Class Based Coaching with Dave Moss


This statement is perhaps the best explanation I have ever come up with in 3 decades of coaching to help you get your arms around the “Big Picture”. Ability, skills, experience? None of that matters unless I can relate to you; communicate efficiently AND effectively in terms you understand that on track, that you can immediately use. If I cannot leverage who you are, what you know, and how you communicate, coaching is just dictatorial — something I subscribe to.

Jorge Barba, Reno USA

I learned more from a half day private lesson from Dave Moss at $350 than from 2 days with a California School (this included his complete suspension set up of your bike).

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This guy knows more about going fast than most, but tailors concepts of attaining speed to you and how you ride. I continue to reexamine that day’s voice over video from Moss…when I feel as if I’ve cleared most of my beginner hurdles, I will repeat.

Jorge Barba, Reno USA

I liked the fact that Moss’s personalized teaching is derived from his lead follow video interpretation of your style. He adapts your particular “idiom” to the necessary series of events that MUST occur during your laps to increase speed and safety, while NOT enticing you to adopt difficult to attain body positions, lean angles, or “too fast too soon” issues.

Jorge Barba, Reno USA