Modern stainless steel rotors work very well for the street. They also have a great deal of longevity and can see 10’s of thousands of miles of good performance until eventually, they simply get too thin and have to be replaced.

When you start going to the track and then building a track bike, one of the key performance areas we have to pay attention to is upgrading our brakes as we use them much more aggressively. One facet of that department are brake rotors. The Galfer Wave Rotors are precision made, double disc ground for absolute accuracy, vented for better heat loss, heat treated and specifically made for this purpose.

We installed these on our project 2007 GSXR 750 and made sure that the ‘waves’ were offset just as the instructions require (yes I read every word to make sure I don’t screw up). The rotors were washed with alcohol to get rid of any oily prints and then bedded in as per Galfer instructions.

We need rotors like these for much better braking performance which requires much faster heat loss. Similarly, with sustained heat loads we don’t want the discs to warp when they get hot, so molecular stability is critical under these conditions and Galfer’s heat treating process ensures this won’t happen.

The difference between stock and these Wave rotors is, well, very noticeable. Ride along with me as I narrate while riding to get a feel for braking force and pad grip to these rotors: