The last tire warmer test was of the Moto-D adjustable temp series. For 2013 there’s the single temp warmers at a bargain of $299.

  • Handcrafted PRO-Series Tire Warmers featuring Carbon Wiring
  • 25% Faster & Hotter Heatups (vs. traditional Copper Wired Warmers) (80’C / 185’F HOT)
  • Includes an EVA Zippered Carry Case and Two (2) Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” Warranty
  • Available for sale in 110V (USA), 230V (EU) and 220V (Australia)

The most important part for me is that the warmers do what they are advertized to do – heat the tire up to 80C, not 65 or 70C and do so in the allotted time frame as per marketing text. The Pro Series originally tested were as advertized so I had great expectations of the new product.

Nice case, good packaging and ready to go. The warmers had the same exterior, same tight fit, solid attachment and easy installation. Time to get the warmers plugged in and start the stop watch.

I NEVER check tire temps with an infra red  gun. I need to know that the tire warmer does it’s job well and heats the entire carcass. Hence the Intercomp tire probe that gets 4mm into the tire carcass to check it. The tire surface was hot at 10 minutes, but it took another 10 minutes to get the entire carcass hot on the Bridgestone V01 medium compound slicks that were being used. The carcass stayed at 80C for the next 10 minutes and did not gain any heat.

Going out on the track knowing that the tire carcass is completely hot is critical in giving you the confidence to push hard on that first lap whether you ride track days or race. If you race, it is imperative to try to get away from the pack and push hard on lap one for the lead and forgetting about tires being hot is a huge boost in confidence! That knowledge was a key factor in winning the 3rd consecutive AFM 450 Superbike Title in 2013.

I had this test set for 4 months and as you all know, I am at the track a lot of days per year both working suspension and on track 1-1 coaching. At no time during those months did the tire warmers fail nor do anything out of the ordinary and not once did the warmers lose the heat/warm up ability as documented on the first use. That level of consistency is critical for a products’ longevity and reputation. I will be using the same set again next season and trying to get the 4th consecutive AFM 450 Superbike Title.

There’s one other point to note and I don’t know of any company that offers this:

2-Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace, if they fail because YOU left them on and accidentally burn them out (user negligence), we replace them (once).

Scott has another sure hit with this product especially at this price point. Get a set, you won’t be disappointed!