lift off the ground.)
I had no idea how awkward the suspension was set up until you had softened my front-right fork (the one without the electronic "Aprilia Dynamic Damper"). After your adjustments, I felt like I was riding flat/balanced between both front & back tires for the first time. It was like gliding on butter!
Only after the fact that you've just made a few tweaks with your ratchet did I realize that I was in the shop in the first place because of how tight that suspension was! My front right fork was leaking because it was so damn rigid.
Now I have a chance to take my Capo onto the track for the first time at Thunderhill Raceway! Here's hoping that Augie has a spot for me next Sunday in the intro/novice circuit.
You genuinely have saved a life by paying it forward. Just a few tweaks and fifteen minutes of your time & wisdom has made a world of a difference in my riding.
Thank you, Dave! You're the man. I hope to catch you around again soon.
Scott Cunningham


Thank you for providing such a valuable service. I’m a long time rider mostly Harley baggers.

I recently bought a 2010 Concours and the previous owner had the suspension preload set to max and same with dampeners. Long story short I have set it up for a more plush ride and adjust rear preload when my ole lady rides with me.

Thank you for making the information available and understandable.

Vincent Fiallo

Hello Mr. Moss,

I've been following your videos on youtube for a few months now and have learned a tremendous amount about suspension, setting up the bike to work for you, etc.

I now am having my friends follow along, and I want to thank you for all that you provide for free online.


Thank you!

Arin Smith-Christman, California
Dave Moss: The Suspension Master
I began track riding in 2009, picking up the sport wholeheartedly! I got my feet wet at my first track day 6 months in, then began racing after a year or so... from the beginning, I was told that setting your Sag and checking the suspension was a part of riding, but until I met Dave Moss I really couldn’t tell how big of a difference it can make being in the right hands.
I’m 5’3”, maybe 130# so bikes are way over sprung for my size. I thought that was just how it was!! Riding while being cautious of how the bike moved a lot, really slowed me down... I was waiting for the bike to be smoother before adding throttle or heavy breaks. As adjustments became closer to what I needed, my riding steadily improved as well. Dave Moss helped by altering the geometry of the bike, altering the handlebars, adjusting the triple bolt... more just to finely tune the bike to me. The differences made were beautiful and extremely helpful in feeling more comfortable on the bike. Then he worked with me after every session to tune it just slightly more, to talk about the ride and how he can help make it handle better. It’s a service I wish everyone to go through as they continue improving on the tracks or on the streets as the tuning goes hand in hand with your capabilities as well.
You really don’t know how fine tuned the adjustments could actually be set to fit an individuals riding style, size, weight and capabilities until you’ve met a master at the craft. I still feel like Dave Miss has the Jedi trick of putting his hands on a bike and immediately knowing what is off about it!
I’ll be honest, Dave isn’t always at the tracks I roam to and I’ve tried other suspension workers from time to time but none have the feel and mastery of their craft as Dave Moss.
When I went for my first races I had visited a day early to practice on the ninja 250, 2009. I had the Ohlins package finally in and Dave tuned first one then the other.... I dropped time immediately.... 6 seconds on two different occasions =12 seconds improvement from adding a finely tuned suspension set up. I’m a small rider so having the bike float around on the front end is unfortunately a common feeling. However, after the suspension tune with Dave, I could dive into those corners without riding a bouncing machine... 🤩 it was beautiful!!!
I fell in love with the craft and seek out the best in the business at every opportunity. There is so much to learn when you find someone with the feel for mechanics on motorcycles, and Dave is more than willing to help others improve.
Since my racing days, it’s been over 10 years and I still seek Dave Moss out for his expertise. I don’t trust anyone’s work so well as I do with Dave. So, if anyone is interested in riding better in time with their bikes, please give him a call or see him trackside. His work speaks for itself!!
Lady Draggon
Arin Smith - Christman
Let’s Ride Track Days NRS coach
Ninja 250, CBR 600, Ninja 400, Ninja 650, R6, Katana 600, Fz6r
Ben Winter-Giles, Australia

Morning / afternoon / evening Dave.

Big fan! Thank you for your videos and sharing.
It's helped me a LOT.
The membership you offer (that I have) is routinely thrown at my friends and people I meet with absolute recommendation.
Patrick Wille, Netherlands, (Remote Tune)Patrick Wille, Netherlands, (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Im a subscriber for almost a year now. Ive seen many video’s how to setup the bike, your controls etc.
I was trying to make any sense of the suspension setup but it didn’t get better because I had no clue what I was doing.
That’s when I decided to order a remote setup with you for the trackday I had planned. We had about 10 hrs time difference but that didn’t matter with Facetime.
During the call you explained me what info you got from the tyre wear, I was very impressed 😊
After the setup the bike felt like it was glued to the ground, wow, what a difference! Even the bumpy corner section on the track was perfectly controllable after it first was causing the bike to wobble.
If you want to have your bike setup, even remotely, just contact Dave, its more than worth the money!
Thanks a lot!
Regards Patrick
B Mike Saylor, Arizona USA

Good evening Sir.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and again thank you for your many years of dedication to education in our sport. Each time I watch or rewatch one of your videos I learn or relearn something.

Thank you again Dave. Thank you for your dedication to your craft and desire to help others learn. It has made a world of difference allowing me the confidence I need to start learning how to monitor and adjust my suspension and keep me safer and happier as a result.


B Mike Saylor
Phoenix - Ducati 1299

Chris Bullock, KTM 1290RChris Bullock, KTM 1290R

Hi Dave,

Having the suspension in stock setup for a while ,it was slow to turn in and I wasn't connected to to the bike .
After finding Dave's website and then viewing his videos for the 1290 super duke set up for various riding styles , I adjust the suspension to my style of riding .
OMG , what a difference,  it actually handles ! Totally different bike and soooo much fun to ride .
Don't settle with the stock setup its so far out .
You won't look back that's for sure !



Jon Yada, California USA, Africa Twin (Remote Tune)
Hey Dave,
I ran the below settings the last two days commuting to work and today for some spirited canyon riding. The only exception being that I couldn’t remove 3 turns of front preload as it is already at 0.
Happy to report the pogo effect has incredibly diminished. It is still present but to a much lesser extent. Bike feels good over some of the “whoops” due to freeway construction.
Bike feels incredibly strong under moderate to hard acceleration. Both out of turns and in straight lines. Feels like it’s on rails and just wants to go more.
I managed to drop the zip tie another 10 or more mm under some heavier breaking. Attaching a picture for reference. I don’t think I’d want it to drop more than that just for braking. Thats at least 6” of the travel when under aggressive braking. The chassis attitude adjustment I get is plenty right now.
That said I feel and visibly see the front end come up when going over bumps. Almost jumping up from them.
The rear under braking is also something new. It feels like it wants to jump up at my butt a little when braking quickly.
I can’t get a picture of the rear travel however I can see a distinct dirt line on the shaft approximately 10mm above the ~30mm thick bump stop. The rest is clean.
I tried one different setting for rebound on both the front and back separately. The front I went 1/4 so it was 1 whole turn out from hard. A little less jumpy over bumps with very little negative affects to it.
And then I tried 1 click slower rebound in the rear so 7 out instead of 8. It further eliminated the pogo but the rear felt a bit harsher. Not by a lot but noticeable.
Corey Stillwell, USA (Remote Tune)
Hey, Dave
Hope you are doing well.
Was hoping to give some feedback on our session 2 weeks ago and see if you had any suggestions.  I rode the bike for 1 week as we left it from our session and then added 2 rounds to the rear preload which made the ride very bumpy and had little free sag in the rear.   I went back down 3/4 round and the bike settled in nicely. Im also now running 36f/36r air pressures instead of factory 34/42.  Current sag numbers are as follows
Rear.         Front
596.          132
586.          104
560.          97
Bike is a lot more nimble turning and is better balanced front to rear, less swat under harder acceleration.  Still a fairly bumpy ride, feels like from front end maybe and new geometry has made front end a bit nervous.  Front zip tie is 40mm from bottom out. I really appreciate you taking the time for our FaceTime and really enjoyed our session.
Thanks again.
Michael Hack, USA

Hi Dave,

I bought a 2021 MT-10 - mostly street rider but plan on taking it to the track for Yamaha Champs school and possibly additional track days.

Per your video helping the street rider on the MT-10, I attempted to move the forks up in the triple clamp - using the rings as a guide. I measured with a vernier caliper and had 24.53 and 24.71 mm left and right respectively.

I have also set the rebound, preload and compression to the same settings you provided in the video.

Thanks for the awesome content.

Daren J Cummings

Hi Dave!

I've been watching your videos and have learned a lot, even if part of what I've learned is that I need to learn some more, lol. I upgraded to full membership so I've got access to more of your knowledge, so I may increase my knowledge.

Thanks for all the great info and content! You really make it easy to understand the aspects of suspension tuning and your entertaining to watch as well.


Darren Harvey, UK (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Set the bike up to setting 1 today and took the bike for a good blast.
WOW!! what a difference the bike feels so much better I can actually feel the suspension working underneath me rather than the whole bike moving around. Bike felt balanced and dips into bends and tracks in them with no effort at all I really can't get over the difference. 
Really happy so far but the bike is set up way to soft for me now , pic of zip tie attached it went all the way down and I made a point not to wheelie.
Thanks dave big smiles on today's ride 
Scott Rathbone

That’s great info Dave. Thanks so much for this and all the videos.

Even with the stock suspension, you sharing your knowledge has made things so much better for me. Cheers.

Stay safe.
Gabriel Lima, Boston USA (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave,

Gabriel with the 2013 Ducati 848 Evo. We adjusted my suspension last week. I just rode the bike. And it feels amazing!! Feels like I'm riding the bike and not riding me! Night and day difference.
My track day is august 20th.
Thank you
Rowan Whittaker, UK

Hi Dave,

Really enjoying this content on mega tyre / tire test very interesting, I have just taken a position at a Kawasaki dealer as Technician, moving away from cars to pursue my career in motorcycles and repair.

I will be of course passing on the knowledge and information to new and old riders and able to reach a wider audience, great work thank you

Rowan Whittaker (from Sheffield UK)

Chris Guthrie (Remote Tune)Chris Guthrie (Remote Tune)


I just wanted to thank you, this bike is (please pardon my French but for lack of better words) fucking amazing!!!! Thank you so much! I feel so much safer and able to push comfortably and still enjoy just cruising around. May get with you again a little later for a 2up setting but for now, I can't thank you enough.
I also wanted to send you a picture of just how sexy your old workhorse can be so, hopefully you enjoy that.
Thank you much you god damn legend,
Chris Guthrie
YouTube July 2021

Marcus George

You provide the expert tuition that is lacking these days. I grew up the hard way on my progression to racing Superbikes in the Australian championship in the 90’s. When riders had to communicate what they felt the bike was doing, without the computers of today. Hence why I love the two clicks out stuff. As, basically know one really understands what the incremental changes to a bike, for the riders needs actually matters. To this day, I adjust others bikes in the same way (for free) as they are usually mates of mates... Next time you both are in Australia, I’m sure I can organise a track day at my old home race track being Phillip Island. 1.5 hours from Melbourne. Keep the great content you provide coming. 👍😎🇦🇺


Jenkins Bradbury

It's amazing how much slight adjustments of the handlebar effect the way the bike feels. Rolling my handlebars back like 1 or 2 mm at the triple clamp (maybe around 3mm from centre line on the handlebars) made the bike feel so much more stable and comfortable turning and leaning through tight corners, and even made the suspension feel less bouncy and not wallow as much. But the drawback was it also made it feel a little awkward riding in a straight line and more tiring even though the bars are closer to me. Before the bike felt very twitchy and I had no confidence at all in the tight bumpy hills roads. KTM 790 Duke.


Bob delaplage

Very good advice Dave! Bob Belgium, xt 500 xs750, bmwr100rs, bmw80gs kawasaki EN 500.‘‘‘all bikes are soooo different, learned everything autodidactical. Afterwardq did course to teach motorcycling and did a few car slip courses...reason: I learned better late than never, that although I had lots of kms,....in an era where pcs didn’t exist , let alone youtube... I bought my first bike after the military, drove it to Portugal and made it back, that was my autodidactical course how I started...no school whatsoever...I learned everything later....but I was always very alert , and recognize a lot what u explain so well, it always fascinated me, and still does, you do great Job sir Dave!! Thx so much, love the channel, Bob The Belgian


Gary Royal commented: “Dave it’s ok & we connect & your setup for the trinity alps, even in rain mode is spot on! Thanks from taking the time. It’s made a this trip specular. It’s been a true pleasure & thanks you. Not only did I get 96 octane, I got your setup to ride 36 to wildwood. Last mile on 36 was ok but treacherous on wildwood rd. But ran those roads in dry today and epic. But triumph rain mode is confidence inspiring to say the least.”


michael scott

After watching your teaching suggestions on this excellent video-- I recently went for a test ride on a few different Honda bikes at a main dealership -- each bike would have needed almost all or some of your suggested adjustments to be comfy and safe. The saleman was totally unaware of the need to adjust anything as Honda would have set bikes up totally correct for any bike and I thought I was not right even suggesting any adjustments would be necessary. So it proves that bad set up starts at test ride and goes on until teachers like yourself explain to us the need to do this - Dave thanks for making my bike riding a lot safer.

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What you get is an education from all the videos, I’ve learnt a lot and my Smcr is better than ever. It’s not a one setup thing, mine will be different to yours because of a lot of factors. You learn to set your bike up for you. I now I look at other bikes and can see how they are setup and I want to get them setup better! You spend £1000’s on a motorcycle it deserves to be setup correctly and this information is cheap in comparison! Thanks Dave for this👍


dani b

Hi Dave ! Just finished today the work on my XSR700 I did : 1. Shorten the spacers to 140mm instead of the stock 150mm 2.changed fork oil to bel ray 15w (I’m 85 kg plus gear) I filled 403ml in each fork .. 3. Set the forks 8mm up as you show here. I did everything by myself, took me around 4 hours. The result is awesome- the bike feels much better, I don’t feel the forks collapse when I brake, the ride I smother, I don’t have this noodle feel when taking corners. Thanks for this video !!!


Oslo Rider

Thank you for another really great video! Trying to learn how to ride bike on track and fix various things on a budget. Really fun learning and improving, and your videos are the best and most thorough, explaining things others may take for granted like fluid levels, and showing different types of calipers. Cheers!


David Collins

Hi Dave, I'm one of your newest fans. Love your videos, have learned so much in the little time since finding your videos. You have covered just about every bike out there but mine. I hope you can help with any info or knowledge about the buell xb12r firebolt, please? Either way I still love your videos and will always be a fan, and hope one day to actually meet you. Thanks you for all you do and teach. I definitely ride better because of your videos.


Andrew Laub

Hi Dave wow what a series of fantastic informative well produced videos. I’m a senior rider at 62. My ride is a GSXR1100 1991 M It’s the last of the oil cooled. Actually I think there was one model after it. I can’t wait to put into practice what I’m learning. Most of the general maintenance I knew about however your explanation as to why and how is brilliant. Keep it up man it’s a huge service to motorcycling performance and most of all safety. I’m most impressed.



MnM Mercury

Top notch content, even if i've watched ergonomics setup guides in other videos its good to have a reminder to re-evaluate my positioning. In my case i will have to raise the clutch and brake lever angles back towards horizontal a tad . Also weirdly I thought I would like a straighter position for the clip-ons but seems like i prefer the more tapered in position the stock setup came with.



I really like your content 😌. What I don't like is the people that you help that are ignorant, or Unappreciative. It is saddening to see you are potentially saving their lives and they have no clue. They are truly blesses and some have sh@:$$y attitudes when I get the money I am going to have you help me with my suspension. I Thank you for all the info you have provided for me and others.


Sjoerd Nijboer

I dailed in my hand position and knee position on my R6 from your videos. Took me a long time to get it just right but thanks to you I have much more contact with the bike and much more stability. I don't dare to mess with the suspention itsself and hope you can get to Europe sometime after Covid, because you sir are a magician!



Death Wish83

If you have the opportunity, have Dave tune your suspension. My bike has never, ever, felt as good as after having him adjust my suspension. It will shave seconds off your track time. Before he tuned my suspension, I was riding and compensating for what I thought was just how my bike felt. Afterwards it makes the bike feel so much more telepathic. It goes where I want it to and does exactly what I tell it to.



Glad you made it clear that this adjustment should be done when the engine and clutch are hot. If the clutch cable has been replaced or the handlebars/yokes have been replaced, you want to check that the free play


Cathy Craig commented: "Dave. I just discovered your videos. I ride a HD Low Rider and mostly ride the streets. But your videos and your profession fascinate me. I love your science and the ergonomics.


Motosapien THANK YOU! Seen folks ONLY turn the lever adjustment and end up with the adjustment threads not even engaging the mount! The cable goes all limp noodle at the bars when the lever is released, just waiting to fail


Tomasz Jaskot  Thanks for sharing this with me. I suffered from shoulder pain after riding my z900 and didn’t know were from it came. I changed everything after seeing this video and now it’s a whole different and better feeling with more fun without pain. Thank you, Sir. 🙏🏻


Jeremy Lee Just getting into bikes at almost 40 and this was such a simple but impactful revelation to me. The information hit home. You have actually EARNED my subscription. Looking forward to diving into what else you have to offer. 💪🏾🙏🏾


Karrel Greaves

Man I must say thank you for the lessons before I even buy and get onto my bike now I feel like I have enough guidance for doing it the right way....I'm soaking up all these vids and free information thank you I really appreciate it👍


the26thhour replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Wow, thank you so much David! & I hadn't even considered the seat height, thought it might tip me off balance. Though, it sure would help the legs, lol."

Fran O'Hagan

Our two-up settings and tire pressures on the H-D worked well; it was predictable and easy to ride. If we put sticky tires on it and pushed faster then it might uncover more issues to fix, but for what I was doing it felt like I could lap indefinitely. Thanks again for your help



My conclusion from this video... there is my bike... and then there is my bike's hidden potential for giving me a better ride after applying these tuning tips.. can't wait to try this and unleash the bike within.


Adam F.

That is very cool! It amazes me how many of the riders just out there riding and not knowing or caring about geometry or safety. I mean tiptoeing for a rider on a high bike is plain unsafe. Just like he said.


Abraham Khafajy commented: "that was entertaining to watch, better than Netflix. I wish if I had a friend like Dava, or if any of my friends have half the bike knowledge that Dave has."


free market joe commented: "Great watching an actual mechanic do it right. No just rushing it. Tedious but done right. Why it’s so nice finding a shop that does things you can trust are well done."


Krzysztof Skibicki commented: "Very good vid. Whenever I buy new bicycle or motorcycle I start from that. Adjusting angles of both levers... So simple. Really good vid!"


Andy MacDonald commented: "my wife's bike - so I guess I got some wrenching to do. Thanks Dave, this is great."


Ducatista commented: "This is what we all love about you Dave -- taking everyone under your wing! Stellar content per usual thank you so much for sharing with us all"


Comfortably Unknown commented: "It is creepy how you guys post projects that I am working on. Set my wife's clutch today. After seeing the video, I have to go back to her bike."


Steve Phillips commented: "This paradigm changed the way I rode, even on the road, it made every corner more fun and like riding on rails! Thanks Dave for the explanation!"


e A commented: "thank you... as a new rider (less than 50 miles on my new bike) I see what mistakes I'm making with my set up. I hope I can do it right now, much appreciated."


SteelCitySpeedShop J.R6 commented: "Dave Is one of the most indirectly funny people, mean that in the best of ways. Wealth of knowledge folks. He knows more than most"


jon ward replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks for your help Dave and thanks for your great videos on YouTube. Have a great day jon from Scotland"


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Z0rgmeister commented: "How does this man - a natural born teacher on this subject - only has 11k views while all the wrong formed ideas on youtube get millions of them?"


Marcus George replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I can’t wait to see and watch the progress as I couldn’t come up with a better real word testing and evaluating process. 👍😎🇦🇺"


Jared Huber I have been riding an ill-fitted bike for 30 yrs.... how humbling. I finally bought the Ducati of my dreams and this info has inspired me to get it dialed in. The wrist fix.... wow! what a difference!~


DannyTrans Thank you Dave for the video! It is really helpfull cos i just change my Oem clutch and brake levels and now i need Clutch cable adjustment! Two 👍 up


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Myran Kelly, Tampa Florida USAMyran Kelly, Tampa Florida USA
I'm an Oldy 63 , owner of 2005 B~USA saying " YOUR ONE OF THE BEST !!! " SAVING BIKERS LIVES, AND LIMBS like me. Thank you sir for getting those young fellows into correct bike science.
Lifetime BIKER & TAMPA racer group 1987.
                                            Sincerely #Death Wish KELLY# Sport Group Leader
Jeremy Vonk (Remote Tune) Zolder track, BelgiumJeremy Vonk (Remote Tune) Zolder track, Belgium
Hi Dave,
I finally had some changes to test the setup today at circuit of Zolder in Belgium.
All feels so much better.
Riding now Michelin power cup R 2
That will be my main tire.
John VanGrunsven, Canada (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!!

An update...I used the Gold Valve shock finally. It was way better!  Shannonville is a really bumpy technical track.  With sunny temps around 31C the bike felt smooth, predictable on the SC2
Really want to thank you for giving me the push to tackle the re-valve...Im learning so much!
You Rock Dave!!
606 Shark, California606 Shark, California
Just wanted to say thank you for the suspension tune, it made a world of a difference and it made my first track day a blast. 
Jason Moss, Los Angeles
Dave !
Great to meet you and thank you for the help with my Tiger 900 Rally Pro, worth every penny🍻. Went for a ride in the mountains, bike felt more stable, less bouncy and the tweak on the handle bars also helped ! Till next time 👊🏽⚡️
Olivier Kramer, New York USA (Remote Tune)Olivier Kramer, New York USA (Remote Tune)

Good morning Dave,

Set the bike up per your specs. Just wanted to say thx for your help.

Put over 200 miles on this weekend everything from highway to back country roads feels like a different bike, you do know when you hit a pot hole though lol.  Motorcycle handling is excellent.

Thank you again.

Olivier Kramer
Daniel Musso, Switzerland (Remote Tune)Daniel Musso, Switzerland (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave
 i have changed the spring with a higher rate (from 95 to 100), and changed tire (from rosso 3 to pilotpower 2ct.  by rebound @ 8 the front edge from the reartire was again worn down.
After that i have set rebound @ 2  and my rear tire looks (for my opinion) much better.
For the first time in my motorcycledrivertime this weekend i have experienced how it feels riding fast but relaxed. No ‚falling in‘ or ‚always with pressure on the handlebars‘ and it was so much fun!
Thx a lot to you!
Is there on the pictures something you can read more?
Kind regards
Eric Due, Ninja 400Eric Due, Ninja 400

From: Eric
Subject: Thank you

Message Body:
Sending a note of thanks. Thanks for having such a great focus on all things suspension. Thanks for making so many great videos. Thanks for your attitude and making your videos both super informative and entertaining in whit and sarcasm. Thanks for being able to educate my sponge through this medium so I could start to attain a self tuned euphoria. The photo in this link should be an open book.

My ninja 400 with Ohlins STX shock, new .875 springs, 15w fork oil, Dunlop q3+, 34psi front and rear. Well warmed on a beaauuutiful Route 1 evening all over Stinson Beach area.


Thank you,


Vasily, Russia (Remote Tune)Vasily, Russia (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave!
This Monday and Tuesday there was a race again on Moscow Raceway, and I improved a lot! Again!
My pb was 1:48.3, now I made 1:46.1!
And finished second in a very hard race, there was a guy pushing me and he tried to pass, but I kept him behind.
Today we are on a race weekend again
This is a new track, “KazanRing Canyon”, it is pretty bumpy, and surface is much more aggressive to tires. And on hard breaking there are bump on which fork touched bottom of travel.
We increased fork preload by 1 turn, and things became better. I also try not to go on these bumps.
But I need your help again )
Rayhaan Farrelly, Ireland (Remote Tuning)Rayhaan Farrelly, Ireland (Remote Tuning)
Hi Dave,
I’m just back from my short ride on the bike, I managed to get that 10mm spanner out. I have included a couple of photos of the cable tie. The first photo is of just a ride with no jerky or sudden breaking movements. The second photo is when I arrived back home and pulled the front brake hard enough to cause some dive.
Firstly, thank you that was a really enjoyable, highly informative call, your knowledge of suspension and motorcycles is extremely impressive. In addition to this the way you deliver that knowledge is just as impressive.
In relation to how the bike rode. 
I immediately felt it was very neutral as I was riding down the road. There used to be a slight sense of nervousness about the bike especially in corners. 
When accelerating the bike felt more planted. 
But where I really noticed the difference was rolling through corners, I felt i could enter the corners a bit faster than previously and the bike followed a nice smooth arc through the corners. 
I didn’t feel the need to adjust anything in terms of compression or rebound. That pogo stick feeling is gone. 
I think I have captured all my thoughts from the spin. After my spin on Friday I’ll drop you a note to let you know how the bike felt. 
Thank you again Dave. 
Take care,
YouTube May 2021


FlameHazeist I've watched a lot of your free videos and they've been very helpful! What I did wrong was set up the bike's suspension with its old oil while cold instead of while hot after a >1 hour ride. My confidence on bumpy roads has doubled and I can now actually brake and accelerate instead of having to coast through the bumps, and it's now a whole lot more stable in corners (which I only realized after NOT hanging off the bike on the old settings!)!


I ended up with 36 front and 42 rear on a tire with a stiff carcass (Dunlop Roadsmart 3) at 55 F ambient. 42 in the front was fine grip-wise, but 36 seemed to be the magic number for that tire for my riding style. The front tire being cold to the touch and the rear tire being warm to the touch after 1 hour of riding further confirmed my findings. This definitely opened my eyes and will definitely be something I experiment with more in the future! In fact when the ambient temperature went down to 48 F it felt like the front could benefit from a further drop of 2 psi.


Jakub Lipień wow! this must be like a 4th vid by Dave and I totally agree with others, all that knowledge is gold ... been riding over a year on a '10 Kawi Z1000 with too stiff suspension and uncomfy position of levers ... :facepalm: adjustment of bike components sounds much better now that I know how to deal with it, instead of dealing with pain after riding for too long LOL ... and yeah, nobody teaches you about it, among dozens of riders I met nobody ever even mentioned any of that, maybe except one coworker, but nobody treated him seriously back then


broderp  Very relevant to me. I watched this a few days ago, before taking delivery of my new Z900 ABS. Since this bike is new to me (stepping up from a Z400 ABS) it's the perfect time to fix these issues. On my first ride, I saw quite clearly that when I went to brake, I was physically revving the engine a bit. A little unsettling to say the least. Having watched thus video I instantly knew the cause and adjusted both my levers. Thank you for thus video. I will search for more of your content on foot ergonomics..I'm sure I can improve them on thus bike as well.


Chris USMCVET Another great Vid Dave. Really gave me something to think about concerning my 2016 Multi Enduro 1200. I wish I was more mechanically proficient in my ability to do some of those services myself. Or to learn how to change the engine and shock oils, and brake cleaning and service. Just had Duc of Newport Beach , CA. Brandon, ( Adrian) complete the 27,000 mile service. I use it to commute 60 miles a day, 5 days a week , garaged at night. I need to be more knowledgeable and consistent with my maintenance intervals. I can and do most of the maintenance on my 1984 Fj60 since owning it in 2004.

Alan Brown Interesting video, having just cleaned/serviced the forks on my Aprilia Pegaso Strada (commuter) and changed to 15W. On the West Coast of Scotland, which was dry (Woo Hoo) the difference was very noticeable in both compression and rebound damping and I could ride a lot harder/faster with improved feedback. Heading back to Edinburgh, due to rain and average speed camera's the change wasn't so noticeable. I'll keep notes and try 20W the next time.


Darren Hammond I bought a brand new bike 2 weeks ago and just rode it as it was. Watched this and what a difference it made. A couple of adjustments here and there and it has made my riding much more comfortable. 195cm and 125 Kg, went for a cruiser style and just lever positioning alone made it so much more comfortable.


Dylan Wells  I really like how he points out these small little details that helps make a motorcyclist more comfortable and efficient while riding. As I paid more attention to riding style, I noticed that I was slightly accelerating everytime I was going to break and had my brake lever adjusted. I noticed that I was able to stop about five to six feet earlier which could save my life.



Marcus George I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If anyone is near Dave(s) the best performance upgrade for you (each individual) and your bike that is also the cheapest way to improve your experience and abilities is hand over a few bucks to DMT and you will be amazed at what you will get in return... Simply awesome! Keep up the great work gents. 👍😎🇦🇺


Anupam Roy  Fantastic stuff, as always. Please do one for the street triple 765rs in this kind of detail 🙏. The track and street video is really really good but that front and rear lack of engineering balance makes it tough to setup. And the moss riding insight is, of course, worth it's weight in gold


James Hisself As an old racer and then race prep tuner, I can vouch for Dave's knowledge and advice just from watching his videos. I recommend all younger and less experienced sport riders follow his recommendations. His patience with the video medium and detail level far exceed what I would be able or willing to do.


Zack Hubbard Thanks, Dave! As I prep to replace my bushes and seals, its time for an oil change. Your videos always keep me pointed in the right direction. As California summer track days near, I plan to change from a 10w(spec) to a 15w on my stock 03 z1000. Hope to see you out at Thunderhill soon to pick your brain about this.


Marcus George  I love watching this channel. Thank you for providing it Dave and Dave. It always makes me smile when people have a good baseline in suspension, just don’t really know or understand what to do with it and usually just rely on a salesperson. 👍😎🇦🇺


Dan VonBehren  Dave is just like a Industrial arts teacher I had in High School. Never talks down . Common sense . Teaches to educate . Solutions to every problem . To bad he's not in politics. lol Great videos as always.


C K Krons commented: "Mesmerized watching the master work. Love how Dave never comes with an answer out of the box, always looks to rider, conditions and bike....internet opinion jockeys could learn a thing."


trenton lafave commented: "Yo man thank you so much I’m picking up my first bike Friday today’s Tuesday and I literally took notes wrote down your points I’m going to do this before I go on my first ride"


Gerald West commented: "Don't even ask me how many times I'm going to watch this video lol at least until I can repeat it verbatim. It's so amazing how life changes when you follow instructions....what a concept! haha T..."


cfltitan commented: "From somebody who has never even had a bike with an adjustable suspension I found this video amazing to watch. You've got loads of knowledge about suspensions!"


Andrew Boundy commented: "My goodness eh. The difference between this and the usual dross on YT. From the beginning 10 seconds, you know this is a good use of your time."


Waleed Nasan commented: "Thank you Dave, this was very educating and helpful for me as I am a fresh new rider.. I think I have the “ accelerate to brake “ situation .. and I will fix it today .. thank you 🙏"


raboox9 commented: "Track days requiring knowledge of where you are on track in time and space... Dave nails it. One turn leads into another so it becomes a matter of connecting the dots consistently."


lolcatmaroon commented: "Your accent is all over the shop! but this is a bloody good video for setting up any bike, and that MV looks lovely! thank you for this no nonsense, well explained video!"


harlan cline commented: "It now makes me think of all the bikes Ive had and said how uncomfortable they were. Ive been set to rights at 54 years old. Thanks Dave. This has been very good and sound advice."


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Bridgestone has the RS11 as their track-oriented tire to compare with the TD, Q4, etc. Awesome vid as always.. made me jump over to the website and re-subscribe to premium to watch the rest unfold 🙂


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Bo MirhosseniBo Mirhosseni
Thanks again for helping my bike come alive yesterday. I tried to find you for a last session but you were on the track. I got the mousey shreds on the tire again.
Going to upgrade my brake lines as you recommended too!
Jeremy AlterJeremy Alter

Good morning, Dave!

I'm a few sessions in, and the bike feels great! Stays planted in the corners, and gives a great amount of confidence under braking. You were right, I absolutely brake into the corners, ha!
Super happy with it, and I'm absolutely going faster.
Thanks, and have a great weekend!
Vasily Fedorov (racer) RussiaVasily Fedorov (racer) Russia

Hello Dave!

Sorry, I did not have time to send you an e-mail during the rest of the weekend, BUT!
On Friday I finished with personal best 1:49.9
Saturday I started with 1:49.6 and then improved to 1:47.6.
Then a 3H endurance race started. And I improved to 1:46.4!
And our team finished 2nd! Our team consisted of 3 Yamaha R6 and we! Finished! 2nd! We reduced number of pitstops and that gave us huge advantage.
BTW, winner team consisted of 3 top Russian racers: Makar Yurchenko (ex-Moto3 participant), Alexander Vasilyev (ex-Red Bull Rookies Cup participant) and Vladimir Leonov (ex- WSBK, currently Top-3 IDM and World Endurance participant). And they were all on 1000cc! We are all on R6!
It was my first endurance race ever, so I’m very happy to stand on podium with such fast racers!
Graham Harding

Subject: 2010 Yamaha Super Tenere

Message Body:

Hi Dave, I hope you are well, this is a thank you note for yourself.

I watched the suspension tune you did on a couple of Super Teneres with stock suspension, mine bike has been fitted with Wilbers suspension since 2011. I found your website sometime ago and eventually I came across the Tenere video. I believed that I had set it up fairly well, the bike for many years now is bitumen bound only, told old for belting one of these through the scrub now, and I really do enjoy my bike.

I picked my bike up a couple of weeks ago from having the suspension re-sealed, front and back and the major change was going to a light rear spring. As soon as I got the ol'girl home I reset the suspension off your video, and it has made a huge difference to the ride and handling, still tweaking and playing with tyre pressure, bit I am over the moon.

So what I have done since is Payed it Forward to Canteen, an organization that helps teenagers come to grips with their illness with the aim of giving them a better life. I have been sponsoring this foundation and the Smith Family, an organization that helps disadvantaged young children with schooling for 6 years.

I just thought I'd let you know.


Graham Harding

Paul Morton, UKPaul Morton, UK

Hi Dave

I’ve watched so many of your informative videos, also I have just completed my first ever fork seal change on my 2013 R6, after using your 28 minute video, you made that look so easy!
I must of been in my shed at least 4 hours, pausing and rewinding lol. But got the job done in the end, must of saved me £££, so I’d just like to thank you so much for putting this video up.
I live in England and I ride 2013 R6,
Curtis Capeling, Barber Motorsports Park USACurtis Capeling, Barber Motorsports Park USA

Hi Dave,

I hope your race weekend was a success.
Thanks again for helping me with my setup.  It made a huge difference - no more cold tearing, and I knocked 6 seconds off my best lap time!
And thanks very much for the warning to ease into it - I entered corners a lot faster than I was used to.
If you're willing, maybe I could reserve another 1/2 hour for you to look at photos of the wear on my tires from last weekend and tell me what tweaks you suggest?
Best, Curtis
Adam Korn (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave -

The changes we made 2-3 weeks ago made a big difference.  Bike was far more solid rolling in/out of turns.  Ive been adjusting the rearsets and finally found a place that works.
 I’d like to setup another time next week to re-review the changes, current tire wear, and whether I need to consider a spring change!!
Thanks Dave -
Travis Zilch, Barber Motorsports Park, USA

Good afternoon,

I really just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community and I wanted to share my experience over the weekend at Barber Motorsports Park with a rear tire issue I was having.  Your videos and wealth of knowledge helped me troubleshoot and solve a tearing issue...not before needing to buy a new tire (that was a me problem), but hey, at least it was fixed for the new tire.

It was a lesson in 2 things, you can't always trust the manufacturers recommendations
and dual compounds sometimes make it difficult to determine the type of tearing that's occurring.

Bike:  KTM 890 Duke R
Tires:  Michelin Power Cup 2 180/55
Group:  Advanced
Track:  Barber Motorsports Park
Weather:  Mostly sunny, mid-70's

Running warmers Michelin recommends 24-25psi (24.65 to be precise). By the second session I was running into what I was identifying as a cold tear.



I dropped pressure 3psi for the following session and took it easy, and as implied it didn't fix anything.
What I think I've determined is that hot tear on a dual compound tire can look a lot like cold tear (relatively narrow patch with deep tears that overlap with virgin rubber underneath) Note the red section below highlighting proper wear on the harder section (sandy beach) of compound which indicates it’s operating within the correct temp range. If it had been a true cold tear due to over inflation, the harder section would’ve likely shown no wear at all (I think), and the softer section still showing something similar (perhaps narrower and deeper).
So I swung the other way with pressure, 26 (waste of time), then 28 (Some improvement), and ultimately landed on 30 to finally clean up the tear. Unfortunately by this point I had very little rubber left on the right side of the tire. It was done.
After finishing off that tire, I switched to a 190/55 (they were out of 180s). Inflated to, what I now knew to be safe, 30psi off the warmer. Now with no tearing, and I probably could have dropped a pound or 2 without issues, but I wasn’t having grip issues so I left it alone.
(No, I didn't compare tire diameter compared to the 180 and/or adjust the front end accordingly - please forgive me for my sins)
Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks again.  I was just really excited to be able to apply the knowledge I've gained from your site, and thought you might find it helpful to see a real world example of tearing with the Cup 2s.
Shikma Hacham, Israel (Remote Tune)Shikma Hacham, Israel (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

.... how are you? Hope all is good...🤞

I would like to share with you that we were at the track on the last Friday and the feeling was amazing!!!!
I glad to share with you my tires

Chris Dick, Tennessee USA (Remote Tune)Chris Dick, Tennessee USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave.


I’ve plugged in the new settings you recommend. I have to say the my pace has improved dramatically. I went from having chicken strips to draggin knee on left hand turns.

This is all being rode on the dragon/deals gap. I’m including some pics. I just want to say thanks a lot for the help you’ve sent me.

Raphael Castillo, Hawaii (Remote Tune)

Aloha Dave!

I just wanted to reach out to you and inform you that I am really enjoying the bike now (2018 s1000rr) with the settings that you’ve provided for me. Although we have no tracks out here in O’ahu, Hawaii we make due with spirited street/off ramp on-ramp / mini canyon routes and let me tell you, i am definitely growing with the bike and most certainly operating in unison with it. I would give you updates on the other on(2014 899 Panigale) but I have only rode that bike maybe 5 times until I had to send it out for some servicing(fork seals, rear sprocket etc) but so far, it has helped me understand how to properly engage and execute throttle, brake and even key points during the ride. I would like to say that the Panigale was more of a technical bike that gave me a better grasp on the S1000rr. But anyways, I would like to say thank you for your guidance and I would definitely keep in touch with you when I do need to make more adjustments (track day here hopefully). Also if you ever do go on vacation to Hawaii please let me know and if you have an extra day to spare. I do have more that a handful of colleagues that are willing to seek for your guidance with suspension etc. stay safe, stay healthy and ride safe
Raphael Castillo
Drew Kirgan (Remote Tune, MT07)


I have installed the 10mm shortened forks, motul 15w fork oil, lowered triple to 8mm exposed fork tube, and set the tires at 36psi front and rear.
I took it to the mountains yesterday and holllllly shit, what a massive difference. Was taking corners much faster and able to lean much further. Didn't feel like I was going to lose the bike out from under me in turns if I hit a bump. Felt much more responsive popping out of a lean in one direction to turn the other direction. I felt I could accelerate out of the apex of corners and maintain direction of travel,  before it felt like the bike would want to go wide and was having to slow down and fearful of leaving my lane. It feels like a completely different bike. Seeing the difference now... before it was soft like my old 250 TTR trail bike. Now it's something I've never experienced. Look forward to what I'll be able to do with more practice and relearning the bike in it's improved state. I don't know the vernacular and am inexperienced but that is the best way I can summarize the changes.
I played with going between 3-5 on preload settings. I ended up going back to 3. Felt the best for me. Can't describe why or what was different. Just instinctual. It felt best to me.
If you're still with me, thank you for reading my short novel. Just wanted to be detailed and in depth about my findings and gratitude for the improvements. Already got close to $2,000 invested post purchase into this bike but the $80 consultation was far and away the biggest improvement to performance in my opinion.
Daniel Schaefer (Remote Tune)Daniel Schaefer (Remote Tune)

The tyres are working really well. I can recommend them. You pressure suggestion was spot on. Thanks 😊

Gonzi Botond (Remote Tune)Gonzi Botond (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!

Finally good weather, so today I went for a ride, like 250km. Mostly normal road, but also twisties 🙂 The Monster is just simply wonderful 🙂

Frederick Estrada, CaliforniaFrederick Estrada, California



My S4 handles like a different bike out the gate, calm and planted, big smiles on the way back can’t wait to take her out proper after work Tuesday. Thanks again for taking the time to fix and show me the fork rebound.

Keith Rice, San Diego USA (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I finally took the motorcycle out after getting my forks done with your advice on the adjustment.
It seems like it jars less over bumps and pot holes.
I just wanted to say thank you very much on your help.
~Keith Rice
Chris Schesser

Subject: Thank you

First day watching videos. About 1,500 miles into driving a new 2021 R1 and the suspension was messing with me. Tinkered and sort of got it feeling better on the highway but the front felt high and weird. Previously did about 86,000 miles on an 08 R6 and this didn't feel right.


I watched two of your R1 videos and did the basic settings you did for "Christopher" with maybe one or two click differences in places (I also have the triple clamp lowered one notch from the top of forks similar but not as far as on my R6). Drove it about 20 miles to work and that was a huge change and a lot of help. So thank you again for just what I was able to learn from the videos alone.

Wojciech, Poland

Hello Dave,

Firstly, my words of application for the quality of information you present on your site. I really enjoy the subscription. 🙂

Any chance for you to provide some recommended setting for Ohlins semi active suspension to play with? My weight is 85kg without gear. I commute on daily basis with track days 3/4 times per month. Your help will be much appreciated.

So far money well spent...

Greetings from Poland!

