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Mosscast: Motorcycle Gearing Experiments

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Stock motorcycle gearing off the showroom floor is usually terrible; helps curb those dreaded emissions that are killing the planet, don'cha know. Dave explains some gearing alternatives that won't kill the planet any faster than normal. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch [...]

2 Clicks Out: Yamaha FZ6 Suspension Setup

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The Yamaha FZ6 suspension is typical of that found on most budget entry level motorcycles. Dave shows how to get the most performance out of these basic suspension bikes. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video please Subscribe or Login. [...]

First Contact: 2019 Tuono V4 1100 Factory Review

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Dave does a baseline suspension tune and ergo fit on a 20 minute old 2019 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory. What a world we live in. Simply incredible. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video please Subscribe or Login. [...]

FasterClass: Motorcycle Front Tire Wear

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Dave details 3 common front tire wear patterns involving fork geometry and braking. Remember, your tires are a data collection device, and Dave will help you read that data. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video please Subscribe or Login. [...]

How-To: Motorcycle Fork Valving

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Dave performs the teardown portion of a fork service which involves removing the cartridge from the fork leg, then the rebound and compression assemblies from the cartridge, then the pistons and shims from the assemblies. Well, the pistons and shims ARE the assemblies, and perform the function commonly called "valving." [...]

RSV4 1100 & V4S Electronics Comparison

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RSV4 1100 & V4S Electronics Comparison Freemium Video.  Enjoy.  To view Premium content, please subscribe. Important: Put video description here. Must be one to two sentences....

FasterClass: Motorcycle Tire Cold & Hot Tears

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The common Cold Tear and the Hot Tear are tire pressure issues. There is also a kind of cold tear from bad geometry. Dave explains what to look for and how to fix the problem. Motorcycle tire wear can ruin a tire very quickly, and they're soooooo expensive, why waste them from. [...]

Fixing Bad Motorcycle Handlebar Ergonomics

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We're talking full one-piece motorcycle handlebars here, not clip-ons. Full handlebars like you see on a BMX bike. They're ALWAYS off center from the factory, and that's just the first problem. Premium Video Trailer.  To watch the full video please Subscribe [...]