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2 Clicks Out: Kawasaki Concours14 Suspension Settings

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The Kawasaki Concours14 has a great deal of suspension adjustability. Dave provides solo and passenger settings for the rider. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video please Subscribe or Login. Want to see the [...]

FasterClass: Dirt Bike Suspension Basics

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Like many of us, Dave Moss rides dirt bikes as well as street bikes. He's been tuning dirt bike suspension almost as long as he's been tuning road bikes. Here's are the basics of dirt bike suspension, tire pressures, ergonomics, etc. [...]

2 Clicks Out: Cro-Magnon Motorcycle?

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Motorcycle years are akin to dog years and computer years (mobile phone years are like fruit fly weeks). Are motorcycles built around the turn of the century Cro-Motorbike or Moto Sapiens? You decide. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video [...]

Diagnosis: Wallowing On Corner Exit

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When your motorcycle is wallowing out of turn it is a singular experience. To describe it in words is difficult, like trying to describe the taste of salt. You know wallowing when you taste it.  Thumbnail pic by Bob Jones. Premium [...]

2 Clicks Out: KTM 390 Suspension Setup

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The KTM 390 rules the sewing machine roost. No other manufacturer equips their motorcycle in this class with fully adjustable suspension. It is a gem, a precious stone amongst a pile of rocks. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video [...]