Cody Manning (Remote Tune)Cody Manning (Remote Tune)


After today's ride, the bike felt amazing. I felt much more connected to the road... I think a lot of that was the tire pressure. The bike felt less "mushy." I felt much more in control of the placement and lean angle in the corners. The suspension was definitely not as bouncy and there's a clear distinction between the shiny portion of the shock shaft and the less shiny greased up part just above the bump stop.
Pics are included (The shock shaft is not photogenic at all).
Drew Kirganm, Colorado US (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I will get the fork oil changed out to 15w this week, along with cutting the spacers down.
I didn't mess with the preload settings any further.  Figured it would be best to hold off investing much time in those adjustments until I get the front fork sorted out.  After that, I will go out to the mountains and try a couple mile stretch and find the preferred setting.  I'll let you know what I find and at that point I believe i'll be ready for our next session you'd mentioned.
Yes, i'm seeing much more how valuable the time i'm spending on adjustments is.  I knew I would feel much better getting expert advice/adult supervision for making any changes.  I'm just getting back on two wheels after a ten year hiatus.  Was hit by a car and got messed up pretty good.  Few back surgeries, lots of PT, lots of pain, lots of nasty drugs, and I was shell shocked afterwards and very uncomfortable on the street and sold my bike.  The desire is back and while I thought I was going to be much more sheepish than I have been behaving on the MT-07, I'm still extremely concerned with safety.  I was not really comfortable just making a lot of changes on my own based off of youtube videos and forums.  The remote tuning and guidance is a priceless service to me and I'm very glad you offer it.  The piece of mind that comes from informed expert direction breeds much more confidence and comfort on the bike.

Got the triple clamp lowered. Took it out for a spin and definitely noticed a difference. Didn't feel like I needed to go as slow in the corners or like the bike was forcing me to go wide.

Did not like it when I hit some bumps in turns though. Changed the preload to 4 and it helped. I'll go back to 3 and try it once I've made the changes to the spacers and fork oil.
I wanted to mention. We talked about ambient summer temperatures being 85-90 mid summer. Right now I'm getting many miles in at between 40-70° and being Colorado, I'd say almost half my riding in a year will be in those cold temperatures. Does that alter your recommendation on oil weight?
Lastly. The change to the lever angles. Wow. A simple change with spectacular results. Immediate massive improvement in gear changes. Didn't realize what a pain in the ass they were until you had them set properly.
Look forward to getting the front fork fixed and working with you some more.
Hello Dave!
My name is Vasily, I’m from Russia.

I participate in Russian Superbike championship on my Yamaha R6.

I’d like to book your remote tuning procedures on next trackday, that will be 24th of April, starting from 7:00 AM till 3:00 PM (GMT Timezone).
It’ll be great to have instant messaging with you about tires, suspension, etc after each session to see the progress.

I’m not a newbie, this will be my 4th season. Last season I finished at 2nd place overall in STK class.

Remote Tune settings provided and..........
I’m happy with these settings!
Got used to it and in race I improved by 1.5 seconds!!! It was 1:25.33 before, and in the race it was 1:23.77! Unbelievable!
I broke veeery hard without stoppie! Before that it was stoppie already on 1.1G deceleration, now it was no stoppie at 1.2G!
I never broke that hard!
And with that time I finished 3rd and very happy with that.
As for numbers:
2.25 bar front and 1.65 bar off the track.
And here are pictures after 15 laps race
As you can see, I pushed the fork all the way down. I’ll check in telemetry when it happened.
And me with the prize )
How can I pay for your time and your advices? ) and how much?
Ps never thought that 1 click out of preload will lead to such huge difference!
Thanks a lot, Dave! I’d like to have another remote tuning session in a week. It totally worth it!
Andreas Stefanou, Greece

Hey Dave,

My name is Andreas and I have been a member on your website for some months now. Best 50€ I ever spent on motorcycle knowledge, it has to be said. I think I’ve watched every video available.

I wanted to thank you for all the amazing content you put out there for us, week in and week out. You have empowered me to setup my own bike (2018 Yamaha MT-09 SP) and more importantly to understand that the “golden settings” (as mr. Williams calls them) are not really a “thing”. And that different suspension settings are needed for a nice trip with friends and a whole other set for going for it in the mountains or track (including tire pressures).
Also that suspension needs to be properly serviced regardless of the book says... or doesn’t, in this case.

I have resprung and revalved both the front and rear to suit my weight (you can say I am genetically gifted, with a 11,5 spring in the rear 🤣🤣) and riding and the difference is immense. I honestly have no idea how I even rode bikes before with +40.000km oil and wrong weight springs.

I try to educate others and show them your videos so that they can enjoy and appreciate their bikes even more. Needless to say that it’s no easy task, but the people who actually take the time, understand what it’s all about. Can’t tell you how many people have never wondered why I change tire pressures for different seasons (like it’s normal to assume that 42psi works for every size rider and for 10C weather the same it does in 40C weather), I was one of those guys 😂

Chad Harrison, California USAChad Harrison, California USA


Thank you, my ride was Night/Day the bike actually dove into corners. Felt great.
Seemed like I could go a bit deeper but it was overcast out and cold so I didn’t really push conditions.
Shane Krager, USAShane Krager, USA
Cuz of your channel I’ve been excelling! Keep up the content!
@ Barber Motorsports Birmingham Alabama. Amazing track
Jithin Viswanath (Remote Tuning).Jithin Viswanath (Remote Tuning).

Dave Moss Suspension Tuning Testimonial



I am riding bikes since I was 12 years old starting from 99cc Honda. I have had my fare share of riding till I were 22 (most of them 200cc or below). Then I stopped and switched to cars. At the age of 32, I started riding again straight from 1000cc Honda CBF. It was learning curve. Soon the biker community introduced me to faster superbike riders. Blown away by the speed they had I had to make the switch to superbike. Got myself a 2016 ZX6R.

I was never a fan of sports bike riding style. So it was horrible at first. As the time passed, I get used to the geometry. Even after spending a decent amount of time with the bike I couldn’t ride anywhere near as comfortable (as in the way the bike handled) as my other normal bikes. I even thought I was too old for this. One day I was browsing the YouTube for solution for the riding issues I had, I came across this man in shorts saying things that made a lot of sense to my problems. At the end of the video I had to get his remote tuning services, I was convinced he could solve my problems.

I contacted him through FB messenger. He asked me the photos of tires, forks and shocks parts. I got a set of settings for my weight and riding requirements.

Come next weekend, voila. The bike was a joy to ride. So comfortable, so easy to ride, so stable around the corners. I started going faster and faster. In the next few months I could see the guys in 1000s through every corner. They started asking me questions and I told them its just Dave Moss magic in the suspension setup. I could go even faster. The bike was glued to the ground whatever I threw at it.

I cannot thank enough Dave Moss for the services he has rendered for me and my bike. This is the best thing happened to my riding knowledge ever. This man is absolute treasure.

I can vouch, for the results you will get out of his setup, this guy’s pricing is peanuts. He knows what he is doing.

Feed your bike with Dave Moss Tuning, Love riding more 😀


Eric Curcio, USA (Remote Tune)Eric Curcio, USA (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
The numbers are in!
Ride 1: relaxed, mainly highway speeds
  Ziptie: 36mm
  Miles: 24
Ride 2: long trip to parents, was taking long bends on the highway @90mph+, everything felt smooth
  Ziptie: 25mm
  Miles: 60
Ride 3: ride back, was at night, took it a bit slower
  Ziptie: 30mm
  Miles: 60
Ride 4: to work, mainly highway speeds, straight lines
  Ziptie: 34mm
  Miles: 16
Ride 5: back from work, roughly same conditions
  Ziptie: 31mm
  Miles: 16
All in all, the bike feels much better.  Reducing the rebound in the rear definitely helps getting into turns.  
Alberto Gazzola, Nevada USAAlberto Gazzola, Nevada USA

Thank you very much Dave.

The Streetfighter felt planted, yet responsive to my every input. Your expertise, words of advice and changes to my moto's suspension setting, always result in my riding confidence, rise to the next level. Over the years it really changed my skill level, now a solid "A".

Stephen Conlon, Canada

Good morning Dave,

I'm a premium content subscriber from Canada. I recently saw your video on the Concours 14. I purchased a new Conny in 2017 and have never regretted my decision. As my wife said, "You don't even look at other bikes anymore". Firstly, thanks for your great content. I set up my Conny based on your teachings and it has definitely improved the all aspects of the ride. I get so much more enjoyment and confidence due to the bike handling effortlessly and predictably.

Just thought I would pass along my experience with phone/gps mounts. I tried several but ended up with a Quadlock case, Quadlock vibration dampener and triple clamp 12mm hexagon 1" ball mount. It's not the cheapest way to go but I have using it for 2 years and I'm still extremely happy with it.


Only problem with Quadlock is they only support a few different types of phones.

Thought I would send that to you for what's it worth as I spent many hours (and $$) researching a trying different setups.

YouTube March 2021

Michael Meyer

"Spot On" That is exactly the way I have adjusted my tire pressure since late 1970's before we had radial tires and I ran Michelin PZ2 front Dunlop K81 or Parelli Phantom rear (Bias-ply 28-32 PSI) on my RD400 riding in AFM and ARRA club Races and Angles Crest Highway in Southern California. Now I look for mileage and cornering grip from my rides (285,000 miles on 2 FJR's ). I ride to work 5 days a week plus 300+mile long weekend rides through the mountains in Southern California. for my own Tires we have today I have my happy feel at 40psi front and rear. 120/60/17 & 180/55/17.


Pedro Cervantes

Might have to pay for some remote tuning, as a 230 lb guy on a new 675r getting everything to my liking has been hit and miss. Thanks for the great content though Dave, always can gleam some excellent information even just from the previews/intro videos. edit: The change I did to lever positions, and where they actually sit "angle wise" on the clip ons, as well as how my hands sit on the grips was one of the greatest and most impactful changes I learned from your videos. Correct ergos really make a world of difference.


fariq addin

SUBSRIBED. you deserve it. Never seen anyone literally ANYONE bfore i bought my bike to tell me that we need to adjust our bike accordingly. i only buy adjustable footrest so i could hold and grip my bike tank properly. Now, i had find all the reason of pain when i go out and ride. Thank you so much. much love from Malaysian rider.


joe joe

Thank you again- !! my bike is new and only has 700 miles - i adjusted the clickers on forks and shock it helped quit a bit !!!! i may just need to slow down the rebound and soften the spring a half turn on the shock i may have gotten the forks right already!!!!! ----- THANK YOU -- !!!!! owes Mr moss a beer-


Noneshere  This guy amazing. Ever since he showed me how to adjust my brake & clutch levers I been subscribed. Its amazing how much more responsive you get without wasting throw to grab the levers.



I come from a bicycle racing background and making the bike fit you is second nature for me. I had no idea that people sat on motorcycles that didn't fit them. This video blew my mind. I even take a socket set and allen keys to the dealers when going to sit on a prospective new bike. If the bike don't fit then I must a-quit... and go look at something else.



Pete Curran commented: "Great procedure, Dave! Just replaced front pads on my DL1000 and on one caliper, the piston travel was 60/40. I didn't touch the axle then, but now it'll get reset! Thanks man! 👌🏻"


Christopher Everett

absolutely marvelous video. a wealth of information I feel most riders overlook. and I get it, proper setup take time and test ride and adjustment and more time and I guess could be considered boring. but proper suspension setup can transform a bike from meh to oh hell yeah



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Xinyu Xue commented: "Met him first time at thunderhill, and I can not stress how much better he made my bike for the track!"


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Joppe Vermunt commented: "Next week new brake pads on my cbf1000 abs. Thanks for the work Dave!"


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MattMan I flushed both forks out three times with fresh oil. I will remember the kerosene trick for next time. Your videos are very helpful for us simpletons. Thanks for posting them.




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Fred Duvall (Remote Tune)

Hey Dave I just wanted to touch base again to let you know how the suspension adjustment went.

First I pulled the castle  nut back to about mid thread count, & the rebound screw about mid range. It is remarkable how much better the bike handles & feels. I am going to do a bit of finer tuning next week before I ride again after my work week ends. But we are definitely way closer to right than the outset.
The last email you sent was to take 2 more clicks out of the rebound on the back shock.
I did that the other day, and took it out for a nice little ride of about 60 miles, I am glad to tell you, you are spot on, the rode just smoothed out like a dream and I really enjoyed the ride.
Thanks a million for you help with it.
Ryan Secrest, Colorado USA (Remote Tune)Ryan Secrest, Colorado USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


Did about 5 miles street and then some low speed maneuvers in a parking lot for about 30 minutes.

I did do some hard front braking just for training since it's been winter here and wanted to get my technique back. Photos attached.
From the feel of everything so far though night and day difference compared to all my bikes. It's hard for me to say if everything is 100% but as of now. I can feel the road a lot better in my opinion.
I did get rear shock set +6
Alfonso Cervantes, Texas USA (Remote Tune)
Thank you for the settings!
I went out today a bit with the settings I had set myself so I would have a good point of mental reference before I made the change to your suggested ones. I came back about halfway through the day and quickly changed over to yours and felt an immediate improvement. Before the bike was not inspiring confidence in myself in corners and would feel "off". 
However now I have seen a marked improvement in corner stability while still maintaining a solid and complaint front that doesn't dive in under braking. Smoothness on roads has gone down a bit, but not to any point of complaint, and it is a worth price to pay for the increase in how I feel in corners. I ended up putting 100 miles on the bike today, as it was a beautiful day in Texas. 
I will now however get a zip tie set up to see how much of the travel I am using, and track the next 300 miles before checking in with you again(what I can say is that some "upside down clouds" as you refer to them in some videos remain, although I am not 100% knowledgeable on what these indicate).
Thank you! I am excited to see where it goes from here, as I plan on doing my first track day later into the year.
Mark Pease, Arizona USA (Remote Tune)

Subject: Z900 ABS 2020 Suspension setup via REMOTE

Message Body:
Absolutely fantastic!!!

Easy to do and my new bike's ride has improved 1000% in less than 30 min. Kudos and thanks Dave.

Much obliged and I highly recommend your services to any and all.

Rob Stoneman UK
Hey Dave,

Thanks so much for getting back to me I really appreciate it, thanks to your videos I’m able to set my suspension and my friends we are all getting great wear improving our performance on track but most importantly I’ve enjoyed the learning and feel better for it. No longer set and forget.

Thanks to you

Stephen Cook, Thailand (Remote Tune)Stephen Cook, Thailand (Remote Tune)
Being an Australian living in Thailand, finding specialist support for my motorbikes is a challenge. Most solutions tend to be at the premium price point or simply best intentions are not the best solutions due to the level of expertise here. Discovering Dave Moss Tuning videos on YouTube was the start of my learning journey. The experience in upgrading the suspension on my MT07 using the Yamaha dealer highlighted that I must learn more. So, when I upgraded my Ninja 400 to the ZX6R, I subscribed to the Premium content that Dave offers. The content is brilliant and I have learned so much from the videos. I keep going back to many videos for confirmation when applying to my bike and learn more each time!
When I reached a point of being unable to adjust to stop the front forks bottoming out, my solution came from seeing one of the videos on the ZX6R. Local specialists were suggesting an expensive solution of all new suspension, so I tried emailing Dave to seek reassurance that my thinking of heavier fork oil and upgrading springs was correct. The time zones between Dave and myself are total opposites but to my surprise Dave replied in 2 hours and offered his thoughts. I was blown away with the level of service offered by Dave. He has helped me learn about suspension and gave me confidence that my learning can solve my suspension issues.
Therefore, I cannot recommend Dave highly enough and will continue to keep learning from his videos but know that the remote tuning service is there should I need an expert review on my bike. Even in Thailand, timely support from Dave is available. Thanks, Dave, for helping me learn more about my bike and making it handle better. Even my Kawasaki mechanic knows to check with me on tire pressure rather than inflate to the manual specification!
Stephen Cook
Alex Filliez, FloridaAlex Filliez, Florida
Transformed my untamed and unruly, lovely yet terrifying ktm rc8r into an incredibly smooth, consistent, stable, agile, unruly monster😁. No longer terrifying but all the more lovely.
If you think you love a bike or even being on one, have it set up by Dave, then prepare for an entirely new way of existing on a motorcycle.
I doubt you could find any better value in the industry. I would recommend the service (and I do) to anyone, especially those that really want to improve their bike, reduce rider fatigue, stay safer by keeping your tires on the road, get more miles from your tires, etc.
Warning: once you ride something set up correctly, everything else you ride that hasn't been will feel like an unstable wandering death trap.
Tyler Tron, CaliforniaTyler Tron, California

Thanks to your big piston fork video (I subscribed to your site) I refreshed the forks. New oil, cleaned and lubed seals. Moved the preload clip up one spot for the rear shocks. Then I installed my stock mid rise clip ons. Much better ergonomics!

You did say one clip up correct?
Also, was I to count the rebound and compression turns from the fully clock wise? I'm pretty sure I did that and reset them after putting the forks back on. But just to make sure does this sound correct to you?
Rebound:6.5 turns . Compression: 4 turns.
Put 75 miles on the bike today, it's so lovely. I felt like I fell in love with riding again. I had no idea you would be repaving a few of my favorite routes for me. Thought I just paid for a suspension tweaking! 😆. The bike goes over everything so much nicer now. It is doing it's designed job now. The rear no longer creates compression fractures in my back haha.
 Here's a photo of me at the Deltas from today.  Sarah and I hope to ride during the week. Will send a photo of us.
Ben Dixon, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Just had a fantastic morning session, running the program you suggested.  the results are very interesting.
settings before I started:
front: 2.5R, 3C, preload at 28 clicks
rear: 8R, 10C, preload at 1.5 turns clockwise from factory setting.
you suggested trying 2.5, 2.5 and 4.5 (of 6) turns out on the front reboundt, then pick the happy point, then 6-9-12 clicks out rebound on the rear.
the ‘Before’ shots are after riding out through suburbia to where I was testing. ‘After' is immediately following the last fast run, before coming home.
2.5 front, 8 rear 
Me still settling.  bike feels sluggish and heavy. up and down a pretty smooth bit of road with a combo of fast turns and slower (relatively slower - signposted at 45km/hr.  i was consistently doubling that or faster, when i looked). heaviness particularly bad when not on line or coasting a bit in corners. hard to find right line.  but ok when i try getting on the gas earlier.
3.5 front, 8 rear 
huge improvement. bike feels more stable. not running wide as much. more forgiving of being a bit off line.
4.5 front, 8 rear 
still feels good, but maybe just not quite as good as before.  did runs on same road as before, then continued onto  more twisty and somewhat rougher section of road, the end of which is probably my all time favourite bit of bike road.  almost all 45 and 55 signposted corners, some very long, and closely spaced, so a lot of flicking side to side.  at the end, decided to split the difference and try 4 on front rebound.
4 front, 8 rear
feels great. 4 seems like the magic number. very forgiving, but I seem to be much more on my line anyway.  at the end of a few quick runs, the ziptie says I still have maybe 12mm of travel left at the front above the bottom.
having settled on 4 turns out rebound on the front, I started testing the rear.  started by going from 8 to 12.
4 front, 12 rear
amazing.  bike feels really balanced.  really stable through long corners, even if they are bumpy.  bike is *much* easier to pick up out of corners and feels much easier to flick from side to side.  the bike feeling like this is also giving me confidence to be more aggressive on the throttle.  getting on it earlier and more.
4 front. 9 rear

a step backwards.  12 definitely much better.  bike feels heavier again.
I went back to 4/12 and did a bunch more runs, on different sections of road.  bike feels great, and I feel confident.  i did about 250km total during this session (of which maybe 75 was getting to and from). tyre pressures at the end of my last fast run were 36/40 hot.  pics below.  ambient air temp ranged between 21C at the start, to about 24 at the end. a gorgeous day for a ride, really.  when i bounce the front of the bike, there is a little bit of overshoot on the rebound, but honestly, the bike felt better this way than more heavily rebound damped.  the rear wasnt overshooting.  when i bounced the bike, both front and rear seemed to come up together.
when I got home, while the bike was still hot, I remeasured all the sags.
Front:  29.5 static, 11.5 rider (=41 total) 
Rear: 12mm static, 31 rider (=43 total)
those total sags still seem quite high (from what I understand) - what do you think?
the one thing I forgot to do before i left home was the smear of grease on the rear shock, to check the travel (damn).  so that will have to wait until next time.
Tyler & Sarah Tron, California
It was great!
Sarah mentioned less than halfway through the ride home "My bike is so much better. I definitely notice it".  I was just fixing to tell her that as well, my bike was more well behaved.

 When we got home we went ahead and moved her forks down 10mm. Rotated her offset riser 180° to bring the bars 1.5" closer. Moved her controls and grips in 1" each side. Then moved her controls and shift lever down.

 We found a bar that will work for her. It's from a stock 2016 Kawasaki z1000. It has less sweep, and more rise towards her, along with being more narrow by another inch or so each side. It will be perfect. Until then she will be better than before.
Tomorrow I plan to move my ear shock clip and possibly have time to swap fork oil.  Then I will install the stock riser clip ons that came with my bike. They have much less sweep and will bring the bars closer to me.
No more locked elbows and bent wrists soon for each of us!
Sorry for the long message but we were so excited when we got home. She's extremely glad she decided to ride her own bike yesterday instead of 2up with me!
Ajit Mohan, Dubai UAE (Remote Tune)Ajit Mohan, Dubai UAE (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
I have done the ergonomic adjustments and it has completely transformed the ride for the better.
I cannot Thank you enough for your suggestions!
Gabriel Tavares, Portugal  (Remote Tune)Gabriel Tavares, Portugal (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave,
Just finished testing the bike with the settings you sent me. Bike feels great and I’m no longer hitting bottom, it stays about 15mm from bottom.
I noticed one thing,  my H. Compression in the shock was 3, and reducing it to 2 made a lot of difference, allowing me to reduce to 7 clicks out the l. Compression and feeling very nice. The rebound seems to be way better now, all of that could have made the magic so the front doesn’t bottom out. Maybe the back was too rigid and all the force was going to the front.
Either way thank you so much for your help, I measured my front end sag and it’s at 39.
For the track do you have any suggestions? I go quite often to the track.
Thank you so much,
Henia Firas, Tunisia (Remote Tune)


Hello Dave,
Thank you for your email. I applied all the new setting , I feel like it another bike , good sensation. It not acting like a horse anymore absorbing all bumps.
Aprecciate your help. I hope payment is received.
YouTube February 2020

Marko Terlević

Great video as always! The rebound adjusters on my Suzuki gsx1400 also wasn't set equally on both forks, I will set it like you demonstrate here in the video, cause now I got different range of clicks in both forks, not good... And you can feel it when you ride the bike, totally unbalanced front... The guys who did the revision on my forks probably didn't pay too much attention on these details, next time I'll do it myself, and thanks to all of your videos on YouTube, I have a better understanding of suspension basics, troubleshooting, etc... Thank you Dave & keep up the good work!



Hello DMT team! Just checked your events calendar and verified you'll be at Laguna in April! Likely to need some setup changes having never ridden there. Dave set the suspension on my R1 at Reno Fernley Raceway (YES, IT'S BEEN THAT LONG!) and it's still the single greatest upgrade done to the bike! Nothing has made it feel more confident or improved laptimes more than the short time it took before and after a session for Dave to make the adjustments! I've been off the track for many years now but am finally in a financial situation to get back into it. Thanks for giving everyday enthusiasts a racer's level of support through your tuning expertise!


Altino Reis

I used to do this when I was young and assembled my own bike...I've did exactly the same with the brake levers...handle bars changes...chain...crown...etc it really made me feel more comfortable...all that he said makes sense...but for must people how it appears matters must...instead of how I will feel



upgraded my C14 to AK20 cartridges from Traxxion Dynamics with straight rate springs and a Penske 8983 and can tell you it is a completely different bike, all thanks to subscribing to your site and watching your setup videos. I realized that in my 25 years of riding I knew NOTHING about suspension, and since have properly set up all 4 of my bikes. I would've spent my upgrade money far differently had I learned suspension 20 years earlier... thank you!


Terry Eisler

Really enjoy your chanel. This series is too much fun. Serious where it is important, light where it is personal preference. I personally am more the stickler type, so I see the struggle when it comes to the "good enough" attitude, but that also keep it balanced. Well done Daves. Please continue producing instructive and entertaining content. I also recently purchased a set of JIS screwdrivers. I feel that they do hold the screws a little better. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.


Eric Londres1

Wow awesome video! One of most insightful observations I've heard about differet suspension setups on a track! Wish youre out here in the East Coast, I would love to get some pointers from you. And man you sound so composed and relaxed like you're narrating it from your couch!


Hi Dave, Really enjoyed meeting you at Chuckwalla. I had no IDEA you were that fast. Very fun to watch you ride and go through your process. Hope to run into you again sometime soon, hopefully when you're in tuning mode. 😉


Ole Nilsen commented: "I love to watch you take apart and reassemble bikes this way. You always throw out some nice thoughts about upgrades and priorities according to use as well. Thank you!


Paul Horvath replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank You,,Well Explained, You are One of the Most Punctual and Responsive guys I've Ever Met and there Really aren't Many ..Always Grateful for your time Sir."


Alan Brown

I just did a friends er6F, new chain/sprockets pads/tyres. She ended up needing new wheel and suspension linkage bearings too, as someone (I know who) used copaslip instead of the correct grease. This is why these video's are so important, they enable you to learn how to check yourself, it's not just about saving money, it could save your life.


Silver SooZookee commented: "Spot on. I take about a hour with my bike on the stands, just looking and checking everything as I do weekly lube and fluids level checks. Definitely helps with peace of mind"


Dez Dez

Was wondering the same thing, my 08 cbr600rr has the same problem, as long as I follow this procedure, my pre load and compression adj. Should be ok right? Dave is a must subscribe!


Federico Cao commented: "Thanks for your advice Mr. Today I adjusted my vitpilen 401 bar command and levers (clutch and brake), and feels more natural and ergonomic. Thanks.!!!"


MrVtec786 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning you are right they don’t pass their knowledge on to the average road rider which is why we watch Dave moss you should make a trip to England !"


Karl O'Grady

Nice vid dave. Im just stripping, cleaning and rebuilding my zxr forks, every internal component is now bone dry and going back together.


MrVtec786 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning you are right they don’t pass their knowledge on to the average road rider which is why we watch Dave moss you should make a trip to England !"


Patrik Masserati commented: "Like your videos we need more of these 😀 😀 its pretty frustrating to bleed a damaged brake master cylinder"


John Waller commented: "Like this bloke learnt a lot will be putting it in practice when I go for a new bike Thanks"


Gideon Sikk commented: "I like how dave pretends not to know the socket size and takes a guess haha dave u got me"


Pawsiuk commented: "One week ago do the same with my ninja 300:) but only difference is that i have to make holes by my self 🙂 Love all your videos and could watch over and over again :)"


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Hendrik VL commented: "Thanks for the wise lesson and tips. It is very educational for me as a novice motorcyclist."


steve mcbride

brilliant Dave. I’ll be taking more time on brakes and the bike set up video and shocks I will be checking. Great stuff steve mac uk Sheffield


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Zack Hubbard Left side is Mr. Moss. Much more smooth looking! All your work inspires me to do more!


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OneLeggedWhale  @Dave Moss Tuning thank you master for all the valuable information!!


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Antti Suonio  These full length videos are so entertaining!


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SivanM  This video series is a treasure


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Ionatan  Thank you Dave for this


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Jeremy Alta, California (Remote Tune)


Thanks for getting back to me, and I apologize for the delay in my response. I'm sure your time is very valuable and I don't mean to waste it, or insinuate otherwise.
Stiction wasn't the issue, the suspension very obviously moved freely, so I was glad to see that stiction wasn't a problem I had. Before reading your email, I went for a ride with a friend, and I found that while I couldn't get a measurable difference in rider sag, the front end was definitely noticeably stiffer. It was a different feel, and definitely a more positive one.
After reviewing my ultra high tech suspension performance indicator (zip tie), I noticed that even after heavy braking, I have some additional room for a panic in the front fork travel, and the bike seems to behave decently after my adjustments. Your content is amazing, and has helped me greatly with both of my bikes.
Thanks so much!
Jeremy Alter
Victor Hara, Seattle USA (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I’m a previous customer as you helped me with my 2019 Tuono Factory. The remote tune was night and day. I truly appreciate your help and am privileged to receive your assistance.

I’m likely moving to level 1 after one season largely due to the bike and your tune. I was previously stuck in level 2 for three years with my prior 899 Panigale.

Heinrich Botha, South Africa (Remote Tune)
Thanks so much for the advice! 
And on a side note, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the content you make avaliable sir. I am using it to my benefit and also the group of riders I have around me. 
We had an awesome track day yesterday and I was climbing all over everyone's tyres reading them like tea leaves. 
I also at one point stroked my imaginary soul patch 🙂 
So again, thank you very much and have wonderful weekend! 
Kind regards 
Heinrich Botha
Stacey Barr, Australia (Remote Tune)Stacey Barr, Australia (Remote Tune)
I have been loving the bike and constantly amazed by how well it holds corners, even soaking up rough stuff through the turns without bumping off my line. I haven’t played with tyre pressures yet as I just haven’t felt the need or inclination. Might try sometime in the future, just for interest. But now, the bike is fantastic.
Attached is a photo of me with it. Feel welcome to choose from my existing words in previous emails, or if you’d like me to write something specific just ask.
Thanks again for the excellent advice and instruction. It’s made a world of difference to making the bike work for me.
Smiles, Stacey.
Jaco Geldenhuys, South Africa (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave
Hope you had a great weekend so far.
Well we went on the ride yesterday and I can not believe it is the same bike. And can not believe that people here with bike shops could not help me, and believe me I have to many of them, then here you are, thousands of mile away not even seeing the bike and you get it right the 1st time.
I wish you could know how much I appreciate all you help and support. In my eyes you are my best friend from now on😊
After the ride I took the measurement of the cable tie on the fork again and it is still at 29mm.
The bike feels much more stable on the road.
I am not sure what the bike must feel exactly as I am so used to the harsh ride and for me it feels fine no, so I am not sure if there is maybe another 1 or 2 clicks somewhere I need to adjust. Before if felt like I was riding on wooden wheels and now it feels like a Mercedes😊
Thank you so so much for your help and if you feel that I must maybe try some more settings here and there please let me know.
May you have a great week my friend.
Matthew Schnurr

Hi Dave,

You were correct, the wheel was not aligned!
While I had the front wheel off and was cleaning the forks a few months ago, I noticed the left fork leg was super stiff and didn’t compress at all. That leg contains  the ESA system. Without the system turned on, the fork leg remains stiff, while the other is able to compress/rebound.
This time, while I had the bike running, bounced the front end and tightened the pinch bolts. Did not have it running last time , so the bounce probably only served to mis align the front end.
The front tracks perfectly and there is no sign of uneven wear.
Thanks so much!
BTW..see if you can order a couple of carpets with your logo and put one on each side of your track stands.  They are super comfortable on the feet/ knees and any tools/bolts that drop stay in place. I started using old carpets for both bike and car repairs, very civilized. Might be a good advertisement for you as well.
Thanks again!
William Tooros, California USAWilliam Tooros, California USA

Hi Dave,

I want to THANK YOU for all your help this weekend at Chuck.  I know you were not working but you still helped us with some guidance.  I have owned my Ducati 959 for 3 years which is a track only bike.  After you guided me on how to set the bike up and make a couple of adjustments to the rear and front, the bike became an AMAZING machine…  totally different ride than before.

On the rear my bike would go wide on exit and now it sticks to the ground and holds the line no matter how much I twist the throttle.  Fricking amazing feeling…

The front is now totally different and I feel like I can throw the bike into any turn with confidence.


I beat may best time by 5 seconds after you suggested the adjustments.

So props to you and what you to my friend….  I know this is a business for you but I want you and your followers to know that you save lives!!!!  …  that is really what you do!  We ride these rockets at 150+ and the wrong set up will get you in lots of trouble.

I have been working on bikes and do all of the work on my bike but I never learned the most important part of the bike which is the suspension.  And no one has anything good to offer on-line.

I can’t wait to meet you at another track so I can hire your to work with me all day and teach me what is most important… my set up…

Please, please keep up the good work and educate as many like me to know the importance of their suspension and how to set it up and adjust as climate and track change.

Thank you !!

Keith Ward
I would also like to thank you for creating a place where one can finally get answers about suspension settings. I have been looking for years and read everything i could find and nothing was as thorough and precise as your info on reading tire wear to determine the answers.
God bless you for all you do.
Peter Thomas, AsiaPeter Thomas, Asia

Good morning Dave!

Thanks for the help in the past. Just letting you know after setting ergo, static sag, checking pre-loads, dropping triple-trees, and adjusting tire pressure – I am enjoying the ride so much more than before. Not easy making changes, notes, riding, taking more notes, adjusting, finding your sweet spot, etc. But the effort put into the bike pays out when you lean it over in a turn and roll the throttle on. My riding buddy said to me the other day, “You sure do have a lot more giddiyup than you used to!” J I can only credit you and all your help getting me to listen to, and adjust my bike, to me.

Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu. I’m not sure if there is anything else I can do to a stock Thruxton. ? The rear tire is starting to show signs of wear. Maybe now I get to play with compounds? J ¥ ¥ ¥ !

I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. All my best Dave.

YouTube January 2021


Actually you inspired me years ago, with the freemium knowledge around of yours, to be willing to adjust my bikes. And therefore to critically question settings, whether they are more or less comfortable, safe or unsafe.


To ergonomics: Adjusting brake and clutch lever on the handlebars felt good, and I did error on the side of being a little too low (without ever having to chase the break/always by instinct being able to immediately find the brake lever) rather too high. Rule was, arms and wrist in a anatomical natural elongation (line). It felt fine, however after around 2 hours of riding there was a slight stinging in the fingertip of the Middle Finger, whilst pulling the break. Obviously the ring-ligament got stressed a little from the pull in an unfavourable angle. Raising the brake lever about 2mm fixed that, from there on no matter how long the ride there was never a sting again. Wrist was fine as well, since it forms the straight line as mentioned above. Coming from you, I did also drop the clutch lever for the foot a little more than I was used to. There was never a comfort issue to begin with, however once I started to become a unity with my bike, getting used to power delivery, there was the rare occasion of a false neutral. The gearbox needs a firm "foot" that is clear, but under high acceleration-load it was more prone to false neutrals. The issue however was me, my foot with lack of force in that situation. Dropping the foot-clutch-lever 2 teeth, to get it a bit lower, got me the right leverage for those situations. It was a riders issue, but the change in position made it easier for me to proper shift gears.


On Supension: Upgraded the rear shock with an aftermarket, bcz A) OEM had only 3 clicks of adjustment, B) more importantly I had zero free sag if the rider Sag was correct. Spring too soft. Aftermarket shock fixed it. More important though, front fork has 3 clicks total, and was as per manual set to 3 clicks out. Preload was right in the middle. This combination yielded me a Pogostick-front. And actually when going downhill on engine braking at lets say 40km/h, I would take my hands of the handlebar and the front would oscillate a little. Just a few millimeter, but enough to be a visible pre-stage of a tank slapper. Highly Unstable and Unsafe! This would be amplified on tougher roads or higher speeds for sure. Fork oil change to thicker oil and adding preload got me to into the "down up standstill"-bounce area. However on a very hot summer day it still wants to go for a second bounce. I will have to try one step thicker oil, going to 20W and see how it works. Ohh yeah, I added a bunch of preload, bcz I was almost bottoming the front on twisties, and for sure reached mechanical bottom when practicing emergency breaking to a standstill. The bike mentioned here is a Kawasaki ZZR 600, built '97, bought from a dealer as used first hand bike, which was decomissioned for almost 10years in the garage of the previous owner. I wanted to add a bike, that can handle twisties and long motorcycle travels, and is in good basic shape. No electronic shenanigans and to improve riding upon. Take care!


raoul wouters  Best wishes for the first time for the new year 2021. I also sent an email to Cordona with my problem that it kept beeping. And you and Cordona are right. My dyno tuner has given the wrong censor for a 1 or 2 cylinder motorcycle. That's why he gave malfunction on the Cordona ECU. I have exchanged the e 2 pole censor for a 3 pole censor and everything works. So I want to thank you for all the help because I learn a lot from you vidios with kind regards Raoul Wouters from Belgium


Steve Clarke commented: “Wow, really appreciate the prompt response!  Your tire wear pattern videos are very helpful, especially the street tire ones as that is what I ride in the mountain roads of NC, GA and TN.  Prior to the fork spring and fluid change, My front tire trailing sipes were significantly more pronounced and sharper than the leading edge sipes which is Pictures below.

I have not ridden the bike since the change as I am recovering from knee surgery. I was just very surprised that I can tell no difference in fork action with the extreme change in fluid viscosity. When I replaced the springs (same rate) on my CBR500R and oil from 10wt to 15wt (same brand and I verified only a 10 point change in viscosity, the front damping action was night and day different (in a good way).  Thanks again for your incredible contributions to helping folks like me get more out of their riding experience.”


Igor Stepanov

Golden channel. I bought ER-6N last summer as a first bike. Made 4k km, 11k in total for the bike. Now It’s winter in Russia, so there is plenty of time to go through full inspection. David, your videos are golden! With your help I managed to service fork entirely, set up suspension and found out, that chain is done so I need to change it. The rest seems to be fine for now, according to manual. Thank you for informative and detailed videos!


Ed Peronini commented:  You tuned my suspension on my 2018 Aprilia RSV4 rr this last Saturday. Just wanted to say that you sir are amazing, I cannot thank you enough, honestly at first when you said that you’ll cut back on my trail braking my 50%. Well, I wasn’t sold at the time, I’d say you cut it by over 50%, it’s a totally different bike. I have to be honest that I did take your advice for the first 10 miles of our ride afterwards and took it easy, but after that I couldn’t help myself, I did get on the throttle, but I didn’t ride over my limits. Next time you’re up in our area, I’d like you to tune my 2021 BMW S1000rr that I’m picking up later this month. I can’t thank you enough Dave.  Ed.



Me after retiring after 25 Years of riding motorcycles for now 11 Years and buying this Year a KTM 390 Adventure (last Bike was the KTM 950Adventure), are you a great Inspiration and Source of Knowledge to adapt this bike into be my(!) bike. I would never ever buy a Motobike without the opportunity to adjust the suspension to my needs. Thanks a Lot, Sir ! Sorry for the grammar, i am from Germany, and of course me and my wife we're feeling much more comfortable and safer because of your Videos."



words of advise thank you people. i was planning on simply extending the pistons and cleaning the crud off, but 3 out of 8 pistons were seized and one pad was worn down at a 30 degree angle. but the swollen rubbers hanging out of their grooves like a destroyed cassete are what made me order new seals the very next moment. i had to put the reassembly on hold for now, but im really looking forward to the new brake feel of calipers that havent been cleaned in 25 years


saisr1  @Dave Moss Tuning I've seen very few in the wild and I'm not even sure they were 800s.Considering I see all kinds of other high end Euro bikes where in my usual riding spots it makes me think they either don't move that many units or they live mostly on the track. Anyway if I understand it correctly MV USA provided the bike to you so you could do this series on setting it up. I think thats a great idea and you are doing an excellent job. It would be nice if all the manufacturers were approaching you to do the same with their higher end bikes with adjustable suspensions/ergos etc




Dan Martinez commented:”Dave, thanks so much for the tune today, what a game changer, for real! You really are a magician in your trade! One of these days you, me, Cosper, and ‘Willie’ from Napa should do a ride out skaggs or one of those roads, would be fun to ride with you. Cheers and thank you again!”


George M

This was fantastic. I’ve had my F3 from new since 2018. Suspension settings are far too hard but I’ve not really know what I’m doing. This has inspired me to make them better for me and worse case scenario I’ll record the current setting to change back if I can’t figure it out


Kilo Bravo

I got a 2016 1290r last year and it was nearly unrideable when I drove it off the lot. After a few days I had her dialed in but I intend to do a remote set up with dave this spring to get it correct. Its fun when you trust in your bike and dave is the man at getting you to that point, for certain.


steven teh

Thank you so much dave! so much to learn about my bikes, watching the video made me realized that my bike is so good on track but so annoying on slow speed daily rides haha thanks again!


mohlomphehi commented: "Dave is a gift to riders. I rescently took delivery of a new bike and I rode it for about 30min and my left wrist was aching and cramping so bad it ruined my riding experience. Thanks for this



I am considering an MT-07 as my first bike and am very glad to have come across your videos about this problem! Forget exhaust and other bits, fixing suspension will be fixed and adjusted first.


Paul E Another great video to keep me from going nuts this winter, I noticed some cracking on the right side dust seal on the front fork I didn’t know if you had seen it. Happy New Year gentlemen 🍾🎊🎉


@Dave Moss Tuning i really have no clue, i just bought an fz6n and i was curious so i thought i change the fork oil and i found out that the left was red color and the right was green i am going to put a 5w elf synthetic and see from there thank you so much for your videos they helped me so much!


Albert Meijer commented: "Nice video ! Very useful 👌 Only the bike ergonomics.... clutch/ brake lever position 😲😆 haha I like you videos very much Go on! Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱"


@Dave Moss Tuning . . . wow, say it like ya mean it Dave! I thought the 40mins was well worth it, but I just love watching your vids and appreciate the effort and time you put into your channel, thanks Dave.


Alan Rodriguez

Seems very hard to discover a new track setting without the help of Dave Moss. It looks like the rear was pushing the front tire hard in some the faster sections. You can really accelerate quickly through the turns. Thanks Dave




This is a great series. I'm doing something similar with an '03 sv650s. Your content is very relatable because you share what your learning and is very similar to how I'm working in my garage. Keep up the great work!


Rob Edwards commented: "Dave, absolute genius you have an exceptional talent, and make a real complicated and complex subject make alot more sense, many many thanks from a UK rider. Rob."


DavSav 5 commented: "Same bike, same tires and mountain roads (in Spain) too I´ll use your advise. Thank you very much."


Josefine Bartelt commented: "Greetings from Germany. Thanks for the great video about the gorgeous mv agusta f3. I've got a 675 ✌🏿 looking forward to the following videos of the mv!"


Cameron Broussard replied: "Dave Moss Tuning true gentleman. Thank you for the advice. Open invitation to come to Austin & see our hill country."


Robert Paulson commented: "This was a great review/comparison video of the stands. Thanks for making and posting👍"


HONDA PCX 125 MALOSSI MHR commented: "Fantástic video friend Im your fan now for sure Subscribe my small channel too please Keep the super work always Best regards"



Thank you for clarifying, that makes sense. Your videos are exceptionally clear and we learn so much from them.



Mat Jj commented: "Love this video series Dave! Great work! I always loved the GSX-R 750s as well!"


Twist-Moto commented: "Those bikes hate short wheel base too. But great series guys! Great off season content!"


Robert Schiela replied: "Agreed. This bike setup guide should be part of the MSF course. Very comprehensive."


kiwi-on-a-bike 660 commented: "Thanks for this invaluable lesson in bike setting up. Have a Happy New Year!"


david page commented: "Excellent! I've got a F800 RC 2016, and have never set it up for myself. No excuse now!"


Juan Mueses commented: "You're the man Dave, oh and that dump and run I did with the help of your video went beautifully!"




Mr Bonita  Correct position is good yamaha bike is not compatible for asian people.so think you.sir your video


Pastrrob commented: Hi Dave. I want to thank you for all of your amazing videos on suspension. I have learned so much from you and enjoy the content and videos greatly.


MrStoneycool69 commented: "I do most maintenance for my bike, but I've realised I've overlooked a few things too. Thanks Dave."


Bryan Haynes commented: "Still amazes me every time how people ride poorly set up bikes for so long."


J G commented: "Nice video. Giving on the road tests and all the adjustments you made was a real breath of fresh air.


Kirk Ford replied: "Dave Moss Tuning awesome dave thank you for the quick and very helpful response!"


Tyson Kamp commented: "Liked and subscribed!! Fun fact: If you try to run away from Dave, he will catch you."


Garon Burwell commented: "im going to try to use these lessons with offroad bikes. i'll bet all kinds of stuff moves around after a "yardsale" or "cartwheel""


Robert Lawrence commented: "A great video 🙂 Clear, full of insight and enthusiasm !"

Thomas Silva commented: "Great video and awesome detailed info !!!!"


Leandros Rubio commented: "ROFL that sneeze and comment made spill my tea! Thanks for your continued service."


Lauge Paludan-Müller commented: "This should be std training for people who sell motorcycels !!!"


Johnboy commented: "Right as you sneezed i said the C word out loud lol. Excellent review Mr. Moss."



Best video I've ever seen on suspension set-up, so congrats on that. Very interesting.Thanks!


Marcus George commented: "Awesome video and useful tips! Thank you. 👍😎🇦🇺"


Fireblade Fever commented: "This is the video I've been waiting for. Thanks. 👍"


suipful commented: "valuable points and views. haha(in a good way)


MrStoneycool69 commented: "Great info, really enjoy these videos...I might live longer :)"


Farschad Abolfathi commented: "Great informative video ! Thank you


Andrew Potter-cobbold commented: "What an incredible video."


Ken P commented: "Wow! Excellent instruction!"


George M commented: "Your videos are great man!"



Bobb S commented: "This is priceless information, Thank you!"


Fabz Rust Rider commented: "Love from FabzRustRider UK 🇬🇧"


J B commented: "Your doing good work out there!"


Man of Constant Sorrow commented: "Thank you Dave love you videos!"


Mark campagna commented: "I love dave"


Bud Miller commented: "Very informative. Thanks, Dave!"


Will Hoggard commented: " Good stuff! Thanks Dave!!!"


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Tommy Gun commented: "Amazing information what a great teacher 👏👏👏👍"


Gideon Sikk commented: "Daveboss all day long HNY..GURUji"


freelancerider100 commented: "Doing what he does, best!"


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CBR650R Melbourne commented: "Brilliant video!"


Joe Mivec Always full of info... tq DM


Joseph Novella commented: "Great review!"


Rme Man commented: "Genius!"



Tarmo Klaar
Thank you Mr. Moss!
I wanted to say that I appreciate your work a lot. I am 1 year younger than you and purchased in the autumn of 2019 a Kawasaki Z 1000 (MY 2003). Started to ride a motorcycle after 37 years again.
Last summer I started to go to small tracks (go-kart) and found your internet site. Even though on my bike I can adjust only rebound and preload, your videos have already helped me a lot. Looking forward to new track season. I have changed front and rear springs according to RaceTech calculator and installed a front fork RaceTech valve kit. I hope to feel a huge change.
I have Micheline Pilot Power 2CT tires. As from one of your videos I understood that it is good to start with 33-34 psi tire pressures (cold) front and rear on these tires. I am riding mostly alone and on the flowing roads and track days.
Dan Martinez, California.

My 2nd ride today after your tune with my friend Mike and Willie from Napa, rode Berryessa, Angwin, Middletown and back to Turtle Rock, what a difference it made with your adjustments! Thank you again for dialing my Tuono, you’re the man Dave! 🙏🏍

Nicolas Papahristos, West Chester PA, 2019 Yamaha R6 (Remote Tune)
Dave Moss,
I just wanted to say I had an amazing time with you on our online suspension tuning appointment! Your not only knowledgeable but friendly!
You made the entire process painless with questions via emails, then when it came time for our appointment u blew my mind the things u could tell about my bike and riding style based off my tire wear!
The best part is my bike feels like it was made for me now. Just basic hand placement made it so I wasn’t doing what u saw as a “push up” on the Handel bars, amazing. After a few tweaks it’s crazy how the comfort level drastically changed!
Front and rear shock adjustments was simple due to your homework on my bike model, tires, mods, my height and weight! You definitely get prepared.
Dave Moss your a saint I can’t thank you enough! What a fun experience. I’m looking forward to the next to stages even though it may be a while🥶but Now I can say my bikes suspension been tuned by a motorcycle GOD! 🙏
Bogna, CaliforniaBogna, California

Hi Dave,

My V2 was magical, thank you so much 💕😁

Brian Baecker, CaliforniaBrian Baecker, California

Hi Dave,

Took the bike out today. Recommended springs, oil, oil levels and Reb/Comp/Pre were all dead on per your recommendations.

Thanks again Dave.

Feels like a new bike!

Ed Perinoni, San Rafael, CaliforniaEd Perinoni, San Rafael, California
My name is Ed and you tuned my suspension on my 2018 Aprilia RSV4 rr this last Saturday.
Just wanted to say that you sir are amazing, I cannot thank you enough, honestly at first when you said that you’ll cut back on my trail braking my 50%. Well, I wasn’t sold at the time, I’d say you cut it by over 50%, it’s a totally different bike. I have to be honest that I did take your advice for the first 10 miles of our ride afterwards and took it easy, but after that I couldn’t help myself, I did get on the throttle, but I didn’t ride over my limits.
Next time you’re up in our area, I’d like you to tune my 2021 BMW S1000rr that I’m picking up later this month. I can’t thank you enough Dave. 
Eddie G, ThailandEddie G, Thailand
Hey Dave,
Hello again from Thailand.
As always, I want to thank you for helping me, and the community, set up our bikes.
I have learned so much from your videos and remote tuning.  My bike performs so much better now.  Every time I think it can not get any better, it does.
Whenever people talk about bikes and handling I assure them that your premium account it the best money spent if you are interested in improving your suspension, knowledge and skills.  People have begun to ask me to help them set up their bikes.  I always tell them I am a student and do not know everything, but I am happy to share what I have learned.  I also suggest they contact you in person, or at least watch your videos.
I got a great deal on a second hand 2017 street triple 765RS.  It was a great deal because it had 65,000km (40,389 miles) on it.  The first thing I did was change the brake oil and the front fork oil (5w Motul from your recommendation). I knew the rear shock needed to be serviced as well so I contacted Ohlins Thailand.  (note: all other maintenance was up to date.  oil, filter air cleaner, valve check etc etc).
Our initial remote tune had the bike turning much better, but I knew I needed to get that rear shock serviced.  Ohlins suggested service at 40,000km, I was well above that.  I had about 70,000km on it when the shock finally gave up, no rebound adjustment left, harsh ride.  I had to wait for rebuild parts to come from Europe.
While I waited I took advantage of the time and ordered the correct spring weigh for my gravity challenged body.  At 105kg I went with 9.5n front and 110n rear springs from K-Tech.  The set up with the correct springs and all new oil and gas in the front and rear really made the bike feel great.
It felt like it did not want to turn in as well as it had before.  I was a bit perplexed so I returned to my notes and watched a few more videos to see what I could figure out. I tried every adjustment that I thought would help, and just could not get it.  Then it came to me,  check the fork height.  Turns out the shop had the forks a bit too low.  Once they were adjusted to the factory suggested height the bike turned in so much better.
I had it all set up, it was feeling perfect, then I had an unfortunate meeting with a car that had failed to stop at a stop sign.  I was able to get it slowed down enough that the bike and I were only slightly damaged.......
So while I was waiting on parts, I again went shopping for suspension upgrades....ha ha ha.  I bought a set of Matris valves and shim kit for my forks.
The overall ride became much smoother.  Now it handles even better!  Stopping and turning have a much more fluid feeling.  It seems to be much more stable and predictable.  I have only been out for two days now so I am still new to it.  I will experiment more and see if I can feel any additional benefits.
As I was setting it up the last time it was not feeling quite perfect.  I was stumped.  I reached out to you to see if you could help.  With a basic description, a few tire photos, and a photo of the zip tie on my fork you suggested 3 clicks less preload  and 1/2 a turn more rebound.  DAMN!  from 14,000 km you hit it!  (after the fork oil was warm I needed to add a 1/4 turn more rebound, but wow!).
I am grateful for the the continued help.  Off to ride more canyons tomorrow.
Martin Dekker, Remote Tune
Hi Dave,
It's been awhile since I last spoke to you about my bike suspension setup and had made some more adjustments that were so perfect, the bike runs on rails now, I just kept riding it and each time I did I kept wanting to thank you for your expertise.
After our last email I still had damping problems. Still very harsh. So I ended up taking out the emulators to see what preload setting they were on and found they had 4 turns on the preload spring which was factory set when I purchased them. So I backed them off totally so that the adjusting screw on the emulator was only touching the spring and gave it 1 turn. (Thought I'd start from scratch).
I also cut some new spacers as I didn't get the previous ones perfectly square when I cut them down, and made them slightly longer.
Put everything back in the forks, checked oil level and topped it up and left the top preload adjusters at zero.
My static sag is now 25mm and max 1mm less with me on the bike.
The rear factory shocks I changed awhile back to progressive ones with nitrogen damping reservoir no adjustment(I don't know if thats what you call them but). I've set them to 2 full turns which is about 2-3mm preload. (It looks like I'm using just using over 3/4 of my travel on the rear.)
Took the bike for a ride and the damping became a huge improvement. The forks are really absorbing the bumps and the tire is staying on the road and not bouncing. Made a slight 1/4 turn on the top adjusters and the bike feels like it runs on rails now. Cornering is instant, only need to give it a slight counter steer and it dips in to the corner perfectly.
Still having problems with placing a mark or cable tie to check bottom out as the fork shrouds I have are stainless steel whether I spray some chain lube like you mentioned on it, I can't get the shroud up enough to see the marks,  but have done some emergency braking and know I'm not bottoming out and since the bike now rides like a dream I'm very happy with it as it is and its an absolute joy to ride (hence I kept forgetting to thank you for your expertise).
So thanks Heaps!!! Dave for your expertise. Anyone that I meet on the road now that complains about their shocks I just say two words "Dave Moss" lol.
Cheers Mate Appreciate it.
Charles Velasquez (Remote Tune)
Don't get me wrong I love engineers that are perfectionists. When I am on my bike riding at high speeds I want my bike to be built by the most particular person in the world.
I always sing your praises and try to get people to watch your videos because it's made such a huge difference in my riding enjoyment.
It's much more fun to have you ride properly set up for your  build and riding style and have more confidence.
I am confident you are the best person in your field and that I can get information straight from you is priceless (not that I am saying to raise your rates) and it shows you love what you do and actually care about helping others.
Happy New Year Dave!
YouTube, December 2020



David Wilson commented:

Dave I’ve been bouncing on this bike all day and I’m really happy!
I’ve gained so much from your insight. The bike now goes down evenly front and rear and then returns evenly and in a beautiful smooth way , before the rear hardly moved and bounced on return the forks I’m beginning to think had stiction due mostly to being pinched on the axle tube. They do feel buttery smooth with newly greased seals and new oil in so also well worth the effort of stripping and rebuilding .
I’ve put a post on the Mv owners club page about all of my adventures and how amazing your advice and help has been , once again THANK YOU 😊
It be spring now before I really get out and fine tune the suspension but I kinda feel I know what I’m looking for with your insight and I really am genuinely excited to see if I can feel changes in the damping settings , I’m actually enjoying the whole bike and riding it through having a bit of understanding . Will certainly continue to subscribe to DMT
Thanks once again
Very best regards


Karel Brozik commented:

Hi Dave, explanation very clear.  So thank you for the explanation.  What should I be considering for the rear sag then?  35? 40?  It’s at 30 now.  And I will work on the suspension once the track season starts up here in the spring.


And I can tell you that your name comes up numerous times during my conversations with fellow riders in the paddock.  Few years ago I was pretty lost and I didn’t know what to do with my tire issue I was having.  I was shredding my front tires within two track days, and I started coming to the realization that all the money I invested into the track bike was for nothing because I had no idea how to solve the problem, and I was considering stopping because it was getting expensive.  Your articles, and videos thought me how to address my bike’s issues.  I found the answers, and I started woking on the bike’s suspension.  I had the front forks rebuild with new valve kits, and progressive springs. The rear shock got swapped for an Ohlins TTX.  The OEM rear link got swapped with one that has a more linear  rising rate and I started seeing huge improvements.  My lap times started improving up to 5-10 seconds, and I started feeling what the bike was telling me, understanding the feedback the tires were giving me, and it became fun.  Understanding what the bike does, and how to adjust it when things start going bit where they shouldn’t is what makes the entire process enjoyable while being on the track.  And I have you to thank for it.


Thanks for all your help, and keep the great articles and videos coming.


Alessandro Chillon

So today i finally tried how the bike handles after this mod. Before I say my impressions I must say that I only rode for about 15 minutes and it's quite cold and wet outside... (P.s I also set the correct preload in the back to have the correct static sag) Having said this.... The bike has COMPLETELY CHANGED. It's so stable in corners and soaks up bumps like never before. Also I could feel the improvement from the 8mm offset, now entering a corner has never been so effortless. With the original suspension I lacked the confidence to take a corner at speed,I always slowed down and took it carefully, now it's a whole another story.It's like the 690 suspension and even better! When I stopped I couldn't stop smiling thinking all the fun I had with just a simple and cheap mod as this. Anyone with an MT/FZ-07 should do it! Truly amazing, there aren't enough words to say how grateful I am Dave!



Nikola Arandjelovic

There's no video in this channel where you can't learn something! All well explaind and also the camera shows you everything you need to see! I totaled my k7 750 (not because wrong setup but because drunk idiot was thinking it is fun to drive his car 120 kmph through city) but hoping for next one next spring. Until then I'm trying to learn from your videos as much as possible. Yesterday I gained access to premium and couldn't believe how much more content there is! I spent whole night watcing stuff i probably wont try any time soon! So, to you mister Dave and to your editor: keep on going forward at what you doing! Wish you all the best!


SH You

Thanks, Dave! changed my fork oil out last week. what a difference!!! Just sharing my experience here, hope would help out a little. I weight about 105KG with full gear and filled 400ml Ipone fork oil 20w, viscosity 83.1@40C. measured the installed preload at 18mm. 23mm static sag. my bike is 2018 MT07 Australian LAMS model done 11k, so I think Yamaha revised their spacer for post 18 models? will need Dave to verify that. the bike rides so much more stable now. I found the front is a little bit stiff for my commute use but awesome for twisties. I might try thinner 20w fork oil next time.




Dave, tks u so much for this & all the others videos you do. tks! tks! tks! your work bring so much to those who try to be better riders and could remind to most of riders that a motorbike is neither a simple transport mode, nor a "way of life", nor a funny/risky game, nor i don't know what else.. It's Motorbike and that's imply a certain consiousness of such a lot of things, like when you're a sailor or a plane pilot. you can agree or desagree, but as soon your wheels turn here on earth, you're dealing with a lot's of complexe and interactive phenomène. tks for helping us to get a better conscience and betterknowledge of motorbike, in thisgreat pedagogical simplicity that's yours! tks!


George V Prochazka

I started missing some shifts, very annoying and I couldn't figure why. Never had problems on this bike before. After watching this vid I figured it out. I have installed clip on handlebars and that lowered my angle of the tip of my foot by leaning forward. So I wasn't shifting with "enough" travel/ power. It took me a while to figure this out. I lowered my shifter pedal and problem was fixed ! Thank you, you are a genious 😉



José a

So, the pogo effect is pretty much gone and now i have way more control over corners. Moreover it seems to have less "shimming" at high speeds, what was somehwhat of a surpise to me because, since I've dropped the suspension 8mm and it became more reactive at low speeds, I was expecting it to be more unstable at high speed... but it just isn't. For the money spent it's a great mod. Thanks again Dave.



Wow. So important video. Funny, I ride the same bike you have. I will start test. I noticed for my 135 pound weight 42 in the back can get scary in the long bends. I followed your video to set up the suspension. Thanks for being so helpful and professional



Brent Seay

Thanks for your remote video help again. My bike has never been so comfortable and given me so much confidence in the corners. I also learned a ton in the process. Thanks for offering remote suspension setup.


shng sam

good video, this highlights many aspect that we all generally never think of , for me all the while i think of the temperature only ( temperature of the day, riding distance, etc) now i learn to take other factors in mind when trying out tire pressure


Alan Rodriguez

Dave thank you for helping the motorcycling community. It takes dedication and discipline to teach others what the bike is doing with out much rider input and description. The riders are learning and learning about themselves too. Thanks, Al


Pedro Sousa

That work is treasure! I've done a couple myself too. Cleaning is painfull but assembling is glorious and it pays off. About figuring out which seal go where, and besides their thickness, don't dust seals have lips on the inside, the contact face? Just like a fork seal 😉 Great work 👏


From: Hir Malde commented

Thank you for the awesome videos and sharing your vast knowledge, it's been a huge help as well as had me dreaming about suspension set up for days on end! I have shared your videos with all my riding buddies which they have been grateful for too.


Terry Eisler

I really enjoy all your videos, and respect Dave's knowledge. Bravo. Not always the way I approach things, but that is probably why the majority of us are here, to learn new things. Also love the photo of 34 on the tool chest! Two great talents together. I call that a win!


J Raga commented: "l love this series, nothing better than learning from the best. l really appreciate you share your knowledge with us. I'm an aviation mechanic but working on my bikes is what l enjoy the most.


Mark O'Byrne #152 commented: "Hey Dave, thanks for the Video, I have exactly the same bike and did exactly what you are doing about two years ago. Trash or Treasure? you already know, absolute GOLD! Superb bike.


NHlocal commented: "Another video with dirty, pain in the neck, knuckle busting work..... and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much Dave and Dave for continuing through with this video series. 😃👍


dimos k

i am impressed that the 1290 manual also mentions to hold the brake before tightening the caliper bolts. i never thought a users manual would actually mention such a detail. your video is fantastic and detailed as always


Andrew Firth

Hi Dave, thanks so much for this vid, it was easy to follow and I used it to do an off season fork oil change on my R1 5PW race bike. The seal greasing trick was a nice touch too, managed to improve the stiction on one of the forks that was a bit juddery!



I'm gonna have to take a notepad with me to my track days and actually start recording how different pressures for the temp and pace affect how the bike handles etc. You are an abundance of wisdom Mr Moss.


MotoJockeyPH replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks sir for sharing such great contents. I learned alot from you. A very useful knowledge in my line of work as a service advisor for Yamaha big and small bikes."


Mattia Dalla Pozza

As always, thank you for saving our motorcycle experience on a daily basis. Merry Christmas to you, Dave and Dave, giving myself a premium membership has been by far the best present I've done to myself in a long long time. Ciao from Italia!!! 😃😛


J R6

Just ride the fuckin bike already mate! Just kidding. Great vids and tutorials. You truly are a god send my friend. I have never met you in person. Yet i feel like ive learned more from you than anyone or anywhere else motorcycle wise. So i want to say, Thank you


Rob DiscoStoney

We’re just a couple of clicks away from the big day here,Thanks Dave and crew for your hard work. bringing us continuously great content and improving the motorcycle communities knowledge base. It’s not set and forget! Make your motorcycle work for you is my big take away for years I rode bikes with factory settings and never bothered to adjust it to me, well never again thanks to you guys. I hope 2021 is a better and safer year for all.


Alex Filliez

After my session remote tuning the bike, I went from loving it to being inseparable from it.

My tires are lasting longer, the feedback feels more precise and less ambiguous, braking is smoother and more predictable allowing me to push the front end harder than I was before. With the front dropped on my rc8r the bike is less of a wheely machine and capable of putting much more power to the ground before it power wheelies in 1rst and 2nd, the gain in acceleration has been huge.

Not that I didn't love my bike before, I did, but now I have no desire to ride anything that isn't set up for me, it's just not the same experience.


Phillip Artweger20 minutes ago

What a fantastic Video ! There is one niggle i have, i`d love to see some of the bike during the riding parts of the video, to have an attitude reference (hey i`m a pilot) So maybe a chest mount Gopro or a chin mount and the angle set to wide.. as you keep your head up it´s hard to get a feel of what lean your bike is at 🙂 But other than that fantastic work as always !


Jonathan Long  I love Dave Moss. No drama, practiced but not slick. You can tell he loves racing, and loves helping racers tune and learn to tune their bikes. IMHO this is the the kind of help you want. Thanks for the good work Dave.


shaolin224  Great setup review! Its good that you cover the basics and technical aspects of a proper setup. That way every individual can modify their own setup slightly for their needs.. ..you know when someone is a cyclist when they talk about "sit bones" lol! Merry Christmas


C ANS commented: "Excellent, excellent. So good I had to say that twice! I enjoyed following the process and pulling together all the stuff I've seen in your other videos"


Paul Mc Adam commented: "A good friend imported this same model from the USA. Really appreciated this video. Excellent work. Watched this in Guyana, South America."


monsterajr1  My Diavel is doing exactly what the Carbon is doing. I need to watch the full length and sort mine out!! These Gen 1's are known to be somewhat weak knee'd


Kevin Craig Merry Christmas you two cant ride until probably March or April well steady riding anyway this is the next best thing never have enough knowledge when it comes to setting up my suspension


Paul Phillips Fix thank you for responding. Many people just want to believe that everything is okay and they trust dealerships with all of their heart. I am a mechanic and I do all of my own work I know differently. The place I bought my bike from sold it with five no sale recalls pending and had no idea about them.



Moto Suzuki  Outstanding Dave and Dave. By far the most comprehensive video so far. Most people will appreciate how much work goes into putting this together.


MrStoneycool69 commented: "I liked the last part, it really shows your work ethic and professionalism. l’ve learned a lot already from your expertise. Job well done."


Luc G. commented: "Awesome video ! I wish we had a suspension guru like you on the French YouTube. Your videos are essential to every motorcyclist ! Merry Christmas !"


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mike king commented: "this guy is amazing I went to his Seminar he had at Avon City Suzuki Christchurch new Zealand he set up my suspension on my mt 10 what a huge difference it made"


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Anupam Roy Merry Christmas to The Daves! What a fantastic setup + review. Please do more of these. Especially with nakeds pls


KRS Hi Dave. A good video as always. I learned a lot from your video. Thank you for all the knowledge shared.


Lino Oliveira  incredible process walk-trough! I absolutely love how you explain the reasoning of what you are doing and why you are doing it!


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Hypnotic work for DIY "learners" like me... Love you vídeos Dave! Cheers from Neuquén, Argentina!


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Stewart Newson Merry Christmas to you and your team. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips and advice. Very much appreciated


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Alex Khvorov It's facinating to see how easy it is to change fork oil and what impact it makes. It is the cheapest thing to improve bike's behavior, so yeah, this year i got into front suspension with tremendous results!


Ďavid Wilson Thank you , for your time and patience Dave , it’s been a truly illuminating process leading to loving the bike and riding even more , can’t wait for next years content , sincere best wishes from “Hadrian’s Wall”

Chris Foster Dave were glad you do what you do. You've helped me tremendously.


Frans Badenhorst

I just love your videos. Realistic, no-nonsense. Smiling all the way.... Those stuck nuts/studs/axles... Maaaan! Everything goes smooth up to a point, then what I call the "fuckening" happens hahahaha



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Robert Lawrence commented: "A fantastic video! really looking forward to what may be next :)"


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João Esteves, Portugal (Remote Tune)João Esteves, Portugal (Remote Tune)

I am riding motorcycles for a couple of years now and it became one of my passions. As I started to spend more and more hours riding and practicing my technique on a daily basis, I started to feel some issues on my lower back and spine. I found out that my “bad posture” was in fact due to a scoliosis not treated when I was a kid. As a result I was forced to do long breaks of riding every one or two months, which it became very frustrating. Then I found Dave Moss on YouTube, like a biblical revelation, I realized something very basic (but sometimes not so easy to see) as the fact that is the rider that should adapt the motorcycle to him and not the other way around. Dave Moss and I contacted for a while and he gave me the guidance and motivation to make the necessary adjustments without fear, testing new setups until I can get an optimal fit for me, for my unique physique as a person.

Throughout a series of tests, photographing myself on the motorcycle, I was able to verify that even though the handlebars were perfectly centered, my elbows were not aligned. This was due to my scoliosis. With a shift of 3.6mm to the left of the handlebars, I was able to align my elbows. I already made some rides to test this setup and the results are very evident, 130 plus miles and no pain anywhere.

With the precious help of Dave Moss, I was able to make adjustments on the motorcycle with positive impact on my riding, but more important than that, with Dave Moss I obtained the knowledge to do it with confidence and diligence.

Now, I am going to test different setups of handlebar shift, angle, reach, as well as Shock preload and damping levels until I reach the state of comfort that I aim.

Thank you Dave,


Yaroslav Chevel, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)Yaroslav Chevel, Sydney Australia (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,

Hope you are well mate.
Just wanted to update you on the settings I ended up using.
Setting 1 below was pretty good. I did feel the front end was running a little wide on corner exit requiring me to correct my line. However I also suspect it might be due to me getting using to riding a litre bike after owning r6, Daytona 675 and street triple R over the last 60k miles.
I did however wanted to try setting 2 as well, the front end was much more composed and steering a lot better, I was even able to tighten my line on slower corners which I could not before on setting 1. Only change I made to setting 2 is I increased my preload to 2 turns for the front, under hard braking I am about 15mm from bottom of fork.
I attached some pics of tyre wear, this is after riding on setting 2 for 400km. Bike was on setting 1 for 1300km before this. Total bike km is a 1800km since new.
Thank you again for your help on set up. I am pretty happy with it so far and can ride pretty comfortably.
If you have any comments on my tyre wear would be great to hear.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Kevin Borough


I just wanted to reach out and say Merry Christmas and a huge thank you for everything you do on this website. While I’m sure my ergonomics and suspension setup is not perfect by your standards, it is 1000% better on my bike and my wife’s bike because of you. I’m now armed with knowledge that I will take with me forever, and pass on to whoever will listen. Thank you so much again, and hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Stacey Barr (remote Tune)

Hi dave,


Just reporting that I have run a test with the 32 pressures (set cold). In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I’d notice any difference due to the tyre pressures and really can’t say if I noticed anything. What do you think I should have noticed?
What I am noticing, though, is that in getting used to the bike with the set up you’ve already advised, the bike is feeling more comfortable to lean, and I even think it feels more nimble (lighter in the sense that it’s more compliant to adjusting my line in a turn, but definitely not ‘light’ as I originally told you when it wasn’t feeling planted).
I have nothing to complain about – not being an expert means I’m still learning how it all should feel, still getting familiar with this particular bike, and still learning how to ride well in a technical sense. I extremely happy with the improvement you’ve made for me. Is there anything else you’d like me to test, or should I get on with riding it, and get back to you in the future after I’ve got more miles under my belt?
Smiles, Stacey.
Imran, Singapore (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Well, like they say, it's the people we are with are just like family to us. The people who are around us while we do the things that we love, that is priceless.
Ride safe Sir..... Watching ur your YouTube videos and also subscribing from ur website has made me so much aware of how this suspensions help us in our ride... The knowledge is rich! At the same time, I can help other riders a little bit here and there too.
Neil D, (Remote Tune)Neil D, (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


As a summary, the bike felt absolutely great, especially the rear. Its the first time since I bought it that it is set up properly I guess. My best lap went down to 1:54 which is better than I expected for a first day.


To be honest it was a bit hectic as I was moved to advanced group so I didn't completely follow properly the plan you set for me, but I will definitely do it tomorrow. The zip ties are down to around 35mm from the bottom but I can improve my braking tomorrow and will check again.


Day 2 was a blast. Shaved another second off the lap time which I really wasn't expecting. Fork travel still at around 35mm to the bottom though. Maybe I should count back one more turn on the front fork preload for next time?


Really appreciated your help on this!


I will definitely be in touch before the next track day after I install the TTX.

Ryan Worthington, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia (Remote Tune)

Hello Dave,


Approximately 6 months ago I sold my old FZ1N and upgraded to a 2017 Superduke 1290 R.


After I became somewhat accustomed to the torque monster in the frame I felt/noticed that the suspension was super stiff and very harsh in any condition. After going through all the usual online chat rooms and looking for improved settings and trying a few different suggestions, I found that it made some improvements to the overall handling and feel of the bike. I couldn't help but feel the suspension was still lacking and could be performing much better than its current settings. I live in a regional area where there are not many options for specialised suspension tuning without sending the suspension away or travelling. Due to Covid 19 it made most of these options hard or impossible. A good majority of online info had me believing that to correct the suspension deficiencies I would have to spend big dollars on Cartridge kits and a replacement rear shock assembly.


After watching many of Dave's online tuning videos I realised that suspension needs to be tailored to each individual person and their riding ability. I have no experience tuning suspension and I wanted to get a good base setting and understand why you make the changes that you do. I discovered an advertisement for Dave Moss Remote Tuning Service.


I sent Dave an email to inquire about organising a session. We set up a time and date to catch up via Messenger and in preparation of our meeting I sent Dave a comprehensive email outlining:

  • Current suspension settings
  • Bike details and odometer reading
  • Photos of the fork and rear spring travel used and the measurements
  • Tyres fitted and pressures
  • Some examples of my riding experience
  • Rider weight

Prior to the meeting time I had all the tools I needed to make the changes to the suspension at hand. I had a tablet setup for the video chat and the bike on a stand ready to be worked on. We had our initial meeting and made all the changes required for the first setup in under 10 minutes.


The next day I went for the initial test ride. WOW - I was astonished at the improvement immediately. The bike was giving me so much feedback than before and the ride had a nice plush feeling.


We reviewed the settings via video chat and made some small changes and adjusted fork height prior to a second test ride. On the second ride I was thrilled to find the bike was even further improved - plush and comfortable. Cornering was stable and provided plenty of feedback. No more headshakes under hard acceleration and overall, a more confidence inspiring ride.


I highly recommend Dave Moss Remote Tuning service and would recommend that you do the same if you are struggling to find settings that work for you before spending big dollars on suspension upgrades. Dave was friendly and talked me through the whole process and made it a pleasurable experience start to finish.


So, thank you Mr Moss I am one very happy customer!



Karel Brozik, Czech RepublicKarel Brozik, Czech Republic
Hi Dave,
Explanation very clear.  So thank you for the explanation.  What should I be considering for the rear sag then?  35? 40?  It’s at 30 now.  And I will work on the suspension once the track season starts up here in the spring.

And I can tell you that your name comes up numerous times during my conversations with fellow riders in the paddock.  Few years ago I was pretty lost and I didn’t know what to do with my tire issue I was having.  I was shredding my front tires within two track days, and I started coming to the realization that all the money I invested into the track bike was for nothing because I had no idea how to solve the problem, and I was considering stopping because it was getting expensive.
Your articles, and videos thought me how to address my bike’s issues.  I found the answers, and I started woking on the bike’s suspension.  I had the front forks rebuild with new valve kits, and progressive springs. The rear shock got swapped for an Ohlins TTX.  The OEM rear link got swapped with one that has a more linear  rising rate and I started seeing huge improvements.
My lap times started improving up to 5-10 seconds, and I started feeling what the bike was telling me, understanding the feedback the tires were giving me, and it became fun.  Understanding what the bike does, and how to adjust it when things start going bit where they shouldn’t is what makes the entire process enjoyable while being on the track.  And I have you to thank for it.
Thanks for all your help, and keep the great articles and videos coming.
YouTube Comments November 2020



Frandy Perez

Especially my brake lever felt before like it was a bit too high and after watching your video I realized it was indeed. Now that I lowered it I do feel brake response is quicker because I do not have to pull back my fingers which can be a life saving simple change. Because of your video I realized WHY and how. Thanks again




I always worried about messing up the suspension on my 14 Vstrom 1000 that was pretty soft/bouncy since new. I just rode it that way and had some real problems rolling anything off road, even gravel with bumps. After watching your series over a year ago I figured I needed to try. With your tips, I adjusted the front little by little and I gotta say I was surprised by my bikes ability now. Amazing difference!! Then taking time to set the rear to my riding and on/off road terrain it is so much more capable, I used to just muscle it and figured thats the way it is but after taking the leap from your guidance it is super fun and STABLE to ride. I just wanted to say thank you for helping a guy that has ridden many years and never messed with the suspension except on my dirt bikes. My Vee is just a whole new bike for me and it is hard to even say how much the ride has changed for the better except absolutely night and day, You took the mystery out of adjusting something that each rider SHOULD do to their bike before anything else. So, thank you Sir for your expertise and help doing this!! I watch every vid you do now just to pick up more information. So, thank you Sir for your expertise and help doing this! Take care my friend,



Phillip Artweger

Hi Dave i got my Street Triple 675R about a year ago, and wanting to learn the adjustable suspension started watching your videos and ended up having a remote tune with you. This firmly put me in the category of suspension addicts 🙂
i’ve kept watching and learning and working with adjusting my street triple as well as my Thunderbird Sport and then after a while some bikes of friends of mine and what a great skill it is to be able to at least for street use make a decent basic setup.
i’ve recently upgraded my street triple to a complete Daytona 675R shock and fork, and it’s again amazing just how much better these öhlins components are even over decently maintained and set OEM suspension.
Thank you so much for not just tuning bikes but letting us watch and learn ! Also thanks to Dave for his editing and filming !

best regards
Phillip Artweger



Alex G

Had the pleasure of pitting for a full weekend next to Dave. It was an absolute blast to listen and watch everything he did. I'm a novice rider/bike owner and he engaged with me the same way he engaged with more senior riders. He also helped out riders that crashed out by giving them guidance on assessing bike damage, what needed to be disassembled and re-measured, and offered his hand whenever he didn't have customers lined up at his trailer. I watched him tune bikes way past dinner time, he is very passionate about his work. Couldn't recommend him more to all the riders!



Hi, amazing video. I have tuono factory 2018 with Ohlins. Most people say: factory settings is ideal (10 click out rebound for track use). I have set 2 click out. Rear spring preload is 144 mm for track use (factory setting) and with my dry weight 80 kg is SAG 25. For SAG 35 I change preload rear spring on 142 mm - it goes against my logic. Therefore, I consider a 0.90 or 0.85 spring. Thank you Dave for the inspirational video.


Jayne Hardy

Cut the spacers, put 20w oil in and Ohlins progressive springs with adjustable pre-loaders and dropped the forks in the yolk 10mm- what a difference! It actually steers and rides quite well now when pushed to 80%. Added Mitchellin Pilot Sport 3 tyres and sintered pads with YSS rear shock- the bike it should have been originally (at a cost).


Gus Liu

Thank you for your reply! When I got the fork and shock upgrade back from the dealer, the fork preload was set at 2 turns in with rebound and compression all out, I immediately felt that the front of the bike sits very low, make me lean over to the bar. So initially I started with the preload adjuster. With only 2 turns in the fork rider sag is beyond 50mm, so I then cranked it up to 6 turns in to get the sag to 40mm with compression adjuster all out, and set the rebound to stop the pogo. But after a week I felt the fork is too harsh and will be lifted over a bump. So I then start to try setting the preload to 5, 4.5 and 4 turns in to try how it feels like, so I actually changed the preload quite frequently. What I haven’t change is the compression because I’ve never bottom out the fork once even with the preload at 2 turns in (Andreani Misano Cartridges has 145mm of travel if I’m not mistaken?) I will try your suggestions to back out all preload and put couple turns in on the compression since I’ve never tried to optimize it. (the compression adjuster has total 3.5 turns) Note: I’m currently at: fork rider sag at 46mm with preload adjuster 4.5 turns in, compression all out, rebound just right when hot. Shock sag is at 42mm. The bike feels balanced and no harsh feelings, and the tyres generally stays on the ground.




Thank you, I found this excellent information for my lack of knowledge on motorcycle tyres. I am a seasoned mountain biker and got my first motorbike this year, a Fazer 600. Schoolboy error, went out first couple of rides (2nd for 100 miles on minor roads) without considering how much the tyre pressures could have dropped in 6 months in my garage & the front end behaved strangely on corners under duress. Was 5psi lower than recommended front and 8 low on the rear. Checked the pressures after a 10 minutes run recently and had only lost 1 psi each tyre in a month. Upped pressure to 1 psi over recommendation for quick riding and feels more agile as you say. This week went out in colder greasier conditions and having done a good 45 minutes extra urban riding returned to town but felt the front end was slipping around to such a degree I thought there may be oil or grease on the front tyre. Twice the front seemed close to slipping from under me, severely lacking grip. Went to a jet wash and cleaned both well for a few minutes then seemed okay. As I am a new rider, if there is no “optimum” pressure as such, am I correct to assume that I can simply run slightly lower pressures constantly to give more grip? Expense matters nothing when it comes to brakes and tyres.




Kobe Vanden Meerschaut

There's some complaining about previews and paying content lately... But I have learned an enormous amount on a short period of time thanks to the free clips and previews. Don't be discouraged by people asking for handouts. You guys run a very informative channel! Awesome content!



H T commented: "Probably the most useful video I watched lately. I recently bought myself a Honda NC750x 2019 dct, and next time I'll go riding I'll make sure to adjust my bike to my ratios. Thanks mate!"



Tara G

Thank you so much for posting this insightful video. I am getting back into taking motorcycle lessons to earn my Full Motorcycle licence next year so I can ride my motorcycle. 🙂 I am subscribing to this channel.


Sterling Archer commented: "DMT is so genuine. So much respect dude, so many "track day bros" I've know over the last few years who were clueless on suspension, bike selection, etc. This is clarity.





DR SUMANTA MAJUMDAR commented: "Legendary !!"


The Greatest commented: "kickass video! I need to adjust my levers now :D"


Alan Rodriguez commented: "Excellent mechanics. Right on Dave. Al M."


Dodge Ditchburn   What I've learnt. You have to change fork oil at certain intervals, not just when a fork seal is knackered hahaha Really liking these tuning videos!


Bruce's Motorcycle Shop replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Alright sweet! That was very interesting, thanks again for your answers and great videos!"



I love how his clients and students have learned to come somewhat prepared.


Martin Rühlmann commented: "This is the perfect channel for my issue! Thank you for your great work!"


Lanlawns commented: "Excellent info sir, liked subbed. Peace"


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Ed commented: "This is GOLDEN every rider should watch this."


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Mitchell Mitchell commented: "We love your enthusiasm and passion and You’re pride in your work."


adrian sprenger commented: "The motorcycle riding Abc !"


MegaJay70 commented: "Wise words. Thanks"


Ricardo Juliet

Prior to a tuning session with Dave I had all but given up on the standard Z1000SX suspension but his setup has changed my mind entirely. It is absolutely a joy to ride now...who knew? Dave knew!


Estgas Santana commented: "I LOVE TO BE AROUND THIS MAN. HE THE MASTER 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"


Baked and Awake commented: "This man is a treasure and must be protected at all costs."

MrCruzzoide3 hours ago


I'm waiting for this guy to come over to Italy, personally meet him, give him a thousand of dollars and a hug, and have my suspensions properly tuned by someone who clearly shows love in what is doing.


Ron McCafferty commented “Hi Dave, Thanks for the You Tube tuning videos. I just bought a used 2003 Yamaha FJR 1300. With your videos I was able to understand how and why to change the settings.

Anurag Sharma commented: "What a guy!"


Adam Park commented: "Great humble friendly coaching by Dave."


ivan blanton commented: "Very informative. I will be tuning into more videos. Cheers from Texas"


ssjr0498 commented: "What an eye opener! Thank you!"


Joe Maffei : Thanks for sharing! Love the long video! Love from Philly!


Jaikanth S : Master at work! 😬


Arnold Agrees commented: "This is my training school ! Thank God this channel exists 🙏🏻"


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Sentient Dogma commented: "Found this channel today And I thoroughly enjoy watching Dave school these track day guys in a good way!"


Sentient Dogma commented: "What a pro! Subscribed!"


Hussein Pradhan commented: "Every manufacturer should do this. After spending hard earned money and putting our time and life on it, its still uncomfortable. Great level of simplify the concept."


Saqib Khaliq commented: "Great episode. Really learnt something here, thank you!"


Greg King commented: "Very informative. I have been riding for nigh on 40 yrs and no one has made as much sense as you - Thank you.


Anupam Roy commented: “Hi Dave! The subscription is an absolute bargain given what one gets to learn on your website. And it's given me and a few friends (who were brave enough to let me have a go at them) a much better motorcycling experience. So thank YOU! “


Jeremy Payne, Canada CBR500RJeremy Payne, Canada CBR500R

Mr. Moss,
All the way from Canada!.
You have changed the way I look,think & tune my bike. I ride a 19 cbr500r & Since watching your videos and taking in your advice and knowledge to tune my bike, I am able to keep up with 600s & 1000s in the twisties with so much less strain & effort, my bike rides completely different and soooo much better. I can't thank you enough for that!
Have a great Xmas.

I'll continue watching to improve on things for next season.

Ride safe


Hi, Dave!
Just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Did a dump and run on my Yamaha MT 03 forks today.

Thanks to your video I felt very confident to do it and everything went just fine.
Greetings from Brazil.

Ray Hilde, Washington USA
David Wilson, UK (Remote Tune)David Wilson, UK (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave!

It’s like a feather bed , unbelievable that settling the back end can make this much difference.

I counted I took 3 whole turns off the spring collar , lol 3 turns that can change its bucking bronco character to settled and super smooth , I went with 1 and a half and one and three quarter as you suggested ,

I’ll play about a bit next year when the weathers better but it feels so good now ( to me I’m a pretty average road rider)

I’m just over the moon , thank you fella It’s only done 1500 miles so will do forks next winter and go 15-5 as you suggested Once again top stuff, thank you!

Cas Liddle, New ZealandCas Liddle, New Zealand
Hi Dave,
I always had my bikes setup by other riders or technicians which worked well for a while however I was always left wondering how much more was in the bike that I wasn't using. As I upgraded my bikes over time I was left in uncharted territory as I couldn't read what the bike was doing so that the correct setup changes could be made, which stunted my progression.
A year ago I discovered Dave Moss's material on Youtube which contains literally hundreds of golden nuggets of suspension setup, geometry setup, reading tyre wear, ergonomic setup and riding tips. His content was so clear and easy to use that I wanted to know more and as such I subscribed to get all the content.
I found more of this invaluable content which goes into a much more detail than the Youtube videos on all the topics mentioned. The full track sessions, where Dave sets up different bikes from scratch gave me a good understanding of where to start from and how to progress so as not to get lost and frustrated.
I can use what I learnt for my road and track bikes and I often go back to Dave site to re-watch specific content when I'm not sure about something.
After 8 months into my return to racing I'm able to read tyre wear and adjust tyre pressure and/or suspension to get the most out of my road and race bikes. I recently helped two friends out at the track and when they took their bikes to their race mechanic and Ohlins suspension technician respectively, my friends were told the suspension setup I did was very close to their mechanic/technician setup.
The investment in this knowledge has made me not only a faster rider but also a safer and more consistent rider which is proof that I was able to assimilate Dave's teachings, which is only as a result of Dave's amazing ability to articulate the dark art of tyres, suspension and bike setup to a layman like me.
Thank you Dave!
Patrick Skutley, Dunlop Q4 lasting 4 track daysPatrick Skutley, Dunlop Q4 lasting 4 track days


I know you were trying to prove Q4’s could last more than 2 days, so I wanted to share I got 4 days on a Q4 rear. The picture, attached, shows just getting past the wear bar after 2 CCW courses and 2 CW.

So it is an optimal situation, in that I wasn’t hammering one side of the tire all the time. This was done on a GSXR600 at a fast B pace with the last trackday having a couple sessions in A.

You adjusted the suspension 3 out of the 4 days, and you confirmed the one day I tuned the suspension I did a good job. So it’s safe to say tire wear was closer to the optimal end of the spectrum. I hope you find this useful.


Tim Piccini, Australia

Hey Dave,

Love the videos and just starting to tune my cbr600rr to my riding based on your videos.

Cheers for you help, your videos have really helped me.

Sam Patil, India (Remote Tune)Sam Patil, India (Remote Tune)
Hey Dave!

The Setup worked magic ! Never felt so comfortable with the bike. Everything just went well.
Was fastest in 6/8 sessions with a finished rear tyre
Thank you so much🤗
Rodney MT09


 I just wanted to say thank you. Took the FZ09 to the track this past Monday and it was so much more stable and surefooted.
Also because I've been watching all of your videos when I had the local suspension guy give it a once over on settings it was almost completely spot on for what the track demanded.
I'm very much a novice rider but not fighting the bike made the day so much more enjoyable.
Thank you,
YouTube October 2020



Marcus George

A belated congratulations on reaching 100K subscribers! I love it when the knowledge and wisdom you have is actually well received by inexperienced/less experienced riders. The incremental steps of improving are vital for any rider or racer. Everyone (including the “aliens”) all started out with limited knowledge and abilities. No safer or better place to learn the craft of riding than on a race track! 👍😎


Sanjit Nagi

After 6 months of watching his videos, I can come to the conclusion that any bike, i.e any bike is good as long as it is set up for you. I nowbhave to confidence to take any bike tot the track, and any bike on the road. Amazing work sir, I how to meet you one day. 🇮🇳


Warren Pouyer

I'm getting back on a motorcycle for the first time in eighteen years. Yes, I'm going to suck up as much new information as I can because I don't want to ride the way I used to. I want to be a better and safer rider today. I'm glad I found this channel and subscribed immediately. Thanks for such specific information.


CBR Fireblade And this is why I tell EVERYONE to watch DMT... Always great info.... and ever if he gets something "wrong", you can be sure by the time we all watch it, things will be "right".... Honesty and transparency... Thanks DMT


Ricardo Juliet

Dave had a suspension setup session in Thousand Oaks yesterday. His settings on a 2018 Ninja 1000 ABS (Z1000SX) really raised its fun factor and if anything made it more comfortable on bumpy backroads. I was ready to write a check for aftermarket suspension but for now I'll just enjoy what Mr. Moss did with the stock equipment. His expertise is worth far more than I paid, plus he's a super nice and humorous fellow. A great afternoon under the DMT tent!


@Dave Moss Tuning I learned so much from that experience that I was able to do a decent job of making my own adjustments by reading my “tissue paper” tires that after another four track days of various temperatures and increased pace (shaved off seven seconds from the day my bike was filmed) that the tires still appear to be in excellent shape and will make excellent hand me downs to my Speed Twin.



Showed up on Saturday for my first track day and just felt uncomfortable, went to see Dr Moss and asked me what was wrong. Told him it felt stiff, his answer was “Are you a professional rodeo rider?” He worked his magic and next session I felt so comfortable and started dragging knee. He is a wizard!




Alain Garcia commented: "This guy is a master of his craft he should have 10 million views"



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@Dave Moss Tuning You were dead right about the forks Dave. I dropped the legs, drained what looked like original red Honda stuff and replaced it with Penrite full synth 15W. I then did your "stiction" trick, reinstalled them and hey presto, better damping/rebound and a bike that goes where it's pointed. I replaced the back shocks with some gas piggyback shocks a week or two back, but haven't had time to take it for a good run yet, however it does feel a lot nicer now, maybe even too soft in the rear. I've upped the reservoir pressure a little and increased the spring pre load so we may have to experiment a bit now.


Smith Mark commented: "Great info in your videos love it! thank you Dave!!"


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Joel bluup replied: "Dave Moss Tuning It went well thank you. The old oil was gross and smelly. The front doesnt dive and feels more secure. Now that I have this method I will be doing it often."


Dennis Jones

@Dave Moss Tuning thanks for all the info you share. Definitely gives me something to look forward to ☺️ communities here have really pulled together. I'll be spending more time this winter getting my bike ready to ride non-stop during coming summer.🥰


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Derek Andrew   Those are some great points Dave I appreciate you summing that up for me man. Now I definitely understand why some may gravitate towards running that setup.


larry mckenna perfectly explained ! think you excellent point bout affecting upper chain movement when testing slack !


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blind   I wonder if anticipation of the rotation and presetting each dot either end by 10-20mm ? most seemed to have only moved this far. great to learn of something else to mark and monitor, i have learned to be observant of nuts or bolts loosening and i'm an advocate of torque marking ( loctite paint marking exterior ) things like rotor bolts and caliper bolts even if wired. this is a further extension of the same sort of forces to be observant of. Love your work Dave


D Inf   I cannot even imagine someone else knowing how much he knows about this balancing and customization fitting. Like he says, you can buy something that has some great reviews and then find that it doesn't fit you. He does need bedside manors ,but you can't read into that. He's doing his job and providing a service that can make or break you. I was going to get rid of a bike I thought I couldn't handle for comfort, only to realize he's correct, fit the bike. Any one can sell you a bike and even after doing all your home work realize, after him adjusting it to your frame and needs..Omg I would of lost thousand of dollars thinking maybe i was to old for this bike. personally I don't need fluff



Hi from Croatia, great informative video as always👍I'm a a new rider just shy under 12K on my first bike ever, and I wanna personally thank Dave and his friend for making and sharing so much knowledge for free, I've learned so much in past few months from this channel that my riding buddies looking at me like I'm some kind a experienced old rider🤣 Anyways, in next couple of days I need to replace mine worn out tires, please sir can you teach us is there any downside to a not properly mounted tire, dots not matching valve steam, I just wanna be cautious and know think or two when going to a tire dealer🤷‍♂️ Thank you form bottom of my heart 🙏


Fapte nu vorbe  The man got skills

wade blake commented: "Certainly didn’t know that. I wonder how many $15.00/hour tire guys also are enlightened by this knowledgeable? Much appreciated Dave."



Hello from Burry Port, 15 miles west of Swansea, in Wales. Very enlightening video Dave. I'm running a Pilot Power front and Pilot Road rear at the moment and had been considering a change of brand for my next tyres, having been on Maxxis Sport last time. I had liked the reviews of the latest Metzeler Roadtec offerings, that is until I saw some chap's video of belting that was so uneven as to have caused a constant vibration from the rear of his bike that no amount of balance weights could cure. Not very encouraging ! That said, I've seen another vid that indicated Road 5 are so soft that they're extremely prone to punctures. I guess everything is a compromise of sorts. Love your channel, best regards.


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nvisiblekid69 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Legend 🙏🏻 I got everything crossed."


Gio Verde commented: "Dave you are a world of knowledge. I'm in the process of buying a set and your info is so helpful.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"


Paul Michael Ignacio  This video made me subscribe to your channel. Of all the motorcycle related videos I've watched, this has been the single most interesting and thoroughly educational topic. I honestly wanted more of it. Kudos and more power to you Sir.


dan dan

Imagine a world where all kind of professionals, specially in the fields of health care (medicine), law, politics, education, police enforcement, leaders of institutions, bankers (???) etc will be as knowledgeable and HONEST as David Moss is at tuning a motorcycle's suspension? I always enjoy your vids


Moto Press Play

Hi Dave thanks again for fixing the handle bars on my Monster 821 at Pro Italia last saturday. Your suspension tuning on my bike is like night and day!! No more trampoline riding! Thanks again! 🤙🏾


Wan Boss  Very good advice sir...👍 Greeting's from malaysia🇲🇾


Ben Hastie   Let's start a petition to clone Dave so every track can have one.


Random ClipGuy  I hope one day this man can bless my bike.


BaronCVG   Amazing Dave


Goblin Slayer

Yeah, I can't even memorize a point on a mini track, lol. So started doing that "2 step" on one corner and it does help keep me from turning early. But, back to point I feel like it would be even better if I memorized or manage to select a reference point like you mention. When you mentioned "wait for the trees to disappear from peripheral vision" I was 😱😱😱 never even thought of using peripheral vision like that.


Jonathon King commented: "Dave is the king!!! His intelligence obviously reaches far beyond bike set ups. He seems philosophical and methodical. I love the way he speaks clearly and slowly when explaining things


Alex Duey   Genius as always I’ve learned something new like every other video you have posted


Mateus Balan  …… and now I will have to go premium...


Hil Great video regarding tyre creep! Thanks for snapshots of the tyres before and after.


Marcus George

To any rider, on anything, that $60 is THE best cheap investment you can possibly make, regardless of skills and abilities! Dave, time to increase your price mate, that would be considered a bargain even on the 90’s! 👍😎

Devin Williams commented: "U should be a late night radio host the way you do these intros lol. Dave moss PhD haha love your vids man"


Peter L

That was a very good presentation and highly informative, but as a British guy you should know there’s only one spelling of “tyre” in the English language. The one you’re using is the “lazy ass” way as the people you’re trying to appease would say. It means to “experience physiological fatigue” in that spelling. Fahrenheit, again, is for those who are stuck in their colonial past. Please keep the excellent work up. Thank you for posting informative and non-excitable videos.


Justin Durocher commented: "What a great video, I really appreciate these tips. 👍"


josh. brannan commented: "This guy is the best thing on the planet I've learned so much, total respect 🇬🇧"


Some stuff I thought you might like

It’s a shame manufacturers don’t offer an interactive setup page so we can all get the most out of these incredible machines. Until then, we have talent like Dave, but he is just one man


YeetThe Skeet  Dude should have 1 mil subs, everybody not subing doing this man an injustice


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This and other videos are very helpful. Retired certified master auto tech in Thailand. 2019 Tracer 900 GT. 11 lbs Givi engine guard. I'm 183lbs. Performance upgrades. Run in A mode wot most of the time... Stock suspension was a major disappointment. Installed Ohlins ya-357 shock. Huge improvement but at 15,000km had front rebound at one click... To soft, floundering. Stock oil is 5w. Did dump and run with Repsol 10w. Oil removed measured 50ml short of what service manual said. Refilled to exactly what manual said knowing has some residential still in shock. Did setup per previous videos... Just did my favorite twisty road test ride. Wow, it finally performs the way a bike should. The bridge jumps that could only do in 2nd gear before was able to easily do 3rd gear. Big air and lands flat, smooth and stable. Trailbreaking then power on at 8,000 rpm snapping a power wheeie in 2nd gear... Most aggressive ride ever. Thanks Dave



I'm not even sure what I'm doing here. I have a fairly new KTM Duke 125, which I can barely ride and I was just wandering if I should touch the default preload setting on the shock (the only setting there is), because I'm lighter than average, I think. So I was looking around the internet, stumbled across Dave’s videos here and on the OTT channel and watched dozens already including some GSX-R750 disassembly. It’s fascinating :). I'm definitely going to recommend the MT-07 fork fix video to my colleague, who has one. Great stuff.


Ronin commented: "the guru"


supreme53 commented: "You should give online education mehchanics all over the world"



Great quote in the intro Dave............"No motorcycle's suspension off the showroom floor is setup correctly for any rider much less every rider". That is something I realise more and more with every one of your vids I watch.


Twixer replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you so much, you are awesome. I couldn't set my rear shock properly. Now the bike feels planted to the ground 👌💪."


peter thegmtb commented: "Easily one of the best channels on Youtube. Much respect. Brings back fond memories of studying MC engineering in college."


Slipstream Performance   Informative as always! Respect from India.


Mishatko1  When I got my bike new no one told me this, but thankfully I bought custom handlebar shortly after and fitted all in and adjusted by the feel to have it ergonomic, but only because I changed the handlebar, otherwise, I would also be like everyone else not adjusting most likely, This should be really explained by the dealership. Great Job!! Thanks a lot!


Joseph Hong commented: "Hi Dave, wish you all well, I don't have the bearing grease like you use, do you think Vaseline helps to solve suspension sticktion too, thanks for the great video and advice :)"


QMAN 1 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I'm a machinist so I use no-mar tooling. Brass works best for me as a drift. I also use a bronze hammer. Love and recommend your channel."


David Silva   The translation between both platforms just demonstrates superior suspension knowledge. As usual of course.


Alan Brown   Not only a great explanation, and also a customer who wants to learn and understand.


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@Dave Moss Tuning  Hi Dave , thanks for the reply,😀 hope you are doing well , can't be more happy that everything is workout so well after the seal cleaned and fork seal is greased. (manage to get the Castrol Pyroplex blue instead of Vaseline😂 ) , after reduce the fork sticktion, the front end feel so smooth over uneven road surface , riding comfort improve so much , (finally the front is calm down) Btw the static sag is also checked and now , I am not like the second kid on the trampoline, hehe 😀 Keep up the good work , Love your video clear and straight to the point 😍


Harry Brown  This is a great video not only for the invaluable information within but also the insight of the learning process and understanding the rider attains. Congratulations on the 100k subs I look forward to when it is a million!


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Ricardo Juliet

My own preconceived notion of what a "great" setup felt like was a major barrier to actually finding one. Letting Dave tune my suspension removed that obstacle. I have a much better motorcycle now and more knowledge to go with it.


DH Febich commented: "This guy is a genius master mind. Uses analogy to descriminate the small but dangerous spots in a motorcycle. Adjusted my 07 with this knowledge"



Some are commenting that the ads are intrusive. Ordinarily I’d agree with, but Dave just gifted us a masterclass in bike suspension tuning - for free to us. So, he needs to get paid, but unlike a lot of egos who are essentially just farting opinions into the net, Dave’s advice is genuinely valuable. Actually, I’d argue it’s priceless. So he deserves to get paid, and paid well. The ads are fine. Now I’m going to watch again. I’m a fast empirical learner, but a slow learner when being taught. Thank you for sharing Dave. Awesome advice.


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I’m thinking your average Suzuki dealership doesn’t have a single person that knows much about suspension tuning. Discovered the channel and I’m going to enjoy it a lot. Thank you sir👍🏻


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A Dunford1 hour ago

Very useful video. Every bike should have a Dave.


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@Dave Moss Tuning Oh my god. You replied!! I'm actually shocked. Hats off to your commitment to your online content and channel sir. I will go through the recommended videos. Much appreciated 😌

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malibu188 commented: "Great logical approach to the bike setup. Running out of front end travel in a long fast turn at a race track can be a very un-nerving experience."


Michael Judge

Very helpful for me as a new rider who would try to fit to the bike as a starting point. I swapped handlebars early on and sort of naturally arrived at an ergonomic setup while tightening things back down. It's good to hear how adjustment is rooted in function, and to have those objective markets of proper adjustment.


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darkchild4neverever commented: "And here I thought getting bucked out of the seat after a bump was just part of riding a sportbike in the city. Time to start experimenting with suspension."



@Dave Moss Tuning Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Dave. That makes sense.


malibu188 commented: "Great logical approach to the bike setup. Running out of front end travel in a long fast turn at a race track can be a very un-nerving experience."


Jeff H commented: "When the master talks, you listen"


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Excellent video! It is very encouraging to me because I have never been to a track day and am very interested although very intimidated to be around others with track experience. I can very much relate to Kristen's not knowing how to tell Dave what her bike is doing, that would be me. Thanks for posting the video and keep yourself safe! Randy


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Sebastian Lange

if anyone is having the same problem: the fork legs were crooked. I followed more or less the steps in this video from david moss: https://youtu.be/qTve7M4zOlE The bike now not only stopped the wobble but feels much more planted, i am very happy with the outcome.


Brian Crafter commented: "Good job 👍👌👏💯"



Great video! I am going to be changing my fork oil soon and this video had me thinking. I looked up a chart and there was two different Viscosity Indexes (VI). There was "Reported VI" and "Recalculated VI". What mean what and which should I be looking at? Thanks so much in advance!


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@Dave Moss Tuning thanks a lot...love form india❤


hshd vsgsg commented: "you sure know what ypu are doing great guy"


CaptCreekmore commented: "ADHD affects comfortable tire pressure. As you limeys would say, ‘Absolutely Brilliant ’! Subscribed."


GSX 1400

I did none of these things and am having all the problems you mentioned Dave. Thanks so much for putting in the effort to record this procedure. 5 years later it's still helping people like me.


Infamously Unknown

I approached Professor Moss the same way. "I have done the class work. I am here to see how well I applied it to my bike." Thank you Dave Moss and Dave Williams



Lily , Northern California USALily , Northern California USA
Review by Lily from the Northern California (November 2020)
From Punishment to Performance.
I have returned to the world of motorcycles after a long break (mommy duties), and purchased my dream bike: a Ducati SuperSport S.  It came stock out of the show room beautiful, sleek, sexy, and red.  The only problem was that it rode like a brick.  It was stiff, unforgiving, passed every slight variation in the road directly into my hands, and would not initiate a turn without a very strong counter-steering input.  After just a few minutes of riding, my hands would be numb from having to absorb the severe vibrations.  Every ride was punishment.
Following a recommendation from a friend, I signed up for a 30-minute virtual tuning session with Dave Moss.  His knowledge and capability to communicate that knowledge through video surpassed all of my expectations.  My first call lasted about 15 minutes, but in that short time, the preload, compression, and rebound for my rear shock and front fork were all adjusted to fit my weight and riding style.  Dave had let me know ahead of time what tools I would need, so it was all very efficient.  For those unfamiliar with the terminology and mechanics, do not fear.  Dave made it easier and certainly less time consuming than following instructions to build an IKEA furniture set.   
As Dave advised, I tested out the newly tuned suspension on my bike for about an hour.  It was night and day!  Now my bike would respond to a slight shift in my weight to initiate a turn.  No more one-armed push-ups needed to initiate a turn.  The harsh and stiff ride with severe vibrations were gone.  My hands weren’t going numb anymore.  There was a slight rocking-horse effect when going over slight bumps on straightaways though.
During my next video call with Dave, I told him how amazing the ride was and also mentioned the rocking-horse effect. 
He knew exactly what needed to be adjusted.  The rebound of the front and back needed to be balanced.  
Now, I am riding pretty.  I took my bike to an all-day cornering class on a small track.  My bike handled beautifully.  It is now the high-performance bike that I had dreamed of.
I highly recommend Dave’s virtual sessions. 
William Thaw, California, USAWilliam Thaw, California, USA
Hi Dave,
Wanted to thank you for your Remote Tuning support.  It helped me to understand more about what is going on with my suspension and tires.  More than that it helped me with the confidence to go faster.
In 2019 at Buttonwillow, I could run in the high 1:58's and finish top 10 in my class.  In 2020, after working with you through Remote Tuning I could run mid to high 1:56's and podium.  And the crazy thing is I felt like I was taking less risk going 2 secs faster.
It was worth every penny.  Thanks so much.
Onur Altan, Bodrum, Turkey (Remote Tune)Onur Altan, Bodrum, Turkey (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave

This weekend I had some time to try new settings riding with my wife.
It was like a dream!!!! Thank you..Everything works great suspension wise.
Nicko Koutsioras, Athens Greece


Before I ask for your advise I need to say that subscribing to this site was one of the wisest thing to do in my riding evolution.

I simply cannot get enough of your videos and knowledge. I feel I can seriously tune suspension on sportbikes now.

You sir are a revelator for every motorcycle rider.

Robert Elter (Remote Tune)
Dear Dave,
I tried the new settings on my bike.
Even in my wildest dreams, I didn’t think it would result in such drastic changes (in a positive direction, of course 😉).
Thank you very very much, thank you for your help, you are a fantastic professional !!!
Congratulations, nice work !!!
Cat McLeod, California USA

Hard to believe I'd never run PTT at Thunderhill. Oddly my weekend was defined by watching people crash in front of me while I just kept carefully passing people. Now with suspension installed by MCTech and Catalyst Reaction then dialed in perfectly by Dave Moss. I'm actively adjusting my tire pressures to get things just right. I have more confidence at lean angle. Now starting to experiment more with body position as I can do things now that last two years I couldn't do because of my hips. Next step is wider bars and another full couple of days of pro coaching to finish the season much faster than I started.

Ryan Coleman, (Remote Tune) Daytona 675R
Hey Dave,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Finished setting up my preload thank you for all of your help. Still playing with the Compression and rebound, your videos are very helpful.
I had a down from a stop sign in the beginning of the the year, very low speed just one of those “dammit” moments. Confidence was a little shot and unfortunately this area kinda sucks for that kind of bike.
Didn’t get much saddle time this summer but after making those adjustments it feels like a brand new bike and is very confidence inspiring. I always thought my suspension was too hard and wasn’t comfortable but with the preload adjustments I had to add more and even though it feels stiffer it just feels so much better.
I actually feel like I have grip now and again very confidence inspiring. I can’t wait until spring when I plan to take the class and start riding track.
Thanks for everything you do and after playing with my Daytona’s suspension I am much less timid on playing with any future bike. But now it’s getting cold and soon I’ll have to winterize the bike.
Brian Ciancio (Remote Tune) Ducati Supersport SBrian Ciancio (Remote Tune) Ducati Supersport S
Hi Dave,
I wanted to share these images, the bike gets better n better each time. Can’t thank you enough.
Also nice work on helping another SuperSport rider. There is a 30min video on the forum.
Karel Brozik (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Thank you so much for responding.  I didn’t think you would, as I imagine you must get swamped with questions like these on a daily basis.  So I’d like to thank you for taking the time. Really means a lot.
Ok, I understand your explanation perfectly.  But I have another question about preload if you don’t mind?  I have an ’08 Daytona 675 track bike, with stock forks, except for RaceTech rebound and compression gold valve kits + RaceTech springs for my weight + gear. My sag is set up + ride height.  My preload is almost fully out, 6 lines showing on the stock adjusters and yet I know I’m not using the full travel because my tube marker (zip tie) is 23mm from the foot of the fork.
I’m curious if you would have any thoughts on the matter?  And thank you again.
P.S. Great video on the Ohlins fork oil and seals rebuild. It’s what I needed to see as I have the same forks on my 1098S.  Really intuitive, so thank you again.
Jordan James, Canada (Remote Tune)


You’ve once again transformed a bike for me. It went from a pogo stick to something that sucks up every bump and stays stable on bad pavement.

I ride to work on a road that has for lack of a better word a trough across it. It used to rattle the fillings out of my teeth. This morning I went across it and it felt like a tar strip. It was 4 degrees Celsius on my ride, and the dampers weren’t even warmed up.

Best 53 dollars Canadian I’ve spent on my bike.

Good job Amigo!

Gianmarco D’ambrosi, Italy (Remote Tune)
you're number one
never meet a people so clear in explaining bike things!!
and your videos are awesome
greetings from italy
Brad O’Neill (Remote Tune) Yamaha R6
Hey Dave, wanted to follow up on our last session. I got some miles on it now and have some feedback
  1. Going from 7 to 16 clicks out on front rebound as you had me do really stabilized the bike. Everything is nice and level while riding, bumps are handled well and the bike holds lines very well. I intentionally hit a known pothole going a pretty fast speed and the bike soaked it right up, I barely noticed it.
  2. I tried 1.5 rings on front preload and was a little soft plus sag was too much so went back to 2 rings.
  3. Rechecked my sag numbers right after I got home earlier when the bike had been ridden hard on some very twisty roads for 2 hours so everything was nice and hot. These numbers are in my normal full street riding gear
    1. Front Sag: 41
                                                               i.      29 Static
                                                             ii.      12 rider
    1. Rear Sag: 32mm total
                                                               i.      10mm static
                                                             ii.      22 rider
    1. Total Fork Travel: 95mm (out of 115mm per the R6 manual)
                                                               i.      I had to reset my bottom out sharpie mark after we last spoke as I had it set to 120mm but when I double checked the R6 manual it says 115mm travel
                                                             ii.      I did some moderate braking to a full stop and I was on windy roads and had some good lean going on for the street
                                                           iii.      I think I should be good in the event I need to really lay on the brakes hard
Overall the bike feels excellent and I am much more confident with it knowing it is balanced, responsive, and that I am using most of the front travel but have some leftover in case of an emergency.
Let me know when you have some time to burn our last 10  minutes on FaceTime so we can chat again.
Thanks again, hopefully the heat subsided some for you out there!
Karim Abbany (Remote Tune) KMT690R
Hello Dave
We used your recommended settings and have done a 100 km ride on tarmac  ... The bike is marginally lowered and have been advised against lowering it much further... so I’m on the balls of my feet and I should get used to this.
I had also installed handlebar risers and all in all I enjoyed the ride. I need to spend more time on the bike and will let you know If there are any other issues.
Thanks again

No problem Dave,

I know you are busy. I always ask you before i change something for safety reasons. I don't want to do anything stupid and risk a crash. But I also have a book full of notes.

I watch your videos and I write down what you say. I read them before I go to the track and try to plan the next changes that might help me to improve in a safe way.

Thanks again because without you I would have quit riding at the track, cause trying to reach national championship level times safely is not an easy task to do it by myself.

Forcing a bike to do what you want to do with wrong set up can get you in big trouble. Knowledge is required.

Kevin TempanyKevin Tempany

I definitely ran into braking issues with my power 2s,as a novice track rider, figured I'd ride um to the limit, learning.

Now at the pressures that I need to keep them to give good wear,( sandy beach) they are now keeping me from getting better.

I would like to buy a set of power cup 2s. ( I've had tire warmers and a generator for some time waiting for this day) do you think I'm ready?

Thanks again for your paid site, I never thought I would understand suspension, but I got her dialed in thanks to you.

Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)
Good morning Dave. I hope all is well with you and yours.
I’ve dropped the front twice now (3mm each time) and got into the mountains today. I was a bit worried I’d be leaning on my wrists too much with the front down 6mm. But worries be gone – wrists are fine after a 300km day! I do it again tomorrow back home, and drop them another 3mm down to 9. I’ll keep going until I’m uncomfortable, and then back ‘em off. (right?)
Even at only 6mm I can totally feel the difference in the twisties. Highway is still stable and on the back roads I just have to think where I want to be and the bike is there. Too much fun!
After a week of rain, yesterday and today were stellar. You can imagine the amount of motorbikes on the road… J
Thanks for all the help Dave! All my best,
Peter Thomas
Scott McFarlin, Los Angeles
Hi Dave,
I wanted to write and say thank you for tuning my Ducati V2 (street settings) and my friends Ducati V2 (bit more aggressive settings) today. It’s definitely so much better now!

We rode on that twisty road towards Channel Island and back. We talked about getting used to these base settings and ride on them like they are for a bit.

I’ll try to keep an eye on when you will be back down again then we will see if more adjustments should be made at that time.

Have a great rest of the weekend and have a safe trip back home. Talk to you next time you are down here again.


Rick Janes Jr, California
Hi Dave,

Thanks for converting my 2018 Ninja 1000 sport tourer from a rather Vulcan-esque squatter to something that's very confidence-inspiring and yet comfortable.

Riding home over bumpy Foxen Canyon Road was at a quicker pace and it came quite naturally.
I never thought the stock equipment had so much setup margin for improvement. Expectations well surpassed, thanks again Mr. Moss!

Rick Janes
San Luis Obispo

Evan Bates (Remote Tune)


The bike felt stable enough during hard braking but the biggest thing I noticed was how it was turning. The bike felt great it was very easy to steer and easy to get it to go where I wanted. The bike also felt like it was absorbing bumps well it was much more comfortable and less harsh!
Kevin Tempany


Thanks for all the info about suspension tuning and especially reading tire wear. New springs fore and aft,oil change front,have made an enormous difference,can't thank you enough. I now have the knowledge to tune my own track EBR. Thank you 😊
Dezider Mesko, Prague (Remote Tune)Dezider Mesko, Prague (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,

As a father of two, my top priority is safety. My premise is that sooner or later I'll make an error. At that point, I need my bike to work flawlessly to help me. Ergonomy, suspension and tires optimal setup all help massively with this. As a bonus I'm faster.

At the same moment Dave's site is the red pill for me. It is uncovering the sad reality of the motorcycle world - cheap components, lazy setup and maintenance recommendations made by manufacturers. Luckily every time this is coming with Dave's explanation, and possible solutions.

Even after more than a year, I'm eagerly watching every video Dave is producing, and trying to forward the knowledge to people around me. It will help you doesn't matter if your priority is safety or speed.

The T-shirt I've won arrived some time ago, and I've finally had time to take a decent picture of myself.
Fun fact is, that the photo was taken during the change from T30EVO to S22. In this process I've compared stiffness of both tires, cleaned the calipers, and tightened the front fork the correct way - all purely based on stuff I've learned from you.
Thank you!
Take care and best wishes from Prague
Jesse, Baltimore USA (Remote Tune)
Hello Dave,
I completely forgot to respond to the earlier email after our FaceTime tuning appointment. I just got to say that you are a natural guru when I comes to motorcycles.
Everything you suggested doing and the tweaking we’ve done with the compression and rebound completely changed my riding experience for the better! I really feel comfortable on the bike now. I can’t believe I forgot to write back and tell you earlier but I was really amazed.
Just thought I would say thank you very much for the help it was well worth the money!!
Aaron Oster

Hey Dave!

Huge fan of your YouTube channel and all the incredible in-depth explanations that you've put online. I especially appreciate the logical and systematic approach you take when assessing each individual riders needs.

This is my first season riding and you're series on "Learning to Ride a Motorcycle" were incredible. I felt super confident on my BRC course and hope to keep learning riding.

Mark, Europe (remote tune)Mark, Europe (remote tune)

Dave ,
Hi and again you lead me to the gold. I’m wrapped mate.I had this bike's suspension rebuilt buy the Italian company that sells these aftermarket high end suspensions and it never was right in the last 18 months.

But it is now really happy.

We first string lined the bike and the wheels giving us a datum to refer back to. Then Checked the manufacturer's recommended measurement from their datums .  The bike was tracking ok front to back wheel but we improved it .
Then we looked tyres and pressures thou we knew that was alright . Then stripped the front end apart checking every nut , washer , spacer , alignments and measurements . It appeared like the front forks were out of alignment and subsequently the settings were not running true .

That would explain the previous noises on compression and lack of rebound . We had the bike in the air everything back together and aligned and then applied some weight by lowering the bike and let it all settle . Rechecked our measurement nipped all fasteners upto correct torques and then rechecked all measurements .

The front end no goes up and down as it should with minimum or no noises . It’s nice to ride and feels like a new bike .

Thanks mate your knowledge and assistance is much appreciated best thing I ever did was subscribing to your webpage .


So much of what you show and teach bia your YouTube channel and website many of us older riders know and just need to be reminded of those basics and what we don’t know is very common sense and logical ergonomics of motorcycling which applies to all motorcycles .
Your method of relaying the information is both palatable and informative , easily digested and easy to understand and retain.
Again thanks I’m sure we will be in touch again.

Take care

Good afternoon sir. Thank you so much for the suspension work you did on my bike. Rides down the road like a dream.

Andy Hoefer, VIR raceway, USAAndy Hoefer, VIR raceway, USA

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for helping me and Kendall dial-in my CBR last week.

It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. My bike is handling great now. Work in progress but having fun and confidently going faster now that my bikes' suspension is “perfect”… and I understand it a little better.

Hope you enjoyed your time at VIR and I hope to see you at the track again soon.


All the best!


Andy Hoefer


Charlie Pantano, Las Vegas, USACharlie Pantano, Las Vegas, USA


Good morning. I'm an experienced rider (Age 63) who rides a 2003 Yamaha R6 daily.

I was having a problem with my rear tire pattern experiencing severe cupping on the trailing edge of the water slots. It was not until watching your videos and joining your channel that I learned about the importance of shock rebound. My bike has 56,000 miles on the stock rear shock. I do rebuild the front forks myself and maintain new fork oil.

After watching your videos I searched and found a company in Las Vegas that could rebuild and re-valve the stock Yamaha shock. After installing the rebuild along with a fresh set of Dunlop Q3's

I could not believe the difference. I only do spirited street riding but could now actually feel the rear tire track the road surface. Quite a difference. Now with about 1,000 miles on the tire the pattern looks perfect. Cupping completely gone.

Thanks again for your informative videos.


Charlie Pantano

David LongmanDavid Longman
Dear Dave,
Good morning. I did my first motorcycle trackday with Let's Ride at Buttonwillow Raceway on labor day on a rented Kawasaki Ninja 300.
This past Sunday I did my second trackday with TrackXperience on a rented KTM RC 390.
I want to thank you for your support and all your efforts to educate people. I learned alot riding these different bikes and this unique tracks. Attached is the some pictures from Buttonwillow.
I will send another email with Willow Springs pictures.
David Longman
Adam Quigley (Remote Tune)
I was very impressed with my virtual tune session on my 2013 BMW S1000RR this past Aug 2020. Amazed at how Dave can inspect a few technical aspects of the bike and determine exactly what changes need to be made. I just completed 2 track days and noticed a HUGE improvement in the feedback from the bike leading to enhanced confidence, proof was in my fork travel zip-tie in the perfect position.
I emailed Dave the morning of the 1st track day to confirm the air pressure based on current conditions, he checked the local weather from his home base and replied within the hour with further support and comments.
Highly recommend investing in this service, your bike will thank you!
Thank you,
Adam Quigley
Temme Sikkema, (Remote Tune), 2010 R1
Hello Dave,

Thanks for your quick reply. The forks i will service myself. I saw your how to video of doing '09 forks and with my experience i can do the trick. Big thanks for uploading that service video btw. I don't have the special tools for the shock, so i'll send that to a local suspension shop for service.

With a new lap record and way better tyre wear on the old '05, because of your advise about the shock settings, i will purchase some fork springs and definitely take that advise too!

I think a one time setting will do the trick. If not i'll come back to you. But that will be next summer. For now the cold month are coming, so i am taking things apart and want to prepare the bike for next season.


We had an amazing day and a half playing all the way from Fort Bragg to Mill Valley with a bunch of favorites in between.
Thank you so much for your help my BMW is so easy to ride fast and it’s beautifully planted.
I really can’t thank you enough.

Thanassis, Greece

From: Thanassis

Dear Dave,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the expert content you share, helping all of us who try to understand suspensions / trying to improve our bike's suspension performance.

Kind regards,
a fan from Greece,

Kristjan Kaldas, Estonia, Remote Tune

Thank you for the help on the CBR.

Had an awesome season with it here in Estonia!

Used your settings and tweaked only a little keeping it tidy during the season. ~7000km of pure joy, did not matter, if I was street Rossi on the shoreline roads or just casually cruising to somewhere, bike felt dialled. Used 2.2bar in both tires, new Metzeler M7RR tyres and I never had problems getting the tyres hot.

Watching hundreds of hours of your videos help a lot in understanding the suspension world. Half a year ago I had no clue what so ever, what those screws do.
Now I have dialed in my bikes and also some friends bikes, they are also amazed, how it can transform a bike.
Anyways, thanks for now, keep up the good work! 🙂
YouTube comments August 2020

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Pascal G

Hey Dave! Thank you so much for your contribution. As another guy said, learned more in 25 min than riding and asking shops for 25+ years of riding! I have recently bought the exact same MTI0 (Yamaha) that you tuned in the video. I dont track ( yet 🙂 ), and I do commuting and weekend rides ( quite fast - located in Greece). I am at 5000Km and the bike has factory settings. Will try the setup you explained in this Vid. and post back. Thanks again for your down to earth, honest, specialized contribution to a field that tends to be "backyard". Be well and ride safe. Cheers


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Keapon Laffin

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Dave Moss Tuning just an update. Added more oil, went for a test ride, to stiff so i took s little bit out and its perfect. Was able to back out some preload and compression and still has travel to spare on the street. So on the track she should be good to go. Thanks for the advice.


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Would it be possible for you guys to put together a slide show of obvious tire issues that pertain regarding common issues?  In your spare(right) time of course.

Today is misting and cooler, so I am lowering pressures as necessary and practicing form and smoothness, but primarily safety....

I can’t sat enough good things about your methodology Dave!!


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robertpanes commented: "Amazing knowledge and way of explaining. Doesn't matter how long one has been biking, we don't know it until it's been explained. Thank you"


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Mubeen Mahomed commented: "Thanks Mr Moss brilliant advice👌 Most of us just don't know these intricacies and encounter problems when we least expect it"


@Dave Moss Tuning amazing, thank you! Love the content.


Olu 3 Great to see Dave riding and informative as usual.


Faze Hasoon commented: "Class act"


sam  The David Attenborough of moto maintenance....more please


Steve Febvre commented: "Dave, the clarity and outright simplicity you manage to make your tutorials is testament to your skill as a mechanic and as a teacher! 👍🏻"


Moto migos replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you very much for the help and an extremely fast help time! I want everyone reading this to know how helpful and awesome you have been."


THATSMYNAME  The Gandi of Motorbike's


Steven Farmwald

I realize that this is an older video, but after watching this I cleaned my 3 year old calipers (installing new pad). I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know that you could, or rather should, clean the calipers. I had to laugh at myself, after the cleaning I questioned my re-install because I could clearly see the pistons, where before I couldn't--they were just too dirty before! And, most importantly, one piston on each side was sticking a bit. Thanks, Dave. Still learning at age 64


MCAshby commented “Good job on doing one for the FZ 09, there are a lot of questions about the suspensions on them especially the early models - like my 2014. So great job giving us three examples Dave & Dave heh Loving the content, great stuff. Please keep up the good work”


RepresentaGaming commented: "This video is game changing... i had forearm tension like crazy after every ride until i adjusted my bars!"


TwinCam commented: "This guy is a damn legend."


Hjs Racing replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I can take something aways from any one of your videos. Thank you for the knowledge and keep up the good work."


Erik Harnisch

Dave is THE man. Expert on suspension and tires. Having him setup your bike is the best $60 you'll spend. Had him make a few changes this past weekend and immediately felt more confident and picked up some time.



Alex Dragomirescu, Romania (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Today I had my first ride around the city after the changes you suggested and I can tell you that somehow I feel my bike more fun to drive. I can't explain exactly what changed, but after a strange feeling of instability in the beginning now I like it a lot. I don't know if it's placebo effect, but it's the first time I feel a difference ( a little like the new tires feeling after using the old worn out rubber for a few months)
So...I just can wait to try it on the track again to see the difference there.
Thank you very much again for your time!
In the meantime, I'm watching all the other videos and I have a lot to learn . Great job you are doing, it's a shame we don't have professionals like you in Romania.
I wish you all the best!
Ryan Dumatol, California
Hey Dave,

Just wanted to say thank you for tuning my bikes last weekend (Aug 30th and 31st).

