The Suzuki GSXR front brake master cylinder is fine for the street to meet commuting and a relaxed pace through the twisties to keep you safe and have a high level of enjoyment. When you head to the track for much more aggressive behavior, the Nissin is not renown for outright braking performance. Upgrading this component becomes a matter of safety as your ability increases and there are many choices out there for this job.

New from Galfer in the last couple of years in the USA has been the Accossato master cylinder. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering built specifically for track days and racing at all levels and given the high end finish of the piece, build quality is superb.

Generally the upgrade serves to remove lever fade, provide much more feel at the lever especially when trail braking, and help the user to get more confident with brake pressure manipulation allowing them to improve quickly with their braking skills under all braking conditions.

Ride along with Dave as he quickly adapts to the Accossato in calibrating two fingers and lever pressure during braking, and listen to his live narration while he rides on how that learning curve quickly changes as he learns how much less lever pressure is needed: