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Diagnosis: Running Wide On Corner Exit

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In this situation, as you roll on the throttle your bike will not hold its line exiting the corner, requiring you to close the throttle or increase your lean angle to maintain your direction. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full [...]

Diagnosis: Bike Falls Into The Turn

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As you begin to turn your motorcycle it begins to lean over. Sometimes that rate of lean gets faster the more you turn, like the bike wants to fall over. Maybe you haven't experienced that yet, but someday you will. Premium [...]

Diagnosis: Wallowing On Corner Exit

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When your motorcycle is wallowing out of turn it is a singular experience. To describe it in words is difficult, like trying to describe the taste of salt. You know wallowing when you taste it.  Thumbnail pic by Bob Jones. Premium [...]

Fasterclass: Rider Sag

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Motorcycle Rider Sag is the amount the bike sags under the weight of the rider. This is added to Static Sag to arrive at Total Sag. Sag is a just a place to begin. It will be ridiculously better than what the factory put in your bike, so your bike will ride much better, but [...]