I had a black cbr600rr and a white s1000r. It was great to learn from you and most especially, enjoy a cold German beer with you on Sunday night.
I look forward to seeing and learning more from you at the track again in the future. Thanks for everything you do Dave!

-Ryan Dumatol

Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)Peter Thomas, Japan (Remote Tune)
Good evening Dave, and I hope you are enjoying your long Labor Day weekend! Go on any good rides? We were supposed to do the foothills of Mt. Fuji, but the typhoons are in and it’s pretty darn wet. L
Thank you thank you a million thank yous. I went from 80% fork travel usage to ~95% (see attached). I played with tire pressure settings (hard to soft and back up again) and for the riding I’m doing here in Tokyo and the foothills, I am currently running 34/34 psi cold. They are roughly 37.5 psi hot (the front is a little higher than the rear when hot). I can totally feel the difference tire pressure has on the handling of the bike. I know I would not be this tuned-in without your help and guidance. Thank you!
I like the feel of the tires in the twisties with a little more pressure in them, but the expansion joints on the elevated freeways are tooth shattering / butt pounding when the pressures are higher. So i’m happy with where they are for the rides I’m normally on. I can always pump them up a few when I take off into the mountains for a weekend…
I’m not sure what else I can do with the stock Thruxton set-up. It feels “right” for me when I’m on it now, and I don’t know of any other adjustments. Anything else Dave?
Again, THANK YOU for helping me tune it all in. I love riding it, and while I may be 50 I still giggle like a 16 year old when I roll on after a tight curve… J
All my best Dave.
Nicholas Spinicelli, Premium Subscriber
Your Brake Rebuild Content Could Have Saved My Life
Hi Dave,
I just wanted to thank you for turning my attention to the status of my braking system on my 2007 CBR600RR race bike. I consider myself a well rounded street/track rider, and thought I had all the "major tools in the tool chest." But without the input from you and your team, there are elements that we as riders and customers aren't even aware of that could be a massive concern.
Months ago, I subscribed after you suggested on YouTube that if I feel all pistons aren't moving freely and equally, I should investigate and possibly replace the seals. I just did that and let me tell you, wow... half of the dust seals (4 of 8) were twisted/depressed which allowed a TON of brake gunk to work its way in, leading to the pistons being mostly frozen. I took apart the calipers and replaced all seals within the caliper (except the bleeders, they seem fine). I'm working on bleeding still.
So thanks for making me do that before I hit the track again at 180mph! And I just installed elements allowing it to be converted to street legal, so if that had failed me on the street, you could have saved my life.
Giancarlo De Fusco Izquierdo‬‬  (Remote Tune)Giancarlo De Fusco Izquierdo‬‬ (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave

Tested today... 250miles.... my aprilia with the new settings. Fast corners and long corners... Have no words... It's amazing, It's just another and a better balanced bike. It's so easy to trace the curves, even the inertial changes during hard brake and hard acceleration, they are minimal.
The grip, of the rear tire, is forceful and fast, and the front tire guide perfectly and it's very neutral.

Hope that my explanation makes sense...

Attached picture of cable tie.... Consider that the position of the cable tie is caused under a very strong brake.... 220 km/h to 0km.



Scott Greendyke (Remote Tune) Yamaha MT07, 2019
Holy shit! What a difference! Unbelievable! This bike finally feels planted in the corners and does not have that severe front end dip anymore. Thank you thank you!

Good thing I did the work. Just before I was all finished I noticed a nail in my back tire. I probably wouldn't of seen it otherwise.
Thanks again Dave! You are the best!
Eric Dam, California (Remote Tune)Eric Dam, California (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Followed your instructions. The ride and turn in improved significantly.

The front absorbed the oakland pot holes and not like riding on a jack hammer anymore. I followed your tutorial video on raising the forks 5mm. Which have the most improvement. Dont have to push it into the turns anymore. The bike now follows my sight of line very second nature.

I had to back the rear preload Down (softer) from your suggested 4  notches from the top to 6 notches from Top (stock setting position 3 from softest) Because Of my short inseam 27”. I can flat foot with 1 ft. But the harder Setting I have to tip toe. The hospital parking lot is not the most
Inseam challenge friendly LOL.

Attached are a picture of the zip tie to the fork. I was able to measure sag on the front.  35mm.
This is only commute to work. Have not took it up to the hills yet and I do not ride hard on the streets.

Mikael Delta, Greece
Hi Dave,
One MEGA thank U is not enough...!!!!
There is always space for improvement! Everyone can move a step up in the ladder of moto-knowledge by watching and learning from you !!! Is the least I/we can say, for the knowledge and the deep details that you are transmitted to us via this channel.
Moral lesson: there is always space for improvement and with your experience, everyone can climb one step UP in the ladder of knowledge in the motorcycle world.
"Discover" you almost 11 years ago by "on the throttle tv" and still learning and understanding the suspension environment...!!!
Thank you very much from sunny Greece!!!
Dan Bruzzone, Remote Tune

Wanted to give you some feedback:

1.  I setup the bike using my Motul Slacker for the static sag - it would show between 12-14mm cold.

2.  Set the tires to what you had for cold temps.  I was only seeing about 4 psi in the front and rear by noon, so ended up dropping two in the rear (felt better and would go up 5 psi off track) and lowered 1 psi in the front (felt a little better).  Checked them at the end of the day and they were still good.  Wore down the rear to the wear marker on the right side.

3.  I just used the first setup you provided.  I was only able to go out for seven sessions on Monday and spent the morning sessions blowing off some cobwebs and working on ergonomics with the rear sets so didn’t want to change too much at once. In the afternoon I was riding about 80% and building up my speed comfortably session by session and the bike was fantastic. I didn’t want to change anything, but just focus on riding and I have to say I had a ripping time.  I started turning 1:50/51s and it felt like I could do it all day long and it was EASY.

Pre-crash my fastest time around Laguna was a 1:43 and I could knock out 1:45-47s in a session, but it felt like work.  I feel that with fresh tires and your setup and some more track time that the mid-1:40s will be easy.  THANK YOU!
Rod de Zafra, USA
Good Morning Dave,
I figured out the PayPal process.  I’m an old guy and it kicked my backside earlier….
I now have an account and look forward to all the content. 
Your site is by far the best resource I’ve found to understand all aspects of proper bike set up.
Best regards
Corneliu Dobrescu, Yamaha Tracer GTCorneliu Dobrescu, Yamaha Tracer GT

Hi Dave,

As I was away for a while and just got back home after watching your videos with lot of interest and attention, I serviced my bike ( Tracer 900 GT) replaced fork oil 10w and 15w, replaced tyers (PR4), made the adjustments for rider weight and ablities and had a 350km ride today.

Fantastic bike and great knowledge about suspension setting and tyers. Still need to replace rear shock as it is at limit. Great job!

Keep it up with the good work! It’s worth every penny!

Best regards,

Eddie, Thailand (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave.
I made the changes you suggested and will out line my findings below....but first:
Thanks again for all your help!  I am really enjoying your premium videos.  I am learning a lot!  I am taking notes as I find the info to be over whelming.
FWIW I bought the Motool tool to help with my setups.  again, on your recommendation.  It should arrive to me in Thailand on Sept 1.  Thanks.
OK.  my report about your suggestions.
1.  Prior to adjusting to your recommendations I was using full fork travel but still had 13-15mm left on the shock. (but I could only lift the back up 2-3mm)
2.  I adjusted to what you said below (I am 100KG and ride canyon style.  2015 675R.  new M7RR tires:  37 front and 40 rear,  hot.  The tires are hot to the touch).  You said no preload adjustment on the shock yet.
3.  I took it out and the new settings improved my fork travel.  I now am at about 22-25mm.  The only issue was it was turning in super fast.  I was thinking I just needed to get used to it.  I definitely needed to change how and when I entered the corner.  BUT I also kinda felt that the rear was getting a bit light. (and it was a hard ride all along). I returned home and watched a few more videos.  I found a good one about running wide ( a white board video)
       a.  After watching that video and thinking about the possible adjustments and how it applied to my settings I thought about speeding up rebound.  but I did not.
       b.  I needed to be able to lift the bike up in the rear about 10mm  so I decided softening the preload one revolution (according to your video that should give me about 6mm.).
     a.  The back did not feel as light.  The bike turned in slightly slower (although I like the fast turn in, can I get it to turn in faster and yet keep the rear planted?). I have a firm 25mm of left over travel ie: the zip tie is 25mm from the casting.  This is great.
    b.  Overall it feels good.  Softening shock preload also helped with rear tire "hopping" ....tires don't lie!  It has improved the wear on the side tires (black and gray dots).  I may still need to make a rebound adjustment.  I will attach four tire photos.
Thanks again.  Back to the videos....and the road!
Jack Olson, Philipines

Hi Dave.

Hope you are all doing fine. I saw your video about the Z H2 and I am glad to learn new things like that the left fork has the comp and rebound while the right fork has the preload...and that the shock is hard to get to. Of course this is just for learning purposes as I will never in my life be able to afford a liter bike more so a supercharged Z H2.

Ride safely and stay safe to you and your team.

Rainy season came in already in my part of the globe so less rides for the meantime. Enough free time to watch great videos online!

Brandon Rabe (Remote Tune)Brandon Rabe (Remote Tune)

I’d like to give HUGE thank you to Dave for helping me setup my stock suspension and new tires on my 17’ CBR600RR.

The first ride out, I felt like I was riding a completely different machine. The lazy turn-in and overall front-end instability were cured and then some.

I not only feel more confident in my riding, I feel so much safer.

Current engineering gives us amazing motorcycles ... but only when they are setup properly for you!!!

By-far the best investment I’ve made in my riding career.

Thanks again Dave and ride safe everybody!

Chris Welsh, UK (Remote Tune)
Thanks Dave for the continued feedback, I’ll adjust rebound "2 clicks out” and see how it feels/looks 😀
I am back at Bedford on Monday all day so will be a good opportunity to incrementally improve the set up.

Also just want to say the subscription to your site is well worth the money, I like the no-nonsense way you present your content, direct and to the point.


Mike Potter, UK (Remote Tune)

Evening Dave.

To follow up the rear now feels much better. I added 1 click of compression to remove a small amount of squat and which watch how this develop if the setup increases my pace. As a result of the rear I have had to readdress the front. I’ve added 1 click of compression and 3 of preload and now the whole bike feels great.

I checked fork travel and this had 13mm left up from 10mm (due to the additional preload). I’m thinking of returning the preload to the previous setting and lifting the forks from 3 lines to 2 as you suggested.

Lindsay Potter (Remote Tune)Lindsay Potter (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Thanks for the info, track day was great, your comments about Knockhill was spot on, I took three laps each session to warm tyres & settle in before pushing harder, I was pleased I didn’t feel stressed & was riding well within my comfort zone enjoying every moment.
Robert Openshaw
Subject: Great work guys

Just wanted to say I’ve just subscribed for the second year in a row. Keep up the great work guys, I love the videos and they are super informative!

Hope to see you in the not too distant future for a base-line setup.


Chris Welsh (Remote Tune)Chris Welsh (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

30/30 cold worked well thanks. On the third session front and rear was 35/36 and I lowered them to 34 and rear 35 which seemed good for the rest of the day.

Really enjoyed the track, thanks so much for your help. Here's the tyres after the day if you are interested.

Adrian Sprenger (Remote Tune)Adrian Sprenger (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I was out today in Italian mountain testing...what can i say ..the bike gives immediately more confidence entering corners , holding long U turns and closing fine !

i had really a nice racing trip today on the fantastic "street circuit 😜" state road ss1 Aurelia ( its the first road constructed that goes straight to Rome) Mountain Pass - Passo del Bracco nearby La Spezia (City) every day this is like a real circuit with motorcycle fanatics from all around. Speed limit is officially 50-70kmh but police don't care and its tollerated because all Restaurants and Bars nearby the street make good money 😂

It would be spectacular having someone like you Dave that makes some suspension lessons and tuning !

thank you.

Anthony Lazarus (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

I feel like I drastically improved in just 1 day. And I learned a lot about tire pressures and was actually happy to see my suspension was working well and the only thing that needed sorting out was pressures.

The bike felt nothing but planted the entire time very predictable and easy to handle thanks to you lol.

So yeah, hoping to get back in September that's the goal! I would love to go to the ridge too one day.

Adriano Sprinher, Italy (Remote Tune)
Ciao Dave

Thanks for helping me.
screwed the forks down 3mm and half turn more preload .
I was out today in Italian mountain testing...what can i say ..the bike gives immediately more confidence entering corners , holding long U turns and closing fine !
i had really a nice racing trip today.
thank you.
My Oil is standard Oil because the bike has only 1400km .
next thing i do is 15w oil !
Now im 2 clicks out and cold its fine ..but after 20 minutes of pushing hard maybe 1 click its better....so we are on limit.
Thank you Dave for your Time.
Brett Cartright, Kentucky (Remote Tune)Brett Cartright, Kentucky (Remote Tune)
Heya Dave,
Just wanted to thank you your considerable help and service. You’re much appreciated!
The Revised #1 settings you last sent did the trick. I spent 5 hours touring the twisties in N. Tenn and S. Kentucky (Bugtussle) yesterday  and your setup suited me quite

I’ve lauded your service on GrisoGhetto.com and my repair shop in Nashville, and hopefully i’ll’ve be sending you some customers.
All bests and again many thanks.
- Brett
Jordan James (Remote Tune) Ducati Supersport S
Hello Dave

What a huge HUGE difference your advice made.

Using your info as a starting point and tweaking it as I rode this is where it’s at as I thought that you’d like to know for our call.
Your numbers are listed first, what I’m using is listed second

Yours - Fork position as is. Preload to maximum and count back 5 turns. Rebound to maximum and back 5 clicks. Compression to maximum and back 8 clicks

Mine - Fork position as is.
Preload to maximum and counted back 5 1/2 turns
Rebound to maximum and back 6 turns
Compression to maximum and back 7 turns

Shock - set static sag at 10-12mm. Compression to maximum and count back 8 clicks. Rebound to maximum and back 10 clicks.

Mine - Shock - static sag at 14 mm 4 1/2 FULL TURNS in from stock- I can’t believe I had to crank it in that far, it was 5 1/4 turns to 12mm sag.
Compression set to maximum and back 7 clicks
Rebound set to maximum and back 11 clicks.

As I said it feels like a totally different bike. It’s more planted in a corner, far more stable in our considerable cross winds and the speed “wiggle” on rough pavement has lessened considerably.

Your recommendations improved the steering, turning, handling and stability of the bike saving me hours of messing around.

100% satisfied with the service you’ve provided me.

I look forward to the call and your shared thoughts.

Tamás Huszár, Germany
Dear Sir,

I'm just a random guy out of Hungary, currently working in Germany, and just about to do a dump and run on the forks of my small bike. (a Yamaha WR125X)

First of all, keep up the good work!! 😀 The videos you put out are pure gold, both on the technical side, the mindset, and the humour.

Brett Cartwright, Moto Guzzi Griso (Remote Tune)
Hi Dave,
Thank you your reassuring correction!
My experiences with your two setups:
I did the two rides over the same circuit ~ 40 miles of twisty B road with a good surface.
Both setups to the letter.
Ride 1:
The bike really came into focus/balance compared to, what; before..
- taught and compliant over bumps
- consistent and confidence making in turns
- very good but touchy brakes in turns and full stops. Bike maintains turn composure consistently, with no surprises.
Ride 2:
- Definitely firmer feel; happy!
- Jarring over quick bumps - at both ends
- nicely taught in turns and under braking
- more aggressive composure overall
- so -
I'm thinking that Ride 1 settings will do preferably for general road work, with Ride 2 settings a good start for track days.
I am not experienced with this weight and power class in a bike, as I've been on a 650cc commuter bike ('84 Guzzi V65C) for the last few years. On Griso over the last weeks I've been doing quite a bit of pLot work plus local twisties to get acclimated. Am lovin' it!!
I truly appreciate your help here!!
Thank you,
- Brett
Mike DeWitt (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,

Bike feels like a good compromise between being planted and absorbing bumps. It is definitely more confidence inspiring.

FYI the fork preload was out 22 turns on initial check and I went in two turns in on the rear shock to get the sag within your recommended range.  I will ride it in this manner until I can get some tire wear indication on how well it is adjusted for my riding style see attached.
Thanks again for your help,
Best Regards,

Jim Hodgson, California
Hi Dave,

Wanted to say thank you again for the suspension help on my 959 at Thunderhill earlier this week. I was the guy that kept bottoming out the front forks. Just the adjustments you made that day made the bike feel unbelievably more solid and predictable.

As you suggested, I dropped the 959 with Jesus at DareDevil Motorsports in Sacramento. He's going to take the front apart to determine the right springs. He'll do the rear as well. Unsure if he'll call you (as you mentioned) or maybe that's no longer necessary at this point.

Jesus is trying to get the bike back to me before my Sonoma day with Carters on Aug 10th. If you're there, I'll be sure to track you down for final adjustments.

Again, thanks so much for all the help. It's a brand new bike!

Chad Dodson, California


I have learned so much from you.  I have subscribed online annually and will continue to do so.  In an environment where truth / honest facts are becoming more rare, I am glad to support someone who is giving back to help others.  I am a forever student and am glad to have such god examples.  

BIG thanks for all you do.  Looking forward to see you tomorrow.
Kevin Warasky (remote tune)
Good morning Dave,
I had my first long ride with the new Michelin Road 5 tires and the new setup on the Ducati SS. I just wanted to  thank you again for a great experience. The bike absolutely feels better in every way! Much more predictable with lean throughout the corner with excellent tracking through my lines. The ride is also much more compliant and never unsettled over the real bumpy roads. I can't believe how much confidence I have with the bike. My only worry now is keeping my head in the game since the speeds can be substantially higher with much less effort. This is on me! lol!
Once again, thanks for everything and look forward to the next session.
Stephen MacMurray, Nova Scotia (remote tune)

Dear Dave,

Quick note of sincere thanks after my two days of track school with the RC51. The level of detail gleaned from your setup videos, plus responses to two previous notes about tire pressure and free SAG, added so much to my confidence in the bike. Lots of pre-school anxiety for this 68 year-old in the days before his 2nd track session, and on a new-to-him bike (not the lightest or flickable ride according to locals 😊). Many remember your recent trip to Shubenacadie here in Nova Scotia.

Applied your 28 rear/30 front pressures in the morning and monitored throughout the day. My previously tweaked rear rebound setting kept the leading/trailing pattern edges flat, and the tire had that even, easily brushed- off dusting of rubber, right to the edge. Stock shock maintained it’s 2-3 mm clearance above bumper. Up front the fork rebound was checked and tweaked mid-day, and as my braking/pace picked up, preload and compression adjusted as per the zip-tie.

Can’t stress how understanding and applying all your knowledge to my bike helped me during the weekend. From my perspective the bike rolled onto the track setup within 90% of my skill level and pace.

Warm regards and continued success!


Corey Arsenault, Remote Tune ZX6RCorey Arsenault, Remote Tune ZX6R
Hi dave
I bought myself a 2019 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 last year and the first thing I noticed is how stiff it was. Although my 20 year old self bought it lol.
Because of my background with motocross I knew that my suspension settings and setup is very important when it comes to how the bike handles to me and my riding style and also comfortability. Because of injuries that I have suspension was my first priority, so I went onto google and looked up suspension shops and anything else I could find for sport bike suspension tuning.
The name Dave Moss kept coming up so I went onto his website ( this was after checking out others websites that claim they are suspension tuners ) and saw that I could pay him to help me via online/email or FaceTime and that he also has a bunch of free videos on YouTube for suspension tuning of all sorts of different bikes and riders, and could clearly see that Dave knew what he was talking about.
Not only has he been tuning thousands of bikes every year on and off the track, he also has been racing for years and has a boat load of experience in every area of street bikes and race bikes ( basically any bike with suspension ). He is a legitimate suspension tuning professional that is wanted world wide. So it was a no brainer that I needed to somehow get this man to help me with tuning my bike. I was injured in Afghanistan so it was very important to me that I could get this bike riding a lot more smoothly.
I went on his site and setup an online appointment and It was as easy as that. I paid the amount of money asked and he quickly responded with everything I asked for and needed help with and he made sure that I was happy in the end. And to make it even better he had bought the same bike as me. So his opinion of the bike meant a lot to me.
You wouldn’t think that someone could do a good job via email or Skype wih something like is but because of how much experience he has, it was that easy. I noticed a change in my bike immediately and was very happy that I saved myself a bunch of time and money by choosing to pay Dave to help out. The majority of riders I’ve met don’t really fully understand how important your suspension setup and tuning is and how much of a difference it can make for you. Most want to spend their money on cosmetic items for their bikes and never even think of spending any money on their suspension. But that very moment you try out a bike that has been tuned “properly “ for you, it will blow your mind and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t spend your money on your suspension first. It’s that big of a difference, and choosing someone as experienced as Dave Moss is a no brainer.
He doesn’t ask for too much money and is priced very good. He will transform the way you view your bike ( in a very positive way ) and the way the bike handles to your riding style and experience in a short period of time. I highly recommend using Dave Moss for any of your suspension needs.
I've spoken to a few people that call themselves suspension tuners and Dave was by far the best out of everyone I looked at and he makes things simple and easy to understand. He also is gracious enough to put a bunch of free videos online that you can learn a lot from about how your suspension works when setup properly and how to setup and adjust.
To get specifics, you need to pay on his website but as I said it’s very much worth it. I promise you that you wont regret it and it will open your eyes to the importance of tuning your suspension. I am very grateful for Dave and all the help he gave me and for the things I learned.
Not too long after I went and spent $2000 on a new rear shock that will improve my riding and comfort even more.
Thank you very much Dave. I love my bike even more now that its properly setup.


Corey Arsenault
Justin Huber, Remote Tune MT09Justin Huber, Remote Tune MT09
I used the setting you gave and it rides ALOT more comfortably. Included is a pic of the right front fork (Zip tie) after my test ride tonight at normal speeds on our worst roads. Let me know if I should make further changes based on what you see. Thank you!
Joacim Boive (Remote tune)
Hi Dave!
The bike felt great after the latest changes you gave me!

Improved my PB by 0.7s =)
Even more travel used in the front fork now despite increased compression - but maybe that's because of my increase in speed. I really tried not to wheelie the bike to give a misinterpretation of the data - and as far as I can remember I didn't.
I have issues with lean angle - as in psychological issues. I need to lean more to go quicker but I don't trust the front end grip. Rear seems to have tons of grip. I experienced an increase in grip during this, the third session, where I improved my personal best by 0.7s and the tires were very hot (more so than usual at this track) and you could barely keep your hands on them.
The pressure increased by 0.3 bar both front and rear but unfortunately I had no means to measure the track temperature at this time - nor did I remember to spray some WD40 on the rear shock... I'll do that for the next track day in a couple of weeks.
Now the bike would turn as expected and I didn't have to fight it. The bucking and weaving were more or less gone. On the last corner leading out on the start finishing straight it still moves around a bit but not bad and it's a bit bumpy in that section.
Jason Lewis (remote tune) S1000R, 2018
Hi Dave,

I have done what you suggested. It's transformed my bike and feels good and confident. I can't thank you enough for your time and support.

Pete Van Dyke (remote tuning)

Message Body:
I have owned my Kawasaki Concours 14 for almost six years and have never been happy with the factory suspension set-up. Not surprising, since I believe the factory sets front and rear settings for a 150-pound rider and I'm, well, a lot more than 150 pounds. I tried multiple times to find a suspension tuner near me, and the best I could come up with was "well, you can ride hours to a track and maybe catch someone there," or "we have a guy who knows a guy who I think does that stuff."

I read a bunch of stuff online about setting up your own suspension and, to be honest, the whole process intimidated me. Also, I didn't have anyone nearby that I could rely on to help me hold the bike, etc (and my wife said no). Then I came across an internet forum mention of Dave Moss and remote tuning.

I provided Dave with my riding habits, height and weight, and Dave connected with me via Facetime, in the comfort of my own garage, Dave had some baseline settings based on my stats, and PATIENTLY walked me through making adjustments to my front and rear suspension after looking at my front shocks and front and rear tire wear.

He had me put a zip-tie on the front fork to measure fork travel, and had me lower my tire pressures based on cold vs. warm tire pressures I typically experienced (I had no idea that suspension set-up can have such an effect on what tire pressures you should be running on the street--I always used factory recommendations).

A couple more emails back and forth with pics of fork travel, tire wear, temperature differences, and how the bike felt, and my bike has been transformed.

To say that it feels like a new bike in the corners is an enormous understatement. No more running wide, no squirrelly rear wheel on uneven and rough pavement, and the bike rides like it was on rails.

We made significant changes to the factory settings, especially up front, and Dave's changes have given me a motorcycle that is planted in the curves and without the fear factor I occasionally experienced.

Dave was great to work with, and was patient with a great sense of humor--and I didn't have to travel hundreds of miles.

Bottom line, I really liked my motorcycle before. I LOVE it now.

-Pete Van Dyke

Britt Smith
I just passed my return to riding 2-year mark and this video is superb from a timing and content standpoint.
Sadly, my first planned track school (with Cal Superbike) was just cancelled by the host track, so I will have to wait until 2021 due to calendar conflicts preventing me from rescheduling this year.
I also recently became a premium subscriber to your DMT Channel and I have learned an amazing amount about the importance of suspension tuning and set-up.
Thanks for the educational material you are producing to make us better and safer riders.
Peter Thomas, Tokyo, Japan (Remote Tune)
Hey Dave!
I have ergo'ed my bike and have about 500kms on it. No more tingly fingers!
Mt only adjustment on the rear, was one click out on the pre-load. I have not mustered my children to the garage to help me redo measurements yet… but I have put a few Ks on the bike today.
One click out and the pressure on my wrists is less (thank you!). The biggest notice? Tracking through turns. It *feels* like I’m not sitting over the bars and the front is not as twitchy. I can “sit back” and point where I want to go. Really – I just look. The bike tracks and I can adjust so much more smoothly. (it makes me roll the throttle a bit more tho – yikes!)
Without buying Hagons or Ohlins, I’m not sure what else there is to do on the rear. The bike with me on it, is a different ride. Just a little attention and work, and it feels so much more smooth in the turns and less wrist heavy on the freeway. I’m watching the zip tie on the fork, and after adjusting the rears, I don’t think I’m using as much travel (maybe 5mm less) in town as I was. I’m taking the bike to the mountains this weekend, so we’ll see how much I use up there…
Thanks so much. I am so grateful for your videos (to get my head wrapped around what needs to be done) and for your email responses to my noob questions. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!
Take care Dave. If you ever make it to Japan, be sure to give us a shout!
Adrian Bucci, Australia
Thanks very much Dave.

Really enjoying your content mate. Just finished watching your Power Cup 2 review. Very interesting coming into another Spring/Summer in Eastern Australia. Currently running Power RS on a RSV4. These tyres don’t do too well at track pace above 30°C here. They, along with the rider, need a bit of a cool down after pushing for three or so laps.
On a side note... I have been meaning to write to you for sometime.
Your attention to detail in the videos certainly helped me get through lockdown and may have changed my life for the better.
Changing the fork compression and then mindfully testing at road speeds on the way to the shop or while ‘exercising’ initially became a good way to stave off boredom.
However, the practice mutated into journaling suspension changes as the process had to be completed over weeks, not 15 minute sessions. Two clicks here or there until it didn’t feel good, then back to an older setting. Then move onto the next component haha.
That’s when I really learnt about suspension compromises. The front’s relationship to the rear in different phases of cornering. How rebound on the rear supports compression on the front while braking in phase one, as well as the role of preload. ‘It’s quite complicated’ my wife would say as I fascinated my family about the results of the last trip to Aldi. ‘But did you remember the potatoes..?’ Haha
Anyhow, I took the journaling practice into other facets of my life. Wow what a change. I have told the uninitiated, ‘track riding is yoga at speed’. But the journaling I picked up ‘getting to know my bike’ keeps the positive aspects of my recent day to day life in the forefront of my mind in a time when it would be all too easy to fall into dark mind traps.
So thank you Dave. I appreciate what you do; educating the masses can only be a calling. I hope to see you next time you’re in Eastern Australia somewhere.
Thanks again


Rob Barker, UK
Hi Dave,

Greetings from the UK, Macclesfield specifically (not too far from your old stomping ground, I believe...)

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to says a big thank you for all your hard work and knowledge sharing - I signed up for total access late last year and spent most of the Christmas holidays working through pretty much every video and podcast on the site! This has continued throughout this year as each piece of new content has become available online. Historically I always viewed suspension tuning as a bit of a 'dark art' and trying to find useful, usable and accurate information was challenging at best!

As a consequence of your activities I am now much more confident to tackle setting up my bikes at a basic level and have experienced very positive results - so much so that I am in the process of trading my current bike (Ducati MTS1260S early 2019) with it's electronic Sachs suspension for a new 1260 Pikes Peak with manual Ohlins in order to acquire finer levels of tuning potential. With this new acquisition I hope to further develop my knowledge, understanding and ability to tune my own bikes and keep them ahead of my ability as a rider.

With this in mind, please could you offer some advice regarding starting point settings for the new bike? I'm more than happy to drop some $$$'s to you in return....

Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, it is truly educational and inspiring!!

Best regards,

Logan B Holsapple (MT07 fork fix)
I cut 21mm off my spacer, went to 410cc of 20wt fork fluid ,added a preload adjuster (added 10-20mm over stock cap, I have it set a half turn from softest(10mm) currently) and raised my fork tubes 8mm in the clamps.
This thing is night and day difference. No more diving when downshifting, tracks in corners, now has 20mm of static sag and stayed 15mm from bottom out over a sharp speed hump in my neighborhood.
Best budget fix for the fz07 fork by far.
Jeff Williams (remote tune)
Just thought I would provide the end result comments as had 3 days at the track past weekend.    Overall our input and comments helped get to a result and got me back on a path of making things work
- longer wheel base (combined with lesser spring in rear vs last year) has helped with 'falling into' feeling on corners
- rear tire pressure lower as you mentioned cleaned up the melting of the surface rubber though I think I need to go a bit lower still but I think I know what I am looking for now
- rebound comets gone in transitional areas between off throttle and upright
The only thing that ended up different vs your recommendation was the preload.  When this all started I was fighting to get suspension stroke used but going to the preload you mentioned below wasn't good for geometry as rear did not have support.  I went back to measuring sag and it would have been 41mm front and 40mm rear.  Just didn't seem right to me.  So I set things back closer to 'book values' of 42mm front and 26mm rear (still has static).  But took out some compression (4 turns front to 18 out and 2 rear to 14 out ).  This setup along with my faster times (dropped about 8s off average lap times from last time at track) is using most of suspension stroke now (still some safety margin).  These settings should be at least a good baseline to let me get back to working on skills vs worrying about ill feeling bike.
Anyhow, thanks for the help and the video content you provide.
Steve Richardson (remote tune)Steve Richardson (remote tune)
Settings you gave me for my 2020 S1000RR - very pleased with.
I am fairly smooth rider bike handled brilliantly.
Thank you so much.
Some F’in Motorcycle Shop, Sacramento CaliforniaSome F’in Motorcycle Shop, Sacramento California
Love you

Dave Moss

! My bike rides so amazing again!!! The ride home was freaking AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait to see you again next month!!!!! Love my bitch!

Thank you Dave, ready for the track.
Brian Ciancio (remote tune)Brian Ciancio (remote tune)


I did a test ride on Monday with 36 PSi and Tuesday with 40 PSI. I did notice a huge change in the way the bike handled from before our session to after.
The 36 PSI, It felt more solid, the bike held a better line, I could carry more speed. I have a few corners that I tested before and after.
One of the corners is basically a reverse carousel of Laguna Seca, normally I do 58-63, now I did 80. Another turn slight sweeper 78 before, now 90. A tight left hander I did 44, now 52.
What I am noticing is that when entering a corner, I don't have to adjust my body position as much. I also don't feel as if I have to downshift to engine break going into the corner.
Jonathan Pears USA (remote tune)

Hey Dave,

So far the bike has been great.

I ended up putting a new set of tires on it last week, some Dunlop Q3+’s, Started them at 36, and that seems to feel comfortable at the moment.

Many of those 300 miles have been spent in the canyons, and its pretty hot here, and so far so good. I could go a little softer potentially on the 100 degree+ days.



Allen Farmelo, USA (remote tune)Allen Farmelo, USA (remote tune)


Just a note to say that the new settings are a total success on my Ducati Supersport S.  Thank you!

I'll circle back if I feel I need to tweak anything in the future.
Avi, CaliforniaAvi, California


Attached are a couple of pics I'm proud of!

Thanks again for all your help at Button Willow and really great company!

Kevin Pauley, Wisconsin USA


Thank you! I have to say, your work is amazing! I’m truly impressed and inspired by what you do.

I really appreciated seeing how thorough and disciplined you are with your work!

Mark Zimmerman, California

I am so happy that I subscribed to your site, you have a great grasp on suspension system.
Terrance Farrell (remote tune)Terrance Farrell (remote tune)
Hi Dave,

Thank you once again for all the help and info.
I finished with my forks a little earlier today, had to go to work yesterday, I ran through all your steps and procedures, the results are insane, handling is spot on and the overall ride is way better than before.
The left fork oil that I drained out was 100ml shy of where it should have been and the right one was 50ml shy and quite dirty too. I did also adjust my rear pre load as I had 65mm of sag reduced it to 16mm now, took pointers from one of your videos.
Dave, you are a LEGEND! Thank you so much once again.
Kind regards
Dorothy Donaldson, USA (remote tune)Dorothy Donaldson, USA (remote tune)
Hi Dave!

Boy has time flew. I’ve been meaning to check in after our tuning session.  I’ve put about 100 miles on the bike since we spoke. It definitely feels better at speed and feels more compliant getting into turns!
Chris Smith (Remote Tune)
Weirdly enough, I liked the 3rd.
It was higher effort to tip in but was very stable when leaned over and I loved the tight rebound damping.  Hard on a bumpy road but on a smooth curvy road, it was magic.
I'm tempted to drop the front and jack the rear back up and see what happens.
Stephen, YouTube (dial in to your ability)

Absolutely brilliant, clear, concise and so educational.

Suspension settings are almost always an elusive black art to us mortals with average to poor skills. I’ve read countless articles, books, whatever I can get hands on, learning a wee bit more on each pass. This video is a *must-watch* by anyone who rides. It teaches us what the bike should and should not do under various conditions - going wide in a corner when throttle on? “Oh maybe it isn’t because I stink, maybe my rear is squating and I can tune that out."

The crazy thing is that so many of us just ride whatever is handed to us and never question how things could be so much better out of pure ignorance. We don’t even know what to look for other than what we feel with our butt and hands, and even then we attribute anomalies or doubt to “how the bike is designed”.

I love the phased approach on improvements, step by step. I’ve been caught dropping $3k into upgrades right from the start in thinking that’s just what I had to do.

Wish I had watched this first :). Keep on shining the light for us, those of us who have been re-born will evangelize to others.

DMT is a pure gift to anyone who rides, and anyone trying to navigate the mysteries of suspension setup.

Marco, UK  (Remote Tune)Marco, UK (Remote Tune)

Hi Dave,


All adjustments made, went out for a hoon yesterday on some typical uk B roads and some major A roads and the bike felt very compliant and gave me a lot of confidence 👍🏼

Chad USA (remote tune)

Hello Mr moss, aka big Dave?

My track day 7-4-2020 was Extremely gratifying. It wasn't fun, I consider it work. This time around my quadracepts, and the back of my neck from looking up in the tuck are the only body parts that are sore. No arm soreness !!!

My chain seemed rather hot and had one section of the chain about 3 inches or so that was EXTREMELY warm. Chain is very new about 2k miles and cleaned and lubed after every outing with white lithium. I did adjust the chain at the track it currently has 1inch and 5 16ths travel in the middle of the chain on the bottom section. I watched your vids and will service chain slack again.

On to my suspension settings, You noted 3 turns out on preload in the front ? I'm thinking that might have given me too much sag.So, I only ever took one turn out of the front preload not being rebellious, I swear ! and made the other adjustments, i think you mentioned 1/4 turn out on rebound which was one click. I believe I left the rear alone. I also dropped tire psi cold to 28,28. It was low 90's air temp with a consistent breeze.

Rode I believe three sessions like this? Bike felt better on the kink turn with the bump on the inside.. Hmm could this be better I said ? I ended up taking 2 clicks of compression out of the front and ! Click of rebound out of the front ? I can now comfortably click down a gear turn in and lean off with better ergonomics through this turn.

How did the bike feel? With little to no pressure on the bars, just feeling it, in one turn a sharp right hander, turn 13 the front would have a real slow left to right bar feedback, not a head shake. A very very slow input. IT was a cool feeling.. to me my bike was saying no more throttle? Not once did the rear slip. On the back straight out of the " carousel turn" Once maybe twice near red line in 5th gear... 130 140 mph I did get some bar wobbles nothing major. My bike is normally very stable at high speeds, I believe that was my error.

A Left hander before the " carousel " i did look right seven eigth's of the way through the turn at the thicket because a deer came out as I was exiting the turn, in fear of the deer circling back I looked. This put me off that track a good 5 foot or so. The bike responded well enough that I could stand it straight and I darted across the track unfortunately. Thank the heavens no one was behind me as it could have been bad. In the grass i could feel the rear go back and fourth maybe 4 times total movement was about a foot ? As I made it to the pavement it was moderate front brake ease off the brake then tip back onto the line and back to it. At this point I was like ok time to exit the track.

Once I entered the pit I realized if i stopped at this point it would really bother me. So I went out to do one more lap and had the best lap for myself of the entire day.

The bike feels for me the best it has ever.

If I ease the throttle, drop my shoulder and elbow a little bit it will tighten the line and keep the line. I feel as though I don't have to work as hard to get it to do what I want it to.

If i accelerate more, which I was... The bike doesn't need me to add input to the handlebars to stay " in " my line ... or where I want the bike to go.

Under hard front braking, its comfortable. Pinch the tank with my knees and yeah.. I even downshifted twice with moderate front brake force and the rear actually floated left then right, then i realeased the front brake moved my body and turned in. Something that I have felt more than a few times on highway off ramps.


David Angel, California USA
Thank Dave!
I was able to view the full videos today after purchasing last night. I thought the access would be available right away but it just took over night!  Saw it all today!
Thanks for the video on my trip to see you in Springville. Loved the experience and the new correct setup is amazing. Love it!
Thanks again for what you do!  It makes all the difference in the world to those of us who ride!
I continue to share my experience with every ride I meet or talk to!
Peter Van Dyke USA (remote tune)
Hi Dave.
Took the bike out for a spirited ride yesterday, adjusted the forks a little bit, ended up right at 25mm from the bottom of the forks. Temp was 90 degrees, tires started at 40, didn’t get higher than 42 front and 41 rear.
Bike felt a LOT more planted, it was the first time since I bought it that I didn’t feel like I was fighting it through tighter sweepers.
Very happy so far.
Brian Wood, Nevada USA (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

I immediately noticed two things.

First I wasn't riding the tank as much, the rear shock was making the bikes rake off centered and second, bumps and blurred vision are gone.

Thank you..

I feel My lines now are easier to follow through but now with a comfortable ride, as before I felt like I was on ice skates, where I only enjoyed the shocks at higher speeds, but there's no room for error. If that makes sense.

Thanks for all that you do, and making this service available. I really appreciate it.

Terrance Farrell (remote tune)
Hi Dave

Thank you once again for all the help and info.
I finished with my forks a little earlier today, had to go to work yesterday, I ran through all your steps and procedures, the results are insane, handling is spot on and the overall ride is way better than before.
The left fork oil that I drained out was 100ml shy of where it should have been and the right one was 50ml shy and quite dirty too. I did also adjust my rear pre load as I had 65mm of sag reduced it to 16mm now, took pointers from one of your videos.
Dave, you are a LEGEND! Thank you so much once again.
Kind regards
Peter Borak, California

Hi Dave,

Just took my Multistrada down redwood road for the first time since your suspension adjustment.

Actually felt like I was in control of the bike for the first time, rather than getting pogo'd all over the place.

Thanks again for the setup and custom front spring recommendation, hope you have a fun 4th!

Chuck Habrack, Harley V RodChuck Habrack, Harley V Rod
I have watched many of your videos. I am trying to incorporate the info I am getting into what I can use for the street, I have a 2007 Harley V Rod. I installed fully adjustable rear shocks from a local company JRI, (deep auto racing roots), and Racetech gold emulators and proper weight springs both ends for my mass, about 300 pounds. I was very careful to install the proper height of fork oil. I installed the springs and spacers then put the front end back together,
After watching your videos I checked the forks (conventional) for travel. I had about 1/2 what I should. I though they were stiffer because of stronger springs and the emulators. It was too much oil. it took me a bit to figure out the new springs were wound tighter displacing more oil, the spacer was steel with a .8mm wall thickness, the new one is PVC with a 3.2 mm thickness that also displaced more oil. Some calculations and oil removal I dropped the level about 25mm -30mm. I now have the travel and the expected ride.
I will need to adjust the emulators a bit soft, Without your videos I would have just thought that was the way that setup was supposed to act.
The bike is so much more fun to ride and I am more comfortable in the mountain curves. I played with tire pressure and found that these Metzler Criusetec like to be softer but with the suspension oil level proper, I will play around again.
Thank you Happy and safer rider
Ernest debeau
Hi Dave,
Well, indeed I was not using much of the travel. I replaced the heavy oil with the original 5 Weight  oil, adjusted the level to just at the high end of spec to help with dive, (since I`m a 275lb guy ), and readjusted the preload and all of the damping valves as you showed in your videos. That solved it no more excessive bounce and it rides like a dream.  
You know your stuff, I am impressed and thank you very much. Your input was most appreciated.   
Luis Felix, Hawaii (remote tune)Luis Felix, Hawaii (remote tune)

Aloha Mr. Moss,

Brother words can’t express my deepest & sincerest gratitude. You’ve been patient informative and it’s been a pleasure working with you. The $80 30min session and the time it took to get the bike honed in is priceless. Again Many Thanks. I’ll contact you and happily pay again for these services you offer, to continue keeping my Beasty in tip top shape. Keep Doing what your doing your a LEGEND! Aloha Nui Loa

Kindest Regards,

Luis M. Felix
Ben GoebelBen Goebel

Hi Dave,

I think my rebound was too fast! This was the result of an old shock.

