Dave Moss has been on a personal mission since 1995 to save a life within the motorcycling community every day through education and training. Leveraging technology, that mission can reach every Continent and therefore millions of riders worldwide.

Through his “Pay It Forward” mantra, Dave empowers riders with knowledge and skills to go into their local riding community and continue his mission at the grass roots level.

Dave has been helping riders since 1995, no matter what or where they ride. His guidance is centered on making the bike work for the rider, not prescribe a theory that the individual must subscribe too. He recognizes individual differences and our incredible uniqueness as an individual to ensure the motorcycle and rider are perfectly paired together and if not, why not and what it will take to fix the issue(s) that need to be resolved.

The following is a list of Dave’s primary concerns and considerations for every rider and their motorcycle:


Rider weight and ability

OEM suspension and its ability to cope effectively with the rider’s ability

Required upgrades to suspension (springs and hydraulics) to optimize the suspension

Dave will not let a rider spend money until they need to and at that point, prioritize the expenses based on what is needed and when it should be purchased. This relates to dirt, road, track and racing environments. We all get better so NEVER leave your motorcycle behind you – always upgrade at the appropriate time to keep your motorcycle AHEAD of you so you can continue to learn!

DMT (24June18 @ 6:09pm)