I’ve just upgraded to a new shock and I’m dialing in rebound and speeding up compression until it’s feeling planted over bumpy terrain.

Jose Arnulfo Molina, CaliforniaJose Arnulfo Molina, California


Thanks a lot for all of your help both off-track and on-track yesterday!!!

As prescribed before headed out to the track, was able to shave off 2 seconds of my pace consistently so it wasn't a one-time wonder... Appreciate all the tips and support!

Armin, Croatia (remote tune)Armin, Croatia (remote tune)

Thanks to your videos I cured a colleagues big rebound problem on the rear tire and it almost healed itself completely Hats off to your sir, I learned so much its hard to put in words.

It's my first time on proper race tires and I have to work on corner entry speed a lot.
I was only 11 seconds slower then Yamahas Superbike r1 with professional drivers on my little 12 year old Cbr600rr 🤩

Much appreciated, Armin

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Tobi S.  Wow! 10 Years ago I had to rebuild my forks every year, because they were leaking. Massive amount of work because I pulled everything apart. Now I think I know my problem. I didn't pushed the air out of the inner cardrige and stored the forks horizontal till I needed them. Big thanks to Dave Moss! I wish we had someone with your skill in Germany who's doing the same service to costumers.


Mr, Boo Boo 1972  Great video Dave Moss. Thank you Sir.  I am the odd man out here. I own a Harley V Rod with a fat rear tire and forward foot controls. I know the HD suspension is close to just one step above nothing. After 13 years of dealing with it. I went for some improvements. I understand the limits of the bike and its overall design. I installed full adjustable rear shocks spring, (for my weight) and compression and rebound. It has conventional forks , I bought proper springs (for my weight) and race tech gold emulators. Within the first 100 Ft of riding it I was very angry that I did not invest in this 13 years ago. Now I have about 2000 miles on the upgrades and have made adjustments along the way. After watching these videos, I know that my bike was not balanced front to stiff and rear too soft, and my hand controls were not level. I have made some adjustments to the suspension and hand controls. My last ride was so much better. Even the guys I ride with made comment oh how much faster in the corners the bike was. If it makes sense the bike felt lighter. I also was not beat up after the ride, and my arms were not tired. Dave thanks for doing these videos and though its not a track bike the advice is universal.


A Sawyer  Honestly I can't tell you how much I appreciate all this content, how much I'm learning and how much confidence it gives me to improve my bike and my riding. Once the financial hard times are over and I'm back on my feet properly I'll be signing up and paying something back for the knowledge I've received!


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Mr, Boo Boo 1972 Ya Buddy. Love what you do. The only thing I dont like @DaveMoss Is that I'm at least 10 Years behind on the Information Sir. Then again I'm happy to have Luckily Found you by Chance. I am However Very Thankful I had. You Are The Very Best at What You Do Friend., I've seen enough to know this. If I had Huge Dollars I'd hire You. Before too long guys and gals Mr.Moss may not be available like this for us, So absorb all the information you can. I'm just amazed hes not hired by a multi million Dollar company by now. They will see this error an act swiftly to grab him. Imagine just having this man on your team MotoGT or Whatever it may be. Youd be ahead of the rest. Hes definitely a Blessing. Thank You again Mr.Moss. We definitely Appreciate You and the other Dave.

903Assen Gsxr  Your tha suspension god frfr


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Leon.P.  Love your work Dave.


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Tony Ray  Really appreciated this video. When I bought my current bike I found I could adjust the brake lever but not the clutch. I had to stretch for it and became uncomfortable after a short time. I bought a pair of adjustable levers and set them up as described here and now am completely comfortable and do the actions without having to think about it. Great advice and I found the fix cost about 50€.


JediGeekBiker  Explains things so clear and well. great instructor


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Mr, Boo Boo 1972  Absolutely Awesome. Anyone of you that live in Dave's Area and haven't taken a class or classes from him., Really need too. Newbies, Exsperianced or Pro. You can always come back to these videos. You have a couple Extra benefits. 1. You know how knowledgeable he is. 2. You the kind of guy he is watching these videos. "Bonus". I live in New England so going 3000+ miles one way isn't cost effective. I would definitely do it if I was closer.


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Zander Van Heerden  I am a qualified Cytech bicycle technician who has a great love and passion for two wheels, especially motorcycles, Dave you know your stuff, I am promoting you for free here in South Africa, addicted to your videos and would love to boost your likes and views. Keep it up please, already shared your videos too a couple of bikers👍


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GSab  One of the facts that makes this channel (Dave) so popular and liked is that I've never heard him saying what must be done and certain numbers need to be followed. He gives you the knowledge not the "copy paste" method and is up to you how much are you going to learn and apply in real life.


Kilo Bravo  Thanks for the continual work Dave. I always enjoy your perspective.


The SuperBikeSquad

DAVE!! Thank you so much! Finally poured some of the fork oil out of my daytona 675. Not getting the lock up and the bike never felt better. Adjusted compression to 11/23 clicks. And also had a rebound tire ware issue. The trailing edge was worn. So I lowered the rebound and its so much better. Thanks dave with out you i would have never known the importance of suspension and the impact it has. You help thousands of riders out and I want to thank Dave Moss and Dave the editor. Love you guys! Peace!


John G  Important & fascinating. Proof for the rest of us: you don't know, how much you don't know, unless you listen & observe the talent of a master. Thank you for the enlightenment...j


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Eli Bush commented “I did the recommended settings, road for over an hour and measured. I have 20 mm of measurement after riding with the gear on the bike. Everything feels great! Very planted and comfortable. I did notice some oil rings on the one fork leg that had the cable tie. I will keep an eye on it. I had to have both seals replaced at only 1500 miles. Not sure if something is up.You have been a great help. I will definitely be talking about you on this trip. Thanks again.


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Gary Manning  Dave, best webpage going.


NZbird  An outstanding video Dave. I was fortunate to attend one of your suspension clinics in NZ when we rode a route in the Waikato and constantly tweaked the bike. That was an unbelievable revelation and much gratitude for your time and patience. Best regards, Geoff James


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MB J  You helped me out big time at 4:25 [fitting the motorcycle to you] with that 'ideally what we want is a straight line. A kink will make you numb' comment. Bless you! I've fought with numbness in my right hand when riding both of my motorcycles (normal street bikes and riding) and my bicycle too. I've searched the topic and watched several videos that talked about not locking your elbows, keeping loose arms, loose hands, not gripping too hard, playing the piano with your fingers, etc. all of which I tried, none of which really helped. I'd pretty much written it off to being a 55 year old who's worked at a computer too long and probably has some carpel tunnel issues. That one comment was the missing info I needed. My brake levers were adjusted fine. But, my own wrist ergonomics sucked. I've been pulling off straight-wristed and end up in a bent-wrist position while driving without being aware of it. I did a 125 mile ride today really focusing on the ergonomics of my throttle hand, maintaining a straight line through the forearm to the knuckles. The difference was HUGE - almost no numbness, no having to periodically clutch out and flex my arm and fingers when no one was behind me, no dropping my arm at stoplights. Night and day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


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George Canakis Thank you amazing video never thought of any of that and ive been a long time cheers.


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Joe Maffei Awesome video as always! Thanks for sharing you’re knowledge! Love my speed triple!


Jason Single  @DaveMossTuning your a legend. From Queensland, Australia.



Thomas Utesch, USA (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

I've made your last set of suggested changes and have ridden about 700 miles. After the one clockwise turn on the rear preload it got a little stiff again. I backed off half a turn and it doesn't bottom out but rides a little better.

Handling in unchanged as far as my limited ability can tell so that is great.

You have transformed my Guzzi Grisio from a 1960s hard tail chopper to a comfortable, compliant ride. Best $80 I've ever spent. Now I just need to find a better saddle and I'm ready for some overnight trips.

I can't seem to remember, did you want to see pictures of my tires now that I've got some miles on them? Or are we all set?

Many thanks,


Chuck Habrack, Harley Davidson V Rod


I have watched many of your videos. I am trying to incorporate the info I am getting into what I can use for the street, I have a 2007 Harley V Rod.

I installed fully adjustable rear shocks from a local company JRI, (deep auto racing roots), and Racetech gold emulators and proper weight springs both ends for my mass, about 300 pounds. I was very careful to install the proper height of fork oil. I installed the springs and spacers then put the front end back together,

After watching your videos I checked the forks (conventional) for travel. I had about 1/2 what I should. I though they were stiffer because of stronger springs and the emulators. It was too much oil. it took me a bit to figure out the new springs were wound tighter displacing more oil, the spacer was steel with a .8mm wall thickness, the new one is PVC with a 3.2 mm thickness that also displaced more oil.

Some calculations and oil removal I dropped the level about 25mm -30mm. I now have the travel and the expected ride. I will need to adjust the emulators a bit soft,

Without your videos I would have just thought that was the way that setup was supposed to act. The bike is so much more fun to ride and I am more comfortable in the mountain curves. I played with tire pressure and found that these Metzler Criusetec like to be softer but with the suspension oil level proper, I will play around again.

Thank you Happy and safer rider

Matt Rockall, UK (remote tune)Matt Rockall, UK (remote tune)

Evening Dave,

Got out on the bike. Massive improvement overall.

Tyres are on 40/40 psi

The front feels a little soft but turns much better and holds a line better too. The back again a little soft but feels good Overall I would describe the overall feel as loose but much more controlled.

If I was any more spirited riding I would probably be in jail 😃





Toby Tadevossian, UK (remote tune)Toby Tadevossian, UK (remote tune)

Hi again

First trackday complete!
We started with 32f 30r and it seemed we couldn’t get enough heat in the front tyre so dropped down to 30f and was able to pickup the hot pressure (slower pace I’m guessing)
At the end of the day my pace increased from a 1.05m to a 1m at brands hatch Indy and it seemed 30-30 was just right (for me at 55kg)
Last session for my uncle he built his confidence and he definitely needed more air front and rear (we’ll try 32-32)
As I’m sure you know brands Indy doesn’t have many left turns at all
Thank you for all that you do
Mark Wade, UK (remote tune)
Hi Dave

I had a ride this morning , the roads were damp after a lot off overnight rain, but there were dry lines, and the rear suspension felt softer and coped better with of our UK roads, and I was getting more drive out of the corners and could feel the rear squat down little bit which I managed pretty well, so feeling very happy.
This afternoon I removed the rear shock and its being collected next Tuesday to be sent to a Nitron dealer who is going to re-gas it and replace the oil and seals etc.
I can’t wait for it to come back..
Quelle Olaivar, California
Hello Dave!

Your tune on my bike at Button Willow on June 6 is amazing! Went to Thunderhill on sat and its still awesome.
Rick Smartt, North Carolina USA (remote tune)Rick Smartt, North Carolina USA (remote tune)
Hope all is well sir!  I've been delayed testing due to rain, although two days ago, in high humidity and high 80s', I was able to get out for several hours.
The bike seems very close to perfect.  Stable but light and more flickable, more planted but free ...
I couldn't be happier Dave, awesome guidance and advice.  Pics attached, I would appreciate any last feedback.
Payment sent via Paypal at 9:07 eastern this morning.
And, I'll stay connected!
Charlottesville, VA


Gianni Albanese. Lecce Italy (remote tune)

Good Morning Dave!

I've just rode my first 30kms in "OMG" mode. My previous setting was stock I presume: high preload and all hydraulics open on the front and on the rear. I was a little skeptical when I red to remove all preload on the forks but now...

I'm like... Wow.

I brought the triple clamp to the original height. What can I say... I feel like Im riding a new bike.

I feel my front waaay more smooth in the corners, great feeling with it. My bike now just flows down a lot easier, like a knife in the butter. I feel a lot safer as well, more confident in cornering and Im pretty sure it will help me to improve my cornering technique. On the rear I didn't managed to get the 7 rounds of preload ( do not have the right tool) but its at 4 now.

What else can I say... I will suggest all my friends to get in contact with you. I just cant thank you enough, my ride is waaay funnier and safer now

Michael Shane Hill, Los Angeles, USAMichael Shane Hill, Los Angeles, USA

Hey Dave.

Hope you're well, brother. Quick update on that S1KRR you tweaked a few weeks back in Thousand Oaks... I just finished the first of those summer tours I was telling you about; about 3k miles in seven days. I saw pretty much every type of road condition and terrain you could think of (inner city potholes to sweeping mountain climbs to tight decreasing-radius declining turns and more). What a blast.


Before the trip, I did swap out the tires to the Road 5s that I mentioned I was planning to install before too long. I didn't, however, get to the rear shock swap out, but I have one sitting in my eBay cart now. That will happen before the next tour for sure.

All of that considered... your tweaks were noticeable and extremely helpful. Compared to the previous long tour I had taken on the bike, the difference was apparent (and enjoyable). I appreciate your time and expertise. This bike surely isn't a touring bike, but having the right suspension setup is definitely a major factor in being able to use it as such. To put an real number on the comparison, I used to start to shift around and hurt after about 3 hours in the saddle...now I can sit the bike for 4+ before the body position starts to get to me. My knees and hips and back and and and thank you.

Of course, it's a lot more fun to ride now too, and confidence inspiring.

What you did is working out perfectly with the Road 5s. Thank you again, for everything. You'll likely see me again some day.

I've never been to the track, and am a bit apprehensive of trying a track day...should I ever decide to explore that apprehension, you're going to be the guy who takes me out there. You're precise.

And in a life where prevision has fallen to the wayside, your methods are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing, brother.


Good morning Dave
Can’t tell you how much your work has helped me. My big old Kawasaki handles fantastically.
Swing arm angle, spring, Comp/rebound , oil direction have had a huge impact on handling.

Thanks again outstanding performance tune up resource you provide.

Moto Nuks, PhillipinesMoto Nuks, Phillipines
Hey Dave!
Just wanted to say a quick thanks. Watched tons of your videos on Youtube and it helped a lot in tuning the bike.

I'm far from fully optimized but am riding on rails at the moment 🙂

Will get your premium sub soon!

Steve (remote tune)
Hi Dave
Just a quick update on my bike.
So far I have upped the preload on the rear shock as advised and put 38lbs of pressure in the tyres back and front I have yet to receive the new 20w fork oil but I am already enjoying the big handling improvement and I feel more confident with the bike.
I am of course spreading the news of your skills and telling everyone about Dave moss..
speak soon,  thanks.
Wayne Johnson (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
The plan I was working with several weeks ago for the rear shock of my 2014 MV Augusta turned out to be unnecessary after listening (several times) to your incisive and timely MossCast on 'Choosing Shock Springs'.
Understanding that I was 'feeling' for something different than I was accustomed to when checking static sag on my new TTX (with its top-out spring) allowed me to take a static sag measurement (via Slacker tool) with greater confidence.
The good news: The TTX that was professionally set up for my weight and motorcycle turns out to be 'spot on' with no further adjustment, spring removal, etc. required.
My remote tuning goal has been met.
Kudos to you and your on-demand content for keeping me from unnecessary and costly downtime.
Wayne A. Johnson
Bryan Bowers, Pacific Northwest, USA (remote tune)
I took it (04 GSXR 600) for a 100mile spin this afternoon and all I can say is you are a wizard.
I feel like we only made some minor changes and the difference in ride quality was enormous and as an added bonus GAS MILEAGE! I went 15 extra miles before my gas light came on.

I plan to try new tire pressures throughout the rest of the week and i'll let you know how that goes.
Thank you so much! I am absolutely stunned.
Peter Thomas, Japan

Hello Dave.

I've been watching your videos on how to set up a motorcycle. I am the idiot who lives with tingly fingers and pinched neck because I've bought the fender delete, pipes, jets, on and on, but never adjusted the bike to ME. I'll fix that today as i review peg/leg positions, and adjust grips and levers. Thanks for all the info you post online.

Do you have a step by step for setting up suspension on a bike like mine? I'm not sure how much is adjustable (stock) but I'm sure there is room for improvement. i just don't know where to start.

Again, thanks for your videos. Easy to understand and full of excellent content. Much appreciated.

-Peter Thomas

Darren Davison, 2014 FZ1 (remote tune)
Bike feels a lot better.
My front forks were over four lines showing on preload and 10+ clicks out on comp and reb.
Thanks very much and will be in touch after a good 100k or so!
Deron Thomas, Atlanta USA (remote tune)
Hi Dave.
I know I’m a week late but I was only able to get out for a short time last week. I did run both front and back at 39 PSI and I did tighten the shock two complete turns.
The bike turns in a lot easier and feels totally different as it relates to cornering on the street. I’m definitely happy with it. It feels more planted in the corner at some pretty high speeds.
Thank you again.
Clark Breshears, Iowa USA (remote tune)Clark Breshears, Iowa USA (remote tune)

Dave, so far the bikes performance has been great! I don’t get launched off now anymore. Thank you so much!

Eric Holowach (remote tune)Eric Holowach (remote tune)

I just tried set up number 2 yesterday and did about 300kms on a ride with it.  I can’t describe why, but I like the setup a little better than the first one, but both are terrific.
I will still give set up 3 a try at some point and will update you on findings.
I haven’t forgot that YouTube review I owe you also.  I will email you once it is posted.
Have a great rest of your day.
Eric Curcio ZX6R (remote tune)
It was so nice to meet you yesterday and thank you again for taking time to meet with me online.  I just took the bike out and, wow, it feels so much better.
The shifter lowering and the suspension adjustments really made it feel much more firm and controllable; I really thought it felt great before but I had no idea.  It feels like a different bike!
I found a zip tie and only drove for about 10 miles roughly just around the neighborhoods. I’ve attached a picture of the reading. It does look like it traveled about 2/3 of the way down but then again maybe I should take out for a bit longer.
Let me know what you think - looking forward to our next meeting!
Steven Gould, California (remote tune)Steven Gould, California (remote tune)

Hi Dave!

Setup #1
Made all changes with the exception of the pre-load on the rear shock.

Ride #1 6/18
City Streets / Freeway

Setup #1.1
Added three turns to tighten/shorten the rear shock

Ride #2 6/19
Freeway / Canyons

Rode 100 miles today about 50 were Canyons in Malibu.
I believe I’ll keep this setup and only change the tire pressures for the next week or two.
Then I will change to the 2nd setup and try that for a while..

I had a lot of fun today. Bike felt good and dependable.. I do not believe I was anywhere near it’s capabilities but I do feel like we have a good base to start from.

I’ll let you know how things progress..

Thank You Dave!

Tim Van Driessen, Belgium (remote tune)Tim Van Driessen, Belgium (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
So I've been able to put the swingarm back in and all did move smooth now. But still I can only get 6mm of free sag... I don't know, this might just be normal ? I don't really understand why this is... I have a video when the swingarm was in and all moves smoothly. Could this be dangerous only 6mm of free sag ?

Bike feels good tho, still waiting on stiffer springs. Hope I get them before next week when I go to Metlet track again. 

Bike feels more stable now and you can see that in my riding now!
Marco Weber, Germany (remote tune)Marco Weber, Germany (remote tune)

Because of my last bike I decide to terminate my hobby on the racetrack. It was a KTM SuperDuke R from 2008. I spend a lot of money to build this bike up to be faster on the track but... yes! Tracktime is much more efficient I know. I bought the competition fork and shock because the original one was to stiff at all. After fixing the new parts nothing changed. Quite the contrary! I crashed twice without knowing what the problem was...

After seven years now I want go back on track. But this time I’ll do it on the proper way. I saw a lot of videos from Dave on YouTube and start to understand (at least I’m imagining it) what the suspension is doing and what kind of problems a wrong setup can produce. The distance was my doubt because I’m living in Germany. Anyway! Let’s try.

So I send Dave an email with my short story just to get an idea if he will response on me. Two days later Dave answers me and ask me some questions about my bike my weight and my plans with the bike. Dave send me a Setup one day later. I was at that time on the track so it was the perfect timing to try and give right away the response.

But here comes the point!

The setup was perfect! With just one E-Mail!!! Dave is a Genius in my eyes! I’m was and I’m still so happy with bike now. It is so much fun now on track. And this with a Suzuki SV650 with approx 80BHP!

Thank you very much Dave and as soon I'm in the condition to go faster I’ll get back to you and your support!

Thank you again for your support and all the best

Josh Bordeau, Napa, CaliforniaJosh Bordeau, Napa, California
Josh Bordeau You've been the only one besides Cory Call that has touched both of my bikes suspension in the last four years and I have no complaints!
Christian Cepeda, Sacramento CaliforniaChristian Cepeda, Sacramento California

I signed up with Carters last Sunday to work with you on setup on my XSR900. Extremely glad I did!

Aeron Thomson

Brilliant Dave. I’ve adjusted my bike and I can now say it’s riding smooth, fast and predictable. And more importantly, it’s safe.

Thank you for the knowledge. 👍🏼

Nicole Desbrow, California

Dave Moss thank you so much for setting my suspension up just for me! The ride back after you made your adjustments was amazing!!!!!

It’s been the most amazing ever. I can’t even explain the difference. It is so much easier to ride. Thank you for being so amazing! Your such a rock star!

Eli Bush, Marion Ohoio, USA (remote tune)
Hello Dave:

Thank you again for helping with my bike setup. I did ride with both tire pressures and 34 PSI feels the best. I would like to schedule another time with you since I put some miles on with the settings you suggested.
The bike has been so much nicer to live with and I feel more control. I’ver really been enjoying it! I pray you and your family are well.
With Respect,
Eli Bush
Steve MacMurray (remote tune)

Many thanks Dave.

What a simple yet effective solution - modifying the shock preload adjuster!

Based on a tip in one of your earlier videos, a few months ago I purchased a second factory shock for very little and renewed the oil/nitrogen charge before installing in March. My original adjuster is on the bench and ready for this tweak.

Delving into suspension with your help has been very rewarding.


Warm Regards, Steve

Eric Garnica, CaliforniaEric Garnica, California

Hello Mr. Moss

I went down to Buttonwillow this past Saturday to have my bike tuned with my buddies. I had the black 2006 Zx-6r and after checking it out you recommended I add 50cc to my front forks to help with not bottoming out. I did that and wow did it help a lot. Thank you again.

Duncan Matthews UK (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
          I trust you are safe and well in these difficult times? I have just given my motorcycle a good run on your first tyre pressure settings ( lowest pressure ) It went a dream!! I am going to try the other settings over the next few weeks. If there are any problems now I feel they are of my own doing! Having ridden big heavy sports tourers for years the nimbleness, superb handling and fabulous all round road holding really is a new learning curve for me. Before everything was done with weight in mind but now it is with no weight in mind! I have suddenly had a lesson on how much things have moved on and am having to adapt to giving less input on corners etc. The general superb all round capabilities of this motorcycle give a big smile each time I ride it. It actually reminds me of a modern version of a T160 trident I had in the 70s fabulous handling. beautiful sound and good all round fun! I will give you a further update and send some pics when I have tested your other settings and if you have any tips on my learning curve they are always appreciated.
                                                                       Regards and stay safe.
Bernd Mütschele, BC Canada (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
Again, I waited patiently for the clouds to part for a chance to test the new settings.
Quite a difference! She felt very together which let me lean more confidently.  Also, comfort on the straight.
How can I know how close to 100% we are now?😄 What do 100% feel like? That said I think I'm happy with this setting. Thank you very much.
David Barrow, Thailand
Dear sir
Thank you for your prompt reply and information,
Thanks to DMT I have changed and checked a lot of the settings on my bike only to find that HONDA Thailand who I use to service my Bike have never carried out the required work paid for like fork oil I've paid to be change and check everything.
Never been touched since new 115,000 Klm
I am subscribed to your channel I watch all the time. Thank you again the information I've gained - is incredible .
Jurgen Verkoelen
Thank you for your fast reply. I only had a free account, no monthly. But today when I told my problem to a colleague who also ride motorcycles, he said that I can use his credit card. So I just had to pay him back.
Now I can enjoy and learn from all your videos . Thank you for making very good and educational videos and share your years of expertise with us.

Kind regards,

Mark Carlisle, Springville California
It was a pleasure to meet you and a joy to watch you perform your craft. All three bikes are vastly improved and much more fun to ride!
Like many riders I guess I just adapted to what I had, however when a skilled and knowledgeable talent comes along and sets things up properly it is a revelation!
I'm looking forward to our trip to the coast on the Triumph-it will be nice to not hear complaints from the pillion!
Wishing you the best and safe travels,
Mark Carlisle
Zach, Canada (new rider)

Hi Dave,

I've been watching your videos on YouTube trying to learn more about bikes/riding in general.

I'm a new rider and will be getting my first bike in the next couple of days (fz/mt-07) I was just curious on what do you recommend to do during the break in period.

Thanks for your time & everything you do for the riding community & cheers from Canada


Dezider Mesko
Hi Dave,
It's one year since I've bought premium membership of your channel (it renewed automatically few minutes ago). I just want to thank you for all the information you are providing. I've lost my illusions about motorcycle manufacturers, however I'm very happy about knowing much more then before.
I hope that you are doing well even at this COVID time, and I'm looking forward for more content and knowledge. Hopefully I'll get chance to shake your hand sometime.
Best regards,
Matt Thorpe

Subject: Grateful for knowledge


Your knowledge has greatly improved my 02 zx6r's handling, I've been on sportbikes since 87 (ninja 250), and have never really appreciated the handling til now, I'm running 1"1/2 front, 1"3/8 rear sag, God bless you for your knowledge and for sharing it, I can't thank you enough Dave, and your videos are easy to follow you've done a great job and of course those involved making the videos, God bless, thank you also for the time you put in.

Paul Herron, UKPaul Herron, UK

Good morning from wet and windy Uk Dave.

I just came across your videos last night and have to say how impressed at your quality of information you give. For an old man struggling with the weight of my Honda CBF about to give up am now going try some of what you talk about.

Thank you for giving me hope. All the best and stay safe in these crazy times.

Steven Kemp, Perth, Australia
Hi Dave,
Just want to say it was nice to catch up with you at Barbagallow in January.
Your suggestion for the rear tyre wear on my R6 was spot on!
YouTube testimonials May 2020

Ian Pizey

Thanks Dave, done your conversion last week, followed all your steps closely, shortened spacers 15mm, used Bel Ray 15w, dropped the front end 8mm. Now I have a working suspension. Thank you sir, you are obviously a hero to all of us.


Mister Isaac commented: "Fantastic explanation 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thank you for uploading."


LJ Garrison commented: "EPIC soundtrack and EPIC tuning. Well done dude!"


Nspinicelli commented: "NEVER knew that! (fork stiction). I'll be adding this to my annual and winterizing maintenance"


Daschickenify commented: "Truly therapeutic to watch. Informative too!"


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Alan Brown commented: "This shows the benefits of going to an expert, rather than believing in bling suspension."


David Price

Thank you. GREAT WORK that is appreciated!


zachary farmer commented: "I’m addicted to your channel.


Laurence Lagden replied: " Keep up the great work, loving the videos. Stay safe."


awesomesauce666 commented: "watching all this mans videos.."


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Marcin Kluczynski

Hi Dave, Love the content of your videos! Very informative.


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Anthony Locasto commented: "Dave, keep the the great content coming. Thank you. Does this go for the 2020 MT 07 as well?"


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Lazaros Poumpouridis

Greatly edjucating videos, thank you! now feeling even more confident to do a job like this at home without a mechanic.


SuperChief5 commented: "Motorcycle whisperer. 🏍🛵"


115BID B commented: "Great advices!! 👍🏻👏👏 good job guys"


Achilleas The_Greek commented: "Nice info master!!"


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First thing I bought for my bike was gas! Second, chain lube... Third, windscreen. There was already one installed, looked good but not very aerodynamic. To come: helmet (better aerodynamic, yes my neck doesn't like wind pressure) and a seat that will change my sitting position. The suspension is now set. I'm going in the garage right away to fine tune the hand control ergonomics. Thank-you Dave to help me and my motorcycle perform better!



First thing I bought for my bike was gas! Second, chain lube... Third, windscreen. There was already one installed, looked good but not very aerodynamic. To come: helmet (better aerodynamic, yes my neck doesn't like wind pressure) and a seat that will change my sitting position. The suspension is now set. I'm going in the garage right away to fine tune the hand control ergonomics. Thank-you Dave to help me and my motorcycle perform better!


Donald Fish

Your website has woke me up. My V7 111 was rock hard. I backed off 6 full turns on the rear shocks. Now I have forgiveness. I weigh 175 , it most of been set for a beast. No give. No free play. Clutch and front brake fit like a glove. The Guzzi is rather limited but, now it is a improvement. Thank you.


Troy Tanner commented: "Great info for rideability on any motorcycle"


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Now he has me thinkin and doin double takes on my ride position LOL, ive already made 1,000 different adjustments on my suspension, ran my numbers, and my bike feels A LOT more connected!....its Dave’s fault lol 😂


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Yusuf Bates

it still astounds me why there are so many that just don't know this so Big Thumbs up to Dave for helping people get the most fun and safety out of their bikes! The first thing i do when i get a new bike - usually every 3-4 years with about 35k km every year... from the showroom floor bikes are stuck together by someone that puts all the bits where they should be i.e. wheel on the axle, handlebars on the triple clamp but that's as far as it goes.


stanpyrzanowski commented: "After 8 years and some 30 k miles covered, I decided to set up my bike correctly. Great video! Thanks, Dave."


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bikerboi1983 commented: "did my forks today with your method and wow what a difference and such an easy job. cheers Dave!"


nscar g commented: "amazing information about heavy bike nobody tell that god bless u"


Angelos p commented: "Incredible points proven, thanks for your profesionalism and sharing!"


James D commented: "I would be lying if I said I’m not grabbing my garage keys and adjusting my bike."



Hi there seen a few of these type of videos yours is the best by far I’ve had my Kawasaki Z1000SX tourer you call it the ninja 1000 I’ve just sat on it and I had to move my levers both down now it feels move comfortable. Brilliant video here thanks for sharing it 👍👍Derek from the Uk 🇬🇧👍🏍


Ian James

I am literally amazed that you can know that from looking at a tire. My god, where do you normally ride Dave? I am doing my first track day here soon in SoCal.


jl hicks

I just simply want to say thanks for taking the time for these videos and making knowledge publicly accessible:) your a dam legend!!!



That rental car analogy was SPOT ON! Never really crossed my mind until he brought it up- fantastic vid as always


alex alexander commented: "I would love to meet you in person with my bike to fit better to mez just started subscribing and love your content"


brian glendenning commented: "After 2 years I adjusted my levers on my s1000r - huge improvement."


Milwaukee Custom Cycles commented: "Well presented and thorough. Bravo. Enjoyed watching."


Cra2yFac3 commented: "Adjusted my brake lever, clutch lever and shifter position...huge difference!"


Kp Raz commented: "Awesome as always"


Simon s

Dave Moss Tuning just came across this just a moment ago! Theres loads or videos. Great content!!!


The BOOOOO got me lol Good Content as always


Carlos M

Thank you Dave, very informative and straight to the point.


The Biker Crew UAE Loving the content. Great advice on your channel! Keep it going...its been a great help! 👍🏼



Great video. I'm going to order some new brake fluid after watching this. : ) I haven't been riding for very long and so far I've only bought used motorcycles. There's a lot of good deals to be had on the used markets. I bought my 1970's Honda CB750 off Ebay knowing nothing about motorcycles or Honda's. After owning the bike for almost 2 years I've learned so much about motorcycles and vintage Honda's. Knowing what I know now, I feel like I got pretty lucky. I paid 2 grand for the bike and so far I haven't had any problems with it. (Knock on wood) Plus I've learned a ton about maintenance and upgrades, which (to me) is worth the price of the bike alone.


x1tekja commented: "As usual great content and a good reminder that I have been neglecting my rear shock"


John Miranda commented: "Thank you for all the information!"


SwaRRo RoaR commented: "This is JUST Great"


Ole Nilsen

The more videos I watch, the more I become assured that Dave Moss is some kind of deity. I understand the physics when he explains it, yet I´m amazed every time he tunes a bike into something rideable for each customer. It´s like he reads both people and bikes alike, and match them together. Pure poetry.


Yassir Belarabi

We need more people like this man in the world


Fast Freddys commented: "Great job, both of you."


Simon s commented: "So useful. Deserve more subs"


Manju Manu

I'm really impressed by seeing your first video, I don't know what exactly people think... Really you have a tons of knowledge to share to most of the people. I appreciate your hard work and hats off..🍻



That rental car analogy was SPOT ON! Never really crossed my mind until he brought it up- fantastic vid as always


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Hubert commented: "most sense I heard in years"


Ian Mihalic replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Good help is hard to find so i do everything myself. Only thing i did not understand was suspension and you have helped me greatly."


harry smith

been riding since I was 14 yrs old now 57 seeing this wow just proves you're never too old to learn new things and the shock you've been doing it so wrong for so long.Great video Dave buckets of respect at you - New sub and bell clicked 😉 ride safe bud


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Jyoti Prakash Singh You're very best teacher and u know about very deep knowledge in bike few people know about and they don't tell about everyone in free so u and ur work great.most superbiker don't know any knowledge 🙏🏻👌🏻👍


Karim Magdy commented: "really thank you .. from now on i will follow your videos and recommend your channel to all my bikers friends ... Greetings from the land of the Pharaoh .. Egypt"


Busa James

Thank you for sharing your knowledge I've watched so many of your videos and I feel like a better and more confident rider , mechanic, etc already telling my friends to also check out two clicks out Dave is phenomenal



Amazing video Dave, thank you!



As with many things in life, it's a pleasure to listen to someone who has thought things through and is happy to share their conclusions. Wisdom from experience. When time, and life's distractions, allow I thoroughly enjoy learning from you. Thanks.


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Billy One commented: "Hi Dave Another quality video which has really good and helpful information


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Crown Moto

Dave, you are a motorcycle nerd, and I mean that with the highest regard. You've forgotten more motorcycle related information than most motorcyclists will EVER know. Thanks for the reminder as the temps climb. I'm off to check my pressures!


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Excellent advice based upon genuine knowledge. Thank you for sharing this. Some people wonder why I close my eyes whenever I sit on a bike that’s new to me. If I cannot get a good feeling from reaching for the bars with eyes closed, either the adjustments are off, or if no adjustments (or different bars) will cure it, that’s not the bike for me. I always want to adjust the levers whenever I get on any bike. I’ve even bought bikes with lever levels set totally differently. Some riders just never realise there’s anything wrong. And any bike with non adjustable reach today just seems cheap. Still no cure for the Harley indicator disease though is there...? 😜


Fvce Down commented: "I seriously think D.M.T. Is one of the most underrated channels on YouTube, why doesn’t he have more subs!? He continuously drops knowledge and not just hearsay and opinions!"


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Juan Pindonga

My baby is a Honda ST1300, my weight around 208 pounds 94 kg, my average speed is 60 miles / 96 km and on the highway 80 miles / 128 km tires Bridgestone Battlax slides perfect with 42/42. I bought a compressor, I live in Florida, and in winter and fall the tires hit 38 pounds when there are cold nights. Excellent explanations, thumb up. Thanks Dave


Dylan wayne Stewart commented: "New sub from nz .thanks for the great tips"


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Bill Kaitsiotis

Mr. Moss is a f@cking legend. If you follow a couple of his advice about suspension and tire pressure you will discover a whole new bike experience! My tires and suspension settings were very hard for my riding style on my CBR 600 and once I experimented with his videos and found my settings, I thought I bought a new bike


Busa James  You're such a soldier out there caring for people's comfort of the ride and their experience just putting this out there but I hope all the manufacturers look out for you as well as you do them without you most of us would be riding around in the stone age Thanks again Dr suspension!!!


Maxadrove  Unbelievable the amount of difference this made


111111 33  Ive been riding for decades and this video was very informative ,,,,, If I stop learning then I guess I am dead .


Milo Basque Holy shit. You're so straight forward that you seem like an asshole. However, you just Dad talked me into changing all my fluids. Bro, you're awesome. I'm subscribed now. Thank you. I really mean it. I've been riding for almost two decades.... Fucking, been blowing it. I rarely even changed the brake fluid on my Ducati.


TriplePlay  VERY helpful. I have "protocols" for all sorts of activities and like to log both data and "feel", mostly for fun. Sometimes hard "engineering", sometimes more about subjective "where's my peak performance feel good zen zone configuration". Mostly it's about personal customizing and optimizing, all about the "WHY" and "WHAT IF". Learning and experimenting as play. You just gave me a new one to play with....


Ross  Dave love your channel giving me bike fever again, just give you how long been riding my first Street bike H2 750. Really enjoyed watching your videos I was like you onçe meticulous.


Hirovard  I honestly think im just gonna binge these videos, the way things are explained is fantastic and a great learning tool


Socrates commented: "Thanks, Dave, your content showcases your mastery in the topic of motorcycles, I've learned a lot."



Omid, CaliforniaOmid, California

Good Morning Dave,


Thank you so much for yesterday you went above and beyond as usual to set my Tuono correcting my body position,

We road up to crest for a test ride right after, going up was all planted, and transformed, coming down I was still noticing the very little front chatter. As a feedback front feels very smooth when road is very smooth, but as soon as road changes then it shows it's sensitivity.

I know mention you will busy today in Thousand Oaks. I am going to ride the bike to Rock Store with little more tire pressure as you suggested 34, but any feedback is appreciated and I will be in touch Thanks again Dave and please be safe during this crazy time



Joseph Hoffamn, USA (remote tune)Joseph Hoffamn, USA (remote tune)
Ok….that was some serious voodoo Mr. Moss.
So much more feedback from both ends, and zero “pogo” effect anywhere. Corner exit and braking were excellent. The only thing I could wish for is slightly quicker turn in, but that could partially be me being too gentle. Shake off some more winter rust and that will come back.

Brand new set of Pirelli TDs, targeted 34.5F/28R and just had to bleed the rear as the sun came out, the front I had to add a bit to midday. I was slower in the afternoon, was feeling the burn.
One more track day next weekend then getting my service done. We may have to revisit after that event.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
Jairo Mateo, California USA
I wanted to thank you again for this morning.
My friend and I rode the canyons after our adjustments and we were both happy with the results. My bike feels so much more stable in corners and is overall less fatiguing to ride. My buddy, on the other hand, said he rode a whole new bike today. In short, we're very happy customers. 🙂
Thanks for making the trip down and safe travels.
Janelle Palencsar
Dave Moss is the man!!

Spending the morning watching some of his videos, education is everything and he is a great teacher. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Women’s Sportbike Rally in the fall. He fine tuned every aspect of my suspension which was a complete game changer.

He is just as fantastic in person as he is in his videos.

If you ever get the chance chat him up and pick his brain, you won’t regret it!

Vince Passaro, San Diego, California

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for taking the time to come down and help all of us here in SD.

Feedback on the setup. Wow. You're a master of your craft.

Your adjustment recommendations to the brake leaver is already helping me to brake smoother and I'm finally understanding what braking feedback feels like.

The bikes handling.. I'm at a loss for words. Everything is smooth, responsive, and controlled. In the short ride home, I already feel more comfortable in a turn and confident to apply the throttle--something that I was really struggling with.

Thank you for helping me to fall in love with my bike again.


Jacob Rodak (remote tune)Jacob Rodak (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Just touching base. I was finally able to dust off the ZX10R after a few months of no track time.
I made the slight changes to rebound as you mentioned. Everything felt much better.
Eli Bush (remote tune)
Hello Dave:

Happy Memorial Day! I just wanted to let you know that….you’re a genus! It’s like a completely different motorcycle now. I’m really enjoying it.

I will email to set another appointment once I get the service completed. Thank you again! Stay safe.

With Respect,

Eli Bush

Shaved Alpaca (parts unknown)
Hey Dave and Daver.
Lately I've delved deep into the DMT website, consuming and inhaling oodles of videos and information. Particularly enjoyed the Bridgestone R11 testing video since it was a start to finish experience on how to do everything.
So I set to my 2014 Street Triple R after a year of ownership. Turns out I'm a fatty, based on how much pre-load I had to put in there. There's still static, don't worry. Front was actually pretty decently dampened. No pogo, no harshness, cable tie 30-40 mm from bottom after a spirited ride. The shock was under dampened both ways. Didn't go into a second stroke on rebound but was really fast on it's way up.
Now that my eye is calibrated via your videos I could see that.
I set the compression just above half, so it's a bit firmer, but I like it so far.
Now, my rear tyre (S22, as is the front) had the ever present plight of street motorcycles, the worn down leading edge and raised lip of the trailing edge. The 3 or 4 extra clicks of rebound damping sorted it out after 200km of riding. Still present on the far shoulder/edge of the tyre where I'm guessing I'm coasting. Played around with pressures as well, ambient of around 18 C, front at 2.3 bar and rear at 2.6. Warm pressures, and I do mean just warm, like sticking your hand under your armpit, were at 2.5 and 2.9. So pretty close to the 4 psi gain you recommend for road.
We'll see what happens once summer comes in proper. In any case. Very happy with the knowledge you spread. My confidence went up from the increase in understanding. ADD and all that.
Nir Margolis (remote tune)Nir Margolis (remote tune)

Hey Dave,

Been to track today, bike feels very good. Handling is great.

Wear is super good, attached some photos of the rear & the front (track is 8 right turns 1 u-turn left)

Thank you a lot! the day was perfect mainly because of your setup that fixed my bike behavior.


Kareem Parris, Barbados
I stumbled on you by sheer luck on YouTube and you opened up a whole different perspective relative to motorcycling and I thoroughly appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
I last watched your video on if to buy new or used motorcycles and you saved me from making some costly mistakes. I was about to purchase a 2006 Yamaha R6 with about 58,000 kms on it with no history whatsoever.

Joseph TrosclairJoseph Trosclair

Maaan, I just took the 6 out for a test on the new K-Tech rear and I felt it was bouncy in the rear but overall the bike felt pretty good.

I stopped at my usual gas station for some Boudin and was inspecting the tires. I noticed the leading edge of the rear was building up a bit of a ridge (as I was watching the rebound video in the classroom section). Hot damn my assumption was confirmed! Put in a little bit or rebound and will test again shortly.

I was then watching the compression wear video and my rear looks pretty damn good as far as smooth wear line so I've left it alone for now.

The front was smooth on wear save for a couple spots where you could easily see the waves so I've taken out 1 turn of compression in each leg. The edges of the tread looked great though.

I cant thank you enough for putting out your videos to teach people how to suspension tune. I really want to be that good in the future too.



Łukasz Sperling, Lodz, Poland


I can't stop watching Your's video's. I'm under huge impression of your's knowledge.

My bike is 1999 Honda CB 750 and it's not a sport bike, but I have first day on track. I don't have much to set up. Just preload on the back.

But thanks to your video's I have much more understanding how motorcycles suspension works.

Greetings from Poland.

Mich Wendt, USA

Hey Dave!

I've been following you for the last couple years and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for putting your knowledge out there for all of us and your for your time and keep doing what you are do. You are a blessing to the riding community!

Matt Duff, USA
Hello Dave,
Thank you for the quick response! I was able to clear the cache, log in, and view everything successfully, and have been busy finishing bike prep for my track weekend since!
I backed out 4 turns from max on front preload to see where I landed during a final street test ride, and still had > 1/3 of my travel left on the front.  I am going to watch how that changes under track conditions and see if I need to add any additional preload or compression damping in the front.  This is my first time getting to experiment with compression and rebound (only my 2nd season prepping my own bike for the track, and last year I was on a stock SV-650 suspension, which only had preload). So, I am keeping a journal of my settings, and baselining from the damping settings that you set up on another Tuono trackside in one of your videos (it seemed to leave the compression and rebound stroke balanced with my preload adjusted).
I am currently an intermediate rider, but am hoping to build my skills further, and so this weekend I am doing 3 sessions with the California Superbike School at Barber Motorsports Park, and have plans in the work to try to hit 1-2 track weekends a month until the season runs out.
Thank you for the information that you provide, and I am hoping that some dilligence and focus will help me get the most out of this great machine!
Matt Duff
Julian, New ZealandJulian, New Zealand

Hi Dave

My Father passed away two years ago due to illness but I have to say you played a huge part in me getting over his passing.

I had a trip all booked (called the Southern Tour with the Playdays/Moto TT boys) to visit the four South Island tracks on my then new Street Triple RS. It was only a month prior to that trip that I lost Dad and I had thought about cancelling the trip since I'd never ridden down to the South Island and was still dealing with the grief.

I have to say that attending Shiny Side Up (Kapiti) in 2018 and getting your help to get my bike setup eased my fears and I can report I had one of the best trips of my life-time, the bike performed amazingly on the road and also at the various tracks I visited (believe it or not I was passing locals who knew Ruapuna better than me). I also got to visit the graves of some of my ancestors down in Akaroa which really helped navigate the heavily loss I was dealing with.

Anyway I just want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for the motorcycling community. I am amazed about how much information you have put out there which is freely available and totally invaluable to the average motorcyclist who is so often oblivious to the safety aspect of riding.

Hope you have a fantastic birthday and thanks so much for all your help. I'm a fan for life!!

Kind regards from NZ 🙂


Have been a casual biker rider since I was 7 years old and presently am nearing 50 (Oh my god I am old) most recently I have changed my bike after 5 years from a Harley street 750 to a tiger 800 keeping in mind that I would like to do more of long distance touring and some off road as well.

Keeping in mind my intentions I started seeing some online videos and stumbled upon one of your videos and after seeing that I was so impressed that I just couldn't help but write to you.

I must say that your knowledge about the ergonomics of a bike and it's rider is just phenomenal and your though process is absolutely clear, your observation is minuet and precise and the advise is simply priceless.

Yours is the first channel that I have subscribed. Please keep up the good work and God Bless You.
Take care and I will keep seeing your videos

Rich Merrill
Wish I lived in your area so I could attend one of your events.  Always amazed how you pinpoint very small details about a bike or rider’s behavior to achieve major improvements. 
Keep up the good work!
Josh Goff
Everything that I know and have learned about bike suspension and its components...and the way it works...or doesn't work ....has been from watching your videos.
Thanks for being a good teacher and having so much content...it is much appreciated👏👏👏
Roy Johansson, Finland

Hi Dave Moss,

First and foremost I want to thank you for everything you are doing. I used to do some road racing with motard pitbikes some years ago. Although I was pretty successful and have 2 national championships under my belt.

Some issues and other interests however got me to shy away from all the racing and soon after I didn't care about it anymore.

I recently found the videos you are doing and got interested again as you explained aspects of suspension and tyres in a way I understood and that i simply could not grasp before. Now I have got myself 2 bikes, each for different classes. I am about to dive myself into racing again.

You have brought back my inspiration and motivation with an enhanced vision of what and how I need to proceed to advance into my next personal level!

John Gross, Arizona USA (remote tune)John Gross, Arizona USA (remote tune)
After riding a Harley for a decade I decided I wanted a sport bike to do occasional track days on.  I did a lot of research on setup, riding, schools, etc. and came upon some of Dave's videos on YouTube.  I have been an on-highway truck technician for 40 years and can tell when someone knows exactly what they are talking about when it comes to mechanical things and Dave is one of those people. 
When I started setting up the bike I had some questions regarding springs, shocks and forks.  I got a very prompt response to all of my questions and each one was precisely answered.   After my first track day I sent Dave a picture of my rear tire wear which was perfect.  I am sure as I progress a a rider I will have more questions and can be assured I will get the correct information for whatever problem that may arise.  Thank you Dave for all of your hard work and dedication!
John Gross
Tucson, AZ
Aron Smetana, CaliforniaAron Smetana, California

Hey Dave,

Just thought I’d give you an update following a 60+ mile street ride today on each of my Triumphs.

The Street Triple RS - feels different, I’m not keen enough to point it out but I have to ride it a little differently, it does feel balanced but I think I’d ridden it so long with the previous settings and it was different enough that I had become accustomed to it.  I feel like it favors less aggressive inputs now, if that’s a thing.

The D765 - I wish I would have checked in with you on that when I was still in the break-in stage, it feels comparatively plush now!  Super planted, I feel like I can comfortably adjust my lines mid-corner without upsetting it, so nice!  I was on one of my nearby roads that I probably run a little faster than I should b/c I’m so familiar with it and there was a deer on the side of the road.  I was already trail braking but I just swept out a bit to steer clear and no fuss, no drama, no instability, just super adjustable with no problem.

Thanks again, Dave, great work as always!


Neil Cochrane, UK (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
It (CBR1000RR) handles amazing! Feels like a magic carpet ride. Loads of confidence in front end, which I’ve never really had before. Cable tie is, on average, 20-25mm from where I’ve marked bottom out.
I’ve noticed tyre wear is more consistent now; rear wear is a more linear line whereas it used to be ‘jagged’ previously.
Tried the bike today on COMMUTE settings; felt amazing! Glides over bumps and front end is mint.
Really appreciate your time in helping me out!
All in all, you’ve worked your magic.
Steve Brown, UK (remote tune)

Hello again,

I hope you are staying safe during the covid Pandemic.

They have just eased the lock down in the UK.  I have just managed to drive the bike since you sent me the suggested settings.

The bike is miles better than stock, I am really impressed.

I rode it for about fifty miles on a and b roads which is the majority of my riding and deliberately chose some pretty awful road surfaces.

Best regards,

Chad Marshall (remote tune)Chad Marshall (remote tune)

Hello Sir.

Finally got around to changing my settings and went for a really slow, short ride to town. The first setting you gave me is what i applied. Oh my goodness, Such a different feel. The front end is sooo much stiffer it also isn't as " nervous " and feels GREAT ! It feels as though it wants to hold a line better, it also requires a little more energy to initiate turning.

Where as before a feather light touch would be drastic. I am eager to ride once I get my new Dunlop q3 + installed ! Rear tire is actually starting to show cords.

Also the rear end seems to function much better, not as jarring or abrupt ?

Old settings were 2 clicks out in the back for rebound and actually didn't count compression. I have sag, might be on the lower mm threshold however it is there, Front settings were 14 clicks out compression, 8 clicks out rebound.

Thanks again Sir!

Another happy customer,
Chad Marshall

Guilherme Elçadi, Sweden (remote tune)

Hey Dave,

Hope all is well with you and your family in this time of world havoc.

During lock down I have taken time to prepare my bike, hence I need your help. I finally changed the rear shock spring of my ZX10R 2015. The spring rate now is 120 Nm.

The bike feels like another bike, incredible, it pulls into the tuns tight, no more wide and unstable turns. What an upgrade, I understand now, really enormous difference.

The track is going to be opening soon though over here, so I'd need your help to tune the correct settings for the new spring (compression, rebound, etc). As by your advice, I installed the spring 12mm shorter than the original length. As it is now the static sag is 5.5mm and the sag with rider in full kit on is 30mm. I weight 104kg in full kit.

Let me know what else I need to do please.

Alex Bucur

I love your stuff. With the free stuff on YouTube I transformed my bike so I had to sign up for the rest. I got it and it was set up super wack. I love suspension and grip in cars which I race, so naturally it translated over to bikes. I can care less about power and speed, its all about grip and suspension feel for me.

I just did this conversion so that's why I know. In your "2 Clicks Out: Ducati Monster Suspension Setup" at the 21 min mark, you have a black s2r 2005 (same as my bike) which comes with non adjustable forks. Who ever she got the bike from did the conversion I just did and they added Ducati 996 forks. You went to do the compression on the bottom but there was no hole thru the axle. The forks still had compression but who ever did the conversion did not get the 996 axle with the holes drilled (I just ran into this issues trying to adjust my compression). So there is a compression adjuster on the bottom but she still had the regular S2r monster axle.

I love the videos man, there is so much to learn and I'm really making use of all the information you provide. I even swapped the oil on my 996 forks before I put them in.

Thank you

Alex Filliez, Florida USAAlex Filliez, Florida USA
I just set my sag on my KTM rc8r, could not have done it without your willingness to educate the motorcyclist publicly. Thanks! If you ever make it to Florida I'll see you on the track!
Kevin Frazier


I want to thank you as after watching your videos I was able to get my suspension set as you describe in your videos.


I have a Triumph Rocket touring that I ride and drag race with Race Tech gold emulators and 1.1kg springs up front and Ikon shocks rear,

I'm close to being oversprung but because of you I've been able to get proper sag, rebound, compression low and high speed set real nice where I think you'd have put it yourself.

Thanks Dave and if you shoot me an email I would love to buy you a beer. Cheers mate and you're a real blessing. Or I will contribute to Patreon if you have that. I haven't seen that on any of your videos though.


Kevin Frazier

Nathan Baeyens (remote tune)Nathan Baeyens (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
You've been a great help to me in the past. I had a tire wear issue and you properly guessed it was a worn wheel bearing when nobody else was able to come to that conclusion!
Troy DeRaat, New Zealand (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
Finally managed to get out on the bike and do some suspension testing today.
As you requested, these are my findings on the settings you provided and running 38/38psi tyres. I did rebuild the front forks in the lock down. So the front end was fully cleaned and serviced to factory specs. I work at a motorcycle shop, as the Parts manager. So I don’t skimp on these jobs. Everything gets done by the book.
Setting 1;
I found this to be the best out of the 3 tests. It had the most static sag Front 16mm Rear 10mm. The bike was easily controlled in the corners with high stability. Once turned in it stayed planted and didn’t move off line. Did take more effort to switch between corners in the S-bends. But wasn’t much. The rear felt slightly harsh over larger bumps. Slightly to much rebound I think.
Total suspension travel used was 80mm in the front, for a grand total of 96mm out of 130mm range. Rear was not easy to read. But looks to be using all the travel.
Setting 2;
This felt harsh over the bumps. It was more twitchy in the corners. It did turn in easy, but didn’t hold a line as well as setting 1. The static sag was as expected less in the front with the more preload. But the rear sat the same. Front 13mm Rear 10mm. Travel was about the same front and rear. The bike felt as though it was un-balanced as the rear was overpowering the front.
Bounce test on the front, it only bounced up without a slight return back down.
Setting 3;
Very harsh. Found it was to firm and rebound was far to much. It felt as though the bike was bouncing me clear of the seat, my lower back had some punishment.
Static sag was the least in the rear. Front 13mm Rear 5mm
So my opinion is Setting 1 is the closest to the way I like the bike to behave and suits the way I ride. I will do some fine tuning over the next few months.
Setting 2 and 3 might work for track riding, but the roads in NZ are quite rough. Especially in the Bay of Plenty where I live.
Must be the heavy weight trucks which NZ like to use. 63 Tonne average weights. Roads only built to cope with 40 tonne units.
The rear suspension is much too high in spring rate for my weight.  Even when I carry a passenger, which doubles the total weight. I only go to the second preload position with a passenger. When I save up for the Nitron rear shocks, I will point out to Robert Taylor that I found the stock suspension to hard. I need a lower spring rate to give me more adjustment on the preload.  The current stock shocks are on the softest setting, giving me no room to go softer if I needed too.
Also. The front tyre setting of 38psi made a massive difference to the handling. I noticed the turn in response to be much more instant.
I would like to thank you for your help and knowledge.
Cheers Troy
Curt Seiberlich, High Plains Raceway (remote tune)Curt Seiberlich, High Plains Raceway (remote tune)

Good afternoon!  I hope you had a productive weekend.
My track day at High Plains went well.  I went easy and focused on fine tuning the dynamic setting...I made one click adjust acceleration and mid-corner.
I've never had a tire wear so evenly.
Kaare Jensen

Hi Dave,

I spent the first 2 sessions getting a good basic setting on rebound and compression. And I could definitely tell the bike felt more and more stable - I could easily tighten up my lines.

By the third session I started going consistently 0.5-1 second faster than my previous best lap time, and comfortably sliding knee in every corner. Once I got in I did start to notice what looked like a geometry tear on the rear tire. I tried stiffening up the front and and opening up rear compression. This only made the tear worse and initiated more spinning of the rear, after 7 sessions a new personal lap record and a shredded rear tire I decided that was enough riding.

When I got home it suddenly hit me... Chain tension... I only got the final parts for the bike a day before my track day, and I was up till 11.30 pm putting the bike together. That resulted in the "small" mistake of an over tightened chain. So a new tire and looser chain, I am quite comfortable.

I have a decent setup, and a valuable lesson for my next track day. Thanks for all the help.


Rob Walklin, UK

Hi Dave,

Watched your video on the v4s , what can I say but thank you so much.

I could dial the bike in on the track; but on the road just could not get it right. Thhe bike was a pig.

Being a x racer you would think I could set it up😩 - any way took in what you advised; Now I have a rapid and very usable road bike .

All the best buddy

Jiri Kralik, Czech RepublicJiri Kralik, Czech Republic

Hi Dave,

First track day done so I can try to evaluate the changes. You suggested to change the oil height and were interested to hear about the results…well, I don’t know what is the best yet, but here’s what I found so far.

As recommended, I put in 10W Motorex oil, standard height 118 (from the top of the tube when at lower position without the spring) + I added 10ml on top. I couldn’t do the "just kiss bottom test" as mentioned in the video (18th minutes), I couldn’t bottom it even before disassembly.

Initial settings:
Pressure 2.0 bar (29psi) front and 1.9 (27,5) rear Metzeler sportec M7RR, hot 2.1(30.5) front, 2.4 (34,8) rear. If I put 2,2 in front, the tire slides before the bike stands on the front wheel.
Ambient temp about 20°C, max speed at the small track is about 100km/h. (If that would be of your interest, I would be happy to send you a onboard video)
Front: 7 turns of preload/ 22mm sag
12 dots (1 turn) out of rebound (Because the rebound and compression didn’t have any fine-tuning scale but is very sensitive at almost closed state, I aded 12 dots around so I can orientate better. Both has 3 turns total, but changes happen only in a first turn)
6 dots (½ turn) of compression.
Shock: 33mm sag, 10 click rebound (30 total) (no compression settings)
Front was too hard (I think), understearing on the throttle when going out of the corner. Front very bouncy when warmed up. Fork stroke left (zip tie from the bottom out) 28 mm (wasn’t breaking as hard as latter in the day I think)

In following sessions I went through this settings:
6 turns preload, 3dots out rebound, 4 dots out compression - better handling on the throttle out of the corner, stroke left 27mm

5.5 preload, 3 rebound, 4 compression - 19mm stroke left

5 turns preload, 2 rebound, 4 comp. - 13mm stroke left, good going out of corner. …Im not sure if that was just because I went on brakes too much or to fast (or other mistake towards the end of the day) but before several corners the back started to dance around when hard breaking.

I didn’t do any changes to the shock.

What I understand from that:
1. I probably don’t know how to use the breaks in a way that the bike slows down but keeping it stabil. Or the front already too soft on preload or back little too hard.
2. Little less oil might give me better results in terms of letting me little lower while having more preload so it’s not too soft mid range of stroke
3. Thicker oil might shift the rebound setting little away from end of adjustment - there is a really big difference in 2 or 3 dots out in rebound, but very little from 4 - fully open.
4. I definitely should have bought fully adjustable shock instead of YSS with only rebound adjustment (doesn’t really work the way I would recognize any difference anyway, but was as much as I could afford)
5. To be honest, I’m surprised how big change just a little more oil made. It also may be that I just didn’t evaluate the results correctly last year and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. At least I got more into the settings and know better where I am and what I can do.

This the track day gave me some possibilities to play around with settings which I enjoy almost as well as riding it self, but I need much more of both to improve (both).

I know this is a lot of text, so if you made it so far, I really appreciate it 🙂

Im also enclosing some pictures…front looks pretty well to me. I can see there is a problem with the rear - the back edge is scrubbing-of cause rebound was too slow before (so I think it’s getting better), but there are triangles appearing… I’ll have to go through your videos again to find out what that is.
As you can tell for sure from the tire wear, I’m not using much of a lean angle and also pretty soft on throttle out of the corner. These are two weak points I'm working on (among others, endless list of what to improve 🙂

Excuse the dirt on tires, the way from the track to the parking place is not the cleanest.


James Mccafferty, Los Angeles USA
Hey Dave,
Getting back to you on lowering the front of my MT09... Dude great call!
I originally only lowered it 2mm cuz I didn't think it would work and I didn't want the thing to chatter on brakes either... But today I said what the heck and went another 3... And the thing wants to turn sharper all over!
No more going wide and is fine on brakes too.
Pospisil LubekPospisil Lubek

Hi Dave,

Just few pics from my/our first track day this year (my first with my proper bike)...

I hope we did well, all morning played with pressures, temps and suspension.

I rode Pirelli sc1 f&r (2,30-1,90bar) and my mate rode Dunlops and we fought with pressures and his geometry (like you taught us). Finally got it right for afternoon sessions,pressures were(1,9-1,5bar). We measures pressure and temps before/after every session, it was worth it.

Thanks for your content!!!


John Vangrunsven (remote tune)John Vangrunsven (remote tune)

Hi Dave!

I reduced the installed preload to 10mm on the VTR shock by machining the preload collar more so the lowest setting changed the static sag. Got a home run!

Static sag is 10mm
Rider sag is 30mm
Combined sag is 40mm.

Did a shakedown test, shock feels amazing! With 0.9 fork springs, 10wt fork oil, correct preload in rear and a functional rebound needle..the bike feels really, really good. Stable under braking, accuracy during corner entry and pretty good on exit. It was a 5/10 before now 9/10.. Thank you!

I’m going to tear apart the 03 GSXR 600 shock for practice. Then do a shock fluid change on an ‘07 ZX6R shock that is installed in my SV650. The rebound valve is pretty much ‘all in’ and tire wear shows ‘rebound too fast’..so hoping fresh shock oil will do the trick.

Thanks for the guidance! Excited to take the next step..really appreciate the time you take out of your day to help me.

Take Care,
John VanGrunsven

Maxwell Martin, USA (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know my bike is handling better than ever, and I’m an improved rider because of it!


Stan, Germany (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

I want to thank you a lot for the great content and all of these useful guides. I'm a new-ish rider with about 5000 km of experience and I always thought that you need to fight against the bike to be able to ride it.

After discovering some of your videos on YouTube and diving in with the DMT website Total Access Premium Subscription in all the videos on the website I'm finally able to somewhat adjust the suspension of my bike and feel the ease and joy of riding a motorcycle. Thank you very very much and I wish you a lot of years and a ton of health to keep going and sharing your knowledge!



Hi Dave,

Just wow... I have dialed in the numbers, took all the preload on the fork out and had a blast. The bike feels totally different. Much more agile, nimble I would say.

I'm not fighting against it in corners, instead I'm pointing where I want to go and he just goes there. I still can't believe how much change it is... I doesn't feel light on the front wheel, as it was after my compression adjustments. It feels like it is more planted and I can feel how the front wheel behave itself on the road! Thank you a lot!

Phillip Artweger, 2014 Street Triple R (remote tune)

Hello Dave !

I have found the last few rides on my Streets, the ride over the bad roads here felt worse and worse. Also I didn’t feel comfortable with my front wheel grip. Initially I thought that maybe the suspension was supposed to be so stiff and also that my tires were on their way out (Conti road attack 3 with 7500km on them.)
Then after your last videos about the rear shock I decided to see how much travel I’ve used and found that the shock was unused about 10-12mm from the bumper. After backing off the preload in the rear, finally it dawned on me that I’ve been an idiot and my shock (and as it turned out my fork) where hydraulically too stiff!
I got a friend to help me do the measurements (last time I did that alone and obviously messed it up big time !) and set out to completely reassess the settings. What I found was a not of a bit of a surprise, but almost immediately confirmed and clicked into place with how the bike rode.
The settings turned out to be as follows:
- front shock full extended 123mm (to lower edge of dust seal)
- static front 95mm - 28mm
- rider: 79 - 44mm 
- rear shock full extended 618mm
- static 596mm - 22mm
- rider 568mm - 50mm -> Yikes !!
No wonder it was bad, the rear shock topped out 12mm above the bumper so in effect I only  only used about 40mm of travel with way too much compression. 
Front fork was similar - it had too much sag. Under hard braking I bottomed about 25mm from the stop, so way too little preload and too much compression. Also I found I couldn’t make rebound fail with the rebound wide open, which compounded the misery. 
I finally understood why I had felt so uncomfortable in corners and felt the bike to let’s say understeer (leaned over it felt the tire was sliding towards the outside of the turn which was very uncomfortable). The huge sag in the rear with the bike lower caused it to squat in the corner as soon as I went on the throttle. Combined with the too slow rebound that should explain that sliding feel and the extreme harshness on the uneven bits was also because both shocks where hydraulically too stiff. 
So we went and set up changes: 
- rear preload 3 CW 
- rear 618
- static 605 - 13mm
- rider 578 - 40mm 
- front preload 3CW
- front 123mm
- static 97mm
- rider 83mm - 40mm 
- front rebound completely open (no bounce)
- rear rebound wasn’t touched as the tire wear is good, 
- rear comp 8 click out (16/22)
- front compression 4 clicks out 14/19
After test ride:
front comp 16/19
rear comp 17/22
- much better ride, no pogoing, rear shock 5mm above stop, front fork after hard braking 2cm above stop
The bike is so much better! On the harsh bits where I couldn’t ride faster than 80kph I can now go 120kph! Confidence in tire grip during lean is perfect now. Not had a single time I felt less than perfect stability and grip. 
Now I’d say this is probably on the soft side of settings. Would you recommend adding preload to get to 35mm of rider sag? I think that might be the upper limit for my bike and my weight to still have some static sag in rear. If I go to a track I would first increase preload like this then add compression so my forks don’t bottom out correct? 
Thanks for all your guidance Dave ! 
Rich Bourne Lincolnshire, UKRich Bourne Lincolnshire, UK

Hi Dave!

Successfully changed seals bushes were fine.

Massive thank you to you as I followed your process on these Showa forks on my Ducati.

Oh and I have the Adjustable C spanner/wrench on route to me.

Kind regards

Kevin Yamashita, California USAKevin Yamashita, California USA
So I first met Dave about a month ago.  I had heard all about his zen like skills when it comes to suspension tuning and had watched a lot of his YouTube videos.  He ended up coming to my house and tuning about 5 of my bikes along with a few bikes of some friends.
His process and methodology was fascinating to watch.  He's has a clinical approach to tuning bikes which reminds me a lot of how a surgeon preforms surgery. It's based on several inputs, which includes rider height, weight, how they sit on the bike, tire wear, etc. This I was expecting, but what really blew me away was his gift of teaching and explaining this process and methodology to a novice like me in a way that I could understand.
Once we got the initial set up dialed in we rode together for a few hundred miles on different types of roads and conditions.  We did this on my new 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4S and stopped every 30-40 miles to reinspect the tire wear and make further adjustments as needed.
The thing I've learned about Dave is that his adjustments are all based on real world data, not theories or hypothesis. The tires don't lie and they tell a different story for each specific rider.  This is an art much more than a science and Dave's years of real world experience can not be translated in a book or seminar.  Having witnessed his process live I know understand that first hand. The transformation I now feel on the bike is hard to put in words. "telepathic" is the best word I can think of.
The bike goes and does what I want it to do.  Whereas before I felt taxed coming off of a 50 mile ride.  After this last ride of 150 spirited miles I felt like I could ride a 150 more.  Turn in was better.  The bike absorbed the bumps much better, but was planted enough in the corners to instill confidence mid corner as well as on the gas in corner exit. Also I noticed tire wear was much more uniform.  I was riding harder but asking less of the tires.
We'll see in a few months but my expectation is I'll get more life out of my tires, while at the same time riding safer and using the suspension the way it was designed now that it's been set up for my size and riding style.
Best of all Dave is about the nicest bloke I've dealt with in a long time.  Someone you truly enjoy spending time with.  No question I asked was too rudimentary to Dave and he always took the time to explain everything in a way even a novice like me could understand.  He provides a great service to the motorcycling community and after my time on the Streetfighter I'm a believer.
There won't be a bike I buy and ride that Dave won't touch going forward.  Thanks Dave!!!


YouTube coments April 2020

YouTube Comments April 2020



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Amazing content to keep us content during this hard times. Much appreciated, Ray from UK.



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saisr1 8 hours ago

Dave did my '16 at THill 4 years ago. I still use those settings as my basis. He gave me a street setting based on my final track setting that day and it works great with a few modifications over time. Still love my Factory. Wish I could get out on it but C19 is not making life easy.

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J Butt'a

I was literally waiting for this video for the comparison of suspension between both. I just adjusted my suspension on my R almost exactly same way. Too much compression and rebound in back. Especially the rebound felt like a pogo stick. Forks only needed to be changed a lil bit. Thanks for the videos I learn a lot.



Not going to lie, I thought this was snake oil until I saw the s1000 and could actually notice the difference as he adjusted the rebound and how the bike would move. (I actually didn't think it was fake, but with the other bikes I couldn't notice a change when they were pressed, so I assumed it was something only the rider would notice)


Regular Guy

Wow, first time watching this and I already learned a lot. Thanks!



Josh Redman

Awesome Dave. Just like the link you just shared with me, those symptoms are exactly what I was feeling. At first I thought I needed to get used to the throttle/clutch operations. But when I saw all that slack... a light bulb turned on in my head. Also, I’ve always been a bit unsure of how much I should move my chain up and down to take my measurement. Now I know. You ROCK man! Now I need to get to your neck of the woods and hit the track!


47MasoN47 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning I should have checked that before. You nailed it. I'll inflate the front to match the rear. Thank you sir."


Richard B replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Cheers Dave, all sorted now."


Owais Mohammad

I always learn something new and interesting from you Dave, I consider you my mentor.


jeff gatlabayan replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks Dave👍"



@Dave Moss Tuning Thanks for replying. The SV1000 seems to love lower front-end. I already 'raised' the forks by 5mm but it seems to want more. Surprisingly the bike doesn't get unstable at all. Your 2-clicks-out video's helped me out a ton on setting compression/rebound. Bike has been transformed! Thanks



What a vast amount of knowledge, riveting watching Dave. I've adjusted my Hayabusa by the recommendations in the manual too after watching your video's Dave, and please to say that the setting really needed adjusting, the front for instance were not even at the same clicks. I've done 3 clicks out. As its a new bike for me I didn't know how it performed before I done the adjustments. The rear however, there very limited space to get in and make shock adjustments, but will try again soon. After the Corona virus clamp down, (were not allowed to make unnecessary journeys in the UK) I'm looking forward to riding my bike again. You got me real hooked Dave thanks for your attention to detail. Regards Dave D


Tijmen G replied: "Thanks again, your explanations are brilliant, might get the premium account on your website!"


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Jay Bee commented: "Dave after Chopper Reid your my favourite Aussie. Seriously think about writing a book. Peace and thank you for what you share. Straya 🇦🇺"


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Nazveel Patel commented: "1st time viewed and became fan on 15 sec"


SergeantSchizoid 29 minutes ago (edited)

Yet another awesome video Dave. Thanks to you I now know I have an FZ-07 with zero static sag due to non adjustable front forks with spacers 10mm too long, fork oil 5w too light, and springs rated about .5kg too heavy for my weight but not enough mechanical ability to do a damn thing about it lol. Keep up the great work!



@Dave Moss Tuning thank you 👌🏻


Ray Nevling

Hey Dave, awesome podcast. Subscribing to your website has helped a TON in learning the ins and outs of my suspension. Thanks for all your content.


Bob Holsopple commented: "Waiting for my Maxima 20wt. for my Yamaha FZ6R to arrive Friday. Thank you Dave for these videos and your help. Without witch, I would have never attempted this service. Super squishy


vanhap replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thanks Dave for your wealth of tuning and setup videos. Love having the audio sharing what and why your doing as you go along.. You've set the bar very high my friend."



I am eager for this "national emergency" to be sorted out and we all are safe and healthy where the only personal protection include helmet and leathers- thanks for sharing your wisdom, it's much appreciated. This is exactly what I was after-


Down & Dirty commented: "This guy might be the best guy in the super moto class. Makes me want a sportbike again"


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Louie Olalia commented: "Very informative"


Michael Rullis

That blues at the end baby!! Love you guys!


Getis Realis

Excellent video Dave. Thanks for all your help and education over the years, truly priceless!


Tsikow Gonzales

I love how Dave Moss looks at a bike, hears and sees things that the owner doesn't know anything about, even serious riders don't see it. He could read the bike when it's been mistreated, if it was poorly set up or even the bikes fitment to the owners. I love your videos man. Keep it up! I'm learning and spreading your wisdom to friends who ride. Thank you!


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Nick Poly

This guy is the motorcycle chiropractor


LJ Garrison commented: "Fantastic work; and the dude with the glasses was so fantastic with his listening and progression, proud dude right there and soaking in the knowledge of god."


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The Cappy

Oh man this series is great (I want to join the sport of motorcycling). I got my endorsement last summer. I bought a bike then did the parking lot drills and around my neighborhood. Max speed about 40mph. Over the winter I couldn't ride (snow and low temps). I upgraded the suspension for fully adjustable and followed all your videos and did it myself. Hit the target of 35mm of sag (rider+static). As the weather is getting nice here I'll get out and re-do the parking lot stuff first before I get back on the main roads. Thank you for all your hard work for the community.


115BID B commented: "Great tips!! 👏👏"


David Price commented: "Zen Master! Feeling fortunate here."


ZDJames commented: "Hours of forum reading information condensed in 6 minute video. Definitely bookmarking this video"



John, Bend Oregon, USA (remote tune)John, Bend Oregon, USA (remote tune)

Thanks for all your help. Btw I like how thorough your videos are and how much you explain the aspects of what you are doing, you are doing an awesome job. Your suspension videos have helped me tremendously adjusting my bike to how I ride. 👍



As soon as I flipped the tire on the rim to the correct position (even though it doesn't look it) the trailing is gone and the bike runs as straight as can be!

Thanks for all your advice and I'll definitely be referring my other riders to your videos and channels if they need help.

Neil Cochrane, UK (remote tune)
All sorted! Thanks, Dave.
Can I just say how great your videos are? I've learnt more from you in the last two weeks regarding suspension than in my whole biking career!
I've dialed some tweaks into the Blade as per some of your guidance, so I'll give it a test ride when I can (can only use it for work at the moment due to lockdown).
Wish you were UK-based! I may have to sort a remote session with you.
Thanks again for replying and all the best.
Jeremy Provonsil

Hi Dave,

First off, thank you for all the free information and how-to procedures you provide on YouTube. Invaluable information explained concisely and on level depending upon the individual.

A mark of a great teacher.

Steve Tourdo, California, USASteve Tourdo, California, USA
Dave tuned my 2019 KTM 1090 Adventure R and the changes were amazing. I was running the middle settings on everything right from the factory as it’s a new bike.
Once Dave worked his magic the bike was transformed into a much more manageable monster dual sport for handling the crappy back roads of northern California. No more diving on heavy braking and the bike seems to track much better all around- well worth the investment.
Thanks Dave- you’re AWESOME!
Aws Dawood, New Zealand

There are no words to describe the knowledge that Dave has! Dave did multiple suspension tuning on my MV Agusta Dragster RC and turned it from great handling to extraordinary. Not only did he check the settings and listened to my feedback but he was able to figure out the issue from reading the different patches on both tyres.

He straight away applied the changes required and boom the bike is transferred!

Only Dave Moss can make a great handling bike better every time he makes a small change on it. Can't thank you enough and I sincerely hope that your future plans work! All the best. Aws from New Zealand"

Chris Alison (remote tune)Chris Alison (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Your help has been invaluable. Your videos has been a precious source of insight for me. More power to you.

Piotr Jakimowicz, Leszno, PolandPiotr Jakimowicz, Leszno, Poland

Hello Dave, 

I AM a huge fan of you and your videos on YT. Thanks to you I have improved a lot of my track day experience and motorcycle knowledge!

Jonathan Easter, New ZealandJonathan Easter, New Zealand

Hi Dave and fellow bikers.

I met Dave in Napier, New Zealand for the Ride forever talk last month before the lockdown, After talking to him he offered to go outside and look at the bike and provided a quick analysis, he made some adjustments and suggestions.

Along with the talk he gave I have made the following adjustments to my bike
- fork oil change
- zip tie front fork, a measure of suspension used and adjustment of preload (progressive springs)
- adjustment of preload and dampening on TEC shocks rear.
- handlebar change with clutch and Front brake levers correctly positioned.
- gear lever and brake lever (rear) adjustments to suit my feet and position on the bike.

A huge thanks to Dave for making me aware of fitting the bike to me.
Comfort, ride, and safety all addressed by meeting you:- my bike truly is part of me now with your help.

Best regards

Jeethendra Calmero, Suriname (remote tune)Jeethendra Calmero, Suriname (remote tune)

Greetings from Suriname,

Ever been wondering how it felt to get your bike suspension tuned, well I did. Watched every movie there is to watch on YouTube and even tried to do it myself. After a service of the front forks I did try it myself and tried to adjust my front and rear suspension. Let’s say the bike rode okay until you have a problem of sliding to the front and wondering if you should get your bike lowered.

Then comes the moment when you need to service your forks again, looking at the situation you think about lowering the bike to get all the things done in one swoop. And still linger around the thought, should you really lower your bike?

Then you think about contacting the pro, so I did. In December 2019 I just did that, I send Dave a PM with the problem I’m having of sliding to the front when riding. Dave opted to give me a free tune being the first from Suriname to reach out, being as I am, I offered to still pay (always pay for good advice). Broke my right hand before I ever got a chance to test the tuning settings, 6 weeks later my hand got out of cast so I couldn't resist trying the settings out.

The bike felt great no more sliding to the front. Great control over potholes and bumps. The bike felt solid. In short it is worth it. So if you have the same problem of sliding to the front while riding I would suggest you to check your suspension first, before doing anything else or altering your bike. You will be surprised how your bike will handle after a good suspension tune.

Thanks again Dave. Greetings from Suriname Jeet

Eirik Skjaveland, Rogaland, NorwayEirik Skjaveland, Rogaland, Norway
Hi Dave,
Through your help, I managed to sort the very soft front end of my Deauville 650, investing only time and the cost of a litre of oil. I cut off the majority of the tightly (soft) end of the fork springs, because they required 60 mm of preload to get a ride sag of 35 mm. With oil level at 108 mm, the forks still bottomed under moderately hard stops. After cutting, heating, bending - and grinding the cut end flat to mimic the factory spring end, the springs were down to from their stock 417 mm to 312 mm free length.
With the stock 35.2 cSt fork oil, there was virtually no compression damping (stanchion would just drop rapidly to the bottom by its own weight) and not much rebound. I swapped to a 57.1 cSt fork oil, which turned out great. I have reduced preload from 60 to 10 mm. Static sag is 23 mm, with me normally seated (104 kg with all gear) I read 36 mm. Oil level has been adjusted to compensate for the loss of spring and different spacers to give the same air volume as before.
The same amount of braking that just bottomed the forks before now leave 15 mm of travel to cope with bumps or maximum braking, although combining the two will likely still bottom the forks. But it is a touring bike, not a racer.

The change in operation is drastic. The front end is a lot more settled, comfort is remarkable, with the incessant little jitters on normal roads gone. And the bike now steers neutrally and retains its line perfectly, whether leaned 10 degrees or enough to fold the pegs, whereas it used to be almost impossible to keep a steady lean and the desired trajectory. A different bike in every respect, that also copes better on any kind of surface, including frost heaves.

So thank you so much for all the tips you have shared, even though cutting springs are not part of the tutorial AFAIK. And I also lucked out by getting the cut right first time out, admittedly. (I also have a MT/FZ07 that I have spent a lot of money one that behaved very differently stock compared to the stock bike you fixed, but that's another book...)

Kind regards,

Jarrod Pellizzer, Fremont, California.Jarrod Pellizzer, Fremont, California.

I was lucky enough to be able to get a 2019 Ducati V4s. For being one of the top bikes right off the showroom floor, I was surprised at how loose and all over the place the bike felt when I was going through turns at a good pace. It has so many suspension settings that you can easily adjust that I thought I would go through it and try and fix those problems myself.


I actually made things worse. The whole bike did this crazy wobble as I was accelerating coming out of turns. I needed it set up properly. So I got a hold of Dave Moss.

Unfortunately he was overseas at the time so I couldn't make an appointment in person. No problem though. He offers FaceTime or Skype appointments so I took advantage. He knew the bike so well without even seeing it that he was able to walk me through the settings on the display. Of course I had heard the terms rebound and preload but I didn't have a thorough understanding of what those really meant. So he had to interpret what I was telling him about how the bike felt.

First thing I said was, I feel like the front and the rear of the bike are not cooperating with each other and it does this wobble type thing and pushes out wide coming out of turns. Let the adjustments begin! He knew exactly what to do. We adjusted the rear shock for my weight and found out that I had made everything way too stiff while trying to fix the wobble problem. Within 30 minutes we had most of the issues sorted out.

He said go out in the next couple weeks and test it out and come back to me with what you think and we will make final adjustments. We ended up getting some rain and some things came up for preventing me from being able to get out anytime soon.

About two months later I had an opportunity to go out to lake Berryessa and take a real good ride. It felt like a completely different bike. It was no longer pushing out wide coming out of turns and it felt much more stable. I still had a problem, when I hit the brakes hard the front of the bike was dipping down too far, which didn't give me confidence when dropping into turns and the back tire was coming off the ground more than I'd like. A little bit is normal when going fast but this was too much.

I heard by this time that Dave was back in the area and that I could see him in person though it had been long enough I thought he may have forgotten about me. I got in touch with him and he remembered me and my bike and said come on by. I showed up and gave him my take on what was happening now. Again he makes more adjustments and says go try it. We must have done this 4 or 5 times and he was as patient as could be. With each adjustment my issues were getting much better. At one point I came back and we had gone a tiny bit too far. I said okay, I'm losing the feel of the front end and when I'm in a turn it feels like the front is floating. Very technical terminology I know. 😂

He smiled and made one more adjustment and we were good. I took the bike out on a road called Calaveras, very technical and a good spot to test out the changes that were made. I was impressed. The bike now felt so stable and so solid on corner entry and had no wobble while accelerating out of the turns. I had so much confidence and felt like the bike was doing exactly what I told it to do. The rear wheel lift was under control and all around it just felt great.

Now the Ducati was what I expected it to be.

With a proper suspension setup I feel like the bike was designed specifically for me. I couldn't be happier and will have all my bikes set up by Dave in the future. It makes all the difference.

Shiv Pathak, Danville, USA (remote tune)Shiv Pathak, Danville, USA (remote tune)

Yep I was surprised now nice it was after the suspension was set up for street use after talking to Dave for settings. Never really rode it on the street before and I expected it to be very uncompromising. Dave Moss is in town tomorrow and he is going to sprinkle some of his "fairy dust" on it.

Aaron Li, Singapore (remote tune)Aaron Li, Singapore (remote tune)

Hi Dave!

Hey Fellow Bikers around the world!
Greetings from Sunny Singapore!

I recently did up my bike with the Wilbers (WESA Conversion) and initially assumed that it would be plug 'n play with the 'perfect settings'. However, after catching dozens of videos on suspension setup on the DMT website, I decided to approach Dave via email to seek his advice.

Dave has been extremely patient in listening to all my queries and he made sure that the settings he suggested, were tuned to my specific needs and not simply plugged out of the motorcycling sky.

I have learnt through this experience that even with ESA, it is still crucial to find the best compression, rebound and preload balance for yourself with our own riding styles, tyre setup and overall bike setup. I definitely would not have gotten it setup so quickly and safely on my own.

Thank You Dave!

Jeremy Purdue, USA (remote tune)Jeremy Purdue, USA (remote tune)

Because of your videos and understanding I'm respringing my drz400s for me, can't afford valving yet but maybe one day.... Once again thanks for the knowledge you impart!🙌

Brennan Anderson, Albany Oregon, USA (Remote Tune)Brennan Anderson, Albany Oregon, USA (Remote Tune)

You are truly a magician! You have help me dial in every bike I have owned.

Thank you!

Troy De Raat, New Zealand (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for your expertise and advice. You're a true legend in your field.

I will rebuild my GSX1400 forks after our lock down in NZ. Then once we are allowed to ride our bikes again I will go and do some testing, riding the same roads to get a good feel for each change. I will then send you a report on my findings.

Gareth Davies, Wales, United Kingdom (remote tune)Gareth Davies, Wales, United Kingdom (remote tune)

Dave, thank you for the remote tuning session on my 690 SMC R.

You made it super easy to overcome the time differences between the US and UK.
I was skeptical to begin with and a little nervous doing the video call but I must say, it was worth every penny and within seconds I felt comfortable as we got to work.
We dove straight into the bike with clear instructions. The bike went from being disconnected to working as one.
What surprised me the most was Dave was able to see my handlebars were out of alignment from factory. We quickly centralized this and went on to fix the positioning of the levers. I would have been none the wiser if Dave hadn't noticed.
Bike feels great on the road. If you have any doubts about how your suspension should feel, go straight to Dave!
I look forward to our follow up session in a few thousand miles.
All the best, Gareth Davies.
Fredrik Söderqvist, Sweden (remote tuning)Fredrik Söderqvist, Sweden (remote tuning)
Hi Dave!
Thanx for you help last season with the suspension settings. FYI, I have now had a first go this season n test with the new settings. As you recommended I fixed the settings ti tilt the chassi forward with the main effects from rebound damping set to two clicks out from full in combination with letting the forks come up one mark thus showing three lines above clamp. That did it. Image greetings from yesterdays green value resort track day at Eskilstuna which is about 100 k from Stockholm and 37 k from my house.
Christopher Sattell, Ireland

Hi Dave.

I have just tuned into your web site must say its fab. I was watching your video with great interest - my bike is only factory stock Mt 07.  I would just like to thank you for all the information your putting out there.

many thanks

Nik Simo, Sacramento, CaliforniaNik Simo, Sacramento, California
Bike felt amazing. I’ve never had it so stable through turns as I did after your tuning 🙌🏻
I’m getting down more and feel the need for knee sliders
Before it would start sliding and I blamed my weight for that but even with almost same weight I got my entire tire worn in

It’s LOVE! Thanks Dave!

Kevin Burgess, San Francisco, California
Dave is a super talented guy who has been doing this for a long time. What he does is simply set the bike up for your weight. And maybe a little geometry. Great bang for the buck for sure.
But where Dave shines is when you are working on lap times and you have a chatter here and a little slide there. Dave will dial you in closer till more thing need to change:- springs, valving maybe oil weight. Love ya Dave. Here in the Bay Area we are blessed with a few great suspension shops.
Darnel Hill, Sacramento, California
I had your service today and it was truly amazing 10/10 recommended cant wait to work with you some more, hopefully just more than the suspensions
Ron Schultz, Sacramento, California
Man.. To anyone that hasn't had Dave Moss work his magic.. You are in for a treat! Guy is a genius. Simply put.
I've learned so much about my bike. Riding preferences, specific bike settings for certain rides, starting a baseline for said settings to understand your adjustments and how to adjust for your riding style moving forward..
All I can say is listen, listen, listen! Thanks D..
Garrett Dinkins, Elk Grove, California
Just want to get a HUGE shout.
Your knowledge for the Ducati helped me a huge amount and I learn a lot from our session together. Thank you for everything and even offering further help when I get the new spring! Couldn’t be more grateful to have someone so patient and knowledgeable helping me!
Also, did a nice ride today and tried out both modes we programmed. Could not be happier on and off road.
Melissa Domingo, Sacramento

I can't thank you enough for that adjustment. She feels way different and is way more comfortable for my shortness.

Thanks a million again and I definitely can’t wait for more future adjustments and mini lessons learned. 😍 oh and definitely thank you for being so considerate when you showed up to my place. Really appreciate the precautions done. Thanks again.

Richard Hollebon (remote tune)
Hi Dave,
I watched the first video with enormous interest as my Daughter has an MT07, when I have ridden it I always thought how strange it handled, but just thought it was because my normal ride is a FJR1300.........
Anyway I persuaded my daughter to watch both videos, then with my oversight she completed the mods as suggested, also set the bike as suggested in the first video, and wow the improvement is amazing. I wanted to try and get my knee down, I could also feel the limitations of the rear suspension (which is easy to live with) the bike now goes where you point it.
I tried not to give the game away as I wanted my daughter to be objective it is after all her ride. As it turns out she gave pretty much the exact same feedback as me.
A real value for money mod and a very informative tuition video that enabled my daughter to complete the mods with little input from me. So a big thank you from both of us for sharing this information
Lee Brian, London UK (remote tune)Lee Brian, London UK (remote tune)

Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know, I managed to get a quick ride in before the covid-19 lock down hit the UK, and the setup changes you recommended have made the bike so much better to ride, thank you so much for your time and efforts 👌

Neil Thomas, Wales, UK (remote tuning)

Thanks very much for replying to me Dave. It's very kind of you to help me.

By me using the advice that you've tirelessly experimented and invested a lot of time and effort into achieving, saves me having to send my suspension out for expensive upgrades,which I'm not a fan of. I prefer to do as much as I can myself.

I'll let you know how I get on once I get the oil and do the work. Stay safe in these very strange times at present and thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge.

Jeff Sidlovsky, Atlanta, USA

Just wanted to say thank you!


I wanted to send you my thanks for all the work you do and the videos you post.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I was nervous to change any settings on my bike because I was afraid I would mess something up. How stupid of me! Kind of beating myself up over that, why was I so nervous? Because I didn’t understand how things worked.

I found your suspension tuning videos on Youtube, and they really gave me the confidence to try it out on my own bike. I also gained the confidence to change my own brake pads (I kept referring to your video on the Aprilia .. I used a toothbrush!).

I’ve now watched dozens of your videos on Youtube (trash or treasure GSX-R was great!), and seeing your mission on your website, well, you’ve definitely had a positive impact on me as a rider and you have improved my understanding of how my motorcycle suspension works. So I wanted to share that with you.

I ride a 2012 S1000RR and live near Atlanta, Georgia. There’s so much more I want to learn. I wish I lived in California so I could meet you in person. Maybe one day!

Again, my sincerest thank you for all you do.


Maxwell Martin, Michigan, USA (remote tune)Maxwell Martin, Michigan, USA (remote tune)

Hi Dave,

I’ve been out a couple of times since the last time you emailed me. My bike feels incredibly compliant and planted in corners versus how it did prior to adjustments.

I’m using about 2/3 of my fork travel, so I might take a turn or 2 of preload out, but otherwise everything else feels very stable. I’ve been running 36 front and rear and it feels good.

When they warm up, I gain about 4-5 PSI on 60 degree day from the way I ride.

Fredrik Nordhal, Sweden (remote tuning)Fredrik Nordhal, Sweden (remote tuning)

Hi Dave!

Thanks for the settings on for my Aprilia Tuono 1100 v4 factory 2018.

Been riding a couple of hours today, the bike feels great. Stable while breaking and accelerating, soft yet firm but not too harsh.

I also took a picture of the zip-tie after I tried breaking hard like I did the other day.

Looking forward to trying it out on a track day!

Phillip Artweger, AustriaPhillip Artweger, Austria

For those of us who are stuck at home now, what better thing to do than watch the hours and hours of incredibly informative Video content and articles Dave and his team created!
💪Thanks Mr.Moss!

Jim Sawtell, California USAJim Sawtell, California USA

I first knew of Dave by stumbling onto one of his YouTube videos. Then fast forward a few years and low and behold he was the guy who gave me the green light to race with AFM last year at Button Willow.

It was my first race and he followed me on track to make sure I was safe. He is as cool and helpful in person as he is on his video's. Real deal guy right here.

Thank you Dave!

Andy, USAAndy, USA
Hi Dave,
I have helped friends set up the suspension of their bikes with guidance from your videos, every time they report back that the bike rides so much better.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It has made riding more enjoyable and I look forward to improving the ride quality on all of my bikes using the techniques you've shared.
Ross Chester, Minneapolis, USA

Hello Dave.

I just started riding a sport bike last season. Its a 95 Yamaha yfz600. I've been binge watching all of your YouTube videos for a week now.

You have taught me so much information that I never thought I would need to know. I understand my suspension so much more now and have been able to give a little insight to some fellow riders as well.

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Cheers.

March 2020 YouTube comments

YouTube Comments March 2020


Dave Moss Tuning From you that’s a very kind response. All I did was read a lot of comments from other CB-1 owners and engage in the debate online, then put some of the findings into practice. I’m just ignorant of enough subjects to be aware I’m not too old to learn. What you do is share your IMMENSE and priceless knowledge freely online. And the way you do it is like watching a sainted guru!! No matter how fucked up a rider’s settings, I’ve never seen you ridicule them, or even show Gordon Ramsey style exasperation over their choices. So, it’s THIS I’m most grateful for. I know it’s my LACK of patience that very often hinders my ability to help others, no matter how good my knowledge of any specific subject. If you were on TV the producers would be looking for the most dangerous setups and the most stupid riders - just to test your resolve!! What kills bikers most often? Failure to plan ahead appropriately? Maybe. But when and where should that planning actually begin? In my humble opinion it should at least be somewhere close to the choices we make about who’s advice we firstly seek, then listen to, then take on board, then respect and revisit (having double checked if we want), then implement, carry with us and share with each other. That’s how humans evolved from the grunting stage. MC Rider and you share the calmness and patience which cause you both to stand out from the crown of fevered egos and false prophets, who’s eye is mainly on their profile and the profits they can make in terms of kudos and Dollars. Anyway, enough of this smoke blowing and philosophical bollox. Ride safe bro.


Jose Alvarado

He's a motorcycle scientist, and you can tell how well he knows his shit by how easily he is understood



So since it has been the MT for awhile is this referring to the older FZ models? Also I haven’t rode one myself but everyone tells me that it handles like a piece of cake the cornering is so simple and smooth and they love it which seems odd since you are claiming a horrible suspension setup. Either way I like the info and the way you communicate with people. I enjoyed learning some new things


MDHenry4 Henry

This video is so perfect 4k and Dave is so on it. The doctor is in!


Joshua Munkeby

This guy speaks magic if people listen.


Morganisms Hangin Outtayah

best bit is the tension wrench he is using.... .. what a great video .. thank you Dave Moss



Shared to the MT-07 UK owners club. Everyone should know how to safely set up their suspension so thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Robin Andersson: "Dave Moss Tuning awesome, thank you for taking your time to answer my question 👌


Lim H commented: "He deserves more subscribers!"




hąřpśhøõțëŕ commented: "This guy is good"


David Kern

Fantastic video, thanks. I'm just about to buy one (Triumph Thruxton R).


mrxraymri replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks again for your help and all the Free 99 information. :-)"


Petros Skopelitis replied: "Dave Moss Tuning Thank you! 😁"


Chris Szeliga commented: "Dave is the man!!!"



I had this done by an expert but without all the explanation you're giving. Just a smug grin from the technician because everything he did was new to me. I love this video because you explain what you're doing and why. You're doing a great job!


Johnboy commented: "Great videos on the tear down. Love how you did the go tight trick before you loosen. This was taught early in my aircraft maintenance career by my instructor many years ago."



I love how calm, kind, and informative he is. It's nice to see someone with his level of knowledge not talking down to people, and instead providing them with the information they need. This is the kind of man that wants everyone to be able to enjoy a fun, safe ride. Mad props to this guy, I wish I could ride with him some day.


Sanka Perera

The engineering crowd will pee all over it. 🤣🤣🤣. There is no other competent channel that's this entertaining



Wow a free expert consultation. THANKS SO MUCH


Speed Killer

I love this guy, he is like a bike Pope.. I wonder if he could adjust my shitty old bike


From: Emil Bendtsen
Here’s a little thank you for all your AMAZING videos, you have given me the confidence to work on a lot of different things on my bike. Just a few weeks before discovering your YouTube page I was afraid to do the simplest things like changing oil/filter or brake pads.
Now I am all over my bike working on tuning in the suspension, renovating calipers, taking things apart and making sure everything is as it should be!

Thank you! And thank you some more for sharing!


William O

Thank you so much for your videos! I recently purchased a 2017 FZ-10, and after watching numerous videos from you, and editor Dave lol, it gave me the confidence to begin working on my suspension settings myself. Hopefully the next time you visit NorCal, i can catch you. Thanks again!



He's basically doing alignments for motorcycles it's amazing



So lovely to watch a person who know what he do. Moss have so much experience about bikes/motorcycles.. Lovely to watch.


Jack T commented: "What a guy! a true hero."


d vandam

Excellent info


Brew Watch Co. commented: "Really appreciate all that you do for the riding community, Dave!"


Chris Kambouris commented: "100% in line with many other professional trainers and literature on the market today - great video!"


aditya thakur commented: "The bike is purring coz it knows this guy is a bike genius and it's in love with him."


Admir Karalic commented: "I like this Guy, he's so into what he does that he could've told me anything and I would've believed it."


Johnboy commented: "A great lesson on energy management. Something i had to get used to racing a TZ250 was very little engine braking."


zero gravity

Mr Dave you make suspension tuning look so easy. I'd love to have you check out my bike if your ever around the Florida area



I had this done by an expert but without all the explanation you're giving. Just a smug grin from the technician because everything he did was new to me. I love this video because you explain what you're doing and why. You're doing a great job!


Kerry M commented: "Thank You Dave Moss I playing with my MT 10 you helped me out!"


King James commented: "Dave's the G"


PCCW Grandiose commented: "very educational video, now I start understanding motorbikes is."


Gee Sri Fernando commented: "Mechanic with knowledge. Awesome sir"


Lordtunaboat commented: "This is the perfect model for a YouTube video, no into b.s., self promotion or advertising/sales. Just great content."


David Kern

25 years ago, when I started riding, there was no internet. Now you can watch and learn from the best. I always thought Dave Moss was a fantastic musician, but now I learn he's also the best mechanic 🙂 just kidding.


Bennett Temple

Somehow I got a puncture in the bladder in the rear shock on my yz125, which released most of the nitrogen into the suspension fluid. Talk about pogo! I decided to just go ahead and rebuild the front and rear suspension and I've gotta say it taught me so much about how important proper suspension setup is. I just started from factory settings and worked from there, but honestly I think the single most important part was setting the race sag, I didn't realize how much that would help especially if you plan on adjusting the suspension, you've gotta have a proper base setting to work off


Jeremy Futrell

Hi Dave, We as motorcyclists should appreciate the expert knowledge that you share with us non-experts. Thank you for adding value. I just picked up an Fz-07 today and it has no static sag. I'm about 185-190lbs with gear. I will try the 15w oil swap and the 10mm spacer reduction, unless you suggest otherwise. Do you see much value in progressive springs in addition to the prior mods or just stick to the stock ones? Thanks in advance sir!


Hubert commented: "you sir are doing god's work <3"


Brian Burk commented: "This guy is a moto genius"



Can you please do a 2018 Kawasaki z650? I'll have to do a remote tune with you when I have the spare cash. I love your videos mate. I'm a member on your website. can't get enough. you've taught me so much!


Fee Thank you for your contributions to the Motorsport community. You’re an inspiration and frankly give me hope I may still enjoy life with...ahem....advanced age.


fuchow fried rice

I can’t wait to insure the bike, just adjusted the levers height and reach. Feels a lot better already, thank you for the input...!!!!


Da Vinci commented: "You're a heck of a suspension pro. Wow !"


Bryan Harrison

genius at work.


Riccardo Pelc-wesoly commented: "Take a shot every time he says 'bump' ahah what a legend you are sir."


Mihai Ionescu commented: "Very good tutorial Dave. Thank you !


Bryan Keise commented: "this video for me was a huge help Dave expertly done simple teaching demonstrating thank you. was totally confused as to what I was doing beforehand top marks"


Skippy11 replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks for taking the time to respond! Greatly appreciated!"


Mihai Ionescu replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thank you for clearing that up for me."


rusmokin commented: "Hi Dave, new sub and love your channel.


Radomír Frkous commented: "Everybody needs a "wizard" like this in their city. It's a pleasure to watch you working mate!"


Bryan Harrison commented: "genius spanning decades"


Tyler commented: "nice content keep up the good content"


Christian Cabaddu  Wow he’s good !


felton jones  Dang he's good just by looking at tire marks 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


Rally Zamora commented: "Great knowledge on suspension"


Moto Jockey replied: "Deniz Oğuz Sevil get a stiffer spring then set you preload etc after that you should be in good shape. Great videos Dave can’t wait to meet again.🙌🏁🏁🏁"


Brew Watch Co. commented: "I have an 1199 Panigale - seeing this just reminds me that I need to do a proper suspension tuning this summer. Always appreciate your content, Dave! Thank you -Jonathan"


JustDoItWith Chase commented: "I put 15w in the forks and cut the spacers down 10mm. It made a huge difference. I’m not riding a pogo stick anymore. This guy is a suspension god. 👍"


XimerTracks - Sub To Me commented: "Awesome vid. Please Make More."


billfavre555 commented: "I learned more about setup on this video than anything I have read, we need more Dave's out there. Thank you for a truly great upload."


Patrick Foster commented: "So glad I found the Dane Moss channel! Professional demonstrations you can really trust! My bike is loving it too!! Cheers P[><]F"


Evaldas Saročka

Dave is a jackpot to me 😀 Keep it up! Every single video is satisfying


James 51 minutes ago

This was a great video! Learnt a lot. Many thanks Dave 👌


My name is Aaron, I am based in Singapore, a small island country in Southeast Asia. Recently, I have been watching your suspension tuning videos on YouTube and I think you are a real blessing to bikers. Thank you for all the amazing advice and sharing of knowledge.


Henry Spencer, Yamaha MT10 2018 2500miles
Morning Dave. I’ve been really impressed with your advice regarding suspension. I love your content and passion to help.


Sylvan Despres commented: "awesome video. full of invaluable insights."


ya33a  Your insight into the workings of the relationship between, bike, suspension tyre (tire) road and rider presented in a format and language that "numpties" like me can understand and use is really appreciated. Thank you again.


Mattia Dalla Pozza

In your opinion, having the possibility to do so, is it possible to re-make the spacers with some high-end alloy like 7075? Is it simply overkill? Cheers from Italia!


2 Wheels N' Stuff commented: "This man is a genius"


Hepsuuu replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks for leading with example and being active with the community, very helpful pointing out those facts. Appreciate it"


Ikagai Ryusuke



ericmelvin10 commented: "Love the way Dave explains everything, and he has the expertise to go directly to solve the problem without going around... You've a new subscriber!"


Mücahit Ali Koç replied: "Dave Moss Tuning thanks boss. I am similar weight your video guy. I try the find my settings for forks. You are the life saver"


Szymon Masłowski commented: "I asked You about MT-07, when you posted last film. I forgot to tell you, how glad I am that I found Your channel 😀 Cheers from Poland!"


TheComicalCanadian commented: "cool content bro"


Chris Boyce commented: "What great teacher!!"


Rodney Jacobs replied: "​Dave Moss Tuning Thanks Dave. I really appreciate your videos. I have learned a lot by following your channel."


Alexandre Szpajdel commented: "nice video sir!"


Ernie Simsek replied: " Thank you for your videos and shared knowledge. You’re a champion 👍"


Joe Vazquez

This guy is by far the best coach I have seen. Very knowledgeable and hands on. My absolute dream job if I can ever make money at it. Much more than the track, he’s found ways to save people’s lives on the street by making them more aware of their machines. Keep up the good work Mr Dave Moss.


swift chopper commented: "Sterling videos.”


ALEXANDER I commented: "Amazing skills and explanations"


Ernie Simsek

You’re a champion and a gentleman Dave. I’ve just spent the last hour reading all the comments and you answer almost all questions, even when the question has been answered earlier to another comment. Take care and hope to meet you one day if you ever come to Melbourne Australia.


P Abinash commented: "Chiropractor of bikes. There I said it."


Old Smokie commented: "How the feck do shops get away with not doing basic setups on new bikes for riders ? We did basic sag settings free on £500.00 mountain bikes....Thanks Dave for solid advice."


Alexandre Manoel dos Santos commented: "So nice, Dave: best regards from Laranjeiras do Sul / PR / Brazil ... 🙂 ..."


TheLiddleBigChannel commented: "Brilliant material!"


kenny commented: "For me this is by far the best tuning info I’ve ever heard !! Thank you Dave for your expert opinion !! Love your videos !! Wish you your team and family the best !!!!"


David Tapara commented: "If I want spiritual enlightenment I will go and see a guru. If I want to learn anything about my bike I watch Dave Moss"


goblok nekat commented: "See something that the others don't. He has eagle eyes, respect from Indonesia"


Kaleplek commentedHello Dave, I am Leo from the Netherlands. On YouTube I have seen many of your videos. Great information, I thank you for that.”


jl hicks

Okay I simply wanted to say thank you! I was able to get my 08 cbr1000rr properly set up as I only weigh 150 and purchased from a 220lb man. Rides so, so much better, even seems more flickable in the curves and just overall more control:) just hope I don’t have it to soft.


Nangram Aboh commented: "Love love it,I mean never thought about this things.dave moss you're are a genius in motorcycle"


Davey Lad replied: "Oh he's good alright."


Graham McKenzie commented “Dave watching your videos from years gone by i have set my sports bike and friends with amazing results”










Fred Duval

Hey Dave,

I just wanted to touch base again to let you know how the suspension adjustment went.

First I pulled the castle  nut back to about mid thread count, & the rebound screw about mid range. It is remarkable how much better the bike handles & feels.

I am going to do a bit of finer tuning next week before I ride again after my work week ends. But we are definitely way closer to right than the outset.

Thanks again for your direction & expertise. Stay safe! Very grateful Fred!

Matt Tucker, Wellington, New Zealand

I think the best thing that I got out of the experience, which I did expect from Dave but wasn’t abundantly clear on 😊 (I hope others realized this as well) is that he was teaching us about our setting so that we can set them ourselves in future, suspension is not a set and forget thing they need adjustments for a number of reasons.


Matt Tucker

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria University

Edoardo Scapin Italy


Hi Dave,

This is Edoardo from Italy. Just saw one of your video on You Tube, it’s amazing how u explain issues around suspensions and how you fix it!

Ashwin Narasimhan

Hi Dave,

Hope you are staying healthy.

I finally got a chance to ride the Triumph 675R again and it felt much better after the changes.

It felt much easier to 'dive' into the corner.

At the end of a 140 mph straight, the brakes felt less potent - maybe that had to do with the front-end compressing more than I am used to?

That's a minor thing to get used to, overall I am happy with the new setup!


Maxwell Martin Michigan, USA

Hi Dave,


I haven’t been able to get out on my bike yet, but after watching all of your videos regarding sag and tire wear, I now know my front and rear compression is way too stiff, so I know I need to remove some. I had no static sag in the rear, which explained why I was getting launched off the seat with each bump, and I had to take 3 full turns off my rear preload spring to get the 12-15mm of static sag. I reset my bikes settings to standard, per the manual, but I have compression set to 1 turn out from standard on both the front and rear, so when I go out next I will check my tire wear, and I will assess how well the bike is compressing in corners *I have the jagged black/grey tire wear on the edge*.

Last time I went out, the bike felt good, but it feels like it’s not compressing much at all in turns and it’s making it really hard to steer, but I’m hoping with these adjustments it should be good. I’ll check my fork travel when I go out next, and I will check my sag numbers on front and rear, adjust them to the 30-40mm range if they aren’t already, the next time I’m all geared up. I also set the rebound dampening on my front and rear, according to your “pass or fail” method; The forks come up and settle with no bounces, and the rear does spring up too quickly, so it seems just right.

Your videos are amazing, and I’m learning a tremendous amount I never knew.


Phillip Artweger, Czech Republic

Hi Dave,


I was able to get a few km ridden today after changing the preload on the rear (approx. 100km) and the ride is a lot better! Especially on the bad road surfaces one doesn’t get bounced so much in the saddle anymore!

Rick Smartt, USARick Smartt, USA
After chasing my setup for days, I found Dave and reached out about his Remote Tuning.  Dave was an incredible help and his responses were timely and spot on!
Dave's recommendations honed my GSX-S1000 suspension in to a superior ride.  I now know my setup much better and when to adjust depended on given environment.  Prior to Dave's assistance, my bike was difficult to embrace corners, although now, she rolls right in with minimal effort and tracks on a rail.  The smoothness has increased my speed considerably.
If you're struggling with your setup, I recommend reaching out to Dave, his help was instrumental.
Thanks Dave!
Rick S.


Mark Cowen, UKMark Cowen, UK
Hi Dave,
Just a note to give you a shout out and many thanks.
I dialed in your rough guide settings for static sag and the bike is transformed! I now have a great handling bike to look forward to once the Carona crisis is over.
Many thanks once again and keep up the good work.
Mark & the Yellow Peril
Michael Huber, Fremont, California USAMichael Huber, Fremont, California USA

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for the great set up advice. I used the settings you recommended and my Tuono handles fantastic.

Mike Huber
Fremont Ca

Matt Tucker, Wellington NZ

From: Matt Tucker
Sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2020 2:37 PM
To: Bruce Johnston
Subject: RE: After the Class Update from Dave Moss


Thanks Bruce for the class.


I think the best thing that I got out of the experience, which I did expect from Dave but wasn’t abundantly clear on 😊 (I hope others realized this as well).

He was teaching us about our setting so that we can set them ourselves in future. Suspension is not a set and forget thing they need adjustments for a number of reasons.

Keep well and once again thanks to you and the Council.


Matt Tucker

Chief Executive Officer


Jayme Groeneveld, Wellington, New Zealand
Sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2020 5:02 PM
To: Bruce Johnston
Subject: Re: After the Class Update from Dave Moss
Hi Bruce

Thank you very much for organizing a once in a lifetime experience with Dave Moss. One day with him has forever changed the way I look at both riding motorbikes and how I look at the roads that we ride them on. I have gained skills that I will be able to teach people and will in turn be making a lot more riders experiences safer and better!

Kind Regards,
Jayme Groeneveld


Marco, United KingdomMarco, United Kingdom

Hi Dave,

All adjustments made, went out for a hoon yesterday on some typical UK "B" roads and some major A roads and the bike felt very compliant and gave me a lot of confidence 👍🏼

Jiri Kralik, Czechoslovakia

From: Jiri (George) Kralik
Subject: Appreciation from CZ

Dear Dave, I have been watching your tuning videos for about a second winter (now even more with restrictions cased by corona - more time).

I just want to express I really appreciate the information you share and the way you share it. It helped me a lot to understand better what to do with my old bike Im trying to do some track days with (CBR600F PC35 99 complete rebuild last winter after I got it).

I'm usually attending one day track-days on a small circuits, not longer than a mile. It's really technical with low speeds, so if you slip, nobody get's hurt 🙂 I'm also going to do a track day in Brno, CZ (I'm sure you know that one) this summer - so, different setting for sure.

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I appreciate your work.

Edward Kuo, CanadaEdward Kuo, Canada

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your reply! As you probably heard a million times it amazing how much you can tell from tires!

Olivier Hect, Richmond, Virginia USA

Hi Dave.

I'm a huge fan of you and your videos and I've been using them to slowly try to dial in the suspension for my 2017 Aprilia Tuono.

I saw in the comments section of one of your tire-reading remote tuning session videos that you could offer initial street settings in exchange for a donation.  I'm interested in getting your expertise that way both as a potential new baseline but also to check my own efforts so far.

I'm looking for suspension and tire pressure settings that will work for "spirited street riding", but we don't have a lot of canyon or mountain roads around here.  Basically, I want the bike to be as intuitive as possible for me on the street without venturing into settings that only make sense for the track in terms of comfort and tire wear.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide and how to make a donation to you and your awesome efforts for the motorcycling community!

Jen Mein, Auckland New ZealandJen Mein, Auckland New Zealand



Thank you so much Dave Moss for adjusting my suspension today at the HD Moto day at Hampton Downs. What a difference you made to my day.

I turned up with settings on my ZX6R as per the Manual which was totally wrong 😬.... thankfully Dave did his magic and as you can imagine this was me all day 😃🏍💕 super awesome day!!!

DMT YouTube channel comments February 2020

YouTube comments February 2020



Paweł Kozłowski

Dave in shape as always shows perfectly how bike is in harmony front/rear


RJ replied:

Thank you so much for the reply’s. I will do this and look forward to that video! Hope to catch one of your clinics someday. Liked and sub’ed!


Jake The snake commented: You’re the man Dave!


savage Bimmer commented: phenomenal video thanks for the valuable info


Tracer 1

Tried the zip tie having watched this. Great tip.


Greg Sproles

Dave is the MAN!! If he is at the track while you’re there- you will be missing out if you don’t let this man set your suspension! I’m telling you! He will have it on RAILS after 2 sessions.... thank you Dave! See you soon sir!


D I commented: “This is incredible. So informative”


Javier gonzalo Henriquez beltran commented: "Good!"


Francesco Gagliardi

Great video and best bike ever RSV4R Factory)!! question: which torque to apply to the fork pinch bolts? it is not written in my RSV4 the maintenance manual...



Wow, I haven’t been to the track yet, but this man is a legend, TOP JOB Dave, I love you, great know-how


Shane Cannon: I’ve been watching all your you tube videos love the work mate I’ve learned a lot


Saakib Mulla

Am not sure if my comment will be read, but I really appreciate the valuable information you share Sir, the information you share is not generally accessible to many, if not accessible it's too expensive to get to places that teach you. Thank you for the videos and all the knowledge you impart.


Nico Linde Dave did the set up on my Zx14 last year, fantastic and a huge difference! I highly recommend a suspension setup


Janine Burns Dave has set up my last 2 bikes - made a massive difference to their handling - well worth the education 🙂


Joshua Munkeby commented: "This guy speaks magic if people listen."



I remember watching a youtube vid for onthethrottle TV, years ago, with Dave Moss talking about suspension adjustments. It was simple to follow, and it helped in my bike riding comfort confidence and experience. Thanks Dave.


Tong Yang

Thanks Dave! You are the best!



This man is the suspension guru. Absolutely awesome knowledge


Morganisms Hangin Outtayah commented: "what a great video .. thank you Dave Moss"


Chad Seligman

This video is about to pop off, it's being shared around Fz07 groups, Thanks for the content <3


Jonata replied: "Dave Moss Tuning you're the greatest, man"


MDHenry4 Henry commented: "This video is so perfect 4k and Dave is so on it. The doctor is in!"


Jag 321 commented: "Not only working on there Bikes u have to deal with customers.Great Job Dave"



Great vids , the only indignity I have suffered over the years is I never knew of your channel before yesterday so now I am binging it all. It is quite unhealthy but at least it will keep me off that chopper 😀 .



Wonderful videos! Where were you when i club raced back in the 90s and was completely clueless on suspension tuning! I love how you can tell so much just from the way the tire rubber is balling up. I learn so much watching your videos.


ayy lmao

You're a legend Dave


Crackli'nBraap I like how he does it like a Doctor, well I do believe he is one as he does.


Mike Louder commented: "I went and took a click out of preload on the back of my bike because of this video. I kinda think I had static sag but now I am sure I have some. Have to see how the bike rides tomorrow"



Great video. I recently purchased RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Boots and on my first ride, it was uncomfortable and unnatural to up-shift. I had to point my toe down to the ground first in order to clear the shift pedal, and then be able to up-shift. Adjusting the shift pedal is very simple to do: loosen the top and bottom nut of the shift pedal, and hand twist the shift pedal rod clockwise and anti-clockwise to raise or lower the shift pedal. Hop on the bike again and check with your motorcycle riding boot, or whatever footwear you use to ride. If satisfied, then tighten up the two nuts, and you're good to go.


yumpladukfoo commented: "Dave is a most humble man."



How is it even possible to dislike this video? This guy does his job and knows what to do. He gives back his knowledge in such a pleasant manner, so the customers get it and don't feel dumb. Cheers for this.


ShakespearesBruv commented: "I don’t even own a Yamaha and I watched this. Man’s a god."


David Baker commented: "amazing ! what a cool guy"


Falmesino He travels, teaches and bring back people to the right path Dave Moss, The Tuning Prophet

Miles Morgan, New Zealand.

Hey Dave, just wanted to thank you for giving all of us around Auckland area the opportunity to have our bikes setup before you leave. After having you setup my bike yesterday at HDs I went for a nice ride this morning for 3 hours and the bike is so planted and stable and feels so good and easier to ride, no sore wrists or fatigue at all. Also my chicken strips were 15mm wide on the rear before I left... now they are completely gone.

Rich Grutola, East Setauket, New York

Thank you for getting back to me so fast! I would definitely come out if you come to NY or Connecticut. I have also watched alot of other videos you have and love the advice you're giving. Thank you for being so informative and sharing the knowledge you have. I hope to see you this year! Stay safe and healthy!

Jeff Brandt, Fort Worth Texas, USA

I think your approach to the whole subject is fascinating, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Stephen MacMurray Halifax, Nova Scotia

Long-time viewer of your videos and recently became a member to access Premium content. Have learned so much from your shared knowledge and experiences!

Evan, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

Hi Dave,

Evan here, we met today leaving the Countdown supermarket in Upper Hutt - the guy with the broken arm.

Just wanted to thank you again for the tireless effort to increase knowledge and save lives in the motorcycling community. I’ve learned an awful lot from your YouTube content and I’m really miffed that’s I can’t be at your workshop while you’re so close (can’t drive or ride in my current state!).

You mentioned I should ping you about my bike because you had some essential settings/adjustments for it? 2018 MT-07 Tracer. I’m out of cast in three weeks and can’t wait to blow the cobwebs off.

Hope you found the council buildings alright!

Thanks again,


Quentin Orr, Christchurch, New Zealand
Thank you so much for making the long trip from Cali to share you wealth of knowledge with us all. It was my third year of soaking up as much as I could listening to you work your magic. Looking forward to seeing you again next year, until then I'll have to just make do with a premium membership at https://davemosstuning.com/ 😉👍
Jonathan McDowell, Christchurch, New Zealand
Thanks for your help Dave, the ride home with the levers in a better position. I am going to get the rear break lever straightened out asap. After you checked out the suspension Johnie next door picked up a little bit of a leak in my clutch side front fork, so new seals required along with the oil change you recommended.


Gavin BakerGavin Baker
Excellent tent to be in. Even found myself in these photos. Thanks Dave, you will be setting up the Triumph in the next week.
Roderick Herber, New Zealand
Roderick Herber Dave Moss I did a PB at BEARS this weekend. Great weather great event. I would have got over but not adjustable suspension.
Got tyre pressures sorted thanks for all your great info online.
Jovanna Krkoleva, Christchurch, New ZealandJovanna Krkoleva, Christchurch, New Zealand
Very helpful and informative class with Dave Moss, I wish I had booked my bike for adjusting. Some other time I guess. Thanks again
Mike Falgar, Christchurch, New ZealandMike Falgar, Christchurch, New Zealand
The ride home was great. Noticeable improvement to my Xdiavel's handling, particularly the front end. Feels like a more balanced bike. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and taking some of the mystery out of motorcycle setup.
Craig Hughes, Christchurch, New ZealandCraig Hughes, Christchurch, New Zealand
Great job Dave. The ride home was awesome! Thanks for your insight. This is the third bike you have done for me over the years. Never disappointed. I will watch more You Tube and pay it forward
Craig MT01
Samantha Cameron, Christchurch, New ZealandSamantha Cameron, Christchurch, New Zealand
Samantha Cameron My partner and I spent at least 3 hours in the tent today learning how to tune our bikes. Amazing, learned sooo much. Now to complete our homework then move on to sharing this knowledge with others
Remote tuning with Shahid Iqbal, Dubai UAERemote tuning with Shahid Iqbal, Dubai UAE


Overall it was a good day and brought me back to rhythm after not been on a bike for more than a year and on Zx6r (year and half).
Starting settings
Sag: 22 (Preload: 13 - From Clockwise Towards Anti-Clockwise)

Compression: 4

Rebound: 3
Sag: 38   (Preload: 16 fully compressed)
Compression: 2.5
Rebound: 2
Tyre Pressure
Front Pirelli SC1: 30 (first half)  & 31(second Half of the day)
Rear Pirelli SC2: 26 (first Half)   & 27 (Second Half of the day)
Temp: 20C (12pm kept on decreasing), asphalt was colder.


The Day
The First 3 Sessions were slow (slowly building pace). I was re-learning the bike, its behavior, track and trying to get back into rythym. I started pushing in Session-4 & 5 and in 6th  was too tired got only 2 laps.
I wasn't able to follow up your advised trial adjustment for each session as the first half of the day was filled with anxeity and concentration level occupied to 110% (not in a good way) to re-learn things and energy level completely depleted after each session.  I was sweating excessively even in the Pits and de-hydrated even though I was drinking lots of water with hydration tabs  and was water-sick by 6th session.
Session 4 & 5 were amazing though, I pushed, they were my fastest  on this track and I played with suspension for the 1st time.
I did play with Front-Compression and got idea of how it works.
Front-end: Under braking the bike was good and stable, wasn't diving hard/fast. Throughout the day I tried
Compression: 4 (Session 1-3)
Compression: 3 (Session 4)
Compression: 2 (Session -5) I liked this the most, the dive was better and slower than others and the bike felt more stable during braking.
11mm Travel was left with this , I think I still could brake 12-16% Harder.
(Compression 4,3,2 is meant going Harder towards Clockwise)
Rear-end: The bike felt good and stable Under acceleration, was holding its line. I never felt that the bike is going to run wide.
Fish Tailing was gone, only happened predictable during downshift but that even corrected promptly, way before tipping in (That Fish-Tail I always enjoy). Settings weren't touched as I was testing Front Compression in Session 4 & 5.
It seems to me that dirt of Rear Shock Increased and less travel was used by the Shock. Good amount of travel is left in the rear.
Handling-(Biggest Change): Bike turning-in and it keeps on turning. At my warm-up lap on the 2nd corner I was about to hit the inside kerb.
The bike handles effortlesly, easier to turn and where ever I point it goes. Actually once I tip-in the bike, it  just goes towards apex itself, like very very easily  and somehow I was hitting apex (closer to kerb) in every corner and even on Hairpins (which I never did before).
I had to re-calibrate myself for this new  attribute of the bike and At times I had to lift the bike slighlty up so it doesn't go over the inside kerb or my knee doesnt hit it (GP track, Kerbs are bumpy) . Also Change of direction in the chicane is smooth and effortless.
Previously the bike required effort to hit the apex  and change of direction were forced, I had to pull it by force.
Session 4 & 5 I was pushing the bike, was driving harder out of corners (comparing to my previous Trackdays) and was hard on gas between the turns (small straights).  (These two, I never did before, was first time for me to be hard on gas).


The tyre wear seemed aggressive to me, my Tyres havn't been this shredded. Maybe one of the reason being harder on the gas (before I was never hard on with gas and never full gas). The asphalt surface is pretty abrasive though.  Overall Bike behaves great. Next Trackday is on the 29th of this Month and will try additional settings that you metioned.
I have attached Tyre Pictures kindly review it and let me know if something needs to be changed. You prefer smooth wear but this seems notupto your liking. If writing email is Time Consuming we can also do a quick whatsapp call.
Thanks Dave for the online videos and the consultation we did, I discovered new side of my bike which was hidden previosuly. Really appreciate it.
Kind Regards
Carlos Fuentes, Florida USACarlos Fuentes, Florida USA

Hi Dave,

The day started a bit cold and wet for Florida. By lunch time the track conditions were perfect. I was riding good and the bike felt awesome. Only on the last session of the day the bike started moving and I knew then that my rear was done.

Rohan Kuriakose, IndiaRohan Kuriakose, India

Hi Dave,

I got time to do the test only today, here are my results

I added 2 more turns of pre load to the rear shock in the clockwise direction. Squirted some water on the shock shaft to make some visual observations after the ride.

Went for a ride to get the oil hot. Before going for the ride, the rear shock setting was C6 R6. During this ride I felt comfortable and the bike felt agile.

Joshua Widawsky, California, USA
Hey! Just thought I’d let you know. I think I’ve found the problem with my Thruxton R.
I took off the forks. And the left one seems to be significantly weaker than the right. So I changed out the fluids and it feels a lot  better, but still not perfect.
I'm going to see how it performs tomorrow. But hopefully with the new oil and alignment everything is solved.
Thank you for your help and your YouTube videos which are very informative and helpful!
Emanuel Voulgarelis, Athens, Greece.

Good morning Dave,

I removed two turns of preload as advised. There's was evident improvement in comfort and handling. The bike finally "sat" well and felt well planted in turns.

Now I removed that extra turn.